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against new institutions, accusing them of overstepping their powers and even blackmailing the country. ortiz, charlotte, who pinsky has the story. fiery doesn't go half the way of describing some of the accusations that have been thrown there was mud slinging throughout this session at the european pol and by the polish prime minister, and also by m. p. 's right back at him. this was meant to be the opportunity for the polish prime minister to come to the european parliament to try and heal these divides these divisions between his country and the european union. his speech seemed to have done the exact opposite with emmy peas accusing him of leading towards a government of totalitarianism and undermining the e. u. its foundations itself now might have ad skis talked about. some of the issues that you rip was facing. he refused to accept and said it was not right for emmy, please, to essentially blackmail other countries within the european union bite,
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threatening to withdraw to hold back their funds. and he said that the constitutional law in poland would remain supreme to that of e. you law and he said that the idea of changing that would move the you towards a fully fledged governor bal state, which is not what members signed up for. now during his speech, he was clearly overstaying his welcome when he was interrupted and told to wrap up version of that is yeah, yep, of in that wish for the move on up just for i mean the for 30 bravo. you have to come on the van? no, shes so chairman, i was told by the office of david solider that i was a located at 3035 minutes. so i really was my time. i cannot confirm their success . and the person found that certificate i c autopay have to all ago. not them completely i'm. i'm
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coming to my as i've done the service there me please had plenty to say they said that the polish m. p was slyly leading his country to leave the european union. one said they thought it was nigel for raj who was talking at that session while other emmy peas took the opportunity to congratulate the anti government protests that had been taking place in poland. and suggesting perhaps that they should continue mac. i want to thank those polls who took to the streets who showed their faces to other poles, hundreds of thousands of them. real patriots took to the streets with national flags, crowd polish flags, and european flags in their hands. a patriot should not be a nationalist. we are all listened to your denials. but the truth is your actions are a sly way to lead poland out of the union. unilateral eagle actions cannot be accepted and will have consequences, the sinister game that your playing is very clear. the sinister game is that you're
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putting upon the size, the constitutional court inside the bowl and better politicized. not additional court is criticized by whom, by no european court of justice during your speech, i was not sure if or worse, listening to your to nigel father, we legally challenged the judgment of the polish constitutional court. another option is the conditionality mechanism and other financial tools. the polish government has to explain to us how it intends to protect your pin money given this ruling of they are constitutional. but this was supposed to be an opportunity to make amends, to heal the rift, to bring poland back into the fold, the bosom of the e. u. what transpired was any thing, but that with amy peas basically realizing and saying out loud that they don't. ringback accept the pause that poland is on. judging by the session on tuesday,
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it seems that those divisions between poland and the rest of the you are even deeper and wider. british families who lost loved ones to cove it in last year's care home crisis or taking legal action against the government. they claimed the authorities must be held accountable for decisions that had fatal consequences . ortiz shoddy edwards dashed. he breaks down the case, 2 daughters, he lost their father's in cave at head cow homes at the start of the pandemic, are now suing the government. it's a landmark action, not just in terms of a failure to protect the vulnerable responsibility for aggravating the risk. while victory won't do their loss, they hope it may help to protect others. i do not want anyone else to go through what we have been through as a family. i feel terrible guilt. i feel as though she was locked in to die met hancock's protective freeing statement was
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a lie. the defendants have provided no evidence of measures to put a protective frank around care homes in just 3 months from march to june. last year, some samples here for living in care homes died from the virus and england and wales with some official reports blaming. so. 2 inconsistent, reckless and appalling government policies for the huge data, all this weeks case against the department for health and social care, once it held to account this case will give thousands of families a sense that justice has been done. if we're, when, what happened to the residence of care homes in the pandemic was a national scandal, the government's approach to protect and vulnerable care home residents during the 1st wave of the pandemic is one of the most devastating failures in the morton era . rather than their home been a safe place, it became a breeding ground for a deadly disease. if the government had been completely honest at the time,
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instead of people in nursing homes and town homes been almost a forgotten lot, which we still are. but it's not about that this is about people's lives. this is about what the government promised was happening when it really wasn't. everybody was involved that was treating this virus, which is right, you say is on known virus and an unknown entity. who knows what we have to do or what we could have done differently. and these are things we need to learn from. and the goldman should have learned allies ain't going to get you anything. the sailors surrounding her homes are one of the biggest scandals of the pandemic for mass discharge of out of the patients from hospitals to cow homes without testing or isolation. and who can forget when the government says that hands wouldn't be affected at the beginning of the time them. and of course, we now know that they were the worst effect earlier this year. and into 12 of march, the government's own official advice worse. and i'm quoting from it remains very
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unlikely that people receiving care in a care home will become infected. it wasn't true that the advice said that or government guidance published on the 25th of february of 2020 said twice. it was very unlikely. people receiving care and care homes will be infected. this advice was withdrawn on the 13th of march. a few months later, boris johnson tried to shift the plane, saying it was cat homes that didn't follow the rules. many didn't really follow the procedures in the way that they could have. so well this week, cases ultimately about 2 families search for justice. it runs far deeper, alleging a string of government blunders, but it may also end up serving as some small solace for all those who lost loved ones as a result of those very mistakes, i was the 10 people that we have done it. i could say that i was 99.9 percent. sure . sure. 3rd, and all of them died as a result of cove it but i think we only had 3 positive tests because that's all it
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was available at that time. and 2 of those were testing hospital in one was the one that i fall off, we didn't our tests in care homes. my hancock stood on television and quite often at 5 o'clock when he was doing the briefing with the prime minister. we as a nursing home were standing watch this briefing with interest obviously to see what the changes were, what was happening on a daily basis to be to see. i stood in front of the cameras, said all holmes and now being tested. we were to talk absolutely not. russia's foreign minister has accused nato of burying cooperation with moscow after the expulsion of several envoys by the alliance prompted moscow to sever diplomatic ties. artillio katrinka reports for now moscow has a mission in brussels, which is where the natal h q is. and the purpose of that mission is to deal directly with the nato officials,
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of course, but just in 10 days on nun november the 1st the mission will shut its doors completely. why? because as surg elaborate has just put it in sati, nato has pretty much done everything to room dialog opportunities with moscow. altogether of nato buried the idea of consultation with russia. we believe nato should take the 1st step in improving relations. the way the west is reacting to russia's response to nato is an attempt to shift blame. it demonstrates a lack of diplomatic culture. however, as the russian side is putting it, it's not that the russian government is keen to get rid of this channel of communication. i e, maintaining its mission in the belgian capital. it's just that earlier this month, a group of russian diplomats were kicked out of brussels altogether. meaning that
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only 10 mission employees could stay there. and the russian foreign ministry is saying that with these 10 diplomats and simply impossible for the mission to function and that's why they have made this decision. so the result is these critical remarks bite surg, elaborate and it looks like relations between at moscow and nato. are only continuing to deteriorate, no matter what. however, when it comes to some of the bilateral contacts between the, perhaps the number one country nato, that as the us of course and moscow when it comes to specific stories like afghanistan, there could be progress, for example, because there is a new envoy that was appointed by washington in afghanistan and he, according to surgery lab, prov, has already been in touch with russian diplomats. and 3rd elaborate said that he'll be welcome in moscow when it comes to consultations, specifically about the things that are happening in cable and elsewhere. and again,
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stand the author of a bombshell dossier on the legit trump, russia collusion is standing by his claims while also admitting there not 100 percent true. former british spy, christopher steel has spoken publicly on his findings for the 1st time ever. document was compiled in 2016 and contained detailed allegations of a conspiracy between trumps associates and the kremlin. there were also some saucy details about donald trump. suppose it escapades in moscow hotel room. however, none of these allegations have been proven and the f b, i later published heavily redacted pages showing the agency had paid steel for his work, but then cut him off as a source. after he disclosed his us intelligence links to a 3rd party. years later, there are still many unanswered questions regarding the steel dose ca and how it came to be in the 1st place, has more ed gazda reports. the steel dossier has been one of the most mocked derided but,
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but also talked about reports in modern political history. the spot being mostly dismissed as, as a work of fiction. it has just refused to die. and christopher steel is back again . hyping and defending. he's much maligned dossier. christopher still isn't. it isn't hero is he traitor. crisper steals a guy who picked to fight with 2 presidents, donald trump and vladimir, and he's lived to tell the tale, mind the spoilers. there aren't any new revelations or perverted details. as with the 1st dossier this time, chris tries to defend the dossier. the multiple falsehoods and inaccurate season make believe while he tries, unprepared to accept that not everything in the dosier is 100 percent accurate. i have yet to be convinced that that is one of them. yes, he says there are some things that my daughter that are literally made up,
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but he sticks it seems by the p tape. his allegation that the russians film donald trump with urinating prostitutes, and he has a stella argument to back it up, prove me wrong. he says, you tell him that no one's ever seen the staple heard of it and that he's the only source ad. well, that doesn't convince chris, it hasn't needed to be released because i think the russians felt they'd got pretty good value out of donald trump. when he was president of the us, the most remarkable thing in my opinion, is what still dossier supporters. a saying they can't defend the dos hair itself. it's at so full of holes and lies. so they've come up with a different method. it was the russians who painted the dossier by purposefully feeding christopher steele. this information is very likely that the russians planted this information in and demand other information that may have been
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truthful because that's exactly again the way that they operate. the victims of christopher steals reporting have also reacted michael cohen, who the dossier accused of secret meetings with a russians in europe. he had the f. b, i get involved. of course, they found no evidence of any such meetings ever taking place, but regardless mister co indeed react. he said that he was pleased that christopher steele had crawled out of the pop just long enough to make up a few more stories. i'm not too sure that everyone is as please abs crease. the once was quite enough. there's nothing groundbreaking in of course he's being, he's being interviewed by a very sympathetic, a quote unquote journalist. 3rd, stephanopoulos has been an operative for bill clinton in the democratic party for a long time. although looking at the mainstream coverage, this sort of rehabilitation of christopher steel seems to be seems to be coming
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around. you have to scratch our heads even the f b. i stopped using him as a confidential human in form of because now that he was too unreliable, i think one very important aspect is the collusion of the u. s. mainstream media in this, they absolutely fell down their jobs were expected. someone like steal to be a liar. we expected the people that hired him to be pretty dodgy people. of course, that's the case. but we did with at least once, would expect. i would have expected the u. s. mainstream media u. s. media to have looked into some of the stories before recording them as if they were fact. still to come on r t, flexing those military muscles, russia and it's post. soviet allies launch huge exercises, integer. stan, the question is why now that story and more after the short break ah
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join me every thursday on the alex, simon, sure. but i'll be speaking to guess with the world politics sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then gives rise to the i question about these crises and who's behind them? we had the sub prime crisis that resulted in many printing that made the top get richer. we have the cobra crisis, which has resulted in the top getting richer because of all the money printer. and we had a war in afghanistan go on for decades, which they resulted in money printing in the top get richer, you know, and, and, and then you can get into the other, you know, into some other areas as well, really making some hard, making hard questions ah
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ah, walking back to the program now the editor of germany's best selling tabloid build has been fired over allegations of sexual misconduct. the papers owners explained the move right after a story on julian raquel to appeared in the new york times. as the executive board has learned, julian reich held still fails to maintain a clear boundary between private and professional matters and has also been untruthful to the executive board in this regard. the executive board therefore considers the termination of his office to be unavoidable yearly and i felt woke up on monday morning is probably the most powerful newspaper in all of europe. by tuesday morning he had been dismissed from his role as the editor in chief of
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germany's most read tabloid newspaper build. now it came about following claims that he had exploited his position of power in order to conduct sexual relationships with junior employees. this all came to light in an investigation and a publication by the new york times. perhaps one of the reasons why this happened in the united states is that the spring, a group, a parent company for bills that runs build as well as all the media outlets across germany in europe. well, they branching out into the united states and just the summer spend $1000000000.00 buying politico, so they put themselves more on the, the radar of us publications. it's interesting that despite some of the allegations that have come out claims, that there was a hostile environment for women in the build news room, one of the quotes that's used is from a woman who said that she had a sexual relationship with mr. i held and says that that's how it goes. it bill,
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both that sleep with the boss, get the best jobs of despite all of that, coming out the 1st reaction from spring a group. the media jain that runs build is to say, we're going to find out who leak done and we're going to see them. the company is taking legal action against 3rd parties who attempted to influence and instrumental eyes. the spring compliance investigation by unlawful means, evidently with the aim of removing julian wright helped from office, as well as damaging bills and axel spring up. now that had been an internal investigation into the conduct of miss that i held earlier this year. and it's from that internal investigation, and a lot of these documents have been leaked to the press. the allegations made against mr. i helped with that he carried out sexual relationships, the abused his power in order to conduct those sexual relationships. and that he'd use drugs on company property, they decided following that internal investigation not to dismiss mister by held from his job. obviously they've changed their mind now. in terms of response from
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the former editor of bill t has issued a short statement in which he said, what i blame myself for, is that i have heard people. i was in charge of. however, perhaps what is the most interesting thing to come out of this and it doesn't paint the german media in a particularly good light is that the soul could have come to light a long time ago. in fact, there were 2 previous investigations that were quashed. now what is being revealed by the new york times is that these investigations had gotten to the stage whereby both mister life has and the accept spring. a group had been confronted with what had been found out and then the inferences that at that point pressure being placed on the, the publishers that were in charge of those carrying out the investigation and got the journalist to kill the story. the fact that it took a foreign publication to make this, all public hasn't gone down particularly well here in germany,
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but the genie is out of the bottle. now, as it were, when it comes to the practices in the build newsroom, i'm the business practices of access spring as one of the world's largest and most powerful media organizations. the major show of strengths, hundreds of tanks and thousands of soldiers have amassed and take a stand along the border with afghanistan. well, it's all part of military drills between russia and 5. it's post soviet allies. it's also designed to send out a clear message in what's currently a turbulent region reporting from the scene. here's ortiz seekers done some 4000 troops, 500 military vehicles, and 6 nations, all participating in day one of were expected to become one of the most impressive and large scale military drills. taking place here in the steps of a country that is sharing a more than a 1000 kilometer long border with of garrison. tajikistan is
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a former soviet republic now operating under the umbrella of the collective security treaty organization, a russia lead military alliance. the war games there will span out over the course of the week ahead. and while the 1st day has been quiet, there's plenty of action to come. certainly, judging by previous drills, the location for the games. just 8 kilometers away from the border with a canister is not a coincidence. when the taliban grabbed power in cobble things got tense on this side of the border. when islamic states started to take advantage of the power vacuum, it got even more serious generals do not shy away from openly saying who the show
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is for which in your mirror location for the drills has been chosen. according to the practical tasks, the armies have where you swear in peace, the less you bleeding war, creating realistic conditions on drills, health armies to prepare for the real action, the real sites under the real conditions. it's a situation that's going to need some heavy duty war gaming and sure enough, over the next few days, pretty much all you'll hear here is the sound of every kind of gunfire imaginable. i'm a gosh darn of reporting from tajikistan r t e n. as mr. renewed artworks are proving to be a bit too revealing for social media platforms. galleries in the austrian capital have been hit by a string of bands on facebook, instagram, and tick tock. so now they've opened accounts on only fans, mainly known for its adult content. and these are just some of the work steamed to risk, a for the major platforms. so now for institutions, the albertine a museum,
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the leopold museum, the art history museum, and the natural history museum have signed up to only fans the abra tina museums press officer daniel bennett, explained the move. we started the project because we hadn't experienced that. it was not always easy annuity and unity in the social media. and it was our experience since a few years as well. i don't know really why there is this censorship. i know it are maybe some algorithm or something on the engines that is not allowing it's i think it's not about alga ready to define or to sensor or should be seen or not. and then we saw that it would work on only fence and if it's working there, why don't try one of the starkest cases of art. censorship happened in 2018 when
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facebook deleted images posted by the austrian natural history museum, branding them pornography. they showed a 25000 year old paleolithic figurine that you can see behind me round the screen known as the venus of villain dorf, daniel bennett again think, says that the dispute races broader questions over who decides what is art and what is not? it was also the em all saying, it's not about the social media platform to decide what are what could be considered as nudity has been part of based on culture since the roman empire since the greek and everywhere where there is a mankind art. there is also some, a masterpiece is of ours, that shows nudity, we just question who is going to decide what is about to be shown or not. and we think it should not be an algorithm. so that's the news for this. our stay tuned
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for more in just about 30 minutes. see then ah it's been decade since the fall of spain's fascist regime. but old wound still haven't tailed. your interest in going into them this morning because on the phone with nichol fee to market people to me. so i will said to me on the percent the say, you know that anderson, i think with thousands of newborn babies were torn from their mothers, been given away and forced adoption. they don't really bottom on a fiesta bit of my own. global is the only relevant to this day. mother's still search for grown children. well adults look in the hope for their birth parents with
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russia, a diplomatic mission that wants attention. now is this a result of a diplomatic retaliation or confirmation of the decreased power? the organization is holding. we'll bring you the story as well as our expert will weigh in about what this good mean for the nato alliance moving forward. and the chinese continue their quest all the dominate in multiple international arena. the latest film looks to break the box office records at home and abroad. however, this more about the quality of the film for the economic state of the discretionary spending of those outside of china. we're going to discuss and gang members in puerto prints. if you'd have to, 17 north american missionaries and their families, we're going to bring you the latest developments and why haiti has one of the highest for kidnapping. in the world. a back at home democrats in congress are
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actually looking to blue. what are their own and support for their social spending bill? all by giving in and budgeting money for coal and gas plants. but is this the right move? well, we're going to give you that free. thank.


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