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ah ah, top headlines with this our live on our t, the polish prime minister ups, the ante in a few with brussels accusing e u. leaders of you soaping power and harming democracy. form up british spy, christopher steel brakes cover. 5 years off the, his bombshell dossier on alleged trumpet, russia collusion which he now admits was, quote, not 100 percent accurate. the editor of germany is best known, tabloid build is fired over sexual misconduct. claims off of that brought to light by the u. s. media ah oh, tuesday,
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october the 19th and just after 8 am here in moscow. this is auntie international. very welcome to you. so the polish prime minister has accused e. you institutions, of you soaping power and threatening the union. my tire shop. what if he etzky issue that angry warning ahead of his speech to the european parliament? unfortunately, today we are dealing with a very dangerous phenomenon whereby various european union institutions usurp powers. they do not have under the treaties and imposed their will on member states . no less course live now to paris and our correspondence. charlotte dubin ski. a lawyer very good morning to you, the polish premier that ratcheting up the feud with brussels. can you explain just what's, what's happened? what's going on here? that's right. poland, set for this huge show down with the e u. this is tensions that have been building up for years now between the country and the e u institutions, but they really had a fire litany under them. recently this is after poland, top court issued
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a ruling saying that the country's own constitution had primacy over some you lost as infuriated, the top brass at brussels and emmy peas themselves, were we debating this subject later today? now they're so angry what they've demanded the european commission did, is hit the button on new powers that would allow the commission to withhold funding to poland funding with billions and billions upon billions of euro's and they're saying that those powers shouldn't just be used against poland. they should be used against countries like hungry too, because any piece accused these 2 countries of undermining their own democracies. but the polish prime minister, who's also due to speak on tuesday as hit back out saying that it's the new itself . that is an democratic we ought to be anxious about the gradual transformation of the union into an entity that would cease to be an alliance of free, equal and sovereign states, and instead become a single,
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centrally managed organism when by institutions deprived of democratic control by the citizens of european countries. now the polish prime ministers also warned the you needs to change. it weighs because it faces so many potential crises. he talked about a possible financial crisis, which he suggested because i the weaken or undermine the euro, to the point that it could collapse. and of course, there is this ongoing energy crisis in europe. now those new powers that the u commission has which any piece of demanding that he use a currently been challenged in the courts in the european union at the moment. and one legal end you has suggested that if our poland doesn't win its case, it's challenging. hungry is also challenging that, that the consequences of the use of this new power could be severe. not just for poland, but actually for the whole of the, you know, poland getting support from other quarters to including the outgoing german
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chancellor. this is anglo merkel. she said those demands by any piece to withhold those funds are actually quite saddening. and what she said needs to happen here is more high level discussion this yes or no. i think it is now time to talk in depth with the polish government. definitely about how we can overcome these difficulties . really quick. we have big problems, but my advice is to sell them and talks to find compromises. pl, mrs. lazar in madison. you know, now this fall out between poland and the e. u. i. it has led to many people, fearing that the country could be perhaps a step closer to its own. briggs to poll legs, it as it's being del, but in the media around the world. now that has led to white to protests in poland with people cooling for it's government to sort of tie up ad to make up with the you. and while a po, legs, it may not be immediately on the cards. what this really is showing is that the
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ease back is against the wall at the moment. and unless it takes clear and decisive action pretty quickly, there are fears that the whole order could crumble. oh, i don't use a charlotte who was good at live in paris. thank you. now, 5 years off the notorious trauma dossier shook the u. s. political system. its author has spoken out for the 1st time. in interview with the abc network, former british spy, christopher steele, defended his claims of trump. russia collusion while admitting that some parts of the document may have actually veered rather far away from the truth of a document was compiled in 2016 and contained details, or a detailed allegations i should say. of conspiracy between chums associates and the kremlin. and also some salacious details about donald trump. so suppose at escapades in moscow hotel room, now the f. b, i later published heavily redacted pages showing the agency had paid steel for his
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work, but cut him off was a sore softer. he disclosed his u. s. intelligence linked to that of a 3rd party a years on there are plenty of unanswered questions over the steel report and how it even came into being saudis, breath gasdio referrals. the steel dossier has been one of the most mocked derided but, but also talked about reports in modern political history. the spot being mostly dismissed as, as a work of fiction. it has just refused to die. and christopher steel is back again . hyping and defending. he's much maligned dossier. christopher still isn't. it isn't hero, is he traitor. crisper steals a guy who picked to fight with 2 presidents. donald trump and vladimir. and he's lived to tell the tale. mind the spoilers. there aren't any new revelations or
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perverted details as with the 1st dossier, no vis tom. chris tries to defend the dossier the multiple falsehoods and inaccurate season. make believe molly tries, unprepared to accept that not everything in the dosier is 100 percent accurate. i've yet to be convinced that that is one of them. yes, he says there are some things in my dos here that are literally made up, but he sticks, it seems by the p tape. his allegation that the russians film donald trump with urinating prostitutes. and he has a stella argument to back it up, prove me wrong. he says, you tell him that no one's ever seen the staple heard of it and that he's the only source ad. well, that doesn't convince chris, it hasn't needed to be released because i think the russians felt they'd got pretty good value out of donald trump when he was president of the us. the most remarkable
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thing in my opinion, is what steal dossier supporters. a saying they can't defend the dos here itself, it's at so full of holes and lies. so they've come up with a different method. it was the russians who painted the dossier by purposefully feeding christopher steele disinformation. it's very likely that the russians planted this information in and demand other information that may have been truthful because that's exactly again the way that they operate. the victims of christopher steel's reporting have also reacted michael cohen, who the dossier accused of secret meetings with a russians in europe. he had the f. b, i get involved. of course, they found no evidence of any such meetings ever taking place, but regardless mister co indeed react. he said that he was pleased that christopher steele had cruel that of the pop just long enough to make up
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a few more stories. i'm not too sure that everyone is as please abs crease. the once was quite enough. there's nothing groundbreaking in of course he's being, he's being interviewed by a very sympathetic, quote unquote journalist 3rd stephanopoulos has been an operative for bill clinton in the democratic party for a long time. so although looking at the mainstream coverage, this sort of rehabilitation of christopher steel seems to be seems to be coming around. you have to scratch our heads even the f b. i stopped using him as a confidential human in form of because i found that he was too unreliable. i think one very important aspect is the collusion of the u. s. mainstream media in this they absolutely fell down their jobs were expected. someone like steal to be a liar. we expected the people that hired him to be pretty dodgy people. of course, that's the case. but we did, we, at least once, would expect. i would have expected the u. s. mainstream media, u. s. media to have looked into some of these stories before reporting them as if
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they were fact 10 past the hour here in moscow, the editor of germany's best selling tabloid build has been fired, of allegations of sexual misconduct. the papers owners explain the move right after a story on judy no rac health appeared in the new york times. as the executive board has learned, julian, raquel still fails to maintain a clear boundary between private and professional matters, and has also been untruthful to the executive board in this regard. the executive board, therefore considers the termination of his office to be unavoidable. oil is learn more about this this morning here, and course like to berlin on his peter oliver. good morning to you. can you tell us more about these allegations against the germans? have lloyd boss and hm. i guess how his employers are dealing with well, monday morning judy and i helped was the most powerful news that it's in europe at 41 years old. on tuesday morning, he is out of
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a job peace had his contract with billed as the editor in chief, torn up by the the newspapers, parent company acts at spring a group. now the allegations and claims made against mister has he exploited his position of power in order to conduct consensual sexual relationships with junior employees. now that they sold came to light investigation by the new york times. and it's bob's interesting that this is come out in the us of publication because access spring, a group while they've just expanded their media empire from europe into the united states. it's nothing up for a while whopping $1000000000.00 the u. s. outlet politico. so the fact that they're operating more in the united states now seems to find them coming under a little bit more scrutiny. there was an internal investigation into mr. i
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held earlier this year. the investigation had decided that the allegations of abuse of power and drug use on company property weren't grounds for dismissal. however, they have now changed their minds all not following the publication of these revelations in the new york times. and now in the media all across europe. in all around the world, now me. so i held himself put out a short statement on monday in which he said, what i blame myself for, is that i have hurt people. i was in charge of both. perhaps the most interesting revelation in the articles that have come out is that this all could have come to light a long time ago. in fact, 2 previous investigations were crushed here in germany, one of the mis fall back is 2018. now these previous investigations, it seems got to the stage whereby mister light health and the access swing a group were being confronted with what they'd found. and the infer and says that
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once they were confronted with that pressure was then placed on the publishers involved in these investigative air journalists work. and most of those stories were ultimately killed. now the reaction or from the accel springer group to claims that really there was a hostile environment in the build newsroom. this is the, the, the biggest selling newspaper in europe, one of the most powerful media instruments in the world for a little bit of comparison. it's sometimes said to be quite similar to the, the sun newspaper in the united kingdom, but the response to this allegations, these allegations, these claims that there is a hostile environment for women in the build newsroom. well, it was to say that they're going to take out legal action against those that released these documents. now, some of the documents that were released, the transcripts from that internal investigation. one of the quotes from a woman who had says she had
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a relationship with mr. i held is that's how it goes. it build bose that sleep with the boss, get the better jobs. well, as i said, the reaction from the accel swing a group to this all coming to light is there going to go after those who have leak these documents? the company is taking legal action against 3rd parties who attempted to influence and instrumental eyes. the spring compliance investigation by unlawful means evidently with the aim of removing julian reich, held from office as well as damaging billed. and axel springer, lots of criticism here in germany, that it took a foreign publication to do it. but the genie does seem to be out of the bottle over. well, when it comes to these claims of a hostile working environment, it build and the business practices of accel, swing a group, one of the largest media organizations in the world, or at ortiz better all of our thank you very much. so british families who lost
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loved ones to cove 19 and last year's care home crisis. and i'll taking legal action against the government ortiz shot. you dusty folks on the case, 2 daughters who lost their fathers in cove at head cow homes at the start of the pandemic, are now serving the government. it's a landmark, actually not just in terms of a failure to protect the vulnerable responsibility for aggravating the risk while victory won't undo their loss. they hope it may help to protect others. i do not want anyone else to go through what we have been through as a family. i feel terrible guilt. i feel as though she was locked in to die. met hancock's protective freeing statement was a lie. the defendants have provided no evidence of measures to put a protective offering around care homes in just 3 months from march to june last year. some spouses here for living and care homes died from the virus and england
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and wales with some official reports blaming. so. 2 inconsistent, reckless and appalling government policies for the huge deaths all this weeks case against the department for health and social care, once it held to account this case will give thousands of families a sense that justice has been done. if we're, when, what happened to the residents of care homes in the pandemic was a national scandal. the government's approach to protect and vulnerable care home residents during the 1st wave of the pandemic is one of the most devastating failures in the morton era. rather than their home been a safe place, it became a breeding ground for a deadly disease. is the government that being completely honest at the time, instead of people in nursing homes and town homes been almost a forgotten lot, which we still are. but it's not about that this is about people's lives. this is about what the government promised was happening when it really wasn't. everybody
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was involved, it was treating this virus which is right, you say is on known virus and an unknown entity. who knows what we had to do or what we could have done differently. and these are things that we need to learn from. the goldman should have learned allies. i'm going to get you anything the failures surrounding her home. so one of the biggest scandals of the pandemic from mass discharge of elderly patients from hospitals to care homes without testing or isolation. and who can forget when the government says it happens wouldn't be affected at the beginning of the pandemic? a force. we now know that they were the worst effect earlier this year, and in till 12 of march, the government's own official advice was and i'm quoting from it, it remains very unlikely that people receiving care and a care home will become infected. it wasn't true that the advice set dot or government guidance published on the 25th of february of 2020,
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said twice. it was very unlike me. people receiving care and care homes will be infected. this advice was withdrawn on the 13th of march. a few months later, boris johnson tried to shift the plane, saying it was cat homes that didn't follow the rules. many didn't really follow the procedures in the way that they could have. so all this weeks cases, ultimately about 2 families such for justice, it runs far deeper, alleging a string of government blunders. but it may also end up serving as some small thought. as for all those who lost loved ones as a result of those very mistakes, i was the 10 people that we how did died. i could say that i was 99.9 percent. sure . sure that all of them died as a result of co of it. but i think we only how to 3 positive tests because that's all it was available at that time. and 2 of those were testing hospital and one was the walsh that i fall fall. we didn't our testing can homes. my hancock stood on
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television and quite often at 5 o'clock when he was doing the briefing with the prime minister. we as a nursing home, were stunned and watched this briefing with interest obviously to see what the changes were, what was happening on a daily basis to be to say, ma hancock stood in front of the camera, saying all care homes are now being tested. we weren't to tall, absolutely not. go to come here on our t as we approach the 2nd half of today's program, russia and it's post soviet allies of launch large scale military exercises in a g kissed on that story. and many others were back in about one minute. lou. ah, join me every thursday on the alex simon,
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sure. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm. gives rise to the i question about these crises and who's behind them? we had the sub prime crisis that resulted in many printing it that made the top get richer. we have the coldly crisis which has resulted in the top getting richer because of all the money printer. and we had a war in afghanistan go on for decades, which resulted in money printing in the top get richer, you know, and, and, and then you can get into the other, you know, into some other areas as well, really making some hard, making hard question. ah,
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you tuesday program like from moscow, some of the biggest joint military drills in recent years of now kicked off in tajikistan. and they are part of this you as planned exercises by the collective security treaty organization. the location for the drills near the afghan border is no coincidence with a region bracing for a potential spillover from the war torn nation reporting from the seen ortiz eco down off. some 4000 troops, 500 military vehicles, and 6 nations, all participating in day one. of what expected to become one of the most impressive and large scale military drills taking place here in the steps of a country that is sharing a more than a 1000 kilometer long border with garrison. tajikistan is a former soviet republic,
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now operating under the umbrella of the collective security treaty organization, a russia lead military alliance. the war games there will span out over the course of the week. ahead. and while the 1st day has been quiet, there's plenty of action to come. certainly, judging by previous drills, the location for the games. just 8 kilometers away from the border with of ghana. stan is not a coincidence. when the taliban grabbed power in cobble things got tense on this side of the border. when islamic state started to take advantage of the power vacuum, it got even more serious. general do not shy away from openly saying who the show
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is for. which in your miss and location for the drills has been chosen according to the practical tasks, the armies have to do. we choose with several rules in mind. firstly, we go by the logic, the more you sweat and piece, the less you bleeding was creating realistic conditions on drills, health armies to prepare for the real action, the real sites under the real conditions. it's a situation that's going to need some heavy duty war gaming and sure enough, over the next few days, pretty much all you'll hear here is the sound of every kind of gunfire imaginable. i'm a gosh darn was informed just on party the top us envoy to i've gotten astonished, stepping down less than 2 months off of the chaos. the military withdrawal and subsequent taliban takeover of this comes out of the us inspector general launches multiple probes into those events. as always, keller, bop, now investigate zel may calla zod. the top us representative for
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afghanistan has been announced to be soon resigning, and he will be replaced with thomas west who was right now serving as a deputy envoy for afghanistan. now zel mcallison has been very key in the events that took place of the last couple years. he oversaw the negotiations between the united states and the taliban. and cutter. that took place under the trump administration, leading up to the doe ha agreement between the united states and the taliban. this announcement comes as we find out that the inspector general for the state department will be opening an investigation into what went wrong in the pull out of the united states from afghanistan. we understand that diana shaw informed the u. s . congress that she'll be looking into 4 key areas of the chaotic withdrawal of the united states from afghanistan. first, the special immigrant visa program. also the afghans process for refugee admission
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in the united states, resettlement of those refugees visa recipients. as well as the emergency evacuation of the u. s. embassy and cobble this is part of the continuing fall out of the u. s . withdrawal from afghanistan, the world watched, as afghans were dangling from planes, billions of dollars of military equipment is left behind, all leading up to that bombing that took place at the airport. a lot of americans want answers about what went wrong and quite a bit of anger across the united states and how the biden administration handled things. lot of big questions being asked from both democrats and republicans. we will be anxious to hear what the inspector general has to say will be also anxious to hear what mr. callas odd has to say, as he will soon be stepping down from his position. we spoke with the anti war activist medea benjamin who doesn't think the scope of the investigation will be wide enough. unfortunately, i think the investigations will focus very, very narrowly on the exit itself,
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which was absolutely chaotic. will focus on things that need to be looked at, like the drone strike that killed 10 people in the family, including 7 children. when are we going to look at and, and, and try to learn the lessons about invading and occupying other countries. and then i think there is a lesson of how do you leave when a country is dependent for the vast majority of its entire budget on foreign aid. how do you just pull the plug and not expect that there will be either a civil war? or there will be a breeding ground for extremist groups like al qaeda. and i says, so i would hope that it would not only be backward looking, but forward looking, but i, i don't have great confidence in that. i think one of the most frustrating things for cultural side was that the corrupt government in afghanistan, that the u. s. had supported for all these years was unable to really come to the negotiating table and deal with the taliban was unable to form
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a strong government that had popular support. and now there will be another relationship, but it's unclear. i how this relationship would precede, vienna's nude artwork is proving to be a bit too risque for social media platforms. galleries and the austrian capital have been hit by a string of bands on facebook, instagram, and tick tock. so that now opened an account on only funds, which is mainly known for its adult content. now these are just some of the work steam to we're feeling for the major platforms. so now for institutions, the alba tina museum, the leopold museum, the art history, museum of natural history, museum of all signed up to only funds the al patina museums press officer daniel benny has explain them was not a good project because we had an experience that was not always easy,
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a community in the social media, and that was our experience since a few years as well. i don't know really why there is the censorship. i know it are maybe some algorithm or something on the engines that is not allowing it. i think it's not about an algorithm to define or to sensor or should be seen or not. and then we saw that it would work on only fence and if it's working there, why don't try it. one of the starkest cases of our censorship happened in 2018 when facebook deleted images posted by the austria natural history. museum, branding them pornography. they showed a 25000 year old paleolithic figurine, known as the venus of villain, dove. and daniel been yes. again, things the dispute rate is broader questions of a who decides what art is?
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it was also the aim saying it's not about the social media platform to decide what are, what would be considered as nudity has been part of some culture since the roman empire since the greek and everywhere where there is a mankind. and there is also a sum of massive pieces of odds that shows nudity. we just question who is going to the side is, what is about to be shown or not. and we think it should not be an algorithm. and the story continues right now. it r t dot com. so that wraps up the program for this half hour. here were an auto international that was already fast turning into a busy tuesday for your headlines. we are back the top of the blue.
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oh is your media reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safe for.


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