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hey paul is accuses the e u of pressure of blackmail as a dispute over the rule of law rises to summit level. highly vulnerable patients in the u. k. are at risk as confusion grows over the difference between a 3rd dose and a booster. it's crucial to give to the correct order for people to get maximum protection from the virus we hear from some of those affected and present biden's ratings plummet with pulse jesting people think he's not mentally or physically capable of being in charge. i'm it. supply chain disruptions and league warnings from the federal reserve. ah, oh hi there. good morning. love from russia. this is art international. my name's
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kevin, how in it's friday. the 22nd of october. first this out than we won't act under pressure or blackmail, said the polish prime minister at an e. u summit in brussels. tensions have been high between the block a morsel recently over the question of rule of law. pushing the topic to the top of discussions and dividing member states along the way. let's go live to job shadow dimansky, paris to bring a small. hey charlotte, good morning. and so heading into the 2nd table as we wanted a bit, let's talk about what came out of the 1st day and what's a head later bring us up to speed. that's why you leaders debating late in to the night over a lot of difficult issues, including that issue over the rule of law and poland decision that its constitution has precedence over the use laws. now as a result of those debates going late into the night, the press conference on the 1st day was cancelled. so no official word on what was
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said. but we do know that unofficially that those talks were so tense that the slovak in mp actually had to have prime minister had to go in and calm things down . now we also know that we're not going to have a detailed notetaking record of who said what, because that has been full, gone at for generic note taking take if that'll make of that at what you want. but we know that the sparring had already begun before the leaders even sat down with the polish prime minister at saying that he would not be backing down over this issue. he was firm where poland stood, efficient lot of, you know, the other one to act on the threshold. blackmail, we're ready for dialogue. we don't agree with the constantly broadening range of competencies or that we will, of course, talk about it, differences, how to resolve the current to speak with understanding and dialogues. if they look . now we know that most european countries and their leaders are pretty serious
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with poland at the moment over this wrangle about the rule of law. and we also know that the lead is received a letter from at the european parliament present, david cecily, as they were sitting down on thursday with him saying that what poland was doing was challenging the bedrock of the european union. and it also came as any peas in the european parliament of also adopted a resolution to criticize poland and a calling for severe reaction. including at the idea that poland could be stripped of all of its voting rights. it really is at that tense and that severe, this situation at the moment, however, poland can i count on the support of at least one other member state that's hungry, who itself is in its own tussle with the european union? steve, in defenders or suppose judiciary is the key issue, which we have to discuss and we have to settle and where poland has to take the
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necessary steps that is non negotiable and we're extremely disappointed with their developments and how things have transpired. and we believe the situation needs to be resolved in favor of the rule of law. it's a shame that we have to spend a lot of time on this because we could devote our time to discuss an energy prices or the future of our economy or to better social protection. the main question i ask my polish colleague, what future do you see in europe? are you part of this glove? you can be part of the glove and at the same time say the rules that apply to everybody. do not apply to you anymore. what's going on here is regularly that european institutions circumvent the rights of the national parliament and government and modify on the treaty without having any legitimate her or sorority tool to luisel. sol solved the polish all right, common sense on one side and fantasy on the other one and the utopian front as accuse us that's been the problem with energy prices as well. now we understand
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that they won't be any official mention all that debate over poland from the european council, but unofficially we know that the council president shaw. michelle says that he believes the primacy of you law is fundamental. so this is an issue that will continue to tear away at you member states. the other big discussion that was on the table on thursday was energy and how the european union is going to deal with this looming energy crisis as we move into the winter. now leaders have apparently adopted a conclusion over how they're going to deal with a spike in energy prices, but that also is a pretty difficult discussion. apparently, the spanish prime minister, very concerned that his colleagues across europe. we're just not taking this issue seriously enough. this is though, what the commission president ursula von delane had to say about that. in the mit
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and long term, it is very clear that the strategy has to be to invest massively in clean and renewable energy. because this is energy that is reliable because it is produced in europe, and it is the future going energy though another sticking point between new member states with, for a couple of my misstates. now, blaming that as being, the reason that europe is in this problem, this crisis at the moment, they're saying what's happened over the last few years is that the e u, in the commission itself is pushed towards a greener agenda. and it's done that at a point that so fast, but it hasn't got the technology to pick up the slack as it's been closing down domestic gas fields. and for some member states including poland. this is the big issue. in fact, poland actually suggested to the leaders that what they should be which should be a rethinking of the use fix. 65 climate package that though was shot
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down discussions due to continue on friday at with lead is looking to discuss trade and how that can be used as a bargaining chip for influence for the european union. in the future. you can imagine as that there will be time for more fun and debating and possibly even more disagreements. yeah, charlotte, so not to go in there at all. is it keep us posted, done today? see what happens later on. shallow depends game, paris for now. thank you for your patience in the u. k. could be missing out on a life saving code 19 job because a confusion over the difference between the 3rd dose of the vaccine and a booster is crucial at the knock elation given in the correct order. but the 2 terms are often used interchangeably, which leads to mix ups even among medics. with more shoddy, edwards dashti as winter looms and rumors of returning to lockdown, circulate,
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the government is upping the ante on the vaccination top rollouts. but those that need it, the most struggling to get the 3rd dose they so desperately need do to confusion over the differences between the 3rd job and the booster by the very people administering them legal from 90 to 2. and the thing, the way i did it that lengthy vaccine has gotten different to be a it certainly as confusing people. the recommendation is that those who are immunosuppressed, meaning they have a weekend immune system at the time of their 1st. and 2nd cove at vaccines should now receive a 3rd dose as part of the primary vaccination routine. the booster program is totally separate to the 3rd dose and is being offered to the over fifty's, those with underlying health conditions and those living with the amino suppressed as well. not only are they entirely different jobs,
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but thousands of extremely vulnerable people are struggling to book into their life, saving vaccines with experts saying that this huge error could cost lives. reduction it be the potency of the job for the boosters. so there's a lot of a conflation of these 2 terms. the immunocompromised people don't have full effective immunity against a cave in my teeth. if you don't have your immunity top top to the, the optimum level for you, then your greater risk you need to bait. presumably some people will end up passing away because of julie's husband. brian suffers multiple myeloma, a rare type of blood cancer, meaning here's amino compromised, and entitled to his 3rd job and the last 8 weeks. so julie has fought against at least a dozen health care professionals, including jeep is kenneth and even staff at vaccination centers. the told her there
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is no such thing as a 3rd dose. oh, use the time interchangeably with booster. the people that giving this injection. you doctor sacred? no, nothing about the joke. you know about the booster. i'm hearing. i'm giving it the going to be honest because did not you have the right to commission. i went into the g p a and she said there was not a job chris. she said there's no, i think, i think right, a fist. this is different to a booster, it is part of the primary course of the vaccine, right? credit to that, to my research and my research, what i found was that the dos is a full dose. the booster is a less valued. well, julie wounds that many people across the united kingdom, a suffering from these mistakes in my eyes, a lot of people, not the booster thinking to get into the job. and if not be, but i'm speaking on behalf of brian because he is magwell all the people out there
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. there's not necessarily got my loaner gotten leukemia lymphoma, but it's got any thing that give them a compromised immune system. so my husband is one person. i just think of all the people that's not got julie beander avenue more either in the contract that this information is not been given out correctly. as you can infections het almost 50000 in single day, the highest since july. in order to avoid a return to k, the restrictions, the government is urging the public to do that bit and take the coven vaccine and booster office. but i think we've been really clear that we've all got a role to play. if people, if not enough people, that boosted jobs, it's gonna hit is all. or when those administering the jobs don't know which is which leaves those most vulnerable even more so. sadly, edwards dashti, arte london about administrations considering deploying the national
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guard. now to deal with the current supply chain crisis hit the country, us ports and warehouses are packed with goods, but there's a big shortage, a drivers to deliver them. so now the president told the maryland town hall meeting that he was discussing the measure. the federal reserve really concluded that the crisis had resulted in significantly slowed economic growth. that is kellum open reports next this morning. all these problem see from a pay it on biden's watch. the u. s. federal reserve is a vital institution. that's the center of the u. s. economy. and in their recently published report, referred to as the beige book. they said some pretty dire things. they pointed out that quote, the pace of growth slowed constrained by supply chain disruptions and labor shortages, referring to september through october, goes on to talk about how in transportation, in technology and manufacturing. there has been labor supply shortages,
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while retail hospitality, and manufacturing firms have had cut hours of production and other problems due to the pandemic. now, inflation in the united states reached a 13 year high in june, and it's remained high ever since. and polls show that 62 percent of americans believe that joe biden is to blame for this. now it's important to note that inflation started climbing in april after joe biden had already been in office for 3 months now, rather than holding biden's feet to the fire. we see mainstream media stepping up to defend biden and point the finger at the american people. there was recently an article published by the washington post on monday that went as far as telling the u. s. public to lower their expectations and to stop blaming the biden administration for falling, living standards that needless to say, there were many who spoke up and did not approve of the tone of that article. among them was republican. senator josh holly, you know,
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i think that lower your expectations, tucker is really the slogan to the vice presidency. we're told that the american people with the problem, you're the problem national may lay. so it's all the american people's fault, and it's joe biden fault and it's terrible policies he's trying to run down this country because he doesn't believe in it. and basically, it's average americans who are being forced to bear the brunt of this economic situation. i have noticed that there you are, i don't a shell, i guess not everybody. i live on for stuff right now with a lot of people are getting laid off and i do believe people will start already certain items just like how the beginning of the band and people did with toilet paper and so on and so forth. store prices are on the rise until they can get all those partnerships unloaded and cargo moved from force. and at this point, though, we've got joe biden losing public support. polls continue to show that there was
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a pull tuesday from gwinnett pack university that showed 37 percent of americans think biden is doing a good job. well, 50 percent, disapprove, of how he's handling the presidency. 58 percent of voters are even unsure whether or not biden is physically and mentally up to the task of running the country. now, biden himself doesn't seem very concerned about this, so he tends to blame donald trump when confronted about the problems in the economy and other failures of his administration. i in september biden even told reporters that he doesn't actually look at the polls, but he's confident that his policies are, quote, overwhelmingly popular as course. and he doesn't miss an opportunity to blame his predecessor, saying, quote, take a look what i inherited when i came to office. he's also blamed republicans for refusing to raise the debt ceiling. now on tuesday, jen saki, the white house spokesperson, ah, she was confronted about some of this. and the answer she gave didn't go over very
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well. it was crystal clear that things were not improving on content. people couldn't get dishwashers and furniture and treadmills delivered on time, not to mention also another thing. so why is a tragedy in the sure the treadmill that's delayed the trick? the problem now we spoke to people on the streets of new york about how they've been affected by this and how they felt about the white house comments. here's what we heard. if they would stop really making jokes about it and actually action things like sam, i think it's terrible. i think that it's a major problem and it needs to be addressed in. i don't know them bad. washington is doing a whole lot about it. linda electrical business and everything is back. daughter, you've gotta wait months. now, the u. s. economy is showing signs of systemic distress. we've got the inflation that is selling americans in their daily lives. the supply chain issues. um and most americans, according to the polls feel that joe biden is responsible by. however,
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the biden administration may blame it on donald trump. they blame it on other factors and they don't seem to be very concerned about it. thousands running to the sudanese capital on thursday in support of the countries transition to civilian rule, to protest to say they want to save the revolution and with their to counter approach . military city, which has been camped the presidential palace and central cartoon nurses. saturday, a coalition of military and civilian leaders ruled the country since the overthrow of former president omar bashir 2 years ago. a senior correspondence got the latest on it. 2 years after da, posing a dictator who ruled brutally for 3 decades, euphoria has worn off. there was no magic transformational, miraculous prosperity. it is, be the slow at the increasingly difficult grind que unrest all over the country, especially in the capitol. demonstrators are out in force,
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but they want different things. opposites, oh good, good me. so dawn is in the midst of a transition palate shared between the miller had the civilian government ahead of elections. but things are getting worse, harder. poverty, crime, prices are all up and up. some want to stay the course. yes, they say things will get worse before they get better. we've been communicating with the resistance committees all over the country to have one day of protests to preserve the gains of the revolution. others aren't as optimistic. they have lost faith and trust in civilian authorities who they believe have sold out the country
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. and they want the military to step in and end the spiral downwards. la una, let them know we joined the sit in demonstration to dissolve the current government and they violated our rights. whether concerning agriculture or trade. they made us lose everything our them so alumni ha ha, want us government to resign and leave. it is not capable of responding to the demands of the people, neither regarding health or the cost of living. nothing. so what on earth happen? how could things have deteriorated so quickly? while the i m f happened desperate for money, saddam turned to them and others for help. and well, you can read the rest on the i m. s website on the positive side. so done with the help of the international community and the i m f to bold actions to move to market determined exchange rate, raise revenue and reduce subsidies. let's go through that again. this time with
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a little more honesty and clarity with i'm at help sedans, currency collapse, last 1000 percent of its value. and 2 years raise revenues means raise taxes. they for saddam most of the poorest nations of the world to raise taxes on some of the poorest people in the world at reduced subsidies means no state assistance. so food fuel, power, prices, all blue up that should give you an idea. what many sudanese would at this point prefer another military dictatorship universal unless we came here to give the military council a mandate that we have been here for 4 days and we will stay put for another month if we have to ask if we want to military council, no civilians or anything else on, on a video like given us, we want to bring this cabinet down because they are infiltrators not technocrats or even reliable. they contributed to the crime rate rise amongst us. it would be
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wrong to blame at all in the ins, decades of suffocating us and other sanctions, all added to what's happening now. no one has any illusions, least of all the sudanese government, which is fighting for its survival. the serious political crisis that we're living him rights now, i will not be exaggerating to say, is the worst and most dangerous crisis. the not only threatens the transition, but threatens a whole country. they call his government, thou, the people in the streets, the government of hunger and adult to tell you how awful things are that increasingly people are beginning to prefer a military dictatorship, one in which there at least fed to a democratic state in which they go hungry from gas supplies to europe, foreign agents, family values, leisure foods in the address key thing because the industry leaders that it rushes
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top discussion for the vault club he spoke can feel the question more than 3 hours . and the results of the assault shape not easily patrol was there for us, is a short recap of what went on sanctions imposed by western countries. and the global fight against coven, vladimir putin brought up these 2 together. here's how does a book me 3rd, i'm so, but as william, we're talking about the need for a joint fight against the corona, virus infection, even for humanitarian reasons. i do not mean russia now forget about those sanctions against russia. but the sanctions also persist against states that are in dire need of international assistance. no, nothing like that happens. everything remains the same. and where are the humanistic principles of western political thought? in fact, it turns out that there is nothing. there is only chatter. at one point during his speech, mister prudent began making some fundamental assessments of where western liberalism
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is heading and spoke quite a lot about a concept of traditional family. something that's very important for the russian leader. vladimir putin spoke out against a, raising the boundaries between genders and also runing the concept of traditional families. though mister prudent did say that he's okay with that happening elsewhere and the world. but he didn't want this to be aggressively imposed on russia. besides, this president vladimir putin addressed the criticism of the russian government for being too conservative. according to mister potent, moderate conservatism is the way to go and the police station from my point of view, moderate conservatism seems to be the most reasonable policy for the upcoming time period of re imagining world. and it could last some time as the final design is unknown, caused this policy is going to inevitably change our conservatism is an optimistic one. we believe that stable and successful development can be achieved. it's all up
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to us and we're ready to work with partners for the greater good world capitalism isn't working. and there's no recipe for success either. there was one pointer during the plenary session that grabbed special attention of the audience. that was when the floor was given to a recent nobel peace prize winner from russia. a prominent journalist in this country, a mr. murat of was the journalist really wanted the washer leader to pay special attention to how individuals and organizations are being labeled foreign agents without a court decision. and without a warning. now, in response to that, mister putin pointed the finger at the west and said that the practices there are much more harsh. and that was also the point when our channel was brought up by mister bruton. it was castillo. tom stood. you said this is not decided by cool. it's but in the us is also know by a court then the department of justice makes the cool go, scotty,
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what they've been through. do you know how tough it's been? gone all the way out to criminal culpability. we don't have that on us. the going in the over the dean we in again pilgrim nogales high would been for an agents for many years. and moreover, i've had a summons for questioning in the us for already several years without the fact that we didn't register as for an ages earlier. we'd received written legal conclusions that this law did miss blight to us because it said, except for the media by phone. but when our audience began to grow and we started bothering them, if we were told you're either register or go to jail for 5 years. and i have a summons for questioning because i myself hadn't registered previously before they registered me. i don't why they're anymore. i'm just in case because they could end up in jail. their land to them were never say, never do you see how it is in the us? is 5 years in jail. did you order them? were now people who have been jail for 5 years under this lot during a thorough discussion on the current affairs at 1 point, one of the participants joining all the way from the us asked the russian president
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what he thought about a potential 2nd term for donald trump, after 2024. what do you think about the idea of a 2nd? donald trump presidency of we was then you, what would you vote for him? yes, if it. well, yeah, my view and i worked in the trump administration at the state department early in his administration. i, you know, i think it's remarkable, he's redefine conservatism or perhaps. and on the, some of the similar lines, the president potent talked about healthy conservatism origin. metallica was with the a colleague allowing them to express my opinion on this matter and not to comment on what you said. otherwise, you will be registered as a foreign agent. despite reassurances from the russian leader last week, that gas from isn't only ready to boost its exports, but in fact it has already begun doing that. the the you top diplomat, joseph burrell a few days ago blamed russia for not doing so. and for continuing to use its
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exports of natural gas as a geopolitical weapon. now, when the russian leader moved on to talk about nord stream to which is a pipeline project intended for natural gas deliveries from this country to the northern coast of germany. according to mister putin, if the german national regulator gave the green light to north stream to, to morrow, russia could kick start the flow of gas the day after to morrow, which is perhaps a very important message for those worried about the energy crisis in europe. busy few days for president po to this also to to meet israel's new providence to for the 1st time when he's insult, she comes, his russian tourist vaccinated. sputnik via are allowed to enter israel full the next 2 months at the same time as well. they will health organizations announced its assessment of the russian vaccine is out its final stages. the world
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health organization confirms budnick, the pre qualification process is on track and answer in his final stage. a group of dublin sho, inspectors is due to visit rushes shortly to round up all necessary inspections and paperwork and put in agree. israel says russians with both doses as foot degree will be able to enter on the strength of an antibody test on arrival. the agreement will be in place until the end of the year, giving time for the vaccine to obtain w h o recognition. after that, israel is expected to allow vaccinated russian citizens without entry being tested . for prior to the pandemic, russians made up a significant portion of tourists arriving in israel, secondary to americans. we spoke to the tourism director for israel, who tells us that it will do every thing to get russian haunted. make his back from tours. and finally, i can tell you that there is more than 250000 israel l is that a part of the tourism cluster, a east and west euros. i'm as well. and he has been an amazing damage to
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their economy and to the local businesses. and we will do everything in our hands to make sure that tourist, especially from russia, will come back. he got a phone call from a russia a tour. rager is and slight companies that they already wanted to book. so i think again, tension the atmosphere, is there, tourism from rush injuries right is the 2nd one is it is a nice destination, a after united states of america a. so i think that's when you take all in that in consideration. it's not so much there to learn the car based or about a day overall, a relationship between the communities and here in israel and back to rush. well, that's a lot so far. we've got a lot more stories lined up who's everywhere else. he though coleman of a social media is our next program to lined up who knew part of the world after the break this friday. but for reporting for moscow, kevin, or the team wish you
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a great day. oh, the coin was created and invented specifically to kill central banks. it says phone and genesis block, and they make a reference to the bank of england when the bank of england started squirming, and they start whining that, oh my god, big coin is an existential threat to our existence. everyone who yearns for freedom in the world today should lead out a collective for ra because we're finally getting rid of the worst actor on the financial scene for 300 years.


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