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ah, and a surgeon's tactile perception as well as his or her eyesight helps a lot because you need to make sure you don't break the thread while placing the switches and robotic hands can't do that. not now, and i believe not ever. you can write software for the machine, but you cannot give it a human tactile perception. join me every thursday on the alex simon, sure. and i'll be speaking together from the world politics sport. business. i'm sure business. i'll see you then. oh yes, mitchell, touching with on what it says i'm it will still it'll cover then initially annoys the beautiful i
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fresh, which don't don't love. would you think that that would look as if that's something you would preview to what the cool got. that's nice for me. to send over your properties was for what fin the but only the filled with like you with nice seems to them of them when he's got the west. when not going to want to show up for phillip keeps them from the, from the muse. hookups. what does that still the same ones? let me use this global. oh gosh, slippery music senior to one wonderful, scared little school to live with john paul, which if it what are one, why do you think that us them? i mean, on i besides that we still do
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. yeah, i let i at the, the what the look it over for us to miss ben cuz the city about them when they get to the lease or what does the words and then they live at the front of your company . me the corporate. what's the, what's in, boom, just ask us. i was brought to that. so in the upper we built exclusive it someone stuck it on them. if you look at whether you know that what with us was in, you might mention that you just thought that is fine. with
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me a little i'm looking for little examiners. yeah, but i said our best to put him on the look from what i could understand a couple years ago. and alicia beauty, it should be out that he got his new film on a well, he isn't a winner. torsional given him story. anyway, to look expression woodridge, don't online, would you think that that would, because if that's something you would bring, it won't got that sledge form. by the way, no, by nancy carson was nice prostate, but it's in the she bad the at vs issue with a
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she is kalynne engine. i'm glad at social still my skin you oldest amused to quench just down the dish or my school. the young dijani's daughter is at the lenient master for you on that by sion eve, but on your vehicle, it was a washer. who shall boyd shade moisture to leave her chair to motion the chair or do you want the keys with so carefully? he was wanting to hear the good news, the allusion you'd with them bill and she had those on with tommy a dozen, which is just you the story. it's quite night. you read them florida isn't a clue, but via the group showed a gutter yodi nash normally o lucia and my school shot a zone in the finance for 33 guys. there was a real warm night is up for the phantom credit because of
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a latoya struggle she to she had to punch larry e. yep. and barring jeslane to one europe shanker portfolio. oh, glad to go with the thought center comalla billy ward and william who was dumb, why it was celia wasn't bob. we still don't can. but at walker, who neared wires, november was willis cordova briefly above it. now he is a bit sent to me via it shall on a mission that was traveling. yes, you're official, we be a scar. yes, a fantasy on schedule. sure. so it's humanly isn't done with her. now. i don't want her knowing properly on it just wouldn't send an ass it over the yell on my room or you know what? i should put them on all but most to you should. yes, a dish gillian yet. yeah. the quote from us now or to look at that term like in
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the us with your, my head are for card until i got so much you have a wonderful now with, with william the over there. or if you have to promote ourselves a go to building it and will not slip, but sun just not slip to buy it to or change is all of them with are a show me is sure e, so maybe i'll log you with a,
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with a wish nobody's can from boys. are you sure your booked it in here now for you to leave? and she'll shut the h a course. i shall. i bought it was a shitty or something that's quite a publisher yet. and you're going out and what, what she's just on the most not this was so oh, and have somebody a metropolitan listening to the joke of snares could have fall. michelle or just spoke with the jim yo yos for us. did you learn? you know so long, i guess howard underscore listed tom: yeah, i probably 3 quarter bull geico on said piece, you know what i shot well, what the diagram crackles this study could melendez a blue?
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why didn't it silla got a t absolute? not sure, still wouldn't. she hasn't been ivonya eat these konica linda mansion, which nash would shots in the cooper santos brewer. and believe bowski did a scan or by shroom police on forensic is a blue and not a single volume edition board. or for a new block was which was it was to for their voice from a dog or they were rushing you real number from the others for all that i want them
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a good one. that is like a good guy clicking through the, to the bottom of the of share process, the little guy that you'll show what i promise a somewhat joke lewis with mission but shall store and i don't have a
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chance of, honest online. i mean like, you know, how my, with a yellow at a sort of genius with envoy said, what's it, what's my will? yes. talk 1st. no, no, i'm not. i still watch them not, not a problem, but i look like there's no way. yeah. but i get all she, me that, that i'm still it all casually. you get your thought. it was just like a little extra miles last will euro will align
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. yeah. with that, i'm slit they will. yes. contract a shop or shed or anything at all? yeah. but she was told to look for me in the e mail that i was supposed to, but she could have uh, shawn or a oh, it's with both to be set up a time scenario and yeah. uses still most of us to live eat. so that's to use media t a partial kitchen. yeah. you'll, you'll still be up last night that i would the one that has an onion that's legs are. boy, this is a for dos it's mothers with by don't condemn a but it wasn't religious get over. yes. a police
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with us here below freeze. what for what fin videos give at them? i mean, i'm not sending them but i sent you a new school and the dog turned up last night. the stomach was a why it will just on us. it gives a cheap, cheaper you didn't get it cheap and what c i with the ball it cheap for the company. president. good to what should you keep up with the tech? a lot. no one did you have any, but you might have been useful on the do it. i'll check when you bundle. if i don't want to fill it out, what that should, what. thank you. let's look 12, a, b s, b c vs cheaper for v it
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. yep, the read. yep. it was, i mean, you guys, nickel and my lease. sure. are some ninette ash, this one, which is pretty if you have a spinal you're saying you produce g to spit lit muslim yang unless the beach from 2 zeros in yes, cricket slope in the beside liberal. mike, mike seamless kiddos for the ocean spin then which santa t e yet is filtered and was a f. as to ms. alexander alexandra, i for the asthma. my id is obelia activity i hope is not going massage is musk with furniture does. i'm a job my just cuz i know you just pull up those numbers because nobody deal it. i keep getting down south to wood. so somebody, i'm, i'm me, i'm going to chimney, but the most isa is not only interested in the,
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but it was, i was just or a girl, no person either yet. and i'll get each the g o over the nation's one, connect with the key g as in she done with old cheech. but i wish that the star blue that is from global young will not move yet, not even board. some songs financial says did it person would ethical? i've seen grecian is go to the beautiful old are. would you multiple she parents been there is a the old email. wish i did you that claim his board number, but i'll gail. smile denija to stay them on mars dixon. ah. i just saw clinic. i saw you was more than at the fighting a my with just coming them chairs but slips. but she bought,
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ah ah, ah, it's open, i think the most basic, but i feel like please go. he did. who bought? i bought the dial from our company for v daniel white, but i know from politicians to athletes and movies, delta musicals, does it seems every big name in the world has been here this year? copa. mr. mccarthy could i see below? ah, what are wish them budget when you get the go what i need to national booklet does not give me a glass, would you sport? but she said basil makes dreams come true. the every one who falls in love with people
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look like. mm well, the jig is up president other latin american country armed with volcano energy is calling out wall street and the whole financier class because yes, so my am i to talk a shameless las palmas show me that he thought is the preface or i did was watkins, the glass you'll slay at the one total was good dust as of basement 1000000 plus water. moisten chest, a practical tional, doctoral us to buy it for process or not on the me you think you're watching raj own or what do you mean?
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shoot me that way them are usually it delete it the other day as like like i would say genie if those are a bunch i believe on the my smuggle it. i'm watching him to cut off or should i say on or she she was in to the so i'll sir jimmy, as in my slam login, a jamara scroll to stay as an mice patient jim's at. okay, i butcher at santa from the store barn. you was the to the nearest and 60 had each me is election or g finish. they live with him to player i could have been on the bus to pile. if cartouche, kelly live in bonnie lake. dio goodman doyle curves by substrate participants turn in your, your favorite of machinery. they burn her saturday doorway. if gotcha street below here. if there is historically in for a might say left molina, where you personally,
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richie chester heard so a process before the audio therapy here had show voltage museum that i took a picture to cosca measly to which you mccoy camacho, put you into barrett port. he slew wasn't healy series of shame. that should have been in order to renew them if surely were ready blue. my me, he's the one, bob, william i'm with my bob alexander nickel, h a fission. jim. is the person with that?
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the, the don't by charging that send me a younger i do with my mom late in the next year on a much somebody, the napoleon let the domain leads me this me last off. so a dish it but it's so much water look at that. i need to make the deal which a mom will not ninette all on you mr. little cord yet on us switching. woodson, virginia stuff is the stuff from the brochure dog lives on. does your full movie? it does deal. i'm good at them. i live on my bus sooner or later on on my bus food or anyway, it's sonya promo parcel, but they get more willing to see those in can 3, was it the bus with, with
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the deal, which will be good to me. some with a, with a mom was the only yesterday and then the children seem yeah. did you seem yeah, did you seemed yeah the one year with your 2nd i love the fact i was be thought oh yes it does. it with the list there. good way to 4th brown
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with to go by the way, everybody. you know, we're glad to with that boy, a good the what that to put on the bus that is to, to do with mobile back on then the chip with oh, um phones is still showing you shows on, on special shows come on, guards are shown on my bed stokes, mom in my little or no conditional british vision. implore fairlance local mover. so she said a baby. oh, he only is just bill gates you could he, charlotte and our pool that was mother h. b a pasta. quoting in nia. go ideal. say she knew option,
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bumper limited list should be met on just thought own vision adults show on the caller id cards. and so if someone was a choice could dustin's plan yes, continued she done was nice to watch. actually come was each just ah, ah, mailed me ah, a show my but again it says my in the mothers traps with the same i'm giving you cisco logo with
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some of them with a year beloved. don't still but at the breast eat by north, but i knew it when i called him so want to show post apocalyptic. come from me, but the mean guy lives with them mom show up restore them. we went to stay around with us all cars there. i feel those not them, but our side global kiss, wiffle that the snow by step it, the 1st person, mr. jackson at them was both of them at the most possible. not anymore. you'll
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excursion done that. she delegate jim with the short cut off gave you got off think pulled that i missed them as of now mom, but he was in nowhere. caesar gets to my granddaughter when they should, but i was just gonna let us know fix it if anything suitable. and it is not on rocky, but i just as bear with me. so i need you to where to the cartoon of the storm yet. but in your snuggling nobility, don't be a williams, a solemn season on, and that's the notion e m yet excuse him. but those are models, the newest man facing who is that? a good my regional, someone give me a disney junior college football marine,
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not content nearly kills over in clever enough seriously this linea, santa rosin refugee threatening is glad to have, i don't think a days, but a nice lawyer dawn me up soon to sit on. okay. cool and very spirited anya course, i know that city let no sir eugene the crew. that is african glen not breaking what it'll cost to ship it. okay, i will and not only not slip the other sto chillin on the shore. why that is for marlene kimball, a show. com, will need you to the which lawyer cra, middle sean cross to put the lid mccook mass? i was just about to say, but it was just pathetic. now cutoff pushy. i trish to this day? he bam. right?
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yes, but sound qana butchered so who chose e only if you don't get that and then we'll get our fuel will not live. some of us wanted it and you change your mind with money and got them. those kind of roads come from much said income. it is plugged it is it in a song? yeah, for for them. what happened with the up on your tongue. pitiless smith. last quarter, almost a bubble. a knowledgeable of our born. you done with any months or then special
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a yup. roster wishful. well yet 1st thing is out with the full kindle milan, but them are still you from them of the times are still yes. liberally, ranch dominion, if you but it out with he says that lisa, with him in land to rag or selda plant that long dot does rachel, nova muscular another moment or a supplier still have reached out to well now would i be such a little bit serious throat lucy does see that there's like, i still have always the listing, but other than, you know, but it's got it. it's got issue on that. you in austin done that's end of it.
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couldn't have years on what it was. i mean, august or straw. it'll come what arrangements for a noise, the needle, a which newton at the used in stores upon much less than 3 years. i looked senior on honorable schedules clip with our bun siding but throwing it on used to live lynette. i show there is that college football. i scare them. well, like at least a butter on, but i buy new really choice. no, i didn't think good afternoon. i mean on. i believe it was to live for these are done with it is a
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or oh, join me every thursday on the alex simon, sure. i'll be speaking to get us in the world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then
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a british and b is stumped to death while leaving his good citron. a 25 year old ma group also lived somali origin has been arrested on suspicion of murder. also the sour you're a marine officer pleads guilty to criticizing the military leadership for the can you all to control from afghanistan. he remains defined, however, that senior leaders need to be held to account staff. as disturbing images of the latest town talk emerges from the country, not at a loss on friday, leaving dozens dead if the latest in this fatal lethal incident since the next to the u. s. exit. before were us national security advisor. john bolton has taken a with president biden, claiming a disregard it with advice about it. i can pull out,
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you can hear those remarks flashed child and.


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