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ah ah, police in norway say that bow and arrow rampaged. don't kill 5 and koenigsberg appears to be a terrorist attack. nodding up the suspect had converted to islam and was previously flagged over signs of radicalization. also ahead a li, 6 people are reported, killed on dozens more wounded in bay roots after a gun. men open fire at a protest over the investigation into the deadly port explosion there last year. damned if they do termed, if the don't dis trillion police bear the brunt of public anger at government tactics to watch over anti locked on activists. the tide restrictions have driven
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a wage through society by candlelight at nods. very, very knock on your door. of course, it's not an appropriate because it seems like it's always been assigned faithful playing target, and i do not see this as intimidation as to the actual activity. the police was entirely justified. i'm the u. s. vice president's bid to interact with children to boost her image back fiery sounds. it's reveal the whole incident was stage ah live for moscow, this is art international. my name's unit o'neill, on 30 minutes of news amuse starting norwegian security services. say the bowen aro attack in the ton of comes berg on wednesday, appears to be an act of terror by people were killed with police sing,
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the suspect was earlier flagged over signs of radicalization. authorities when the tread of similar attacks has not passed. while the incidents in concert currently appeared to be an act of terrorism, the investigation led by the se police district were clarify or more detail with the incidents were motivated by the threat level and norway is still considered moderate police questioning that 37 year old man suspected of killing 5 individuals, we understand that he was already known to the police. they visited him after he'd converted to islam and they had been some concerns that he may have been radically . so this isn't individual that the police were aware of that attack took place in the tight, close knit community of cones berg, which is around 70 kilometers to the west of oslo and started in a supermarket. so normal wednesday night and what we understand ensued was scenes
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of chaos as people were desperately trying to flee. or we understand that in the supermarket, there was an off duty police officer. and we know that the authorities, the police were at call very quickly, and they were on the scene about 6 minutes after the attack started at with the use of that bow, an arrow. now over the next 30 minutes, the police were trying to hunt down the suspected attacker. they were closing parts of the area and searching through people's gardens. and in that period that 30 minutes, we understand that the 5 individuals were targeted and killed. now it's not clear whether they were killed by the use of the bow and arrow because there is a suggestion from the authorities, and that the 37 year old suspect danish citizen may have used other weapons as well as to yet, though those have not been identified now bone arrow seems like an odd choice, but it's not an illegal weapon in norway,
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nor is it something that would have to be registered if you bought one. but it does apparently only be allowed to be use in certain circumstances such as in archery club. so an unusual choice. but as i say, we understand that there were other weapons as well. that used as the police were trying to hunt this suspect down. now as a result of what is now being described isn't always latest terror attack. the police across the country have been asked to carry firearms just as a precaution. however, for the moment we understand the national threat level in norway is going to remain the same. it won't change as of yet as a result of this terror attack. it's the largest terror attack that no way is seen in just over 10 years. the last one being of course and is broke, carrying out those double attacks in 2011 in the summer of that year and not just on or slow, but also in utopia island with $77.00 people losing their lives and hundreds
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injured in that attack. for the moment though, we understand the police are trying to find out more details as what exactly motivated this latest terror attack as that 37 year old remains in custody suspected of killing 5 individuals in norway. earlier i spoke with former u. k. military intelligence officer phillip ingram about the unusual weapon used in the attack. the 1st time i believe that double arrow has been used um, the danger noise ups across the globe, we could potentially see copy caps type attacks. a bows and arrows are not regulated. many countries across the world, them in the same way the rifle, firearms are and therefore it's something that a certain job groups will be jumping off and on the bottom, i'm trying to actively encourage other people to go out and do the same thing and they have been active through the whole of knocked on rather radicalize and people
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further training people further. i'm trying to encourage people to carry out attacks once locked on the zone resembling a war zone. more than a major capital gunman open fire today in beirut, targeting supporters of she, a group has bella, 6 people are confirmed dead and dozens more than did the demonstrators have been protesting against the judge leading the investigation into the vast chemical glass that level large parts of the city last year, the military was deployed to the protest and exchanged fire with the gunman. local reporter linda to mean spoke to the program earlier about what happened today in the lebanese capital. well,
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so far the situation seems to have come down just lightly, but again, it's very volatile. gunfire can erupt at any moment. now we know that the situation is quite fragile. there. what happened? well, we knows that a mile and has the le protesters just industry in protests, of you know, keeping judge the head investigator in the black probe. they were headed to the justice palace and idly, and they were met with gunfire, reportedly called, according to local records. coming from mind that many trying to say fight an iconic location. knowing that it's where the civil war started back in 1975. now we don't know exactly who started this shooting of investigations are ongoing, and we know that the lebanese army is heavily deployed in the area and they're trying to find the shooters behind this. and we also know that they warrant they will should have any gunmen in the area, and they also advised every single civilian to evacuate the area as well. we also
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saw a very touching footage of army men removing school children and helping them to safety . so i'm telling you, no child deserves to go through this. we have a number of injured that have been rushed to hospital, some of them in critical condition. so the situation is looking good at all strictly is slowly emerging from some of the toughest and long as covert restrictions in the world. but those that have to enforce the rules are bearing the brunt of public frustration, especially when they go to people's homes to interrogate the the i just want you to agree that you put some posts on
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facebook legalize. yep, yep. so the question, the thing right before you there. so you are ready for the event coming up. good. no, no. you have any communication circling around between people about the plan that's coming up with and we asked, i guess if they see that police is so called welfare checks on citizens as a warranted response. they're just targeting these roles,
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say checks on people that mike political statements or organized plays full rallies . dot com, like not right there, knock on your door and i tell you that a, that they don't know well for a chick or that they've received an anonymous tip off that char, your, your organizing a protest or that your posting anti government propaganda on high school or instagram. so of course a inappropriate because it seems like it's always there to sign people being targeted. i do not see this as intimidation, as all the actual activity of the place was entirely justified. the people that operate is the people who call themselves freedom fighters that are indeed the very opposite. they are people who want to do what they want to do and they do not realize that their actions are doing is putting everyone else at risk. people have
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just had enough and the more that keep us locked down to more and more people will protest and it seems the more and more of these well fe, checks will happen. the police are turning out the door of women of mothers with kids in arresting them because they put up something on facebook that the government didn't agree. i've been here for 4 months without leaving my house, except to get groceries. we would all like to be have, i would like to visit my family, leave a long way away. but the reality is that as tired as we are, if we come together as a community, we understand what citizenship is really all about. then what you do is you do what you can go community and the law that you do that the more likely that you will get out sooner. people who protest against people who are home freedom
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flashes are doing the very opposite. pamela horace is being widely marked after a clip of her talking to some children was posted by nasa. now the kids in the footage are planning a trip to an observatory on her. being encouraged to do so by the us, vice president turns out though, the whole thing was staged with child actors on traditions were held. here's ortiz iep or to them of us vice president carmella harris is allegedly making an effort to put a friendly face report. see she wants to see more related, well, more appealing come across as the true candidate of the people you guys are gonna see. you're gonna literally see the craters on me with your own. i went your own, i'm telling you it is going to be unbelievable. so that's one of the things you can do here, which is so exciting. well firstly,
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some have already argued iris has failed miserably in this video. and secondly, the views of the clip that you just sure did not take kindly to the revelation that harris's interactions with the children were apparently all scripted after one kid came forward, saying that he had to audition for the part well, little bit. just like hollywood, in fact, a hollywood like smile and even giggles have regularly been the go to solution for harris when faced with crises about it. before it became an obvious public disaster. she tried to become the star of the u . s. troop withdrawal from afghanistan. reality show, president biden always said that he wanted to be the last person in the room, particularly for a big decisions just as he was for president obama. he just made
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a really big decision. afghanistan, yes. are you the last person in the room? yes. you feel comfortable? i don't. well, that was right before further. you started to pool from the war torn country. oh footage like this. ah. and furnished like this. ah. and like this that was when the vice president, when suddenly a wall to resurface later though to brush the whole thing off with this. not everybody i oh, but of course it's like thousands of people were gilbert and it's a nightmare scenario for african women. of course not when joe biden made the
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migrant crisis on the southern boards a camel harris, his personal responsibility, it took her months just to get there. and here's the explanation. she came up with whole thing about the board. we've been to the border. we've been to the board, you haven't deliver. i and i haven't been to europe. and i thought, i don't understand the point that you're making see, she hasn't been to europe though. what does that have to do with her job to handle? one of america's worst ever boarded problems. ran and yours is a little bit. and if you think about it camel, a harris fits perfectly into the now very political hollywood crowd. and just like silver screed superstars, sometimes she just misses the target with some of her statements just a few days ago or a backing israel, which hurts my heart because i think i'm signing people.
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and that, that and again, this is about the fact that your voice, your perspective, your experience, your truth and then just like a good agency, her office has to clear the air well visits and george mason university to discuss votes and writes a student voice to personal opinion during the political science class, the vice president stroke would disagree with the students, characterization of for israel smiled and handshake. so they work miracles when you're making a movie career. but harris seems to have forgotten her role as vice president is a very different one. still ahead, ever wondered what vladimir putin thinks of crypto currencies. we'll hear his thoughts and not on plenty other issues besides from the russian energy week for him coming up after this short, frank with
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oh, when i was sure seemed wrong when i just don't. oh, i mean you world, yes to see out is the because the advocate and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground decisions, tactile perception as well as his or her eyesight helps a lot. because you need to make sure you don't break the thread while placing the switches and robotic hands can't do that. not now, and i believe not ever, you can write software to the machine, but you cannot give it a human tactile perception. join
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me every thursday on the alex simon, sure. and i'll be speaking to yes, from the world politics sport. business. i'm sure business. i'll see you then. oh it in minutes into the program. welcome back. russia is not using gas as a weapon on that's willing to supply even more of the commodity. if you're a basks those where it's coming from blood and we're putting out the russian energy weak international form, the president was out to dispel what he call faults. normative is about the country strategy on the global energy market. want to ask you about it directly. has russia been using energy as a weapon? russia is not using any weapon. if you've been paying attention, as for the economy, where are we using what mimics in what conflicts are we taking part and for the economy? this is not something we tend to use,
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this is what i call literally motivated to talent at the end of the day. i guess the question is, how can you expect europe to believe you're a reliable energy partner when you're not supplying that energy via the pipeline could a, she was ation. you're a beautiful woman literally, but i'm saying one thing to you, which and you're saying a different thing to me as if you haven't heard what i said. well, mister president, with what was the same point was you and you said that when you were not supplying gas through pipelines to europe, but actually you are mistaken. you are mistaken. and all of those who feed on the information they receive, we are actually increasing our suppliers to europe. a little to and fro there between dilemma putin on the c, n, b c. anchor moderating that puzzle after it, the russian leader gave that snooze that work. an exclusive interview on the forum sidelines, he offered his use on a range of subjects, including the controversial orchestra. he packed his own political future, and freshly crypto currencies. grouped of little
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currencies can be an accounting unit, but they're very unstable. may be for transferring funds from one place to another . ok, but for trade, especially energy resources, in my opinion, is premature crypto currencies for now are not backed by anything but a go. but all things are developing, anything has a right to exist. i'm with look at how it's going to go. maybe when it becomes a store value. but we see how volatile this market is. for nikki, for some ration of closed blocks including the one between the u. s. u. k and australia definitely undermines regional stability because in my opinion, being friendly with each other is good, but to be friends against someone that so that it undermines the stability we all talk and care about yeah. like you, i prefer not to answer such questions, talks about it, or to stabilizing the situation. the situation should be call so that all authorities can work with certainty in the yes, the constitution does allow me to do it to run for another term,
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but no decisions have been made on that yet. and earlier hungary foreign minister, a top guest out the russian energy week forum talked to us on the program. peter c are to discuss what he views as a european political agenda against natural gas. unexplained why his country has signed a long term agreement for the commodity with russian supplier gas pro. i see some mistakes which have been committed on the european side, you know we, we never like confusing energy reared to political issues. and unfortunately, that has been the case in europe. unfortunately, the you, russia, relationship has not improved. there's a very strong anti gas sentiment in some circles in european the politics. and there were some very short sighted decisions made. so to the contrary to that, hungary has made its homework. the level of filling this of our storage is our ad, the 82 percent other countries could have made similar kind of decisions. we have
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been implementing regulatory frame versus reach, do not allow the price for the household to be increased regardless of the changes on the, on the global market. we have been investing the in the nuclear power, which covers an hour 40 percent of the electricity demand of the country, and we have signed the long term gas agreement with russia in the frame virchow rich. the supply has already started that last week, i'm representing a country which was the 1st one among e u. member states to rectify the parish agreement. we are among those 21 countries on earth, which could increase their g, the b, y a decreasing the emission. so environmental protection is definitely very, very important for us because we have to preserve the globe to our successors. but we've never already, we've never ready to take part in this communication debate in an irrational that
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we always urge for economic development, improving industrial competitiveness and the environmental protection going hand in hand. if you are not able to keep these balance. if this balance is being being ruined, then now we can definitely ruin the d good cause we can ruin the credibility . the green policy can ruin the credibility of environmental protection and the green deal itself guess must be considered as a one of the main sources of energy, of an e commerce through a transition period. we would like to be successful in greenville. viva would like to reach to target, sat out by 2030, and 2050. what we don't want these greenville issue to be a mother of daily political communication actions. and we don't wanted to. we don't want this to be a competition because everybody can say one percent higher. everybody can say one
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year earlier. so i think we should come back to the ground of normality, common sense rationale, the cool down, and make long term strategies. in this, in this regard, what i know about energy as a bullet, the sions would be as with foreign affairs as that the more sources and the more delivery routes we do have is the better. that's why be very happy when turkey ah bulgaria, serbia, and thus hungary, we could harmonize our efforts to join our efforts in order to, to construct a new delivery route from the south. which can not only deliver gas from gas from, from russia to the region. but from other by john, from the caucasian region during through the, through the southern guest corridor, when it comes to north in to i mean, if i, if the permits are already in the licenses already, then it does not hurt our interests. if this pipeline is being also in operation, once again, i would like to underline the more sources and the more delivery routes. there are,
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is the better. of course, of course, are these projects have to comply with the european the regulations. but if this is the case, then the night i don't see no problem here, i understand that the germans are big customers of russian gas. i understand it's important for them to have another delivery route. so he does not influence our interest. because in our long term gas agreement, we are fine with the gas from 2 weeks ago. there are 2 delivery routes incorporated in the agreement, one through austria, one from the south, so we are on the safe side. anyhow. the us is hosting a virtual summit with 30 countries to discuss efforts to counter cyber attacks. but washington house conspicuously missed a few big names from the guest list, namely russia on china. the white house has emphasized, however, it doesn't preclude future cooperation. we did not invite the russians to
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participate for a host of reasons, including various constraints. however, we have inactive discussions with the russians. then this particular forum, they will not invited to participate, but that doesn't preclude future opportunities for them to participate as we do further sessions like these. this is supposed to be a huge deal with over 30 countries participating in this international cybersecurity meeting. and what's surprising though, is that they expect to accomplish anything without inviting china and russia. these are 2 of the most advanced countries in the world when it comes to cyber technology . and it's also disappointing that just last month, the russian ambassador to the united states was saying that moscow was making progress with washington in terms of cooperating in the field of cybersecurity. the problem requires us to cooperate and figuring out where these attacks come from and who attackers are. i can tell you that the 1st tangible steps in this direction have been taken and some small specific results have been achieved. however, as we usually say, most of the work is yet to be done. over the past several months,
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we've heard accusation after accusation against russia, claiming that moscow is somehow turning a blind eye to cyber attacks or even tacitly supporting them. and yet, evidence for these claims is in short supply really, for example, back in july, there was a significant increase in ransomware attacks in the united states. that's one criminal hackers, steel the data of companies, and ransom it back to them. and back then the biden administration said that although these were not state sponsored attacks, most of them were coming from russia united states back when we're already come in from historical. busy even though it's not, not sponsored by mistake, expect them to actually give them enough information to access. the thing is though, the kremlin initially was never even made aware these attacks. and after it did
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have knowledge of them, russia reached out to the united states to have a sort of joint clamped down on cyber crime around the world and did not receive a response. so for washington to think that it can get anything done at this international summit without inviting the key players when it comes to cyber technology around the world. while to me, it seems like little more than a pipe dream. dull quarter wrapping up the bulletin. i'm not a date, takes us to the break, but don't go too far as more great programs get there. start in moments and then collins here with all your very latest global use developments. goodbye. sees ah, as we've been talking about now for a few years, all the money printing and now investment leads to countries and economies just completely shutting down. that's what we're saying. when i see black america, i see part of my so when i was growing,
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young black america spoke to me. what a stride you did not have those who say black marsh magic is a movement we are importing from america. know nothing of who we are. i lived in a world where white lives mattered and i was not was like mission. and i wasn't new from black america. i learned how to speak back to white. aboriginal people here i'm more every day. were up loaded system. now with the police were out with she states, i'm scared that more children are going to grow up in the country that think says no racism, but they're more likely to end up in the criminal justice system. then there are other fellow friends in daycare
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l look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders at conflict with the 1st law show your items as a taisha. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at that point obviously is a rather than fear, a very job with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with ah, there is no doubt that hath quarter has been devastating on the job market in the united states are good 4300000 workers quit their jobs in august signaling the
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beginning of what is now being labeled as the.


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