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ah ah, we'll definitely be closing for houses before the amount of people that have told me they're not they get vaccinated. if they get sent home. crisis piled on crisis fire fighters, police officers, even nuclear scientists quit or get fired or go on unpaid leave of a covert. 19 vaccine mandates in america white has done plays a supply chain. crisis with over half been americans saying they face shortages when trying to buy common consumer products of linda, electrical business and everything is back. daughter, you've got to wait months. you are items on the store shelves, thought everybody around for, for stuff right now. the grieving father from afghanistan, who lost 10 family members in
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a wrongful us throne strike shows his agony and thoughts on un compensation over it . compensation is not a remedy for the pain inflicted on us. it can't replace the loss of my family. my brother, my own daughter, nephews. ah, oh, good morning for russia reporting from ortiz world news, h q. my name's kevin owen. welcome to the latest round of the next 30 minutes this thursday. the 21st of october. and 1st, as you heard that the get job don't go the mayor of new york has set a 29th of october deadline for city employees to get at least one vaccine show or go. an unpaid leave is even offering a $500.00 sweetener, but many a still resisting, including firefighters, thousands new york, sci fi fi is that a put, they'll are said, a lot of new york city on the pandemic are being in the mandates get vaccinated
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will lose their jobs, i'm worried it's very hard to to step before houses as it is. we'll definitely be closing fire houses. if for the amount of people that have told me they're not, they get vaccinated. if they get sent home, there's going to be serious operational problem. and that's why i fear for york city residence farseason this coming, but also we will respond medical events as well. this month, united states post the grim landmark of $700000.00 covey deaths that says 57 percent of the population are vaccinated, but many are still standing up to job mandates. police offices, health care professionals. even scientists have now moved from woods to direct action as kind of moping reports. the united states has seen a way of demonstrations against the federal vaccine mandates. why are they controversial? because it gives employees an ultimatum. get vaccinated or lose your job. i. i look now
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opponents of the mandates say they are not opposed to vaccinations, they just want people to have the right to choose. and it's not only among conservatives, people are protesting all across california, washington and, and other progressive states. but joe biden says he has no mercy for those who refused the jap route to do more. to vaccinate the $66000000.00 unvaccinated people on america, it's essential must be clear. vaccination requirements should not be another issue that divides us. and i'm asking everyone, everyone who hasn't gotten vaccinated, please get vaccinated. that's how we put this pandemic behind us. now, the vaccines are intended to protect public security and health, but they're starting to have a somewhat negative effect on national security. the san francisco police themselves are now coming forward and saying they soon may not have enough staff to handle emergency calls in a city of this size with the month of october and all the things that have been
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going on that that's going to put quite a didn't into operations. if you take a $120.00 cops or even more off the street, what do you think is going to happen? the streets of seattle saw protests from nurses, firefighters, and police officers. the state of washington ended up losing a 127 civil servants, half of which were state troopers who refused to get the shot. he can take my job. he can't take my spirit, he can't take my morals or my ethics. more surprisingly, a high profile us national security lab could be affected. los alamos, a vital hub of the u. s. nuclear weapons program, had over a 100 employees lose their jobs after refusing vaccination. their challenge to the mandate was unsuccessful. in any organization, there are people not always recognized who quietly make the work of other possible, lose them and you are in trouble. healthcare workers come under fire as well in
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rural new york and entire maternity hospital was shut down after they lost staff due to the mandate. we are unable to safe. we staff the service after september 24th. the number of resignations received leaves us no choice, but to pause delivering babies that louis county, general hospital vaccinations are so essential to public health. but when you don't feel safe in your own home, due to soaring crime rates, and when there's no one to answer, your emergency calls due to staff, shortages, it starting to look like the and ministration might have created a new crisis. and there bungle bid to deal with the pandemic. caleb martin, r t. new york. the world health organization strongly advise his people to get vaccinated and says jobs prepare your immune system for an encounter with viruses. was benedict from the libertarian party, however, believes that coercion is kinds of productive fun,
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is leading to less freedom all round. when we are lucian, our most talented workers, we're going to have to spend a lot of time training new people in hiring them. and probably by the time the new people are trained, the pete, the corona virus, will have subsided and not be an issue anymore. with these policies. crime is going up. our service levels are down at hospitals and clinics the stores. they still have food, but they don't have the variety that they used to have are, are major retailers are running out of products. a lot of this is because of policies adopted by our government that are making it harder to do business and to get things done. ah, i understand the corona virus is a serious issue. i personally chose to get the vaccine, but i am a guest. these policies that the government is imposing, that is making the situation even worse. we should not destroy our economy and take
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away our freedoms because of a virus. over half americans say they face shortages when trying to buy common consumer products code into a new poll. people have been filming empty shelves in shop showing pictures just like the disruption. see the beginning of the pandemic, a huge backlogs hit american ports because a corona virus restrictions prompting a bottleneck and getting goods to stores to hot hit ports in california, as well as some chain stores and delivery services and are moving to 247 operations to try and get a handle on it and resolve it. however, the white house is down played the disruption. turning one journalist challenge into a joke. lauren chen report on it. over the past several weeks, the number of people on social media complaining about things like empty shelves and supermarkets, restaurants, running out of certain food items or in the price of goods just playing, increasing has exploded. but in response to these problems,
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actually an abiding administration just doesn't seem too concerned when asked about supply chain issues. this is what jim sack, he had to say. it was crystal clear that things were not improving on supply chain . people couldn't get dishwashers and furniture and treadmills delivered on time, not to mention all sorts of other things. so why does your tragedy of the short the treadmill that's delay the trick? the problem? and similarly, liz reynolds, a special assistant to the president, has been quoted as saying you won't be able to get the jacket in 15 colors, but you will be able to get the jacket. and when asked about the supply chain break down at transportation, secretary p put at edge, seem to imply that the problem was actually that americans were simply trying to buy too much and cleaning out stores that way. but seeing as how inflation levels are at worrying highs. in the united states and there are reports of transportation cargoes waiting off the coast of california to unload. they're good. it really doesn't seem like people are just doing too much shopping. i have to sit there. you are items on the store shelves to somebody to show it. i guess not everybody i vote
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on for, for stuff right now. these are going out of me for a lot of people are getting laid off and i do believe people will start already certain items just like how the beginning of the band in people did with toilet paper and so on and so forth. store prices are on the rise until i can get all those cargo ships unloaded and cargo moved from fort. it's a little scary. i mean i, i wish that there was morgan evasion. i had, i feel that there is a lot more that the city could do on the electrical business and everything is back order. you gotta wait months. well, i think it's terrible. i think that it's a major problem and it needs to be addressed. and i don't know that that washington is doing a whole lot about it. but it was in california in here. but it may, it, it doesn't know what he was doing. and he just ignored it. if they would, bab, really making jokes about it,
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and actually action things we would get things done. and while there are people out there who will to blame cobit or the pandemic in general for these economic load, it is worth noting that florida governor rhonda sanders had pleaded with companies many times at least on social media, to import their goods through florida rather than california, assuring them that florida is open for business. in contrast to this, however, it seems like the biden administration is more concerned with regulating american workers. instead of allowing them to simply do their jobs. not only has abided administration, attempted to mandate that any company employing over 100 people mandate vaccines for their workers. he's build back better agenda, also aims to increase the cost of driving, as well as increased taxes on corporations. one might think it would be obvious that yes, shutting different parts of the economy down would have an effect on the supply chain. but for now, at least it seems like the biden ministration is less concerned with fixing this problem. and more with creating new ones. the last thing you want to do is have an administration like jen sack in the president,
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blaming the american people for expecting to see shells fall at their grocery stores like they used to be expecting to be stuff they want to buy available like they used to be and having the, the, by the administration mark the american people by saying, look, you might not be able to get your jacket of 15 colors, but you'll be able to get the jacket maybe in time for crisis. you know, the, the bottom line is blaming the american people is bad politics. it's bad economics and it's just bad. money cannot replace our loss. that's the response from the father of an africa family killed in the us, drones strike and washington's promise of compensation. because of it during america's panic withdrawal from afghanistan in august, the attack killed 10 members of america among these extended family, including his 2 year old daughter. another little compensation is not a remedy for the pain inflicted on us. it can't replace the loss of my family, my brother, my own daughter, nephews, have lost their lives as compensation will not bring them back to life each day
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after that attack, our life is getting more and more miserable day and night. we recall them were our remain in family. we mr. malott life is hell without them. we intend to leave of dennis time because we lost 10 of our precious lives. now it's painful for us to live without those loving kids. the u. s. took months to take responsibility for the mistake that was supposed to target members of isis k. there's no official information about the amount being offered to the family. apart from that, they're been given assistance. if they do want to relocate to the u. s. the humanitarian situation in afghanistan is now at crisis point. there are about 600000 people displaced as the result of fighting and economic instability in the region. most of them are women and children. this estimated millions of kids need humanitarian aid to survive. right now. united states is providing nearly $64000000.00 and assistance, but there malemad, he says that the losses to the nation a much greater than that. i must little harm like this kind of aid doesn't
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compensate the loss he reflected on this nation. how will he addressed the miseries in the agony of war of the father and brother, a child or a family? believe me, you can't find a single african family in this country without a martyr. you can feel this pain everywhere. it can be dealt with through humanitarian aid. what we need is peace and again, his tongue, whether the previous regime or the slammy government, it doesn't matter. we are glad, at least the americans have admitted their mistake and said they would pay the compensation. but we demand the americans investigate thoroughly before such drone attacks happened in the future. netflix employees are protesting against their company promoting comedian dave chappelle show, which they claim is trans phobic. yes, you do this employee some employees of the streaming services, free shows and trans lives matter named amounting of pay rise,
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but they might can to protest isn't supporters of the coming? she always said she identified as a woman, and then one day she goes to the roof of a building, jumps off and kills herself. clearly, only a man would do some gangsters like that in a statement that thinks, acknowledged that deep her cause to his transgender employees. coming cripple, he believes that despite the condemnation of some groups, the majority people liked chappelle show is days here in america, corporations tend to cave in i think a lot more than they should. they listen to very, very loud voices. even if the voices are a minority of people, you know, it's going to go probably one of 2 ways out loud voices from the trans community might partner like you said, with either black lives matter or the gay community or something. in which case, if it snowballs in that direction, that would lean more towards another. another problem with free speech or people could start standing up and sang jokes or jokes and free speech is important and
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comedies comedy. and as it turns out, the netflix special, the dave chappelle special is. ready is getting a lot of use and it's getting rave reviews, but the viewers just normal viewers. it's been about 95 percent positive reviews. so i mean by and large they're getting a lot of really good feedback from people that like the like the special in comics are becoming more and more afraid to touch on certain subjects because they're proactively worried about being canceled or protested. so they just avoid it. if you were to ask a lot of these people and this is just a guess on my part, i don't know that it's true. but if you would ask that a lot of these people privately, were you really that found it? i would be surprised if a lot of them really work. i mean some are, i'm sure, but it becomes a very big public statement. i'd like see people overall start recognizing that is not the majority of people in terms of the way they think free speech again mattered, and people to discuss virtually anything. and i'd like to get back to that you as
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president, is proven a hit with music lovers. but not the way might have liked online hip hop charts have been taught them by an antique biden tune, which most mainstream media mishearing an expletive laced, chopped against america's leader. ah ah ah, ah, ah, this went everywhere because it was part and parcel with the theme of that particular chant being stated repeatedly at football games and other
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venues as well. thousands of people chanting ah, something of that particular nature. it, it does not bode well for ah, president vine, but it's now going to be heard over and over again. so the next time you see somebody with the microphone interviewing someone regarding an event, you know, immediately you're going to here. let's go. brandon. the reason is obvious, the worst job, perhaps the worst administration in the, in the history of this country. the afghan afghanistan debacle. a supply chain problems. now. gasoline going to $56.00 a gallon. i mean, shall i go on ahead, please say germany's border with poland at risk of collapse. and
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a warning prompted by a massive influx of migrants crossing into the a you from neighboring fellow roost via belarus. really, i suppose in the more of our news coming up after the break ah oh, is your media a reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? high selection community? are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere? direct what is true?
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wharf is great. in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. but i'll be speaking to guess from the world of politics, sport, business. i'm show business, i'll see you then o i get into the police of all the countries border with poland at risk of collapse amid a massive influx of migrants crossing into the eve from neighboring belarus is a europe correspondent. the european union is placing mounting pressure on minsk
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over refugees looking to enter the e. u via bella ruse. now the german foreign minister has been among a group of, of senior german politicians that have pulled absolutely no punches whatsoever in their comments. hi, co must. the foreign minister has accused alexander lucas shanker, our rights of running an illegal migrant transport network, is in huntington, or will park we in europe are being confronted with the fact that lucas suncoast using refugees is a tool to put pressure on european nations of lucas ankles. nothing short of the head of a state runs smuggling rate with arthur shift in no bill in and through belarus, state organized, or at least state supported smuggling activities are taking place. the regime and belarus is now considerably expanded. the list of countries from where people can answer without a result, that's a form of hybrid threat. when my grants are being used as a political well horse, they offer the interior minister of germany here you just heard. there's also said that he wants to coordinate with his polish counterpart in order to have joint
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border patrols a long, not polish bella russian border. that border basically between belarus and the european union. there has been a deal done between brussels and baghdad, though, in this particular issue, that is to make sure that no planes will be flying refugees from a rock into bell a route. so the route that quite a few people had taken. now, this airbag on flights is going to be in place at least until the end of the year. but what we're talking about deals, and particularly when it comes to refugees minds go back to 2015 to the start of the migrant crisis, which saw over 1300000 people seek asylum inside the european union. a deal at that time was done with turkey. turkey of course, was the country that the vast majority of people who arrived inside the e. you traveled across at the time. billions were given towards or promised,
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at least, and certainly hundreds of millions given to turkey, trying to make sure that people either remained in turkey or certainly didn't make or try to make that crossing. there still a lot of reserve judgment when it comes to exactly how successful that deal was. and however, any sign of a deal being offered towards belarus, anne is non existent at the moment. in fact, the barrage of president alexander lucas shenker says that he's doing everything he can possibly to fight illegal immigration, but says that all he gets in return from his european partners is political pressure and sanctions. you're stifling us information only. you are doing it methodically and collectively. you're trying to destroy our economy and expect us to spend hundreds of millions of dollars protecting your cheer, political interests, like before. you must be crazy to think we will support you if you want us to help . you have to take steps in that direction rather than try to stifle us. it's hopeless. well,
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despite it not being what anybody in brussels wants or certainly not what they want to talk about publicly, at least it does seem that one of the only real ways to get to the crux of this problem may be for the a you to work directly with bella roofs, let's get a few from a how to europe, her frank crow monies or belgium politicians. jonas on the line now to talk about this and maybe what he thinks them should be done about it. i think she time today the you seems united in is concern of her migrant flows from from belarus. we've heard it more and more of the last couple of weeks of months. why was the same solidarity and put for though when italy, greece were dealing with waves of migrants just a few years ago? remember those scenes down at lamb producer there, there's people coming in, wave after wave entre as they were. but 1st of all, before we start on these issues, the crisis started here, when the journalist was taken from the chief, ryan, there's rights, but the majority is so very start to go. so you, you,
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you are responded by sparking sanctions against the levels. we all know that, which is a little weird because the you with all the opinions. so, so maybe it does, you're working visitor towards your needs. but okay, that's not your question. in my opinion. it's completely normal that the government's utility and iraqi, you to, to enter your, you're not the floor doesn't bold in before i cannot afford more, as i'm seeing is often countries that it's always yes or you also cannot afford another consultant. next to that one. we have with turkey with libya and as filled with all the other. the soviet news invasions from turkey, european union in new york city is already a huge amount of money. so on the other hand, i can understand it was a bit of a measure for the weapon. and because it brings you are being union indeed in sort
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of a difficult situation position or a african appearances by your minute area and the age of the old world to be not picking up, don't be so europe and citizens relations was spending strong and not going to be what the government wing off of the rest of europe. in a nutshell, europe accusing better of the, channeling these people through the coming from the same places as they were years ago. but shuttling for barrows in response to the sanctions, as you touched on top of this, but the response back 5 years ago was as far as your it was concerned, was to try and stem this problem much closer to home. a deal was struck great cost with turkey to try and keep the people that coming from syria to north africa except for the keep them in turkey, y no similar creative thinking now are they not to have worked eyes that they shouldn't be getting to better with the 1st place but the thing is that they,
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they see the right wing parties all over. you are dealing in our because people who are taking up as items seek is all over the world into their own societies. most of them don't truly brings a different approach to our societies, and that's why i think you're being traditional parties thinking they see that they cannot talk any longer to their, their, their, their population. that in the, the main reason why i think it in, if you look at it in a way, like, like to be a little different thing is just recently they started up in clothing waters finally starting up in books. and then let's say, let's hope that the only shows stay strong. the only ones with brussels agrees with the government so well, you know, the, you is full of puzzles. if you go to you sanctions as a, as a tool to try and get things done. ok, that's what it wants to do and that's what it's doing. i just flew,
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but from myself we go around better. oh so i'm not using russian airline when i go the last couple of trips. but notwithstanding, at the same time as we see these sanctions coming in on, on betters. then we've also got belgium asking for sanctions to be lifted on a better ration fertilizer, chemical, because it's harming companies in europe, harming people in europe can get the fertilizer. the need double side is that the surely should come together. well, up the sanctions, the sanction against russia on it there are they weren't nodded. and so i'm agreeing with your point of view. we tried chrome and funny. oh, well, thanks for coming and shipping and giving us your thoughts on this very serious story though that be said, we appreciate it have a good day unless a snapshot of what we're talking about this how you'll find so much more on a social media, we can get involved to the conversation of your say as well or
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r t dot com as somebody stories, a great feature pieces, pictures to our next programs showing in your part of the world for the spray kids know 28 minutes past the hour for me, kevin. oh and reporting for moscow in the table and judy with me. we wish you a great day. ah. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be in arms. race is on often very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk with you. he died. i
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cried and i just had a spot the whole time. i was there. no one really thought anything different is all about. i just don't feel good on the way for the surgery, his lungs failed. 30 seconds when i killed him. i had gotten stuck with so many needles that day. in 2019 doctor started talking about a new wide spread. does he use that caused severe lung damage? there's a few points that were really hurting all of the patients were diagnosed with a lung injury associated with using electronic cigarettes or facing products. he pulled this out. he really felt holy crap. his him died. oh no, he's better. it was i wouldn't want my worst enemy to ever go through that. it was
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out of breath with ah, 3 rather before us to play but also with a thin daniels for little fish, with the rest of the basilica, thought the other mother. likewise, melissa with was, i just would say that him when you would you that is images. it goes up, was closed for supposedly i have my did some i would say again has been you visit his image is really come on my side with your hope was out of the to get the vote if idea.


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