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but on your vehicle calistoga, where so who so boy shave moisture delayed to bushing should or with so you said he was working here the good near the goals and you'd with bill and she had those and with those and we did just shoot the story it quite night you read them for a little but the sure to get that you already nash again yom will lose your how much a zone in the finance for 33 there was a real warm out is up for the day because all a lot. well, yes i was she to, she had to punch e. yep. and, but i and i just my way to one yet are shanker, but with oh good, that's good. i was supposed to stop at santa comalla, billy will yes. who has done why it was still there wasn't but we still don't
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compare walker one near the wires november was will it's quite a bit above it up now. yes. a but since b v. it shot on a beach on that was that our lina? yes. your visual, we be a scar? yes. a fantasy on schedule? sure. so it's humanly egon don't was i love and care about her? no, i don't want her knowing properly on it just within said national. it's over the yellow in my room area from manolo. but i'm a stay of should. yes so, but i often like the convenient. yay. the quote from us now or to look at that term like in the us, which in my head are chicago. okay. so much with, you know, was the, what i was given for you. mm hm. with
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india, from what i have a go to building it and will not slip. but son says, not slip to buy a to bought or changes. all, most of them with are a shimmy issues, rule e, and he, so maybe i'll load you with all my money. so i left a member lashania the star, the with the spanish numerator with enough poignant polish. nobody's come from boys. are you sure your book did in fact
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sir? ah, now for you guy. lita? dan mitchell, south h of course i shall. i bought. it was a shitty austin last quarter. i'm sharing yet the point and what, what, she's just among those that a, oh and have somebody a metropolitan listening to the joke of some sort of homeless or just the course that jim, yo yos for us to do then you know so long. i just know howard and the school listed them. yeah. at the 3 quarter bull geico on said peacekeeping over at shotwell, but i'm on the diagram. crackles distorted. melendez, a cilla. got a t absolute. not sure. still wouldn't. she hasn't been livonia. eat these konica. linda mentioned, nash would shut the cooper. santos brewer.
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it was really bush to give us a edition boy with a new blog because it was a dog with a, a j, a
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through the to the bottom of a deal by bush can hear those consillio wrist kilometer on the some joke, lowest with damaged, but shall store and i am now what i'm a chance of honest online. i'm in love with somebody else. can you stop when you prefer yellow at a sort of genius with
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invoice of what's the, what's, what's my will? yes. for 1st. no, no, no. they're still watching nogales mm mm a good if i like the way a problem, but i can declare yes the why the yeah, but i get all she needed that i'm still at the very that old currently doing get your full posterior does worst yet. like in their usual thing. mm. yeah. this cause ill x the miles lost a come will leader will align. yeah. with that i'm slit, they were little yes. construct a shop or shed or anybody at all. yeah. but just look for me in the mean that i was at the full story of what she could have shown old
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a oh, it's with both the b service, but it says so the thing with seattle and yeah, the uses still most of us to let me so that's to unify media the a partial to this. yeah you'll, you'll still be as a pos now that i would the one that has an onion that's legs are boy in music with else it's monday with by. don't condemn him, but it wasn't religious get off. yes, a clinician with us. he up a below freeze. what for? what fin videos? give my team that i'm not sending to them, but i sent you
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a new school and the dog to not boston. first on i was there, why would that see this done this? it gives a cheap cheaper p given blue deviated sheep. and what see that i with the ball is cheap best. the company of, of should use a lot, no one digit, anybody in my opinion, on the do it. i'll check with them. if i don't want to fill it out, that should have what? thank you with a b s, b c, b for february. it. yep. to reap. yep. it was a mean you guys nickel and my lease. sure. are some ninette ashna, which is pretty cool to spoil you saying previous to to spit lit muslim union? las beach offer 2 zeros and yes. cricket slip in the
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beside lip on like a mock seamless kiddos for those, some spin n much santa t. e get it filter and was a f. as to ms. alexander, alexandra, i, 3 of my my family is a hope is not going with son is muscular looking footage, and that's not what you mean by just cuz i know you just tell. it's like, those numbers are quick though, but i'd yell at me the key did you come down style to word. so somebody of i'm, i mean, i'm going to chilly. but almost esau is that only easiest in the but it was, i use it or a girl, no person either yet. now college the g o. with
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the key g as in she's done with old cheech it, but i wish that the stall look at that is from global young will not move yet, not even board a some songs funny to see did it in person radical. i've seen grecian is got a new mobility to parents been there is a, the already mil bush and i need to clean his board number. but i'll gal smart nigeria to stay them on mars dixon. ah, i just saw clinic. i saw you was more than at the fighting a with them check. what's left by sheba. ah
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ah ah. well these people learn from their own experience. how vulnerable of business is to the bank. so he pushes my business over, the age, pushes me right to the bankruptcy. now i realize we were good. this isn't just the back that it may be involved in this is the concept. see, is, is the lawyers, these people have got one of their stories? i did want kind of whistle blower. tell people's marriages have broken up. they've lost their family homes. it is the spectacularly devastating for people's lives. we
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have committed suicide, but left behind, nor the explicitly state that it was the constant intimidation and billing by buying coff resource that late them to i took the spring. it's obscene. these people up nor saw it. so, but i took a month, so it's a good price to you. i believe we did. who bought i bought off the, your promo, a couple of these on your weight, but i know some politicians to athletes and movies. does the musicals does it seems every big name in the world has been here. let's see. okay, miss, you can work out. this goes to school. and when you get the go for anything with me, go over it. you spoke with saddles makes dreams come true. that every one who falls
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in love with people threatening lulu. mm mm. mm. mm mm. mm. mm mm. is yamisha. so my law jeff talk but a shameless it in. yes, almost sure. yes, my dad, he thought is the preface sarah, aka dolores watkins, the glass. you'll slay at the wench order or scholar, just as of basement 1000000 plus water portion, chest the perks equation, doctoral was to buy it for process on that old thing me. you see, you're watching your show that what do you mean she media play them were usually it
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delete it, but it did. yeah. they as legal as i would see me if there was a bunch, i believe on the my smuggle it. i'm watching and cut off, or should i say on or she she was in to the so elsa, cham years in my house, around logan a jamara, sculpus toys and mice patient jim's at the okay. i will chair at san fran distort. banu was, they could understand 60, had each me is a legend origin. you could actually live with them to player that could have been around. you have to power cartouche. kelly with brand new league d o. goodman. doyle curves possible through curtis, but a study in your, your favorite of machine. you think that it yeah. was a torch doorway. if gotcha, street blower, europe, gracie storage decrease in pharmacy. lip molina, will you professionally with that? she chose to do it. so a pro se before the audio therapy. yeah,
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sure. what did you do that to approach a pie chart or cosca? we should pretty much will come much. but union to be right. what is your wasn't healey series of shame that that should kirsten. you know we were to renew it. sure . reggie ah, my me, he's the one bomb william. i'm with a my baba alexander nikolai h position. jim is the person with me,
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a young lady with it's my mom late in the alex here on a much smaller than napoleon let that dominates me. liz. me did last off, so a dish it but it's so much water look that i need a little bit more than yours. a mom will not ninette. all i knew mr. little cord yet unless fortune woodson now version yet stuff is stuff on the promotion storm. lesson knowledgeable movie. it does deal. i'm good at them. i live on my boss sooner. yeah. because i knew from my boss, so anyway, it's sonya almost as full book, but they get my, my name is c, as in cat, 3 worthy the bus with, with
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a deal with a, with a, a, with a guy who was dealing with a mom with
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forth with to go buy the one from the mccloud to with that or if it's not a good the what that to put on the bus that has to do with mobile back on then the chip that i should be with. oh, some forms are still showing you, can you show them on special show? come on, guards are shown on my bed post, oak a lunch loca, just one prescription. so a maybe oh, he only has just bill gigi. could he charlotte on the pool, or doesnt post mother h b, a, a quoting in, assisting
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u r. o papa lumen? yeah. if she does, will list the me at on just thought on. yeah. vision don't show on the quote. i didn't catch tins. so if somebody lars, 9 image slash contestants, yes, continued she done was nice to watch actually come was each just ah ah, a show my buddy have of it not such my in the them all the stress with the same i'm giving you cisco of logan with
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me it was nice, same stuff from when he's got going west point. mm . year beloved don't still but at the brazil invite north could understand when i heard him so want to show post apocalyptic. come from when the mean apocalypse with mom i was restored and we want to stay around with stall garza, my gosh, it does not the little book kiss wiffle that the snow by see if the 1st person mr. jackson at them was both of them was possible. not anymore. you'll excursion done the g. jim was the correct. yep. the sean
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got it got off thought that i missed another num while it was in over. yeah, caesar as soon we're gonna go when they should, but it's just gonna let us know, fix it if anything suitable. and it is not on rocky. but i just as the wister online, you saw it is you to wear to the cartoon at the store yet? but in your snuggle nobility, dot b a with him to foul season on that's. that's the notion in yet. but those are models the newest may affect say that i go my regional some with neutral. yes. ali really not our content daily chills for over in clever enough
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seriously in the senior santa rosa flu, g threatening was glad to have a dog in 3 days, but nicely thought me up to sit on. okay. cool and very smooth. anya cause i know stuff like that. no, sir. eugene. the crew is african. we're not breaking when you a little closer. okay, i will another not slip the other still chillen on the show choice. okay, sure. melina campbell, a show, come on each of the workflow car dealership across the selection booklet for class a was just about cruise, but it was just before you know, which way i see them, right?
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oh, yes, pets and corner butchered. so who chose? yeah, we don't get that in at them. look at our seal, we're not live. some of us wanted a change in lending with the money and got them and okay, let's go from i said income it is plugged in. wrong for sonya for, for them. what i'm gonna show for franklin the up on your down bill was smith last quarter, almost a published yeah, i know the bill of are going done with this service made any money orders can shows a yup roster will show that one yet. mustang is out
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with a foot candle. i'm with national you simona french style. yes. the boom. we ran ship to mean, you know, if you but a let them do it. he says that lisa, with in land are sold up, plan that long. that the street you all know on my skin them i'm in a supplier still they've reached the wrong number. would i be such a little bit serious throw at you? lucy does see that there's like, i still have always a listing, but other than you can get me on, but it's got it. it's got
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a to one that you can austin done but send a notice on what it says. i mean august post. well, it does go, but again, it's like a noise. a youngster still wasn't on much slave to me as i was saying, you know, on level schedules quote unquote a on it. yeah. on used to live and yet i show there is that college so, but i wanna ask as them, well, like at least the butter on, but i buy new the new choice. no, i didn't break it up. and i mean, on i, besides that, we still it for them what it is with
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with or ah, a survival guide, a federal reserve, a
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case where we get the right to 7 years. so with this, every year i've tried to report when i see black america, i see part of my so i was growing, you know, like america spoke to me when, why destroyed you did not. those who say black lives matter is a movement we are importing from america. no, nothing of who we are. i lived in a world where white lives mattered. and i was not was like mission. and i wasn't known from black america. i learned how to speak back to whiteness. aboriginal people of iraq more every die we are out. wanted them, you know, with the police were out with she states, i'm scared that more children are going to grow up in the country that think says no racism, but they're more likely to end up in the criminal justice system. been there all
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the fellow friends in daycare, these people learned from their own experience. how vulnerable of business is to the bank. so he pushed my business over the age, pushes me right to the edge, bankruptcy. now i realize we will go this isn't just the back that it may be involved in this is the concept. see, thumbs is, is the lawyers. these people have got you want other stories at a walk kind of whistle blower. tell people's marriages have broken up. it lost their family homes and it is spectacularly devastating for people's lives. they have committed suicide, but left behind norwich. they explicitly state that it was the constant intimidation and billing by buying coffee sauce. that late don't to i thought the
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spy is obscene. these people are no soul. ah ah, it was the most basic of christ. you will not be excluded. who follows a border with dial tomorrow, a couple of reviews on your quote, but i know from politicians to athletes and movies does to musicals, does it seems every big maybe the world has been here less yearbook ms. you can look up this close to school. oh and when you get the course that i need to finish with, what does not give me a gloved miss? with said basil makes dreams come true that every one who falls in love with people
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luc lot. mm. use a history in the making at the 1st of us space film crew returns to us a russian movie director and an actress. so back from 12 days of shooting of all the international space station and here on our team will bring you the moment of the landing and reactions to the historic flight. i'll continue to special coverage . to be honest, i feel a little said today, such a thing happens once in a lifetime, to who was cool, who was like a roller coaster and we were just enjoying it. and then i'll top stories of the week here on our team. vladimir putin flatly reject claims that rupture is weaponized angle withholding natural gas as europe grapples with high prices. the president also agrees to boost from supply.


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