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engaged also, we were told there was an energy crisis. maybe this is part of the great ah, russia 9 says and to suspend their work. gov. it's permanent mission to nato in brussels from november. first. the measure is a response to nato's decision earlier this month to expel 8 russian definitely. also coming up on the program this our ready for action. russia fills one section of the nord stream to pipeline with natural gas on awaits that final green light from regulators to start supplying europe and says that you, commissioner warns energy poverty on the continent is set to rise, tortured on jail for 17 years without trial. we explored the case of a pakistani national, who still in guantanamo despite being cleared for release after it's emerged he
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being mistaken for a terrorist under former researcher at google accuses that tech giant of using racist algorithms. tim, that gab bruce spoke to ortiz going underground. there's lots of it and i think all right, a lot of add a p i that automatic automated page on that is tools. ah, just after mindy and brazilian 10 pm in bangkok on 6 in the evening, here in moscow this monday, october, the 18th. welcome to the news our on our t. russia is pulling the plug on its permanent mission to nato. the complete suspension of its operations is in response to the alliance, kicking out a number of russian diplomats for
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a legit spine ortiz were among culture of those more russian foreign minister made the announcement on monday saying that says, starting on november 1st, moscow will completely suspend the operations of its mission to nato, and from now on any emergency communications between the u. s. lead block and russia will be done through the russian embassy in belgium. while an ambassador, alpha nato member states in moscow chosen by the alliance, can perform similar functions. here in russia, so this gone to just 2 weeks after nato announced that it would expel a russian diplomats for a legend, undisclosed espionage at its brussels headquarters. and that should be in effect on the 1st of november as well. well, according to the russian foreign ministry, it became yet another move on naples behalf to use the so called russian threats as a unifying factor for the alliance. and another reason to remain in international
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demand is here from the russian foreign minister. newkirk will will use new but it u. 0. explanation was given for the expulsions. and a few days before the announcements we met with mister stoughton bug in new york. he stressed that nicer had a sincere interest to normalizing relations with russia, so as to de escalate tensions on the european continent cuz we weren't particularly surprised by the decision. what is it all confirms that nicer is uninterested in equal dialogue or joint work. sir dale ever of added that the nato information bureau and moscow will also be shut down as a result. why? meanwhile, the nato international secretary, it has already been notified and the russian foreign ministry statement added that it is not expecting any shift in relationship with nato. in the near future, rushes taken a major step towards a reading the north stream to pipeline to pump natural gas to millions of european
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homes. the 1st of 2 sections has not been filled to the require pressure. the operator added work is underway to fill the rest of the network, which links russia to germany via the baltic sea. the pipeline not only needs final approval from german regulators. the comes of europe is script by an energy crisis with gas prices recently passing and all time high, much of the media has pointed the finger out russia for that to despite moscow honoring its gas contracts and promising to boost supply or to surely do pinsky takes off the story. well, more concern here in the you over a possible winter crisis because of this increasing cost in energy, particularly gas so much so that the ease own labor commissioner is warning that this winter, many more people could be pushed into fuel poverty. there are already millions of
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people suffering from energy poverty, and that number could increase the commission could help e u. countries to limit the effects of the current high energy prices on people. but it was primarily up to national governments to take action. already we understand that around 2700000 households across the block are facing difficulties in reasonably heating that home. and those are individuals who are in jobs at the moment. so that figure doesn't include pensioners. it doesn't include students and it doesn't include the unemployed to the actual figure is far higher than that. and while some e member states have already taken measures to try and shield the most vulnerable form, these price increases. other politicians are rather looking to point the blame elsewhere, and the finger is wagging towards russia with many saying that russia is responsible for this crisis that been countless. i'd magazine articles, debates on tv and radio, and even front covers all suggesting this just like this recent front cover in
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germany on the focus magazine are, which says that putin, his cast off energy to germany, that a, he's waging a war and he's raising the prices using gas as a weapon? well, that has baffled some in germany, including the countries outgoing chancellor angler merkel who is not somebody known to min. so rhodes, as the script kiner to my knowledge, there are noses the russia has said, we will deliver it to you, especially not with regard to the pipeline in ukraine. russia can only deliver gas on the basis of contractual obligations. and not just only like at the moment russia supplies around 50 percent of the use gas. and during the pandemic that did taper off a little bit. but when it said that the supplies are back to normal at the moment, and there was some, unless you say, you know, this is nothing to do with russia. this is all a problem that has been made by the
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e. u itself until a few years ago. the european energy market was very stable, characterized by 10 to 15 year gas contracts with russia. but then brussels wanted to introduce more flexibility with you along to him con trucks to reduce its dependence of russian gas. that by increasing price volatility and feeding the current crisis, or that decision has seen companies having to via for gas on the open market, meaning that lead beating competition with other markets such as the asian market. and it's just not that that some see is the problem. others have pointed the idea towards the fact that the e u is pushing too fast, too hard to move to green energy sources at the same time. it's not done enough to get those sources working while it's been aggressively shutting down gas fields domestically. and it's been taxing heavily carbon fueled power station, all of which, which is contributed to this issue. so possibly not as sexy is pointing the blame
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at russia and saying that president putin is waging a war on europe. but it does seem as if that is the reality of many of the problems that europe is facing ahead of this possible winter of discontent. charlotte dubin speed sickness through that? well, i am delighted to welcome into the studio with me thomas foss, bender, journalist, and author, to give his tick good to see you again, thomas. good. that hind to having me. russia, i think we've spoken up before, is continually accused of using gas supply as, as leverage when even the likes of chancellor merkle current, chancellor merkel, for at the next time at least, has said that moscow has never violated his contractual obligations. why then does the blame game go on? is it primarily media driven, or is there more to it other state level? i'd say it's mainly media driven. it is part of,
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of you can already see vendetta and to russian vendetta that has been going on building up in among german, certain german media over the past 2 years. and it is really boring on the absurd because the same media who for years maintained the position that we don't need a 2nd pipeline or stream and that the board and see we don't need any more rush, i guess the u. s. will supply us with their freaking guess l n g at emperor the volumes. now they are throwing, throwing the, the blame game at russia and really being offended. why doesn't russia, why doesn't gas from supply us with more guest? so that's why i say it's sort of absurd. yeah. instead of asking, why doesn't the us supplies with more and g? yeah, because we have the terminals, you have has the terminals already. the blame has been thrown at russia and i'd say that most of the fact checks that i've been seen, the reality checks and b, b, c,
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and other western media. they come to the to the conclusion that in fact, there is a certain reluctance on the russian side to supply spot market, additional spot market volumes. but there are also objective retreat restrictions in terms of what amounts of guess additional guess you can supply through the bellows through the ukranian pilots. because it is not like that. that is the picture given in the way that in the west that russia can easily determine what any guess can be sent through in the pipeline. it is that makes for a nice, saucy headline as well. of course one rushes in. it doesn't that we heard as well, thomas, the labor commissioner, warning of energy, poverty line that we're hearing quite a bit recently. because of when you're ready, difficult situation for millions of people at high prices is the worst yet to come
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. in your opinion, it is still, it is still going to get worse because the situation as such is absolutely serious . for 2, for 2 reasons. one economy did not expect the to pick up speed as soon as, as it does after the corona crisis. plus european gas supply is a bias of russian and other gas volumes did not expect, did not fill up after the cold winter did not fill up their reserved probably. they expected the 2nd after rather, luggage corona year. and now we are in a situation where china imports 20 percent more l n g gas compared to last year, where prizes really go uprising where of course, american l n g guess goes to the far east. the far east is driving the prices. europe has read, has reduced, tried to reduce their dependence on russian gas, russia, russia has, and also,
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europe has tried to increase the cheap portion from, from water, from wind and solar. can i just pick you up and bring policies? is becoming an expensive past time. if i can put it like that for consumers in europe, they have to pay for what people in government want to pursue. this 0 emissions will be done for it when they know that they can just see their bill is getting bigger and bigger. and will the government's continue to push the green transition to think of them as lew surely push the good. the green transition been with us, and i truly, i'd say this is that this is a global phenomenon. even even china as pushing or is it the did the change so regularly managing rationally the speed? yes. question question is absolutely. what will the population say? how will they react? because we are now at the gasoline prices in germany, close to 2 euro, or to euro that the diesel prizes are higher to day higher than they have ever been
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. it's an absolute record diesel prices and germany. and most of the prize much more than half is taxes. it's not, it's not the few price. so there will come pressure on governments to reduce tax the tax load on the other side. green politicians with pressure governments to keep up the tax loads because they say it may be, it may be a hard for populations, but that is the way the objective wave we have to go. so it's going to be a very tough negotiations of over the next coming coming years and how we are, how we reconcile the interests of population, sir, not to drop out drop into energy poverty and to enjoy certain energy freedom and the interests of those who want to preserve the climate and fight climate change. can i briefly just our been where does and what string to come in to that? when asked him, so we have here we have the observed situation that people her, that her european con, guessed consumers suffer under high gas prices. that we have an additional vault
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volume of 55000000000 cubic meters per year, which is physically installed. the licenses are not yet given for geopolitical reasons. there is a fight against giving the licenses, so there is a geopolitical lobby who fights against getting this additional volume on on line. while at the same time, gast consumers in europe are made. yeah. victim a victim. stormy victim, sir, have to suffer because of geopolitical interests of some of their governments. it is observed is 2nd time i use this word observer that we have this edition of. actually rushes is filling the gas pipeline with gas, physical pipeline with gas for the 1st time right now. so if of course, western governments, german government would ease the licensing process. now this could be online, available for consumers in a couple of months, weeks, months, but she could geopolitical interests fighting against that. thomas,
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while we have you here, and i know that you have been a close follower of what's happening as regards russia, nato. and at what happened today, can i get your thoughts or not? how significant a move is russia suspending its permanent mission to nice. so in brussels? well, it isn't in a joke. and knowledge meant of deteriorating western russian relations and use you should see it in together. with what happened in february, when at the meeting of joseph boyle, the 4 in the 4 for a minister, you could say you and said he left off in moscow. it was a meeting in a very bad atmosphere and level of of said that basically russia could hold to leave. it could also stop the e, you, russian cooperation. so we have now the 2nd bilateral form it, the only left here, nato, russia, the 2nd bilateral, russian, west, and foreman, which is basically taking out of function. it isn't the knowledge meant that the,
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the multi lateral multi letter formats between russia and the west are not working anymore. and both sides and knowledge that otherwise the, the needle would not have expelled the, the diplomat diplomat. and with that in mind, then do you think they, they were, this doesn't come as a shock to them what russia did today? i think it's, it's basically a both the fight bilateral and knowledge meant of things do not work anymore. probably the need to look at this from a point of view as saying what we lose more or through the intelligence activity of possible rational intelligence members than we gain by keeping this, this platform alive. and the russians onset in kind. basically they said ok if you, if you consider this, this platform is no longer workable and sense, but let's cut it off. full stop. and then we continue on on the bilateral level,
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which is probably what we have to see for, for the coming, for the coming years. the easy ration problem is mainly driven by the ration perception of that the has no voice at all the need to the relation to need to is driven by the ration perception as what we can speak to the us alone. what do we need to? what do we need need to us is, is the size of the voice anyway. you would expect the other time, when tensions are high. there has been a low between relations with the, with the you and rush it that know when nato and russia speak, they have to go through rushes. ambassador in belgium, that's not going to be ideal. surely. formerly, absolutely not. the task is now for both sides. if they want to avoid further escalation to build up informer connections behind the b b on the corridors and
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behind behind the wall. that's the only way, the former, the former corporation, formal dialogue does not work in the way it was intended 102030 years ago. we clearly see that both sides are not interested in all out conflict. so what we need is that both sides develop informal, almost private, non state connections where those build up trust between individual people related to the political elites on both sides, experts, can we, politicians can be diplomats, but on informal missions. just finally then, and the overall scheme of things is it as bad as you can remember in terms of relations between the you and, and russia. and this just clarifies it not since the end of the cold war. and i would say that even before the end of the cold war, we had much more, at least from germany and point of view. we have much more established informal trust base dialogue and connections,
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at least since about 970. it will probably back in time as, as almost as bad as, as a 90 sixty's. ok. and thanks very much for coming on the program and sharing your views in a whole range of issues there. pick your brain from pillar to post, but thank you and tom, the thing that foss, bender, journalist and author live in our international busy news monday today. let's move on after being tortured and held captive for 17 years of pakistani national has finally been cleared for release from america. guantanamo bay prison in cuba. that might sound like good news for him, but being clear doesn't actually mean he walks free. it's all happening despite washington admitted. he should never have been detained in the 1st place or senior correspondent rock gusty of can tell us why. mohammed rabbani is one of want animal base, longest serving inmates 17 years and one month he has been locked up in get
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mo, by all accounts, innocent, never charged with any terror related offences. never bored to trial. once a taxi driver, his crime was that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. on september, the 10th 2000 t pakistani authorities arrested to individuals believe to be has ankle and his driver outside the apartment complex. by september, the 11th 2002, it was determined that an individual named mohammed acc, mad, glamour of bunny or sinners, abu bader and his driver, were arrested and not ass and go. the awful irony here is that the real her son, gall bin laden's messengers, he's known, who rabbani was mistaken for was captured and handed over to the cia in 2004. he was later released in 2007 went back to his old ways and was killed in
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a drone strike. and still mohammed rabbi the is serving someone else's time in guantanamo the years. and the presidents came and went. they admitted that the arrest was a case of mistaken identity, and yet he is still there. guantanamo is all about lies, hypocrisy and broken promises. they promised me that they might let me out for a review of my detention, but that came to nothing. you can almost track his tragedy in released cia and pentagon documents. he was initially tortured at the sole pit and atoria cia jail in afghanistan, where terrible things were done to inmates to extract confessions, raw body was allegedly identified as the man mentioned in several cia torture memos who was hung by his wrists in arm chains. and who attempted to amputate his own hands to stop the pain being cleared for release may be
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a personal victory for him. but in practice, in bond on them obey. that doesn't mean anything. one of my clients, homes, hotel california, it me, you can check out. but you can never leave for men. are stu there though? they were cleared over 10 years ago, but at least we're now going to be arguing about when he should go home, rather than whether, what little joy and hope there is to be had. this is knowing that he has a son waiting for him, a son who was born after his arrest and about whom he only found out when the boy was 6 years old. just imagine life would be like for your family without your father. just imagine what it would be like if your father was at guantanamo, how could they ruin 20 years of someone's life? there is no way of knowing when the e for a body will be released and what he will make of a world of a life that he was deprived of by mistake. the scars from torture, the,
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the trauma from long years of isolation, the stigma of being a guantanamo inmate will always stay with her body as will memories of war and terra's churning merciless military bureaucratic machine that even upon realizing its mistake, took years to correct it. the former us secretary of state colin powell has died the age of 84. he passed away on monday morning with the cause of death stated as colbert 19 complications. powell was one of the most prominent figures in us politics for many years serving under multiple presidents during his long career. he was appointed state secretary in 2001, becoming the 1st black individual to serve in the post. the 4 star army general also held the highest move tree position in the u. s. first on der george bush senior. now, there were controversial moments in his tenure at the forefront of american
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politics to perhaps most notably his 2003 addressed to the un power made the case for the us invasion of iraq holding up a vile of white powder to insinuate the country had weapons of mass destruction, he was widely accused of telling the assembly, misleading, or right lies. i'm citing fabricated. intel hey, survived by his wife and 3 children a former a i research read google has accused the tech giant of rump and surveillance, specifically targeting ethnic minorities. tim, nets, brew left google last year she said she was fired for writing an article, exposing racism in the tech, joins algorithms. google though insists the researcher resigned. get bruce spoke to ortiz going underground will be airing the full interview throughout the day. here's part of it. what is on this vehicle? it? there's lots of it call right? a lot of of
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a p eyes that sell automate automated facial nest is tools. we showed that they were much there. they had much higher error rates for darker skinned women than lighter skinned men. this is with ignition. yeah, yeah, and that's spurred a lot of movement because a lot of people have been worried about surveillance related technology anyway. so that spurred a lot of movement to ban some of these at the use of some of these technologies by law enforcement, because they're mostly used to surveil a lot of marginalized communities. and so for me, that's unethical, a palestinian, he wrote good morning on facebook, and it was translated to attack them. and people didn't even see the initial didn't check to see what he initially wrote. they wrote, they saw the translation and they arrested him. so this was a google translate era,
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this was, this was a facebook translating for the underlying technology of large language. did they all use large language model? so what we were saying was sometimes when you have machine translation, you get these cues when you have when, when you have errors, right? you can see that the grammar is not quite right. you can see that something is wrong. but with these large language models, you can have something that sounds so fluent and coherent, and it's completely wrong. so you only with these companies. but why would these companies visiting? there's no malice. there is a mistake in the algorithm and in the, in the software engineering, why would they seek to minimize the publicity given to papers that showed these areas so that they could, i went in. i would disagree that there is no malice, these large language models because fume a lot of compute only the people with these kinds of huge compute powers are going
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to be able to use these large anguish models. and that leads to what we talked about as being environmental, racism, that people who benefit from large language models are not the people who are paying the cost me. cobit numbers are again causing concern. if not public in russia, with almost a 1000 people dying from the fires within the past, recorded 24 hour period r t correspondence. dummy armstrong can tell us more. it seems like a one grim record after another. i have a set or smashed as regards covey. cases in russia, the over 34000 that's been reported in the past 24 hours is a new high for daily covey cases that comes after figures released on saturday. that confirmed the death toll in russia from cove, it had to pass 1000 for the 1st time since a virus emerge, that's 1000 daily deaths. the worst hit area, of course,
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has been the most popular. the capital moscow about 5 days now had been over 6000 daily covey cases. now, despite those figures were not expecting any luck downs, that could be returned to some light measures. some temporary measures, such as the q r code for attendance, 2 bars and restaurants. some restrictions on attending lodge, despite those figures that were not expecting any lockdown, president putin had said to region will make that decision to bring in measures to combat the rising covey cases. criminal spokesman to meet you, pass code has said that the population has every opportunity to go out and get vaccinated. 31 percent. now, there is a population that have gotten a vaccine around 45300000 russian people announce recently the in moscow 30 express coven vaccine stations had been set up in the city. the population being to
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go out and get the job that will be locked down. of course. as long as the hospital workers can deal with the flow of coven cases, for now the way out of the situation and to stop those records being broken is very much inoculation rather than lock downs. and i want to bring you this well, a sense of the situation in italy coded passes are not mandatory for all workers. there are sparking angry protest nationwide, including the port of tree assets in very ne of the country police resorted to water account in here to remove demonstrators who are blocking access to the shipping hub to qualify for the new co pass. you need to be vaccinated. how been negative p c r test or have recovered from the virus in the last 6 and 40 percent of the workers out the transport currently don't have a pass. without it,
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they face being laid off. well, if you'd like a deeper dive into any of this, our stories are t dot com. how's you covered? well, worth some of your score in time today. i'm going to leave my friend on join me every thursday on the alex simon. sure. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world politics sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then 3 rather dismissal supposedly within the daniels purely a little shift with the rest of the missile castile is the other month because more used to with assumable. i just needed to ask you about it because i just food, say the name and then you would get these images. but it goes up as good as the
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supposed supposedly good. my dear.


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