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for r t, i'm fair in france, act. that's the news for this hour. my colleague collin bray will be taking over just about 30 minutes. so thanks for watching r t international and we hope to see you again soon. mm. ah. with good sir. now a dual system of justice many thank so for example, a former senior f b i ip issue lied repeatedly to his bosses, but now is exonerated. but a former head of the national security council did not lie to be f, b i and his life was destroyed. where is the justice in that? with former british strike,
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chris for steel is a talking and is standing by his daughter j. a y. now we're going to bring you what he is saying and why he is even talking. we're going to look at how well vice president come on heritage handling her job. this as a new accusations that she violated the law by appearing in a commercial endorsement of virginia governor terry mcauliffe, which aired in area churches and supposed criticism of our program, which the migrant children from the border into new york. our panel will discuss and finally, new york city thomas jefferson is the latest statue to be removed all while a new statue on wall street might make you think the city has gone bananas. i'm sky now use and we're going to give you a 360 view of these stories and 8 new views. huge right here on our to america. ah,
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by birth with you to our top story, an f b i rayed on the washington d. c. mansion connected to a russian oligarch, omega. darrow pasco, faren fond, zag, joins us with all the details full. it was an eventful tuesday morning here outside the home of all like dairy pasco, right? i could see f. b, i. agents are still coming through his $15000000.00 mansion here on the north, west side of d. c. a for money. i don't know this name, but for some they are member who is tied with paul mana, for a former campaign. chairman of donald trump, who was convicted on fraud charges and then eventually pardoned by donald trump in his final month and office not just from the candidate, according to an f b, i spokeswoman agents were conducting a quote, court authorized law enforcement activity, but didn't provide any more details as to why the f b, i was there, 53 year old jerry pasco was sanctioned back in 2018 by the trump administration. along with about 2 dozen other kremlin officials with close ties to president
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vladimir putin following alleged russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election . this latest rate is just another setback for dary pasco, who recently sued over the sanctions. a judge dismissed his lawsuit back in june in 2016 court filing, a very pasco said he had difficulty getting a visa to travel to the us, but was able to use his diplomatic passport to visit new york 10 different times since 2009. many in the do you see neighborhood, however, say on some of those trips, he did visit the home and stay at the house, reviewing renovations inside. however, no word on the last time he visited the property. when it comes to the raid a dairy pasco, spokeswoman sent out this statement, quote, the f b i is indeed currently conducting searches in the homes of all the dirty pasco relatives. the searches are carried out on the basis of 2 court orders related to
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us sanctions. the houses in question are located in new york in washington, although jerry pasco, himself is not their owner no moments ago as of his broadcast. we actually saw the f b. i tell away one of jerry pasco vehicles as to why the f b. i has not said they're not giving a news conference this afternoon whatsoever at this point. but we also do know that the u. s. has sanctioned every possible companies including his, the aluminum giant united company, russo and basic elements. now, jerry pasco vehemently denies any wrong doing, says that this is kind of attacked for the united states to slander him, to ruin his wealth, his reputation, and his hard earned global assets. however, according to forbes, he is worth $4900000000.00 for r t. i'm fair in front, back. the man behind the controversial dossier that's for the investigation into other former president donald trump. cleary with russia is standing by his claims while all submitting that maybe not everything in the report was true. former
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british by christopher still has broken his public silence for the 1st time and i documented re and although it may not be as sexy as, as his da ca, this time some real facts seem to have been revealed. ortiz alex, my hell of it has the story. it was a report aimed at the former president donald trump, or not john mccain received a fake and phony doctor. did you hear about the doesn't it was paid for by crooked hillary clinton and john mccain got it. he got it, and what did he do? didn't call me. he turned it over to the f b. i hoping to put me in jeopardy. and that's not the nicest thing to do. the seal dossier prompted investigation to whether donald trump and those involved in his presidential campaign, looted with russia during the 2016 election. the author of the report,
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former and my 6 by christopher steele. christopher still is a hero. is he trader christopher steel with a guy who picked a fight with 2 president, donald trump and vladimir? and he's lived to tell the tale. the seal doughty, which was compiled in 2016, contain detailed allegations of a conspiracy between trumps presidential campaign team. and the kremlin, as well as some assorted details containing to a visit to a moscow hotel room by the former president. believe none of the allegations of the da ca have ever been proven the f b. i also admitted that he feel for his work. but ultimately cut him off after he disclosed to us intelligence links to a 3rd party. although the das here wasn't actually debunked by special council robert muller's investigation. trump elements continue to reference, and now steel has spoken out about it after pending the report, while also admitting that it's not completely accurate, said, well,
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be interviewed in the documentary out of the shadows, the man behind the steel dossier, the former spite, insisted that a claim he made about trumps self described fixer michael cohen was true, that i feel like said that cohen had a secret meeting with russian officials in prague in 2016, however cohen denied the claim and the f. b. i found no evidence of the meeting. when asked about the accusation in the documentary steel said, i'm prepared to accept that not everything in the data is 100 percent accurate. i have yet to be convinced that that is one of them. and when it comes to the infamous hotel tape with trump steel has said the tape probably exists. and for those who don't believe him, he says, prove me wrong, although no one other than steal has said that they've seen the tape. he has an answer for that. steel said it has a need it to be released because i think that the russians felt they got pretty good value of donald trump when he was president of the us with
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a report full of unproven and discredited claims. those who continue to support the steel darcy have adjusted their argument in hopes of giving it some merit. what better tactic than to say the russians did it? and what exactly did they do? well, some packers of the darcy alleged that the russians purposefully fed christopher steel, false information, according to fiona hill, who was on the us national security council from 2017 to 2019. it is very likely that the russians planted disinformation in and among other information than have been truthful because that's exactly again the way that they operate. while some have chosen to stand behind still, others of slammed his so called work. michael cohen, he still legend was in cahoots with the russians, can totally be seen. use that list. i eagerly await his next secret, darcy, which proves the existence of bigfoot, the loch ness monster. and that elvis is still alive for news views. hughes and
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alex mileage very me discuss his net ryan, ceo of america majority. net thanks for joining me. we had you to come up with a still dossier and everything going on why chris were still out there. but then you have this breaking news to the f b, i actually rating their pos because place are actually a relative place here in washington, d. c, nominee alex reporting it. but there is a connection between christopher still and there are pasco, as well as tall man. afford i'm sure you're familiar with the case. do you think this all has something to do with each other as we're having chris? we're still coming out and speak for the 1st time in months. well, actually, scotty, i think really what's happening and all sudden we're talking about the debunk steel dossier that was put together by fabulous. again, it's because i think they're trying to get ahead of something. i suspect that maybe the durham investigation is going to be releasing perhaps some indictments or perhaps a report because i've been asking this is very strange timing to come out and try
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and rehabilitate christopher steel and debunk still da da. which is not me saying that it's robert molar, saying that that they would choose the timing and i suspect that has something more to do with the durham investigation, which i suspect today's, at the i raid might have had something to do with that as well. so curious timing, but i think it's all linked to the durham investigation and something coming down the pipeline which could all be a part of it once again. this is just another week, i mean, another group of president trump for president trump's past getting into some sped spotlight in trouble. it's not necessarily hitting yet the mainstream news yet. so it's going to interesting is everybody's kinda trying to dig and put the connections together while we're having you on this. but the still dos you, i think i need to remind, i want to remind our audience to damage that that did not only do the ministration, but not people around him. what was that damage? was massive damage because it wept everybody into this frenzy that somehow president donald trump was colluding with the russians to win the 2016 election
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when in fact nothing was farther from the truth. and i'm very clearly scotty doing some other channels. in fact, m. s and d c, that spring of a 2017. and when i looked at stephanie rule and said there was no evidence, there is no evidence. there will never be any evidence of rush in collusion because it's a fairytale that the left held itself at night. and hope that they wake up and hillary clinton's on the white house. it was nothing but a fairytale back then. it's still a fairy tale, but it did incredible damage. and the whole point, scotty was this very powerful. i'm elected bureaucrats, did not like donald trump's policies. this is what it was all about, and they attempted in their own way between hillary clinton funding this and powerful bureaucrats inside what people term, the deep state i just called the administrative state. deciding they knew better than the american people in wanting to take out the duly elected president, united states over policy differences, and they use this still off the i would remind people that they use this still dossier to basically back up for 5 of warrants to justify spying on people that
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were associated and inside trunk orbit to be able to use as a political weapon and people keep on asking. now why would they do that? why didn't they vet it? because it was a useful political tool because the d o j and the f b, i have become political tools that have weaponized against anybody that they think might threaten the status quo, the administrative state. and that literally put together so much of all the different details, the timeline i have it, but once again, he's admitted that not all that was true med. why are we not seeing? why are we not seeing prosecution lives were destroyed? you go look people like quarter page that it had to go into hiding for a few years. i mean, everything was taken. so why are we not seeing prosecution? is that what we're going to be seeing the durham investigation? do you think that people should be held accountable for these type of life that not only called damage to people because and a great damage to diplomatic relations with united states in most countries. that's right. no, all scotty, i'm not optimistic that there will be consequences because i think it durham pulls
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the thread that you know far enough. no telling where this goes, but people i think need to wake up and understand that the d o j in the f b, i are not the guardians of the rule of law. they're not for the equal application of the rule of law. they are actually what i call a pro tori and guard for the administrative state in which they will actually attack and weaponized against anybody that they view as a threat to the ruling class, administrative states interests. and that was what donald trump was, and that's what you know, they, they look at any body, they think that threatens their status quo as an enemy. but the d. okay, and the f b, i don't think are actually interested in the equal application of the rule of law and having equal application where there's with hillary clinton or donald trump, or anybody on either side of the political equation they want to weaponized against though that they view the threat and so i'm actually, i hope that most of the american people, i know they won't be, but i hope that more will wake up scotty and understand. we're in a very troubling period in our, in our history in this country. because i don't think the government is doing what they should be doing or acting in the way that they should be on behalf of the
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american people right back. i think it's become highly politic, political, and weaponized. and without that accountability net, i'm very fearful that the future we're going to see this repeat again, because we'll see more of it. what's the consequence net always great to talk to you. thanks. god. 2 planes from texas landed after midnight at a new york airport, filled with a dozens of kids and teenagers with a few chaperone. but where did they go? well, we'll give you the 360 view of the issue after the break. join me every person on the alex simon sure. i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, sport business. i'm sure business. i'll see you then when i see black marriage i see part of my so when i was growing young,
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black american spoke to me when white australia did not. those who say black marsh measure is a movement we are importing from america. no, nothing of who we are. i lived in a world where white lives mattered. and i was not why. why commission? i know i wasn't new from black america. i've learned how to speak back to why. i bridge people here more every day. we're out wanted them now with the police were out with she states, i'm scared that more children are going to grow up in the country that think says no racism, but they're more likely to end up in the criminal justice system. then they're all the fellow friends in daycare.
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the 4 in america have gone for an they've done vastly more numerous. and the billing our class have gotten more a 1000000000 area to a great extent. but the government reports and the aggregates. so they always take a foreign billionaire and they put him together. they say to put those 2 together, we don't see any inflation. while this worked for about 20 years and people were fooled by this, and anyone who complained was considered to be an 3 american wealth. now, because of the mis allocation of breast for so long in the ricochet and a boomerang, a verse coming back into the system, we now have catastrophic system failure. the harder blight children in teens virginia and texas and landing at the airport outside of white plains, new york, mostly between the hours of midnight and 6 30 am. i've been confirmed where the
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children go next. well that's the question is online flight tracking data suggest more than a 2000 under age migrants on 21 flights have been redistributed throughout the region. so there's this one of the plans, vice president comma harris has developed to address the crisis at the southern border. well, let's get 360 view on this issue as well as whether or not she and press secretary, jenn saki violated the hatch act in regards to the content. just governor's race in virginia, from the right and bringing to andrew langer, president of the institute for liberty. and from the last we bring in carrie anne barker tourney, and a former new york city council canada, thanks for joining me. great to be on. ok, so let's start with the over night slides. kelly in this is your parties. i always say, so let's start with you. since we're talking about a person within your representation, is this the best way to you think to handle the migrant children? what about not separating families, which is always been
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a major campaign point leading into this election? well, this particular issue is very contentious, as we all know, the immigration policy in america needs to be revamped. and this is a bipartisan issue, both sides of the i'll talk about this particular matter, bringing kids in it to new york from texas. our i'm currently located as well as from florida because of the routing of the plains. it is a beneficial because they were being reunited with some family members or even being brought into a non profit organizations that can house them. what we see is the unaccompanied minor. some of them were already separated from their families. some were taken from families in central america, mexico or south america and on the way the coyotes as they called them, they actually banded them on the route. so we as americans, i take the humanitarian role and we are trying to put them in
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a safe and suitable living condition while they are waiting to be reunited with family, may be back in their home and carry an i understand that i and i agree, i wish that was, you know, the true, the whole situation. i wish what you were saying was exactly happening. but at the same time, i'm looking at ahead mind from day a dozen, arrested human trafficking operation in tennessee. the majority of those they were tracking young hispanic children that were not been tracked. i mean there's no accountability, unfortunately for majority of children, which is scare me, but it comes down to the fact andrew, if this was a good solution, why is it not being done during the day? why is this happening during the overnight? well, this is, this is really the central issue here, which we haven't administration that was supposed to be pledged towards greater transparency and accountability, especially when it comes to dealing with the immigration policy. we have these flight flemming, and i was just, or county, which is a stones throw from where i grew up. and then from there some kids are being sent
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over to long island. some are being sent down into new jersey where apparently they're being met with people who don't have any id or not presenting any identification for the purposes of picking up these children. some are being taken to youth detention centers, but the reality is that the administration needs to be more upfront about this. this is what they promised to do. and seeing us out, this is supposed to be vice president harris's sole job, or one of our major responsibilities maybe should be, should be a little bit more focused on that. and not on cutting campaign ads, which are going to be played in churches throughout virginia. you know what, that's a great segue. thank you for that. andrea and kerry, i'm to see, you know, there's this accusation that is sitting out there. the vice president harris actually violated the iris ethics rules when she took part in a, a 2 minute and 22nd advertisement for the reelection of governor mccall. very contentious election happening in virginia right now. it's been played more than in $300.00 black churches in virginia, only in that and then that segregation. busy either and i haven't played across all
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churches. so do you think that these churches actually violated the law, which prohibits taxes in organizations like churches and political activity. and more importantly, if they did, why did somebody allow that to happen? there's some really smart people. i know that work was in her office that should have thought maybe this isn't a smart idea for the vice president to get involved in well, as a member of the black church, i very active in my home church in new york city. i know that politics and the church, we are separate of powers and we often try to limit those type of interaction. this particular video at the beginning part. it was a lot of information about getting out the vote. going to be in a part of the process that in and of itself is not illegal. that for a $51.00, the 3 church, they can do that. they can encourage the congregate to actually take part because they are, you know, that has been, that they should be taking part in their civic duty. and the question is whether
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the statement where she said her friend, governor mccall, it, you know, she was a little bit maybe too far, but that is not up to me to decide is not there any of us to decide that's where the i or resting for it back, it was a real violation here. well, i think that people, you know, she didn't pay her name, she didn't be her title. so there's a question. there's a legal question that we have right here. oh, the politician the bus. i'll always find a loophole. maybe there were some wise people advising her on. i gotta give him credit for that one then. you know, andrew, vice president harris is not the only possible gen saki has been criticized for a possible violation. why are members of this administration praying so much involvement within the virginia governor's race? why this race, are they this race? are they willing to risk so much? what's in this race is terry mcauliffe race to lose? and i literally just got an e mail or saw a post from a democratic operative in maryland, very frustrated by what's happening with,
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with governor or with former govern recall us campaign for reelection. but let's, let's really clear. i'm not entirely certain that the gen sock you violated batch act. we can talk about this. the real issue here is so pop prosy, and it's about people who spent many, many years have spent many, many years decrying conservative activism in conservative churches and turning around and cutting it out like this. and i'm sorry, but it's very clear. once vice president harris went down the road of endorsing governor, call us in that video, right. she can endorse the governor outside of this as long as she doesn't do it on the white house grounds or from the the vice president's residence. she can go and do that, but not in a video like this, which implicates this 5133 issue that we just talked about. and that's, you know, that, and between the 4 years that we spent decrying multiple violations, allegedly of the had checked by truck administration officials. we can't speak out of both sides of our mouth here. we've got to be really clean, yet there's no punishments across the board. andrew carrie, i'm always great to chat with both of you. thank you. to statues in new york are
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not without controversy. historical statue of thomas jefferson is getting removed. well, another one is hoping to cause a star on wall street article responded. tasha sweet explained the new york city council are moving a thomas jefferson statue from his chambers while another statue near wall street is questioning capitalism. thomas jefferson is one of the country's founding fathers and the 3rd president of the united states. you may have noticed, he's also on the $2.00 bill and the nicole. but the controversy surrounding the statute that's considered in the new york city council chambers for more than a century is the fact that jefferson was a slave owner. it's reported he own some 600 slaves having 6 children with one of them. and now council members from the big apple have voted to remove that statue by the end of the year. well, summer wanting the statue to disappear altogether. there are talks of putting it in a nearby library or museum,
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also in new york across from the bull on wall street like a statue of her omby. you may recall it. the gorilla who was shot at the cincinnati zu and may of 2016. when zookeeper feared for the safety of a child who climbed into the exhibit, the wall street charging bull has 10000 bananas in front of it. who is directly across from robbie with nothing. those behind the stone say it's supposed to convey what they call wealth disparity. they claim capitalism enriches wealthy beliefs and leave the average person behind. well was back in 2016 that mirror build the block . you said he would conduct a review of what he called all symbols of hate within the city. reporting for needs is hughes, and how she sweets, archie, a fancy word host to be the pressure on arch america. and truly, when i think of mr. new york, you or someone that comes for it to the forefront to ask you what is the removal of this statue accomplish for the people new york city. it accomplishes absolutely nothing. it cow taos to the radical leftist in the, in the city,
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which is basically a big makeup of the city. the 2nd bill de blasio was involved with this commission and he's going to get recommendations. what they should do, what everybody knew, they were, could recommend to keep it there. we're going to recommend to leave it alone. the commission was formed with the intent on, on the part of whoever formed it, or which i believe was diblasio or the city council, whomever, to get rid of it, to have an excuse to get rid of it. because this is what the commission recommended . and they couldn't just do it on their own because they wanted to. so it's all, it's all show biz, it's all a smokescreen, and it's a bunch of nonsense. it accomplishes absolutely nothing. it's a disgrace on top of it all, a big disgrace to take away the thomas jefferson stature, which has been there for almost 200 years while thinking of show you've got this other show going over on wall street. how ron bay, how me out here. if you're going to talk about a figure which was destroyed by capitalism, was rama you think the best i best representative. no, but you know what?
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we're talking about it now. i don't know the name of the group and i don't care about the name of the group. it's a stupid message, it's a ridiculous message. first of all, how do they get away with littering? to 10000. they say bananas, you know, many racks are going to be eating those overnight. how do they get away with that? how do they get away with putting a statue in leaving it there? can i put a statue? could i dump food all over the city? it's a, it's again, a sick joke made by some radical left wing group to try to make a point. it's a dumb point. it's a stupid way to make the point, but we're talking about not that it's not a reflection bad on you or me, but we're talking about it because it's so unusual. but no, it's a ridiculous. it's a ridiculous way to make that point about people in need, or they should have taken those bananas and, and the money spent on the statue and put it towards a food bank and go feed hungry people. well, and i can see that it's kinda like the new york, sort of in the naked cowboy in time square kind of ridiculous, but still there. so do you think this is actually meant is kind of
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a nuisance. like you said, brads in the middle of wall street is it meant for the people who live there or more for the tourist that are there to get attention. i think it's meant for the media. you know, how many people are going to actually go buy it. so it's a, you know, attendance it in offices are way down in the city, even though there's a recovery going on. so it's not a lot of people are going to see it and it's just bad so they could see it on tv like that. got they're seeing it now. well, if anything, maybe they'll grab a banana on the way home that i be. the only thing i got a whole day, like, always great to chat with you steve. thanks. got it. and that's everyday show guys quick and mean time call me on twitter at scottie and use use the hash tag team and vh furnish on more down on the formula via your apple android device. thanks for watching tv. ah mm.
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oh well it shows the wrong one. i just don't hold any new world yet to shape out. disdain becomes the attitude and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. yes sir. now a dual system of justice many think so for example, a former senior f b, i a issue lied repeatedly to his bosses, but now is exonerated. but a former head of the national security council did not lie to be f, b i, and his life was destroyed. where is the justice in that a
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headlining this, our patients in england are reportedly having to wait up to 50 hours for a bed and accident and emergency wards. there's a pandemic puts fresh pressure on hospitals every step, the way that mismanaged the crisis. aside from the vaccine rolled out by the re personnel, any faith in the current government? german police swarm. the country's border with poland is at risk of collapse and made writing flows of migrants crossing into the e. u from bella. bruce. brussels isn't moving to tackle the influx though, still relying on sanctions and refusing to even talk to men and us social media giant facebook has to show out millions of dollars in a discrimination case after giving preference to hiring florida's over americans.
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