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grown children, while adults look in hope for their bus parents. with president putin says he believes moderate conservatism to be the most reasonable policy approach. in today's turbulent world, that's in an hours long 2 and a at rushes fall die discussion club for him. in every stage, from my point of view, moderate conservatism seems to be the most reasonable policy for the upcoming time period. all 3 mentioned in the world and it could last some time as the final design is on cost. this policy is going to inevitably change massive supply destruction and staff shortages ahead across the us, oblique warning from the federal reserve. but president biden refuses to accept responsibility instead. blaming his predecessor and rival republicans and tempers frame between you and member state poland over whether the blocks laws
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should take precedence the route dominating this week's summit in brussels, along with efforts to cope with the energy price crisis. ah, frontier from live to read from our studios in moscow. this is our team international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. are now vladimir putin has addressed key thinkers and industry leaders at russia's top discussion form. the val di club. he spoke and fielded questions for more than 3 hours in front of representatives from more than 50 countries. in the resort of searching ortiz ilia pacheko was there for us sanctions imposed by western countries and the global fight against colbert. vladimir putin brought up these 2 together. here's how does a book of me 30 am. so brazilian, we're talking about the need for a joint fight against the corona, virus infection,
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even for humanitarian reasons. i do not mean russia now forget about those sanctions against russia. but the sanctions also persist against states that are in dire need of international assistance. no, nothing like that happens. everything remains the same. and where are the humanistic principles of western political thought? in fact, it turns out that there is nothing. there is only chatter. at one point during his speech, mister prudent began making some fundamental assessments of where western liberalism is heading and spoke quite a lot about a concept of traditional family. something that's very important for the russian leader. vladimir putin spoke out against a, raising the boundaries between genders and also runing the concept of our traditional families. though mister putin did say that he's okay with that happening elsewhere and the world. but he didn't want this to be aggressively
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imposed on russia. besides, this president vladimir putin addressed the criticism of the russian government for being too conservative. according to mister potent moderate conservatism is the way to go. please fish. from my point of view, moderate conservatism seems to be the most reasonable policy for the upcoming time period of re imagining the world. and it could last some time as the final design is unknown, caused this policy is going to inevitably change our conservatism is an optimistic one. we believe that stable and successful development can be achieved. it's all up to us and we're ready to work with partners for the greater good world capitalism isn't working and there's no recipe for success either. there was one point during the plenary session that grabbed special attention of the audience. that was when the floor was given to a recent nobel peace prize winner from russia. a prominent journalist in this country, mister murat, of the journalist,
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really wanted the washer leader to pay special attention to how individuals and organizations are being labeled foreign agents without a court decision. and without a warning. now, in response to that, mister putin pointed the finger at us and said that the practices there are much more harsh. and that was also the point when our channel was brought up by mister potent who stood. you said this is not decided by cool. it's been in the us, he's also know by a court of the department of justice makes the call go ask are to what they've been through. do you know how tough it's been? gone all the way up to criminal culpability. we don't have that on us going in the region when i get those, you know, get high. we've been for an agent for many years. and moreover, i've had someone for questioning in the us for already several years. it was to me about the fact that we didn't register for an agent earlier. we'd received a written legal conclusion that this law didn't lie to us because it said except
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for the media. but when our audience began to grow and we started bothering them before we're told your other register or go to jail for 5 years. and i have a summons for questioning because i myself haven't registered previously before they registered me. i don't fly there anymore. just in case because they could end up in jail their to, to, you never say never do you see how it is in the u. s. it's 5 years in jail. we know people who have been jail for 5 years under this law during a thorough discussion on the current affairs at 1 point, one of the participants joining all the way from the us. after watching president what he thought about a potential 2nd term for donald trump after 2024. what do you think about the idea of a 2nd donald trump presidency? i will send you what would you vote for him? yes. so for my view and i worked in the trump administration at the state department early in his administration, i think it's remarkable. he's redefined conservatism perhaps. and on the some of
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the similar lines the president talked about healthy conservatism was metallic. a colleague alone notes express my opinion on this matter, not the comment on what you said, otherwise, you will be registered for an agent despite reassurances from the russian leader last week. that gas problem isn't only ready to boost its exports, but in fact, it has already begun doing that. the, you top diplomat shows up morale a few days ago, blamed russia for not doing so. and for continuing to use its exports of natural gas as a geo political weapon. now, when the russian leader moved on to talk about more stream to which is a pipeline project intended for natural gas deliveries from this country to the northern coast of germany. according to mister pool, if the german national regulator gave the green light to north stream to tomorrow,
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russia could kick start the flow of gas the day after tomorrow, which is perhaps a very important message for those worried about the energy crisis in europe. they start warning for americans from the federal reserve that a supply chain crisis and staffing shortages have led to significantly slowed economic growth. and critics pointing out that the problem are all appearing to happen on the job items watch as i kill them up and replace the u. s. federal reserve is a vital institution that's at the center of the u. s. economy. and in their recently published report, referred to as the beige book, they said some pretty dire things. they pointed out that quote, the pace of growth slowed constrained by supply chain disruptions and labor shortages, referring to september through october, goes on to talk about how in transportation,
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in technology and manufacturing. there has been labor supply shortages, while retail hospitality, and manufacturing firms have had cut hours of production and other problems due to the pandemic. now, inflation in the united states reached a 13 year high in june, and it's remained high. ever since and poll show that 62 percent of americans believe that joe biden is to blame for this. now it's important to note that inflation started climbing in april after joe biden had already been in office for 3 months now, rather than holding biden's feet to the fire. we see mainstream media stepping up to defend biden and point the finger at the american people. there was recently an article published by the washington post on monday that went as far as telling the u. s. public to lower their expectations and to stop blaming the biden administration for falling, living standards that needless to say, there were many who spoke up and did not approve of the tone of that article. among
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them was republican. senator josh holly, you know, i think that lower your expectations, tucker is really the slogan to the vice presidency. we're told that the american people with the problem, you're the problem national may lay. so it's all the american people's fault, and it's joe biden fault and it's terrible policies he's trying to run down this country because he doesn't believe in it. and basically, it's average americans who are being forced to bear the brunt of this economic situation. i have noticed that there you are, i don't this i'm, it's a shell, i guess not everybody i live on for, for stuff right now. these are with a lot of people are getting laid off and i do believe people will start already certain items just like how the beginning of the band and people did with toilet paper and so on and so forth. store prices are on the rise until they can get all those cargo ships on loaded and cargo moved from force. and at this point though,
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we've got joe biden losing public support. polls continue to show that there was a pull tuesday from gwinnett pack university that showed 37 percent of americans think biden is doing a good job while 50 percent disapprove of how he's handling the presidency. our 58 percent of voters are even unsure whether or not biden is physically and mentally up to the task of running the country. now, biden himself doesn't seem very concerned about this. i, he tends to blame donald trump when confronted about the problems in the economy. and other failures of his administration. i in september biden even told reporters that he doesn't actually look at the polls, but he's confident that his policies are, quote, overwhelmingly popular. and of course, he doesn't miss an opportunity to blame his predecessor, saying, quote, take a look what i inherited when i came to office. he's also blamed republicans for refusing to raise the debt ceiling. now on tuesday, jen saki, the white house spokesperson, ah,
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she was confronted about some of this. and the answer she gave didn't go over very well. it was crystal clear that things were not improving on supply chain. people couldn't get dishwashers and furniture and treadmills delivered on time, not to mention also another thing. so why is a tragedy in the sure, the treadmill that still in the trip the problem. now we spoke to people on the streets of new york about how they've been affected by this and how they felt about the white house comments. here's what we heard. if they would stop really making jokes about it and actually acts and things like sam, i think it's terrible. i think that it's a major problem and it needs to be addressed and not even know that bad. washington is doing a whole lot about it. on the electrical business and everything is back, daughter, you've gotta wait months. now, the u. s. economy is showing signs of systemic distress. we've got the inflation that is fitting americans in their daily lives. the supply chain issues. and most americans, according to the polls feel that joe biden is responsible. however,
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the biden administration may blame it on donald trump. they blame it on other factors and they don't seem to be very concerned about it. frances, you minister has warned that member states which don't play by brussels rules don't get the benefits of europe. the comments are seen as a major slapping down of poland, which is disputing, the supremacy of you law. and the talks which also tackled europe's energy crisis. have at times been explosive, as archie showed davinsky reports. well, the e, you counseling meeting as you said in brussels, going back to the drawing board over many of the troubles and issues that face the block. not just in the immediate future, but possibly over the next few years. and probably 1st port of call is that issue with poland in this crisis over the room of rule. this idea of whether a country's constitution is something that takes precedence over the nur itself. no,
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earlier this week, the polish prime minister spoke to any peas at the european parliament trying to put forward his point of view on this particular subject. before he spoke to the commission, president ursula vaughan delay. it was pretty fiery, saying that what poland was doing was essentially rocking a rocketing the bed rock all the european union. we cannot and we will not allow our common values to be put at risk. the commission will act and the options are all known. first option and fringe moments, where we legally challenged the judgment of the polish constitutional court. another option is the conditionality, mechanism, and other financial tools. the polish government has to explain to us how it intense to protect your pin money. given this ruling of,
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they are constitutional court welling pain during the bedrock of the european union . she was very fiery, quick, equally. so was the polish prime minister. mateus might have a etzky who basically turned round and said that you had to stop making some countries within that you feel like they were 2nd class citizens. and he said that it was the you itself, that was being un democratic yoga persona. yesterday. you must not impose a decision of verdict without legal basis. it is unacceptable to talk about financial penalties, et cetera. we heard even the worst language as it relates to some other states. i reject the language of threatened fetter, complete. i will not have you petitions, blackmail, poland, blackmailed, must not be a method of policy conducted in relation to certain other states. this is not what democracies do. burning question of our energy or in fact, the lack of it here in europe. we know that ursula vaughan delay in the commission
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presidents is just warned that businesses may have to close as a result of this crisis. as they may run out of the energy that they need to run those businesses. we know that spain is spoken to the block and said that urgent measures need to be taken. there has to be coordinated action amongst the block members to deal with this crisis, which it warned may last beyond next winter, far longer than anybody else has been talking about to date. no natural gas has gone up in price by more than 400 percent in the last year, more than 20 percent or so in the last day. that gives you a sense of how urgent this crisis is. and as this is unfolding some politicians, rather than looking at what's happening at home here in the you are concerned and pointing the finger of blame, shifting it towards russia. the current high gas prices, primarily the result of high demand and low supply. at the same time,
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russia is playing poker. gas supplies have been significantly reduced. but it's a bit like a poker game, isn't it? the i'm t, the stakes are being up all the time. and if this is a poker game, then perhaps russia is the dealer and it's the dealer. they're saying, you know what, we are ready to give you more gas. that's not an issue. you just have to ask is, in fact the outgoing journal chancellor angler merkel said recently that as far as she was aware, russia had come through, took all its commitments when it comes to gas at the moment. so that's a demand from russia is ask us will gas? so we will happily give it to you and there are others. the saying, this is not russia's fault at all. this is actually the use of making it's put itself in this course is because of the fact that moved away from conditional sources of energy like fossil fuel fall too quickly. while at the same time, it's been far too slow to implement the new green energy agenda. so all of this is
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being discussed enough for discussion today. one solution has been suggested to strategic gas reserves for the european union. but even if that is put in place, it will be too far in the future to mitigate immediate crisis. meaning that as winter approaches millions, if not tens of millions of homes across the european union will be wondering how they will keep the heat on the lights on. this is our international still, on the way rushes onward to the world. chemical weapons watchdog warned organization is hiding key information on the alleged poisoning of russian opposition. figure alexis, the volley. we're from that envoy after short break. stay with us.
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the welcome back. this is art international now, moscow's representative to the international chemical weapons watchdog o p c. w says it's western members are dodging key questions on the alleged poisoning of russian opposition. figure election evolving earlier this month. a group of 45 member states in the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. question russia, over the case, moscow replied, then sent a counter request to the 4 countries that made the poisoning allegations. that's the u. k. france, germany and sweden. however, none of those countries sent a concrete response. russian officials have not found any evidence to support the theory that the volley had been poisoned with nerve agent. russia's representative to the o. b. c, w alexander shogun, explained moscow's position lucille stores to look western countries didn't respond
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to all the questions we asked. they left some questions aside, considered beneath their dignity, reacting to them. but they were still questions that received their attention. they gave us answers which are not really answers in our opinion, not to be unfounded. i'll give you just 2 examples. we asked germans who was that mysterious person on board? the ambulance claim that accompanied the valley from aunt to berlin. the german side responded that the plane was chartered by a private company that no officials from the government or any other official body were on board. the answer is not convincing at all. it's difficult to believe that the german government didn't have a list of passengers. it means they're clearly hiding something and not only from us, but also from their own. m. p. 's. another example we asked the u. k. what role the newly minted citizen of the british crown miss pet shift who is known to be under the protection of u. k. special forces plays in the mikey case. the british response was that the role of patrick in valleys anti corruption activities,
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was well documented in the media. we ask one thing, they respond with another. the same goes for all other questions, be at the chemical formula of the substance, allegedly found in the blog as body or the notorious bottle with fingerprints or with chemical traces. that's the picture we get. and that's why we say that our western partners gave us empty answers devoid of content. tensions between nato allies are escalating, as greece is pressing ahead with plans to host us forces at for additional basis despite protests by neighboring fellow nato member state turkey. the american bassinger to greece has tried to smooth things over, insisting that the expanded u. s. military presence wouldn't pose a threat to regional stability. greek foreign policy is not defined by turkey. the united states in greece share an interest in seeing the turkey remains anchored in the west. we also have a strong shared interest in the resolution of disputes through non military diplomatic means, especially disputes between allies. just a week ago,
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the us in greece signed a deal to expand the defense partnership paving the way for the u. s. troop presence at the additional basis that includes strategic points just kilometers from the turkish border. that agreement came just a few weeks after and other defense deal was signed by greece and france. it was the 1st time the to nato member states bound to defend each other from attacks within the alliance with french president emanuel micron warning that european countries can't rely on the u. s. for defense, elizabeth found less of $280.00 europeans must still being naive when we are under pressure from powers who at times harden their stance. we need to react the u. s. is a great historical ally, but we must see that they have been focusing a lot on themselves and they have strategic interests that are reoriented towards china and the pacific. we would be naive, or rather we would be making a terrible mistake if we did not want to drill consequences from that. we have to
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see this with pragmatism and lucidity for our independence. and we must, as europeans take responsibility for our phone protection at all possible, and the political analysts to use. if erin says that leaving on car, out of regional security agreements, damages the entire nato organization. turkey is a major driver in many of the decisions at greece. makes in the region, whether it's, it's relationship with brands or the united states allow more us forces there. whether it's the east med platform, dec reese is a part of a, any type of foreign policy that tries to exclude turkey out of regional platforms. when we look lately, at the trajectory and trend of these bilateral trilateral deals that have been going on, whether it's the greece, france steel, whether it's the u. s. a grease steel. whether it's the australia, u, k, i and i united states the we're starting to see a lot of transactional was and we're starting to see
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a lot of bilateral deals that are slowly forming more and more bigger cracks inside of nato. the u. s. house intelligence committee is looking into an alleged 2017 cia plot to kidnap wiki lisa founder joanna sash. the story published by yahoo! last news last month. claims that former c i a director, mike pompei o pushed for highly aggressive measures against the whistleblower organization. those included, but we're not limited to the abduction of a such kidnap aerial man hunt and shootout with russian spies and central london. the new james bond movie. not exactly. in fact, these are the highlights from a reported cia secret plan to silence the journalist 40 who revealed americans for dirty secrets. location london, the year 2017 starting julian, a sorry,
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a man of interest. heidi ecuadorian embassy might compel, then c, i achieve that evil mastermind behind the operation. the russkies. the essential ingredient for any good spice dory down, the cia would break every possible law to silence independent journalist stay tune . the upcoming details may surprise you. we are recording chapter one, the fascination my compared wanted the cia to be creates instructor ordinance not to self sense of themselves when it comes to dealing wiki links. sometimes, oh tricks were best they might have thought and came up with a good old assassination plot. detailed sketches options on how to murder a sound, reportedly with disgust in the whiteness on the finest possible level. why would a cia achieve plots of the killing of an independent journalist? well, it was an act of personal vendetta. back in march 2017,
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the newly appointed cia chief found himself in a very difficult position. when wikileaks released top secret cia papers, they were completely detached from reality because they were so embarrassed about vault 7. they were seen blood chapter to kidnapping. but somebody in the white house might have thought paid, no killings where a civilized nation that's kidnapped this journalist and sentenced him to death by american law. the plan was simply break into the embassy drag assange out and bring him to where we want one small issue. the u. s. justice department failed to keep up with cia fantasies. they were still processing the case and didn't file charges against the wikileaks founder. so the cia was going to kidnap a foreign citizen from the capital of washington's closest ally with no legal basis tool. a perfect master black deed. you could possibly spoil the fun russians of
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course, chapter 3, fighting russians. what if vladimir putin intelligence gets there? first of dumps a sound and then flies him to moscow. that's a possibility. the paranoid cia offices thought brace yourself. the plan to counts of russians may just blow your mind. the cia left nothing to chance. the sand gets into the car with the russian operatives. the cia initiates a car crash with the russian diplomatic vehicle. god knows how many other londoners collateral damage is. they say, assange gets on the plane. the cia blocks, it's on the runway by shooting its tires, as well as anything. and anybody else's way. the plane takes off with a flat tire, the c, i a hovers a helicopter over, it still manages to leave the ground. they demand for the european countries close
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their recipes. we are still talking about catching julian assange, not the number one terrorist. oh, well, if you are an independent journalist who happens to cross the american government's path, the cia, it's pretty much the same thing. rule of law may not look like you. geo political analyst, patrick headington, suspects that the democrats are using the probe to pursue their own partisan interests. i really doubt, i really doubt that this has anything to do with defending the free press or human rights from the democratic parties. perspective, i think there are partisan. there's definitely partisan motives here. the democrats still regard julius sanchez, the major scape goat for giving the trump upset against hillary clinton, 2016 with the put as the emails and so forth. so mike pump pale features heavily in this, this is supposedly, as a reaction to the volt 7 releases all pop pump. hey,
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i was going a major p r. make over image make over. he's lost the way he's con blonde. he's clearly being groomed for the 2024 election as a candidate, and would likely be parlayed into a vice presidential slot either for president trump or rhonda santas. whichever g o p candidate is selected as the nominee. does it for me to say? i will be back at the top of the hour, 30 minutes with another full fresh look at the news. the depaula america. i've gotten poor and they've done vastly more numerous. and the billing our class have gotten more 1000000000 area to a great extent. but the government reports in the aggregate,
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they all take 4 and the billing, and they put them together. they said he put those 2 together. we don't see any inflation. while this worked for about 20 years and people were fooled by this, and anyone who complained was considered to be anti american. well, now because of the mis allocation of breast for so long and the ricochet boomerang a verse coming back into the system. we now have catastrophic system failure. aah! who's been by doing business or you can't afford to miss i make
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a woman and i'm brand new born in washington coming up. oil prices hit the.


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