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knowledge to the deep hurt cause to its transgender employees. comic flip orly believes that despite the condemnation of some groups, the majority of people liked chappelle show. these days here in america, corporations tend to cave in, i think a lot more than they should they listen to very, very loud voices. even if the voices are a minority of people. you know, it's going to go probably one of 2 ways to laugh voices from the trans community. might partner like you said, with either black lives matter or the gay community or something. in which case, if it snowballs in that direction, that would lean more towards another. another problem with free speech or people could start standing up and saying, jokes or jokes in free speech is important and comedies comedy. and as it turns out, the netflix special dave. busy chappelle special is, is getting a lot of use and, and it's getting rave reviews, but the viewers just normal viewers. it's been about 95 percent positive reviews. so i mean by and large they're getting
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a lot of really good feedback from people like the like the special in comics are becoming more and more afraid to touch on certain subjects because they're proactively worried about being cancelled or protested. so they just avoid it. if you were to ask a lot of these people, this is just a guess on my part. i don't know that is true, but if you're asking a lot of these people privately, were you really that offended? i would be surprised if a lot of really were, i mean, some are, i'm sure, but it becomes a very big public statement. i'd like to see people overall start recognizing that is not the majority of people in terms of the way they think free speech again mattered, and people discuss virtually anything. and i'd like to get back to that u. s. president is proving a hit with music lovers. but not in the way he might have liked online hip hop charts have been topped by an anti biden tune, which mocks mainstream media, mishearing, and explosive, an expletive late enchant against america's leader. ah
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ah ah, ah, ah, this went everywhere because it was part and parcel with the theme of that particular chant being stated repeatedly at football games and other venues as well. thousands of people chanting ah, something of that particular nature. it, it does not bode well for, ah,
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president, bide. but it's now going to be heard over and over again. so the next time you see somebody with the microphone interviewing with someone regarding an event, you know, immediately you're going to here, let's go brandon. the reason is obvious, the worst. i perhaps the worst administration in the, in the history of this country. the afghan afghanistan debacle. ah. supply chain problems now. gasoline going to $56.00 a gallon. i mean, shall i go on a store more were allegedly enriching her family has hit leading us democratic party representative maxine waters, who was the head of the house financial services committee. her daughter has again been recorded earning hefty payments from campaign funds. financial disclosure
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records reveal that she paid her daughter karen more than $80000.00 over the last financial year that shoots the total she has received from her mother over a decades long career to more than one point, $1000000.00. she's been paid for running an uncommon federal practice called slate mailing, where a consulting firm is hired to list rival candidates and their policies and advisors who to vote for the congress woman. now faces calls to go this is how democrat socialists work. they take care of their own while people they represent lose jobs, pay high taxes, and in many cases go homeless. i am calling on the resignation of maxine waters. she needs to be investigated. maxine waters did this before and face no legal consequences. she know she isn't going to face legal consequences. now. the law is fairly vague about us politicians using campaign funds to pay family members with election commission rulers,
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with election commission rules only demanding that salaries don't exceed the fair market value. but journalist daniel is air claims such behavior is essentially corrupt, although nothing will change. the american political system is saturated with this kind of corruption. it just, it just goes on and on. no one pays attention to it. every one regards, it is normal and therefore nothing is done on this goes all across know, across the boards throughout congress and the presidency as well. i don't expect very much to happen because it would require a very rigorous kind of oversight and much more rigorous than the american political system as capable of doing the the, the standards in washington are very lax and they allow people like waters to get away with this kind of stuff, and it just keeps going on and on. and it never stops. now it's time for some news in brief, from around the world in spain,
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dozens of extinction. rebellion activists have rallied in front of the environmental ministry in madrid. the protesters including scientists, through fake blood on the ground in front of the ministry and stuck posters of the latest un climate change report on its walls. they denounce a lack of action on climate change. while scientists have repeatedly alerted governments to global warming and species extinction. coven 9 seeking coven 19 restrictions. and the introduction of passes brought hundreds of protesters to the streets of this. lavinia, capital minor scuffles broke out. when police blocked roads to limit the root of the demonstration for the 1st time since the start of the pandemic, when a cyrus is lifting the mandatory use of face masks in open places and during open air activities in schools, 70 percent of people in the argentine capital are now fully vaccinated, while occupancy of intensive care beds is at
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a record low. another news francis e. u minister has warned the member states which don't play by brussels rules don't get the benefits of europe. the comments are seen as a major slapping down of poland, which is to say, disputing the supremacy of you law and the talks which also tackled europe's energy crisis. have at times been explosive. ortiz sharlitra, pinsky reports over e. you cancel each meeting as you said in brussels, going back to the drawing board over many of the troubles and issues that face the block, not just in the immediate feature, but possibly over the next few years. and probably 1st port of cool is that issue with poland in this crisis over the room of rule. this idea of whether a country's constitution is something that takes precedence over nur itself. now, earlier this week, the polish prime minister spoke to any peas at the european parliament trying to
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book food hayes point of view on this particular subject. but before he spoke, the commission president ursula vaughan delay it was pretty fiery, saying that what poland was doing was essentially rocking a rocketing the bed rock old european union. we cannot and we will not allow our common values to be put at risk. the commission will act and the options are all known. first, option on fingerprints, where we legally challenge the judgment of the polish constitutional court. another option is the conditionality mechanism, and other financial tools. the polish government has to explain to us how it intense to protect your pin money given this ruling of their constitutional court welling fame during the bedrock of the european union. she was very fiery,
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quick equally. so was the polish prime minister. matthias modify etzky who basically turned round and said that that you had to stop and making some countries within the you feel like they were 2nd class citizens and you said that it was the you itself, that was being un democratic yoga pushed only yesterday. you must not impose a decision of verdict without a legal basis. it is unacceptable to talk about financial penalties, et cetera. but we heard even the worse language as it relates to some other states . i reject the language of threats and fed a complete. i will not have e petitions, blackmail, poland, blackmailed, must not be a method of policy conducted in relation to certain other states. this is not what democracies do. all another very important conversation topic, of course, is the european energy crisis. what can we expect to come out of there? yes. well this is a burning question of our energy, or in fact, the lack of it here in europe. we know that ursula vaughan delay in the commission
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president is just warned that businesses may have to close as a result of this crisis. as they may run out of the energy that they need to run those businesses. we know that spain is spoken to the block and said that urgent measures need to be taken. there has to be coordinated action amongst the block members to deal with this crisis, which it warned may last beyond next winter, far longer than anybody else has been talking about to date. no natural gas has gone up in price by more than 400 percent in the last year, more than 20 percent or so in the last day. that gives you a sense of how urgent this crisis is. and as this is unfolding some politicians, rather than looking at what's happening at home in the you are concerned and pointing the finger of blame, shifting it towards russia. the current high gas prices are primarily the result of
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high demand and low supply. at the same time, russia is playing poker, gas supplies have been significantly reduced. but it's like a poker game, isn't it? the i'm to the stakes of being up all the time. and if this is a poker game, then perhaps russia is the dealer and it's the dealer. they saying, you know what, we are ready to give you more gas. that's not an issue. we just have to ask is, in fact the outgoing joe la chancellor, anglo merkel said recently that as far as she was aware, russia had to come through, took all its commitments when it comes to gas at the moment. so that's a demand from our shows asked us, we will gas, so we will happily give it to you. and there are all those the saying, this is not rushes full to tool. this is actually the use of making it put itself in this course is because of the fact that moved away from conditional sources of energy like fossil fuel fall too quickly. while at the same time, it's been far too slow to implement the new green energy agenda. so all of this is
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being discussed enough for discussion today. one solution has been suggested to strategic, i guess, reserve for the european union. but even if that is put in place, it will be too far in the future to mitigate immediate crisis. meaning that as winter approaches millions, if not tens of millions of homes across the european union will be wondering how they will keep the heat on the lights on money cannot replace our loss. that is the response from a father of an afghan family whose relatives were killed in an u. s. don't drones strike and washington's promise of compensation because of it. during america's panicked withdrawal from afghanistan in august, the attack killed 10 members of em all amante's extended family, including his 2 year old daughter long that the compensation is not a remedy for the pain inflicted on us. it can't replace the loss of my family,
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my brother, my own daughter, nephews, have lost their lives. compensation will not bring them back to life each day after that attack, our life is getting more and more miserable day and night. we recall them were our remain in family. we mr. malott life is hell without them. we intend to leave of dentist on because we lost 10 of our precious lives. now it's painful for us to leave without those loving kids. the u. s. took months to take responsibility for the mistake, which was supposed to target members of ice as k. there's no official information about the amount being offered to the family. but apart from that, there are being given assistance. if they want to relocate to the was the humanitarian situation in afghanistan is now at a crisis point. there are about 600000 people displaced as a result of fighting and economic instability in the region. most of them, unfortunately being women and children. it's estimated that millions of kids need humanitarian aid to survive right now. in the united states is providing nearly
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$64000000.00 in assistance. but m all amadi says that the losses to his nation are much greater than that. i ma, so ha, like this kind of aid doesn't compensate the loss you reflected on this nation. how will you address the miseries in the agony of war of the father, a brother, a child or a family? believe me, you can't find a single african family in this country without moths here. you can feel this pain everywhere. it can be dealt with through humanitarian aid. what we need is peace in of genest on whether the previous regime, all these slammy government, it doesn't matter. we are glad, at least the americans have admitted their mistake and said they would pay the compensation. but we demand the americans investigate thoroughly before such drone attacks. happened in the future. moscow was going into another lockdown next week for at least 11 days, and a bid to reverse a record surgeon new daily covered cases and deaths. all in all non essential shops will be closed along with cinemas,
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gyms and shopping centers ortiz. dmitri pope joined me in the studio with those details. been awhile since moscow has seen such strict risk measures. however, it seems that here we go again yesterday, puttin announced that there would be a week off for all workers across russia. or to day moscow's mares is abandoned has come out and extended that period and introduce measures which essentially amount to a lockdown. starting from october 28th till november 7th or businesses will 1st of all have to send their workers on a paid vacation of paid leave for those 11 days. but also businesses that are deemed non essential will have to suspend their operations. its businesses, like retail cinemas, is fitness centers, a theaters, and so on. also all put mass public events will be canceled and even after this so lockdown period ends, events for over $500.00 people will still not be allowed. also, schools and nurseries will also have to take an extended vacation. we seem like
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some serious measures being taken. why are they needed exec? well, this all comes as the cases across russia and in moscow, especially unfortunately have continued to grow just over the past 24 hours. there was some 8000 cases and just moscow alone. it's the highest of the last 4 months. but it's not even just the cases, the hospitalization rates are through the roof and that's our and all time highs in the thousands each day. just over the past 24 hours. it was a $1028.00. and the highest numbers we've seen throughout this entire pandemic in russia. and it's these alarming trends that have contributed to these measures. and this locked down. wish moscow mercy is abandoned has said that will is intended to give the city a sort of break in time to prepare and rest from the fight against the co it. it's like a fever. when you have a cold, if it gets too high, the doctors can order you to take medicine, which in itself isn't a cure, but it helps your body to rest and restore your strength. only non essential businesses will be closed during the
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a lock down period of businesses like pharmacies, supermarkets, and places that sell 1st need goods. they will remain open. also, restaurants and cafes will still be allowed to operate howard during lockdown period. they will only be allowed to do take out after they're locked down period ends, there will be allowed to resume our work. as usual, they won't be required to do any have any q r codes or any additional measures just as the same cove. it measures that have been for this time. however, that does not, that's not the case with places like in theaters and cinemas. they will have to introduce q our codes. they will have to work at only maximum, 50 percent capacity require protective gear and so on. also, there are a few changes for the elderly. earlier this week, marco's mayor introduce several measures for them. for example, people over 60 are now required to work from home, all the way till the end of february. but now starting from november 8th, they will also not be able to use a free public transport. now, all these measures might seem sort of grim,
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but moscow's mayor has pointed out that people should view these measures. this locked down in a more positive light and see this as an opportunity to go out, get some fresh air, spend some time with their family, take a break, and hopefully come back to a city where they're covered. infection rates have started finally going down the u . s intelligence committee is looking into a 2017, a legit cia plot to kidnap wiki leaks founder. oh, okay. well, it looks like actually, uh, vladimir putin is just appeared to speak at. so she and the ad rushes top to warn you. hold of all day club. so let's take a listen to what he's about to say. it was smooth of o trooped almost gruesome girl. she was with up cheerless blue, them with us to place to face with because it was last year and with song a little online. but finally we're going back to normal. it was from the column, am, minority shows movies. there discussions have been very intense. every one
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wanted to speak or per simoli, and there are a lot of things to talk about. and we came to the conclusion that international affairs and politics is an important subject, but it hasn't been turned upside down by the pandemic. but when it comes to personal interactions or to situations in many countries, well that's very different now. and we of course we'll discuss that. but 1st, your address was removed with jesse kipling that there was, this is their manners and participants of the plan was such. and ladies and gentlemen, 1st of all, i would like to thank you for coming to russia and participating in the events of the val die discussion club. as always, during such meetings,
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you raise urgent and relevant issues and discuss in depth problems that are actually relevant to people across the globe. you man, to day, the focus of our meeting is with her as a very love directly. her stated topic. the shake up of the 21st century. indeed, we are living in a time of grand change and i would like to express my views and regarding the agenda that was formulated. and that is a forum with his son. just say like to say the phrase that are living in the time of change is difficult. but the times of change though, started a long time ago, and this a period of change is something that we've grown accustomed to. should we really
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focus on that that much. but i do agree with those who formulated the topic of today's meeting. ma, am indeed over the past decades, many ordinary a member of the chinese proverb, listening to the chinese people as a wise one them and as it has had surgery his time, lots of various interesting thoughts and one of them is, ah, that they, you wouldn't want to leave in the time of change, but we are living in a time of change whether we like that or not. and the change is becoming more and more profound. let's remember another chinese wisdom. do specifically, that crisis is made of all studies the character for christ as in chinese is made of 2 parts. boston with danger and opportunity in math. and as they say in russia wisdom, you mean, you should use your mind to find to fight or difficulties, and you should
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a shoes ah, your experience to fight danger. and of course, we should do the answer to oppose the many that very as difficult as that we face. but the 2nd part of crisis is of course, opportunity. and we should remember that, look at it is we should use opportunities. and the crisis that we're dealing with is a conceptual one. it's of civilizational nature. this is a crisis of approach, a crisis of principles that defined the existence of humanity on this planet. we will have to rethink gordon with all those things. look what directions to choose, what to change, what views to change, or a correct for my role. i think that we need to fight for certain values. will you fight with all our might or what? 3 decades ago humanity entered a new period when conditions were created to stop an ideological and
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political a fight. this of this, sir, was the baltimore. and in fact, we have heard many of the things with about that during the previous meetings at the time 3 decades ago. and he balance was formed, socially, politically, economically, and militarily. and the new gal taylor. no, that was being sought for a body for the new political international system. unfortunately, we have to say that we haven't filed this new pillow yet. after the end of the cold, warm, or someone, some, there is some parts of the world seltzer i should. yellowstone that they were winners, that they felt that they have reached the proverbial olympus. but now they are feeling that they are losing ground. and they are trying to stop or
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this change stop this process, but it's impossible was the young animal. and so it would seem that we shouldn't have grown accustomed to this constant trans at constant change. but it hasn't happened during the unit and fax over kelly, but we are seeing articulation such processes that are of caliber and out of scale. never before seen the change, the shift in the balance of powers, the changes in technology and in science. are we immense. what is today we face systemic change across all his fears of life, from the more complicated geophysical state of the planet, to more paradoxical muscle ideas regarding what humanities and what the purpose of life is. let's look back and look around us. and once again, let me express some thoughts that i believe to be of critical importance. first,
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the, the, the garage, the toilet a climate change and degradation of the environment is now so evident that sir, even a dim, the people that if you use to dismiss that captain, the can no longer to afford to do that. these processes are taking place and they're becoming a greater look at that. they're becoming self. they are affecting more and more people. a hurricane cinemas, earthquakes, droughts are becomingly, with some sort of norm, some sort of new norm. let's remember the catastrophic floods in europe this year. or fires in the inside barrier. that is, you know, for example, remember what happened in turkey, the fires that we saw there or in the us. and the american continent, you know, is that if any, and she or political, technical, or ideological competition in such an environment, it seems to be senseless. if you would think that your hypothetical winner has
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nothing to drink or no air to breathe, what's the point of winning? and so all of these reminds us just how fragile our community is, how or how she's going mutually, how her, how difficult it is to our friends organize or humans live level so that it's going on. or that can really think of the way that it's, it's live girl, that a how any get cities should develop? what are pre at the priorities of industrial and economic development. let me remind you that sir, safety and security is one of the imperatives for us. and let some say that this is not the case, and they will be a very quickly explained with this why they are wrong. why they were not ready to the for the crisis and shakes of that they will face. now difficulties dance
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for humanity is facing. are rising to the scale that we have seen in the previous sensuous world war. ah, that even though he were great catastrophes of the past, with no relation wishes to you through and what we see that the current system in many, your will as i in many parts of the world is no longer relevant along a viable even in the spring even in the most wealthy parts of the world, this proportion i in wealth is and the prop this proportion in opportunities is rich is leading to many crises and other issues, both domestically and internationally. volume. this important challenge was emphasized, i am also emphasized during my statement at the devil's forum. i with huge problem and of course, all of this problems ah,
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what could result in feeling, excuse nick, in many breaking points in various spheres of life. there's a crisis of food that we could also face that could become each grain ah more ex, by extensive in the upcoming years, the deficit of water of electricity, something in europe that we're going to discuss today as well. due to the problem of poverty, of access to health care, it's such run for you all of this, or is it being very ah, vertically realised by various nations, aids making people become more aggressive or not. they hold more extreme views, such as some countries, there feel that their expectations have not been fulfilled lives. there are no prospects in life, not just for them, but for their children and their children's children. you land,
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it is dance. that leads them to search for a greater destiny leads them to migrate across the borders. it will, it leads to a discontent among people among masses of people and those to fame, but a little to at least explain she or, or examples to bring about here. because you know that very well. and there are many other social issues and challenges that even the leading economic powers now face north america, near the many have grown tired of it as though it's a flaming. we have no time and have no strength for confrontation. we need to deal with our own domestic problems and, and of the way that the youth, for example, aggressively, ah, dismisses the measures to fight of the co. 19 pandemic, i think, is very evident for many people speaking from platforms such as these have spoken about that. and it shows that the infection, this infection, that the infection has or only has only brought to the surface
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a discontented that has existed for some time. it much suddenly opened the fight against the pandemic. that should have united people actually became a factor of disunity, norgard. and there are many reasons for the answer, but one of the key ones is that okay, but dressing are such problems. lupa made us change the europe parts of lives that are, are now both of her. she critical importance to us that make the normality make up the normality of our life. and russia has sir bruce you on many occasions here. ah, he said, called up every one to avoid him, throw asides their unnecessary ambitions and work together going we will discuss that today and i think that i will talk about the need to fight together against pick up with i tell them damage or, you know, speaking of him.


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