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[000:00:00;00] a headlining this, our patients in england are reportedly having to wait up to 50 hours for a bed and accident and emergency wards. there's a pandemic, puts fresh pressure on hospitals every step, the way that mismanaged the crisis. aside from the vaccine rolled out, re personally of any faith in the current government. german police swarm. the country's border with poland is at risk of collapse and made writing flows of migrants crossing into the e. u from bellow roofs. brussels isn't moving to tackle the influx though, still relying on sanctions and refusing to even talk to mint and us social media joint. facebook has to show out millions of dollars in a discrimination case of the giving preference to hiring florida over to americans
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. ah, hello, good, happy with this wednesday evening at 8 here in moscow. my name is colleen brady. well news from arte international. we get on to i headline, store is in just a moment. first though, the latest on the breaking news were across from france where a major police hunt is underway for a murder suspect right now after an alleged beheading. the public's being warned that the suspect is dangerous and may be armed, but across it for us is our thief shall ado belsky, him. paris hi there. what do we know so far, charlotte? that that huge man hadn't, is underway in an area called berlin, which is roan, up in the south front when stand that there are over a t p involved including 15 police offices. and we also understand that especially
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st unit is on my way to aid them. this is the national gendarmerie intervention group. now they known for the counter terrorism and anti hostage operations. although at this stage, it does seem as if terrorism hasn't been rude, that what we know about what happened is that a body of a man was found in his home. he had been at the head and also been disempowered visser rate. and that the suspect, the killer, the suspected killer, is not mentioned that they believe that the person is armed and dangerous. and the local authorities have cooled. people in the area some, 13000 people just stay at home while they sit in the way, just to give you a sense of how big this search is at the moment. it's not just including more than 18 individuals, there were dog searching teams on the hunt for this individual. they also using an
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alteration motor vehicle team as well because they do think he might be specifically hide out in the woods up moment and they're also helicopters searching the area. we do understand that there appears to be a link between just killer and the individual was found dead beheaded at home. it's just that they were grandfather and grand son hasn't been confirmed yet. that's just what's being reported in france at the don't mabel, so really didn't image. this is kayla. they're saying that he's a 57 years old, short dark hair. and anyone who comes into conte put them is urged to contact the local sorties straight away. this is a very much called murder, but not on its own here in just a week ago, there were reports of another individual that had been by it. this time of 77 year old woman who is found dead at her home with her head at to her body on a table,
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a 50 year old man has been arrested and questioned in connection to that he knew the woman i apparently was the husband of the cleaning lady of that 77 year old woman and just in july, a 13 year old boy is also found to capitated in the south of france in what appears to be a new, an issue. and a gentleman who was as short i, he was said to have psychiatric issues and had apparently attempted to eat the head . really, we getting quite lot of these mc kaba murders here in france at the moment. the latest is that huge man hunt on the way in the south front for this pick up in your old man who suspected of beheading and seemed bowing at what is apparently his grandfather. truly grizzly state of affairs is known as have the police now closest and so for now there shall do baranski and france. thank you. staff shortages,
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soaring cobra cases and pressure on the national health service. the nature of all led to another crisis in england. it's been reported that in parts of the country, patients are waiting for almost 50 hours to get a bed in accident, an emergency unit. in one case, a patient reportedly spent 47 hours in line of the ro preston hospital. and i was dr from manchester. while in the southern county of suffolk, a teenager with serious mental health problems waited for almost 48 hours in the emergency room. according to local media, the and h. s. foundation for us, for the areas said the wait was due to a lack of specialist facilities or luke winchester, who had a relative, affected by the crisis, told us what happened to his family. he was 11 o'clock and his legs just wouldn't work. and he fell out of bed. we didn't find him until 3 o'clock where my dad's going to get cooler, where he shouldn't heard from him. when we call for the ambulance initially, they said not to leave him. oh, in case the best spinal injury off or wait
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a couple of hours my, my dad sort of still trying to hurry them up a little bit. try finding no, no, no. and again to ask when she was an estimate arrival, the direct him. so 111 who would then direct him back to 9992, informing that eventually we speak to a chap, he suggested how to move him back into his seat and how to get him up. and we did that is improving, but he probably still required some medical assistance, but its insinuated to us that was not even a senior. they said, would you, would you like to cancel the ambulance on everything but the ambulance that day and at that point we took him at the value and said, yeah, okay, we'll cancel the and then we'll give him his dinner and get him into bed, et cetera. was over the night i stayed the night make sure that you know the night is condition lessons in the morning. i school for another ambulance
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report say that 91 percent of hospital beds were occupied in england as of last friday. that since the number of people waiting for hospital treatment that had a record high, according to the n h s, almost 6000000 people are on waiting lists. and this coming winter is only going to intensify the pressure. at the same time, the british health secretary submitted on enough staff to operate the countries emergency telephone lines and 999, and 111 you had referred to earlier, the health secretary added to a detailed plan of action is being put together and will be unveiled soon, but look, winchester isn't convinced every step of the way that mismanaged the crisis. aside from the vaccine rollout. i re personnel, any faith in the current government and the people on the ground who are working really hard, like the paramedics, like the people answering the cause. they're not necessarily always getting, given the clearest information. you know, i fully believe that when the person from 111 told us to talk to 999, and the person from 999,
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was taught to 111. i'm sure that they believe that's what. yeah, that's what i'm told to do. is i real simple answer as to where i think they're going to fix it, as all of their actions so far appear to be pretty inept or his while they're up against and trying to prioritize on tuesday, the u. k. registered the highest number of daily covey deaths since march, and the governments extended its emergency powers related to corona virus for another 6 months. with demonstrators including anti vaccines, took to the streets to protest this and other pandemic measures. german police have warned that the country's border with poland is at the risk of collapse after a massive influx of migrants crossing over into the e. g u from neighboring belarus or europe correspond. peter oliver has more on the story. the european union is placing mounting pressure on minsk over refugees looking to enter the e u via bella roofs. now the german foreign minister has been among a group of,
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of senior german politicians that have pulled absolutely no punches whatsoever and their comments. hi, co must. the foreign minister has accused alexander lucas shanker, our rights of running an illegal migrant transport network. the zeros in o'clock we in europe are being confronted with the fact that lucas suncoast using refugees as a tool to put pressure on european nations of lucas anchors. nothing short of the head of a state runs smuggling rate with arthur shift in new berlin and through belarus, stay tokenized, or at least state supported smuggling activities are taking place. the regime and belarus is now considerably expanded. the list of countries from where people can answer without result, that's a form of hybrid threat when migrants are being used as a political well hosted, they offer the interior minister of germany here you just heard. there's also said that he wants to coordinate with his polish counterpart in order to have joint border patrols along, not polish,
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or bellow russian border. that border basically between belarus and the european union. there has been a deal done between brussels and baghdad, though in this particular issue, that is to make sure that no planes will be flying refugees from a rock into bela root. so the route that quite a few people had taken. now this air bag on flights is going to be in place at least until the end of the year. but what we're talking about deals, and particularly when it comes to refugees minds go back to 2015 to the start of the migrant crisis, which saw over 1300000 people seek asylum inside the european union. a deal at that time was done with turkey. turkey of course, was the country that a vast majority of people who arrived inside the e. you traveled across at the time. billions were given towards or promised at least, and certainly been hundreds of millions given to turkey. trying to make sure that
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people either remained in turkey or certainly didn't make or try to make that crossing. there still a lot of reserve judgment when it comes to exactly how successful that deal was. and however, any sign of a deal being offered towards belarus, anne is non existent at the moment. in fact, the bell, russian president, alexander lucas shanker, says that he's doing everything he can possibly to fight illegal immigration, but says that all he gets in return from his european partners is political pressure and sanctions. you're stifling us information, li, you are doing it methodically and collectively. you're trying to destroy our economy and expect us to spend hundreds of millions of dollars protecting your cheer, political interests, like before. you must be crazy to think we will support you if you want us to help . you have to take steps in that direction rather than try to stifle us. it's hopeless or the spite it not being what anybody in brussels wants or certainly not what they want to talk about publicly. at least it does seem that one of the only
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real ways to get to the crux of this problem may be for the a you to work directly with bella roofs. facebook's having to pay out $14000000.00 in a civil case over discrimination. the u. s. social media giants accused of giving preference to hiring foreign workers over americans. facebook, he is not about the law and must comply with our nations federal civil rights laws, which prohibit discriminatory recruitment in hiring practices. the tact i gave certain positions mainly to temporary visa holders. a prosecutor's claim that up to $2600.00 us work is lost out. as a result, facebook was find almost $5000000.00 and is paying out more than $9000000.00 in compensation to the victims. the lawsuit against the tech giant was filed last year by the u. s. justice department. back then, the trump administration pushed the biggest tech companies to hire more americans for permanent positions. instead of temporary forum workers. legal analyst jennifer
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britain explained to us so of why facebook in particular adopted that policy. facebook and some of these other companies will watch these immigrants. it's a wafer face, but to save money, while also preventing maybe lawsuits for unfair or discriminatory work practices. which in and of itself is discriminatory against actual united states citizens that we're applying for work and unable to get at the company like facebook, with a lot of money would be able, their, their high price attorneys, or be able to find a case that had no claims, but again, it's been brought by the department of justice itself. i think it's very surprising of people. many people who see facebook or some of these social media platforms is an arm of a political party. so it has kind of been this distinction drawn between this, what we consider politicize, or a biden era department of justice, which should be friends with facebook, actually bringing a discrimination claim against, you know, this,
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this partner. so this story might be used by either the federal government, by the new situation, or by facebook to argue that, see where we are different, you know, we, we, we can be held accountable or not about law. when in reality, they've been working hand in hand for a long time and facebook has been acting as an arts of most of many of political federal agencies in order to st. silence political opponents medical center to us naval base just north of washington. d. c remains on lock down over a bomb threat. special teams have been clearing buildings of the wall to re medical center, located on the base in the us state of maryland. it's one of america's most prominent military hospitals to it's where presidents are provided medical care of a for it was called in on wednesday morning, claiming an explosive device was located to the facility. the also reports of an active shooter that have since been dismissed. the order to shelter in place has
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been lifted for all locations except for the medical center that he may, brewton, has ordered a non working week for russians nationwide from october, the 30th to november, the 7th, in an attempt to stop the spread of the corona virus. corresponded daniel armstrong has the latest this of course, as for a non working period of around about 9 days, just a little over a week from october 30th to november, the 7th. now, of course, that could be extended if those measures do nothing to combat those rising cold cases in russia. of course, recently, in russia, there has been a rip, reports of over 34000 daily covey cases that has been a national high. the highest has been since the virus emerged, the on saturday figures were released of over a 1000, a desk daily. that was also a new record. now, president putin has today set there is a need to break the chain of to spread the virus and to never underestimate the seriousness of the situation. now let's just get
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a little bit more on what exactly president putin said. miss lennox was leaving him . unfortunately, we see what dangerous consequences the low level of vaccination in our country has led to. i will repeat once again, the vaccine really reduces the risk of illness as well as possible severe complications from that illness and even the risk of death. well, i emphasized the need to increase the pace of vaccination, and of course i once again urge all of our citizens to be actively vaccinate issues . it's about your protection about your safety, about your life. after all, about the health of your family is of course. so of course, as you just heard, there it is very much a case of personal responsibility to go out and get the vaccine. and the criminal has said time. and again the all russians do have the facilities needed to go out and get the job. now that low percentage of population that have been vaccinated, so far, the president putin was talking about is around about 33 percent of the nation.
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that's 47300000 russians who have had the jap, 9 day working periods and non working period. rather now, or a many locked down just to combat those at those cold cases, it could come in to effect earlier in regions that have a particularly high rate of the co cases around about octo when he's, when she said, for president peace is saying to the russian population go out and get that vaccine and take it upon yourself or to go and get inoculated. germany's green party widely touted to form part of the next ruling coalition. as accused russia of playing poker with gas is lita says moscow might try to blackmail the e u by turning off the taps so as to pressure the block into approving nod stream to or rushes head back at a space of similar allegations saying it's ready to deliver more gas, but it simply received no new orders. russia is not opposed to given more, but suppliers ligastrum need to be asked and not by parliaments done by newspapers, but by buyers who apply at the appropriate prices. but they have been no implications. here's
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a somewhat confusing story for you. governments in dozens of countries are worried that their people won't be able to properly heat their homes as winter as just around the corner. natural gas has become absurdly expensive. it's an energy crisis . there's no doubt about it. and the leader of the country that extracts and sells more natural gas for the rest of the world. that any one else speaks at an event themed around energy. whatever is desperate for extra gas supplies must be all ears . were absolutely ready to supply more. for some reason he keeps being asked the same question, extra supplies, are you okay with that? is it possible? hey, what about extra supplies? i repeat, we've already increased supplies at some point that really gets confusing for the speaker, didn't he just make things clear several times in a row. we're ready to supply even more gas. we need applications,
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we're increasing by as much as they ask. that makes plain. this man has long been accused of using the gas monopoly in his country called gas rum to cheech european countries lessons. so after hearing from latimer prudent governments in the countries that are worried about the winter have 2 options. they couldn't keep repeating, he's buoying them with gas, or maybe at least try a few requests for extra gas supplies. a few days later, an important man whose meant to act as a unified voice of these worried governments that i mentioned says this, an increase in prices for energy has deep geopolitical brutes. its parts of a geopolitical battle. russia has on it all, its contract cannot be said that they're not delivering when they said they would, but it has not increased the quantities contracted for that's after a get together of europe's most senior diplomats who were meant to discuss the
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energy crisis. among other things are, again, are they living in completely alien realities? back to prudent for 2nd? russia never used this is a weapon. we're happy to do extra. so what is it then? did they choose not to try at least a couple of requests? first of all, it's an income for russia, so it's natural resources. and nevertheless, a political fight picks always a subject and a subject as far as the gas is concerned, is a wonderful one, because the old argument was all this. russia is plaque, meaning us. russia is cutting off a gas, and so we are dependent on russia. this is an old story if you goes through the sanctions in america, hundreds of pages, if you look through, they always say the same kind of sink. and in the very end,
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they make it clear point. they have interest as well. not only geopolitical engine, but also of course, economic interests. and here we are again. and that's the better 3 ion, unless there have been some phantom applications that the russian side is unaware of confusing well. in the meantime, american liquefied natural gas producers on mass have been choosing to sell to asian buyers instead of european. right. simply because in asia, they're ready to buy at a higher price. will anyone accuse them of waging a geopolitical battle? of the security situation in afghanistan, deteriorating taliban leaders are in moscow for talks focusing on the humanitarian crisis. that script the water nation. 11 countries are participating in the conference or senior correspondent more i guess the f has the details. this is been the biggest international event, attended by the taliban. yet 11 countries present. all of us got astonished neighbors as well as russia, china, india,
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will representing near enough half of the world's population. the aim here wasn't a concrete objective to agree on something. it was rather to discuss where to go from here because we're at something of a stalemate. whereby the taliban rule holds of kansas todd. but the international community is largely reluctant to recognize the taliban as the official government, as the official rulers of, of got a sudden and on the death, an intended consequences that has been that the life and struggle of ordinary afghans has been getting worse. and that was in the joint statement that all sides evolve at his side. as of now, a 3rd of the population is on the verge of starvation. taliban has said that it is open to foreign aid, foreign humanitarian aid, food medicines being delivered. so long as the conditions attached don't violate their sovereignty or religious principles. one, a peaceful afghanistan is in the interest of all parties involved, just as we want,
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positive relations with others. we also see positive relations from the outside. we are committed to the principles of islamic sharia law. many aid are assistance that has been given. if it's in line with ours law principles, we don't have a problem with it and we are already receiving some humanitarian aid. the session itself a, all the delegates met to place bod closed doors. we were told, there were many things that they agreed on, such as the need to stop naco trafficking out of, of guide us on the need to address the security situation. that the, the attacks by isis, al qaeda and other terrorist groups that will to also disagreements, disagreements about the makeup of the afghan government to tell about, insisting that its government is inclusive. other countries, such as russia saying that it isn't as inclusive as it needs to be that the government is, is packed with taliban officials, hard like taliban officials with passion at new city. the predominant about
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efficiency. there is very little representation, but by ethnic minorities, all political dissidents, political opposition groups. and that is something that must change. but russia also says that the, the urgent power t, now at east to make sure humana erin aid is delivered to i've got to start. hi everyone. so you are truth, mood is doing. we are convinced that it's time to mobilize the efforts of the world community to provide cobble with effective financial, economic and humanitarian assistance. in order to prevent a crisis and to curb migration flows. we expect responsible behavior towards afghan citizens over 1st and foremost from western countries. a 20 year presence brought about the current, deplorable situation and didn't in any way contribute in strengthening industrial or economic spheres. and afghanistan, again, 11 countries here we'll have of got us thoughts neighbors plus russia, plus china, priests plus india all countries. the vested interest in making sure that i've got
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austin remains stable. the u. s. delegation by the way, was invited, but the united states had, it was unable to attend because of logistical challenges. another similar event, the moscow format, east plaid. there is no dates yet, but we'll get isis have told us that they're ready. once the need arises, the f b i has rated homes in washington and new york linked to russian billionaire. alec thereupon oscar that i coons on a us sanctions list over alleged russian interference in the 2016 american presidential election. if artists have said that the searches were part of a federal investigation, although prescott spokesperson has said they were caught authorized. but there prescott himself is denounced the rates saying they were based on trumped up charges. observing everything that happens in america, i never cease to be amazed by some kind of transcendent stupidity on the part of the american establishment, sometimes resembling to me. our central bank, vermont, the continued to persistently unleash this tale about the allegedly colossal roll
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of russians in the u. s. presidential elections in 2016 is time to admit the obvious. trump one of course not by himself. he was helped by dummies in washington who annoyed their electorate so much that it was ready to vote for anyone even for a theatrical character, but not for the clinton clan. mired in bribes is convenient for 10 years to feed its own electorate. brought up on hollywood films about terrible russians with nonsense. it's difficult to stop, of course, but they will have to the u. s. death has reached almost 30 trillion dollars already. china by force of voluntarily will re unite with tie one, making the pacific ocean, a chinese inland waterway, nuclear technologies, america's peaceful energy sector, have long been lost, and that means they will continue to burn coal and gas polluting the environment. europe also no longer wants to freeze because of nato's horror stories that the russians will come. routing america correspondence from from sack,
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went to one of the rated homes. $15000000.00 mansion here on the northwest side of d. c. for money, they don't know this name, but for some their member who is tied with paul mana for the former campaign, chairman of donald trump, who was convicted on fraud charges and then eventually pardoned by donald trump in his final month and office according to an f b, i spokeswoman agents were conducting a, quote, court authorized law enforcement activity, but didn't provide any more details as to why the f b. i was there. the property was surrounded by yellow tape, giving restricted access only to the f b i. except when towing away his car in the front driveway, 53 year old jerry pasco was sanctioned back in 2018 by the trump administration. along with about 2 dozen other criminal officials, with close ties to president vladimir putin following alleged russian meddling and the 2016 presidential election. the latest rate is just another setback for dairy pascall,
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who recently sued over the sanctions. the judge dismissed his lawsuit back in june . in 2016 court filing, dary pasco said he had difficulty getting a visa to travel to the us, but was able to use his diplomatic passport to visit new york 10 different times since 2009. many, do you see neighborhood over say on some of those trips, he did visit the home and stay at the house, reviewing renovations. however, no word on the last time he actually visited the property no moments ago as of his broadcast. we actually saw the f b i tell away one of our pastors vehicles as to why the f b. i has not said they're not giving a news conference this afternoon whatsoever at this point. but we also do know that the u. s. has sanctioned every possible companies including his, the aluminum giant united company, russo and basic elements now, sorry, pasco, vehemently denies any wrong doing. says that this is kind of a tactic for the united states to slander him, to ruin his wealth, his reputation,
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and his hard earned global assets. however, according to forbes, he is worth $4900000000.00 for r t. i'm fair in france, zach. okay, those are the biggest stories we're across here at archie and moscow. this out, thanks for watching. i'm calling bradley back here to update you again in just over half an hour to see that no one else show seemed wrong when i'll prove. just don't hold any new world yet to feed out disdain becomes the african and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground. is
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there now a dual system of justice many think so for example, a former senior f b i of issue lied repeatedly to his bosses, but now is exonerated. but a former head of the national security council did not lie to be f b i and his life was destroyed. where is the justice in that it's been decades since the fall of spain's fascist regime. but old wound still haven't hailed your interest in going into them is ready for this. because on the coming out to you, michael feed him okay. able to miss a powell said, cutting me on the bus at the 6 me note that i understand, i think with thousands of newborn babies were torn from their mother's been given away and forced adoption. the late bought about i used for faster than my old robot as a fellow element to this day. mother's still search for grown children while adults


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