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ah, russia is not weaponized or intentionally withholding gas supply says the russian president, also expressing his willingness to increase the flow to europe while say they got themselves in the crisis in the 1st place. and with the future of energy in the balance these days, you stayed suddenly want a brand new, clear power as green and natural gas as the bridge to the renewable age. plus a texas judge blocks united airlines. cobit vaccine mandate after employees by the federal law, arguing against the company's policy. and ah, a good morning, it's telling moscow time,
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good morning from russia. this is our to international, back from our schedule overnight maintenance. it's kevin over here at news h q. this thursday, october, the 14th. first then russia is not using gas as a weapon and is willing to supply even more if europe asks that's from vladimir putin, that the russian energy weak international forum. the russian president was out to dispel what he called false narratives about the country strategy on the global energy market success to seattle, but as far as north stream to is concerned, what opponents of the project have claimed that this is not a commercially viable product. and rushes, pursuing geopolitical motivations. well, you know, this is yet another piece of nonsense. just please pay closer attention to what i'm saying. this route is 2000 kilometers, shorter and quicker to our main consumers in europe than via ukraine. easy, 2000 kilometers more efficient. it's cheaper because transit is cheaper and it's also cheaper for customers because the transit fee has to be included in the end
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price in particular for european customers. we are doing this despite our political differences. this year we have increased supply by 10 percent. again, we would very much like them to be grateful. instead of only criticizing us more news was a huge event in a per trend cause. so amanda, the russian energy week is what said came out of the 1st day that in more detail. first, a quick look into the context of lot of my food was latest remarks during the russian energy week. the global post coven power demand has been on the up. and that led to major changes in the supply chain, 2 major disturbances and even shortages. now, the prices for natural gas futures in europe have absolutely skyrocketed. they went down a bit. but in the meantime, russia was being accused of politicizing the matter. and for years this country has been under fire for its infrastructure projects in the field,
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like the north stream to however, this crisis led to reassessment and this is what the russian leader has been talking about for a while. and he also brought up what he called mistakes and the european energy policies that lead to the crisis. and i guess higher prices on gas in europe or consequence of a deficit of energy and not vice versa. and that's why you should not shift the blame over the last 10 years. step by step systematic flaws were introduced into the european energy system. and they lead to a massive energy crisis. for any market, stability and predictability are important. and russia flawlessly fulfills its contractual obligations to our partners, including our partners in europe. we, in short guaranteed uninterrupted gas deliveries to europe. we have every reason to believe that this year we will reach record levels of gas deliveries on the global market. when prices are volatile, when they're going through the roof, what can help with that extra supplies? president prudent said that there was not a single occasion when rushes energy joined gas from refused
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a request from europe for additional natural gas exports. and what mr. brewton was asked a straightforward question whether moscow has ever used the energy sector as a political weapon. his answer was straightforward. no, want to ask you about it directly. has russia been use energy as a weapon? russia's not using any weapons. if you've been paying attention as for the economy, where are we using weapons in what conflicts are we taking part and for the economy? this is not something we tend to use. this is what i call a politically motivated talk. there's nothing to support it when it comes to saying that we use energy as some kind of weapon at the end of the day. i guess the question is, how can you expect europe to believe you're a reliable energy partner when you're not supplying that energy via the pipeline or supervision? you're a beautiful woman, but i'm saying one thing to you and you're saying a different thing to me as if you haven't heard what i said,
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mister president. i mean, what was the same point when she went to london? you said that you're not supplying gas through pipelines to europe, but actually you are mistaken. you are mistaken. and all of those who feed on the information they receive, we are actually increasing our supplies to europe because prom increased supplies by 10 percent. and overall, russia increased them by 15 percent. we have increased gas supply through pipelines by 10 percent and increased l. n. g supply by 13 percent. we are increasing that will not decreasing our gas supply to europe. the number one ingredient in mr. perkins recipe for the volatility in prices. not to come back any time soon. that is a long term contracts when gas prices aren't fixed, but they depend on the current market situation and the oil prices. by the way, what's a major cause for concern for us? some very important european politicians is the transit of russian natural gas through ukraine beyond 2024. well,
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lot of our putin said that russia is ready to keep that in place, as long as it knows how much gas europe is willing to buy in the future. i. e, he wants these a long term contract. again. what russia ones is stability and predictability, atomic anna gas, back on the menu in europe, them with many nations realizing they need something to walnut homes with amid the energy crisis. in france, for instance, president chromosome held a long term plan that looks to diversify its green credentials and couldn't construct small modular nuclear reactors to supply power. when you want to take the number one objective is to develop innovative small nuclear reactors in france by 2030 with better waste management. why put this 1st? because the 1st objective is the production of energy to produce power especially electricity front is lucky to have a historical modal model, 1000000000 book or model model model to produce power,
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especially electricity. france is like it to have a historical model. we already have nuclear power facilities in place. 10 e u countries, sir, led by paris of appeal to the european commission, asking them to recognize nuclear power as green. the countries are mailing from central and south eastern europe and already use this. one of the main sources of energy. 70 percent of electricity produced in france is generated by nuclear power despite fears, voiced are for the 2011 fukushima accidents in japan. political commentator and elizabeth moutain believes it is the future of energy production. still. i think our bub nuclear energy is both greener because it produces no a c o 2 o it's safe as long as you respect all the redundancies and the safety protocols that are french a nuclear plants for instance, respect. oh, it's less costly and we can see that the other alternative energies,
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the other green energies that are available are essentially are costly and unreliable because they rely on things like wind and sunshine, which do not always exist. so in terms of actually beauty of the environmental quality of the environment, these above the results is not very good. whereas nuclear, as i said, is sort of, it's reliable. it's proven a france has had nuclear energy plants in for now, 5 decades. almost, we're getting into the 5th decayed. there's a great new experience, and it has the actual choice of the future. meanwhile, germany social democrats, the winning part in the recent federal elections, of course, is pushing for more focus on natural gas in the ease green policy. over 90 percent, the blocks natural gas comes from abroad with russia as the main supplier. gas plays an important role in the transition to clean energy, which should of course be reflected. the taxonomy natural gas is half cleaner than
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steel production, using coking coal, and a blast furnace for security of supplying pets to prices. it is essential to use natural gas as the last fossil raw material as a bridge to the renewable age. natural gas is very useful as a combustor it, i mean, it works, it's fine, it's not very expensive. it's, ah, then the problem is that countries like russia and kettle provide most of the natural gas in on the market. and sometimes there are political strings attached in the chase of guitar. it's extremely unpleasant to know about a beam masses of many that are being played tickets are going to go in finance, terrorist groups, for instance, other use this morning, a 37 year old danish mans, been arrested and charged after 5 people were killed and 2 injured in a bow and arrow attack in norway, the incident happened in the town of kong berg around 6 pm local time on wednesday police in the town. it's around about 70 kilometers. so 1st of all, slo reported the suspect was walking around randomly firing a bow and arrow,
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while the area was cordoned off with emergency services, including a helicopter at one point to employ to the same city. hospitals were put on stand by police believe the suspect acted alone, and they're investigating whether or not it was an act of terrorism. an attempt by america's 2nd largest airline to force all employees to vaccinate against cove. it is hit turbulence in texas, where united airlines staff, i've convinced a judge to suspend, putting people on leave. if they don't get inoculated. caleb opens got the story. well, a judge in texas has put a stop temporarily to the policy of united airlines that would have put their unvaccinated employees on, on, paid leave. now this gives the judge time to rule the hearings begin on wednesday, and the policy is on hold until october 26 that will give the judge the the time to
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reach his decision. now at this point, the lawsuit was brought because 6 employees of the united airlines said that the vaccine mandate was a violation of their rights and filed in court. this is a class action brought to remedy united patton of discrimination against employees who requested religious or medical accommodations from united mandate that its employees received the cove at 900 vaccine. now, other airlines have had similar policies requiring employees to be vaccinated by december, american airlines and southwest airlines. and after southwest airlines filed in court about possibly, you know, trying to get these restrictions overturned, arguing they're not inconsistent with us labor laws. there were thousands of flights that were canceled around the country causing a little bit of panic at the airport. let me use
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use use the i've never been in favor of corporation is imposing and that kind of a mandate executive order from president biden mandates. it all federal employees and then all federal contractors have to have a mandate invoice vaccine in place by december,
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the 8th. so we're working through that. ah, ah, in now another workplace that has apparently been affected by this is the white house, wherever the white house denies rumors that some staff were not coming to work in protest of the vaccine mandate. this is what the white house spokesperson said when confronted with these rumors, implementing these mandates create certainty and reduces the number of people who are out of work sick and worse. and that is good ultimately for businesses, it's good for the economy. i know there was a little hub over the course of the last few days about southwest airlines. we now know that some of those claims were absolutely false and actually the issues were completely unrelated to vaccine mandates. now boeing, which is a major aerospace corporation in the united states,
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has moved to comply with biden's order is regarding federally contracted corporations and their vaccination policies. however, there's been quite a bit of resistance throughout the united states. texas has gone as far as banning vaccine requirements. so at this point, these vaccine mandates we're seeing from the biden administration and for major companies, airlines, etc, are causing quite a bit of division in the country. americans don't see eye to eye on this question. yes, proven divisive a while some stayed stand up to mandatory vaccinations and others athletes are being forced to get job and basketball. superstar curry irving spin removed from some games because he refused the vaccination and his deli armstrong picks up on that story. one of basketballs biggest stars, brooklyn nets, kyrie irving band, from games, or even training until his vaccinated great finance rivals, but disastrous for how it makes the whole system of the sport look where
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a state and the m b a can't even agree a unified policy. meaning the decision of one state has a blanket effect across the board. currently, the choice restricts his ability to be a full time member of the team and we will not permit any member of our team to participate with part time availability. irving was banished from nets, hong games to to new york city is 100 percent vaccination requirements for players . now the 17 also could be deprived of time on the court, totaling 43 games and his team who had been run away favorites before the move. their best ever chance of championship glory. now the next hand to forfeit hundreds of thousands of dollars for each game missed that $16000000.00 of earnings yearly salary irving. the net star guard is not a one man army. while most m b, a players are now fully jap. some still shown the vaccine. and in a system that pit state against the professional sports association, that's leaving play is very confused. i don't think you can pressure anybody into
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making a decision about their body, what they put into their body last month. less than half of m b a players were vaccinated. now that number is close to almost the entire lead or not completion is crucial. but in the n b a, it's turned into a political game between extremely powerful sites being played far off the court. meantime, one family from the us state of indiana, including 2 children, aged 4 and 5, were mistakenly given the old shots of the 5 anti cove vaccine when they should've been getting flu shots. the 5 vaccines only approved for people of the age of 12. the children were taken to a pediatric cardiologist who said that both was showing santa heart issues. we discuss it with the physician scientists, a long time vaccine, the searcher doctor, robert malone. he says it's clear from the day to the genetic vaccines shouldn't be used. old kids there's no question that the vaccine pfizer bio in tech community has an association with my cardite is carry
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cardite as in adolescence, particularly in young men, but also in young girls. historically, in vaccine development, we always stratify risk benefit ratio by special populations and by age. so typically the advisory committee on immunization practices is the cdc, will assess this risk benefit ratio. what we've done globally is to spread the risk in terms of the statistical assessment. the spread the risk that is concentrated almost exclusively in the elders and in morbidly obese and some other smaller, high risk groups and spread it across the entire population. the risk benefit ratio for young adults and children does not support vaccination using these genetic
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vaccines. that said, health officials still advising that people get vaccinated. the main argument is that the side effects, even those affecting the young people to recover fast and usually with minimal treatment. you know, they got the thoughts of doctor malone on the benefits of getting job. then the evidence that there are lives saved in the high risk groups is compelling risk benefit ratio for elderly, immunocompromised, and morbidly obese benefits. vaccination. we should have more vaccine equity in terms of making product available to the elders. in particular, just some of the labels that have been showing you personally, sir, you've been called the, the ultimate anti vaccine. when you hear something about how you, how do you find natalie? this is classic western media strategy to de,
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legitimize people that are not complying with the dominant narrative. they do it with politicians, and they're methodically doing it to physicians. i'm just a high profile example of this, but they're doing it to positions all across the world. and certainly in united states and canada, my objection is not to vaccines. right next, no progress, but a positive side is ho. russia's deputy foreign ministers described recent talks with the us here more scope us on the secretary of state, victoria newland here in the russian capital for discussions about these are issues diplomatic missions as well as normalization of relations. things hit rock bottom between the 2 countries, up to tit for tat sanctions band. diplomats from both sides rushes deputy foreign minister, sums up them the state of relations between moscow and washington. at the moment. one of the problems we see now is an endless,
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endless. a serial of american demands and uh, you know, i will even call them ultimatums in some cases for us, ah, to adjust our diplomatic presence in the us according to their wishes. but apart from all these, we also have unnecessary restrictions, impossibility for the u. s. to see the obvious which is in the u. s. is absolutely able and capable to come up in their numbers in russia to 455, which is an established cap that was established several years ago. and to feel these margin between what they have here currently and these cap with whoever them want. we tried to explain all these to us. there is no flexibility. the only want us to come lower in our numbers. they demand all sorts of things that the do not
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fit into our system. therefore we said this is the way to know. we're further deterioration may take place and you know what, we may even freeze the function of diplomatic emissions or both places, washington and moscow. if this continues, we do not favor this, we warn against this. we urge the u. s. to see the reality as ease and then to begin a real effort to manage these infallible situation. dozens of thousands of people waiting and not knowing what to do are traveling to distant places are flying ah, online for a visa or, you know, processing some were b, yet even the nozzle, van b wherever they can get. that's shoveling, that's terrible. and all of this happened because us doesn't want to come up in
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their numbers, which they are in fatal to. and perfectly able to do, we are sure i hope improvements foutz right away. and the with anticipation of some, you know, reason in the us position. we are already now in the process of preparing ourselves for that agreed round of law. we're law. will expert consultations on bilateral irritants, to use, to use the vocabulary which we use here at the foreign ministry. also, my hope here would be that we will corporate on replacement of the new start. something that should come within the next 4 plus years. ah, as a result of our current effort to intensify strategic security dialogue with the us, hopefully we'll, we will thus add to the fundament of our strategic stability between us and russia
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and broader in global sense as well with what's in the close morning 23 past the hour. let's focus for manila vulcans in southeast europe, where ethnic tensions are ruptured into clashes and serve as break origin. acosta. well, 10 protest and 10 officers injured after police fight, tear gas to the crowd. a serbs protesting a series of police raids. ah ah 2 tenths things are the police said the rage targeted suspected smugglers in the north of kosovo, which is mostly populated by minority serves. they don't recognize the regions self declared independence from serbia officials and says the operation for not directed against any particular nationality. and that the suspects are all kosovar albanians
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pure potato. this operation was not against any nationality. this operation was against the criminals who smuggled illegal goods into kosovo territory. i've to inform you that the prosecutor of the case is of serbian nationality as well as the judge, the majority of the rapid response police from north metro pizza or of serbian nationality. most of those arrested or who have a warrant out for their arrest, a kosovo, albanians. so we cannot say that this is state repression against any one server, brussels and call for dialogue and, and, and we did end to the violence cause for declared independence from serbia back in 2008, but ties between them, remained tense, thousands of international peacekeepers are still stationed in kosovo to this day. we spoke with international affairs commentator who said certain, it's nothing but ethnic cleansing though. this is just the latest in the series of low level provocations which the albanian authorities are constantly directing out . the surviving serbians in the north of the province will cost me to scare the
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surviving serbians into submission to force them to give up, to leave, if possible, to aid in their own ethnic cleansing of hands. we'll be doing this for fall longer than you would have been on this planet. we've had a person wounded with a bully in the back, which means bullets have been fired by the albanian police or storm season coming to this area. and it's really funny that people who are criminals themselves at the head of the baby and police authority, the sending police suspension means to discover smaller criminals. it's quite ironic. living us vice president campbell harris has been widely marked for eclip of her from a nasa with a group of children planning a trip to the observatory. turns out the whole thing was apparently staged with child actors. he goes down, offers morning us vice president carmella harris is allegedly making an effort to
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put a friendly face reports a she wants to see more relates about more appealing come across as the true candidate of the people you guys are going to see. you're gonna literally see the craters on me with your own. i mean, when your own i'm telling you is going to be unbelievable. so that's one of the things you can do here say, which makes it so exciting. well firstly, some i've already argued iris has failed miserably in this video. and secondly, the views of the clip that you just sure did not take kindly to the revelation that harris's interactions with the children were apparently all scripted after one kid came forward, saying that he had to audition for the part well, little bit. just like hollywood, in fact, a hollywood like smile and even giggles have regularly been the go to solution for
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harris when faced with cry sees it at the end of it before it became an obvious public disaster. she tried to become the star of the u . s. troop withdrawal from afghanistan, reality show, president biden always said that he wanted to be the last person in the room, particularly for a big decisions just as he was for president obama. he just made a really big decision. afghanistan, yes. are you the last person in the room? yes. you feel comfortable? i don't. well, that was right before further you started to pool from the war torn country. oh footage. like this. oh. and footage like this. ah. and
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like this that was when the vice president, when suddenly a wall to resurface later though to brush the whole thing off with this. not everybody i was i left it thing again. oh, but of course it's like thousands of people were gilbert and it's a nightmare scenario for african women. of course not. when joe biden made the migrant crisis on the southern boards a camel harris, his personal responsibility, it took her months just to get there. and here's the explanation. she came up with whole thing about the board. we've been to the board, we've been to the board, you haven't in the border. i and i haven't been to europe. and i don't, i don't understand the point that you're making see, she hasn't been to europe though. what does that have to do with her job to handle?
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one of america's worst ever boarded problems. ran in yours is a little bit. and if you think about it camel harris fits perfectly into the now very political hollywood crowd. and just like silver screen superstars, sometimes she just misses the target with some of her statements just a few days ago with israel, which has my heart because i think that people have that that. and again, this is about the fact that your voice, your perspective, your experience, your truth, and then just like a good agency, her office has to clear the air. while visiting george mason university to discuss votes and writes a student voice to personal opinion during the political science class, the vice president stroke would disagree with the student's characterization of for
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israel smiles and handshake. so they work miracles when you're making a movie, korea, but harris seems to have forgotten a rule as vice president is a very different one. that is the latest small news room this morning. thanks for checking in. stop by boom bus. next, after the break reporting for moscow, kevin, i went out t h q and the rest of the team behind the scenes. wish you a great day. mm. mm. so just to talk about nasa a few years, all the money printing and mound aspect leads to countries and economies just completely shutting down or saying things room, both the one business you know, you can afford.


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