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tv   News  RT  October 16, 2021 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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no soul ah, the killing of a long serving british politician is declared a terrorist incident. david amos was fatally stabbed wild meeting, his constituents inside the church. the e u. challenges its own member states over migrant crackdowns saying violet push backs on boarders may be illegal. and russia passes yet another grim milestone in the pandemic. with more than a 1000 coven deaths in the past 24 hours. as officials urged people to get vaccinate. ah, broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow. this is our 2 international. i'm shown thomas certainly glad to have you with us. are now the horrific killing
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of a british politician has been declared a terrorist incident. david amos, a long serving conservative member of parliament, was fatally stabbed on friday while meeting his constituents in essex. it 25 year old man reported to be of british national of somali origin has been arrested on suspicion of murder or his shot edwards, attached to him earlier reported from the scene of the tragedy for conservative. and he said, david amos has died following a multiple, stopping during a constituency surgery meeting out the methodist church. what exactly that is? it's an opportunity the members of the public to meet with the local m p face to face and discuss local political issues. but around midday, the young man ran into the building wielding a knife before attacking the veteran politician and killing him. her magic for treating him out the sea while he was fighting for his life. but he tragically passed away the scene. the suspect is 25 years of age, he was arrested and
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a knife was recovered here at the scene, he is now in custody. now the police say that they're not looking for anybody else in relation to this incident in a david a most was 69. he spent 4 decades in politics. he currently held his seats since 997, but was a serving m p 's. since 1983, making him one of the longest standing m p. 's in government. now he was a big voice in many campaigns, not least, the breck that campaign, and also a huge animal rights advocate as well. sadly, he leaves behind a wife and 5 children. what we are seeing now is tributes and statements of pouring in cross the political spectrum. we've also heard from forest johnson as a prime minister. he was one of the kindest, nicest, those gentle people in politics. and he also had an outstanding record of
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passing laws to help the most vulnerable david with a man who believe passionately in this country and in its future as the nation is in an absolute state of shock. many also now calling for more security unsafe protocols for members of parliament in britain, especially considering the really shooting similarities to the murder of joe cox who was stopped on shot to death back in 2016 again. that was just before her very own constituency surgery meeting. it's also really sad to know that said david, a mrs. last tweet was actually talking about this constituency surgery invitation, saying to the local community to com and chat to him face to face for, for many people. this is really no tragedy for them on the terrible reminder
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of the very real risks facing the jobs of a normal friday turns. very harrowing and very violent, indeed, and a much investigation is now underway. david amos was a frequent guest here on r t, where he shared his views on politics in the u. k. joining me now for more on this is conservative m p for south and west said david amos, congress elected on the same day, 983. is this gentleman we need to have a government who know what they're doing. i don't mind hard work. in fact, the already is it would go back to so as of constituents, so i had when i used to represent pounds, hold on. i don't think it's anything to do with politics, politics and the number of seats. david, thanks for speaking to us. the european union is challenging its own members states over the way they are pushing back migrants trying to enter the block. in the latest development, the home affairs commissioner summoned the envoys from 3 eastern states,
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calling the situation on their borders. dyer ortiz shot davinsky has more the issue is having to hang its head in over the way its board of forces are treating my grants just trying to cross into the block. this is no longer just about fortress europe and the extensive fence building and surveillance systems that are being put in place on its eastern borders. know in recent weeks, more concerning incidence over the way that my grants are treated to have been exposed in croatia, 3 border police officers have been suspended of being filmed violently pushing back people at the border. ah and that's not just confined to croatia, greek border officers are also subject to investigations over hundreds of cases of
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alleged push backs. and now in lithuania, more violations have been reported. the news own board, the chief admitting the problem was wider than previously known. there are, if i remember correctly. now, 17 almost 20. let's say, serious insta reports for the suspicion of the violation of fundamental rights. matthew ania, mcgary went on to say the reason was down to how lithuanian law was being interpreted. and the question was, was that compatible with e you legislation? now lithuania is currently a hot spot for migrant crossings. now lithuania is interior minister says my grants
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have to enter at certain points. we have taken decisions in national laws that one can only until su ania through a legal way that is through a border check point, or by filing their request with our embassy. these all relatively new rules only adopted in the past few months and the rule appears to be on a collision course with the e u, so called shrinking voters code that says people seeking asylum cannot be forced back against their will cools, are now coming from the highest ranks for action. shocking finding solid reports had to long line of reports, an unacceptable normalization of push backs, file and space. asylum seekers and microns high time for the cancer of europe. states to investigate effectively. take action, hold each other to account, and such serious human rights violations was half words, yet all they too little too late. these allegations of migrants,
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refugees being beaten robe mistreated and forced back over the easter eastern board is illegally. not new, nor have a blue, particularly happening in secret, leaving many to believe that the e u itself may have essentially been complicit for not having already taken more concrete action. all this to you to want to promote to overly broad moder. we've opened society in the past, they wanted to legalize immigration more, and his shoddy e for even refugees are but to population or our host tie to any more or to more immigration. and this is why you were re left to demonstrate that to eat it promotes you were strong or extra extra on our board us . otherwise the nation are both of us will be more and more erected and strength
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front like you're like, can you, hungary, this is the trends. more immigration is as seen as the security problem because of islamist in 50. crating soul is more and more a sensitive subject. a suicide bombing at a mosque in afghanistan has left to almost 50 people dead and dozens injured. the terrorist group isis k has claimed responsibility for the attack in kandahar a bit of a warning. you may find the following images, disturbing, explosions ripped through the sheer mosque during friday prayers when a large crowd of worshippers was gathered inside the taliban gover and says, it has launched in investigation. eye witnesses describe seeing for suicide bombers and the explosion happened when we were at afternoon pres into suicide. bomb is wanted to come inside, our gods confronted them at the door, the crashes began, and our gods kill 2 of them. but the other 2 suicide bombers went inside and blew
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themselves up. friday's tragedy came a week after an explosion at another sheer mosque in northern afghanistan. at least 50 people were killed in the same extremist group, isis k claims that attack as well. this all comes amid a rapid security meltdown in the wake of the taliban takeover and us pull out. we managed to get some unique insights on afghanistan from the men who served in the bush administration at the time of the u. s. invasion. and later as donald trump's security advisor, john bolton was the guest on archie is going underground. will be showing you the full interview throughout the day. but here is a preview. you say in your book the room where it happened, the afghanistan deal that that's trumps. one time will prove who is right and the full extent to the deal may not become apparent until after trump leaves office. what is your assessment as a former national security adviser of fee by the administration,
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the foreign policy, especially on afghanistan? well, i think this is one of those few instances where biden and trump agree on on policy both wanted to get out of afghanistan and both ignored the consequences. i think many people thought were foreseeable when biden did was take trumps deal, which was flawed in many, many respects, and essentially adopted it as his own policy disregarded the advice of senior advisors and the pentagon, the state department, the white house, and i think the consequences have been playing to say, return to afghanistan to control by the taliban and everything that's flowing from that, including the likelihood of foreign terrorist returning and again using afghanistan is based plan terrorist operations around the world. so this is a retreat by the united states, from the international stage, something by and believe then since at least 2009 se, se ironically trump,
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we've done it to, i think it's a mistake for the u. s. i think it's a mistake for well stability. certainly, it's a mistake for the people of afghanistan. russia's daily death toll from coven 19 has surged beyond 1000 for the 1st time since the started the pandemic. and the case numbers are rising fast, especially here in the capitol ortiz, to me, trip out brings us more. well, it seems that despite all the efforts by the russian government to try and curve the spread of the corona virus, the numbers unfortunately continue to grow. and are even reaching record levels over the last 24 hours over $33000.00 new cases have been confirmed throughout the country by 9 percent of which were apparently asymptomatic. but a new morbid record was established over a 1000 deaths were reported. it's the highest number of daily cove deaths. there's been since the start of the pandemic now in terms of the numbers 6 and a half 1000. the new cases were reported from moscow where authorities recently
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launched 20 new centers where people can get free express covered tests. that's in addition to the vaccination sites throughout the city, which authorities, they are the key to battling the karone of ours. you look where most mass rapid testing is spreading across europe. moscow is also involved in this experiment. we've open 20 testing points in the capitals documents centers in shopping malls, and we will open 30 more points on october. the 18th to cover the broader population. again, i'm calling on everybody to get to not collated because they are currently no other ways to shield yourself from this disease. it's especially important for the elderly. now the testing campaign has also spread the several schools where students can now also receive the free express covered test. however, authorities say that testing is only the 1st step and that the king re into defeating the crone of ours is of course vaccinations. russian president vladimir putin has repeatedly highlighted the importance of boosting the vaccination re throughout the country, especially for the sake of those who are at the highest risk of complications from
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the virus. the health ministry as also come out with reports showing that of all the people who have died from the virus, only less than a fraction of a percent were actually vaccinated. once again highlighting the importance of vaccinations. in terms of numbers at this point, over 51000000 russians have at least received their 1st jap. that's about a 3rd of the population and regions continue introduce more measures to try and curve the spread of the disease. in some cases, introducing mandatory vaccinations for certain groups of citizens that transaction in addition to restrictions, all aimed at trying to curb the rise in numbers and that's throughout the country. still to come in the program sorting. fuel costs are threatening industries across europe and prompting germany to question it's a green transition will be exploring that after short break. this is our to international. ah
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ah, well the keg is another land merican country armed with volcano energy is calling out the wall street and the whole financier class. oh, is your media a reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way? where are you being led to somewhere? which direction? what is true? wharf is great. in the world corrupted,
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you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. oh, come back, this is our t international. now tough, new coded rules are now into their 2nd day in italy and they've been met by strikes protests and transport disruptions, so called green passes, are now mandatory for anyone wanting to enter their workplace. ha, thousands of people gathered in rome on friday, urging the government to scrap the new rules seen as overly harsh under the system . employees have to show proof of vaccination recovery from covered or a negative test or they could go without pay. authorities have defended the system
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saying it is the best way to prevent further lockdown. but port workers entree us, which is a key maritime gateway for europe, are threatening to bring supply chains to a standstill. if the government does it back down, we heard from some of them. no obvious to po, faced up for we are here to protest against the green pass for workers. would think that the green pass is an unlawful tool, an improper one that should not be forced upon the workers because it is discriminatory. so we are demonstrating against this government degree audit and also today constitution is being trampled on. what is happening today is like back in 1938 when i say no to this discrimination alejandro the last deepening cluster vite. we're not looking for confrontation, both openness and opportunity for reasoning. here we are talking about economic recovery, but whose economic recovery here families left even more in crisis. those who previously could not make it until the end of the month now find themselves in an average of $200.00 or 300 years less from having to pay for the test. france is
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also ramping up the pressure on people to get their covered shots. health passes are now required to enter almost all public places and free pcr tests for the unvaccinated have been scrapped. we've got reaction on the streets of paris. no, on the obligatory making the health bus compulsory in france, the all forms of employment seems excessive to me, maybe a little counterproductive. i don't think we can have this situation in france because there is already a lot of resistance to the health path. focus it. i think it's very revealing that europe is shifting towards and increasingly totalitarian logic with everyone using the health and safety argument. personally, i'm scared because i'm not vaccinated, not because i'm an anti fax. that because we have created this anti vax label in france, which lumps everyone together and further divide society on french democracy is no longer a real democracy. on, on the reason we're obliging people to get vaccinated under the pretext of everyone's house and safety friends could do this, but it's obviously not ideal. but i doubt it would last. i think that people would
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strongly speak out against at home in the germany's shift to green energy is under question. amid soaring oil and gas prices, the government has decided to scrap attacks aimed at funding the switch to renewables until now that levy accounted for around 20 percent of the average household energy bill generated billions of years a year, mostly for the construction of wind farms and solar generators, but even with that tax gone, household bills are still likely to go up with natural gas prices close to an all time high. and the crisis has forced major power companies to suspend contracts for consumers, which would have many people paying well below the market rate. although other firms have simply high prices in one very in town bills have shut up by 70 percent . we spoke to some of the locals, there is the suddenly the light of it is getting more and more expensive is going
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up and up. what should they unemployed or those on welfare? do they promise something different, but you have to look at the facts. the winter here is longer than what are people supposed to do. children are cold in their rooms after corona and rising foot prices. people are psychological, a breaking point. my parents and parents in law have a gas boy there for heating. my parents in law have an old house that has not been renovated, therefore they already have very high costs. they cost increase will hit them hard for $3.00 or 4 us in del, fled to sir 100 meters, one that looks like a huge increase. we will be hops, he is the heat unless it will put a strain on our various and that has to be taken into account. it will definitely have an impact on the household budget. this price increase will definitely affect my everyday life because of the self employed person. i have to be very careful at the moment how i make answer me due to that are on the virus crisis. come when it's all that we heard from german financial analyst for girl helmeyer,
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he thinks of the rush to ditch fossil fuels has left europe with a major problem. the good, the good, the reasons for the gas price increase in germany in europe a complex. it has to do with the fact that the winter was colder than expected and the storage facilities were not refilled. then it also has to do with the fact that long term supply contracts were no longer continued. and a decision was made in favor of short term supply contracts with moscow. this is also the result of the expectation of mild winters due to global warming, and an ideological decision to get rid of fossil fuels. the idea was to get cheaper natural gas. this mixture, decisions taken by our side as lead to the current situation. i assume that we will see price increases across the board. you know, the countries, it's much more dramatic than in germany. for example, for breaks in friend, great britain, the, it's more than 100 percent in germany, the peak through 68 percent. and in most cases, 10 to 20 percent. we can expect an easing of the situation in spring next year. that also depends on whether we fixed nor dream too quickly. if we do,
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the situation will ease more quickly than is currently thought possible. that is why we must remain objective here in the interest of the citizens. the u. k is one of the country's worst head by the fuel crisis and a billionaire, jim radcliffe, who had the major chemicals firm is warning that it could cause an industrial shut down. and while oil and gas prices shoot up, there's also another headache, an acute lack of truck drivers. the british government is now relaxing visa rules for your drivers in a bid to bring back some of the thousands who left after breakfast. the shortage has throttled supplies to petrol stations and supermarkets and brought freight to a standstill at major ports. but chancellor, re, she's to knock, thinks everything is under control challenges. they are global in nature so we can't fix every single problem. don't i feel confident that they'll be good provision of goods for everybody and we are working our way to remove blockages
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where we can. we spoke with tom a bedford who runs a company making wine storage systems. he broke down the factors now threatening industries across the u. k. i think we were fighting at the moment in the market is perfect. so we've got 3 factors coming together. we've got the lingering impact, 19 of 18 months under various closures of industry and on off nature of locked down. we've got the ongoing impacts and challenges administrative. the complexities of offerings in terms of employ, export bringing goods into the market. and when you bring in the 3rd factor, which is the availability of wind, where we're interested in wind up as well, over the last couple of years, climate impacts have come together to, to severely harvest. so when you bring those 3 things together,
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you've got less one available, and you've got a huge logistics, challenging to getting it in the country. and you've got the delicate recovery phase for the industry. i think that's what's causing such a challenge over in the u. s. the green transition is also hitting roadblocks. republicans are calling on president biden to rethink his policies on renewables, amid soaring prices in a joint letter. more than 100 lawmakers argue his plans are anti american and absurd, and have called on the button administration to increase domestic conventional energy production. instead, the criticism comes amid projections that heating bills will rocket if they're colder than normal temperatures this winter. we expect that the nearly half of the us households, that heat primarily with natural gas, will spend 30 percent more than they spent last winter on average, 50 cent more if the winter is 10 percent colder than average. since joe biden took office in january this year, he assigned
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a number of executive orders aimed at moving america away from fossil fuels. construction of the keystone pipeline was halted and oil and natural gas leases on federal lens have stopped filling the gap plans for massive wind farm construction projects. the white house has also reportedly reached out to american oil and gas companies, asking them to help lower fuel prices. this is despite back in june oil drilling leases, previously approved by donald trump in one of alaska national reserves being suspended by team biden. the president commented on that last week. flask is pretty big, is an awful lot we need to protect. but that's why i'm working to protect bristol bay for money, not perish. when i was threatened one of the world larger salmon, that's where i'm refusing to sell off the arctic national wildlife reserved for oil and gas. economist peter, earl believes biden's energy policy is driven mostly by ideology and shows
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a little regard for the well being of ordinary americans. when power is variable upon locations inefficient and so of how our, our excuse me is, is, is, is more expensive than coal gas or oil. and, you know, the big issue there, a storage problem. so, i mean, even if it works, it's hard to store that amount of energy. the idea of biden, and my name is tracy. i'm a groups that the way to greener world requires shutting off fossil fuels overnight and subsidizing spec and projects is just just absurd. the average gasoline price us was $2.00. $0.69 between january 2016 generate 2021 in 10 months is risen almost 20 percent to $3.21. if, if what's happening now continues unabated, it will definitely become a drug on growth. and possibly refers to recovery, we saw from the corporate policies in march and april 2020. and that, that will cross the mill class. it will increase poverty. it could bring about the
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stagflation area, conditions that we saw in the seventy's. i mean, the policies of the by the administration are not informed or driven by economic science or historical precedent or approach like brussels is purely ideological, which means that even if you could predict negative outcomes such as selling us, it was scarcity causing lodging prices. they implement them anyway, whether there's a for me, this or i will be back in about 32 and have minutes with another full infection is this is our internet. ah, ah lose
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. oh, also for eric room, identify 2 types of freedom. freedom froman, freedom to and while we all idealized anessa, achieving the former, the freedom from use and abuse is no small feat in this day and age. this is especially true for africa, which for centuries has been exploited under all sorts of pretext. what needs to happen with the continent to truly take its deserve place in the world? ah ah,
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i mean, ah, i am option or town senior watching a very special episode of going underground an interview with the u. s. h. former un ambassador president donald trump's national security advisor, john bolton, the joins me now from washington. d. c. it is memoir about his time in the white as the room where it happened is out. now, the ambassador, thanks so much for coming on. horrific carnage. news coming from a condos in kandahar. you're actually the 2nd national security advisor of donald trump to be on going underground. you say in your book the room where it happened, the afghanistan deal that's trumps one time will prove who is right. and the full extent to the deal may not become apparent until after trump leaves office. what is
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your assessment as a former national security adviser of fee by the administration, the foreign policy, especially on afghanistan? well, i think this is one of those few instances where bind in trump agree on on policy both wanted to get out of dan stan both ignored the consequences. i think many people thought were foreseeable. what biden did was take trumps deal, which was flawed in many, many respects, and essentially adopted it as his own policy disregarded the advice of senior advisors and the pentagon state department, the white house, and i think the consequences have been playing to see is returned afghans standard control by the taliban and everything that's flowing from that, including the likelihood of foreign terrorist returning. and again.


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