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tv   Keiser Report  RT  October 16, 2021 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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[000:00:00;00] with ah i max kaiser, this is the kaiser report while the jig is up president of a latin american country armed with volcano energy is calling out wall street and the whole financier class, stacy re max. well, if you don't get it by now, after 10 years of kaiser report telling you about big coin, you're never going to make it. and g, i name book kelly, who is the president of our salvador tweeted about in response. we're cnn piece
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pushing the fact that markets are near all time highs. wall street just doesn't get it. the earnings are not real. it's just more money being issued with the same amount of stocks. a real crisis is coming in the supply chains, products, port, fuel ships, trucks, factories, workers, parts resources is right in front of us. right, well, but kelly, president of el salvador, the george washington on the 21st century is i like to com. he's on to something there. stock prices are only going up because the money print thing that's going on behind the scenes. this is why venezuelan stock market hit new all time. this is why said bob way in iran, stock markets are hating highs because they print a lot of money there and the value of their currency is collapsing. what i want to add is that when you make a statement like that, such as, hey, you know, the stocks are not actually worth anything that the companies aren't improving
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their earnings in any way. why would anyone buy these things even was printed money? and the answer is that the companies themselves are buying their own stock with the money printed from the central bank to make the executive stock options go up by incredible amounts of percentage points. so that's really the full picture is that it's not only just bad economics, it's outright fraud. i mean, i suppose like this and stage, financial ais, capitalism for we have is a game of fight, tommy. and you've pointed that out before. it's like they could, you know, add more credit for the game and all of a sudden like your number go up and you're like, yeah, yeah, and it feels all exciting and you're in the game and you're the top of the game at the top of score card you make more money, it seems and, but at the end of the day as you points out, there's no new stocks. there's no new supplies. it's not like actually goods and services are being created. everybody's working from home or work i working from
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home and nothing's been created and yet the money supply is gushing in and we're seeing that with the shortages. like there's actual stuff, not on the shelves. this looks like the end days of the soviet union. nothing on the shelves yet, stand a line for hours, for basic goods. and we're starting to see that same thing now, i believe. oh, absolutely. and unlike the soviet union days where the world was more differentiated along regional and lines, and geo, political, or even geographic factors came into effect because we live in our virtual digital world. now, the rate of enlightenment and the rate of the of soto she and like many accounts of big coin, it's uneven. so someone like boot, kelly, the president of el salvador, can have his to toshi mom it. and because we're all the digital,
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he can call up jack mahler's over the strike gap. and he can come and live in all solid are for 3 months and totally. why are the country they're signing up 100000 people a day? they're going to be hyper, because with any here, that means that the g d p is going to double or triple, and it's the only country in the world right now. it's worth really talking about everybody else because they're on a fee on money standard. it's like talking about countries in the middle people ages that are trying to make do with my head and sticks railey. i mean, he's the only modern country right now and the i m f has been obliterated. he's going to pay off as i m f. loans with all k, no bonds. and the world bank looks stupid. and paul craig middlebury times looks really. dom anerio or beanie was absolutely wrong. and that, you know, the coins gone to 5 millions. of course. you know, ne, but kelly to really into prominent and in the united states because
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a nick carter that twitter spaces and neighbor kelly jumped on there and they, they, you know, announced this deal right to, to adopt bitcoin as legal, tender. so nick carter also has a tree here that i want to read in terms of this. you're never going to make it. if you don't get big quite yet, if you haven't figured it out yet, you're not gonna make it. so hero, i can't believe bitcoin is going up. exclamation point. this is the likes of paul prague men, the life of peter shift, who the life of michael barry who took a massive short position out on bitcoin. and they're all wrecked, right. and now they can't figure out why big points going up. and then he says, turns attention back to time line full of trillion dollar coin, energy crisis, non transitory inflation, permanent shortages, debt default find c, b, c, content. so that's what you see in the timeline on twitter. if you look,
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if you care to look and that's what you see and cause report because we do look and we do report. i'll point out once again, one of the things i love to do from time to time is they have a real time enactment reenactment of the thinking on the titanic on youtube. and it took 2 hours and 40 minutes. now, bitcoin is the iceberg. that titanic is the money world, the globalized, neal, liberal washington consensus, post world war 2, federal reserve bank dominated global economy. 20082009. it hits the big coin iceberg. and if you watch the titanic reenactment on youtube video, it's quite excellent. you know, for the 1st, over 2 hours, people are still wandering around in the state of disbelief, and they're still playing music down on the ballroom. the people in the rich cabins are still smoking cigars. and wondering at the novelty of all the snow on deck and everything, it's bound till the last 10 minutes that suddenly people are like, hey, what are the life birds were all dying?
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and that's where we're at now. we're at the moment now where you've got like jamie diamond is literally the fridge at north atlantic. you know about the freeze to death. and i know it sounds gruesome, but i can't stop laughing. the thing is about that titanic thing. is in the music was great, they had the best orchestra there on the atlantic. they had amazing cocktails. it was a luxury liner, the everybody, either staff was the best in the, the game of, you know, staffing luxury liners, ocean liners. so everything felt good and looked good and sounded good. the music was good. and then when it, you're never going to make it when it's too late, is when it just suddenly went to like that, like, by the time it does that and starts to sink. that's when you're gonna fall in to the ocean and never make it. so that's the thing is like the cnn that the, the headline that net, ne,
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because the cali was responding to where he was the one telling everybody get out to the life boat. do it's like, it seems great. yes, cnn's cheerleading and telling you how amazing it is. they were saying friday mark the end of a 3 day winning strike for us thought. but all 3 major indexes end of the week, solidly in the green with the dow having his best week since late june. the dow is now just to percent blow the all time high. it hit in august. so, you know, but kelly is out there saying everybody, you know, there's some life rafts right now. just jump in it, head on out, and everybody's like, you know, sienna, look, they're saying you like, it's the parties. oh, on calm down and get on the dance floor. have a few free cocktails. everything's great if cnn are covering the hindenburg disaster. now, it would come out like a cotillion for the wash folks in chelsea, london having their flower show and that everybody was doing great. right. so that's, i mean,
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i'm sad. i'm sad because when i grew up we had journalism, edward r murrow, you know, and now to be rank proper. damndest it makes prompt to look like for it. i'm edward r. murrow, i'm sorry. i mean, americans really gone to the gutter at the end of the day, capitalism is about individual self interest, and my individual self interest is to accumulate as much bitcoin as i have. i am super, super happy the entire, the audience. tiny though it is, cnn does not, is not fighting me to buy bitcoin because therefore, my fia my bite and bucks would go less far than they are. i go to the airport. i see people watching cnn. i say, never going to make it. i just look at all these people sitting around waiting for their flights. they're watching scene, and i'm like, i mean i've seen cows grazing out there in the field with greater lifestyle and hope of surviving the news. it is because are filling their gorging themselves on lies. here's the headline that we covered in our a few of our interviews included with mark moss,
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but also with cray ham key. recently a precious metals expert. and so j. p. morgan, as you mentioned, jamie diamond is a ceo and he's had a long relationship with long failed relationship with with bitcoin. he was one of the 1st of the ceo of a major bank to dis it over and over, back in 20132014201520. 16. 20. 17. 2018. 20. 19. 2020. and now here we are in 2021 and we see this institutions buying bitcoin rather than gold as inflation cranks up j. p. morgan, according to j. p. morgan. this week's rally has been driven by institutional investors hedging against inflation with big coin. now that's important, institutional investors are following on the high net worth individuals who have already been buying bitcoin for j. p. morgan and other big banks, offered bitcoin to their high net worth individuals last year and the year before
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that they've been buying bitcoin cheaper. right. then the institutions come, they follow the exec of, of these institutions were already buying bitcoin a few years ago than the institutions come. then you have the masses, who watch cnn are sitting there watching c, n n. looking at the stock price go up because all the bite and bucks and all of the, you know, j pal, pumping up the stock price. and they think that's what they should be looking at. that's that distraction from the institutions the wealthy that you know, jumping into the life boat out there while you're sitting there dancing on the, you know, the dance floor of the titanic. that is the global economy. yeah, well, my understanding is over there. j. p. morgan headquarters on park avenue in new york city. whenever jamie gets into the elevator with other board members, they fart. and then they start laughing in his face and nobody listens to. and all the employees have a picture of him with
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a little dark board and he's the laughing stock of wall street. he's a laughing stock at j. p. morgan. and he's on his way out. by the way. jamie, the board is you're out, buddy. i'm going to take a break. come back after this, don't go away with ah ah, ah ah, ah, ah,
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a ah with ah, it's a good price you. i believe we did a lot of the, your promo, a couple of these on your way, but i know from politicians to athletes and movies. does the musicals does it seems every big name in the world has been here? let us your purpose, bazooka, corpus kristie. before i get the call, when you finish with me, go over it. you spoke with said 1000 makes dreams come true that everyone who falls
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in love with no luck with ah, welcome back to the kaiser report, i max kaiser time now to return to our conversation with mark moss. he's now on our heart radio. less sounds good. i'm going to check that out. mark, welcome back to you so much. now let's talk about financial crazy stuff happening. this one trillion dollar platinum coin that the fee at world is coughing up now that they're desperate for some way to hide the complete catastrophe that they've
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created the last time it was proposed during the 20082009 financial crisis. that trillion dollars of course, meant a whole lot more. is this one just one desperate hail mary, before the ultimate fandango. i mean, my guess is that it's just some hoopla, right? they're just trying to kind of come up with some crazy stuff. maybe move the window a little bit, but you know, as a, as a, as a former goal bug and now to sound money advocate. i've typically, i've just been, no, they can't do this. they can't keep raising the debt limit. they can't keep printing . and i've kind of gone to the point now, or i'm just like, just bring it. why stop with one trillion dollar coin. how about add 5? so i've kind of changed my tune a little bit like let's just get the show on the road here. but i think i think the coin is probably a bunch of talk. it looks like they've decided to go ahead and raise the debt ceiling limit already just get us through till december. they raised it. i was looking at, i actually posted on twitter this morning, a chart of all the debt ceiling limits they've done since the last 100 years.
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there's done over a 100 of them, and i'm sure they'll get it through again. they, they, they're addicted to spending money against up a, make an interesting comment. there is say just the, hey, let's get it done. let's just just go for it. this seems to me, indicates her at an interesting stage in this inflationary period, that, of which we would call law of confidence, which of course is what lays to hyperinflation or a collapse in the currency. and that's the risk they're taking by continuously playing these games. and i hear more and more of the same sentiment you've expressed. people are saying, you know what, i actually don't have any confidence in the currency at all. anyway, this is not going to change it. i'm a big coin or are we entering into our why mar, like loss of confidence in the fee of money? and we're gonna see hyperinflation mark. i would actually say everybody agrees and sees the same thing. they just don't know yet. and so what do i mean?
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by that, well we can see pretty much in any market, people are like, oh, shoot i, i need to buy a house right now because if i don't buy a house now it's going to be more expensive in the future. i better go buy a used car right now, because if i don't, cars will be more expensive in the future. and so everybody's rushing out to buy anything they can get their hands on because they're afraid it's going to be worth to. it's going to be too expensive in the future. what they haven't realize is what they're saying is exactly what you said, that they're, they've lost the confidence in the dollar. what they're really seen is that the dollar is losing his purchasing power so fast. they're trying to rush out and spend it as fast as they can. now you mentioned the y m r republic. i thought i did a video talking about when money dies, there was a book written that kind of talks about that time period. and what's interesting is, you know, during that time, bread went from $0.12 to $0.26 and, you know, kept w, w, w, next thing, you know, it's, you know, a $1000000000.00. and during that time, people were actually having to get paid multiple times a day because the currency was actually losing value so fast that they'd have to spend it
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a few times throughout the day. otherwise it was losing value fast so. so we're seeing that now and like i said, people are recognizing it, they're just not quite figuring that part out yet. but one really, really interesting thing that i got from that book is that during that period of hyper inflation asset, prices were going sky high. so my real estate is never been worth as much. my gold is never been worth much, i'm rich. i better sell now at the top before the bubble burst. and so they did. and so everybody started selling their assets, thinking they were rich, selling my real estate, selling my gold. it's never been this high. and everybody ended up holding a bunch of paper that became worth so little or worthless, that they literally were burning it in the fireplaces because it was worth less than the wood was at that time. of course, during the i'm our period, there were a few bankers engage in what was called a speculative attack, where they were able to borrow from the central bank at relatively, but almost, you know,
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cheap rates. and by assets and became fabulously wealthy our modern day. why mar, republic seems to have burst a similar speculative attack over there by mike gall sailor at micro strategy. who is borrowing money at almost nothing and buying it every bitcoin he can possibly find is michael sale are about to become the richest man in the world. mark. well, shoot, maybe after you. but you know, he is definitely brought up a lot of big coin and so that's going to be worth a lot. he says he's never gonna sell it. and so i would believe that so he, he might. but you mentioned the speculative attack and something that's a pretty interesting i did a video on a couple of months ago. but for some reason it's back in the news, i think as of yesterday. and that is, who is the most famous guy in the, in the world, probably living today in terms of speculative attacks. that's george soros, right. he became famous for breaking the bank of england, speculating against it that an attack on it broke the bank of england made a $1000000000.00 in
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a day. and he's gone on to do speculative attacks against nations and toppled them kind of one by one ever since. and the news that broke yesterday, again, like i said again i, i talked about a month ago, but this george soros well fund is now buying bitcoin. and of course, he doesn't probably run the day to day on it, but his wealth manager that runs it, the seo said, you know, we understand the problems of the dollar with inflation, etc, etc. that's where we're buying bitcoin. but i just thought to guy who's literally, the most famous guy perspective attack is now buying bitcoin. he's kind of professed or made famous, you know, taking the government. is he going to do a speculative attack against the dollar using bitcoin? it's an interesting way to look at it. right. you mentioned sorrows is 1993 speculative attack on the bank of england. made a $1000000000.00 in a day that was orchestrated by his money managing partner, stan truck and miller, who has been buying bitcoin now for the past 6 months. i think they're sharing a lot of information about what's really going on. meanwhile, the central bank,
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digital currencies are being launched by the dying legacy system. did they have any chance of surviving? i don't think so. i think what their chance of survival is is just trying to keep the game going a little bit longer. so what i see really happened with the central bank digital currencies. one, obviously the, the trend is moving towards this more authoritarian approach. we're kind of your whole life is in one location that can be kind of turned on and off pretty easily. and so having that money, a programmable money that can be used as behavioral modification when that's implemented and helps them achieve their policies. what i also think it does is it allows the fed to open up directly with the people which they bypass is kind of the banking stack, which would allow them to get money out into the market faster and easier. and so i think that may be, helps them perpetuate this kind of game, the charade they have going. i think eventually we might even see the i m f issue against the digital currency directly that people maybe get rid of the whole banking stack. but at the end of the day, i think it's probably
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a trojan horse individual. i think it's a good thing for bitcoin. and the reason why i would say that is because they're still a lot of people for whatever reason, at this point, are skeptical of something digital, something i can't hold in my hand. i think it's a scam. i think it's a jo, how can i trust something, digital, etc, etc. once the central bank comes out with it, they'll be probably forced at 1st, incentivized to use it like they did with china's, you know, download it, get some free money. eventually you'll be forced to use it, but then it will give it this legitimacy where now we'll shoot, i guess we just use digital currencies now and now i'm just used to it and it looks good. and then all the sudden it's like, well wait a minute, why does this one keep losing value while bitcoin keeps going up in value? why is this one being used to program against me? like if i don't spend it by friday, i lose some of it. but over here with because the government can't take it and i think it will give it that legitimacy. people will see the contrast of the 2 and they're going to go, wait a minute. why don't i just get rid of my central make digital currency and go to pick line. and so at the end of the day,
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i think it just helps usher in the inevitable. i've already seen it in venezuela. they launched a petro. and that was a huge disaster. meanwhile, venezuela went hyper, bitcoin ization and associates excess south. the central banks all are all over the world, are going to go down the same path. let's change gears a little bit here. the jobs report came out. it was a big mess the despite of millions of job openings, there's a few takers for any of these jobs. another seemingly math, the dislocation in this market mark. there was a big disappointment and it looked like the consensus on wall street was thinking. we'd have 500000 jobs. if we didn't get at least $200000.00, it was going to be really, really bad. and the numbers came in, i think at 194. so less than the $200.00, much less than the $500.00 that were wanted or expected. and so that's not a good thing. the problem is that it's a lot of people not going back to work. we talked,
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we talked earlier about the energy problem that we have and so like in the united states, for example, the oil industry is experience a massive working problem of about one 3rd of the 100000 employees that were let go in 2020 have returned only one 3rd, and so it's causing massive supply chain issues. i know i've been traveling lately, some hotels i've been staying in, they can't open their restaurants. they don't have room service. so these businesses are losing out on massive amounts of revenue. and like i said, supply chains are breaking down. we're seeing and massive amounts of ships sitting out in and harbors. they can't get in because there's not enough people to unload them. and so this is the supply chain issues that are breaking down. and this is the in it causes inflation and this is why the fed isn't going to be able to stop it, i guess until they get people back to work. maybe that would help something but, but it's a tough problem. you know, i want to donald trump's signature policy was to close the trade gap with china. they didn't work out the trade gap wide and significantly and over the new
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administration, it's gone absolutely ballistic. the trade deficit soar to a new all time high. not only do we no longer have the manufacturing capacity, but we're losing out on services to mark. this looks like part of a major disintegration trend your thoughts after the pandemic of last year. i think we was really exposed how bad the united states was in a sense where we couldn't even get face math or p p. e. we found out that, you know, almost all, almost all of our antibiotics come from overseas. but even more importantly, we found out that are rare with elements which are national security issues. we need those elements in our electronics for the military, you know, missile guidance, submarines, etc. we, we get those from trying to, we could even go to war with china without that. and i was very hopeful that we would see a lot of that manufacturing come back to united states once everybody was aware of the problem. maybe if we didn't change the administration, maybe that would have happened, but to your point where you just made it certainly hasn't. it's only continue to
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get worse. and unfortunately, i think that's it's bad news for the united states in the long run. if we don't bring some of this manufacturing back, i mean, we're only going to continue to financial as the economy. we're going to continue to, you know, really have 2 different classes, right? the upper class, the financial economy that off shores are outsources, are finance. and then we're going to have basically everybody else's, dependent on the state, which maybe is what they want. you write about quote, individuals going where they are wanted was this was this way, this sounds like an i'm randall novel. what's going on here? mark, well, it is like an iran novel, right? it's exactly like she predicted with a atlas shrugged, where the most productive people of society go, where they're treated best. and so i personally left california and went to puerto rico because they treated my business better. now there's other policies that i'm not so happy about that i'll probably go somewhere else from treated even better. but you know, the whole world is, is, is trending towards authoritarianism and centralization. and i think the only thing
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that breaks that is competition. and so we saw both the california new york ral competed, everybody went to texas and florida. both governors found themselves on the chopping block. so i think this competition is very important. i that yeah tweeted out kind of ellen musk said hey, i'm gonna leave california if you don't let me over my factories. and one of the, one of the senator said f u e on i maybe maybe maybe that's where you got it from. i don't know macs but a he said he said point taken and so he's moved in and left a texas and so they're being al competed. i think eventually we'll see nations start, i'm competing for each other. it's kind of like this book, the sovereign individual talks about where the dairy cow can grow wings and fido different jurisdiction. and so that's what breaks that the grip of authoritarianism . i think it's time, especially with bitcoin. it changes the balance structure. if a nation can't just steal our wealth from us, they'll be forced to treat us like a customer. they'll be forced to provide
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a value in exchange to get our money. and then competition will really kick in. great, mark moss, as their show is on i heart radio, thanks for being on kaiser reports. thank you so much max preciate. it all right now is going to do it for this edition of kaiser report with may max kaiser and stacy herbert want to thank our gas mark mos until next time fail. ah ah a little small job ocean with on what it says i mid august or still with any initial i can noise the middle of
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a fresh which don't don't love. would you like that? that would because if that's something you would greet them with the cool got that's message for them to send over your properties was for what fin the but on with that to the work like you with some of them when he's got the west, when according to want to show up for phillip keeps them from the, from the news or what the stuff that the same i'm giving you global. oh gosh. slate to 3 years old. senior to 11 little scared little squiggly with john. proof that and what are one, why do you think that us them i mean,
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on i besides that we still do ah pops doors for this hour live on our team. the killing of a long serving british politician is declared a terrorist incident. a david amos was fatally stopped while meeting his constituents inside the church. the eagle challenger is its own member states of a migrant craft saying violent push backs on boarders may actually be illegal. strikes protests on transport, disruptions. we're seeing pictures here after mandatory co food health classes. i met with public fury across italy.


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