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understand that this is really important issue with lacy and with feel, the risk for the humanity for the planets and for our country as well. the way it is in our country and leverage temperature increases faster than a global temperature. and over the after the katie increase by how for the degree of this rate that you see how you get the rush feels agreements and william species. nicole in the you see, you mean you, but i mean that plan to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases and to go with this and just what we're going to do, we implement projects is really,
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really successful. now, companies take different steps to reduce the greenhouse gases, and i've talked about it before and we have the best performance in the world. what would you like you to use them that we implemented technology in their electron modernize our mac. and usually we can with our supply and housing infrastructure, we're going to support the future show up with a 1000000 in the 1.3 times 20 the consumption in gene that plan to increase our energy efficiency. and we've just talked about the annual with government, helium. we've got to have this program on to 2035 and the economy in all sectors of brushing economy,
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including industry and i recall probation housing really you're doing your interview with them so you get increasing efficiency and youth, the mental impact. what's the new way that russia to achieve new carbon charlie team and so on to do this, you're going to be doing it with them at the option of that saving our climate, the global issue. it's a challenge for the whole man. and we have a lot of work to do with we need to engage these experts, businesses and public petitioning the climate agenda shouldn't be too for promoting the interest of a certain country to create a single entity, much room for climate regulations that apply
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a global image but they must be able to keep in the climate that really what you're thinking when you put we need to use your safe models for anything. greenhouse emissions, can you do you need to take into account political neutrality? no, no. answering only few people know about this in the carbon footprint. soon each nuclear energy is slower than that of solar issue with them. and so even experts in this whole. yeah, but the hearing about this for the 1st time, russia has a unique experience in developing and the nuclear. you want to call them to college and to really break well through technologies. we plan to use the
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small power plan. my limitation is to reduce, we're already flipping blue energy in nuclear station in the future with our expertise in this area which will allow us to export thicker when you call the chance. and so this will be a little bit in the, in carbon is ation cigarette. you can just keep the climate project really important in reducing greenhouse emissions. if you have ecosystems, prussia have some systems that you have efficient in this area. if you can, you can put man based initiatives that went into create conditions for me . so investment that will direct at the right project. the message has
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a great returns on the sanctions, should be excluded from environmental issues. issue ship, they need it because of the current situation in the world that really shows that climate challenges should be addressed in combination with industry and especially energy in the, in the next 25 years in the other part of carbons might reduce from n t, a t h 5 percent to 6065 percent of oil and gas will be even lower and my russian colleagues in the whole understand this, they take this into account, but it wasn't the natural gas the most clean turns if seem feel who is using that?
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that's mostly about, look at pfizer. religion would plan to increase the production of l g. b, $240000000.00 thomas, if you've taken around 25 percent of the market like because of your stores and the price. and so just a moment. and then g, main reason, cargo in my time, glove brand new stuff going on to increase our chemicals to 2055 to 7 percent. and you will have planned to increase the production of america when it feels like you will have a research resource and logistics opportunity to take
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important part on these markets. and i've talked about this in stock on this year and invited asian partners corporation. and i plan the, our colleagues from europe, from the united states and other countries will answer us on this, jim nick and the different condemning cooker. let me show that it's important for the well today to hopefully in the table feel the energy sector with him in the minimal environment is going to have the same environment on the planet. please like to do this when it's oh, you know, when the place in the market to take part in, they get the whole story to, to be orient on long term solution. your book of actually to provide the well being
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of our people and russia ready for the cooperation, including direct dialogue with our partners senior for the ability to find joint solutions you, but on the stabilizing of the market and fighting climate change. i do believe that together we can solve this issue. thank you very much present putting just wrapping up his speech there, russian energy week taking place in moscow. a lot of interesting points as our correspond. it will be going through over the coming hours and just line them up here. russia ready to help europe, secure its energy security, newer stream to big plans for nuclear energy liquified natural gas. and also not just words when it comes to come, buffing climate change. some big words there. we will get into it in the coming hours with our correspondent,
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just digesting all the big aspects of. lot of our speech. new york health workers have temporarily been allowed to avoid mandatory vaccination against coven. 19. it's after a federal judge extended an order from medics to apply for religious exemptions. there have been a series of protests you may remember against compulsory inoculation. r t contributor nico heights sent us this report. oh, we're outside of thurgood marshall courthouse, where cambridge de blasio was being held. michael kane is fighting for another injunction for all the teachers of new york, but specifically himself in 10 plaintiffs who are denied the continuation of their restraining order last week. and another court case, michael caine said he is optimistic that the judge will hopefully uphold justice to day. and he said that the fight won't stop here and that he still has to prepare for what may come in the future. now people like michael caine said that they're
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unsure of how their family will proceed. our case is 10 plaintiffs who lost their jobs at this point are the majority of us are on unpaid leave because we would not get the cov id vaccine. and the majority of us also filed for exemptions, medical exemptions, religious exemptions, and the majority of us were denied those exemptions. we believe that the exemption process was fraudulent was illegal and unconstitutional. a lot of teachers and health care workers have said the same thing. harry said that this is a hill we're dying on that every now and then you just have to take a stand. these protests are not something has only been happening today. but every day that i've been here, there has been a protest around the city and they said, this isn't going to stop any time soon until these mandates in. and what i'm finding here as a left is organized or is it's almost kind of like a tower of babel culturally because there are christians, there are transfers,
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there are republicans, there are left, su, left the last year, people in just waking up many more teachers in health workers are coming in and even we think we're going to be getting police firemen. i think there's something important to note here. if you look around the cloud here, this doesn't look a bunch of conservative way guys slept. we've been told by the mainstream media, there are people from, like i said earlier, several different walks of life, black, white, asian, everything. and so there seems to be a lisa, misinterpretation if we're being charitable of the narrative, according to the mainstream media, we're waiting to hear while the results of this injunction, it could come today. however, it could take until thursday to come through. but when mother came comes out, we'll go ahead and ask him how he feels the injunction were proceed going for the children right now in new york are suffering and you see it and reports that are breaking all over the place. people from central, who haven't been with children ever, are now power professionals that are working with disabled children as if anybody
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can come in and fill these shoes. i know i have not been replaced at my job. i'm a special educator and there are children not receiving their services right now because of that. and just to anton nickos reports are a 92 percent of the state's health care workers have received at least one at co bid job retirement york's here. by the way, that is one of the highest rates in the country. the states governor bucks the measure saying it's vital for combating the spread of the delta variant and keeping yorkers safe. this is our t international. 242 here in the russian capital, a full hour of news coming your way. we have more right after this. oh, beautifully chilled ocean with what is the middle of august will still it'll cover the initial yolk annoies to utilize them a
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fresh which don't don't love. would you think that that would look as if that's something you would prevent them with the cool got us med school to send over the upper properties was from what's in the bottom with a filled with what that sort of look like. you with nice seems to them of them when he's got the west, when, according to want to show the portal, it keeps coming from me from the muse or kind of what the stuff though, the same ones. let me use this global. oh gosh, slippery music senior to one wonderful, scared little school to live with. john creech if it but our one. what do you think that us them i mean on i besides that we still live die.
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oh, hello again. frances top, a catholic bishop. how stated that the country's law must be above the pact of confessional secrecy? earlier though he had insisted that child sex abuse couldn't be reported if it was revealed during confession. it's after a reports on covered hundreds of thousands of sex crimes against minors within francis catholic church. with more on what was said the ramifications as well. charlotte do been skis in paris. france's top bishop now recanting from those comments that he made early this week, which provoked such fury here in france, from individuals on the street to the french government themselves. this was doomed before who had suggested following the release of an explosive report which showed the links between the catholic church in france and child abuse for 70 year period
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. that the right of confession should remain a secret between the individual who is confessing. and god essentially saying that that superseded the lose of the french republic. therefore, suggesting potentially the priests would not have to report child sex abuse that with confessed to them. he was therefore summons by the french government to explain himself. he now says his words were clumsy and it is a time for the church to reflect the extent of violence and sexual aggression against mine, as revealed by the reports obliges the church to reread his practices in the light of this reality. work is therefore needed to reconcile the nature of confession with a need to protect children. well, that statement came off to the french interior minister, reminded him that the lose in the french republic, all the period, the laws of the church does she know law,
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superior to law of the republic. and the question of the secrecy of confession is amended by the survey report. it is a professional secrecy, and it has exceptions such as crimes against children under 15. last week, the saw the commission released it's explosive for poured into links of the catholic church with its child sex abuse. that report found that at least $330000.00 children had been abused over a 70 year period. that 2 thirds of the predators were actually the clergy themselves, for the church. that 80 percent of victims had been boys between the ages of 10 and 13. and that the church had not only failed to protect those who were being abused, but it had actually shielded their predators to now as a result for that, there have been calls for all bishops in the catholic church in france to resign with victim saying that the church here is out of control through bolcko's hila led
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him or i think that this is the demonstration. once again, the incomprehension and the out of touch, dimension of these men of the church, they have cut themselves off from society in the realities of life. and this has led them to be out of control when one is capable of committing so many crimes when one is capable of carrying out such a work of death than its concealment. it does indeed leave an aroma of crime against humanity which raises questions which raises serious questions him victims now waiting for the church in france to make a final decision over what compensation they are going to receive for the fact that they were abused by those with close ties to the church here in france over that extended period, including from abuses that the church not only knew about, but shielded from the authorities. russia's daily corona,
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virus infection, and death rates are hovering near all time highs with numbers in some regions, almost doubling in the last month in a bit to try and curb the spread some regions of impose compulsory vaccinate for certain categories of workers as well as q r passes for venues. moscow the most affected region house. now launch free testing in 20 centers, including in the city's largest shopping malls. dmitri polk reports from one of them. we are here in the heart of russia's capital in moscow, on the red square in the gloom department store for a while, it's been a place where people could get vaccinated. but now it is also one of the 20 centers that gets out free. express coven tests. these centers are being opened up as cases in russia continue to search in just the last few days. the number of new daily cases across the country has climbed to almost 30000 figures as high as last winter with most of them being in moscow. however,
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many medical experts think that this is actually reaching the peak and that these numbers is rising numbers and cases are actually due to more tests being readily and easily available. and that's kind of why the also thing that this could be signaling an end to the search. because the more tests, the more cases are confirm, the more people are treated and less people get in fact it. well, this is the actual test site in the room where people have been steadily flowing in throughout the day to get their free express tests. all they need to show is their passport or a child's birth certificate. meet doctor andre. it's lashawn cook. he's overseeing this test site and is responsible for making sure everything goes smoothly, and that the necessary steps are taken in case of a positive result. experienced this express task allows you to discover if a patient is potentially infected within 15 minutes or less, it's your other guys go to sit on it so quick. how reliable is it a? so we, it's a special analysis that allows you to get results in a short time,
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and it's reliability is very high. nobody answers that, but if the result is positive, will another test occur from business logo? of course, from the express test results, we tentatively assume a patient is infected, therefore, all of those you test positive or additionally tested via the p c. our method. and after receiving the final results, we make a decision regarding treatment, or we decide to stop the self isolation which the patient ideas to until the results are obtained well time and take the test. hopefully no surprises me and that's it. now it is got to wait 15 minutes and the results should be in well time to find out my test results monitor with less eva. in
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my case, are things simple. i'm healthy. i can carry on with my dear life now worrying about infecting anybody. so that's the test process, free, easy, and reliable. medical actors hope that this approach will lead to much more tests being done, which will lead to earlier detection and better treatment of the virus. and eventually that should result in a zip of the recent surge of cases across russia. they tend to pop back now to russian energy weak, where the russian president is not feeling questions from the floor. oh, is it using those energy tours for their own purposes? russia or some one else, but we're increasing our supplies while partners from other countries, including the us, actually decreasing their sort of ice issue. a creepy, this is open information. when you can just look it up on the internet, you can find it all there. good. a venue and you're talking about russia
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wasn't being accused of using energy as weapons only this is utter nonsense unit. well, the system politically motivated bladder that has nothing to support out no foundation whatsoever will. that's it. in general, when the european benchmark does is up nearly 600 percent for the year. it's taken several months to get to this point several weeks of a price surge globally. i mean, at the end of the day, i guess the question is, how can you expect europe to believe you're a reliable energy partner when you're not supplying that energy via the pipeline for she was interested in partitioning regularly on them is a beautiful woman. i'm glad i'm saying wanting to you and you are saying
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a different thing to me. if you had not heard what i said, video, i'm sure of mr. president with the same point. it was you, i wish there was a repo sell it. you said in the gus villette, you are not supplying gas overlap lines to your of you, but actually, you are mistaken if shifter you 13 pharmacies by mistake and an o those who eat on your masonry receipt. we actually increasing our supplies to gas from ambrose resent an overall russia when the beat upset increased our supplies to europe at 15 percent and will really we have increased our suffice over a gas pipelines. we have also increased l. n. g supplies. by 13 percent, we are increasing not decreasing our supply so euro pacific and other suppliers going to have decreased their supplies, like 14000000000 cubic meters. and half of that is due to the american suppliers. it is that not clear, you know, the american mortgage all the leisure year,
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we are increasing not leasing or supplies you sure. and if we are asked to increase some mortgage, we are prepared to for you or more. we are increasing the supplies as we are required by our partners, newton, north garza. there is not a single refusal to answer tooling increasing demand for and we are also a little increasing our supply um to turkey over the blue screen scheme of the target stream with a deposit of a we are increasing our supplies to the bought fans. actually, she, the studios we legally are extreme, etc, etc. we are in a freezing out the supplies over the existing room even for your brain, your with brain and increase of their ukraine transit hub. beyond the contracts that we have would stand at 10 percent to really continue here. we can not increase it any more. you should,
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we are being hinted that you should increase the supplies over like range, but it's dangerous to increase them because their equipment has not been repaired for decades and it would increase the supplies, then it's just going to fail them and europe would be left without any guess it was looking at injury. their equipment is 80 percent outdated. we. they do not want to hear us. they just want to blame russia for something. louis de, your european partners, i need the brazil legendary. well, any of those who would be more, do not wish russia well, they can be in europe or another countries of the world. i walk me through those. essentially, the markets are looking for some sense of stability here. are you saying that in terms of increasing supplies to europe, that you would get at current capacity increasing by as much as 15 percent?
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the i e s. as that could come market a schedule ruin. i said that was already increased the supplies by 15 percent by now over the 1st 9 months of this year. this applies of gas to europe have been increased by us and by 15 percent. but the thing is the problem does not consist in us. it consists of in the right hand side, i guess with well 1st we know that the wind farms did not work during summer because of the weather. everyone else, 3rd more over the europeans did not pump enough gas into their underground gas facility is just a 75 percent. that is very little. everyone understands that everyone knows that
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and the supplies to europe have been decreased from other regions of the world. we have increased the supplies, but others, including the us, have reduced their supplies, and this is the cause of the panic. part of the gas is deposited in the ukrainian when you underground storage facilities. i them may be a mistake, and i do not have the exact figures, bird around 18000000000 nor cubic feet in the meters of gas has been pumped into the ukrainian or underground storage facilities. but most of that gas does not belong to the ukrainian operators. most of those gas belongs to european operators and private companies, and we and our partners know what is happening in the ukrainian energy sector. let's remember 2008 when we couldn't do anything about brush and gas that was back then. and that was the cause of the crisis back then. we were demanding that they
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give us our gas and they didn't do that right now. there are some irresponsible politicians and ukraine who say that they need to nationalize the gas that is stored in ukrainian out the ground facilities and that does not belong to them. and what we're witnessing right now, we see that the gas s don't really taken away by 4 in operators from the facilities where it's stored in ukraine. we can supply more, but we need to request enough to do that. as i've told you, we increase the supplies as matches up. we are requested to they have requested 15 percent by now. if they ask more, then we will supply more. so we knew everything we have to answer. i will obligations and we are willing to supply even more than that, but we need some foundation for that request. we cannot simply do that on them on
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their own volition. and there has not been a single case when we refused such request. these things will come at a cost. can you assure us that there'll be no price gouging? little bitty, make sure that she wasn't. well, this is 2nd issue. our european partners, and i've talked about it already so, so you can and this is about the previous european commission and they insisted on creating a european hub luxury, new stock exchange number. and they thought billings that this gas supply will show the balance on the market and, and we can always see said that when it can talk on long term contracts
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and pricing is different. there that go west on the previous 4 long term contract. we knew it linked to, i'm sure are all of them. crude oil prices and prices are some other really for the enter this is no secret, but this is the market in the pricing. you get this connected world oil prices and there is nothing strange. you know, i'm like, i'm putting you on the menu together within that and the price changes how few periods. and this allows the operators and to consumers to adjust to.


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