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on what it says, i middle august will still it'll cover even slogan, noise, tv with 1st, which don't, don't love. would you like that? that would, because if that's something you would prevent them with a will got that's message form to send over your properties was from watson. he but on with that to the what like you like with nice seems to them of them when he's got though vice when luck with him. so we'll do some post them for phillip keeps coming from the, from the news for kind of what those are the same ones. let me use this global. oh gosh, slippery me as i will continue to 11 little scared little squiggly with
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john thought that but are one. why didn't they could ask them? i mean, on i besides that we still do . yeah, i let i at the so what the look it over for us with the city about them when that gets to them, but at least so what does the words and then they live at the front of your company? me the corporate. what's the like to see him? we'll do just ask us what was wrong to not so anybody with out exclusive a thumb with lucas leather. know that. what would that go in with an older person. you might mention that he just thought that is fine
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with me. though i'm looking for little examiners. yeah, but i said our best for them. i know. look from what i could understand a couple years ago and electric will be it should be out that they got this new film on a that rochelle bershana narrowsburg gets hold of gene a. well, isn't a winner torsional in him story anyway, to look expression woodridge jumped on board, you did that with a sledge form by the one of by nancy carson was nice for us to bring it in the she bad guys on the advanced position with
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a she is clear to me what engine. i'm good at social storm osgood bringing all the stuff to quench to starman for to show my school to young dijani's daughter is at the lenient master leona marsha eve. but our music at least was a washer. who shall boy shade moisture to leave her chair, to motion the chair or would you want to keep a silky head? he was working here the good near the bills and you'd with them bill. and she had those with tommy a doesn't we did just see the story it for a night. you read from florida that i hadn't a clue, but via the group showed he got yodi nash again normally
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a and my school shot a song in the finance for 3rd grade. there was a real warm night is up for the credit because all alive til yes. tells us she to she had to punch letter e. yep. and burying, and i just like to one yet option or toilet from. oh, glad to go with the store credit center for comalla billy ward and will yes, it was done. why it was celia wasn't, but we still don't compare walker. one near the vars november was will it's quarter briefly above breath now. yes. but sent to me via it shot on sunday. i was traveling yesterday. official. we be a scar? yes. a federal fantasy on schedule. sure. so it's humanly isn't done with her now in a properly on
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a just with national if the yellow in my room are you, what i should put on, i'll look for them with a quote from us now or to look at that you're working on a so much for, you know, look what is going on with your home. we didn't look over into your fix for a go to building it in bush, not slip, but sun, just not slip to buy it to or changes all moves for them with or a
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show me issues or a member lashania the story with a wish. nobody's come from boys. are you sure your booked it in here now for you? it and then she'll set the age, of course, a national board, which was a city or some last quarter published yet the job going out and what, what she's just on the most not this was so oh and have show video, metropolitan national visual centers could have for michelle or to spoke with that jim yo yos for us. did you learn?
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you know, how long i left now. howard and the school listed them. yeah. at the doubletree 3 quarter bull geico on said piece, you know what? i shot what i'm, what the diagram crackles distorted. melendez, a blue a. why didn't it feel law got a t. absolute. not sure. still wouldn't. she hasn't been livonia eat these can use . linda mentioned that nash would shots a cooper. santos brewer. in personally boberski gear. the skin or by shrimp, police from cranny skis, a single blameless edition boy with a new blow. does it was it was to for the voice for a board. jim, it is a, this is the what the was on the
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russian. you read on the about with best. i want them a good one that has like a through the to the bottom of the of chevron, the, your dad, you'll show what i just go with a somewhat joke lewis with the actual store and i am now what i'm a
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nurse, karen. valerie yvonne online, i mean like, you know, some i with fidela with a sort of genius with invoice of what's it almost smell? yes. talk 1st. no, no, no, they're still watching nogales nothing a problem but i shot it look like there's no way. yeah. but i get all she, me that, that i'm still it all casually. you get your thought process. it was last year
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so i can use with the other scottsdale extra miles last i'm with 0 as a line. yeah. with and i'm slit they will. yes. contract a shop or shed or anything at all? yeah, but just hold on and look for me in a 1000000 that i was at the full story of what she could have shown old a oh, it's a with both to be shut off, but it says so to fit in seattle and yeah, uses stores of us to live eat, so put us to use media t a partial tedious. yeah. you'll, you'll still be up last night that i would love that as an iphone and that's legs are. boy, this is a quick else. it's monday by don't condemn him,
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but it wasn't religious kid with doc a connection with us. he up a bell. freeze. what for? what fin? what videos? you might email. i'm not sending it, but i sent you a new school on the dog to not boston 1st on. that was why it will just on us. it gives are cheap cheaper for you didn't you didn't give it. it's cheap. what? see that i with the ball it cheap for the company president. good to what should be this trip of thoughts or any of this up at the tech a lot and no one did you at the window, you might have been used on the do it. i'll check when you bundle if i don't want to fill it out, that should have what?
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thank you. plus $12.00, it shouldn't be right with you. it. yep, the read. yep. it was, i mean you guys nickel and my lease. sure are some ninette ashna, which is pretty if you have a spinal you're saying, but i wish she to spit lit muslim yang unless the beach is almost 2 zeros in yes, cricket slope beside the parameter, commack seamless kiddos for the ocean spin then which santa t e, get it filled in, was a if it's nice to ms. alexander alexandra, i fear mike, sam with me. i hope not coincide is musk with footage and it doesn't, but you mean by just cuz i know you just spell it schlagel does nobody quit though, but i'd yell at me the key to condemn style to would so
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somebody of i'm, i'm me, i'm body chilling but the most isa is that only interested in the but it was, i was just, or a grown person either yet, and i'll get each the gene. oh, no problem with the key settings to them with a will cheech it. but i wish that the star blue that is from global young will not move yet not even board a. some sounds financial says it personal radical machine. grecian is going to like, you know, for all night would a new mobile sheet. good for an spinoza. is a dodie mill bush. shanae jacqueline is born up in about. i'll dance mount the nigeria to stay on mars dixon. ah,
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i just felt like i saw you was more than any fighting on luminary them a wizard. he just kind of chairs. what's left us? a sheba good and bad for shaped bankers are those with dares sinks. we dare to ask, and
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ah, if i go misha. so my law, if talk, but a shameless, las palmas show jeremy dead, he thought is the preface her arcadia lawyers watkins the glass you'll slay at the one total are scala. dusters of basement 1000000 plus water boiling chest approx equation will doctoral. justify a thought process on that? on the me you think you're watching the rush hour or what do you mean? she made it by them. are usually it delete it, but it did. yeah. they, it's like, like i would say, do you need it? those are bunch. i believe on the my, it's la villette, i'm watching him to kind of offset i seen on on she she was in to the so elsa,
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cham years in my house, lam, login, a gambler, sculpus for years and mice patient jim's at the okay. i would show at santa pravda stop by noon was they couldn't they understand 60 had each year's election fortunately. they live with them to police. i couldn't bring any pets to power cartouche, kelly, living by me league deal. gordon, told kurt by substrate. thank you. what is the machine you think that? mm, yeah. photoshoot doorbell. it scratch your st blower. give gracie storage in front of my lap michelin. yeah. well you personally, but she chose to her. so a process before the audio therapy. yeah, sure. what did you do that to approach a particle scam? weekly, which mac will come much opportunity to be right. what is your, what healey series of shame that should have been in order to renew it?
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sure. reggie ah, my me, william, i'm with a my baba, alexander nickle. h position jim is the person with a young lady with it's my mom late in the alex here on a much similar napoleon let the dominate. liz needs it last off, so
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a dish. it been so much water look that i need a little bit more than yours. a mom on that's new at all. and you, mr. little, go ahead. yeah. unless fortune woodson now version yet such as the stuff on the promotion dorm, love a movie, it does deal it. i left almost muscle. no because i knew from my bustle anyway, it's sonya almost. i sold them, but they get more money because you don't think that that he was at the bus with, with a, with
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a mom with the, with the move on the vehicle was it was peter a mom with just another book with the little list. if there's a way to 4th, go around with to go by the way from believe in mccloud. the way it does is that, or if it's a hood to what that to put on the bus that has to do with mobile back and then the
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chip with oh, some forms of style sheet. nissan on special shows come on, guards are shown on my bed post, oak mom a fairly local number. so she said a maybe oh, heat. ponderosa only is just and then we'll get a child and our pool doesn't mother h b, a pasta coding in, mia. go ideal fishing, you option bump with a list of the me out on just thought on. yeah, vision don't show on the quote. i didn't catch in the serious some i large that image slash conduct stonestreet. yes,
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continued. she done was nice to watch. actually they come was each just ah, ah, a show me. but again, it not such my in the them all the stress with the same. i mean you, cisco logan with me it was nice. same stuff from with year beloved. don't still,
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but at the but i see why north could understand fix it when i called them so will dish. post a clip with them mom. i was restored and we went to stay around with garza and i share those. not the mirage. little more kiss whistle, let the snow by see if the 1st person this, the jaffa adam was both of them. it was possible not anymore you'll excursion done as she did the li. jim whispered catherine. yep. the short cut off gave you've got off thought that i missed another now mom, but he was in over. yeah. caesar costume were got well when they said,
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but just couldn't let us know fix it if anything suitable and it is not on rocky, but i just as that a wister on there visa oil is you to which little cartoon latasha thought yet, but in your snuggle nobility dot b a with him to foul season on. and that's the notion in yet because i'm but those are models the newest may affect say, who are back to me or to my regional some with neutral. yes. dallas lee. and they know that our content daily chills for over in clever enough seriously in the senior center rather than a few g throughout the was glad to have i don't think of today's butterfly attic door me absolutely sit on. okay, cool. and very clear. danya ah cookers said no,
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that's it. no, sir eugene. the crew that is african one. not very good when you fiddle cushion the ship. okay, i will and i don't wish that slip. the other sto chillin on the shore. choi, that bush, melina campbell, a show. com will need you to the workflow ah, the show goes to political class. a west is just about cruise, but it was just a little late. trish to this day, the ban ds percent cra butchered. so who chose if you don't get the democrats, you will not live some of us 13, and you change your mind with
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money and got them this and okay, let's cuz i said income is plug it in. wrong sonya for, for now, what i'm gonna show for franklin, the bill was smith, last quarter, almost a knowledgeable of i'm going out. done with any money. orders can shows a roster wishful one yet. trusting is out with the foot candle, mull, i'm with national use ammonia. i still use liberally with
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it, but that lisa, with him in land are sold at platinum advisors that long that the spiritual novel muscular another a supplier still they've reached the wrong um, would i be such a little business throw at you? lucy does see that there's like, i still have always the listing, but other than, you know, but it's, it's got issue one that you in austin done. but i tend to get an idea on what it is . i mean, august or store it does go. but again, it's like a noise in the middle of a used to still wasn't on much
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to me as i was seeing it on the pl schedules with our bun said, but they're on the door. yeah. on the list i live in. yeah, i show there is that college so, but i wanna ask them well night at least of butter on, but i buy new the new choice. no. why didn't they get up in my me on i, besides that we still live for them. what it is with
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with or ah, join me every post on the alex simon, sure. when i'll be speaking together in the world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race group is on offense. very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk
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with these people, learn from their own experience, how vulnerable of business is to the bank. so he pushes my business over, the age, pushes me right to the edge, bankruptcy now i realize we were good. this isn't just the back that it may be involved in. this is the concept. see firms. it is the lawyers. these people have got you want on this stories and it was kinda whistleblower. tell people's marriages have broken up and lost their family homes. it is spectacularly devastating for people's lives. we have committed suicide, but left behind north, the explicitly state that it was the constant intimidation and billing by bank officers. that late done too. i took the spear,
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it's obscene. these people up nor sold the killing of a long serving british politician is declared a terrorist incident. david amos was friendly staff while meeting his constituents inside a church. with you challenges its own members, states over migrant crackdowns saying violent push backs on boarders may be illegal . and russia passes. yet another grim milestone in the pandemic with more than a 1000 of a death in the past 24 hours. as officials urged people to get vaccinated ah
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quite catch me live direct from studios in moscow. this is our t international. i'm john thomas. certain.


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