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tv   News  RT  October 22, 2021 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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ah, ah, mid day moscow time in the headlines, highly vulnerable patient and the you care of risk as confusion grows over the difference between a 3rd dose of a cobit vaccine and a booster and the correct order that they should be given in the people that stephen deflection new doctor sacred. no, nothing about a job. you know about the beast painting. i'm feeling it in the groups that this information has not been given out correctly. poland accuses the e. u of pressure and blackmail. as a dispute over the rule of law rises to summit level and the lower your expectations and republican senate and claims that should be jo biden's motto, amid anger, it supply chain disruptions and oblique forecasts for the u. s. economy ah
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a good day from russia life. marty's will use h. q in moscow this 22nd of october. my name's kevin. are glad to be with you. breaking news, sir, to tell you by this 1st came in 2 hours ago, but sadly the death tolls been updated 15 people now confirm dead after a large explosion. understatement may be at a gun powder factory in the russian city. resin, which is about 200 kilometers southeast of moscow. several people are still unaccounted for. 2, you can see the devastation, their search and rescue operation is underway. the buildings they have complete destroyed by the look of it, while a preliminary investigation suggests, some kind of violation may be of safety. regulations could have been the cause of the blast. fire spot by the place has not been order to control the factory produced explosives for industrial use, and also decommissioned ammunition, but something's gone badly. wrong there's, you can see will keep you posted bundle patients in the u. k. to be missing out
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on a life saving cove at 19, just because it confusion over the difference between the 3rd dose of the vaccine and a booster. it's crucial that the inoculations are given in the correct order, where the 2 terms are often used interchangeably, which leads to we're mix up even my medics alex, it's ricky pill surgery, marianna. and she said it was not a jack. asked chris, sure is not here. right, a fish. this is different to a booster. it is part of the primary cause of the vaccine, right? crater that do my research. and my research, what i found was that the dos is a full gosh, the booster router value as winter looms. and rumors of returning to lock down, circulate, the government is upping the ante on the vaccination top rollouts. but those that
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need it, the most are struggling to get the 3rd dose they so desperately need. do to confusion over the differences between the 3rd jab and the booster by the very people administering them legal from 90 to 2. and the thing the word in it that lengthy vaccine has gotten differently to be it's certainly as confusing people. the recommendation is that those who are immunosuppressed, meaning they have a weekend immune system at the time of their 1st. and 2nd cove at vaccines should now receive a 3rd dose as part of the primary vaccination routine. the booster program is totally separate to the 3rd dose and is being offered to the over fifties. those with underlying health conditions and those living with the amino suppressed as well. not only are they entirely different jobs, but thousands of extremely vulnerable people are struggling to brooke into their
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life, saving vaccines with experts saying that this huge error could cost lives. reduction it be the potency of good jobs for the boosters. so there's a lot of her conflation of these 2 terms. the immediate compromise. people don't have full effective immunity against her cave in my teeth. if you don't have your immunity top top to the, the optimum level for you, then you're a great to risk you need to bait and proceed with me. some people will end up passing away because of julie's husband. brian suffers multiple myeloma, a rare type of blood cancer, meaning his, amino compromised and entitled to his 3rd job in the last 8 weeks. so julie has fought against at least a dozen health care professionals, including gps chemists and even staff at vaccination centers. they told her there is no such thing as a 3rd dose, or use the term interchangeably with booster. the people that giving this injection
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. you dr. sacred. not often about a dead joke. you know about the booster. i'm hearing. i'm giving it to go room, to be honest, because did not you have the right information in my eye for lots of people about the booster thinking to get into the job and did not be published. i am speaking on behalf of brain because it is magwell all in all the people out there that's not necessarily got my lama has gotten leukemia that got linked former but it's got any thing that give them a compromised immune system. so my husband is one person, but i just think about them on the people that is not a jewelry beander avenue. more either in the contract that this information is not been given out correctly. as you can infection set almost 50000 in single day, the highest since july. in order to avoid a return to kind of restrictions, the government is edging the public to do that bit and take the coven vaccine and booster office. i think we've been really clear that we've all got
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a role to play. if people, if not enough people, that boosted jobs, it's gonna hit is all. or when those administering the jobs don't know which is which leaves those most vulnerable, even more so sad to edwards dashti arte, london. we won't act under pressure or blackmail, said the polish prime minister. the use of it in brussels just happen. tensions have been high between the block or more so recently over the question of rule of law, which should take precedence while pushing the topic to the top of discussions and dividing member states along the way that we're the details shall davinsky from paris. you lead is debating late into the night over those and difficult topics so much so that the usual press conference after the 1st day of the council at was cancelled one official saying that raoul about poland. unless a rule of law and whether a country's law takes precedence or not, of you know,
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was so tense that the slovak prime minister actually had to intervene at one point to calm the situation down. but we won't know exactly who said what, because the usual details are reco taking has been full, gone this time from all chin merrick, note making, make of that what he wants. now the sparring though, had already began before the leaders even sat down at the table, the polish prime minister on his arrival at that summit, making clear that his country's position was fern and it would not be battle, tao, even german joshua, he won't act on the pressure, all blackmail go to, we're ready for dialogue. we don't agree with the constantly broadening range of competencies, so we will of course, talk about it. i'm not too sure of how to resolve the current dispute with understanding and dialogues if they look. now we know that most european countries and then he does a pretty serious with poland at the moment over this wrangle about the rule of law
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. however, poland can at count on the support of at least one other member state that hungary who itself is in its own tassel with the european union. what's going on here is regularly that european institutions circumvent the rights of the national or parliament and government, and modify on the treaty without having any legitimate her or serenity. tall luisel saw the polish. all right, that the independence of the polish traditionally is the key issue. which we have to discuss and we have to settle and we're balter. so take the necessary steps that is non negotiable. it's a shame that we have to spend a lot of time on this because we could devote our time to discuss an energy price is or the future of our economy or to better social protection. the main question i ask my polish colleague, what future do you see in europe? are you part of this club? you can be part of the club and at the same time, say the rules that apply to everybody, do not apply to you anymore. now we understand that they won't be any official mention of that debate over poland from the european council,
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but unofficially we know that the council president shaw. michelle says that he believes the primacy of law is fundamental. so this is an issue that will continue to tear away at each member states. the other big discussion that was on the table on thursday was energy and how the european union is going to deal with this looming energy crisis as we move into the winter. now leaders have apparently adopted a conclusion over how they're going to deal with a spike in energy prices. but that also is a pretty difficult discussion. this is though, what the commission president ursula vander lane had to say about that in the mit and long term. it is very clear that the strategy has to be to invest massively in clean and renewable energy because this is energy that is reliable because it is produced in europe. and it is the future going energy, though,
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another sticking point between a new member states with, for a couple of my misstates. now, blaming that is being the reason that europe is in this problem. this crisis at the moment, they're saying what's happened over the last few years is that the e u, in the commission itself is pushed towards a greener agenda. and it's done that at a point that so fast. but it hasn't got the technology to pick up the slack as it's been closing down domestic gas fields. and for some member states including poland . this is the big issue. in fact, poland actually suggested to the leaders that what they should be, which should be a rethink. thank you. 646 will 5 climate package that though was shot down. discussions due to continue on friday at with lead is little to discuss phrase and how that can be used as a bargaining chip full influence for the european union in the future. you can
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imagine as that there will be time for more fun and debating and possibly even more disagreements. which true brings your attention as when they have no doubt now the biter, ministrations considering deploying the national guard to deal with the current supply chain. crisis has hit the country, u. s. ports and warehouses are packed with goods, but the problem is a shortage of drivers to deliver it all. so now the president told the maryland town hall meeting that he was discussing the measure. the federal reserve early concluded to that the crisis had resulted in significantly slowed economic growth. next is caleb mopar, reports this friday. all these problems seem to have appeared on biden's watch. the u. s. federal reserve is a vital institution that's at the center of the u. s. economy and in their recently published report, referred to as the beige book. they said some pretty dire things. they pointed out that quote, the pace of growth slowed constrained by supply chain disruptions and labor
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shortages, referring to september through october, goes on to talk about how in transportation, in technology and manufacturing. there has been labor supply shortages, while retail hospitality, and manufacturing firms have had cut hours of production and other problems due to the pandemic. now, inflation in the united states reached a 13 year high in june, and it remained high ever since. and polls show that 62 percent of americans believe that joe biden is to blame for this. now it's important to note that inflation started climbing in april after joe biden had already been in office for 3 months now, rather than holding biden's feet to the fire. we see mainstream media stepping up to defend biden and point. the finger at the american people are there was recently an article published by the washington post on monday that went as far as telling the us public to lower their expectations and to stop blaming the biden
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administration for falling, living standards that needless to say, there were many who spoke up and did not approve of the tone of that article among them was republican. senator josh holly, you know, i think that lower your expectations tucker is really the slogan of the vice presidency. we're told that the american people with a problem, you, your, the problem national may lays all, it's all the american people's fault. in fact, it's joe by default, and his terrible policies. he's trying to run down this country because he doesn't believe in it. and at this point, we've got joe biden losing public support. polls continue to show that there was a pull tuesday from quinet pack university that showed 37 percent of americans think. biden is doing a good job while 50 percent disapprove, of how he's handling the presidency. 58 percent of voters are even unsure whether or not biden is physically and mentally up to the task of running the country. now, biden himself doesn't seem very concerned about this,
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so he tends to blame donald trump when confronted about the problems in the economy and other failures of his administration. i in september biden even told reporters that he doesn't actually look at the polls, but he's confident that his policies are, quote, overwhelmingly popular. and of course, he doesn't miss an opportunity to blame his predecessor, saying, quote, take a look what i inherited when i came to office. he's also blamed republicans for refusing to raise the debt ceiling. now on tuesday, jen saki the white house spokesperson, she was confronted about some of this, and the answer she gave didn't go over very well. it was crystal clear that things were not improving on time. people couldn't get dishwashers and furniture and treadmills delivered on time. not to mention also another thing. so why is a tragedy in the short, the treadmill that's delayed the trip problem? now we spoke to people on the streets of new york about how they've been affected by this and how they felt about the white house comments. here's what we heard. if
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they would snap really making jokes about it and actually action things, we would get things done well, i think it's terrible. i think that it's a major problem and it needs to be addressed. and i don't know that bad. washington is doing a whole lot about it in the electrical business and everything is back order. you've gotta wait months. now, the u. s. economy is showing signs of systemic distress. we've got the inflation that is sitting americans in their daily lives, the supply chain issues, and most americans, according to the polls feel that joe biden is responsible. however, the biden administration may blame it on donald trump. they blame it on other factors and they don't seem to be very sound about it. mean tom hewlett alvin's hipa check out, so our websites all paid section. those interesting stuff that well today, american rights robin bridges describes how an expletive fuel mean has placed the democratic party in an enviable blind and sent it clear message to the president of
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rate who get a minute said, you fancy, you'll see why it's so popular, right? not getting lots of clicks, r t dot com as jo biden's ratings, fully sun though is hitting a few highs in the world of art hunter, biden's pictures of sold to anonymous bid is for up to half a $1000000.00 a piece, but the hefty price tag hasn't stopped some from poking a bit of fun at the artworks and the less 1st painting as a clawed monet, a very beautiful pay. it is beautiful and it is listed at christie's for $700000.00 . now quote, money was the founder of the impressionist movement. something i didn't know until i research on the 2nd painting is that they got it. ah, another well renowned artist in this painting sold for $500000.00. the 3rd painting you may recognize this name is a 100 biden. i'm painting all recognize the painting,
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the 100 biden painting sold for $500000.00 also. now you may think that such an exclusive on that, that 100 binders in such exclusive company that he would have a background in artistic training for example. but you would be wrong if you thought that it seems pretty obvious that people are buying influence with the president by, by purchasing hunter biden's, r o p. suddenly an art, an artist and his selling to anonymous donors and inspires rather nobody really knows out. or we do know that several them sold for over $75000.00 a piece recently. and it seems to be, you know, under biden is, it's kind of difficult to dislike him. he's kind of a likable person, but he does get in this question of corruption and access, which is something that seems to follow around on turbine and it's relation to his father and where he goes. and it seems like these are pieces that he's making and selling are kind of the least of what he's been involved in and how he's used his
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father for access and advantages that people used him to get to his father will parallel story mean tommy might have stood the otwell, but he's failed to grab the attention of cnn the me to john hasn't mentioned the president's son once in the last month according to recent report. instead opting to cover seemly more colorful hunter. yeah, t v personality, dwayne chapman, a k dog. the bounty hunter, and yes, you may deserve will star attention because he clocked up a bump. 8, no less than 8 mentions on say it and, well, portal hm. to biden big fat 0, despite those paintings, selling for staggering sums and phase of bribery, a money laundering going on address. but while cnn tends appliance either hunted by nice steering interests elsewhere, he'll be pleased to hear or maybe not right. leading me to do in the us have been reporting on revelations of some potentially damaging problems faced by the president son recovered emails that was problematic from hunters laptop plain. he
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and his father shed money in their accounts and even paid each other's bill sometimes. and then last month, it was revealed that in $21500.00 allegedly demanded the $2000000.00 fee to help unlock libyan assets that have been frozen by the bomber administration. given all these accusations, some questioning why the media silence, isn't it funny how hunter biden does everything that trump children were falsely accused of attacked over and condemned for yet the media stay silent? you people who are letting joe biden tell you how to raise your children and tell you what's best for them. i have one word for you hunter, one year later in the night, posts diligent reporting on hunter biden's laptop remains more credible than a single story about russia collusion. gas prices are about as high as hunter bite . and right now we have chris harris of equality network on hyphenated america believes in san angelo. credibility in the eyes of its audience. clearly seen it is
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not trusted. you can tell by the cycle their ratings are dropping. they haven't had a 1000000 viewers in how long it's been months or so, since they've had a 1000000 viewers. and i think even the number of viewers that they have is namely, because what are they still paying airports and train stations to display cnn? it would be interesting to see like, what's the real number actual viewers? and that would tell you, like the free market would say, nobody really trust cnn because they don't report the truths. there's not another stuff about always my true or your true not. there's faxes, empirical data, there is no objective truth, and it's clear that cnn is not in the business of reporting objective. truth for august live, upholds kevin, up half the break. quit live in the russian results. it is sought. she was present, put, is locked in, talks with israel's new prime minister of tale bennett, stay with us. tell me about that. add more. ah
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ah ah ah ah ah. join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. well, i'll be speaking to guess from the world of politics. sport business. i'm sure
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business. i'll see you then. mm. ah. oh, it was new premonition, italy, bennett's meeting president potent for the 1st time since taken office the pair and talked at the moment in the rush in that resort city assault. she very nice for elephant rank is falling of in for, as i alia historically, russia, israel love, enjoy good relations. any word on that today then takes through it. afternoon, kevin. well, look at that this way, the way russia in israel have been dealing with each other in the last few years is actually remarkable for the following reason. on the one hand, moscow's key allies in the region are the islamic republic of iran,
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and also syria ruled by president bashar al assad. but then on the other hand, these 2 are some of the staunchest enemies of tel aviv. but despite that, the previous israeli prime minister benjamin, as in the whole and vladimir putin have been able to build a trustworthy relationship if not close ties in some areas. and by the looks of it. the new israeli prime minister natalie bennett, is and keen to change or challenge that, and this attitude is being felt here in russia. and this does indeed explain. now the words with which vladimir putin welcomed the new head of these railey government here in saki ish and the dish things mother. i hope very much, but despite domestic political battles, which are inevitable for any country, you'll government will pursue
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a policy of continuity in russian israeli relations. when we built businesslike and trust based relations with a previous governments, jewelry and response to that sir, natalie bennett said that of latimer potent is a true close friend of israel. and he said that on behalf of these rarely state and the israeli nation, now when it comes to the issues that are on the table, well, that was easy to predict. the 2 things that have already mentioned, the situation in syria and the iranian nuclear program besides this, a bilateral ties. in fact, vladimir putin didn't mentioned when they began the talks that the, the russian is really trade, has grown by 50 percent in the 1st 7 months of this year. despite the pandemic. and of course, they've got a lot of things to discuss when it comes to tours, when it comes to dealing with the pandemic, possible cooperation in the use,
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or possibly even the production of sputnik vague. so these are the things that i was going to tell you about kevin, when it comes to the 1st ever meeting between natalie bennett and vladimir putin here and the russian resort city of sachi. serious but cordial talks that you said and what lovely weather behind you, they're super down there. isn't it really nice place? have those cordial talk, silly patrol? okay, great. thanks for that from so cheap. now next, rush's federal security service saying today it's foiled a terror attack on transport in the south of this country and arrested a suspected islamic state follower who was plotting the assault, ask a moral, not one of life roman cusser, if rome high officers say they prevented this attack than luck could have saved. hopefully, a lot of lies. what more do we know today? well, according to the russian federal security service, the supporter of the islamic state was planning to commit a large scale,
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a terrorist act and rushes, the caucasus region. now a security service statement says that he was ready to blow up an area of transport infrastructure in the city of severable with an improvised explosive device. now authorities released this footage of a search in his home, showing explosives and damaging fragmentation. elements used to manufacture an i. e . d. now the timely arrest has the potential to save the many lives. indeed, it's hard to say how many butts? unfortunately, history tells us that hundreds of people have perished in other terrorist acts on transport here in russia, including rail race, airport. so bosses and other places of mass, a galleries. now one such a tragic example took place in april of 2017. when 15 people were killed and the dozens were injured after a suicide bomber designated and improvised explosive device in the st. petersburg
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sub weight. meanwhile, the terrorist act that there was a burden in russia as a sabra ball on friday, became yet another successful operation by the federal security service. that once again said the lives of many innocent people indeed. yeah. close coal has can be ever vigilant. yeah, thanks for the update there. good to hear that that's been averted. right. well that's a lot so far this. i hope you're enjoying a program. so got so many other stories about the dot com or whatever. so she'll, she can of your 2nd evolve to boom bus off the break reporting from moscow, kevin her and the teams signing off for now. ah, ah ah, ah, ah, ah,
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ah ah, ah, it oh, he died. i cried. and i just kind of split the whole time out there. no one really thought anything different. you just all i just didn't feel good on the ways for the surgery. his lungs failed. 30 seconds, but i killed him. i had gotten stuck with so
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many needles that day in 2019 don't to started talking about a new wide spread disease that caused severe lung damage. there's a few points that were really the attorneys own. if the patients were diagnosed with a lung injury associated with using electronic cigarettes or facing products, he pulled this out. he really felt holy crap, he's gonna die. oh no, he's the better it was. i wouldn't want my worst enemy to ever go out of breath with
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them, but when business or you can't afford to miss, i make a woman and i brand to bore in washington coming up oil prices hit 3 year highs early on thursday, but the prediction of a mild winter has brought them down straight ahead. we'll take another look at the global energy crisis and what factors are playing a role and you type and we take you back to china. wherever grant is being docked, figure it. i think that a giant continues to threaten the can. agents a world market will discuss. then can we see a social media platform from former president trump? later on, we'll discuss the prospect and how the stock market is reacting so far. we have a pack show today to let's get started we leave the program with the latest on the global energy crisis.


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