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tv   Keiser Report  RT  October 14, 2021 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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both in the money, but also any economists additional value. they destroyed religion that just dried education. they destroyed medicine. and now we have complete chaotic, free for all. and countries and economies are going to start to shut down, closed down, and the ceiling. chaos could have been avoided. have they watched the caf report and heated our words? right. and the thing is yes. the winter of our discontent. me glorious. bye bye glory summer. you know, the fact is that we may see better times because of a harder money coming, right. bitcoin is on the horizon and it's kind of exposed all of these shenanigans since 2008 and that's when the coin was 1st birth and the white paper. so, you know, a lot of the stuff is just being made obvious on stage as these player struck them for the hour, you know, in interventions and trying to control things. and, you know, with these energy crisis gripping the world,
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part of it's all due to the reaction right to the pandemic. you know, the c word which you can't mention because will be censored for it. but the fact is that, you know, the consequences of all the money printing the consequences of locking down and having a shortage of workers. this is causing the knock on effect of the shortage of energy . and on top of that you had all the sanctions and the weaponized settlement layer grid that was already in place and getting worse and worse since 2008, 2009. that's $12009.00, i believe was a 1st time, for example, that obama took around off the swift system. so these are all the consequences, the ripple effect of the, you know, the crises emerging all over the place where present trickle out of that, that chaos at the center. yes. the entropy, all, all is in forces,
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physical dimensions because it's the, one of the overriding rules of the universe is that things tend to degrade and chronically into atomization and particles ation. and it requires great effort by society and this institution to fight entropy and to create societal cohesion. but unfortunately over the past 40 years during the central banker, the incredible corruption that we've seen has now utterly destroyed all society. i think margaret sasha was probably correct what you said there is now society and we, we really have not anymore. so we're being replaced now. the big point standard. what arises from the big one standard in terms of what we will recognize and call civilization. that's what you have to be determined. we really don't know yet. america is choking under and everything shortage. that's a story from the atlantic and catalogues the same thing,
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all the shortages across the entire economy. and it blames the locked downs but also all the money printing as a result of the lockdown. i. when you're locked down, when you're not producing goods and services, you have to create value with all that money printing. otherwise, everybody's just getting more money to chase the same available goods and services which were shrinking and shrinking and shrinking, which as everybody locked down and locked home and everybody around the world got free money. so we're facing the same goods. i'm going to show you this email i received part of the email that i received from family farm. i think it was an indiana and we had ordered some meet from them early on in the pandemic a year and a half ago. and this is that they talk about inflation hitting them hard as a family farm. real family farm, not one of these factory farm, you know, big conglomerates how inflation is impacting our farm. read the email, and they mentioned increases for non g m, o green. the non g m a feed for our pigs and chickens represents our largest input
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costs for raising these animals. and this year we've absorbed price spikes as high as 20 percent above expected cost. and the cost spikes on packaging. materials such as boxes have risen over 35 percent since a year ago, and we have absorbed multiple price spikes on dry ice and insulation materials due to labor shortages. the costs delivery has also increased throughout the year. right. ok, just to review the inflationary pressures. have been building for decades, but they were not always obvious to the middle class, because as wealth was transferred from the bottom to the top through the machinations of the crop, central banks, the lower classes and the poor people were increasingly marginalized and victimized and vilified famously by hillary clinton, who call them the deplorable right. those are the victims of, of jamie diamond in the central banks. but now if the inflation is not creeping
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into the middle class. and so now it's a crisis suddenly because the person who might be ordering from a private farm, privately grass fed beef tender lines and you know, butter may from cows getting a daily massage. ok, those prices are now going up. and now those people who are in the media class in the legal class, in the doctor class, right, those people are like walking, oh my god there's what's going on here. it's inflation so that not much she liked to stop this well in it's going much higher food prices will very quickly now double and triple to now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by you know, the future. that's the american tree really like. ok times might be horrible, but things are going to get better. so there's a notion that we have transitory inflation. things are going to get better. don't worry. there's also the children, the future, like for the future down prospects. we were told, for example, that, ok,
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we don't need dirty manufacturing jobs here. this low value added, we're going to send those overseas and we needed the services sector. you could work from home, you don't even need to do anything. you just need to think and where uniquely in a shining city on a hill sort of country and we can just think better. well services also in the latest trade deficit, we have a services deficit. so that's also declining. but so in terms of the inflation cost and that, that reaction the lock downs and all of this stuff with that we've done without thought. we're not even allowed to have a conversation about this when not allowed to discuss the c word anywhere in areas where we meet the modern day beer hall, the modern day coffee shop is the internet is social media is places like twitter. so to read the story for coming out of the u. s. in terms of school children are just starting to return after 18 months of no education. right. but for some
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reason, we mentioned it earlier that i thought like, surely this is going to have some sort of consequence, particularly on the most vulnerable, most important period when they're before they go to middle school. so before you know, up until 5th grade. well, when 4th graders can't read, phoenix, school battles, pandemic learning loss. students return to in person learning with diminished reading skills, putting them to grade levels behind. so they highlight this class and outside of phoenix and a working class area i, their parents were all frontline workers. they were construction workers. they were, you know, sewage and electricians, and drivers and stuff like that. so they always had to work. went home to work from home with a children who had to do online classes. so they have 4th graders. he's a 9 year old. right. who couldn't spell rub r u b. they couldn't,
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he was spell that they and they had to work through them. how to, how to spell that. so this is the level of reading comprehension, which was very shocking. we'll go into some of the details in particular that it was the front line workers, children's i, black and brown children who were hit, the hardest way harder. so we'll see that data to yeah, it's remarkably cruel when society abandons its children. i think that's a hallmark of a certain nihilism that we see creeping in to our american society and other societies and economies around the world. they're literally throwing children into the volcano to try to get the money, printing gods to print more money. and obviously that's not a healthy situation. but it is the state of affairs now. well, we have a neo liberal sort of system which has externalized causes cost for years, decades now 50 years. exactly. since the us dollar turn 50,
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as it is all throughout the global system in august of 1971. it started. well, we've had been able to externalize those costs and keep on rolling over the debt all the way down to 0 percent interest rates. and we've able been able to hide everything. so now we're at this point where we're not allowed to discuss the consequences. we're in society that no longer address costs. so is this a cost that we should consider? should we concern ourselves that these $8.00, you know, these kids, these 789 year olds are going without any education, and out importantly, without any socialization either. so do we need to concern ourselves with this? and they point out that the math scores, for example, math achievement dropped by 12 percentile points before pandemic to now and 6 percentiles for the reading quite in terms of, you know, that notion of that. what you see in the media here on the united states, blue check media, the social justice war and, and that we need to do something and we're
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a white supremacist look at the results of their actual actions. they've decided, but the drop and reading a month, scores among black and latino, 4th grade students with on average double that of white, an asian american students. and at the same time, among 4th graders, a critical juncture and education students from high poverty schools experienced 3 times as much learning loss and reading compared with those and enrolled and low poverty schools. right? well, lot of what's tough school now is brand a differentiation. so that kids know the difference between different, branded consumer products that they can't really distinguish the difference, then it's off the model driven consumer products. and none of these big corporations are going to be able to have a premium on their products. so they're all going to go bankrupt. so they're just killing the seed corn. right? you mean you've been training these kids to become addicted to your junk for years, then so stupid. now you can't even get them addicted to your junk anymore. american, you, you cool. all right, we're going to take a break and when we come back, much more coming your way. the me
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join me every thursday on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business and show business. i'll see you then me . ah, the rescheduled ocean with what is his eye middle august? we'll start with a little bit of an initial yoga noise, the vehicle for a fresh which don't don't love. who did they got that would, because if that's something you would greet them with the cool got that's nice for them to send over your properties was for what fin the pot on with what that to the what like you o'clock with
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night. seems them often when he's got the west when like, holding so want to show post apocalyptic. come from the, from the news, or kind of what the stuff that the thing i was given your cisco web logo. slave to me is i will continue to one little scared, little squiggly with some coach if it what are one, why do you think that us them, i mean, on i, besides that we still do so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race move is on often very dramatic, a development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk
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more when i was showing wrong. when all groups just don't hold any rules that you have to fill out is the, becomes the advocate and engagement. it was betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground with ah, welcome back to the kaiser report on max kaiser time now to go to mark mas. she's
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got a podcast that's now airing on. i heart radio. sounds good. hey mark, welcome. yeah, thanks so much man. i'm so excited to be here with you today. all right, now mark, you've got the, the gift of the clairvoyant and 2020. when you projected we would say an energy crisis. that prediction seems to be coming through. what's going on? yeah, unfortunately it is coming true. it's not a prediction. i would have liked to see him come true. but you know, basically what happened is of september of last year 2020. i was down in mexico. i was living in california is down in mexico and a little tiny town surfing one paved road and the electricity worked fine. but while i, while i was gone in california, they kept having these rolling blackouts. and so i got home and i started looking at it and i made a video prediction. and i said, what's happening in california is coming for the country and the rest of the world . and the reason why i was able to predict that, not because i had a crystal ball, it's because it's happening over policy. so in california specifically, they want to be the model for the rest of the united states. and so they have set
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these very aggressive standards of moving away from fossil fuels and moving into clean renewables and stare these crazy mandates. and they literally started shutting down the power plants energy plans. they shut down the natural gas plants, they shut down 2 out of the 3 nuclear reactors. and, you know, we'll, we'll move to renewables. of course, we don't have those yet, but, you know, eventually we'll, in the meantime, we'll just borrow from our neighbors of arizona and nevada. but of course, when california needs a lot of electricity, so do they, there's none to go around. and so the blackouts are being caused by policy, and i knew that those policies would be going to the rest of the world, which they are, which is why i predicted in, which is exactly why we're having an energy crisis all over the world today. wow, that sounds crazy. now politicians often vote for what they deemed to be a good idea without really thinking through the economics. and this is a, a recurring problem. but when it comes to energy and economic illiteracy,
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a so grave that you accidentally turn off the state's energy. but what you're saying is that this is going on all over the world is literally going all over the world. i mean, we're seen all throughout europe. big time problems, natural gas, electricity. so natural gas is in short supply. the prices are up a 100 percent. they're worried that you know, winter's coming in in europe and it gets very cold, him some parts and people might not have enough natural gas to even heat their homes, which could be a very big problem. and then, you know, because of these, these are complex system. what happened is they try to effect one thing and they don't take into account all the other problems. so when natural gas gets in shortage, and then of course prices spike from that, within the natural gas that's used to create electricity, the price to start spiking, the companies go out of business. and what's interesting is they had just met. the you in is, is having a big meeting coming up, but they just did a pre median, i think, a week or 2 ago and a good old boris from the u. k. i said that we want to make the u. k. the example,
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that's what he said. and so i thought, wow, how rich that they want to be the example because the u. k is literally in the worse shape out of all they're taking kind of a plane out of a california, which is let shut down all our natural gas. and then we'll borrow from france. but they didn't get as much from france as they were hoping to. they've also moved a lot to quote unquote renewables or way, maybe we'll call them unreliable, which is wind. and oh, shoot. we kind of had a quick on how it lo, windier. we didn't perimeters but isn't of when now they're sitting on massive amounts of natural gas reserves. they could get it out of the ground if they want to, but they don't. and so they're literally causing his problems to themselves, right? well the u. k. a certainly setting themselves up to be an example, an example of stupidity. and i think everyone now knows it. but let's move on to a country that is setting a new example for excellence and foresight. and that would be el salvador,
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their mining big coin with volcano energy, which is virtually free. i columbia is proposing to mine bitcoin using waterfall energy. it's same as big coin fixed as these energy markets. where you've been down there use, you've had boots on the ground, so to speak. what's going on? yeah, so what's going on in el salvador is, is awesome. i think, you know, there's a lot of stories. there's a lot of opinions. i try to separate some of maybe what's going on in the politics side, cuz i don't really know enough about what happens in their own internal politics to comment. but we can look at big point separately. and it's doing a lot of amazing things. first to your point mining bitcoin on volcano energy. and what's really cool about that is if you look back through history, which i love to look back through history, you can see that a wealth of a nation is usually been dependent on the natural resources that they have. of course if they can get them out of the ground like venezuela has more oil than saudi reba that they can't get out of the ground right now. but in el salvador they
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don't really have any natural resources. i mean, they have, you know coconuts but they do have a volcano and of course the volcano with the heat can produce electricity. now typically that electricity would be stranded and they would bill to use it for anything. but what bitcoin doesn't, this were most people that argue against back when using too much energy don't understand, is that bitcoin needs to have very, very, very low electricity prices. and big one is able to go directly to the energy source. and so because of that, it doesn't go to the areas that people are competing for it where it's needed, it goes to where there's excess energy. and so it can go right to the volcano and they can use the energy from the volcano to mind bitcoin. and then that big wind could be transported to other markets to pay for other things. now, some people might say, well, why don't they just used a volcano to give all the poor people of nick, or of el salvador power. and the reason is because you can't really transport the power that way, which is why it's so important for bitcoin to be mind there. and what's even
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a bigger story, i think for the future, we'll see how this plays out. but then imagine like all through the south pacific on the surface, i've traveled all through there. you have all these little islands that have no natural resources, but guess what? they got volcanoes to and they could also start mining bitcoin. and i think over the next, you know, decades will see the entire world geography kind of start to shift based off these natural resources that are now available to them. all right, excellent. point that, that the energy from the volcano to get it to the population, as we now with the, the transportation of energy, it's inefficient. and it ends up losing a tremendous amount of economic benefit just in the transmission. but if you're converting the energy from the volcano directly into a big coin, big coin that has an impact on the economy that is really unmatched by anything else we've ever seen in hundreds of years. the people are using the chiva wallet
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down in el salvador. they got $30.00 free when they launched, and now we see that the population is on a net basis adding to that wallet more than they're spending. so they're becoming hyper bitcoin eyes. they're becoming savers, they're becoming hard money, astute folks. and so the whole population, whether or not the, you know, i like in the leader buccheri to george washington. you know, he wasn't popular to the english back in the 1700s either. but he managed to forge a new nation. so, but kelly in el salvador and he's not popular with the i m f or the cia or the f b i. but he's forging a new nation on the concept of hard money and freedom. and we see it happening in a very compressed amount of time. mark, this all happened, you know, very quickly. i think that's shocking. it's even shocking to me. the speed at which this is happening. yeah, they've really, they've really got the population using it, which of course, a download the wall. i get $30.00 in free bitcoin. i would have out of downloaded
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that too, but there's a, that's an amazing story in itself and, and for those people that held on to their bitcoin. yeah, they've, they've seen it go up in value almost double since then. but there's even a bigger story that's going on and, and i'm like i said, i've on the server, i've traveled all these remote locations chasing waves. i know you guys are, will travelers as well. and there's something about you need to go there and get that perspective. and i just, i kind of got into this little thing on twitter earlier with someone today. and they are talking about how privileged people are thinking about this, this crypto currency. and i said, you sound privileged and they may be, you've never been to a 3rd world country. so when i went down to el salvador and i've been there many times in the past surfing, but i, i didn't really understand this problem, which is that just like in most places like the united states, it costs money to have a checking account, a bank account of course, if you carry a balance, typically those that those bank accounts get kind of wiped out, you know, but in el salvador they don't have a lot of money. and so they don't have the balances. and so they have to pay anywhere from $25.00 to $50.00 per month to have a bank account. and they make
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a 100 or $200.00 a month. so how can they afford to pay that? and the answer is, of course they can't. and so most of the people are a lot of the people, at least where i was don't have bank accounts, which means they're not into the financial system, the global financial system, they can't receive or send digital payments. and so how could there ever be equality if they're not able to do that is a big problem. but also the other side is the same way. so you have lots of little, you know, roadside stands as hell papoulias and coconuts and the bodega is a. so water, et cetera, but unless they have about $15.00 to $20000.00 a month of revenue, they can't get a point of sell system a merchant account. and so the merchants aren't able to get into the, to the digital ecosystem, the financial system. and neither are the people, so basically they're all out. and now to day they download a chiva wallet. they have big coin, the merchants can accept digital payments. the people have digital payments, and it's more, it's the stories more than just big coin, which obviously it is, it is about bitcoin. but it's that now,
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all of the people in the merchants are instantly brought into the global financial system. and that is a really big deal, right? sorry, an impact on the wall street banks reports are that jamie diamond seen in east hampton shivering and shaking, begging for big coin. and i thought the by when i was under $10.00, but j. p. morgan says that their institutional clients are dumping gold and buying bitcoin. oh my gosh, is this the end for gold bark? well, you know, i yeah. in 2008. i got hit really hard. i was, i was heavy in real estate in california, and that wasn't a good place to be. as i started to learn about this financial system, i did become a gold bug and i thought gold was a good solution. what i realize now as i was just a sound money advocate, it's a little bit disappointed to see what's going on with gold personally. i mean, i've basically switched over to begin as well. but you would think, i mean, if there was ever a time in history or gold was needed in gold was going to work. it would be right now. it be over this last year with, with uncertainty at all times volatility of,
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i mean, trillions of dollars been printed out left and right is you would think golden respond and it hasn't. and so because of that, unfortunately it's like if it doesn't work now, i don't know if it ever will. and apparently the institutional clients are seeing the exact same thing. we've even seen reports from j. p. morgan and from city bank both saying that they expect bitcoin to overtake gold. and so it's looking like that's probably gonna happen, right? that would apply a 10 trillion dollar market cap or over $500000.00 per bitcoin. what about a big coin e t f? does this matter to this trend toward hyper big quantization? well, 1st i'm not a big fan of the t f. i would prefer if it didn't happen. and the reason why is because basics, supply and demand, what we want is people buying be a coin, and that brings the supply down the demand up, and then the price will continue going up when they have an e t f. and they can start buying paper, bitcoin like the gold market, about $500.00 paper ounces to one physical ounce. it starts to mess with the gold
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price, which is may be part of what we're seeing today. and so i think it would be better without the ctf, however, the, the wall street financial ization wants to have it happen. but i think at this point, i don't know if it's going to be that big of a deal because we already have e t s. and other countries, so the institutional clients that were waiting for the t. f of probably found other ways to get in by now. but i think, you know, i think it'll have some effect. i seen reports yesterday saying there's maybe a 75 percent chance that we see one get through this year. so i think i have some effect, probably not as big as people expect are, but in the long run, i'm not super excited about it. oh boy, this is great. gotta have you on other segment, but for now, thanks for being on kaiser report. thank you. all right, that's going to do it for this edition of cause report with may max kaiser and stacy robert want to thank our guest mark mos until next time, bio. ah,
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these people learn from their own experience, how vulnerable of business is to the bank. so he pushes my business over, the age, pushes me right to the edge, bankruptcy now i realize we will good. this isn't just the back that may be involved in this is the concept. see is, is the lawyers, these people have got you want on their stories and it was kind of whistleblower. tell people's marriages have broken up. it lost their family homes. it is spectacularly devastating for people's lives to have committed suicide, but left behind, nor the explicitly state that it was the constant intimidation and billing by buying call for sauce that late them to i talked to spy. it's obscene, these people up, nor sold in
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pandemic. no, certainly, no borders applied to nationalities and you as a merge, we don't have authority, we don't have a vaccine. the whole world leads to take action that would be ready to people are judgment, common crisis with we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way, but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great. the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together with ah,
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it's a but i think a month basically, but i feel like believes, completed, who bought. i bought the yoke from our company. either way, but i know from politicians to athletes and movies, does the musicals does it seems every big name in the world has been here last year . cope of ms. euclid corpus corrosive school. and when you get the call for anything unusual, laughlin who does not give me a glover he spoke with said basil makes dreams come true. that every one who falls in love with people like mm.
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both the breaking news to tell you about at least 3 people reported he killed off the government open far in bay road protest against the judge leading the probe into the deadly blast of that hole there. last year. what about was massive going to be going they live in a moment, a local correspondence, gonna brief these are across today. russia is not weaponized or intentionally. withholding gas supplies says the russian president, also expressing his willingness to increase the flow to europe while saying they got themselves into the crisis in the 1st place. with the future of energy in the balance e, you said suddenly want a brand new, clear power and i was green and natural gas is the bridge to the renewable age. plus another news, a texas judge clocks.


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