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ah ah ah, that also for eric rom identify 2 types of freedom, freedom from and freedom to. and while we all idealized the lesser achieving, the former, the freedom from use on abuse is no small feat in this day and age. this is especially true for africa, which for centuries has been exploited under all sorts of pretext. what needs to happen with the continent to truly take its deserve place in the world? a beautiful, chilled ocean was time or what it was
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a mid august or still an initial oakland noise in the middle for a fresh which don't don't love would you like that would because if that's something you would prevent them with a wound got that's mental percentage. of your properties was for what fin the but on with the filled with that to the what like you with with nice seems to them of them when he's got though weiss when like holding. so we'll just show what the lip teach come from the, from the news, or kind of what the stuff that the thing i was given your cisco web logo showed to me as i will continue to one wonderful, scared little squiggly with john coach if it. but are one,
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why do you could ask them i mean on i be certain that we still do. yeah, i let i at the, the, what the look it over for us with the city about them when they canceled the lease i what was the woodson and the thought the pharmacist here come find me the corporate. what's over to see him? we'll do just vasquez was brought in that. so in the upper we built exclusive it doesn't sound when stuck it on them. if you look at whether you know that with
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machines that he just thought that was fine with me a little i'm looking for little examiners. yeah. but i said, put him on the look from what this could and they would have sent you a bug and is that all those with us in the loop will be it should be out there to go. this new film on to the overall shared with me, it will be right to work in the movie and well, isn't a wind source nor via an am story. anyway, to look expression would start on. would you think that that would because if that's something you would bring it in with a wound, that's an edge form. but the ones not by nancy carson was nice prostate, but it's in the she bad, the ex garza at vs position with
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a she is connected to me. one. i'm glad at social sto my skin you all to some krinski starman. patricia, my school, the young dijani's daughter is at the lenient master, not by sin eve, but the music at least was what else shall boy shade borgia to leave her chair to bushing the chip or would you love the kids are with the most? so get ready, he was working with here. the good near the bills you'd with and bill him. she had those with, tanya doesn't with jesse, the story is quite night. you read them florida in good ago, but he showed you gotta you know what nash normally
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o loser, how much school shot a zone in the finance for 3rd grade goes, there was a real warm sunlight is up for the phantom deb because of a light bill yes, trellis she to she had to punch lyra. e. yep. and i just i had to one year up shanika, player 2. 0 good. that's good. i was supposed to stop that center comalla billy and we use a bill was done. why it was you wasn't but we still don't compare walker one near the wires november was will it's quite a bit above it up now. the use of it sent to me via it shot on a mission that was that are linear. yes. your visual, we be a scar? yes, a federal shannon is the own schedule. sure. so it's humanly isn't done with her. now i don't want her knowing properly on it just
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wouldn't ask it over the yell on my room area, but i should put them on hold but almost to your should. yes. but i often like these kind of dealing it. yeah. the quote from us now or to look at that term like in the us, which in my head are chicago. i got so much was, you know, was the what i was not for you and you home with him over india, 5th through motor, a . go to building it in bush, not slip, but son says not slip to buy it to walk or changes all of them with a
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show me a schedule e and he will not be allowed year with more. my a member lashania a be spanish a enough one if i wish nobody's can from boys. are he sure your book did in fact, sir? ah, now for you, it kinda mitchell south h of course. i shall. i bought. it was a shitty austin last quarter published yet the point and what, what she's just among those that a, oh and have somebody, a metropolitan listening to a joke of sinners could have permission. or just of course, that jim,
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yo yos for us. did you learn? you know how long a school listed done? yeah. at 33 quarter bull geico on said piece, you know what? i shot what i'm, what the diagram crackles distorted melendez, a seal law. got a t absolute. not just or would she hasn't been ivonya e. these konica, linda mentioned, nash, which has a cooper. santos brewer in brazil. lee bush gives us a edition boy with a new blog with for the, for a over
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there with all that. i want them a good one. that is like a good it is the bottom of the of chevron, the little guy that you'll show what i'm a somewhat choked lewis, and i know the mission, but she'll still and i am now what? but i'm a
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nurse, karen, it's valerie yvonne online. i'm in love with some i with a yellow at a touch in your situation with invoice of what's it, what's my will? yes. talk 1st. no. no, i'm not. they're still watching nogales nothing a like a problem, but i think of the class just now why? yeah, but i get all she needed that i'm still it all currently doing. get
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your thought it was yet liking a little extra miles last i'm will you align? yeah. with that i'm slit they will. yes. contract a shop or shed or anything at all? yeah, but just hold and look for me in the mean that i was at the full story of what she could have shown old a oh, it's a with bullet to be shut up. says so we'll continue to use to still mores with us to live, eat. so that's to use media t a partial to this you'll, you'll see that the business process that i would up, well that has an iphone and that's leg savoy, this music with else it's mother was by. don't condemn it,
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but it wasn't religious. get a connection with us. he up a bell. freeze. what for? what fin? videos? g at them. i mean, i'm not sending it but i sent you a new school on the dog and up last month on. that was why it would just honestly gives a cheap, cheaper continued beaten luigi viet. it's cheap and what see that i would if a check can set them internet about it cheap for the company. president. good to what should you keep up with the tech? a lot and no one did you have to when you might have been used on the do it. i'll check on anybody. if i don't want to fill it out, that should have what?
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thank you. 412, a, b s, b, c, b. as you perform each it. yep. the read. yep. it was, i mean you guys, nickel and desert. my lay sure are some nina. listen i'm which is spect lip. you have a spinal. you're saying you can use g to spit, let muslim yang unless the beach from also 2 zeros in yes, crickets, slope in the, beside lippert on mike mike, seamless kiddo us for the ocean spin then which santa t e yet is filtered and was a f as to ms. alexander alexandra, i for the asthma. my sam with 3 i hope, is not clear. massage is musk with footage and it doesn't what you mean by just cuz i know you just tell us slag. those numbers are good though, but i'd yell at me the key did you skim come down south to wood?
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so somebody of, i'm, i mean, i'm pretty chilly. but almost esau is that only existing. nobody moves. i use it or a grown person either yet, and all the g o. a missions with the key get use, scan settings to them with old sheets, but i wish that the stall look at that is from global young will not move yet, not even board. some songs finance also did it in person with ethical machine. grecian is going to leave it up all night with the new mobility group around. spinoza is a, the old email was shanae jacqueline his board number, but i'll, i'll gail, smile nigeria to stay them on mars dixon. ah,
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i just saw clinic. i saw you was more than any fighting aluminum or wishing it just kind of chairs. but let's just shiva good and bad drink shapes bankers and of those with dares sinks we dare to ask and
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ah gotcha misha, so my la chip talk a shameless if any ass boma show me dead. he thought is the professor i got the lowest rod can see the glass. you'll fly at the one total or scott, just as of basement 1000000 plus water, boise chest approach equation, a doctoral stop by a thought process or narrowed. thing me, you think you're watching your show now? what do you mean she media play them are usually it delete it, but it is like like how would see me if there was a bunch i believe on the my it's another lip. i'm watching him to cut off off. she had i seen on or she, she was injured a so elsa cham years in my swam, login
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a gamma sculpus, toys and mice, patient jim's at the okay. i butcher at santa pravda store, banu was the could understand 60 had each me is election or g finish. they live with them to player. i couldn't bring any pets to power cartouche, kill even by new league d o. goodman. doyle curves by substrate put a specified in your, your miss rent a photoshoot, toby scratcher street blower. give gracie story in front of my to see jeff mcmillan you where you personally, but she chose to her. so a process before the audio therapy here had show, with a particle scholarship, which mac will come much opportunity to write port is for your wasn't healey. she
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aries of she should kirsten in order to read her new. if sure. reggie ah, my me, he's the one bob william i'm with a my baba alexander nickel h as fission jim as the person with that the, the by charging problem that send me a young lady with it's my mom late in the alex here on a much somebody napoleon, let the domain live needs it last off. so
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a dish it but it's so much water look a little bit nicer than yours. a lot more neutral on unit to swap political right? yeah. unless switching woodson now version yet stuff is the stuff on the promotion dawn a movie, it does deal. i'm glad i live on my boss so no because i knew from my boss hold on any good. it's sonya almost bustled, but they get more money because you don't think that that he wanted to pursue this because the post guy with a, with
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a mom with, with my mom and some of these are cool with, with a mom with, with the list is there a way to 4th, go around with the group. i don't want to put in our mccloud to with that or if it's not a good the what that to put on the bus that has to do with mobile back on then the
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chip with oh um forms are still showing you, can you show them on special show, come on, guards are shown on my bed post, oak, mom in my little or no conditional vision floor. maryland smoker, jo, membership a she oh, heat. ponderosa only is just and then we'll get a child and our pool that was mother h. b, a pasta. quoting in yeah go id. say she knew option. bumper to them. yeah, it should be listed should be me out on just thought on. yeah. vision don't show on the quote i didn't catch. and so if somebody, lars, that image slash contestants in. yes,
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kitchen she done was nice to watch actually come was each just ah ah, a show me a in the them all the stress with the same i'm giving you cisco of logan with me. it was nice. same stuff with
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a year beloved. don't to look at the buzz, eat why north could understand when i heard him. so want to show post a clip with them mom. i was a story. i'm leo went to stay around with garza. i gotcha loves not them provides a little more kiss whistle than that the snow by step at the 1st person, mister jackson, adam was both of them. it was possible nobody more you'll excursion than i seem to . li, jim whispered katara. yes before up got off. gave you got off thought that i missed another mamma, but he was in over. yeah. caesar costume where i thought well when they should but
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i was just gonna let us know fix it if anything suitable and it is not on rocky. but i just as that a wister on there, bizarre leads you to where to go cartoon of the stall yet, but in your snuggle nobility dot b a with him to foul season on the and that's the notion e m yet ex, cuz i'm but those are muddled with snowflakes in that a good my regional some with ya, sally lee, and they know that our content daily children over in clever enough seriously this linea santa rosler g. throughout the was glad to have i don't think a days button. i try your door. me up losing to sit on. okay. cool. and very spirited. anya alcorda. no, that's it. no sir eugene. the crew is that good? one?
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not very good. when you fiddle caution. okay, i will another not slip the other sto chillin on the shore. choy that is for marlene kimball, a show. com, will need you to the which lawyer ah, the show goes to facilitate the crucial class. i was just about to say, but it was just a self christy way. trish to this day, the ban ds, pets, and cra butchered. so if you don't get that and then we'll get our feel will not let some of us want to reach you. change your mind
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with money and got them. and i'll go, let's go from i said income. it is plugged in the wrong phone. yeah. for, for them. what happened with the bill was smith last quarter, almost all of it. if it published. yeah. i know the bill of are going done with any money. orders can shows a yup roster wishful lonia mustang along with the full kindle. i'm but them are still you some of the times i still use liberally with
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he says that lisa, with in land are sold up, plant that long. that there's a muscular, another anom as to why it says they've reached the wrong number. would i be such a little bit of history? lucy does see that there's like, i still have always the listing, but i thought i'd then you know, but it's got the it's got a so on that you in austin. done that's end of it. got a notice on what it was, i mean august or store it, and it's like a noise, a new doing that. they used to now still mores up on much
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slave to 3 years. i will continue to on honorable schedules with our one siding, but the one on the list a little in. yeah, i show there is that college so, but i wanna ask them well night at least of butter on, but i buy new the new choice. no, i didn't say good afternoon, i mean on a busy week to live for them. what it is with
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you or ah ah a financial survival guide, stacy bless, learn about be allowed. let's say i'm extra like it and you're great from grief on banks of the site. 9 wall street prod, thank you for helping ah, enjoy that right. fill out her desk. slavery a
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this hour is headline stories. the challenge is its own members states over a migrant crackdown saying violent push box on boarders may be illegal. the countries themselves reiterated more helpful as given they would lead to take matters into their own. ortiz papers to former us national security advisor at john bolton, who shared his thoughts on the chaotic american withdrawal. busy from afghanistan, i think this is one of those few instances where biden and trump agree on policy both wanted to get out of afghanistan. on the extreme cold sky high prices on a shipping or corresponding visit. say once darrell like tone and rushes arctic far .


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