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ah ah, headlines this morning, patients in the u. k. a reportedly having to wait up to 50 hours for a bed in accident to the emergency ward. as the pandemic put fresh pressure on hospitals, every step of the way that mismanaged the crisis aside from the vaccine rollout, re passing of any faith in the card on us social media giant facebook just got a shell out, millions and a discrimination case after giving preference to hiring florida's over americans u. k. schools are installing facial recognition cameras and campaigns to make it easier for people to pay for they did as some parents though, think it's a violation of privacy. ad right now we're on away through some very rocky terrain. to witness the work of some multiple rocket myself
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systems. ah, t joins russia, led military drills along the top gaff. got bought of it. were attentions of saud recently off for taliban seizure of power. ah, honey pot program for you this morning, wednesday the 20th of october. welcome to the program, kevin o' in here dot t h q, with our latest for the next 30 minutes. first, as you had a lack of stuff soaring kobe cases and pressure on the n h. s. have led to another health crisis in the u. k. it's been reported that in parts of the country, patience awaiting for almost 50 hours to get a bed in accidents at emergency units. in one case, her patient reportedly spent 47 hours in a queue at the role preston hospital in kisha. well done in suffolk,
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teenager with serious mental health problems waited for almost 48 hours in a any, according to local media, the an h. s. foundation trust for the area said the wait was because of a lack of specialist facilities. well, lou winchester, who had a relative, affected by the crisis, told us face to face what happened in their case. he will 11 o'clock and his legs just wouldn't work and he fell out of bed. we didn't find him until 3 o'clock where my dad's going to get cooler, where he shouldn't heard from him. when we called for the ambulance initially, they said not to leave him. oh, in case the best spinal injury off or wait a couple of hours my, my dad sort of still trying to hurry them up a little bit. try finding no, no, no. and again to ask when she was an estimate arrival, the direct him. so 111 within 9 know, 9 to affirming that eventually we speak to a chap,
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he suggested how to move him back into his c and how to get him up and we did that is improving, but he probably still required medical assistance, but insinuated to us that was not even a senior, i said would you, would you like to cancel the ambulance on everything but the ambulance that day and at that point we took him at the value and said, yeah, okay, we'll cancel that and then we'll give him his dinner and get him into bed, etc. because over the night i stayed the night make sure that you know the night is condition wesson's in the morning. i had to call for another ambulance. it's been reported 91 percent a hospital bed for occupied in england as of last friday. that is the number of people waiting for hospital treatment that hit a record high to the. and i just say almost 6000000 people on the waiting lists, and his warning, the coming winter will only intensify the pressure at the same time, the case health when it says admitted there aren't enough stuff to man. the
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countries emergency a and e telephone lines. no, no 9 and triple one. i think though, the detail plan of action, he said is being put together and would be unveiled soon. but lou winchester isn't convinced every step of the way the mismanaged. the crisis. aside from the vaccine rolled out, i don't re personnel, any faith in the car is government. and the people on the ground who are working really hard, like the paramedics, like the people answering the calls. they're not necessarily always getting, given the clearest information. you know, i fully believe that when the 1st from 111 told us to talk to 999999 to talk to 111. i'm sure that they believe that's what you know. that's what he told to do is real simple answer is the way i think they're going to fix it because their actions sofa appeared to be in a sad tale. on tuesday, the u. k. registered the highest number of daily cobra deaths since march,
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and the government extended its emergency powers relating to the pandemic for another 6 months. demonstrate his including anti access to the streets to protest data and other anti cove. it measures us social media, john facebook's having to pay a $14000000.00 in the civil case of discrimination. it was accused of giving preference then to hiring foreign workers over americans. facebook is not about the law and must comply with all nations federal civil rights laws. which prohibit discriminates re recruitment and hiring practices the tag? john gave certain positions mainly to temporary visa holders. prosecutors claim up to $2600.00 us work as though last out. as a result of that, facebook was find almost $5000000.00 for it and is paying out over $9000000.00 in compensation to victims the lawsuit against the tech jaw. it was fired last year by the u. s. justice department. back then,
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the trump administration pushed the biggest tech companies to hire more americans for permanent positions, instead of temporary foreign workers. legal unless jennifer braden explained to us a bit more detail why facebook in particular is adopted that policy. facebook and some of these other companies will watch these immigrants. it's a way for facebook to save money, while also preventing maybe lawsuits for unfair or discriminatory work practices. which in and of itself is discriminatory against actual united states citizens that were applying for work and unable to get at the company like facebook with a lot of money would be able, their, their high price attorneys would be able to find a case that had merit less claims, but again, this being brought by the department of justice itself, i think, is very surprising to people. many people who see facebook or some of these social media platforms is an arm of a political party. so it's kind of being this distinction drawn between this,
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what we consider politicize, or a bite and era department of justice, which should be friends with facebook, actually bringing a discrimination claim against this partner. so this story might be used by either the federal government, by a new situation or by faith, but to argue that, see where we are different, you know, we, we, we, we can be held accountable up above the law when in reality they've been working hand in hand for a long time and facebook has been acting as an arm of most and many political federal agencies in order to silence political opponents. now this was causing a bit of trouble next. so next story, the introduction of a facial recognition payment system. a number of school contains in scotland has provoked the wrath of primacy campaigners critic say. pupils haven't been properly informed by the potential dangers of the technology and fear it's overly intrusive . organizations need to carefully consider the necessity and proportionality of
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collecting biometric data before they do so. organizations should consider using a different approach of the same goal can be achieved in a less intrusive manner. no child should have to get through board estelle, i don't see caps just to get a school meal with parents to live in a democracy, not a security fate. so the other sounds at the moment face scanning can be used in 9 north airship schools to pay fiscal dinners from the company behind. the technology says it's covered secure and it can speed up queues as transactions take just 5 minutes or while in good then is thought the system could be rolled out in more school soon. if it goes down. well, local authorities about the move, they say it makes counting simply more efficient and provides opportunities for students to use innovative technology along the way. they added that 97 percent of her children or their parents in some cases had consented to the use of facial recognition unit. o'neil discussed the new tech them with radio host and journalist
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john gaunt and former independent police advisor, soldier glen. it makes life easier and clearly in this code era in scotland, that's why they want to do it to cut down the risk of transmission. and then we sometimes get ourselves on area at about things. we don't need to get area about if this is more efficient, if you've got a card anyway, you know, when you gone to, which will go on to the moment. people know where you've been and where you know where you're going. i can't see any problem with cannon, jordan spaces for the payment for their lunches or whatever it doesn't really helps credit virus. it doesn't help to increase the impacts of me. apart from that time, not touching cards, you have to back ignition because it's still really going to an experimental stage and it hasn't been tested. why? again, across our population that the test on school children is a little bit of a farm each. i'm surprised at the 90 percent class parents assigned their content,
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but this i think the children do know what's going on. 90 percent or sandra herself says, is an over whelming figure, huge figure. moving to just for a progressive because it's probably going to happen during the line anyway, so may as well get on board. now sandra, everybody that you should jump in and be on it on, on it as it happens. but when that technology is 8 and 81 percent unpaid mobile lot was black and brown gay. then i think there's some good morning to be done. is it like the kodak here? why are we going to wait 30 years? kodak to be good for bracken brown. skin, some it is smooth out, should be but everybody do except sandra is right that we need to have my make sure this provision there as well, and it has to work for every child. i'm a 100 percent in favor of that, but it's coming lunch. well, come the new technology that stopped being so blooming, paranoid, you've got personal data very much at the forefront of this. and as we well know,
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it's big business. you know, it sells for a lot of money. facebook and tell you that. shouldn't we concerned about how the tech company running the tells plans to use the data? we don't know how they are regulating it. i think it is a good place to test to actually a, in something as innocuous as their children get in their school meals. but obviously we need to know where that date has been, how, how it's been held on what is being used for. i accept the educational authorities looked into this. i think he can work. what's wrong with it? what's wrong with the other? do not understand, lucy, that some technology can be, can make mistakes, which cause events. and in particular, the best regulation that's used out there for this type of service can sometimes cause a benz i would hate to have an as yet child of color weight in the queue and be denied access to their last because they're, the machine did not recognize them russia and so it's not to blame for the ease current energy crisis of the blocks foreign policy chief accused moscow of driving
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up gas prices to extend its geo political ends. but well, joseph burrow complains that russian deliveries are being stepped up at this critical time. moscow retorts that no new orders have been placed. russia is not opposed to given more, but suppliers ligastrum need to be asked and not by parliament, not by newspapers, but by buyers who apply at the appropriate prices. but they have been no implications. here's a somewhat confusing story for you. governments in dozens of countries are worried that their people won't be able to properly heat their homes as winter as just around the corner. natural gas has become absurdly expensive. it's an energy crisis . there's no doubt about it. and the leader of the country that extracts and sells more natural gas to the rest of the world than any one else speaks at an event themed around energy. whatever is desperate for extra gas supplies must be all ears
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. as of them were absolutely ready to supply more for some reason he keeps being asked the same question. extra supplies, are you okay with that? is it possible? hey, what about extra supplies? yes, i repeat, we've already increased supplies at some point that really gets confusing for the speaker, didn't he just make things clear several times in a row. we got, we're ready to supply even more gas. we need applications. we're increasing by as much as they ask boy, let me explain. this man has long been accused of using the gas monopoly in his country called gas from to cheech european countries lessons. so after hearing from latimer, potent governments in the countries that are worried about the winter have 2 options. they couldn't keep repeating, he's boeing them with gas, or maybe at least try a few requests for extra gas supplies. a few days later,
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an important man whose meant to act as a unified voice of these worried governments that i mentioned says this, an increase in prices for energy has deep geopolitical brutes. it's part of a geopolitical battle. russia has honored all its contract, cannot be said that they're not delivering when they said they would, but it has not increased the quantities contracted for that's after a get together of europe's most senior diplomats who were meant to discuss the energy crisis. among other things are, again, are they living in completely alien realities? back to prudent for a 2nd that the will russia never used? this is a weapon letter. we're happy to do act strategy. so what is it then? did they choose not to try at least a couple of requests. it is a fine of, i would say to political illiteracy if the european union just blamed. so the problem on russia,
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it's always easy to blame someone else for the problems you are having. and i see this a move in the utterings of which was it, bo, hell the you foreign policy chief, it would be wise to solve the problems right away to do. and you analysis of the supply situation for natural gas, unless there have been some phantom applications that the russian side is unaware of confusing her. in the meantime, american liquefied natural gas producers on mass have been choosing to sell to asian buyers instead of european. right, simply because in asia, they're ready to buy at a higher price. will anyone accuse them of waging a geopolitical battle? if you try and get reported there 1st this morning, it's coming up to a 16 pass the hour warning is when say kevin o' in here. this is a head, the f, b i rides home in washington and new york owned by relatives of the russian
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billionaire or leg. deborah pasco corresponded to stay, reporting for the se. seems the businessman's representative say the move is linked to us sanctions that and so much more just ahead. ah ah, ah.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. i'll be speaking the guess from the world of politics. sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. ah ah bill again, thanks watching out international a couple of developing stories. the syrian armies confirm have 14 soldiers were killed in a terrorist attack or a military bus in damascus. he broke this a few hours ago. a patient coming in, not pleasant, going with the territory. sadly charred remains vehicle. you can see there,
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the army says to explosive device is planted on the bus, went off, a bomb disposal team recovered and diffused apparently a 3rd and detonated device. and it was also blast and the afghan capital kabul this wednesday morning. according to local media, the explosion happened opposite the border. police aged cute report suggest an unidentified person lobbed a grenade at a passing car vehicle belong to tele by militants. and if can please spokespersons confirmed to taliban fighters were injured there. i witnesses though, reportedly say 2 people were killed and for injured. so focusing again the security situation in afghanistan that's deteriorating. so therefore taliban leaders are here in moscow to day for talks on the crisis that is continuing to grip the country. 11 countries are participating in the conference. let's get across that next life. so a correspondent, they're more against the effort. what's going to be thrashed out exactly at this
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meeting is their hope that something positive can come out of it more at well, this is the biggest meeting yet attended by the taliban since they took a pallet 2 months ago. but expectations are to be tempered. this is about dialogue, there is no concrete result that is expected as a result of the summit. the muscular format, by the way, was previously an avenue for reconciliate, where the government, the afghan government and the taliban would come together. one of the rare events where both both parties would be represented. now that the taliban has seized power, that is no longer necessary. it taliban representatives already here with sure that delegation come in headed by the deputy vice premier of the country. and what this is about is will the countries the border of kansas todd as well as countries that have a big interested what happens there, including india and russia,
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they'll all here in order to talk to the taliban to, to let them know about what is expected of them by the international community for russia. specifically, for example, russia wants to naco traffic out of, of got to stop, stop to eat once the security situation to be stabilized. because it does not want terrorists from isis, came from other extremist organizations to train to takes perience warfare and have got to stop until export to hardwood terror outside above. got to start north to wood, central asian republics north towards russia. so there is a lot at stake, russia, especially ones that the taliban to deliver on its promises of an inclusive government . we heard the taliban say that their government will be inclusive, but the government that they published in the early days of september was anything but it was made of hard line extremists. these are these a hard lud taliban fighters, terror least, officials as well as almost entire government that was announced was possible in
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ethnicity so it has very little representation either political will ethnically of the rest of us gonna stop. but everybody here understands that the situation in afghanistan is deteriorating on every front. the security situation, as you mentioned, the, the ceaseless bobbing, ceaseless attack, ceaseless fighting, even in cobbled which is nominally entirely under taliban consults. but also the humanitarian situation. where by millions of people in afghanistan on the verge of starvation of, of hunger, the situation with medical supplies is also deteriorated to the races on the taliban, desperately needs recognition. it desperately needs foreign aid. but that foreign aid, in many instances is conditional because that the international community wants the taliban to deliver on its promises. as i say, all of that and more will be discussed here. the taliban also says that load
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bilateral talks with various countries. so to wait tools with various countries in attendance here, perhaps even including india, which it has huge differences with the united states by the way, was invited to participate in this summit. but you, it says the logistical challenges it couldn't participate this top arsenio course. polymer gas, if that just by itself, from some fearless and excellent reporting from cobble but now from moscow to day as i keep us posted. well, meantime, other developments to brief you on along the afghan border, russia and his post soviet allies, the staging, made shared military drills, hundreds of tanks and thousands of soldiers of a master major show a strength amid rising tensions in the turbulent region. reporting back about that then from there he goes down off. next. it didn't take long for the drills to ramp up to the max. here in southeast inter jackie stun 6 nations have brought together some of their most battle ready units for target practice and opportunity. we could
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not miss. so we've been promised that today's going to be jam back with action. so right now, we're on away through some very rocky terrain, to witness the work of some multiple rocket missile systems. as we enjoy a bumpy ride to the artillery positions, helicopters opened the act. then the ground troops joined the fun hitting their imaginary targets with all they've got. ah the action is intense. sometimes it's simply impossible to see what's going on. so
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much sand and dust is in the air. what we can see clearly from our position, the approach of the truck mounted rocket launches. they stop, take aim and await the command. and then they receive it. ah, to be used up in the course of a few hours. these are the grad multiple rocket launchers used in conflicts all over the world, libya, yemen, the nickel, and a cab conflict last year, all the way back in viet nam, you name it. they've most likely been there. it seems to be there is no branch of military that is left out. and these drills from special forces to heavy artillery to tank infancy. you name it. it seems only the nuclear branch seems to be left out, but that's well for everybody's good. really. all this fools here is obliterating
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the dunes and mountain slopes, which are a mere 8 kilometers away from the african border. a roar demonstration of power intended to be heard and much further afield than where the artillery is falling makers. dinah reporting from tajikistan archie their fiancee rated holmes in washington and new york linked to russian. businessman, a billionaire olive, dera, pasco, than the tycoon. is on a us sanctions list. the bureau later confirmed the search was authorized by a court, a representative of therapist as dismissed claims. the rates were connected in any way with a criminal investigation artist foreign front sack went to one of those rated homes . well, it was an eventful tuesday morning here outside the home of oleg dairy pasco, right? i could see f b, i agents are still coming through his 15000000 dollar mansion here on the northwest side of d. c. a for money. they don't know this name, but for some they are member who is tied with paul man of fort
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a former campaign chairman of donald trump, who was convicted on fraud charges, and then eventually pardoned by donald trump in his final month and office according to an f b, i spokeswoman agents were conducting a quote, court authorized a law enforcement activity, but didn't provide any more details as to why the f b. i was there. the property was surrounded by yellow tape, giving restricted access only to the f b i. except when towing away his car in the front driveway, 53 year old dairy pasco was sanctioned back in 2018 by the trumpet, ministration, along with about 2 dozen other kremlin officials with close ties to president vladimir putin following alleged russian meddling and the 2016 presidential election, the latest rate is just another setback for dary pascall, who recently suit over the sanctions and a judge dismisses lawsuit back in june. in a 2016 court filing dairy pasco said he had difficulty getting a visa to travel to the u. s. but was able to use his diplomatic passport to visit
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new york 10 different times since 2009. many in the dc neighbourhood. however, say on some of those trips, he did visit the home and stay at the house. reviewing renovations. however, no word on the last time he actually visited the property no moments ago as of this broadcast, we actually saw the f b. i tell away one of jerry pascoe's vehicles as to why the f b. i has not said they're not. are giving a news conference this afternoon, whatsoever at this point, but we also do know that the u. s. has sanctioned dairy, pascoe's companies including his, the aluminum giant united company, russo and basic elements now, di pasco, vehemently denies any wrong doing, says that this is kind of a tactic for the united states to slander him, to ruin his wealth, his reputation, and his hard earned global assets. however, according to forbes, he is worth $4900000000.00 for r t. i'm fair in france, act funnel. and for moment sir james bond and mega mock ho feature in
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a brand new course, other prestigious private school in london. the b l. m. and spied lessons, i'm to give students a 1st class education in all things woke ah, ah ah ah. we run the risk of an increasingly polarized society where different generations become entrenched in their positions of different than that cannot be healthy. schools have an essential role to tackle these issues by helping young people hear different viewpoints. ah
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get involved in the conversation to talk about every day it out. he don't calmer and if our social media can tell you next programs in your part of the world are on a very shortly, but for now 29 minutes past the hour. kevin, out of the team signing off for moscow have a good day. ah ah
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ah, is there now a dual system of just is many think so for example, a former senior f b i a issue lied repeatedly to his bosses, but now is exonerated. but a former head of the national security council did not lie to be f, b i and his life was destroyed. where is the justice in that a tooth? this is them by going vision. say you can't afford to miss i'm or to london, and i'm reservoir and watch ted coming up the future of the world,
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premiere crypto current thinking a new turn at the 1st bit point e t f. have lodge.


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