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ah, a dares thinks we dare to ask ah, relatives of you. k cobra victims voiced their anger at the government for parliamentary inquiry, find great mistakes, lead to thousands of preventable death. we've got stop letting these on to rule astray. a private school people run things they don't understand. why is it that we allow a high minister with absolutely no common sense to run the serious pandemic? german city of cologne, give us the greenlight of broadcasting muslim calls to prayer,
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move this divide and opinion there. i think this very crates is wrong. i think religion is something personal. it's nice for multiculturalism. i don't think it's fat, but i don't think it's all that great. even thousands of flights are cancelled by southwest airlines over the last few days, while pilots fall for an injunction to block mandatory cobra. vaccines for the carrier is $56000.00 usa employees. the company insisted no connection. i good day from russia. this is out international just to mid day here. no, kevin o in at the helm of world news from i will use edge q in moscow and the code stories to tell you about today, starting with 15 so damning parliamentary inquiry claims the u. k. government gravely miss handle its initial response to the coven pandemic,
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saying thousands of deaths could have been prevented. the senior officials repeatedly avoided every opportunity to apologize, despite the anger of those who lost their loved ones. i got disgrace, they didn't listen and also they didn't think about the lives they thought about the money they for about the business contracts, and they didn't close. the board is simply just letting people die, a 100000 people today and on. it's called corona virus. lessons learned today, and it finds that number 10, delaying the locked down back in motion of the 23rd and 2020 was one of the most important public failures in the history of the united kingdom was still, the government's handling of the pandemic actually led to 20000 unnecessary deaths, but a capital minister unfortunately, was unable to refuse even try and apologize for those claims. came to start when apologies that i would have thought, well, no,
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we followed the scientific advice we we followed the scientific advice. we protected the n h s. we took the decisions based on the evidence before, but of course we've always had with something so unprecedented as the pandemic there will be lessons to learn. so it's sort of very gracious look there from stephen box cabinet office minister who actually ends up very into the refuse to apologize some 11 times. but looking deeper into this reporting question, it's quite hefty. it's 150 pages long and almost a year ago to date was when it was 1st established. when this inquiry really began . now they looked at many key areas, including the preparedness for pandemic, social distance thing, social can impact onset and communities. plus, of course, the vaccines as well. well, it's an incredibly traumatic and triggering day for many, for instance, my best friend who lost her mother during the pandemic to cove it. and she's
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incredibly furious. the government for its handling of the pandemic where she's certainly not to learn this thousands of bereaved families up and down the country . finding this report a very difficult read indeed. so i lost my grandfather and his best friend of a 2 years when the next day. so my family have had our fash have changed from it, but this, this isn't a personal and you know, some kind of emotional trauma. however, the government want to go around. 3 you know, treating pandemic in the future. i think this is a big society wake up. we've got stop letting these on to rule, straight out a private school. people run things. they don't understand. why is it that we allow prime minister, we're not that you know common sense to run serious and then it absolutely. everything is down to them. and when you look at the very beginning,
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this from them as well, i've heard immunity. now we're not willing to base on the plane. it's not right to let the sick in the old fall behind. and if that's the kind of out shoot the government entered with. we cannot be surprised that so many of die. it just stands to reason that this is exactly what they expected and they really don't. now, a whole barrage of a criticisms really came out in this report, noting very quite big concerns, including access to p. p, the government much held track and tre, system, which fundamentally was flawed. also suggesting at the start of the pandemic bar, as johnson said that the care homes would not be affected. now, we know, in hindsight, they were actually the was effected. but the key is finding really days back to some 20 months ago, that key date of march, the 23rd, when the united kingdom entered it 1st locked down. well, this report says,
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scientists were talking some 2 months prior to that about how ready the u. k. was in terms of dealing with upon demik of this scale, and actually all keys to the government acted far too slow. it is now clear that this is the wrong policy, and that it led to a higher initial death told them would have resulted from the more in fatty early policy in a pandemic spreading rapidly, an exponentially every week counted. while boris johnson, the prime minister and his government have always maintained throughout this pandemic, the policy is guided by the day to the science and always maintains that it just simply put policy into place by the evidence that was presented to it. also says, is sticking by its promise off, allowing a public inquiry into the pandemic. i'm the government handling of it as well, but that won't come until at least next spring. just to say that this very report, its aim is not to point the thing, those of blame, that is
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a quote within this report. but some already say there is only one direction of blame to point the finger and that is squarely the government. so i've been saying the last. 1 couple of years my group members that the government been an absolutely terrible job. and this is what happens when you have leaders in charge of nursing society. they don't know what they're doing. they didn't follow the science, they didn't listen to the expert and they didn't listen to other countries. that warner, someone like orest johnson time example of what is wrong in british politics. and i just feel if nobody stands up point out that this is dennis side. it's just something that someone has to stand up and say, because like i say, you know, and i culture so many people will just take it on the chin. not i think that taking on the chain is not something that this, you know, unprecedented situation, deserves listen. cause to pray will be heard across cologne, and germany of the local authorities give their approval for them to be broadcast
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of lead speakers on friday afternoon. city officials said the moves a gesture of respect. close central mosque has been a flash point for and he was sent to us before that the mess defended the decision . now. cologne is the seat of religious freedom and diversity. those who arrive at the main train station a greeted by the cathedral and accompanied by church bells, medical and residents and limbs allowing them. whereas in cool is from a sign of respect all 35 miles west and cologne will be able to play the call for up to 5 minutes. the initiative comes as part of an agreement between cologne officials in the muslim community. not seeking to broadcast. it will low have to comply with limits on the volume and also notify neighbors in advance. some local, so we heard from are pretty much divided it by the decision image i'm going to, i think is great because the muslim community is also included. this is also very nice for the muslims, just as the choices drink about the most folks can also make the call to prayer. i
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think that's very great. all fallen thus is so okay, it's nice for multiculturalism. germany says we are here. we also take care of muslims, which unfortunately some political parties don't do any more. it makes me happy when i hear it. it's a piece of home on the various philosophy slim. i don't think it's bad, but i don't think it's all that great either. i live directly opposite, so i hear it all the time. the fact that you now have to listen to what is being said, whether you want to hear it or not, i don't think it's the best thing. oh, well that's if it is false. i think it's wrong, i think religion is something personal. you don't have to bar all the people around with it when they call out and foreign language. i think that's really bad because then the people don't know what they're actually saying it. so many sided issue, we put it up for debate. the sphere office was not only in cologne is not only in germany, it is everywhere. unfortunately, in the name of their hijacking,
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their base hijacking their religion for some and misusing it for their own cause. this leads basically to, to lack of trust. he's lamb is not the majority in germany. this depending on which city last that still 90 percent of non muslims, muslims are a part of this country in this society. so as other religious groups are represented in germany, the same, we must them should also be able to be repaired, represent cologne, may miss andrea, who just are beat, who just delivered. and her city who's asked boat in front of his lamb, bowed down. and welcome vis demand. introduce what phase demanded without asking the people that alone was opposite, doing anything. it's nothing new and away because it's basically what the constitution, se, se i think. and if the relationship to the muslim community in cologne into
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a low place is good and then harmony can be there. you know, allow a, bab, has a certain history does not just allow is greater, but it became and be the call of the g had. so it has a very negative history. this cause has a history of violence. you see the call of pears, not something like some magical saying or some magic. you know, we don't need it anymore. you muslims have watches now amended call of the worst thing comes from the 7th century. then people didn't have to watch it. basically, a tradition in islam where you are praise the lord praise a lot of praise god, and you basically call people to the prayer brought back some covert stories, vaccine roll ads being blamed for a disruption to air traffic in the u. s. again, today, one big airline counseling almost a 100 flights tuesday to the thousands of grounds in previous days,
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south west playing the weather officially, but others point to staff shortages, offered implemented vaccine mandates for all 56000 employees. caleb opens got the story. chaos and airports across the country as flights from a major us airline. southwest airlines have been cancelled. now this comes shortly after a move by the southwest airlines pilot association, the labor union that represents over $10000.00 pilots, that southwest airlines filed for a temporary block on a move to mandate vaccinations, federally mandated corona virus vaccinations. now they have filed a lawsuit against those mandatory vaccinations and they are asking for a block on the vaccinations until this lawsuit regarding us labor laws and how it applies to these vaccinations can be resolved. now the union was quick to step up and say that they were not responsible for the cancellation of these flights. this
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was not a strike. this is what they had to say southwest by point to their how they manage the network. how there is she also supports that network, but once a little hiccup occurs due to the internal processes, our pilots are getting to where they need to be. we've been sounding this alarm for about 4 years and have seen very little approach to correcting it's. southwest airlines came forward and said that it was not a bad decision from the management as the union alleged. it was rather weather conditions that cause the cancellation of thousands of flights. now, many conservative and republican voices have spoken up and given a pretty strong view of how they see the situation, jo biden's, illegal vaccine, mandated work, suddenly was short on pilots in their traffic controllers. i stand with southwest airlines, employees who are fighting against these mandates. this isn't about to vaccine. this is about freedom. why is the weather only disrupting southwest? now at this point, it seems the issue is close to being resolved,
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that people are looking at the current flight schedules and expecting that things will return to normal. but questions remain about what caused the panic and cancellation of thousands of flights. in elsewhere, new york health work has have temporarily been allowed to avoid mandatory vaccination against covey. 19 a for a federal judge has extended an older for them to apply for religious exemptions. the but a series of protests against compulsory not kill asians arctic contributed nicko house reports from there. now we're outside of thurgood marshall court house where cambridge, the blasio was being held. michael kane is fighting for another injunction for all the teachers of new york, but specifically himself and 10 plaintiffs who were denied the continuation of their restraining order last week and another court case. michael kane said he is optimistic that the judge will hopefully uphold justice. today he said that the fight won't stop here and that he still has to prepare for what may come in the
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future. now people like michael caine said that they are unsure of how their family were proceed. our case is 10 plaintiffs who lost their jobs at this point or the majority of us are on unpaid leave because we would not get the cov id vaccine. and the majority of us also filed for exemptions, medical exemptions, religious exemptions, and the majority of us were denied those exemptions are we believe that the exemption process was fraudulent was a legal and unconstitutional. a lot of teachers and health care workers have said the same thing. harvey said that this is a hell we're dying on that every now and then you just have to take a stand these process or not. something has only been happening to day. whatever day that i've been here, there has been a protests around a city. and they said, this isn't gonna stop any time soon until these mandates in. and what i'm finding here as a left is organizer is, it's almost kind of like a tower of babylon, culturally, because there are christians, there are transfers,
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there are republicans, there are left dest, you left the left. there are people who just waking up many more teachers and health workers are coming in and even we think we're going to be getting police firemen. i think there's something important to note here. if you look around the cloud here to send him to like a bunch of conservative way guys, what we've been told by the mainstream media. there are people from, like i said earlier, several different walks of life, black, white, asian, everything. and so there seems to be a lease, a misinterpretation if we're being charitable of the narrative, according to the mainstream media, we're waiting to hear while the results of this injunction, it could come today. however, it could take until thursday to come through. but when michael came, comes out, we'll go ahead and ask him how he feels the injunction were proceed going for the children right now in new york are suffering them. you see it and reports that are breaking all over the place. people from central, who haven't been with children ever,
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are now power professionals that are working with disabled children as if anybody can come in and fill these shoes. i know i have not been replaced at my job. i'm a special educator and they are children not receiving their services right now because of that. footnote, this some foss, stotts pharaoh 92 percent of the state's health care workers have received at least one covert job. so one of the highest rates in the country, the states governor backs the measures saying is vital for combating the spread of the delta vary and keeping the new yorkers safe. 17 pass mcdaniel moscow. it's kevin knowing with you this hour, how you can stick around to take to the rest of what we're talking about. and it's covered again in moscow lunch, is free, coven testing across the city? now, in response to soaring numbers, a daily case is a correspondence, a check to that gets checked at himself. of the bro
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ah ah, what happened to the idea of tolerance in our politics? conservative. see their world being up ended. liberals view conservatives with contempt. of course, the media only makes things worse. we all lost hope and compromise and peaceful coexistence. join me every thursday on the alex, simon,
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sure. but i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. oh again, under the shadow of the european power supply crisis russian energy weeks underway today is one of the biggest annual forms of its kind and a place where various industries can thrash out hot button. topics like international cooperation. early patricia is covering it for us. well, it is definitely the crucial time of for the energy sector and this kind of event, or perhaps the timing 10. i'll be better because winter's coming, the cold season is just around the corner and we are hot on the heels of something, but the some have a true energy prices in europe. we are beginning with an expert who can
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share a lot of thoughts. i hope where does that is angel wilkinson? secretary general of the world energy council angela. welcome, and thank you very much for joining me this morning. the pleasure to re care rush remish weight. has there really been a crisis? and what is the reason for these unprecedented spikes and prices? well, there's an energy crisis in many different parts of the well, china, for sale, europe, or it's not just in europe. and people are being taken by surprise, i think by a combination of 3 things. first of all, is the return of demand off to the coffee to 19 locked down. the 2nd part is around with extreme websites and whether winter's coming earlier or later, it's more extended. and the 3rd bit seems to be about skills and workforce planning . a sure teacher, the right skills to get energy from one place to another. so that in particular, does any of this have to do with the changes in the energy mix and with the
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desire by some of the countries to be very swift and changing. for example, and shifting to renewables, no one can predict what the shape of the energy system it's going to look like. but what we do know is it's going to be a much greater make a new chaos because people need energy not just for heating and lighting. they need it for work and mobility. and we can't transition overnight from a fossil fuel. and you keep based system turn you up and energy and gas are needed for decades to come when it comes to the many green initiatives that are being worked on in the european union. some focus on environmental programs and the desire by some of the countries, the governments and the players in the you to be more green than others. how does that affect the relations with russia? i'm going to find out from someone who is responsible for
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a project called the green initiative, or nest for lang gate, who is also the chairman of the energy committee at the association of european business. of course, europe and russia are linked by a strong historical trade relation in the energy export of oil and gas, which cover, by the way, more than 40 percent of the federal russian budgets. it's very important. they supplier of gas and almost always stable. so we are happy in europe that we'd get the opportunity to receive that we, that's incredibly the way it moves in order to increase their level of social economical growth. that's very important. of course, this project is changed now in europe or university is coming up. a level of acquisition of buying oil and gas will be the reason it leads, especially oil and cold. and so we have to, for seen some potential change in terms of trade that change over energy. so these of course will impact on the relation or with russia that's very important,
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but is not to possibly not happen very quickly. this transition would happen at nice time. nothing happens very short. if you see on the market that you mation price of the gas has been incredibly wrap up. simply because you cannot freeze the level investment in the expiration and the expiration and production activity otherwise, demands that are holding on the call with their situation. if you don't have stable supply, of course the price increase. what is the number one in green in your recipe to make sure that the turbulence in the markets that we've seen in the past week weeks doesn't come back. i mean by continuing to keeping their relation with the rush is very important and different potential supplier we have from the notice we have russia for the show and we said very strong potential partner. and as usual, easter, he's saying strong supplies for energy in europe. so nothing change reality. we
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have to end the day if i had the potential area of cooperation with us, that's very important. so i don't see any kind of specific. and let me say, traveled seen only to understand how to implement that project to where that between europe and russia on that green initiative, no sanction, we are willing. and our company's european one is willing to cooperate with the russia conference also here. russia's daily corona, virus infection, and death rates hovering near all time highs with numbers in some regions, almost doubling in the last month. and then a bid to try and curve the spread some regions of imposed compulsory vaccination for certain categories to work as now, as well as q, our policies for venues. moscow, the most affected region is now launched free testing and 20 centers, including the city's largest shopping malls to we to poke reports from one of them . we're here in the heart of russia's capital in moscow, on the red square in the gloom department store for a while, it's been a place for people to get vaccinated,
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but now it is also one of the 20 centers that gets out free. express, coven tests. these centers are being opened up as cases in russia continue to search in just the last few days. the number of new daily cases across the country has climb to almost 30000 figures as high as last winter with most of them being in moscow. however, many medical experts think that this is actually reaching the peak and that these numbers is rising numbers in cases are actually due to more tests being readily and easily available. and that's kind of why the also thing that this could be signaling an end to the search. because the more tests, the more cases are confirm, the more people are treated and less people get infected. well, this is the actual test site in the room where people have been steadily flowing in throughout the day to get their free express tests. all they need to show is their passport or a child's birth certificate. meet doctor andre logical. he's overseeing this test site and is responsible for making sure everything goes smoothly,
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and that the necessary steps are taken in case of a positive result. experienced this year, this express task allows you to discover if a patient is potentially infected within 15 minutes or less, it's your other guys chorister, though it's so quick. how reliable is it ever so we, it's a special analysis that allows you to get results in a short time, and it's reliability is very high. nobody answers that, but if the result is positive, will another test occur? rhythm business low of an up, of course, from the express test results we tentatively assume a patient is infected. therefore, all of those who test positive are additionally tested via the p. c. our method. and after receiving the final results, we make a decision regarding treatment, or we decide to stop the self isolation which the patient d as to until the results are obtained. well, simon, take a test. hopefully no surprises
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and that's it. now just got to wait 15 minutes and the results should be in, well, trying to find out by a test results limit with fever. in my case, all are things simple. i'm healthy. i can carry on with my dear life now worrying about infecting anybody. so that's the test process, free, easy, and reliable medical experts hope this approach will lead to much more test being done, which will lead to earlier detection and better treatment of the virus. and eventually that should result in a zip over the recent surge of cases across russia. if it gets cross, it gets better soon. i that sit so far from these remarks, programs on your part of the world coming up next. i can tell these cross tor compete, lavonne this like to show. i'm kevin now in reporting for moscow for me and the
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team of a great rest of this wednesday. with both these people learn from their own experience, how vulnerable of business is to the bank. so he pushes my business over, the age, pushes me right to the bankruptcy. now i realize we will group, this isn't just the back that may be involved in this is the concept. see, funds is, is the lawyers. these people have got one of their stories at a walk kind of whistle blower. tell people's marriages have broken up. they've lost their family homes. it is spectacularly devastating for people's lives. we have
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committed suicide, but left behind, nor the explicitly state that it was the constant intimidation and billing by buying coffer sauce that late them to i took the spring. it's obscene. these people up nor so now when i was just seemed wrong, when i just don't whole, i mean you have to shape out the same becomes the after kid and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground. ah, there is other voices to play but also with a thin daniels trulia the little fish
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with which is good. say the game and then you would you that is images labels of was good for supposedly i have my did some, i would say again to spend your music is images spread it. so we come on, but it's mostly it's what your phone was out of. see to get a lot if i get with all of your group plan it some way up. all right, if you didn't leave you to the shelter of worship with a.


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