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tv   News  RT  October 15, 2021 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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ah, just hit our top headlines here, one r t street clashes blocked ports and destroyed caption. the italian government is bracing for a wave of civil unrest because it rolls out mandatory cove. it green passes for all workers. what we want is for this green possible to be revoked. if this doesn't happen, we will close the port to think that the green fast is an unlawful tool and improper one that should not be forced upon the workers because it is discriminatory. billionaire, facebook post mug soccer bugs is accused of election meddling as were searches for the new york post claim his donations aimed at boosting. turn out in u. s. swing states may have indeed helped joe biden get into the white house. also, he was a judge accused as a dc jail of violating human rights despite denying medical care to
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a suspect in the capitol hill. riots in the program we hear from a lawyer representing several of the defendants. and finally, in a world, 1st of the moscow metro roles out a facial recognition system, allowing passengers to pay their fair just by standing in front of a camera correspondent goes to check it out. aah! well, it's been a busy news week here on our t international and today is no exception. welcome to look into the program here. we're live from moscow transport workers in italy, a threatening strike action over a new cove. it green pass system starting today. all workers have to show proof of vaccination or a negative cobit test. all they go without pay. now this comes to spite our relatively low nationwide infection rate of $3000.00 per day with around 40 daily
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deaths. dock workers meantime in tree ester outraged over the drastic new measures . they are vowing to block the cities port in protest. so we're here to protest against the green bass for workers would think that the green pass is an unlawful tool, an improper one that should not be forced upon the workers because it is discriminatory. so we are demonstrating against this government degree. what we want is for this green pass law to be revolt. if this doesn't happen, we will close the port. we don't want to go up against the government and we certainly don't want to block to port because we have families to feed whatever happens even if the government makes a u turn and delays, the implementation of the law. we will strike any way to send a message to the city and above all, to show solidarity with all italian workers. so our mess rallies are planned and several major italian cities today. and police are bracing for a repeat of last week's violence scenes and run. ah,
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despite the public outcry, the italian government is refusing to back down. it's already met the national 80 percent target vaccinations, meaning heard immunity has been achieved. but for some reason, the government wants to go further. ortiz charlie do, but he has more on the public resistance to cobit measures all across europe. when italy's government last month warned that it would bring in the new green card, no pay decree, it expected the announcement to trigger an enormous acceleration of vaccinations. however, that has not materialized while job rates didn't initially increase the has since been a steep decline. and with around 2500000 workers still unvaccinated,
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there are concerns, more violent rallies could ensue. italians are not the only ones who have been taking to the streets to express their anger. hearing france weekly protests against health passes and mandatory vaccination of health workers are continuing. there's a concern that those protests could be about to get a boost to after francis government announced that he wants to extend the use of health policies up until possibly the summer of 2022 already voices of discontent. arising faculty to pakistan and they're not going to have a carte blanche until the 31st of july 2020 to parliament must decide it's an attack on freedom's individual and collective freedoms. in a parliamentary democracy, it can only be done through parliament. all those plans by the french government
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also seemed to be in contrast to advice that was recently given by the country's own scientific counsel. it suggested that if the covert situation remains under control, health passes could be dumped fast sooner. in this scenario, the cobra pass system could be canceled between november the 15th and the end of the year. if there are low case levels nationally. it's a waiting phase in order to prepare to cancel the pass system, which will allow us to limit the risk and scale of a possible new wave in december, january, adding fuel to the fire form friday in france. test to show you that your cobra negative will no longer be for you for those who are vaccinated. another cow, right, and stick measure perhaps. but the issue is specifically about the job. the cobra pandemic is seen government across europe flip flopping on policy, ignoring advice, it's come from their own scientific advisors. and all of these trends,
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perhaps deepened the divisions and left many in europe, wondering if they governments are really working in the best interest show that even sky. i'll see paris just a bit out in the program here on t. i spoke with conservative commentator francesco, jubilee. he thinks italy's mandatory green passes will settle society and crushed the economy. we are the only country, not only europe, but the only country all over the world where you must have the so called green pass to to go to work and disease quite irrational without the green fast. you can enter in a restaurant without the green pass. you can enter a hotel that's a green pass. you can think i'd be trained, for example, if you want to move from rama to me or from aroma, not police with an i b train. you can to keep the, if you don't have the green pass, what is happening in our country and i think is very dangerous. also from a social point of view is that we are creating some teachers in the are the ac
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didn't and other than without the vaccines. the 1000. 5 b, c disease and he's not correcting the democracy. milan is the 2nd sci fi in italy, and the 25 percent of the work are inside of the public transportation. in lana, they don't have vaccine, they don't have the green pass. so probably they're going to paralyze the public transportation in milano, but we can also talk about the logistics system not only the part of to acid, but also the south of fetal into many big bark and other logistic important industry where the 2015 percent of the workers that they don't have seen. so we have to decide what to do. we can stop our, our economy, and we don't understand why our government is pushing reason. museum is very strongest. and while a mandatory cove, its shots are becoming wide spread in europe. doctor's hair in russia, a trying to reach the same goal, however, they're doing it through public awareness. and that's the mission of one young
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specialist who i should say lung especially to beg your pardon. the video is by this doctor helping people understand the virus and how they can stay safe. and this doctor now has a huge online following a. his story is actually being featured in our documentary here are naughty. it's called dr cove. it will be showing it in full throughout the day here were naughty, but for now a quick preview. oh, beautiful ocean with what is the middle of just a noise to the beautiful with a guess. if that's something you would preview them, what the percentage of your properties was from work soon. people home with
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the with the same i was giving you cisco of logo slippery me as i will continue to one wonderful, scared little squiggly ah, john coach. if it's a better one, what do you think that us and i mean on i visits and we spend it by yeah, this is our to international a facebook c e o. mark zuckerberg may have used his vast wealth to swing the 2020 presidential election and jo biden's favor. according to a new study, the new york post researchers found that his enormous donations to electoral organizations heavily favored left leaning districts and swing state. the democrats
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ended up winning the 2020 election was stolen, it was likely bought by one of the world's wealthiest and most powerful men pouring his money through legal loopholes. he funded the targeted private takeover of government election operations by law, mentally, non partisan, but demonstrably ideological, nonprofit organizations. now we should stress, there's no suggestion of illegality and soccer bugs, donations. and the facebook boss himself says he only gave to non partisan organizations. last month, priscilla and i donated $300000000.00 to support election officials with the infrastructure they need to administer the vote. today we're committing an additional $100000000.00 to make sure that every jurisdiction that needs funding to help people vote safely can get is one of the main beneficiaries of facebook funding was earth center for electron innovation and research. and it's hit back at the new york post's claims saying it was proud to assist both republicans and
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democrats in the election or journalist daniel, as are things private funding, does play a pivotal role in the outcome of american elections. this is the privatization of elections. and when you privatize elections, essentially you undermine their neutrality and their objectivity. so it's very possible that the, this money helps your voters in a certain direction and help determine the outcome of the election. the electoral process in the u. s. is a mess. this is the only country where this takes place. election should be entirely government funded. they should be entirely neutral and objective. they should not favor any party whatsoever. and there's no reason to have an injection of private money of this magnitude. there should be reform process, but it's just not going to happen because the system is completely broken and it's totally out of control. while a 1000000000 as free to try and swing elections,
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those who write against the voting results wind up in prison. and all that story a us judge has ruled that a jail violated the rights of a suspect in the capitol hill. riots by denying him medical treatment. christopher laurel is being held in a washington dc detention facility on multiple criminal charges over his role in january 6, riots. now he does have a form of blood cancer and brokers, wrist wiling, custody in may. it was back then that a doctor prescribe surgery which has still not been provided. after reviewing the case, the federal judge held a prison officials in civil contempt and bride, the delay in treatment inexcusable. i find that the civil rights of the defendant have been abused. i don't know if it's because he's a january 6 defendant or not, but i find this matter should be referred to the attorney general of the united states for a civil rights investigation into whether the dc department of corrections is violating the civil rights of january 6 defendants in this and maybe other cases we spoke with attorney or albert watkins who's representing several suspects in the
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capitol hill, riots. it says the case is part of an overall disrespect shown towards the detainees. there are incidents which really is january 6th, which to those who are involved in january for being treated with a relatively disrespect by individuals who are working for facilities which hours the january 6th i had a problem. the problem will be taken care of in short order. if the problem is taken care insurance was insured, you will be ordered to be taken care of. and people will compound to address the consequences of not moving up to their obligations pursuant to a federal judge's order. so more than 650 people have been arrested nationwide for
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alleged involvement in january 6, ryan back then supporters of the outgoing president, donald trump, storm the capital building, trying to stop congress from certifying biden's election victory out of the original number. as we understand $78.00 on sale in jail, pending trial mostly on charges of assaulting police officers. also the federal ruling, the dc corrections department responded, saying it's committed to ensuring that all inmates have access to health care in a timely and efficient manner. but albert watkins again believes the problems go far beyond any lack of medical care and show where you have the individuals with no criminal history for being confined and the shearing over crowd shortly with restrictions and tires and personnel who are working on making the lives of those defendant, every call, or should we not taking those measures necessary to fully protect them from other
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which floor can find it so it traverses from confinement to torture. and that's a problem like a motel to come here on your friday program, including us cities, a boosting that police budgets months off to all those calls that to fund the police. no surprise. it comes after a surge and violent crime. that story and more in 60 seconds. ah
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join me every thursday on the alex salmon? sure. and i'll be speaking to guess of the world politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm. ah ah,
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and the 2nd all for you friday program now here we're not. he. a youtube has back tracked on his decision to remove a video in which a senior british politician spoke out against cove it restrictions. let's learn more about this right now across live to london, a correspondence, shoddy edwards, vashti. joining us here on the program shadow. could you see you? can you tell us more, a firstly about this politician what he said and, and, and how you tube has been reacting all this incident goes right to the heart of censorship, debate here in the united kingdom. but now big tech companies are also thrown into the mix. so you tube, the company online accused the former member of cabinet david davis, who also was one of the chief negotiators of exiting the a, you quite a big politician here in the united kingdom. anyway, you chip accused him of supporting and spouting medical, a miss information violating the policy,
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but didn't actually specify what now these comments from david davis, they were made at the time just last week at the fringe meeting at the tory party conference just last week. he was talking about all sorts of things throughout, at the pandemic, the government's handling of it, the restrictions put in place, also vaccination passports as well. and he was arguing that the government has these draconian actions that failed to actually achieve their aims. now it didn't seem to be anything too extreme, but you chief thought the absolute opposite. in fact, contacted big brother watch, which was the company that uploaded the video in the 1st place, telling them that they were taking it down. now that is a decision that they have since reversed due to all of the upper all. we quickly remove electrical intended violates our community guidelines including coven, 19 content that explicitly contradicts extra processes from local health authorities, or the world health organization. with millions of hours of videos uploaded on our
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site each day, sometimes we make the wrong coal. now it looks like the point of contention is about the vaccination passports, where david davis argued that they gave people that sense a false sense of security. because of course, even if you are double job, it doesn't mean you can't stop the transmission of the virus to be clear though he himself is double vaccinated here in the u. k. and is a strong believer of vaccinations, but still a youtube felt the need to take down this video. youtube also claiming that it doesn't allow cope at 19. a vaccinations to contradict expect consensus from local household forties or even things like at the wells health organization. obviously though this move has totally infuriated david davis himself. he says it's a potentially libelous deal and his outrageous attack on free speech in the u. k. he says he was harpy spouting anything like what the anti vox is doing here in the u. k. and says that big a tech companies are starting
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a really worrying trend of strangling a free speech. now, in any case, vaccination, passports, all, quite contentious and controversial. i hear in the u. k, the public opinion isn't really swayed in favor of vaccination. possible it's, it's something that the government was tiptoeing around over the past few months, thinking it was going to roll it out in venues like night clubs in the future. obviously they haven't gone through with that just yet, but it's still an option on the table for the government at some point. but putting this all into context, then as the world is becoming all the more digitalized and online, many platforms are trying to be a bit safer, a bit more putting people under the spotlight and scrutinizing them in terms of safety on that policy. but now the conversation has moved. will this really be a detriment to free speech in the u. k. or i shot you. thanks for that.
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commuters here in moscow can now travel on the, on the ground just by showing that faces the russian capital on rolling a new facial recognition, payment system. the 1st time has been done on such a scale. a correspondent, mutual power goes to check it out. pasco smash oh system is one of the oldest subway systems in the world that they saw all the way back to the 19 thirty's. however, since then it's never stopped growing, evolving and modernizing and today it's why the regarded as one of the most beautiful and technologically advanced subway systems on the planet with millions of passengers every day. one of the key features of the moscow metro system has become the numerous ways people can pay for their right. they can use our universal transit card like this, their regular bank card, a smartphone smart watch. and now even just their face to pay for a ride called face pe, the system uses the latest biometric technology to make. getting into the metro is hassle free as possible. a camera scans the passengers faces at the turnstile,
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matches the biometric data to his database. finds each person's account an associated bankcard to charge the fair and the gates open. all that takes about as long as a regular card transaction at the gate, just a 2nd or to the face space system has been in test mode since december 2020 with over 15000 people taking part in that says, however, as of october 15th, the system will become available to all passengers and work on all $241.00 stations of the moscow metro transit authorities are already hailing this as the largest scale application of such technology in the world. but is every one ready to switch to the new method? less acts and passengers low level. why not? it's step into the future. it's practical and convenient. it'll have to carry called around with the that's why it use it to which there's less usable. so miles it goes right, negative things about face pe, technology for example. they suggest someone can use
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a picture of you to pay. so i'll use this technology a bit later when it's been tested in real life. at the window of pneumonia, it is practical, but at the same time a bit suspicious. i'm critic and so if it comes to such things, i don't like the idea of scanning my face. i think it may be used to control you. while it seems not every one is eager to use the new system, yet. however, the creators say there's really nothing to fear can yes, those are of course, who protected was a personal day to ensure it securely banking data, which is used for payments a still by banks. we have nothing to do with it. and the photos that passengers download in our app to register a stored as biometric keys. so we did not so a passenger, photos, transit, all authorities say the face based system will never become mandatory or replacing of the other payment system. they will all stay in place and face pay is just a nice bonus, but the authorities do hope that it becomes popular and that the new biometric technology will cut down on wait time for the millions of people that use the
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moscow metro every single day. power, gar, t, moscow. cities across the us. so raising their law enforcement budgets, said so following a surgeon crime last year, when many local authorities cut funding during the whole defend the police movement . a new york's new police budget is now going up by $200000000.00. l a will get another 41000000. a funding was cut their off the last years, george floyd riots. and the mayor of dallas, dallas, texas, has reversed police cuts, saying the city now needs to hire more offices than ever. now, new york's or a huge rising crime during september, often nearly a $1000000000.00 was shifted away from the police department. los angeles has also suffered this year with a death rate sitting a 10 year high in the summer. and dallas is fighting violent crime as well last year. homicides bear up by one quarter hitting a 20 year record. now it's a pattern scene across america since the killing of george floyd in minneapolis and
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the de found the police movement that followed. but a retired police officer, dominic is, are things money alone will not solve the problem. you're a mirror and you're going to appease the mob and you're going to say, yes, we're going to define our agency that monetarily as taking away from the supporter of the village. because you're not keeping the police are equipped, educated, a, whatever they need. and you're also sending in the police officers the message to police officers off. i don't value you versus are the opinions of, of the angry mob. so you're, you're taking it on both those fronts. we already have, we do have a problem with bad apples and law enforcement and we need to have a stricter hiring paused policy. we need to have better training, but people's keep thinking that long foresman, your, your 1st responders, st cops, is the number one, prevention to solve all crime problems when they're not looking at the judges are not looking at the public defender's are not looking at that. the judicial system and they're, they're thinking that either taking away or putting more funding in is them,
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solve these problems in the 1st place. it's, it is such a ridiculous problem. it's never going to end, but it's, it's political. it is purely political. that's the biggest problem we're having. so germany relaxes, coven restrictions on his newest airport is overwhelmed with travelers. his peter, on the october school holidays here in germany. we're always going to be the 1st real test for berlin's, the league. you apple. it's not gone. great. the new b r is a stunner dear to hand in your luggage the evening before your flight and then turn up for hours in advance for the flight. you might as well go by car to leipzig and fly from there on time capital city airport. can it get even worse at the b r, the b e r airport is sinking into chaos. and now it is also at risk of insolvency without state aid, the airport is hardly viable. avoid b r and pick another airport just because they stand on staff. the guests are
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having to turn up at the airport for hours in advance, and that with children, passengers are being advised to arrive 4 hours before their flight as a mixture of covey restrictions, and staff shortages by due to increased passenger volume at the start of the holiday season we expect long awaits at jackins and security control at berlin brandenburg airport. for this reason, we would like to ask you to be at the airport at least 240 minutes before departure . obviously, this isn't a pleasant patropolis for. it's just the latest misstep in a long line of problems for this transport hub, which only opened last year after some serious delays. originally scheduled to start flights in 2011 plans for the airport started in the early ninety's in 2009. the budget for the project was just on the 3000000000 euro, which with hindsight things wildly optimistic, the construction came in over 7000000. euro with additional work still required
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that will cost close to another $3000000000.00 even after 3 parliamentary committee investigations. no one has taken responsibility for the airport debacle. it became a joke quite a few years ago already. a with budget. i think initially it around 2000000000 euros build the airport. that's what generally in the airport, the size would cost gold, and then it was for the $6.00. and i think the current total now including all the subsidies to go out to wraps around $7000000000.00. and it's going and they're talking about having to put another 2000000000 subsidies into just to keep it running until 2026 for that kind of money. they could have built for airports. this is a public project right from the beginning or not for it's very from the beginning. it was supposed to be a private project and nobody wants to do it in this location, which is why this the government could over. but the governance made
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a bloody disaster of it as one of the problems with the government is doing it is a, they don't really know what they're doing and be there is nobody that's really going to be held responsible for this. and the end, which is really the problem, this is just one unmitigated disaster. these are unprecedented times, of course, as people start to travel again, as covey restrictions all lifted with the chaos with berlin's airport. predates anybody having ever heard of the corona virus and continues to give a kicking to those stereotypes of german efficiency that are so popular still with people that live here. it's estimated that between the 8th and the 24th of october, around 1000000 passengers, including myself next week, will fly through berlin brandenburg airport. the only advice from airlines on the airport themselves is arrive early and expect delays. peter, all of off the berlin for that,
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just about wraps up. this was half our newest cost here on the international law for moscow. a great privilege having a real today. thank you for spending some time with us here in moscow. and my colleague sean tom was here at the desk at the top of the hour with more of your friday headlines. i hope you can join him then. ah, and a surgeon's tactile perception as well as his or her eyesight helps a lot. because you need to make sure you don't break the thread well, placing the switches and robotic hands can't do that. not now, and i believe not ever. you can write software for the machine, but you cannot give it human tactile perception. we had a scheduled ation with onboarding chism august or store we had a little bit of in shock and noise in the middle. so i.


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