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ah ah, and the 1st ever space fill in crude returns to earth, a russian movie director and an actress are back from 12 days of shooting only international space station will bring you the moment up to london itself. reactions to the historic flight in this hours special coverage. to be honest, i feel a little sad today with such a thing happens once in a lifetime, though. so he was cool. who was like a roller coaster and we were just enjoying it or corresponding witnesses that moment firsthand as well, reporting from the landing site in context on us to prove touched on on sunday morning i. this is for film director clincher panko. save hands down just came from the space on the mark or top stories of the
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week. vladimir putin rejects claims that russia is weapon, anything or withholding natural gas europe, brothels with high prices. the president also stated moscow will do supplies in the you if asked about the blog, had brought the crisis on that so ah, with the top stories from the past 7 days and right up to the moment developments as well. this is the weekly and artsy locum, we start with are special coverage. all of a trio blazing russian film cruise returned to earth from the international space station actress tuleya per sealed on director clim ship and go spent a total of 12 days on board. the i assess making the world's 1st movie shot in orbit. ah
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ah. so it's another cosmic ball. so the soviet union sent the 1st person into space, and russia is not picking up the baton with another historical moment in time making a movie in orbit. here's the moment the crew. ready aid their return to earth. oh so that it was cool. who was like ro across to and we were just enjoy it. everything was sparkling outside the window. we had a lot of fun with when our flight was nearly over, we didn't want to return ness. it's such a thing happens once in a lifetime with
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and our correspondent company rush cough got that chance to witness the historic landing on the ground in cows extent on was indeed among the very 1st to interview the star travelers. alice, they set foot back on terra firma. ah, if you our lab before we can find, let me know that they have already on dr. nashville. say that me, but they already somewhere i padding back a dad why door? the landing spot know me. we know the landing location in berry, so now we're gonna lie around. i feel we can actually see that as standing module and wait until it touches down
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with well, as you can see, the capitol is on the ground. the crew is still inside, but we've been told that they're feeling. all right. somebody is speaking with the crew right now. so history has been made a russian professional to the makers that just went into space, but also safely returned to earth. with footage for their 1st ever feature movie that has sort of shaken in actual space. the whole crew are treated like heroes. with all this is film director, clincher, benco,
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safe and sound just came from the space. the international space station is 400 kilometers above the earth surface and a returning spacecraft usually covers the distance in 3 hours. for the most part it's free fall and the speed can reach 120 meters per 2nd. extreme acceleration, baird, with gravity taking in, put the crew on her enormous physical stress. nonetheless, she benco's seemed in high spirits. and those are she. i said, those are good. were susan wiggling, although olga bullock though, wish that she could you be the glue? the qu applause, marguerite, she's working on one of the closure. my daughter, her mom excrete, knows what she knew by the own ling bullet, doro, a moon garcia, room of sheer 3, or more carefully. so that with him you to click the blue showing but useful if you go to choose to initial the caller and you get which one you can use with ice cream . got it. of course, most why don't i shing bullets have shown like us, me just go show us as early as i showed him. there's even
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a question on that was actress eli brazil has just received flowers. both you lead a seal and cosmo, not alex lisky, had to act even before the laughter capsule. the landing location turned into a film set for one of the closing scenes of the movie about a doctor who sent into orbit to perform surgery after that very sealed, who plays the lead role left her autograph on the capsule that not only brought her back home to day, but also sent her acting career sky work from now on. she is the 1st actress filmed in space in oklahoma that she, she got i saw a glow scott sensuously patterson. sure. but can you feel legal with no, with talking with them. and now the renowned russian actor of lady mary mush scoff who played commander greeting the crew on the ground, sat the movie is a big leap forward for the world's film industry for yet. and i saw my back in my little macros. the e voice seemed katara on hightail, taurus, nature coarseness,
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in order to get his ill or as yet no young as lo. yeah, getting additional nischelle because i can reach out to me directly smugly at this deal. which of the social i mean we're close with. um we sure no i'm not going to do so but i was calling for legit me up. she left early. he's like a buddhist wish you religion? no much as digit. i'm city educator. miss me out of michel, lift jim store. i better get a noti zoom. is that? oh miss thorne, yachts, nelly, you straight to the right spot sent off of the plan. you'd only give them to the error, or let's get a closer look at the capsule. just look how actually burnt it is right here. guess when the capsule hurdles, through earth's atmosphere at a temperature outside riches, up to 2000 degrees celsius and it feels like you are inside a fireball. the mission is also a large drive forward for the russian space program, which made space travel possible for 2 non cosmetic after just 4 months of training
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. and it's more than space tourism. it's about professionals from different areas and not just career, cause menard's been able to go into space and do their job, meet acting, or something else. as, as the head of russia, space agency to biddable myrtle putting up with you bulls beside the scope of them . but that it was not to be to the cutterson almost done us bothered with silver which up but i am but a good plan, but don't some of you all a cup, but i am putting up to him, but that he was good percentage when i left her alone, but got to him a plan. ah, there is a lot of food for thought in the month to come about that, but for now everyone here including us, is just extremely excited to witness something that will definitely go down in history. as in a rush about reporting from as a stand on there. so use craft named after the 1st person in the space eureka garden on doc from the international space station at $415.00
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a. m. moscow time. on sunday. the descent took 3 and a half hours on the phone. crew has not been flown back to the russian capital where they were reunited with their loved ones. as you can imagine, there were emotional scenes at the airport per se held, and she panko will now have to spend just over a week in rehabilitation, while the commander of the crew will be under supervision for a month us. he spent 160 days in orbit, so it is indeed a unique moment for russia. it's space industry on the world of cinema. you can see our full coverage of they historic landing on ortiz youtube channel here. some though, of the highlights of the crews whole adventure. ah, ah, the soviet union was 1st to send a dog into space, then they sent the 1st man and woman. and now russia is aspiring to get another 1st, and that is filming a feature movie in orbit an actress and
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a film director spent 12 days of the international space station shooting scenes for that space drama. let me introduce you to the crew of this historic flight julia pettis sailed. right here is a russian film star and stage actress. she has appeared in dozens of films and tv series, and she's also a founding member of the charity foundation gulch, and knock, which helps children with disabilities. she's also the mother of 2 daughters right now to the film's director, who also works as a producer and a writer as well. a movie make a through and through mr. clim ship panko. now he's the father of 3 and was recently behind several successful movies in russia including that of salute. cm more salute 7. now on a lighter note, she pancho's already set a bit of a record in space because he's not a small man. in fact, he is the tallest russian to ever get into space and go to the international space
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station ah, in his little groups else is on us. you've ruined middle grades, and ah, so much with ah, it's remit nasir mutually put dial. it may be leonor manure. good nor gustavo. yeah, it would cheat. museum company usually is not just suki at that. eden omnia for you
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. linear unethical. noticed all of these are you all, could you? if i had them all the way is which you you should know them, you got to some when you most could voice are pretty easily. qu, voicemail, so ah, no, she's ashley mitchell b. yeah. he goes to the jeff vignette on lloyd value with the last mug room line you buy yes to partner with
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. when you look at archer panko and pedestal, during this pre flight training, of course it was an expedited 4 month course, but they all went through all. i guess you could say the checks and balances that are required for a cosmopolitan trading. they all passed with flying colors, but when you see them experimenting there in 0 gravity, i mean, it looks a bit of a bumpy right. to be honest with you, but let's take a look now and what set to be the 1st ever feature film made in space. now the movies working title is that of the challenge. now it tells the story of a surgeon played by pedestal, who is sent to the international space station to perform life saving hot surgery on a customer who's actually played by real life commander only. nope, it ski who is as we speak, guiding the film proved back home. now there were 3000 applicants vis lee to roll, and not all of them were professional actresses at all. well,
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obviously space travel can be a very risky business that back in 2018. there was a saw you is rocket failure. that happened right off the lift off. and luckily the crew kept that cool and they came away unscathed after an emergency landing. as we understand that have been no accidents since. now, one of the trickiest aspects of space travel is not the landing. and here is how that is done a with,
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[000:00:00;00] with, with, ah, well, okay. i there is a lot of like growing anticipation tension over here. and of course, a lot of excitement. i can tell you that a lot of people are here. are filming crews that many, many journalists,
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and of course of family members of those at the actress university seats and to film director and film producer claim she panko, they are family members and friends are also here supporting them, their return and em here joined life by the yacht, mother, mother, alpha clean as well as his sister. thank you so much for being here with us. i know you've been here for a long time already. how do you feel? no, well, style in it, but we were tired of. and before they went on the flight, it's challenging, emotionally. we support them and watch them on their screens behind us. we are very excited and when to send positive energy to them so they can withstand everything. it was an absolutely amazing experience. we had a call from the i assess from space. it's just like a science fiction movie. i think this whole experience is a great moment of joy for them. and of course, for us, another film crew making its way home. now isn't this special for just being the
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1st to shoot this movie in space or their pre flight training? it took only 4 months compared with the minimum 2 year old deal for cosmo to do it properly. now julia had a sealed and claim chapin co past that medical and fitness exams with flying colors . and another 1st for the trip is that the saw use spacecraft is being operated by just one command at this time without the help of a professional flight engineer. and it's all seen as helping make commercial space flight ever more viable. as far as we understand, tom cruise is very disappointed in this because in the past year or so, tom cruz announced the next mission impossible movie will be i will be working with nasa and a lot of musk and we filmed in space. but guess what? tom cruise, you know, just a bit too late. the russians got that 1st. it's not a matter of having some cases for everybody. pet sales and ship hanging. well, we put on to 2 private jets. they'll be whisked back here to the moscow region. where for a few weeks,
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they have to be monitored. that help has to be checked before cuts down. we've got a touch down right here. well, it's a resounding success here with our t international and for all those involved in this amazing feature film project, the 1st feature film being filmed in space while the russians are now back on terra firma. and it's a, basically, a case of mission accomplish the incredible stuff. let's move on to more from the week that was then let me put and how's rejected, claims that russia's using natural gas as a weapon and driving prices. speaking out the russian energy week for him, he also pledged to supply more gas if europe requested the president's rest. the importance of the no completed north stream to pipeline under the baltic sea, which is still awaiting the final green light from german regulators to process the seattle. but as far as north stream to is concerned,
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what opponents of the project have claimed that this is not a commercially viable product and rushes pursuing geopolitical motivations. well, you know, this is yet another piece of nonsense. just please pay closer attention to what i'm saying. this route is 2000 kilometers, shorter and quicker to our main consumers in europe than via ukraine. easy. 2000 kilometers more efficient. it's cheaper because transit is cheaper. and it's also cheaper for customers because the transit fee has to be included in the end price in particular for european customers. we are doing this despite our political differences. this year we have increased supply by 10 percent eating, that we would very much like them to be grateful. instead of only criticizing us more news. so we are passionate. vladimir putin, there are correspondent ellie, but trinket was covering russian energy week 1st in moscow. here just recap of wednesdays, eventful opening day. first, a quick look into the context of lot of my food was latest remarks during the
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russian energy week. the global post coven power demand has been on the up, and that led to major changes and the supply chains, 2 major disturbances and even shortages. now, the prices for natural gas futures in europe have absolutely skyrocketed. they went down a bit. but in the meantime, russia was being accused of politicizing the matter and for years this country has been under fire for its infrastructure projects in the field like the north stream to. however, this crisis led to reassessment and this is what the russian leader has been talking about for a while. and he also brought up what he called mistakes and the european energy policy that led to the christ. i guess the higher prices on gas in europe, or consequence of a deficit of energy and not vice versa. and that's why you should not shift the blame over the last 10 years. step by step systematic flaws were introduced into the european energy system, and they lead to
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a massive energy crisis. for any market, stability and predictability are important. and russia flawlessly fulfills its contractual obligations to our partners, including our partners in europe. we in short guaranteed uninterrupted gas deliveries to europe. we have every reason to believe that this year we will reach record levels of gas deliveries on the global market. when prices are volatile when they're going through the roof, what can help with that extra supplies? president prudent said that there was not a single occasion when russians entered you, joined gas from refused request from europe for additional natural gas exports. and what mr. brewton was asked a straightforward question whether moscow has ever used the energy sector as a political weapon. his answer was straightforward. no, want to ask you about it directly. has russia been using energy as a weapon? russia's not using any weapons. if you've been paying attention as for the economy,
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where are we using weapons and what conflicts are we taking part and for the economy? this is not something we tend to use. this is what i call a politically motivated talk, which there's nothing to support it. when it comes to saying that we use energy as some kind of weapon at the end of the day, i guess the question is, how can you expect europe to believe you're a reliable energy partner when you're not supplying that energy via the pipeline? or she was if you're a beautiful woman, but i'm saying one thing to you and you're saying a different thing to me as if you haven't heard what i said, mister president with what was the same point was you and you said that you are not supplying gas through pipelines to europe, but actually you are mistaken. you are mistaken. and all of those who feed on the information they receive, we are actually increasing our supplies to europe because prom increase supplies by 10 percent. and overall russia increase them by 15 percent. we have increased gas supply through pipelines by 10 percent and increased l. n. g supply by 13 percent.
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we are increasing but we're not decreasing. our gas supplied to europe. the number one ingredient in mr. putin's recipe for the volatility in prices. not to come back . any time soon, that is a long term contracts when gas prices aren't fixed, but they depend on the current market situation and the oil prices. by the way, what's a major cause for concern for us? some very important european politicians is the transit of russian natural gas through ukraine beyond 2024. well, lot of putin sent that russia is ready to keep that in place, as long as it knows how much gas europe is willing to buy in the future. i e, he, once these long term contract, again, what russia ones is stability and predictability. the till catholic bishop in france has apologized and backtracked,
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after claiming church secrecy is above the law. he was earlier reprimanded by the interior minister, foreseeing that when priests learn of crimes during confession, they're not compelled to tell the police. it follows an inquiry which on earth more than $300000.00 alleged sex crimes against children in the french catholic church since the 1950s. we spoke with a founder of a victims association who himself suffered abuse. the level of hill falls when we came to france, i was 8 and 9 years old. my parents wanted me to join this scout group. so i spent almost 2 years there until i was sexually assaulted by bernard. pray not, i found myself alone with him. and the door was closed, he hugged me. it lasted around 15 minutes and he was saying something i couldn't understand. i didn't understand what was happening. and i remember having my head completely crushed. i was completely crushed against his belly. and i remembered the phi, both the fabric and the collar. he shut his smell. this childhood trauma is engraved
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in my memory. hullo, very precise details. according to the independent report, some 3000 catholic church workers perpetrated crimes over the past 70 years. more than 300000 minors were abused mostly boys age between 10 and 13. the vast majority of the crimes had passed the statute of limitations on so prosecution isn't possible. francois devoe again believes that covering up such heinous acts as a matter of church policy. or shortish and was just i told my parents about the incident, they took me out of the scout groups with them, but then they were harassed by the whole local community. now, a catholic neighbourhood who accused my parents of harming the church. they protected me from this. they tried to get the priest to leave and they succeeded after 8 months of fighting. but i had to live with the reality that this had happened. oh she, i couldn't hide it from my family. i couldn't wall myself in. when i understood the magnitude of it,
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i told myself that the day would come when i could confront this evil force and kill it. and that i would not miss the opportunity i should because i'm certain that these atrocious crimes swarm their organization and concealment of it are evil, is short of it we have in front of us. the vatican with all its power was to my strength, is that my opponents have understood that nothing. oh stop me sir. i have nothing to lose. the investigating commission i must fulfill is responsibilities is required of hope. frances has expressed his great sorrow over the findings. he called the report a moment of shame for the entire catholic church and for him personally, for francois devoe thinks the show of remorse from the pontiff is not enough. plow aunt susan bus excuses. what is shameful is not apologizing for an atrocity committed in catholic institutions on hundreds of children. the pope has never ever sent a single message. never tried to contact us,
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but it's his responsibility we're talking about. it's not about his shame. we don't care about his shame. one cannot commit crimes and simply say, i'm ashamed for the crimes i have committed. it doesn't work like that. the pope received cod along barbarian, but he did not receive the victims. he did not receive the victims associations despite the media coverage. divine justice is based on the statue of limitations for sex crimes against minors. is that your religion? is that what you are explaining to us? you are a shipwreck of spirituality and a source of shameful humanity. po frances, that's what i say to you may stop wasting your time playing video games, a roar uttered by parents the world over. so how about this? a russian team has just pocketed. i cool $18000000.00 for winning a gaming tournament. reportedly the largest single payout in east sports history.
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i yes, indeed, moscow base team for a did it the hard way as well. fighting back in the delta to international championship from a to 0 deficit in the best of 5 finals to be the chinese squad. 32. who by the way, themselves walked away with $5000000.00. it means teams for it's the 1st eastern european i said in 10 years to take the title, the event which was held in the romanian capital pic arrest was cancelled last year because of the pandemic. meaning the price fund carried over on for those of you wondering daughter or defense of the ancients to it's a multi clear online bottle arena. $18000000.00. i feel so old and that's where we leave the roundup of the week stories for now. but don't go to for us more great programs kick off and moments
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find out what showing right after the break. good bye. oh, join me every thursday on the alex simon. sure. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world politics. sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm. oh
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ah well welcome to was the party. it's been 80 years since philosopher eric from identified 2 types of freedom, freedom from to be no one slave and freedom to to be the master of your own faith. and while we all idealized the latter achieving, the former, the freedom from use and abuse is no small feat in this day and age, especially for africa, which has been exploited for so many centuries under various pretext. what needs to happen for the continent to truly take its deserve it place in the world of to discuss that i'm now joined by vice president of liberia jewel hoard taylor. madame vice president is a great on a great privilege. good and great pleasure for me to talk to you. thank you very much for allowing us some time. thank you for this opportunity. i'm really truly


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