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for the economic state and the discretionary spending of those outside of china, we're going to discuss and gang members in puerto prince. if you'd have to, 17 north american missionaries and their families. we're going to bring you the latest developments and why haiti has one of the highest rates of kidnapping in the world. a back at home democrats in congress are actually looking to blue, one of their own and support for their social spending bill all by giving in and budgeting money for coal and gas plants. but is this the right move? well, we're going to give you a basic view, plus we know what caused the southern california coastline to be covered with crude . and we're going to tell you what is being done to prevent this from happening again. i'm kind of use and we're going to give you the 360 view of these stories right here on our t america today. me, you? ah,
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thanks for joining us. you're rushes, it's spinning. it's a permanent mission to nato, as is all a response. the alliance, kicking out several russian diplomats allegedly for spine, our cheese roman cousin roth has the story. russian foreign minister made the announcement on monday saying that says starting on november 1st. moscow will completely suspend the operations off its mission to nato, and from now on any emergency communication between the u. s. lead block and russia will be done through the russian embassy in belgium. while an ambassador, alpha nato member states in moscow chosen by the alliance, can perform a similar functions here in russia. so this cons just 2 weeks after nato announced that it would expel a russian diplomats for a legit undisclosed espionage edits brussels headquarters. and that should be in effect on the 1st of november as well. well, according to the russian foreign minister, it became
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a yes. another move on nato's behalf. so use the so called russian threats as a unifying factor for the alliance. and another reason to remain in international demand is here from the russian foreign minister. 0 explanation was given for the expulsions and a few days before the announcement we met with mister stilton burke in new york. he stressed that nato had a sincere interest in normalizing relations with russia, so as to deescalate tensions on the european continent. but we weren't particularly surprised by the decision. it all confirms that nato is uninterested in equal dialogue or join work. sir dale, i rove, added that the nato information bureau and moscow will also be shut down as a result. why? meanwhile, the nato international secretary at has already been notified and the russian foreign ministry statement added that it is not expecting any shift in relationship with nato. in the near future by me now to discuss is daniel mcadams,
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executive director at the ron paul is here. daniel, thank you so much for joining me. thanks for me. scottie. okay. so after everything that the countries have all gone through the alliance of russia, what role did nato actually serve for russia? well, you know, the nato russia relation, the sort of microcosm of russia us relations now. and nato has been increasingly irrelevant. we've seen, you know, stolen bird desperate for attention desperate to be noticed the by the administration has really not treated nato any more relevantly than the trump administration did. so i think what you're seeing really is and they are desperate for attention on one hand and somebody a little deeper on the other hand that we can get into. well, you're right. i think it's like, look, look, we're doing something, even though if it might be counterproductive to what the overall goal would be. but daniel, you know, do you think, you know, our package stated this was an, obviously because of the response to expulsion of russian diplomats. but i had to
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think back and you know, there's a pass between the 2 countries. do you think these years and i almost decades of accusations by nato countries which continue to be proven wrong and wrong time time again, without any apologies or reconciliation actually played a factor that this just might have been just the final match that struck? well, that's a great point, scott, in, if we remember during the trump administration, trump was saying one thing about relations with russia and nato was saying something completely different, something very hostile, something very aggressive, and really undermining the position of the us administration. they seem to be speaking and completely different terms, and i think what we're seeing now is russia making the point, and of course, the explosion of these 18 was sort of precipitating factor making the point to nato, you know, hey, what can brother, you're pretty irrelevant. go take a hike and i think that's what the effect of this as well, but the one thing that does have me concern, do you think this could actually be used as sort of a motivator could possibly have an effect on nato expansion. we have other
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countries like ukraine that's been wanting to get in. do you think nato could respond to that and say ok, fine, you want to act like this? obviously, little brother, the little brother is gonna act up and bring in some other people that you might actually find to be in conflict with but is a good point and it's not an accident. i don't believe understanding how russian diplomacy works, that it was literally on the day that the us defense secretary, secretary austin, who was turned out to be quite a cypher, quite completely incompetent in his job. he was meeting with the georgian defense minister, talking about increasing cooperation with georgia. he's now going to go off to meet with ukraine. and on top of that, the u. s. in ukraine of science, i think what, 10 different agreements since august, talking about closer, closer cooperation with the u. s. and i think the criminal spokesman to meet your paragraph said, i believe it was today or yesterday that this is
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a red line for russia. and meeting ukraine into natal is a red line for russia, and russia would take it extremely seriously. and as people who follow. busy russian politics understand this is not blustered, this is just a simple statement of russia's interests and daniel africa with every fear. right now we look, all the red flags are going up around the one. the biggest concern that most countries that we've seen these past week has been towards china. so do you think that in this case, this is a smart action on behalf of global peace? to have this now public battle between russia and nato, a lot, and nato allies actually happening when everybody up until now. for the last few weeks, i've been saying we need to be very concerned about what's going on with china. whether you're talking about taiwan or you're talking about australia, well, you know, there was a kind of sclerosis in u. s. foreign policy, and i think we're seeing some of that as well. and this is, this is not something that's driven by nato. i mean, this is driven in washington dc. there's an inability to pivot. there's an inability to change. we're still talking about territorial warfare. so talk to you
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about russia taking over something or trying to thinking over something. you know, there is no new thinking. washington, the thinking is driven by the military industrial complex. so it shouldn't be a surprise that we see yet again, this and, and, and, and tag in the, between the 2 countries re emerging. and daniel, i've asked this question for, i'm going to actually ask our audience to respond back on twitter right now. what good has nato actually done in the past decade for the world? which was the whole reason, i think why they were established. thanks for joining us. on this, 17 american and canadian missionaries have been kidnapped by gang members in haiti, and they are among the latest victims and a country which is plagued by the rise of abductions for money are to correspond at my borrows has the latest this 16 americans in when canadian or with christian aid ministry, the ohio based organization released a statement saying they've been kidnapped saturday on their way home from building
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an orphanage outside puerto prince. the abducted group includes 5 children, including a toddler police did the missionaries are being held by the notorious haitian gang known as the $400.00 meloza. the same group that kidnapped 5 catholic priests and 2 nuns earlier this year near the same place, but were later release haiti has seen a huge surgeon violence and kidnapping center. the reason assassination of their president followed by a deadly earth wake to claim $1.20 lives haitian, say they're tired of the violence and instability. oh, when we hear there is a kidnapping, the effect of the kidnapping to me? no, there's not going to be good for drivers, motorcycle drive. people do not go out in the street. we cannot find people to transport what we have a wife and 4 children, one and a family children look at because we have the responsibilities at home, some level why? authority. so the $400.00 moussa has all but taken over parts of haiti while the government struggled to regain control. the gang is known for kidnapping large
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groups and typically demand ransoms of around $20000.00 in u. s. dollars. u. s. officials say the f b i and state department officials are working to secure the release of the americans. but so far, i don't know where that kid nat missionaries are for needs use, use i, molly barrows, and major development in the oil field that occurred on the coast of southern california. the orange county district attorney is calling it a criminal investigation. and so there's a culpability between the energy company at fault and their relationship with federal investigators or to correspond natasha suite has more on what is actually raising the red flags. new allegations from the district attorney of orange county says there is great cause for concern regarding this location, amplify energy. the company under scrutiny for the oil spell is housed in the same building as federal regulators. as more than 25000 gallons of crude oil spilled into the water off the coast of huntington beach, more than 2 weeks ago investigator say there are still piecing together exactly
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what happened right now. they're looking at a $1200.00 foot cargo ship that may have dragged its anchor or through an underwater oil pipeline pulling it across the sea floor. but as more information is coming forward, todd spitzer with the orange county district attorney says it's unlawful for the company under investigation. amplify energy to be housed with federal regulator in long beach who are responsible for this investigation. spitzer has come out st. amplify energy light about the spills timeline, according to preliminary findings and alarm went off in a control room at $230.00 a m saturday. that pressure had dropped in the pipeline indicating a possible leak. amplify reportedly waited until 6 a 1 am to shut down the pipeline. but according to the ceo of amplify, the company wasn't aware of the spill until it saw a sheet on the water at 8 o 9 a. m, where were not aware of any spell until 8 and i am on site when i promised you. if we were aware of something on friday night, we are promised you, we would have immediately stopped all operations and moved forward while the spill is not as large as initially thought. coastal residents are outraged. it's
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a catastrophe. i mean, it happens all the time. again, you know, over and over again, there's lots of we should do about it and i don't understand why nobody tends to maintain those, those pipeline on their, they didn't even know who's pipeline and more. human well to spill has killed a good amount of wildlife. dozens of birds and other creatures were rescued. at least 2 birds had been released back into their original habitat. the district attorney maintained that amplifier failed to act and is now calling for them to move out of this building. reporting for news who's used in houses, sweets, r t, most senators have a red line, but center joe mansion actually has a multiple before he will agree to the democrat spending bill from the environment to children, a jo once at all, but we'll get his wish history says no, we're going to give you the 350 view right after the break.
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hello, good and bad dream shapes bankers are those this in a dares sinks. we dare to ask give rise to the question about these crises and that who is behind them. we had the sub prime crisis that resulted in minute printing that made the top get
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richer. we have the called the crisis, which has resulted in the top getting richer because of all the money printer. we had a war in afghanistan go on for decades, which resulted in money printing in the top get richer, you know, and, and, and then you can get into the other, you know, into some other areas as well, really making some hard, making hard questions. ah, these other voices, supposedly with daniels trulia with the rest of the basilica soil with them a month or 2 ago. melissa was assumable. it was just food. say that even when you would, these images moves up was good for supposedly good. have my did some i would say with music is images spread it. so we come up with my phone with your phone was out
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of you to get the one with all of your group plan some way up with the to the shelters will show you. ah ah, better jo mansion, democrat from west virginia continues to be the stumbling block for his party and the goal of passing our mass social spending bill, which as of now stands around $3.00 trillion dollars. now the latest demands include a child, a tax credit, which must include a farm work requirement and a family income gap around $60000.00. and it's a dramatically weekend one of president biden signature programs. and other issues
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of contention include the decision to link b at one point to a trillion dollar infrastructure bill, which center cursed and cinema a democrat from arizona says she will not look at the social spending plan until the infrastructure bill is actually passed by the house neither senators have endorsed by social spending compromise. either i said mansion continues to say the democrats planned to achieve their plan to achieve 0 car electricity or what was called the present clean electricity performance program. is the nonstarter. but well, democrats alternately cave and approved funds designated for the environment to go to coal and gas plants. well, it's got the 360 view from robber patello talk radio host and civil rights tourney, and ed martin and publisher of a pro america report dot com. thanks for joining me and, and robert things got to be with you, robert. this is your party, so we're going to let you cry if you want to tell me how crucial is mansion and send them a support to either bill. i think it was crucial for me because we've seen the
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there are 0 republicans who are willing to cross party lines to vote and favorite things like clean energy. and so to the pre k education, a free 2 years of college, adding a visual vision and dental care to medicare, of those sorts of things or problems for them and opposition to. and therefore we have to go groveling to jo mansion in christian cinema. and let joe mansion who understands the democrats pickup one senate seat in 2022. he becomes completely irrelevant. so he's playing every car that he has right now to keep himself in the limelight and try to do the facto prime minister of the united states of america. but what we know is that the democratic base is not going to compromise everything that they ran on 2022 apiece, jo, mansion and i think i'm checking to see how this. how does that are? because for one for republicans are crossing over. i don't think that's really ever happened even when republicans were in power. so when you're looking at what's going right on right now, and as, as i'm or just said, you know, democrats are having to appeal to their probably the most conservative their party
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. what does it say about right now, the democrats like in comments that they can actually achieve some of their goals without republicans, have they ever had to do that before in history? well, i'm not sure about history. i know the wheels are coming off. i mean, if you look right now they're, they're in danger of passing almost nothing. in fact, chuck schumer is so desperate to try to keep his left flank covered because he got a reelection in a year and a half or less than a year and a half. he's what bring up the america votes act or whatever that was is going to fail miserably in a disaster. but look, every now and then there's a moment where the party in power with the president and the senate and the house tries to do something that would be terrible for the country. a few years ago was the republicans who were about to pass an amnesty bill and a republican jeff sessions stood up and said, no, we're not going to do that. he was able to block the republicans with a president with a house. i'm doing something dumb in this case, mansion and cinema are doing the right thing. no one that's honest, thinks that that $3.00 true is really about
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a small things. it's about huge things. it's transforming the economy and the country. so look, hello, see, and schumer can't get anything done at this point, and biden is off in the white house. where's biden? if he's supposed to be a great deal maker, he's the guy that should be making a deal. there's no deal being made. we're in the 3rd week of nothing happening. it's all going down in flames. thank goodness. but the question will be yes. today to more about a house democrat house members quit. they're not going to run for reelection. he's a 3rd one in a week because they know the democrats are about to lose at the polling box in 2022 . well then again, we're talking about elections. we're not talking about policy. and i know that frustrates all 3 of us to do that. we'd rather things actually we decided on based on the policies that were best. now what's going to get these guys re elected to do what they're not doing or what they're doing on the health. but robert, do you really think both centers would be fighting as hard against our own parties if they were not from what is considered to be very purple, state and mansions expectations. this is why it keeps getting reelected in west
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virginia, which probably would go red if it was anybody else. or i think democrats have to stop running scared with things like those understand jo management from west virginia who is the primary industry of coal mining. so the idea would be coal mining, senators, what do you vote for in favor of electric energy, electric cars and environmental protection? i think it's, it's laughable at best. so what different quotes are going to have to do and figure out either a how do you peel off or a republican or your how do you create an agenda that as it can get democrats relisted in 2022, they try to pick up a seat somewhere so you can come back and i have the global jo mansion, but i think the idea that you have millions and millions, 80000000 people vote for the agenda and it gives held up by one of the smallest. busy 4 states in the country, joe mansion because one senators against it. i think there's antithetical here than we believe were represented democracy. this will hold to represent what's interesting 80000000 people and i know that they might have for job item, but they actually vote for every talking points. this was a big part of it, but i don't know if you once again 80 the 808020 rolls kinda we go for another
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point that being mentioned, a part of dimensions is expanded child tax credit and ed, do you really believe that it would reduce child party, by 40 percent, as democrats are projecting, that seems magical. i don't think anybody be would be against child poverty or reducing it by 40 percent. but is this a solution that they've come up with? well no, it's even more important to us, scotty, and it's really, i'm glad we're talking about it because most people aren't. the child tax credit is a direct payment. it's not, it's not tied to anything. it's just a straight payment to families. this is an inside the same massive bill, 3.5 trillion. they would get rid of finally and permanently the, the welfare to work requirements, the requirement that something to get money is tied to some kind of behavior. bill clinton caved in to the right of his party and to the republicans and signed welfare to work the left hated it because they want more direct payments. they, by the way, they were direct payments that came out of the covert relief bill don't seem to have persuaded the voters that it's a good idea. but what mansion is actually fighting for and fighting against
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actually i'm, i'm part of me. misstating it is to block this idea and americans hate it. if you pull this, they hate freebies with no expectation that you're going to work. we all our way back to reagan where he talked about welfare queens and he was referring to that and it was a huge success for him to be the leader on that issue in the mid seventies. so i look, if the democrats passed this thing, it will be the worst thing for the country. whether it be even worse for the democrats, the democrats have to hope it all dies. and as roberts said, they can run on something else like, i don't know, i'm not trump, but i wanna tweet me real quick for i want to give you the last question on this one. you know, do you think progress is a you mentioned how concerned with mansion and cinema that was holding the party basically. but you know, wanting to extreme left of the part of those progressive has also made a mess. and this reconciliation bill that within the party, if they would have tried from the without the extremes, that it could have actually gotten past. because as of right now, there's no signs of this deal being made. or remember, this is a watered down version of the deal. the original proposal is 6 trillion dollars and
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we can double the size of it at the edge point. i don't think you're going to find any families who have been getting the enhanced tax credit for a $100.00 week for a child. since the middle of the summer will be a bit of a problem than most americans believe that. oh, bridging things, economic yet getting people off of restraints, move on to starvation, bring down child poverty are good things and why republicans are fighting to enable against them. because guess what? they never having problem corporate welfare. queens, they don't have a problem on most getting 3 trillion dollars from nasa or just being in team $10000000000.00 from the federal government. long as those welfare queens are right around their spaceship. that's fine. but god forbid, a little child gets a sandwich, is going to destroy the will nation. well, i think it comes out of the fact i go for probably i have a problem with a good welfare. i'll join you on that one. i agree with you. i would love to run a running tab of all the donations that go to jeff bases and eli mosque. i would love to see both parties because both of them i think, should be held accountable. unfortunately, we,
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the people are the ones that don't like it, but i do like the both of you and i really embrace that. you join me today for this conversation. now, chinese film about the 1900. these korean war is late in the box office globally, being out the latest james bond film in no time to die. and marvel, shane is she the legend of the 10 rings? and just 2 weeks since the battle of lake shame jane was released, it is brought in over $633000000.00 in earnings. one of the content of the film which has been described outsiders as a chinese propaganda film centered on a story of chinese soldiers defeating american troops, actually raises the question as at the chinese and now have crafted this formula of making propaganda really appealing to their masses to discuss your bringing writer and filmmaker shawn down, sean, i figured you'd be a perfect person for this topic. you understand how propaganda works and multiple different types of pop culture. and i want to do it, you know, style by saying, you know, politics influencing pop culture. nothing new. you pointed out all the time.
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however, how powerful do you think a movie can be as propaganda for a country? because it's being sold as entertainment, not necessarily a documentary. well, certainly, i mean, who are we to cry foul here and to accuse the chinese propaganda? hollywood does better than anyone. we did a documentary criteria to go hollywood d. c. showing the relationship of politics and also f, b i and cia and pentagon, paying for, for pillows, budgets 0 dollar 30 being a great example of a film made ca, complicity is not written at langley. so when it comes to the nature of storytelling, you can argue that going back to the origin of film with growth or one in world war 2 films. so many of those movies are propagandistic. but the same time, what is, you know, is it, is it meant with to, in a sense, to rally the people to, to feel like, you know,
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he's enthusiastic about their country. and that's what this minimum seems to be, because it's reminding the chinese of their victory in the korean war against the american and the un troops. which is true. i mean, hundreds of thousands of chinese, you know, did for across that line into north korea. they did defend the north korean country government that exists this day as a result of chinese intervention. so it is an historically accurate rendition of how historically accurate that's ultimately yet, like every film, right, it's up to, you know, interpretation of the actual events. and i'm sure this is done with grandiosity and it's obviously meant to entertain. but you know, it's interesting in historical perspectives that we, as hollywood in america, we have been the main storytellers for so long in the world. now you're executing other perspective, right? america was fighting against china north in the korean war. we may have forgotten that, but now china has the money and the wherewithal to tell their own version of events . and yeah, it's, it's kind of like it's all coming. it all comes full circle. now. imitation is the
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best form of flattery, i guess not necessarily in this case, if it's point the truth, but you know, i have to ask you on looking at the world events that we're dealing with right now . the timing of this. the fact that has anything to do with the growing tension between the united states and china was certainly it wouldn't be, you would have to wonder when the film was made. it would have been right around that time period when trump was pushing for trade with new trade agreements. and there were low tension here. recall that he was really being tough on china in a way that may be the, the current administration has not been nearly so so i think there may be out of that time period and the overall growth of the chinese economy through that 2010 i mean, become in the 2nd biggest economy in the world. chinese nationalism has been spiking patriotism, all these factors certainly would've played into the making of spell. well, and i am sure that something that obviously we're like everyone's getting who knows what holly will be putting out same time. sean,
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always great to talk with you. we got okay, that is offered a shout. in the meantime, i want you answer my question. i start off the show with what has nato done the past decade, that has been good for global piece and their initial theme and then initial reason for starting follow me on twitter at patty and hughes, leave your answer. use the hash tag team and vh. we will read it, we will definitely share it. and for this show and more down on the pro dot tv app, it's on your apple or android device. like always, it's going to be a busy week and we appreciate you to the news you choose to watch the like ah, oh, is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safer?
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isolation, whole community. are you going the right way? where are you being led? somewhere? direct. what is true? wharf is great. in the world corrupted, you need to descend to join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. when i see black manager i see part of myself, i was growing. young black america spoke to me what estrada did not have to say black lash magic is a movement. we are importing from america. no, nothing of who we are. i lived in a world where wide lives mattered,
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and i was not one ah, like with i wasn't known from black america. i learned how to speak back to whiteness. aboriginal people of iraq more every day we are out warded system. now with the police were out with she states, i'm scared that more children are gonna grow up in the country that think says no racism, but they're more likely to end up in the criminal justice system than there. although fellow friends in daycare joined me every thursday on the alex simon, she'll. and i'll be speaking to guess of the world politics sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. ah
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hollins, prime minister lashes out at brussels, accusing it of blackmail as the european commission chief threatens action against war. solve for rejecting european logs. we cannot, and we will not allow our common values to be to put at least the commission will actions. and the options are all known. british families through the government, over the deaths of their elderly relatives in last year's coping. wait, we hear from a nursing home physician who says the authorities broke their promises to cosmo. that being completely honest at the time, instead of people in nursing homes and town homes, been almost a forgotten loss which we still are. this is about what the government promised was .


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