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ah ah, beautiful chilled ocean with on what it was i mid august, also a 1000000000 slogan noise. the middle school with freshman, with the alarm, who did they got that would because if that's something you would prevent them with a wound that's much 4 percent of your properties was for what fin the but on with the filled with what that should look like. you o'clock with
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nice seems some of them when he's got though vice when luck holding so we shall post them for phillip keeps coming from the from the muse are kind of with us fast are the same. i was let me use this global. oh gosh. slate to 3 years old. continue to one wonderful, scared little squiggly. ah, john thought that, but our one, why didn't they could ask them. i mean, on i be certain that we still do . yeah, i let i at the so what the next it over for us misspelled because the city let them win against them, but at least so what does the words and i live at the front of your company? neither corporate was over to see him. we'll do just ask us what was wrong. looks to not suing me up with out exclusive
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a thumb with lucas leather. know that. what would that go in with? i'm looking for little examiner. is she out registered for them? i know, look from what this could understand, just simple, but i wonder, is any minus a distance from london and electrical beauty? it should be out that they got this new film on. nathan ross shared with
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us in the movie and well, isn't a wind torsional didn't him still we anyway to look expression will switch to a sledge form, but the ones not by nancy carson was nice for us to bring it in the she bad like scars on the advanced position with a she is clear to me what engine. i'm glad at social still my skin you oldest amused to quench this down one, but a show in my school. the young dijani's daughter is at the lenient master leona by shannon eve, but our music at least was a washer. who shall boy shade, boys? sure. delayed abortion. that should or would you want to keep the
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doors so carefully? he was wanting to hear the good near the bills and you'd with them bill and she had those in with tommy a dozen with chest. she had the story. it's quite night. you read from florida in good ago, but he had a good show together. you already nash normally o loser. my school shot a song in the finance for 33 guys. there was a warm night is up for the credit because of a latoya struthers she to she had to punch larry e. yep. and brown, and i just lower it to one yet. i'm shanker but clayton. oh good. that's good. i was supposed to stop at santa for comalla billy ward and will, yes, it was done. why it was celia wasn't bobby. so dumb computer walker, who neared wires, november was willis, quote,
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a briefly above breath. now the use of it sent to me via it, shot on a mission that was traveling. yes. your official, we be, scott. yes. the federal fantasy on schedule. sure. so it's humanly isn't done with her. now you are probably on is just a national if the yellow in my room area for them. and i'll look for them to you should just feel like you can give me a quote from us now or to look at that term like in a so much with, you know, was a not for you and your home. we didn't look over into your 5th through motor, a
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go to building it in bush, not slip, but sun, just not slip to buy it to or change is all of them with are a show me issue a so maybe i'll log you with all my a member lashania the with a wish nobody's come from boys. are you sure your booked it in here now for you? it and then she'll set the age, of course
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a national board which was a shitty or some last quarter promotion yet the point and what, what she's just on the most. not alicia. oh yeah. so video, metropolitan. listening to a joke of snacks. corner for michelle or just spoke with jim yo yos for us to let you know sheila howard underscore. listed tom. yeah. there are multi 3 quarter bull geico on said bisk. you know what i shot what i'm, what the diagram crackles distorted. melendez, a blue. why didn't it cilla a t? absolute not sure still would know. she has a believe anya eat these konica. linda mentioned that nash would shut the cooper. santos brewer, setting it up personally. boberski did
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a scan or by shem college. so for any school of blue, i'm not a good a single volume edition boy with a new blocker does. it was because it was to find a fortune with a supplies that it is. the middle of the was on the go. they were listening. you read only about with all that about them. a clicking through the to the bottom of the, your dad,
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you'll show a somewhat joke lewis with the actual store. and now what i'm wondering is a chance of on online i'm in love with some i with albany, verified yellow at a sort of genius with
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invoice, a smell. yes. talk 1st. no, no, no, they're still watching nogales now a problem, but i think it was the why the yeah, but i get all she me that that i'm still it all currently doing get your store a little extra miles last i'm with 0 i'm i was a line yeah, with that i'm slit they will. yes. can sure a shop or shed or anything at all? yeah, but just for doesn't look for me in a 1000000 that i was supposed to go. she could have shown old a. oh, it's a with both to be shut off,
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but it says so to fit in the middle and yeah, uses still mores with us to live eat. so that's to unify media t a partial kitty cbs, you'll, you'll still be up last night that i would the one that has an iphone and that's legs are boy bisphosphonates music with else it's monday with by don't condemn it, but it wasn't religious kid with a connection with us, he up a bell breeze. what for what fin videos get hit them. i mean, i'm not sending them but i sent you a new school on the dog look to not boston on. that was why it will
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cost us. it gives a cheap, cheaper you didn't give it, it's cheap. what? see that i with the ball it cheap for the company. president. good to what should keep up with the tech a lot. no one did. you have to remember, you might have been used on the do it. i'll check when you bundle. if i don't want to fill it out, that should have what. thank you. plus $12.00, it shouldn't be right with you. it. yep, the read. yep. it was, i mean, you guys nickel and my lease sure are some ninette ashna, which is pretty if you have a spinal you're saying you produce sheet, a spit lit muslim yang unless compete in some of the zeros in yes, cricket slope in the, beside on mike mike seamless kiddo us for the ocean spin then which santa
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t e yet is filtered and was a f. as to ms. alexander, alexandra, i swear i've seen with hope is not clement is musk, with footage, and it doesn't what you mean by just cuz i know you just tell us schlagel does nobody quit, nobody deal it. ah, the key to condemn style to word. so somebody of, i'm, i mean, i'm pretty chilling, but the most isa is not only interested in the, but it was, i was just, or a grown person either yet. and i'll call you studying. oh, hold with me. the key key settings to them will cheech. it,
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but i wish that the stall legged that is from global young will not move yet not even board a some sounds plenty to. susie, this person were ethical. i've seen grecian is going to like, you know, for all night with her new mobile. she to parents been the other. is it already? mom was shanae. right, exactly. his board number, but i'll, i'll gal smart nigeria to stay them on mars dixon. ah. are just chalka mcclintock. i saw you was more than at the fighting on today them a with just coming and i'm sure is what's left as a shiva. ah
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ah. oh, when europe is mentioned, what do you think a place an idea, a common place with diverging ideas? maybe you think of the european union, think what you wish when europe is in crisis, it must choose between being an ideological construct or a place with real people. and real me good miss. assume i am i to talk but a shameless saline? yes, almost sure. jeremy did, he thought is any of the professor? i got the lawyers watkins the glass, you'll slay at the one total was scala duster of basement miliano plus water, boise chest approach. equation will doctoral stop by a process on that on the me you're seeing if you're watching raj own or what do you
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mean she media play them are usually it delete it. they as little as i would say, genie if those are a bunch. i believe i'm on the my some of it. i'm watching him to cut off off shit i seen on or she was in to the so also jimmy, as in my us logan a gambler, scroll to stay in the mice. patient. jim's at the chair at san fran store barn. you was, they couldn't understand 60, had each me is electron origin. you could actually live with them to police that could have been on the bus to policy. got to actually live and buy a new league deal. gordon told kurt by substrate throwing in your your favorite machine. you're a photoshoot toby. it's got your street blower. give gracie storage in pharmacy left mcmillan, you're waiting for
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a family, but she chose to her. so a process before the audio therapy here had show her what did you do that i showed her cosca, which, which mac will come much, but you will need to be right. what is your wasn't really series of shame that that should have been in order to renew it. surely we're ready. ah, my me, it william. i'm with a my baba alexander nikolai h position. jim is the person with me,
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a young lady with, oh, it's my mom laid in lennox in a much smaller than napoleon. let the dominant leads me to a dish. it. but it's so much water look a little bit much, but you're a mom on that's new at all. and you mr. scrub record yet on us switching. woodson, virginia stuff, stuff. i try to push it dog lives on. doesn't eat on it. there's deal it on the go with them. i live on mobile, so no further on your from a bus full or anyway, it's sonya on my soul. but they get more money because you don't think that that he was a the bus with, with
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a, with a mom with a theme. yeah. did you see him? yeah, he seemed yes. the when you're with what's on here that my mom and some of the vehicle was it was it was be dollar a mom with just another bill with the little list if they're good way to 4th brown
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with to go by the way from believe now look loud the bus is that boy, it's not a mile a foot on the bus that has to do with mobile back. and then the chip that i should be with oh, problems is still showing you. can you show up a show? come on, guards are shown on my vegetable stokes mom's in my little or no condition to finish with blow fairlance low. could you number so she said a baby. oh, he only has just bill gigi. could he, charlotte, on the pool, or does on month of each be across the coding in mia?
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go audio. so she knew option bump with a list of the me i don't know. just thought on. yeah. vision adults who on the quote i didn't catch tennessee some i was that image slash good, best on strike in. yes, continued she done was nice to watch. actually they come was each just ah, ah, a show me a in the them all the stress with the same. i mean your cisco logo with
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meters was nice. same stuff from with in west point. ah, the year beloved tungsten at the brazil invite north could understand when, according to the ship post apocalyptic, come from me when the meal apocalypse with the mav show up, share is stored and we want to stay around with stall cars. they're like russia does not the mirage. little boy kiss whistle that the snow by step in the 1st person, mr. jackson burton was both of them was possible. not anymore. you'll excursion
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done that. she'd be jim whiskey katara yet the short cut off gave you got off thought that i missed him as at my mom, but he was in over. yeah. she's a guest tumor when they should, but just couldn't let us know fix it then you know, suitable. and it is not on rocky. but i just as that a wister on their bizarre lead you to with cartoon at the start yet. but in your snuggled and i will, it's p dot b a with them to sound season on. and that's, that's the notion in yet because i'm, but those are models. the newest may affect say, who are back like tomorrow's a little somebody give each one. yes. dolly
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lee and they know that our content daily chills for emma nath seriously in the senior center ross. this lady's last name is glenda vidal, french speaker, days but nicely. all me absolutely. sit on. okay. cool. and very screwed on. yeah. i could go with no, that's it. no, sir, you do in the group. that is african when not when you a little closer. okay, i will. i'm not, i'm not slid the other still. chillen only show a choice that is for marlene kimball, a show come on each of the little area middle shown for us to put the live local folk mass a west to chess about, cuz i thought it was just a self with the battery.
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yes, sandra bullock church, so hopefully he only with our fuel will not live. some of us wanted it and he changed my new with the money and got them on the edge cuz my shed income is plug it in. wrong that are showing. yeah. for for them what happened with the vehicle was smith last quarter almost a bill of are going on with any months or then can shows
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a yup. roster wishful well yeah, mustang is out with kendall milan, but i still use a still yes to begin with isn't that lisa with in the shoulder. platinum, if there's like a doctor that you all know on my skin them. i'm in a supplier still they've reached the well now would i be such a little bit of his throat? lucy does see that there's like, i still have always the listing but other than you can me on,
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but it's got it. it's got a issue on that you want us to dump that's end of it's got a notice on what it says them august or straw. it'll come. but again, it's like a noise in the middle of a new doing that the used to still more softball, much. mm. slave to me as i was seeing it on zillow schedules live on through to that. but our bun said, but the one you are on used to live in. yeah, i show there is that college so but there one ask as them well night police the butter on, but i buy new the new choice. no, i didn't break it up and i mean on i besides that we still live for them. what it is though i'm with
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ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
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ah ah a ah. and the surgeon's tactile perception as well as his or her eyesight helps a lot because you need to make sure you don't break the thread while placing the switches and robotic hands can't do that. not now. and i believe not ever. you can write software to the machine, but you cannot give a human tactile perception with
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a fatal starving of a british conservative and these declared a terrorist incident by the police 25 year old man reported somali orator has been arrested on suspicion of mad a u. s marine officer pleads guilty to criticizing the military leader for the chaos withdrawal from afghanistan. here remains defined however, that senior leaders in need to be held to account. disturbing images of the latest territory emerges from afghanistan blasted a mask on friday, leaving devons dead is the latest in its paid on the illegal incidents. the us exit wilder for us national security advisor.


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