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tv   News  RT  October 14, 2021 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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ah ah, where headline stories miss our police in norway say the bowen aro rampaged out cale 5 in kong berg appears to be a terrorist attack outing that they suspect had previously converted to islam and was on their radar over signs of robert kelly's ation. also ahead ah, another big story of the day, at least 6 people are reportedly killed and 60 others wounded after gunman open fire and bay roots out a protest against the judge leading the probe into the deadly port blast there last year. damned if they do damned if the don't fuss. trillion police bear the brunt of public anger at government tactics to watch over anti locked on activists
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. the tide restrictions have driven a wedge through society there by candlelight at nah, it's right there. knock on your door, of course it's ok inappropriate because it seems like it's always there to sign for you for being targeted. i do not see this as intimidation. ashe, all the actual activities of the police was entirely justified. only us convenes and international virtual summits aimed at combating cyber threats. russia and china though our conspicuously absent from the long guest, ah 247 use live from moscow. this is our t pleasure to have your company to day. let's get into it. norwegian security services say the bow and arrow attack in the time of kong berg on wednesday
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appears to be an act of terror. 5 people were killed with police seeing this suspect was earlier flagged over signs of radicalization to authorities. war and not the threat of similar attacks has not gone, or correspondent and a guest on the issue will talk to the program a little bit earlier, some minutes from now filling in more on what has happened to day and in norway, the aftermath of that attack but let's move to another big story. 6 people are confirmed, killed, and scores more injured in the lebanese capital bay route after gunman open fire on the rally by supporters of she. a grip has belie. the demonstrators have been protesting against the judge needing the investigation into the vast chemical blast that rec, the city last year the military were deployed to the protest and exchange fire with
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the gun. a is some conflicting reports, whether about a gunfire still happening between those groups and the army. earlier i did speak to local reporter linda it's, i mean, who fill the sun on? what's known in the lebanese capital? well, so far the situation seems to have come down just lightly, but again, it's very volatile. gunfire can erupt at any moment. now we know that that situation is quite fragile. there. what happened? well, we know that a mile and has the lab protestors due to the streets in protests of you know, keeping judge to be the head investigator in the blast probe. they were headed to
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the justice palace and idly, and they were met with gunfire, reportedly called, according to the reports coming from mind that many were trying to fight an iconic location. knowing that it's where the civil war started back in 1975. now we don't know exactly who started this shooting of investigations are ongoing, and we know that the lebanese army is heavily deployed in the area and they're trying to find the shooters behind this. and we also know that they warns they will should have any gun men in the area. and they also advised every single civilian to evacuate the area as well. we also saw the very touching footage of the army and then removing school children and helping them to safety. so i'm telling you no child deserves to go through this. the death field is very likely to rise, knowing that we have a number of injuries that have been rushed to hospital, some of them in critical condition. so the situation is looking good at all. russia
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is not using gas other weapon, and it's willing to supply even more if you are, if asks those where it's coming from. latimer putting up the russian energy weak international form. the president was out to dispel what he called false normative about the country's strategy on the global energy market. because it's just about as far as north stream to is concerned. what opponents of the project have claimed that this is not a commercially viable product and russia is pursuing geopolitical motivations. well, you know this yet another piece of nonsense. just please pay closer attention to what i'm saying. this route is 2000 kilometers, shorter and quicker to our main consumers in europe than via ukraine. easy. 2000 kilometers more efficient. it's cheaper because transit is cheaper. and it's also cheaper for customers because the transit fee has to be included in the end price in particular for european customers. we are doing this despite our political differences. this year we have increased supply by 10 percent. again,
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we would very much like them to be grateful instead of only criticizing us more so lately for tranquil is aunt russian and into week for us here shes recap of the opening day 1st, a quick look into the context of lot of my food was latest remarks during the russian energy week, the global post coven power demand has been on the up, and that led to major changes in the supply chains, 2 major disturbances and even shortages. now, the prices for natural gas futures in europe have absolutely skyrocketed. they went down a bit, but in the meantime, russia was being accused of politicizing the matter and for years this country has been under fire for infrastructure projects in the field, like the nord stream to however, this crisis led to reassessment. and this is what the russian leader has been talking about for a while. and he also brought up what he called mistakes and the european energy
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policy that led to the crime. fire prices on gas in europe, or consequence of a deficit of energy and not vice versa. and that's why you should not shift the blame over the last 10 years. step by step systematic flaws were introduced into the european energy system, and they lead to a massive energy crisis. for any market, stability and predictability are important, and russia flawlessly fulfills its contractual obligations to our partners, including our partners in europe. we in short guaranteed uninterrupted gas deliveries to europe. we have every reason to believe that this year we will reach record levels of gas deliveries on the global market. when prices are volatile when they're going through the roof, what can help with that extra supplies? president prudent said that there was not a single occasion when rushes energy joined gas from refused a request from europe for additional natural gas exports. and what mr. brewton was
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asked a straightforward question whether moscow has ever used the energy sector as a political weapon. his answer was straightforward. no, want to ask you about it directly. has russia been using energy as a weapon? russia's not using any weapons. if you've been paying attention as for the economy, where are we using weapons and what conflicts are we taking part and for the economy? this is not something we tend to use. this is what i call a politically motivated talk. there's nothing to support it when it comes to saying that we use energy as some kind of weapon at the end of the day. i guess the question is, how can you expect europe to believe you're a reliable energy partner when you're not supplying that energy via the pipeline or supervision? you're a beautiful woman, but i'm saying one thing to you and you're saying a different thing to me as if you haven't heard what i said, mister president, i, what was the same point when she went to london, you said that you are not supplying gas through pipelines to europe, but actually you are mistaken. you are mistaken. and all of those who feed on the
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information they receive, we are actually increasing our supplies to europe because prom increased supplies by 10 percent. and overall russia increased them by 15 percent. we have increased gas supply through pipelines by 10 percent and increased l. n g supply by 13 percent. we are increasing but will not decreasing our gas supply to europe. the number one ingredient in mr. perkins recipe for the volatility in prices. not to come back. any time soon, that is a long term contracts when gas prices aren't fixed, but they depend on the current market situation and the oil prices. by the way, what's a major cause for concern for us? some very important european politicians is that the transit of russian natural gas through ukraine beyond 2024. well, lot of our putin said that russia is ready to keep that in place. as long as it knows how much gas europe is willing to buy in the future, i. e,
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he wants these long term contracts again. what russia ones is stability and predictability. australia is slowly emerging from some of the toughest and longest kobe restrictions in the world. but those that have to enforce the rules are bearing the brunt of public frustration, especially when they go to people's homes. oh, maybe posting something on social media approaches on tuesday. you agree that you put some posts on facebook? legalize? yep. yep. so the question that seem right is what are you there?
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so you are really clear and purpose or event coming up here? no, no, you were of any communication circling around between people about the plan for this coming up with well, we asked, i guess if they see that police it's so cold. well for checks on citizens as an effective measure. they're just targeting, they will say checks on people that might political statements or organize place full rallies, dot com like knowledge right there, knock on your door and i tell you that a that they do know well for
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a chick or that they've received an anonymous tip off that your, your organizing a protest or that your posting anti government propaganda on high school or instagram. so of course, a inappropriate because it seems like it's always the same people being targeted. i do not see this as intimidation, as all the actual activity of the place was entirely justified. the people that operate is the people who call themselves freedom fighters that are indeed the very opposite. they are people who want to do what they want to do and they do not realize that their actions are doing is putting everyone else at risk. people have just had enough and the more they keep us locked down to more and more people will protest and it seems the more and more of these welfare checks will happen. the police are turning out the door of women of mothers with kids and arresting them
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because they put up something on facebook that the government didn't agree which i've been here for 4 months without leaving my house except to get groceries. we would all like to be able, i would like to visit my family, leave a long way away. but the reality is that as tired as we are, if we come together as a community, we understand what citizenship is really all about. then what you do is you do what you can do, your community and the law that you do that the more likely that you will get out sooner. people who protest against people who are a cold freedom flashes a doing of the very opposite. so i had this our on our t. we go live to our correspondent for the latest on this week's deadly bowen. r o
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terror attack in norway. ah ah. with
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race, his own offence, very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk. oh, a quarter of an hour into the program. welcome back norwegian security services, say the bow and arrow attack. and the time of cons. berg on wednesday appears to be an act of terror. 5 people were killed with police, seeing the suspect was earlier flagged over signs of robert calibration and authorities war and the threat of similar attacks has not gone. while the incidents and cons burg currently appeared to be an act of terrorism,
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the investigation led by the southeast police district were clarify or more detail with the incidents were motivated by the threat level and norway is still considered moderate police in the town which is around 70 kilometers from oslo reported that the suspect was walking around randomly firing a bowen, r o. the area was cordoned off with emergency services, including a helicopter deployed to the scene. city hospitals were put on stunned by 2 police believe the suspect acted along with our cross law to our correspondence. charlotte dubin ski for more. i charlotte, indeed, tickets through the latest developments today on this story. that's why the 37 year old who suspected of carrying out this terror attack this latest terror attack in norway is known to be a danish citizen. we understand that he had a danish mother and
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a norwegian father. he is in custody. suspected of killing 5 individuals for women, and one man all said to be aged between $50.70, that horrific attack, which i started with a bow and arrow and we understand and lead to the use of other arms. although these have not yet been revealed by the authorities began on wednesday evening in this close knit community of cones work which is about 70 kilometers west of oslo. instead it started in a supermarket in that area, and that was one of the people who was injured but not killed was an off duty police officer. we know that the alarm was raised very quickly and the police were on the scene within around 6 minutes. what then followed was around another half an hour of the police, trying to capture the suspect as he continued his rampage using that
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bow, an arrow, and now is subsequently looking at being charged with the deaths of 5 individuals. a bone arrow seems like a very unusual toys i for a weapon, but we understand that he did use other weapons as dead, as, as well as to say they have yet to be identified. however, a bow and arrow is not deemed to be something that is an illegal, a weapon in no way. in fact, it doesn't need to be registered if you buy one, although you are only supposed to use such an item at archery schools, we also know that as the individual who's in suspect him being questioned at the moment, was known to the police. apparently they visited him about a year ago, there were issues off there. he converted to islam, and there were concerns that he had been radicalized as somebody that the police knew about at least a year before. this terror attack was carried out in norway. it is the largest
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terror attack in the country for just over 10 years. the last one being in 2011 that was carried out by and as brave act, that was a double attack, not just on the capital of norway or slow, but also on new tire island where those are left wing at children. teenagers are taking part in a political summer camp. 77 people killed in that attack. at the moment we knew that 5 people were killed in this attack. in this close knit community in kong, spoke to the west of oslo, and that there are several who have also been injured for the moment. the police are continuing to question suspect to find out exactly what the motivations were. but they have a determined that this is a terror attack, and despite that fact, the national threat level in no way hasn't yet been increased. however, we do know that police officers across the country have now been requested to carry
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firearms in case this is linked to something else, but for the moment this is treat being treated as a loan terror attack. charlotte, thanks very much for taking us through that corresponded charlotte davinsky lisco live no to phillips ingram, former u. k. senior military intelligence and security officer for his tick. thanks for your time today. just well. not late. this line a number of hours ago, authority saying that this appears to be terrorism. just prop briefly. how would that alter the investigation? well, what it tends to do is bring in more national assets. i mean, there's greater resources that are provided to the local police to help them pinned on exactly why this individual decided to do what he did there, and then identify any of the threats across the country. that's the key bit at the moment. we do keep seeing people who were flagged up as potentially dangerous. so we know that he was investigated
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a number of years ago and then essentially dropped will dropped off the reader. at least we know that for the are the people seemingly committing such crimes. why does not occur with such regularity? it appears well, there are so many people in the river, that's the trouble. he didn't drop off the radar. he would still have been on the radar, but the police wouldn't visit him beforehand would have done a threat assessment against some of the balance out the threat off against the other threats that they got deemed where he fits in the amount of effort that they can put into the truck and trust these people, i'm in the u. k. their over 900 investigations going on today by counter terrorism . police, a huge number of resources. those are 900 active investigations against people that they believe are active terrorist today. so is it sheer numbers you're seeing the reasons for that? are there other reasons why perhaps people are not being truck to the, to the level that they should be? is it, is it pressure on resources? is it perhaps political correctness not to go after certain groups?
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is it all a mix or is that one more than the other? no, there's a number of this number of different writers. we live in the liberal democracy. you cannot impose a level of state surveillance that you get in many other countries. i'm over every individual i'm there are thousands, you know, in the u. k. there are tens of thousands of people who are on a potential watch list. you just, no matter how many police security service, if you deploy the whole of the military, the whole of the police and everything else and nothing but civilities people, you still wouldn't have enough. so resources is there and you have to prioritize and have to prioritize against the particular threat, and that's what the police will be trying to identify the moment what it is that triggered this individual to do what he did last night. what do you make of the fact that he used a fairly unusual weapon, a bow and arrow. i find that quite worrying the 1st time i believe that one hour has been used. the danger now is that across the globe we could potentially see coffee cups. hypertext bows and arrows are not regulated, many countries across the world in the same way the rifles,
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firearms are. therefore, it's something that a certain that the groups will be jumping up and down the boats on, i'm trying to actively encourage other people to go out and do the same thing, and they have been active through the whole of mocked on rather radicalized people further treating people further, i'm trying to encourage people to carry out attacks one's lot on is off. yeah, we're with to hear what comes out of the investigation, whether it was a lone wolf attack or whether it was more coordinated terrorism. philip, as always, thank you very much. philip ingram, former senior military intelligence security officer, in the u. k. the u. s. is hosting a virtual summit with 30 countries to discuss efforts to counter cyber attacks. but it has conspicuously missed a few big names from its list, namely russia on china and the white house emphasizes. it does not preclude future cooperation. we did not invite the russians to participate for host of reasons,
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including various constraints. however, we have in active discussions with the russians, but in this particular forum they would not invited to participate. but that doesn't preclude future opportunities for them to participate as we do further sessions like these welcome into the shooting beside me or correspondent quarter who has been following at developments. so a few invites are not quite lost in the post. just didn't. going to post that all tell us about the conference. well, you know, this is supposed to be a huge deal with over 30 countries participating in this international cyber security meeting. and what's surprising though, is that they expect to accomplish anything without inviting china and russia. these are 2 of the most advanced countries in the world when it comes to cyber technology . and it's also disappointing that just last month, the russian ambassador to the united states was saying that moscow was making progress with washington in terms of cooperating in the field of cyber security. the problem requires us to co operate and figuring out where these attacks come
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from. and who attackers are, i can tell you that the 1st tangible steps in this direction have been taken and some small specific results have been achieved. however, as we usually say, most of the work is yet to be done. over the past several months, we've heard accusation after accusation against russia, claiming that moscow is somehow turning a blind eye to cyber attacks or even tacitly supporting them. and yet, evidence for these claims is in short supply really, for example, back in july, there was a significant increase in ransomware attacks in the united states. that's one criminal hacker, steel the data of companies, and ransom it back to them. and back then, the biden administration said that although these were not state sponsored attacks, most of them were coming from russia when the united states back when
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we're already coming from historically not, not sponsored by mistake, expect an action given enough information, but the thing is though, the kremlin initially was never even made aware of these attacks. and after it did have knowledge of them, russia reached out to the united states to have a sort of joint clamped down on cyber crime around the world and did not receive a response. so for washington to think that they can get anything done at this international summit without inviting the key players when it comes to cyber technology around the world. while to me, it seems like little more than a pipe dream on thanks very much for taking us through to our t correspondent on quarter records. amount of us workers quitting their jobs in china is under pressure buckling. in fact, housing market on a tricky in space for real, it's all ahead and boom bus by for the ah,
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a beautiful chilled ocean with on what it says. i'm middle august, also a 1000000000 slogan, noise in the middle. so with the alarm when they got that would because if that's something you would prevent them with a wound got that's message 4 percent of your properties was for what fin the but on with the filled with that to the what like you like with nice seems to them of them when he's got the west. when luck with them. so we'll just show them for phillip keeps coming from the, from the news. what kind of what the stuff that the thing i was giving you is this global. oh gosh. slave to me as i will continue to 11 little scared little
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squiggly with john thought of it, but are one why didn't they put us in? i mean on besides that we still do. oh, a
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with this is room both the one business you can afford to miss. i'm been one and i'm rachel blunt in washington and coming out despite an ongoing labor shortage in the united states. the nation has been a record number of workers with their job. well, take a look at the latest data and which industry they're being hit, the hardest plus ford manager, cert, q one, a william shatner has become the oldest person to reach outer space as blue origin. new shepherd rocket has officially completed a lot. we have a report from the launch site impacts it, and then china's ever grant this is it's bon payment deadline for the 3rd week in a row. we'll talk about what that means for the company and how it's impacting china's economic recovery. a lot to get through today. so let's get started. and we
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begin with the news conference late wednesday, how by president biden, who was promising to get supply chains moving after months of goods being stuck off . the port of los angeles president biden says, major changes will be made to get those supplies moving. the port of los angeles will now he says, now begin operating 247 along with the port of long beach. that is been that for a few weeks about 40 percent of all freight interest the country through those 2 ports alone. up until now they've only been open monday through friday, 9 to 5 by keeping them open 247. this will reportedly open an additional 60 hours a week of productivity night hours. the present as, as are also critical because there will be less traffic on the roadways to get those goods away from the ports. i want to be clear. this is across the board commitment to going to 247. this is a big 1st step in speeding up the movement of.


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