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tv   News  RT  October 14, 2021 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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much protect his own existence with with the least 6 people are reportedly killed on 60 more injured after gunman opened fire in bay roots, a protest against the judge leading the probe into the deadly court. blas there. last year i also had in the program, police in norway say that bo an arrow rampage that killed 5 in comes berg appears to be a terrific outing, not the suspect had previously converted to islam and was on their radar over signs of radicalization earlier dumb if they do dumb if they don't such trillion police spur the brunt of public anger,
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government tactics to watch over anti lockdown activists. tight restrictions have driven to wage through society by com, lighter knots right there, knock on your door. of course, it's shocking appropriate because it seems like it's always there to sign people being targeted by do not see this as intimidation. as all the actual activities of the police was entirely justified. home, the u. s. convenes an international virtual. some it's aimed at combating cyber threats. russia and china are, however, secuity upson from the long listen ah, are catching the program from today. welcome to moscow on to the use our on our t. my name's unit o'neill. let's get to our top story. at least 6 people have
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reportedly been killed and many more injured in beirut. after gunman opened fire on supporters of sheer grip, his bela were marching in protest against the judge, leading the probe into the deadly port blast that hit the city. in august last year, the military has been deployed in the lebanese capital with reports little earlier that they were exchanging fire with the gun. yeah we're not exactly sure is that situation as it stands, the firing of weapons out each other still happening, but i did speak to local reporter linda to me about the overall situation. what happened today in bay realistic listen. well,
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so far the situation seems to have come down just lightly, but again, it's very volatile. gunfire can erupt at any moment. now we know that the situation is quite fragile. there. what happened? well, we know that a mile and has the lab protesters to, to the street in protest of, you know, keeping judge, that'd be the head investigator in the black probe. they were headed to the justice palace and idly, and they were met with gunfire. reportedly, according to the reports coming from mind that many were trying to say, fight an iconic location, knowing that it's where the civil war started back in 1975. now we don't know exactly who started this shooting of investigations are ongoing, and we know that the lebanese army is heavily deployed in the area and they're trying to find the shooters of behind this. and we also know that they warns they will should, at any gun men in the area. and they also advised every single civilian to evacuate
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the area as well. we also saw a very touching footage of army men removing school children and helping them to safety. so i'm telling you, no child deserves to go through this. the death field is very likely to rise, knowing that we have a number of injuries that have been rushed to hospital, some of them in critical condition. so the situation is looking good at all. russia is not using gas of a weapon, it's willing to supply even more. if europe asks those words coming from loving mere, put the russian energy, weak international for him, the president was always to the spell what he called false normative about the country strategy on the global energy market. want to ask you about it directly. has russia been using energy as a weapon? russia's not using any weapon capsule. if you've been paying attention, as for the economy where we're using weapons in what conflicts are we taking part
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and for the economy? this is not something we tend to use. this is what i call a politically motivated talk. if there were, there's nothing to support it when it comes to saying that we use energy as some kind of webinar. we are actually increasing our supplies to europe. the gas price increased supplies by 10 percent and overall russia increase them by 15 percent. we have increased gas supply through pipelines by 10 percent and increased l. n. g supply by 13 percent. we are increasing, it will not decreasing our gas supply to europe use, but they looked at enough, but or russian energy week is one of the biggest unusual forums of its kind. it's just had its 1st day now into the 2nd on its housing industry experts from around the world to thrash out hot button topics, particularly regarding international cooperation and when it comes to energy. that is, of course very much a subject to sure. among the top guests in moscow is hungry,
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foreign minister, who among his topics emphasized his country's decision not to transit jeff through neighboring ukraine because of energy security concerns. no australian is slowly emerging from some of the toughest and longest kobe restrictions in the world. but those, the tough to enforce the rules are bearing the brunt of public frustration, especially when they go to people's homes. ah, a with being on social media approaches on tuesday. you agree that you put some posts on facebook? legalize?
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yep. yep. so the question, the thing right is where you there. so you are gonna plan for the event coming up here. no, no. okay. you have any communication certain around between people about the plan that's coming out with or we asked our guests if they see that police is so called welfare checks on citizens as an effective measure. just targeting these well say checks on people that mike political statements or organize place full release dot com like knowledge right there, knock on your door and i tell you that
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a that they don't know well for a chick or that they've received an anonymous tip off that are your, your organizing a protest or that your posting anti government propaganda on high school or instagram. so of course, a inappropriate, because it seems like it's always the same people being targeted. i do not see this as intimidation, as all the actual activity of the place was entirely justified. the people that operate is just the people who call themselves freedom fighters that are indeed the very opposite. they are people who want to do what they want to do and they do not realize that their actions are doing is putting everyone else at risk. people have just had enough and the more they keep us locked down to more and more people will protest and it seems the more and more of these welfare checks will happen. the
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police are turning out the door of women of mothers with kids and arresting them because they put something on facebook that the government didn't agree with. i've been here for 4 months without leaving my house except to get groceries. we would all like to be have, i would like to visit my family, leave alone. why? why? but the reality is that as tired as we are, if we come together as a community, we understand what citizenship is really all about. then what you do is you do what you can to your community and the law that you do that the more likely that you will get out sooner. people who protest against people who are called freedom fighter doing the very opposite. ok, returning to one of our top stories now russian energy week is one of the biggest,
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valuable forums of its kind hosting industry experts from around the world to brush out hot button topics, particularly regarding international cooperation among the top guess in moscow is hungry. foreign minister who emphasizes countries decision not to trans, at guff, through neighboring ukraine because of energy security concerns. and i am very happy to welcome live on to the program, the hungarian foreign minister peter c. r to himself, to speak on a number of issues. it's a pleasure to have you sir. winter is coming. it's supposed to be a particularly better one. is hungry. ready? yeah, absolutely. we have made our homework. i see some mistakes which have been committed on the european side. you know, we, we never like confusing energy with the political issues. and unfortunately, that has been the case in, in europe. unfortunately, the russia relationship has not improved. there is
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a very strong anti gas sentiment in some circles in european politics. and there were some very short sighted decisions made. so to the contrary to that, hungary has made its homework. the level of filling this of our storage is our, at the 82 percent. other countries could have made similar kind of decisions. we have been implementing regulatory frame versus reach, do not allow the price for the households to be increased regardless of the changes on the, on the global market. we have been investing in nuclear power, which covers now 40 percent of the electricity demand of the country. and we have find a long term gas agreement with russia in the frame vertical which the supply has already started the last week. so we are on the safe side. i can tell you, there are fears that gas prices are just going to continue growing and growing in the coming months. what is the worst case scenario in your opinion?
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look, we have to understand that the guess must be considered as one of the main sources of energy when it comes to that transition period. we would like to be successful in greenville. we would like to reach the authorities set out by 2030, and 2050. what we don't want is greenville issue to be a mother of daily political communication action. and we don't wanted to, we don't want this to be a competition because everybody can say one percent higher. everybody can say one the earlier. so i think we should come back to the ground of normality, common sense rationale, the cool down, and make long term strategies in this, in disregard the delivery roots of gas are there. if we can utilize the delivery routes, i don't think that there should be a problem during the can i bring another aspect in that push towards green policies
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in the block in the you, are they having an impact on hungry look, i'm representing a country which was the 1st one among the member states to rectify the parish agreement. we are among those $21.00 countries on earth which could increase their g. d, p, y are decreasing the emission. so environment or production is definitely very, very important for us because we have to preserve the globe to our successors. but these are never ready or never ready to take part in this communication that debate in an irrational that we always are for economy development, improving industrial competitiveness and the environmental protection going hand in hand. if you are not a to keep this balance. if this balance is being being ruined, then we can definitely ruin the,
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the good cause we can ruin the credibility of the green policy. we can ruin the credibility of the environmental protection and the green deal itself. just one more in energy. we know that noise stream too is ready and waiting for the paperwork to be approved. could it be this gas pipeline part of a solution to the crisis? in your opinion? look what i know about energy. as a politician who deals with foreign affairs, is that the more sources and the more delivery routes we do have is the better. that's why we were happy when turkey bulgaria, serbia, and that's hungary, we called harmonize our efforts to join our efforts in order to to construct a new delivery route from the south, which cannot only deliver gas gas from gas from, from russia to the region. but from us or by john, from the location, the region during through the through the southern gets corridor when it comes to
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norfolk to, i mean if, if the permits already, if the license is already, then it does not hurt our interests. if these pipeline is being also in operation, once again, i would like to underline the more sources and the more delivery routes. there are better. of course, of course, these projects have to comply with the european the regulations. but if this is the case, then i don't see no problem here. i understand that the germans are big customers of russian gas. i understand it's important for them to have another delivery route . so he does not influence our interest. because in our long term gas agreement, we have signed via the gas from the 2 weeks ago. there are 2 delivery routes incorporated in the agreement, one from austria, one from the south. so we are on the safe side anyhow. particularly in recent times hungry and poland had been threatened with losing e u. financing for not sticking to the block policies. foreign minister,
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some would say they're club, there are rules. how do you respond? look, the reason why we don't get the european a part of the europe can funding is purely political and ideological. and we are blackmail. to be honest. you know, we were there to agree very close to agree on the recovery, the plan hungary, on plans on the, on the recovery fund or slough on the lie on has, has already asked for an appointment with the best to come to unnoticed. and then our parliament has passed the law, which says that the exclusive rights of the sexual education of the children under 18 goes to their parents and not to en jose. and we have 4 be done. alan, b, l, g, v t, the activities to enter kindergarten on school. so right after this law has been passed, the negotiations were frozen and we do not get this money fall under the same case
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. ideological political issue. you know, we, hungarians, do have a stable government, we have a clear majority in the parliament. everything. what happens in the country is based on the field of the people we definitely are going against the international liberal mainstream. we definitely carry out a patriotic policy which is based on national interest. and in the meantime, we are successful. these cannot be digested. this cannot be simply digested by the international liberal mainstream. this is the reason why we are usually in the focus of attack. so rustled, and this is the reason why some financial resources are being retired from both of our countries. we know you have to go. so just one more brief question if you well there was trouble out of football world cup qualifier in the u. k. when hungry supporters brewed english players taking the ne, hungary and football funds were arrested for a legit race it abuse and fighting with police? how are you dealing or the ministries dealing with the situation?
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look oh, when it comes to are kneeling down before the games and we don't want others to put pressure on us to do the same thing. we understand a reasons what we do not have similar kind of reasons what they do have. so i think it has to be respected, but someone decides to narrow down the bought. it has to be respected that someone has a different kind of opinion and that expresses the opinion the obviously the do are spectators, fans are bored during football games? yes they do, and i don't like when i, when the we applied all those standards. look at the premier league game, there's a much, much more, a loud we in grand. the opponent enters the pitch in order to make the warm up. so i mean, i mean don't be hypocritical in this industry, gartner, when it comes to racism, we're elijah, racism, we are definitely against. we are fighting against racism. we are fighting against
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anti semitism. and there might be, people might be people who behave like that. but, but you know, punishing and, and judging tens of thousands of compatriots because of allergy behavior or one or 2 or a small group of people at this is simply, this is simply not fair. if you find you f on, i have decided to close our national stadium for the upcoming days upcoming games because of because of a racist behavior. yes, deborah deborah's a number of persons who behaved that way. this is something that you totally reject, but we had 70000 spectators in the national stadium of would the question, why do we judge the remaining 69500 other people on that? and why do we take away the opportunity from them to go to the stadium, to cheer in a fair way. so once again, we definitely, we definitely fight against right to the fight against anti semitism. what we have to respect the, those people who. busy who act fairly during the game. peter see are too hungry and
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foreign minister. thank you very much for speaking to our international. thank you are much norwegian security services, save a bow and arrow attack. and the ton of comes berg on wednesday appears to be an act of terror. the also state, the suspect, had converted to islam earlier been flagged over signs of radicalization. a 37 year old danish man has been arrested uncharged. after 5 people were killed. 2 more injured, less cross live now to our correspondence, charlotte duban. c. charlotte. it appears that the status of the attack has been purified. someone yes, that's right. we now understand from the authorities that they're treating this as a terror attack. as you mentioned, that the 37 year old danish citizen who is in custody at the moment with known to the police, apparently he converted to islam,
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and there were concerns that he had been radicalized with the police actually having contact with him about a year ago. so that confirmation that this attack, the largest attack that norway has seen in around a decade, the last one back in 2011. when and does bring carried out the double attacks in low and utopia island that time at $77.00 people being killed in that attack. let's talk specifically now about what we know happened at kong. this is a small community that is about 50 miles to the west. of all slow and apparently from voice was on the ground where hearing that chaos ensued on wednesday night when the 37 year old danish citizen started that attack using a bow, an arrow now bow and arrows are not illegal. alms in norway, anybody can buy them if they comply to the normal regulations. there was not an issue over this being
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a registered weapon or not. this was considered to be something that people would be using for sport. but we do understand that the suspect, the 37 year old, also used other weapons in the attack. although the information in regards to what they are hasn't yet been released to public information. we do know the as a result of this attack, a police are being told that they should potentially carry additional weapons firearms with them as a precaution at the moment. and now we know that when the attack started taking place on wednesday evening in norway at that the police were on the scene within minutes of this attack starting however, what then ensued was around 5 minutes of a chase, a cat and mouse traces. police trying to catch the suspect and what we understand is it's in that period where the individuals were killed as a result of what happened. so it's not clear whether they were killed as
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a result of these other unidentified weapons that the 37 year old man was using or whether it's from the bow and arrow, or even from the shots that were fired by the police. but we do know that 5 people were killed in that attack on wednesday night they for women, and one man all said to be in that age is between 50 and 70. but for the moment the, the terror alert in norway will remain the same. they may be discussing whether they're going to change that, but right now the terror levels right remains the same as the 37 year old man danish citizen who is known to police who had converted to islam. and they were concerns about whether or not he had been radicalized, is in custody as the authorities. and now treating this as new ways the latest terror attack taken us through that story. charlotte had been scheme. we spoke to chris phillips, former head of the u. k. national counter terrorism security office,
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he say such attacks are hard to prevent the place where there's in norway, denmark, the u. k. russia cannot hope to keep their eyes on all of these people. the biggest problem is the sheer weight of numbers of people that are in this category are be radicalized and at risk. and we all releasing people back into the community who are still radicalized in prison so. so the place is job is pretty much impossible. they've got to be lucky all the time in as much as they're following the person that is the highest risk. but of course, if you've got 20000 people, how are you supposed to keep all of those under under any form of surveillance. but in this case a bow and arrow which is quite unusual, but of course it does. it is a killing machine over over a reasonably long. 3 distance and that has attracted him, but it does go to show that if you restrict the number of firearms of people get hold of it does actually reduce the ability of people to kill this man with machine
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gun would have been able to kill many more people the u. s. is hosting a virtual summit with 30 countries to discuss efforts to country cyber attacks, but it has conspicuously left out russia and china from the gas list. although the white house emphasizes that does not preclude feature corporation. we did not invite the russians to participate for a host of reasons, including various constraints. however, we had an active discussion with the russians, but then this particular forum they will not invited to participate. but that doesn't preclude future opportunities for them to participate as we do further sessions, like these correspondent john cortez join me and she will talk more about this. tell us indeed about the conference and why those invites were not sentenced while you're in this international cybersecurity conference. is supposed to be, i mean, a huge deal over 30 countries from around the world are participating. and what's
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surprising though, is that washington hopes to accomplish anything without inviting russia and china. they're 2 of the world's most advanced countries. when it comes to cyber technology . it's also disappointing, of course, that just last month, the russian ambassador to the u. s. said that moscow was beginning to make progress with washington in terms of cybersecurity. the problem requires us to cooperate and figuring out where this is x come from and who attackers are. i can tell you that the 1st tangible steps in this direction have been taken and some small specific results have been achieved. however, as we usually say, most of the work is yet to be done. over the past several months, we've heard accusation after accusation against russia alleging that moscow was either turning a blind eye to these cyber attacks or even tacitly supporting them. and yet, of course, evidence is in short supply, really, i mean for, we can look at one example back in july, when biden, when the u. s. was actually facing a significant rise in ransomware attacks. now that's when criminal hackers attack
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companies, they steal their data and they ran from it back to them. the binded ministration claims that although the cyber attacks were not state sponsored by russia and the majority of them were coming out of the country. so let's take a listen to what he said. i made it very clear to him that the united states expects when a ransomware operation is coming from his soil, even though it's not sponsored by the state. we expect them to act if we give them enough information to act on who that is. the thing is though, the kremlin says it wasn't even made aware of these attackers, and after it found out it re, russia was reached out to the united states for a kind of joint clamped down on cyber crimes around the world. and afterwards, they apparently didn't even receive a response. so for the united states, for washington to think that it's going to going to accomplish much at this international cyber cybersecurity convention without inviting the major players, russia and china. i mean, it seems to me like little more than
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a pipe dream don't. thanks very much for taking us through, thus don't quarter it is our weekly thursday visit to the alex summon show next, find out who's joining the former 1st minister of scotland today, right ahead and moment the ah we've been talking about now for a few years. all the money printing and now investment leads to countries or economies just completely shutting down. that's what we're saying. ah
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mm. welcome to the alex salmon show where we look again at the feature of the well to pre eminent power. the united states of america, last year anthropologist we davis caused an online sensation and the rolling sword magazine, when he predicted the end of the american either of dominance, that the trump episode was a symptom of a much de premier lease. now, 9 months into the biden had his presidency, we ask, we did as to whether the new brim at the white house is sweeping out the garbage or as your present, lurking impatiently in the wings and by the local, awaiting the recall to arms. so is the american essentially being replaced by chinese preeminence or will the new presidency signal revival?
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alec speaks to professor we'd davis the fest away davis. welcome back to the alex ivan. chill. thanks very much, alex. wonderful to be with you again. oh, it went last year, a very famous rolling stone article. you looked at lake trump ascendancy, and the onset of corona virus is signaling the, the end of the american century have you had cause to revise that period? well, yes, yes. and no alex is, you know, you write something like that and very much, i think that came out in august of 2020. when you know, all of us were trying to answer this question, you know, what is this coded thing? what does it mean? what does it imply, you know, since and i have very much to revise some of my thoughts in that piece at the time i, with no happy anticipation, you know, protected the ascendancy of china in the wake of the passing of the american century. but it is a wonderful t shirt going on, going around over here,
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that sort of reads on it, you know, shiny.


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