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tv   News  RT  October 14, 2021 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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dump too, i took the spy obscene. these people up, nor sold. police in norway say that bo and aro, rampaged out cale 5 in comes, bird appears to be a terrorist attack. adding up the suspect had converted to his lump and was previously flagged with signs of radicalization. we've got live reaction are not coming up in minutes. also ahead a hardly 6 people are reportedly killed. i'm 60 others wounded after gunman opened fire in bay root of 8 protests against the judge leading the probe into the deadly port lost their lost. your damned if to do damned if they don't. there's trillion police bear the brunt of public anger on government tactics to watch over an empty lot going activists.
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the tight restrictions have driven a wage through society, their com light at nights by their knock on your door. of course, it's zach inappropriate because it seems like it's always there to sign for you complain targeted by do not see this as intimidation at all. the actual activities of the police was entirely justified. only us vice president's bed to interact with children to boost her image, but fiery sounds it revealed the whole incident was stage ah, all from moscow to the world. this is our t grid of your company today. my names eden norwegian security services say the bow and arrow attack in the ton of cones berg on wednesday appears
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to be an act of terror. 5 people were killed with police, seeing the suspect was earlier flagged over signs of radicalization. authorities war and the threat of similar attacks has yet not passed. while the incidents in concert were currently appear to be an act of terrorism, the investigation led by the southeast police district were clarify or more detail with the incidents were motivated by the threat level and norway is still considered moderate police questioning that 37 year old man suspected of killing 5 individuals. we understand that he was already known to the police. they visited him after he'd converted to islam. and there had been some concerns that he may have been radically. so this isn't individual that the police were aware of that attack took place in the tight, close knit community of cones berg, which is around 70 kilometers to the west of oslo and started in a supermarket. so normal wednesday night and what we understand ensued was scenes
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of chaos as people were desperately trying to flee. or we understand that in the supermarket, there was an off duty police officer. and we know that the authorities, the police were at called very quickly, and they were on the scene about 6 minutes after the attack started at with the use of that bow, an arrow. now over the next 30 minutes, the police were trying to hunt down the suspected attacker. they were closing parts of the area and searching through people's gardens. and in that period that 30 minutes, we understand that the 5 individuals were targeted and killed. now it's not clear whether they were killed by the use of the bow and arrow because there is a suggestion from the authorities, and that the 37 year old suspect danish citizen may have used other weapons as well as to yet, though those have not been identified now bone arrow seems like an odd choice,
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but it's not an illegal weapon in no way, nor is it something that would have to be registered if you bought one. but it does apparently only be allowed to be used in certain circumstances, such as in archery club. so an unusual choice. but as i say, we understand that there were other weapons as well at used as the police were trying to hunt this suspect down. now as a result of what is now being described as norway's latest terror attack at the police across the country have been asked to carry firearms just as a precaution, however, or the moment we understand the national threat level in norway is going to remain the same it won't change as of yet as a result of this terror attack. it's the largest terror attack that norway is seen in just over 10 years. the last one being of course and is broke, carrying out those double attacks in 2011 in the summer of that year and not just
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on or slow, but also in your toy island with 77 people losing their lives and hundreds injured in that attack for the moment though we understand the police are trying to find out more details as what exactly motivated this latest terror attack as that 37 year old remains in custody. suspected of killing 5 individuals in norway. west cross live now to dr. david low senior research fellow art leads becker university's law school researching terrorism on security. also a former police officer. welcome to you. does the suspected terrorism motor that latest line? does it affect her authorities? investigate the case? what changes? no. i think when you this is fairly global, 70 to europe and north american australia in those states, once it's terrorism investigation, there's more facilities,
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it's more complex and it's more involved investigation it's. it's easier to start that level. if it turns out not to be serviced. incident, it's easy to scale down, but the good stuff, the other way, it's hard then to scale up. you're trying to find evidence from physical evidence to, to communications that he's been using or whatever to start at the top and work down . why do we keep david seeing people previously flagged for suspected terrorist activities and committing such attacks? it does appear that i've spoken about this. a number of times. is it because the sheer number is that because perhaps at some communities people don't want to offend, so they're taken off the watch list perhaps earlier than the should have. i think it's the question that people want answers to in something this happens in their country. you know, i think again, we have to look at how, how can compressible and comparable laws. ready and policies we've certainly let's
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just focus on europe within european states, right, right across the whole of europe. ready some states have legislation and policies that can help deal with that, but you're quite right where you've got individuals who being flagged. but you said sometimes some states are looking at so many individuals i know in the k times i currently there's over 3000. those who are concern of being looked up now and, and obviously you can't give them 24 hours, 7 days a week survey. let's see if you look at your staffing levels and the commitment to i it's just impossible to do when someone that is assessed as a risk that he's been drops down than can be a problem. and she said before, she was seen that i think was individual was coming out from nowhere. they've had these concerns for a while. but whether they've have the policy in no way, not to,
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to deal with it. that's the issue. it less at this stage is, is knowing it's props that we can expand on david, of course, but it does appear to be at this stage. we don't know a lone wolf attack is something that got harder to police, harder to stop them. actually something involving multiple perpetrators. yeah, because i mean, if you look in someone using an improvised explosive device, they'll be more than one class. there will be a group of people list of us, so they have to communicate and they have to communicate most of them on the communications, even on encrypted fights. so that's easy, it's a monitor. i'm not saying it's easy, but easier. while individual who just for one reason another decides to go and do it so hard. i mean, you know, it's so tragic. we see it from nice. you know, with all the desk markets, stucco and sweden, you know, i could go through. many of them were an individual just, i guess a sharpie,
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bladed instrument or lease case or a vague decides to try out this. it's very. ready difficult to certainly have not been on the system all to be on the system, but assessed as a low risk and that was some time ago and they've been very quiet since and then they decide to do this so so difficult. yeah. shocking line about the po and r o and more emerges. if i say i think people are going to be interested to see just how deadly weapon was utilize in the way. david, thanks for your time today. dr. david low from that leads beckett university law school in the u. k. now another big story of the day, 6 people are confirmed dead scores more injured in beirut. after gunmen open fire on the raleigh by supporters of she, a group as below the demonstrators have been protesting against the judge leading the investigation into the vast chemical blast at level large parts of the city.
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last year, the military were deployed to the protest and exchange fire with gunman. local reporter linda to mean spoke to the program earlier about what happened today in the lebanese capital. well, so far the situation seems to have come down just lightly, but again, it's very volatile. gunfire can erupt at any moment. now we know that the situation is quite fragile. there. what happened? well, we know that a mile and has the la protestors due to the streets in protests, of you know, keeping judge to be the head investigator in the black probe. they were headed to the justice palace and idly, and they were met with gunfire, reportedly called,
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according to local reports coming from mind that many were trying to fight an iconic location. knowing that it's where the civil war started back in 1975. now we don't know exactly who started the shooting of investigations are ongoing, and we know that the lebanese army is heavily deployed in the area and they're trying to find the shooters of behind this. and we also know that the warrens they will should at any gun men in the area. and they also advise every single civilian to evacuate the area as well. we also saw a very touching footage of army men removing school children and helping them to safety. so i'm telling you, no child deserves to go through this. the decimal is very likely to rise, knowing that we have a number of injuries that have been rushed to hospital, some of them in critical condition. so the situation is looking good at all. just really is slowly emerging from some of the toughest and longest covert restrictions
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in the world. but those that have to enforce the rules are bearing the brunt of public frustration. especially when they go to people's homes to inter get them ah, with the hosting being on social media projects on today, you agree that you put some posts on facebook? legalize? yep. yep. so the question that thing right is where you then though you are anywhere in perth or event coming up here. no, no. okay. you have any communication circling around between people about the plan for this coming up with
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yeah, i'll not last as slide. you just read there, we asked, i guess if they see the police are so called welfare checks on citizens as a warranted measure. just targeting these will say checks on people that mike political statements or organize place full rallies, dot com like that. no, it's right there, knock on your door and i told you that a that they do know welfare check, all that they've received an anonymous tip off that are your, your organizing a protest or that your posting anti government propaganda on high
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school or instagram. so of course, a inappropriate because it seems like it's always there to sign people being targeted. i do not see this as intimidation as all the actual activity, the place was entirely justified. the people that operate is the people who call themselves freedom fighters that are indeed the very opposite. they are people who want to do what they want to do and they do not realize that their actions are doing is putting everyone else at risk. people have just had enough and the more likely to slow down more and more people will protest and it seems the more and more of these well fe, checks will happen. the police are turning out the door of women of mothers with kids and arresting them because they put up something on facebook that the government didn't agree. week. i've been here for 4 months without leaving my house except to get groceries. and we would all like to be have,
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i would like to visit my family, leave a long way away, but the reality is as tired as we are, if we come together as a community, we understand what citizenship is really all about. then what we do is you do what you can go community and the law that you do that the more likely that you will get out sooner. people who purchased a home freedom bosses are doing the very opposite. pamela horace as being widely mocked after a clip of her talking to some children, was posted by nasa. the kids in the footage are planning a trip to an observatory under being encouraged to do so by the us vice president turns i though, the whole thing was apparently staged with child actors. on additions were health.
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here's our teeth, eager to them. us vice president carmella harris is allegedly making an effort to put a friendly face reports a she wants to see more relate, several more appealing come across as the true candidate of the people you guys are the see literally the craters on me with your own. i went your own i, i'm telling you it is going to be unbelievable. so that's one of the things you can do it say, which makes it so exciting. well, firstly, some have already argued iris has failed miserably in this video. and secondly, the views of the clip that you just sure did not take kindly to the revelation that harris's interactions with the children were apparently all scripted after one kid came forward, saying that he had to audition for the part well, little bit. just like hollywood, in fact, a hollywood like smile and even giggles have regularly been the go to solution for
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harris when faced with cry, sees it at it before it became an obvious public disaster. she tried to become the star of the u. s. troop withdrawal from afghanistan, reality show, president biden always said that he wanted to be the last person in the room, particularly for a big decisions. just as he was for president obama. he just made a really big decision. afghanistan, yes. were you the last person in the room? yes. you feel comfortable? i don't. well, that was right before further. you started to pool from the war torn country. oh footage like this. ah. and furnish like this. ah. and
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like this that was when the vice president, when suddenly a wall to resurface later though to brush the whole thing off with this. not everybody i oh, but of course it's like that was ends of people were gilbert and it's a nightmare scenario for african women. of course not when joe biden made the migrant crisis on the southern boards a camel harris, his personal responsibility. it took her months just to get there, and here's the explanation. she came up with the whole thing about the board. we've been to the board, we've been to the board, you haven't deliver and i haven't been to europe. i don't, i don't understand the point that you're making see,
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she hasn't been to europe though. what does that have to do with her job to handle? one of america's was ever boarded problems. ran and yours is a little bit. and if you think about it, camel harris fits perfectly into the now very political hollywood crowd. and just like silva screed superstars, sometimes she just misses the target with some of her statements just a few days ago with becky israel with people. and that, that you did, and again, this is about the fact that your voice, your perspective, your experience, your truth and then just like a good agency, our office has to clear the air well visits and george mason university to discuss votes and writes a student voice to personal opinion during the political science class, the vice president strongly disagree with the students,
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characterization of for israel smiled and handshake. so they work miracles when you're making a movie, korea, but harris seems to have forgotten her role as vice president is a very different 1. 20 minutes into the program still ahead. ever wondered walter latimer potent thinks of crypto currencies when you're his thoughts and other issues from the brushing energy. weak forum offer that shorter and a surgeons tactile perception as well as his or her eyesight helps a lot. because you need to make sure you don't like the thread. well placing the switches and robotic hands can't do that. not now. and i believe not ever, you can write software to the machine, but you cannot give it a human tactile perception.
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oh, is your media a reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way? where are you being led to somewhere? direct. what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend. ah. so join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. oh, hello again. russia is not using gas as
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a weapon and it's willing to supply even more of the commodity. if you are asked those words coming from vladimir putin off the russian energy, weak international forum, the president was all to the spell what he call faults norris's about the country strategy on the global energy market. want to ask you about it directly. has russia been using energy as a weapon? russia's not using any weapon. if you've been paying attention, as for the economy, where are we using web images in what conflicts are we taking part and for the economy? this is not something we tend to use. this is what i call literally motivated to talk at the end of the day. i guess the question is, how can you expect europe to believe you're a reliable energy partner when you're not supplying that energy via the pipeline? could associations are beautiful one blade or that i'm saying one thing to you, which and you're saying a different things to me as if you haven't heard what i said. well, mister president, i mean, what was the same point was you and you said that you were not supplying gas
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through pipelines to europe, but actually you are mistaken. you are mistaken. and all of those who feed on the information they receive here, we are actually increasing our suppliers to europe. it's a little to and fro there between vladimir putin and they, c, n, b, c. anchor moderating the panel. and afterwards, the russian leader gave the news network an exclusive interview on the forum, sidelines. he offered his views on the controversal, august security packed, his own political, future crypto, currencies, crypto aristo currencies can be an accounting unit, but they're very unstable. may be for transferring funds from one place to another . ok, but for trade, especially energy resources, in my opinion is premature crypto currencies for now are not backed by anything but ago, but all things are developing. anything has a right to exist. i'm with look at how it's going to go, maybe when it becomes a store value, but we see how volatile this market is. so then you're looking for some reason of
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closed blogs, including the one between the u. s. u. k and australia definitely undermines regional stability because in my opinion but being friendly with each other is good . if i want to be friends against someone that route and it undermines the stability we all talk and care about. yeah. like you, i prefer not to answer such questions, talks about it or destabilizing the situation. the situation should be call so that all authorities can work with certainty when the yes, the constitution does allow me to do it, to run for another term, but no decisions have been made on that yet. no, sir, we bring you today. the u. s. is hosting a virtual summit with 30 countries to discuss. efforts to counter cyber attacks. of washington has conspicuously missed out a few big names from the guest list, namely china and russia. although the white house emphasizes it doesn't for food, future cooperation. we did not invite the russians to participate for
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a host of reasons, including various constraints. however, we have inactive discussions with the russians, but then this particular forum they will not invited to participate, but that doesn't preclude future opportunities for them to participate. as we do further sessions like these, this is supposed to be a huge deal with over 30 countries participating in this international cybersecurity meeting. and what's surprising though, is that they expect to accomplish anything without inviting china and russia. these are 2 of the most advanced countries in the world when it comes to cyber technology . and it's also disappointing that just last month, the russian ambassador to the united states was saying that moscow was making progress with washington in terms of cooperating in the field of cybersecurity. the problem requires us to cooperate and figuring out where this is x come from and who attackers are. i can tell you that the 1st tangible steps in this direction have been taken and some small specific results have been achieved. however, as we usually say, most of the work is yet to be done. over the past several months,
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we've heard accusation after accusation against russia, claiming that moscow is somehow turning a blind eye to cyber attacks or even tacitly supporting them. and yet, evidence for these claims is in short supply really, for example, back in july, there was a significant increase in ransomware attacks in the united states. that's one criminal hackers, steel the data of companies, and ransom it back to them. and back then the biden administration said that although these were not state sponsored attacks, most of them were coming from russia. well, we're back when we're coming from historical. busy even though it's not, not sponsored by mistake, expect an action enough information to act. the thing is though, the kremlin initially was never even made aware of these attacks. and after it did
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have knowledge of them, russia reached out to the united states to have a sort of joint clamped down on cyber crime around the world and did not receive a response. so for washington to think that it can get anything done at this international summit without inviting the key players when it comes to cyber technology around the world. well, to me, it seems like little more than a pipe dream. almost 2000 u. k. police officers have been accused of sexual misconduct over the past 4 years . that's according to official data released by the freedom of information and accusations include sexual assault, rape, and even childs sex offenses. 8 percent of the claims led to an officer's dismissal . the figures also show that no action was taken at all. in 2 thirds of the cases, the metropolitan police had this to say. we know very sadly, a small number of people. i tracked it to policing because of the power, the control and the opportunity it affords them our vetting processes are designed
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to rude those people out. well, we spoke to jane butler from rape crisis, england and wales. she says the list of actions and recommendations from the police have to be implemented right now. think this has been happening. i mean, we know the actual abuse is widespread across many aspects of life. and in particular, in the police where you have a situation where police officers hold vision of power and, and so there are many opportunities as a result of that for them to misuse that power. so it's not surprising to find this happens. there's been a huge amount of genuine outrage for many police officers, every police officer and many of my really caught that hearing about listen as being this happen. and we have to look at what's going on. and we have a situation where and when cousins was, was nicknamed to right past years ago and nothing was done about that kind of idea was tolerated within the environment, the culture and the environment he's working in. obviously,
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things that need to be done in order to, to change things, to stop that from happening to be out early on. we've seen a lot in the last 6 months in particular report and recommendations. there's so many list of actions from various ball days, including the police inspector and who did brilliant report recommending a whole lots and lots of changes. but we need to see some of those implemented when he sees without change happen. not just more, more regret, more comments. we need to see change rather than just talking about short talk time next to nor t find out was showing after the shortest of breaks and i'll catch you again at the top. hope you can join event. ah ah no one else seemed wrong when i just don't hold any you yes,
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to see out disdain becomes the advocate an engagement. it was betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground. with the account it was brought in to talk to retail p l c was k, p and g r. they were brought in within 24 hours of me raising issues about occurrence with the bank and i agree. s forced to keep empties on. forensic accounting team upon the business, then their point to keep p m g as corporate finance advisors. then their point to p,
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p. m g as tom around specialist.


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