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tv   Going Underground  RT  October 13, 2021 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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in the u. s, what is lobby, isn't it suddenly like a fish lobbies me in the us, or what is it, which is italy? it's legalize corruption, listed by net lithium. that's clear to everyone, but everyone keep silent. what is it being direct, sir? go to ripley, would election of the presidents in the us if that blues with that is and services looking for, for the free times in the u. s. history goes all, i mean, sugar leastways, threaten the u. s. president himself becomes the person who him has some issue lower votes than he's competitor than his rival. letting isn't it, not even referring to other issues. do we have issues too? yes. should the tip of all the commonly, der, when us yes, probably might even have more issues that can we do have issues in our economy, just like around the world would obviously, household income is down to 30. i mean, we're very much concerned about it was throw him slower, able to take him over to them. so when we try to make sure that an image goes to it, we can grow our economy has to be at a super level. and we want to make sure that it may also leads to growth in
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household income. and sure, when you as a painstaking process, we need a lot of an administrative and financial resources option is will. when you maya, if we understand where we need to recalibrate or readjust something, where we need to provide targeted support for living and we do it in a very targeted way. we provide extra visually assistance to involve only vulnerable groups that actually found with children of the elderly. and we do it on a targeted way. simply inflation is up to 7.5 percent mug of bush that's much bigger than we expected. same with them because, but you told us earlier, vast me all the banks around the world. jessica beecher printing money acquainted like came to see if you had the potential to retake and no longer here is unlike the russian central bank. i met with each governor of the central bank. we didn't
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do that where we are part of a financial system which of those which are my simple only percent of. well, put us little on the say the food inflation is a little over to the middle school for those 7.5 percent. but globally, whereas what's, what's the level of inflation that was due to a number of reasons including due to what's happening in the energy market globally . we're part of the system. we do have our own in here in syria issues and we're working it and with the support of the russian people will be able issue resolve those issues. definitely this to president at the same time, the corruption is still a big problem in russia. you said at $129.00 out of a $180.00 nations in terms of the corruption index. when you came to the presidency, you made a massive cleanup of the yeltsin era. oligarchs, if you will, of those who took advantage of the break up of the soviet union for ill gotten gains. but corruption flourishes. where there is a disregard for human rights. in your view,
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with regards to human rights in russia. is it normal that you have the kind of abuses that we see today that journalists are labeled as foreign agents. your nobel prize winner is worried that he's going to be labeled as a foreign agent. is that normal to you? mister stewart or monica, the passingly, the normal that you in, sorry to bug you prosecuted by you. textual among journalist when you are those who are injured with where they were injured, recyclable in, you need use. russia is known as the in the community where it's happening. and that's what we just run the union. because social each of our democratic processes because it for a resolution and i do, i will hardly run the fine to country who are serious the muslim,
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where's the media services? this is like a solution to a finance for the state. if you took less them up on us, would the, as it goes from critical adjustments of the authorities as we have here, gas romero, oil jain, was it to pull you go move rules sponsors, a radio station which is a gate. them has a critical extreme thinking against authorities and every 2nd radio hose to has a 2nd citizenship with godaddy support. he's got a new school. definitely journalists could cross the line and they run a risk, and our job is to protect them. unfortunately, we don't always do our job that's true. can you assure us that mr. novice of your nobel prize winner will not be labeled as a foreign agent? because those 2 union root or he says that he does not violate russian law. that
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was to put which a 1000000000 there's no reason why he could be labeled to islam with which we are not going to happen. but if he covers up to he uses assist, is that no bell? i try as a cover up of human, violate the law that he uses for a provocation. then regardless of the merit circle, yes. look when you might there half mostly is to be aware of you need to comply with russian law for years. as for the, for an agency, i said it multiple times, it's not russia, that coin will use lot. and it was 1st passed in the us and that i can stretch it a been usually until recently. and it's been a history of families against russian media. no, but you're among others for sham why. why can they do it in the us? why can we do it later to tweak of that note, it's only done with the same purpose, to leverage thanks. domestic politics from outside interference in foreign agents.
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we show you penn, out when you go either way, production van table solutions just need to register as for an agency, they're set to to new. well only, and in the us much you could even get criminal prosecution when are we doing and will continue to do what is in line with the interests of the russian federation. final question to present with regards to this specifically, i mean, your ex, k g. is there really a 5th column in russia led by the way, the election of all names that you're so worried about? what is it? what is it that worries you so much about those in the opposition that you have to jail them? is lucas mortgage and the holy shit, but it's just the 2 of i'm interested in looking filica. if so, the street pray says she might see the north, old people are in jail that took effect. jason sprinkler with need to send you action. we compile with russian law in his abilities. and so the early,
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but probably of criminals that you referred to that are in jail, was not because of their political activity, but because they bother to de la relation to the some foreign nationals. and we've pardon them actually several times we know we've overlooked her severe mist in m a misdemeanors. they should have had consequences with table yet, but they didn't. if option shouldn't abuse the trust of that society to put into the chief economic gains that we're using. you political activities and the shield, and that happens to the criminal that say you're referring to has for opposition. in general, you will, it's fine. it's alive. it's been criticizing the authorities and it's been criticizing are so harshly with as harsh as a nuclear more thing for nowhere else in the world to think tuning to some of the media russian media. they're here,
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they're live and nothing has been happening to them. they're getting money from gas prom and you will see for yourself gas from sales gas to europe and finances, opposition media if you're not aware of this, but well, i'll be the 1st to reagan, his 2 movers. they take lesson hand, so that will be a wake up call to you helped some of our panelists from investing in russia. that's unfortunately, i'm getting the rap sign some going to have to leave it there. 20th anniversary of russian energy week. mr. president, thank you so much for joining us. panels as well. everybody have a great day and enjoy the conference as you go to that, he's not sure we'd like to you all. think our moderations develop it, you know, think she's sent there. i turned it to the sam beyond the beyond here and the like thank our colleague from his mother and energy companies. yes, no,
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finding the time the guy from the busy schedule, i know they're very busy. we operate not just in those countries, these are a global companies, they travel around the world, especially wasn't, wasn't it. nevertheless, they found the time to take part in this conference. so very much, hopefully with those who are of zillion, here in the room and those who are online here, but isn't able to just like in previous years, despite the challenges that we've been facing, global energy, human will continue to work with classes productively as ever. and russian government, i only myself, you humble servant, will try to provide you with the best conditions here in russia, always some one. so that it will be up to you to remote stringent to environmental standards and then just give with russia yield maximum economic benefit to you. deal on that. we've done a lot of blue shield in the past years issue and i'm positive that we can do together even more the to benefit global energy markets. and the countries where
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we're operators should look at their thank you. thank you for participating in our work today. but sure, it's not in my opinion with his final words there on day one of the russian energy week international for my panel that also included heads of industry from to tell exxon mobil b. p and mercedes benz a lot of questions being spoken about being fielded there from the cnbc moderator and hardly gamble to the russian present. seemingly the main issue though russia using the allegation of energy as a political at weapon. and that was bluntly put on in more than one occasion by the russian leader saying that it is politically at motivated blather at nonsense with no basis. in reality, at gas supply, see europe have actively increased as well. that was one of the main points of the,
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at speech as well. and even during the toughest parts of the cold war at rushes fulfilled its contractual obligations. as regards the supply of gas to europe, and quite a lot of impassioned responses from the russian president as he was speaking there at let's in fact try and take a quick listen to one of his response to miss gamble on one of her questions a little bit earlier, he won't speaking for 2 and a half hours at this was one of the responses look of this assume a but well as far as not stream to is concerned. what the opponents of the project have are claimed saying that this is not a commercially viable product, and that brush is pushy, not renew due to political motivation. but you know, this is yet another piece of nonsense. just please pay close attention to what i'm saying. this route is 2000 kilometers, shorter and quicker to get to our main consumers in europe than via ukraine.
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2000 kilometers more efficient. so it's cheaper because transit is cheaper and it's also cheaper for the users of, i guess the transit fee has to be factored into the ear and price. in particular for the european consumers. what we are doing, despite our political differences this year, we have for increased that by another 10 percent to the obligations now or would very much like them to, to be a gradual. and instead, they are only criticized in a small now just as we awaits our correspondence, actually at the for and there. and we will try and get a link to him in just a moment, but just maybe bricked on some of the main issues that the russian president spoke about at the beginning of what was as i said, a 2 and a half hour session of fielding questions there he brought up the issue of climate change, essentially saying the concrete proposal to are under way in russia. russia had
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feel it a lot of criticism all not in the past, but saying that it's not just words and the russia as well. for instance, at combat carbone, the issue of carbon carbon neutrality is something that the country really wants to get to grips with and are taking practices to do just that on greenhouse gases in not affect will be less than because of the actions being taken. big plans for nuclear energy as well. that was one of the issues being spoken about. an interesting part on that. we'll talk to our correspondent and maybe some gas strike the day as well. liquefied natural gas call the cleanest fossil fuel, as well as something that russia will actively target to promote. that's indeed cross to our corresponding then elia a tranquil who for the past number of hours and was listening to the russian president and guess, well, what did you tickle? what's the key highlights from day one. busy then out the russian energy we can
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plug putin's talk about stopping, coordinate updates in the ok, but of assigned issue there with l. e. as we just try and get a reconnection with him. at that stage, i said one of the main points, then a detailed breakdown from the russian president as to how the pandemic has effected internationally, energy markets, transport issues. one of the main point he said, is of course not just an issue in russia, but across the globe as well. so let's go back to corresponding to ellie. i think he's just getting mike up and he has been listening to let me put in there for the last couple of hours to get a sense of what was happening. elliot, can you hear me there? it's unit here in the studio. you didn't? yes, i can finally hear you. brick and the key points, it was a long speech,
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a lot of questions feel that, but of course energy security. one of the key complains of what was being spoken of i'd say correct. of course. perhaps to make it easier for you, i just want to put a lot of my latest remarks into context. you can look at the post coven power demand around the world, which has been on the office. and this led to major changes in supply chains. this lead to turbulence, disruption, and also a lack of supplies in europe in particular, which in turn led towards a tuition. when prices began. skyrocketing, if you look at the price of futures on natural gas at $1.00 point this resemble the situation when people were even comparing this with a gas bubble, they compared it to bitcoin prices,
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which went soaring at one point. and in this kind of situation, russia was being blamed for politicizing the matter for quite a while. now. this country was under fire for its major infrastructure projects. for example, for building a nord stream to that was russia's most modern underwater pipeline for delivering natural gas directly from russia to the northern coast of germany. and this crisis, as many have been saying, lead to reassessment and reassessment is something that i've heard about many times during this 1st day of the russian energy week and mr. prudent elaborated on that quite a lot as well. he spoke about the things he believes he believes led to the situation and in particular, he spoke about mistakes in european energy policies. take
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a listen. being higher prices on gas in europe are a consequence of a deficit of energy and not vice versa. she meant in her that's why you should not deal in blame shifting, gloria, or the last 10 years to step by step, globally, systematic thoughts were introduced into the european energy system and they lead to a massive energy crunch when you're still gonna reduce your bill. you, for any market stability and predictability is important, and russia flawlessly fulfill it's it's contractual obligations to our partners, including our partners in europe. we ensure guaranteed uninterrupted gas deliver it to euro. we have all the reasons to believe that by the end of this year, we will reach record levels of guest deliveries to the global market in the future . now,
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when it comes to the accusations of moscow politicizing the matter there were, there was even speculation that russia deliberately did one to boot. it's natural gas experts to make sure that this crisis with the prices goes on to this watermark poking reiterated that every time there were more requests from european partners from european consumers for a gas problem that is russia's gas giant to expand the exports to boost the exports, moscow said yes, all the time. and when a lot of our potent was asked directly whether russia was ever using energy as a political to that he said, no. is the straightforward answer. want to ask you about it directly. has russia been using energy as a weapon?
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russia is not using any weapons. if you have been paying attention for economy where we are using weapons in what conflicts we are taking, but as for economy services, this is not something we tend to use. and this is what i call a politically motivated bladder. it has nothing to support it. when it comes to saying that we use energy as a kind of weapon at the end of the day, i guess the question is, how can you expect europe to believe you're a reliable energy partner when you're not supplying that energy via the pipeline. a beautiful woman, but i'm saying one thing to you and you are saying a different thing to me. if you have not heard what i said, mister president, with the same point with you, said that you are not to supplying gas over pipelines to europe, but actually, you are mistaken if you are mistaken. and all those who feed on the
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information they receive, we actually increasing our supplies to euro gas from at 10 percent. an overall russia increased our supplies to europe at 15 percent because we have increased our supply solar gas pipelines. we have also increased l n. g supplies. by 13 percent, we are increasing not decreasing our supplies to europe. president vladimir putin also elaborated on something that european politicians often talk about. that is ensuring that natural gas in transit through ukraine remains beyond the 2025. to that, the russian leader replied by saying that moscow and russia's suppliers need to understand how much gas here is willing to buy in the long term. according
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to the long term contracts, which some of the market players in europe are not keen to sign. mr. brewton also went on to talk about things that don't have much to do with energy at all. in particular, that is for relations with washington and some of the hypersonic weapons that moscow has been developing. in recent years, the russian leader went on to blame washington for destroying the whole structure of international agreements. when it comes to non proliferation. when it comes to disarmament, but mr. brewton maintains that russia is ready to get back to the table is ready to revive possibly some of the past agreements or speak about new ones. and he did actually acknowledged that he did actually acknowledge that both russia and the us
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work in the midst of an arms race. but according to mr. perkins, this isn't something that moscow, once a once to get back to negotiating international arms security together with the u. s, and together with other countries as well. thanks very much for bringing us through all that a very interesting 2 and a half hours there, even the mark twain quote thrown in by the russian president as well earlier. brilliant. so thank you. ok before we go to break this are i want to break. you bring us some breaking news from moscow where we are hearing a man has been detained after allegedly opening fire eyesight, a school and a woman called the police. seeing that she saw a man with a weapon, police no say. the man, however, was carrying a pellet gun. that's the official response. we believe at the school was previously put a lockdown within the past hour or so with photos as circulating on line of how students
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part a kid themselves in side classrooms. the school is not being reopened at with children sent home. so the news about fire being gone, fire being heard outside of school, a police? no saying it was a man with a pellet gun. so any, and all kind of verification or any more information on that, we will of course, bring it to you here on our t c. this is our t. that is where we leave the full hours news run up. i'll be back in a couple of minutes off the top with all the news. you need to know this weather that bye for now. ah, a wrong one, i just don't know any. oh, yes to shape out. disdain becomes the answer to an engagement equals the trail.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground. ah ah ah oh sure, with what it says, a middle august or a 1000000000 slogan, noise with freshman which don't don't love. would you like that? that would, because if that's something you would preview them with a will get that submitted form to send over your properties was for what
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fin he. but on with that sort of like you with nice seems to them of them when he's got the west. when law coding, so we'll do, shall post them for phillip keeps them from the, from the news for kind of the stuff that the thing i'm giving you is this global. oh gosh, slave to me as i will continue to 11 little scared, little squiggly. ah, john polluted but are one. why didn't you could ask them? i mean, on i, besides that we still do . ah,
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it's open. i also must say it's a good price. you go, he did, who bought, i bought a toyota from our company, reviewed on your report by that i know from col, additions to athletes and movies. does the musicals does it seems every big need in the world has been here? let's see. are copa bazooka corpus goes to school and when you get the course but i need to remove one does not give me a glove with new sport but use you. said basil makes dreams come true. every one who falls in love with people threatening laquata with these people learn from their own experience, how vulnerable of business is to the bank. so he pushed my business over the age,
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pushes me right to the edge, bankruptcy. now i realize we will group, this isn't just the back. it may be involved in this is the concept. see, funds it is the lawyers. these people have got you want all this stories? ottawa kind of whistle blower. tell people's marriages have broken up. it lost their family homes. it is spectacularly devastating for people's lives. we have committed suicide, but left behind norwich. they explicitly state that it was the constant intimidation and grueling by buying coffee sauce that late them too. i took the spear, it's obscene. these people up north shore his other places to play, but also think daniel's purely little fish with
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the basilica. thought on a month or like militia was assumable just needed. yeah, it was just food. say that him and then you would you that is images levels of was good for supposedly good have my did on i would say again to spend your music resume, which is filica mom, but it's mostly it's what your hope was out of you to get the vote if i get with all of your group plan it some way up, all of the fellow with the shelter of worship, with a with
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ah, maximizes financial survival guide. stacy bless, learn about me aloud. let's say i'm a tri care and your great firm, grief on base of the fight. wall street, broad, thank you for helping with enjoy.
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that right fell out equal death, slavery with pool. ah, vladimir putin sais. europe's own miscalculations resulted in their current energy prices. confronting had on the narrative that brush is weapon, i think poor, intentionally withholding gas where live to our corresponded in moments out on her a jeep for him. in the capitol the german city of cologne gives the green light to broadcasting the muslim call to prayer a move, which is very much divided opinion there.


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