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i say, but a good news about covered for change i that's a snapshot of what we're talking about today. you'll find so much more ality dot com whenever social media get involved in a conversation. but for now this thursday morning, it says 30 minutes past the hour kevin, on the team wishing it well, have a good thursday. ah, now it shows seemed wrong when i just don't hold any new world yet to see how does the become to the african and engagement it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. with
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the after being rated by the f b i o, they get their past speaks and addresses. why was the democrats and not the oppression, but gave the presidency to trumps? in 2016, united states is not the only country dealing with high grants as the european country has put. thousands of troops added border south illegal coming over. however, this move and others are causing a major friction in the us. we will report from the ground and is all forgiven with a simple name change, but one big change is coming. so major social media platform with hope people will forget the wrong for the past so that it might be able to fulfill its ambitions of domination in the future. we will bring you the story. and cargo ships are still sitting in the ocean, waiting to dock trucks are waiting to be loaded with products and consumers are
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waiting for their favorite item. why is, are both supply and demand yet neither side is actually getting fulfilled. we will bring you the latest on the multiple kings in the supply chain. i'm going to use and we're going to give you the 360 view of these stories on today's new views right here on our t america. ah, thanks for joining us. the f b i combed through property here in d. c. in new york on tuesday. they were all tied to a 1000000000 russian business when all of the derose pasco, and while the f b i says there were searching based on a court order, dera pasco isn't buying it, and he actually fired back with a harsh, feisty response. well speaking, if i say we were younger and fair in front, zack who was at the right on tuesday who shows us what the f b, i actually walked away with one failed as russia's richest man, the aluminum tie. kuhn, like dairy pasco,
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had some feisty words for the f. b. i. agents who rated home in washington, d. c, as well as his town home in new york city, tuesday. dairy pasco, suggesting the raid was all centered around allegations that russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election to secure a win for donald trump. dairy pasco saying via his telegram, watching everything that is happening in america, i cannot help but marvel at the utter stupidity of the american establishment who persist in spinning this story about the allegedly colossal role of the russians. in the 2016 u. s. presidential election. jerry pasco was said to be tied to former campaign chairman, to trump paul man of fort who was convicted on fraud charges, but then pardoned by trump and his final month and office according to an f. b, i spokeswoman agents were conducting a quote, court authorized long foresman activity tuesday, but didn't provide any more details as to why the f b. i was there, jerry pasco,
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spokeswoman put out this statement during the raid the f. b, i is indeed currently conducting searches in the homes of oleg, dairy pasco, relatives, the searches are carried out on the basis of to court orders related to us sanctions. the house is in question, are located in new york and washington o, like dairy pasco, himself, is not their owner. 53 year old jerry pasco was sanctioned back in 2018 by the trump administration. along with about 2 dozen other kremlin officials with close ties, the president vladimir putin following alleged russian meddling in that 2016 presidential election tuesdays rate is just another, sat back for dary pasco, who recently sued over those sanctions. a judge dismissed his lawsuit back in june, and a 2016 court filing dairy pasco said he had difficulty getting a visa to travel to the u. s, but was able to use his diplomatic passport to visit new york 10 different times
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since 2009 many and the dc neighbourhood, however, se, and some of those trips he did visit the home and stay at the house. reviewing renovations. however, no word on the last time he visited the property, dairy pasco, again saying via his telegram, what mind blowing sums of putin's money? did you find yesterday in those abandoned houses? did you grab and enjoy the jam that went bad in the pantry? or the vodka? i'm so sick of these jokers. at b, i agent search the dc home for about 6 hours walking away with things of all sizes from small boxes, even all the way to towing his car. dary pasco continues to deny any wrong doing, saying the u. s. is trying to destroy his wealth reputation and his global assets. according to forbes, dairy pasco is currently worth $4900000000.00 for news use use. i'm fair in france, act now over to the european union where germany,
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police are warning that the country's border with poland is at risk of collapse. and this comes right, massive influx of migrants crossing over into the u from navy, bella, ruth r t, at pier oliver report from berlin. the european union is placing mounting pressure on men's over refugee looking to enter the you via bella. ruth, the german foreign minister has been among a group of, of senior german politicians that pulled absolutely no punches whatsoever and their comments. hi, co must. the foreign minister has accused alexander lucas shank, our rights of running an illegal migrant transport network in on to and we'll talk we in europe being confronted with the fact that lucas and goes using refugees as a tool to put pressure on european nations. because nothing short of the head of a state wrong smuggling ring shift in new bill in and through better estates,
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organized or at least supporting smuggling activities are taking place. the regime in belarus is now considerably expanded. the list of countries from where people can enter without a visa, that's a form of hybrid threat when migrants are being used as a political web host, they offer the interior minister of germany who you just heard. there is also said that he wants to coordinate with his polish counterpart in order to have joint border patrols along not polish bella russia, board of the border, basically between deliveries and the european union. there has been a deal done between brussels and parks done in this particular issue. not is to make sure they know planes will be flying refugees from iraq into bellow, roofs, the roof, the quite a few people had taken. now this bond on flights is going to be in place at least until the end of the year. but what we're talking about deals, and particularly when it comes to refugees,
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mines go back to 2015 to the start of the migrant crisis, which saw over 1300000 people seek asylum inside the european union. a deal at that time withdrawn with turkey, turkey, the goal was the country that the vast majority, the people who arrived inside the e. you travelled across the time, billions were given towards or promised, at least, and certainly hundreds of millions given to turkey, trying to make sure that people either remain didn't. you're certainly didn't make or try to make that crossing. there's still a lot of reserve judgment when it comes to exactly how successful that deal was. and however, any sign of a deal being offered towards valerie is non existent at the moment. in fact, the president, alexander lucas shank, says that he's doing everything he can possibly fight illegal immigration, but says that only get in return from his european partners is political pressure
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and function. you stifling us information only. you were doing it methodically and collectively. you are trying to destroy our economy and expect us to spend hundreds of millions of dollars protecting your cheer, political interests, like before. you must be crazy to think we will support you if you want us to help . you have to take steps in that direction rather than try to stifle us. it's hopeless. well, despite it not being what anybody in brussels wants, or certainly not what they want to talk about publicly, at least it does seem that one of the only real ways to get to the crux of this problem may be for the you to work directly with bella roofs. joining me to discuss the refugee crisis in bel overs as well as around the world as professor danny shaw, senior research fellow, the counsel of hemispheric affairs. thank you so much for joining me, professor. thanks cody, this refugee issue. it's nothing new but continue, especially in the modern day. and i have to ask, do you feel like countries these days are using refugees almost as political
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weapons? yes, yankee zation coming from germany and poland against lucca shinkel in bella, rues, beller. ruth has to contend with its own issues is sanctions from the u. k. and the u. s. against the bell russian. people that have been very cruel and now is what we are in lucas. shank goes state and you want to stay full sanction and walk us in wage hybrid. ready wars don't expect any type of cooperation on our behalf. well, and that's the thing, you know, there is more, i feel like sometimes there is more anger and i was just talking about the present situation. obviously what's going on, fella roost, but also other countries. there's angers at countries who are trying to stop a legal poa and united states for from illegals, or those migrate from crossing to the borders. there's more than that than that, the anger at the corrupt governments causing people to actually want to leave. so why do you think should be better for global pressure? we used to put that kind of pressure on crow leadership in government and cause
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those governments to change so that people might not want to leave their home countries in math. you know, i think there's a lot this friday, for example, today's the 10th anniversary of the murder of more market data in libya. and then a anniversary of the overthrow of the area of leadership in the 1969 libyans revolution. and what does that cause, that has caused millions and millions of people to slow through libya in search of a better life, where in europe, but what it nato would the us do to libya, the richest country in africa before the nato bombing invasion and dismemberment. a day today, a custer, good health relationship in these countries themselves. within that we, this is 99.9 percent and with the 0.01 percent. and there are powerful stakeholders from the u. s. in england and france and neo colonizing
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countries who have a huge, huge interest in continuing to exploit plunder and recall as africa south america. the places where rhetoric really have no interest in solving this migration crisis, which is not a crisis of, of migrants or crisis of, quote unquote, illegals, i would never call any human being illegal. it's a crisis of neo colonialism in neo liberalism, a field economic model that continues to be predatory versus the vast majority of humanity. and yet here in the united states for thing time and time again, that just continues to cause more problems and who's going to pay for it. and we're not the only country that's having to deal with that issue. thank you. want to give a charge to your insight into in your right. this is probably a small amount that it's causing harm for a lot for the bigger picture. thanks for joining me. professor. mr. shelves are continuing to decrease in product. the administration is saying it is because
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people have more money to purchase items under president biden's economy. so does this make dollars and cents to you? well, we'll give you 3 things to view after the break. ah, well look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings except to wear such orders at conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about our personal intelligence at the point, obviously is to great trust, rather than fear. a very job with artificial intelligence summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with
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we have always been able to push that in sort of a far dark corner of our conscious because they will know when and once there are alternatives, you can no longer do that you have to kind of accept, oh yeah, for that an animal has been killed and oh yeah. as greenhouse gas emission. and here we have essentially the same product. same price, same quality with none of those features. oh yeah, it may be a lot of that in the beginning is scary, but in the end it's not ah, when we get in the verification called for the port of los angeles to be a 247 operation, there is a record number of ships simply waiting off the ports from southern california are to correspond it. natasha suite has more of the ongoing congestion. there's
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a huge backlog of ships waiting on the coast of los angeles and there's a record of $100.00 ships waiting to unload. this is not your grandfather's goods mover chain. it is. however, in many cases your grandfather's infrastructure that we're working with there is a major congestion off the coast of southern california. officials say there are some 200000 shippy containers floating on the water waiting. and now a senior official with the los angeles port says they're working to ramp up operations to move cargo. their facilities are witnessing record levels of container activity, amid plans for around the clock operations in the u. s. supply chain. today we have some good news going to help speed up the delivery of goods all across america. last week, after meeting with top shipping and retail executives, president biden called for the port los angeles to become a 24 hour, 7 days a week operation. it's all part of an effort to relieve supply chain bottlenecks and moves stranded container ships that are driving price is higher for us consumers. the cost of shipping supplies, such as cardboard and plastic,
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have recently increased a whopping 300 percent. prices are jumping in large part because container ships are stranded at ports, waiting to be unloaded, and then there is shortage of truck drivers that need to move those goods plus gas prices are at a 7 you're high and still rising. all of this is understandably driving up inflation and other rising costs are affecting worker pay. and it's not helping biden's reputation among republicans who are slow to jump on his multi trillion dollar tax, economic climate and infrastructure agenda currently in congress. the by the ministration has argued that higher inflation is only temporary if the supply chain issues have persisted for months after the economy began to reopen and recover. i think we all understand that the whole se, supply chain in the united states, and in fact, globally, was creeping along before the pandemic. the pandemic laid bare with its increased volumes. and with this different buying patterns,
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it laid bare system that really needs to be modified. portsmouth, angelus, in long beach, california account for 40 percent of all shipping containers entering the united states with at least 45 more ships arriving on thursday. port traffic is only expected to get worse o'clock friday. only 4 and a half weeks away. amazon isn't taking any chances. they've already had hundreds of ball containers delivered to the board of houston. and giant retailers like home depot and wal mart may seek out other port alternatives, reporting for new fees. hughes and sweets r t. joining me out to discuss is my dynamic debo, toby smith, transformative research, and steve gail, former official, us trader, present of office. thanks for joining me gentlemen. we've had this debate last week . we're going to continue it. and sadly, i think we're continuing even more because we, there's no end in sight tobin a week later. what is the main reason that is keeping the ships from getting into port unloaded and on the road to the stores?
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well, because i think you're missing the actual issue. the issue is, is that before the pandemic, we have a 70 percent service economy, 30 percent product. when the pandemic hit that flipped all of a sudden no services, but everybody in my block i there fedex, of amazon. everybody was getting delivered stuff. and we're not set up for that. you can't push a button and get more ships. i take about 3 years to build. you can't add more people because in parts of vietnam and china, the people who make the stuff were quarantined out. so read, all you have to really understand is this, the supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link when we took 3 or 4 legs out at the same time where we were done. okay, that makes sense. but jim, saki had this to say, there are some realities about an economy turning back on and moving from a period where there was low demand,
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where there was not the production of goods and even of ever range of supplies, the american people are looking for that as it's turning back on and as demand has increased, as it did that there would be ups and downs. okay. that's sounds almost like what you said. but steve, do you buy that answer there? basically, you know, whatever big things that the economy was booming and people are just buying more today than they were during the pandemic. now, during the trumpet ministration, the economy was booming. people were buying tons of stuff. we're getting back to where we were before the buy and ministration crippled the economy. so i do agree with tobin the supply chains only as strong as its weakest late. unfortunately, the president and his secretary of transportation bridges are the 2 biggest, weakest links that have destroyed a once thriving supply chain operation. and we're not dependent on getting our loaves of bread and milk from china. we have a lack of truckers because we're paying people to not work. we have a lack of food service people looking for paying people to work. we can fix those
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things and just opening the ports 247 isn't going to solve that. well, until then, you know, i obviously a little bit of politics involved in this, but you mentioned to yourself, could anything have been done to prevent or at least alleviate these effects that were saying, i mean, we knew there was going to be some sort of effect of a mandatory shut down for during the pandemic. what could we have done differently to prevent where we are today? well, you know, you guys live at the political level. i actually invest in stuff. and what do you invest? some stuff. i don't care about the politics. the reality is that when we off shored products from the ninety's been the 2000 to china and if we had them, et cetera, we came dependent on them. now i could argue that that was the stupidest thing we ever did. i could argue that this was the idea that we left them in the world trade council and allowed them to sell, you know, pick their people who had worked for 5 dollars a day. but we did,
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so you can't blame out on trump kept playing on biden. that was back in the bush years. ok that many people are going to be political about it. but the 2nd part is, is that it's way too late. i mean, i don't care when we, when you switch from 70 percent services being bought to 40 percent products being bought in a 3 month period, you are dead. and god, it was never going to, no one could change anything binder trump didn't. and from didn't do anything during the pandemic. so that's just a canard, a canard on that one. but that's the, i think people were still buying or just they had less options to buy from. it doesn't mean that they're buying with it. why? unless they were buying the stuff? well, i can tell that my daughter. yeah. she said that i was buying more actually as is being delivered to my doorstep. i might not have been having to spend as much time looking for it. but the, there's another part of this is people are saying, and it was an article in the washington post that actually said, this is actually purposely being done to lower the standards of living expectations
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for americans. so that people could get used to kind of like with the math. people are not asking questions anymore as much about where the math same eventually happened with the average person expectations for what they should and should not have here in the united states. because it's my name to go around on, on what created a lot of this crisis and it goes back to the previous administration. but the last thing you want to do is have an administration like jen sack in the president, blaming the american people for expecting to see shells full at their grocery stores like they used to be expecting to see stuff they want to buy available like they used to be and having the, the push, the bided ministration. mark the american people by saying, look, you might not be able to get your jacket of $15.00, but you'll be able to get the jacket maybe in time for crisis. you know, the bottom line is blending, the american people is bad. politics is bad economics and it's just bad. well, and that's one thing that i'm both of you don't do. toby and steve would love to talk, can do this conversation and what we will at
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a later day. thanks for joining me. now facebook, once a new name and a new brand, as another accusation of wrongdoing by the social media company has emerge this time have us exactly who they are hiring. so to fill us in on the details, we invite on investigative journalists and how to build, but it's been swan boom. this is going to be a quick, 2 minutes. so let's get to it. let's start with this plan to re brand. what does facebook look to do? yeah, so basically facebook is a damage brand, no surprise there. and so what they want to do is unveil probably within the next couple of days. in fact, unveil a brand new name. it's similar to what google did, you know, when they expanded vastly and bought up youtube and became a maps into t, android developer. all these different, it, it, you know, off shoots of their company. and so they rebranded and became alphabet of the very top. and then google's just the search engine part of it. what they supposed to do was they were, were much more than a social media company. we also have whatsapp. we have instagram, we have oculus, we're going to get into, you know, working with ray ban. and so they want to create kind of
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a suite of different companies, and they wanna re brand at the top so that facebook just becomes one of the names, one of the brands that they hold. but i think there's a bigger reason for it's got and the reason for it is because facebook is such a damaged friend, horribly damaged and it's only getting worse. they continue to have scandal after scandal about the way that they treat other people about the way that they deal with their algorithms. the fact that they are right now there's a push to for government to take over the algorithms of facebook. so i think a lot of what they're doing is says to minimize that brand and say we're much more than this one badly damaged company. where did this change their tax status and liability for all of their issues right now. it won't change a whole lot of that because really it's just a name change that it will change it to some extent because it depends on where they place that that top company, right, where they essentially place it in terms of a tax haven. but i really think it has to do with money. it has much more to do with the fact that ultimately facebook is, is falling apart. right, right now you can look at it and say, it still has, you know, of
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a 1000000000 people who use a 2000000000 people who use. yeah, that's true. and in some parts of the world, facebook likes to say, facebook is the internet. think that's true as well, but if you look at the, the trends for it, the demographics for facebook is dying and it's dying of quick death, not a slow death. and i think in a very short amount of time it would become obsolete anyway. so why not move away from me again, as i said, a damaged brand? well, i know looking at what's happening in the past to places like my space, i think they're saying how do we keep from becoming that type of dead social media . but at the same time, face that's had to pay a fine over 14000000 to the u. s. government for who they were choosing to hire. what did they now? yeah, i mean essentially facebook has been hiring people and going through this process of not being transparent once again. i think it's a lack of transparency in every single thing that they do. and so they're facing fines again. but remember, fines are nothing new for facebook. and the reality is for a company like facebook, they are without question working very hard to establish within their bottom line.
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the cost of doing business is part of that is paying find, break, the rules, pay fines. don't do what you're supposed to do, pay a fine, getting trouble with the you pay a fine, get in trouble with the u. s. government pay a fine. it doesn't really matter because the fines don't do anything to deter behavior. the funds don't change the fact that facebook is doing what it's doing. instead, the fines are merely, some of the government feels like it's doing something and facebook gets to continue on business as usual, and they are more from the profit than they do the problem. thank you so much for joining us on that. and that is all for today show in the meantime, call me on twitter, s got it and he's used hash tag team and vh. and for this, i'm more download that to the app for apple or android device. thanks for watching . ah. the poor in america, i've got poor and they've been vastly more numerous. and the billing our class have gotten more a 1000000000 area to
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a great extent. but the government reports in aggregate, they always take a foreign billionaire and they put them together. they say to put those 2 together, we don't see any inflation. well, this worked for about 20 years and people were fooled by this, and anyone who complained was considered to be anti american. well, now, because of the mis allocation of breast for so long and ricochet boomerang a verse coming back into the system. it went ab catastrophic system failure. ah, it's been decade since the fall of spain's fascist regime. but old wound still haven't hailed your and you can go into them because on the phone with nickel freedom. okay. people to me said, oh, said cutting me on the bus at the 6 me notice that i understand they think with thousands of newborn babies were torn from their mothers and given away in fullest
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adoption. they don't allow a bottom on are you just young fiesta? in my own robot is ophelia elements. it to this day mothers still search for grown children, while adults look in hope for their birth parents. join me every thursday on the alex salmon show and i'll be speaking to guess of the world politics sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then this morning then from a health crisis to a job crisis, police officers fire fight is even nuclear. scientists quit all get fired on mass of cobra. 9 see vaccine mandates in america. the white house dot and plays a supply chain crisis with over half of america say they face shortages when trying
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to buy common consumer products these days. you are items on the store, so not everybody i will rumble for stuff, write their own. netflix employees riley against comedian dave chappelle slamming his latest show as anti transgender. we gauge opinion comics are becoming more and more afraid to touch on certain.

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