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just to my wraps up on this, i was half our news cost here on our to international law for moscow, a great privilege having real survey. thank you for spending some time with us here at moscow. and my colleague sean thomas here at the desk with the top of the hour with more of your friday headlines. i hope you can join him then. ah, and the surgeon's tactile perception as well as his or her eyesight helps a lot. because you need to make sure you don't break the thread well, placing the switches and robotic hands can't do that. not now, and i believe not ever. you can write software for the machine, but you cannot give it human tactile perception. ludowici dashing with what it says, the middle of august or story, you don't cover that initial yoga noise in the middle of a
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fresh would teach don't. don't love. would you think that that would because seems pleasant and you would prevent them with the cool. got that's mitchell percent. there was your properties was from work soon the but on with that sort of like you with nice. seems to them often when he's got the west, when, according to want to show the portal, it keeps coming from me from the news i live with us that are the same. i mean, your says global. oh gosh, slippery music. continue to one wonderful, scared little squiggly with john polluted, but are one, why do you think that us them, i mean, on, i be certain we still do
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. yeah, i let i at the, the, what the look it over for us to miss ben. cuz the city about them when that gets to them, but at least what does the weights and then the thought, the 4 months if you come find me the corporate whatsoever. thin wooden chest of drawers and that so in the upper without exclusive it doesn't, someone stuck it on them. if you look at whether you know that what, what that guy in with an older person might mention is that you could just thought that was fine with
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me or i'm looking for little examiners. yeah. but i still have to put him on no look from what this couldn't get a sense simple taiwanda, a distance completely gave us an electrical beauty. it should. yeah. that he got his new so i'm on a the, the overall shared with us in the movie bridge and well, isn't and winced torsional didn't him still we anybody to look expression would start on. would you think that that would, i guess if that's something you would prevent them with the womb got that sledge form, but the ones not by nancy carson was nice for us to bring it in a position with a
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she is collision. what engine? i'm glad at social still my skin you oldest amused. krinski starman for to show my school. the young dijani's daughter is at the lenient master to learn that by sin eve. why don't you look at least what else shall boyd shade voice? sure. to leave her chair, to motion the chair or dealing with so carefully he was working here. the good near the girls. are you with them? bill? i'm. she had those with tommy a dozen with jesse the story at play night. you read them florida. you get, i haven't a clue, but via the group showed a gutter nash. normally a muscular shot a zone in the finance for 33 guys. there was a real warm night is up for the day because of
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a latoya struthers she to she had to punch lyra e. yep. and brian and i just wanted to when you had our shanker roper toilets. oh, good to go with the store credit center for comalla billy ward and will your supervisor dumb why it was silly, wasn't but we still don't compare walker, who were near the wires november was willis cordova briefly above it. now he is a bit sent to me via it shall on a mission that was traveling. yes, your official we be, scott. yes, the federal shannon is the own schedule. sure. so assume on the union done with her. now, i don't want her knowing properly on it just wouldn't send an ass. it's over the yell on my room or you know what i should put them on. hold for them to you should yes. tomorrow, when will i be getting the, the quote from us now or to look at,
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let's say, and that's in the gym. i had our chicago deal. i got so much was, you know, was the what i was given for you in your home. we didn't look over into your fix remote ourselves a bit ago. yeah. just to building it in bush, not slip, but some not slip wire to bought or changes all levels for them, with a shim yet the dealer. sure. sure. e, a warmer,
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a member lashania, the star, the with the be spanish numerator with enough. when you publish nobody's come from boys. are you sure your book did? in fact, sir? ah, now for you, lead me down, mitchell. shut the h. of course i shall on board. it was a shitty awesome last quarter published yet your point and what, what she's just among the most, not a oh and so video, metropolitan listening to the joke of sinners could have permission or spoke was that jojo? so for us, did you learn, you know, film, howard underscore, listed done. yeah. i probably 3 quarter bull geico on said piece, you know what? i shall, what i'm, what the diagram crackles this study. melendez,
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a seal law. got a t, absolute. not sure. still wouldn't, she hasn't been ivonya e these konica. linda mentioned that you nationwide chat with the cooper santos brewer it personally boberski give us a boy with a new block with a welcome . a good one
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that has like a good guy. clicking through the to the bottom of the hill, a bush can hear those consillio wrist. a some joke louis with the actual store. and i don't know what, but i'm sure my name is a
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chance of honest online. i'm in love with somebody else. can you stop when you prefer yellow at a sort of genius with voice a smell? yes. talk 1st. not a nice day a. no, it it to plus there is no way. yeah. but i get all she needed that i'm still it all casually. you get your thought process. it was just like a little extra miles last come will year as
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a line. yeah. with that i'm slit, they will go yes, contract a shop or shed or anything at all. yeah. but just hold it. look for me in the mean that i was at the full story of what she could have shown old a oh, it's a with both to be set up. a new one. yeah. the used to still mores with us to let me. so that's to unify media t a partial tissue. yeah, you'll, you'll still be as a pos now that i would the one that has an iphone in that's legs. roy, this process thing, music with else. it's monday. it was by don't condemn it, but it wasn't religious cutover. yes, a new bed, a clinician with
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us. he up a bottle of breathed. what for what fin videos get hit them. i mean, i'm not sending them, but i sent you a new school on the dog. and up wasn't those fun. i was away from that to see. just on said gives a cheap, cheaper vena lou deviate. it's cheap. what? see that? i with the ball. it cheap, the company president good to what she needs the scope of daughter and yet this update that, that a lot and no one did you have anybody in my opinion on the do it? i'll check with them. if i don't want to fill it out with that should have what. thank you. let's look one to it. as i mentioned, it's gonna be right with you.
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it. yep. they read. yep. it was. i mean you guys, nickel and desert. my lay sure are some nina ashna, which is pretty death able to spoil you saying, but i wish she to spit lit muslim union las to beach from also reserves and yes, cricket slope beside liberal, michael mac seamless kiddo us for the ocean spin then which santa t e yet is filtered and was a f. as to ms. alexander alexandra, i stay at maxine with hope is not going with sign is musk with furniture and that's not what you mean by just because i know you just tell schlagel. does nobody quit? no bread, yell at me, the key did you come down south to wood? so somebody, when am i me? i'm going to chimney, but the most isa is not only is it, it was i was just or
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a girl. no person either yet. and i'll get each the gene. oh, with the key you just getting she done with old cheech. but i is that the star blue good that is from global young will not move yet, not even board a some songs funny to visited, person would ethical machine. grecian is got to think, you know, for a new mobile, she could parents been there, is that old email wish? and i did check between his board number, but i'll, i'll gail, smile denija to stay them on mars dixon. ah, i just felt like i saw you was more than to fighting a with coming them chairs but slips. but shiva
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and a surgeon's tactile perception as well as his or her eyesight helps a lot because you need to make sure you don't like the thread. well, placing the switches and robotic hands can't do that. not now. and i believe not ever. you can write software to the machine, but you cannot give it a human tactile perception. ah ah
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ah. because yeah, misha, so my law talk, but a shameless, las palmas show jeremy there. the source is the professor. i got the lawyers watkins, the glacial slate. the one total was good. justice of basement 1000000 in cross water merchant chest. the perks equation. doctoral was to buy it for process on that on the me, you think you're watching raj own or what you mean? she made it by them are usually it delete it. it is like, like i would say, genie if those are a bunch i'm but i believe on the my smuggle it. i'm watching him to kind of offset,
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i say on or she she anything to the. so i'll sir jimmy, as in my us logan a jamara sculpus toys and mice, patient jim's at. okay, i will chair at san fran. the store barney was the nearest and 60 had each year's election orgy history live with him to police. i could have been on the bus to pile if cartouche, kelly, living by new league deal. gordon told kurt by substrate participant for an interview or a favorite of my friends. they burn pierre satarsky, doorway sketches st. blogger of greasy storage liquor in pharmacy glass. miscellaneous. will you personally, but she just her so prosper for the audio therapy here had show her what did you do that chopper? a per shooter, cosca measly to which mccoy camacho put you into barrett port he slew wasn't
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healey series of shame at the shooters been in order to get near me soon as they were ready. ah, my me see the one bob william i'm with a my bob, bob alexander, nikolai beach association, came as a person with a younger with it's my mom late in lennox in a much smaller than napoleon,
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let the dominate. liz needs it less sure dish. it didn't show much water look a little bit more than george a mom will not ninette all on you mr. spot for the record yet on last fortune, woodson, virginia stuff, stuff. i try to push it, dawn was on, does your whole movie? it does deal. i'm glad it them. i live on mobile. yeah. before they were on your from a bus full or anyway, it's sonya on my food, but they get more. my link is ceos in company with a, with
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a mom with i love. the fact was, it was be thought a mom with 4th go around with to go for the one from the mccloud the with that boy a speech the what that the put on the bus that
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have to do with mobile back and then the chip that i should be with oh, phones is still showing you can you show, show my guards are shown on my bed post, oak mom with floor fairlance. locate your prescription. a baby. oh, he only has just bill gage you, could he, charlotte on the pool or does on this month of each be across the coding in mia? go ideal. so she knew option bumper with vision. adults who on the caller id cards in the serious some i was 9 me chill age contestants. right?
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yes, continued she done was nice to what's actually income was each just ah, ah ah, they show me, but again, it laughs. it's my in look them up with the same i'm giving you says global logo with music. now it seems time off from when got home with
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a year beloved, don't still but at the brazil invite north got a new thing when i called him. so want to show post apocalyptic. come from when the meal apocalypse. with them mom to show up, restore them. we want to stay around with stall cars there. i feel those not them, but our side little boy kiss wiffle that the snow. i see it the 1st person, mr. jackson. i'm with both of them at the most possible. not anymore. you'll excursion done that. she did the gym with the short cut off gave you got off thought that i missed and it was in norway,
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caesar guess, to my granddaughter when they said, but i was just gonna say fix it then, you know suitable. and it is not on rocky, but i just as bear with me. so i need you to with sheila thus thought yet, but in your snuggling nobility, don't be of with them to sal season on that's. that's the notion e m. yeah, that doesn't, but those are models. the newest man, 52 bath with oh, good my regional some with each are. yes, dolly little marie, and they know that our content daily chilled over in f c. s lane, this linea santa rosa flu. g threatening is glad to have my dog in 3 days, but nicely thought me absolutely sit on. okay. cool. and very screwed on. yeah. i
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could cause that. no, that's it. no sir eugene. the crew is that good when not breaking, when it will cost to ship it. okay, i will not only not slip the other sto, chillin only show a toy location. molina kimball a show. com will need you to the which lawyer cra, middle shown for us to put the lid. nicholas oak mass a west to chelsea, but cruz, but it was just figured natalie, which c h which did we say? we see them? yes, pets and khana butchered. so who chose e only if you don't get that in at them,
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we'll get our fuel little note live. some of us wanted and each shane, european, one with the money and got them the son of rhodes, cuz i said income it is. plug it in a song. yeah. for for them. what i thought a true for family with the up on it on bill was smith last quarter of ownership of it published. yeah. and i was a bill of are going down with any money. orders can shows a camp roster wishful well, yet 1st thing is out with a full kindle mom, but them are still use ammonia. crimes are still yes. liberally
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with isn't that lisa with in the rather shoulder plan is that long that the street you all know vol, musky another on them. i'm in a supplier. still, they've reached the wrong number. i be such a fool, but she was throw at you. lucy does see that there's like, i still have always the listing, but other than, you know, but it's got it. it's got issue on that. you in austin done that's end of it's got a notice on what it says them august or straw. it'll come. what again, it's like a noise, the noodle a which newton at the used to still more that bomb watch.
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mm. slate. and 3 me as i was seeing it on the pl schedules live on through it, but our bun said, but the one it all yeah. on used to live in yet. i lewis, that's kelly. so butter one. ask as them well, like at least the butter on, but i buy new the new choice. no. why didn't they put us in on, besides that we still live with it, but it is a with
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or ah, when europe is mentioned to what do you think a place an idea, a commonplace with diverging ideas? maybe you think of the european union, think what you wish, but europe is in crisis. it must choose between being in ideological construct or a place with real people. and we'll meet
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with st. clashes blocked ports and strike action. the italian government is bracing for a wave of civil unrest as it rolls out. mandatory covert green passes for all workers. what we want is for this green possible to be revoked. if this doesn't happen, we will close the port to think that the green pass is an unlawful tool, an improper one that should not be forced upon the workers, because it is discriminatory. millionaire facebook boss. market zuckerberg is accused of electron meddling as researchers for the new york post claim in his donations aimed at boosting. turn out in u. s. swing states may have helped joe biden into the white house. us judge accuses a dc jail of violating human rights by denying medical care to a suspect in the capitol hill. riots we hear from a lawyer representing several of the defendants and in a.


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