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ah. i will be the same when i go somewhere with back what tell them to fill a tree, count this i kill you cannot
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go any more and all day the money to buy you and i was long the page i think has okay. i mean there you will be it was just our family home tiny, tiny village that held out like it was just everything i can remember sitting in the house and saying, hey i've, i've done this to my family. they gave me my code. they gave me my credit cuz they
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said they would do the deal. i wanted my youngest daughter to go to theater school . all that went out the window. i got a cup of coffee, the cost $1.00. no, you know i had to change from being friendly to a person in the corner, giving them new options and see the boy that brings us a nice that's my feelings in the close deal by knows we have contaminated with getting and also by the expense of the business ah
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it's not just businessman, it's not, it's not like guys like me, insistence shops and ties. it's people who to have, as a businessman, have worked really, really hard to build these businesses. some of them are 2nd support generation family businesses. so it's, it's, it's integral to their whole life. so they'll lose the business. they basically lose the family, they lose their life. cortex employed 3 and a half those employees. it provided software services and hardware to restaurants, so, tail chains around the world. it was a viable, vibrant british technology company in my 1st 100 days, is the ceo doing the sort of traditional 100 day review. i find some historical accounting errors that i thought were suspicious. so i see your,
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you have a duty of care to tell the banks that have been lending the business money are of any concerns you have. so i went to our b. s. who were the lead to bank of 5 banks that lent money to trex over the years, or they were the agent effectively and i met with them. i explained that as a non accountant, i was just concerned with historical records and all on what what i wanted to do the right and proper thing to do was to bring in some specials forensic accountants to audit and review are the past years the codes so i informed the bank, i told them what i was then going to do about it. they agreed to that. and i, within 24 hours of that i b. s. it suddenly brought in these restructuring specialists who business didn't need restructure to refinanced or we anything. there was a historical problem. but within that 24 hour period,
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another 24 hours passed. and then i find that the business is basically being lever, been to pushed into this thing called g, l g, the global restructuring group. and when i created this repeatedly, i was repeatedly told, or it's a restructuring unit. it's like an intensive care unit where we're here to help. we will support the business. we will continue to support the management of the business and told us this potential issue is reviewed. and that was just a complete lie. ah, georgi is function was not to restructure or to support to help the management and employees of all of our business as i, as i later find me
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clever restructuring group as part of ob, yes, it basically came into being in a by october 2008, just after the bailouts were 1st amazed, and it was a re re spray of an existing organization within our b s cord, specialized lending services. but essentially became a vast depository for tens of thousands of business customers of yes, many of which had done absolutely nothing wrong. and many of which were credit worthy, profitable, and viable companies which were pushing through machiavellian means. so companies
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were told, this was a part of the bang which was going to help nurture them back to health. it was like an accident and emergency ward of the hospital. they were informed that it was on that side. it was that to help to get them out of their problems and then they can be put back into the normal banking relationship with their existing relationship managers. but in reality, it was absolutely nothing of the sort. g g was essentially more like an arbiter or a slot. i see that was that to cover up the, these businesses to enable us to extract the maximum value possible from these for businesses that ended up in that part of our b. s. mm oh my relationship with the bank of scotland went back to the 1900 seventy's when i started to become successful with the b b. c. and
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i think the way that these things normally come about is your accountant says all of this, a really good bank manager and the bank manager recommends a good service to you and that sort of thing. and i had a great relationship with the bank of scotland that was built on trust. and you trusted the bank manager because he was the person who signed your possible application. he was the pillar of the local community. i never assumed that my popularity would continue. i never assumed bbc would keep offering the shows. so when in the mid eighties i got the opportunity to earn some money. one of my 1st labs, which was flying helicopters, i then set up a helicopter company helicopter management. and that was the beginning of unique asian we moved into providing brokerage management of aircraft, including private jets, things wasn't making a fortune, but it made money. in fact,
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in the 80s i was probably earning a pound doing corporate work for every pound i made with the b c. and this was the beginning of unique group. at the time, i just thought as we became more pressure from the bank that we were doing something wrong in the end, i thought it was my c o, who's been a friend of mine for 15 years. godfather, one of my daughters i, i thought it was his incompetence. i couldn't believe that we were having problems with the bank because we were not breaching covenants. we were operating oil within the agreed facility. but of course now i realize we were groomed
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if got you these people have gotcha me. i think brought in the let the company that was a take viable company. the bank would offer them the company would go on. it would pay back the money. it was airing is interest and then the bank would suddenly call in the low, very, very short notice. and not even allow some of the companies to pay back the money which they had. they would then immediately put that in value into a company. the value of the company is a fraction of what it was really worth. they put in their, in insolvency practitioners. they would send, sold the company off a fall this and it was worth. and then gave for the personal guarantees of yours, the company. ah, ah,
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ah, ah. when i see black, i was growing young black americans spoke to me. why destroyed you did not. those who say black lives matter is a movement we are importing from a marriage up. no, nothing of who we are. i lived in a world where white lodge mattered. and i was not watch watch. mm. and i was a new from black america. i learned how to speak back to y. aboriginal people dear,
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i'm laurie diary. we're out now with the police. we're out with 2 seats. i'm scared that more children are going to grow up in a country that think says no racism, but they're more likely to end up in the criminal justice system. then there are other fellow friends in daycare on the 6 of the sick, 2016. my children, what i'm alive and sudden they, they hydro is shouting at the door, they didn't go to the door. and suddenly it got more, more aggressive, banging at the door, saying that they were bailiffs, so my daughters were absolutely petrified. so you would imagine i want a 2 men posing as bailiffs. cro bought
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the door off and just burst into the house. they then said that the children have to leave the house. they mantle them through them into their straits. we raced back to the children when we got back there, they were in a very, very bad state. as you can imagine, crying some months, it was just to rend us. and then there was just one man there who is the man who would quote out the door. we have video footage of him. we actually have photos of him. and i found out from the children that he was also wearing, i like waistcoat with pockets which he filled with flute. so we were cooling 999, over and over and over again. we called the court, the court said that's a warrant on the house. and anyway, out by this, we never ever do anything they, we won't be allowed to do anything. so we then start to realize that there's some very, very old government, you know, wish you a days notice your days. this
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man then said that he wouldn't let us back in our own house. i explained, i have grown to say and are needed to get back into my home. i need to go to the toilet. he refused point blank to allow me into my own home food, everything i have been told completely before. finally, when the place time. i'm not show the place the pipe. what and the police say, this isn't a legal eviction needs to be allowed back into your property. when we got back into the property, we saw that they had smashed the windows of our homes. they had found delights to hire me and the children
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never got over that way because that was the day that they took out life. i me so many things in life that are truly life changing. life defining unless you've experienced it, you don't fully understand it. so observe is around the outside kind of thing was sort of a couple of friends or g, she really try to kill yourself. so all about, you know, life snippet that bad,
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but they weren't in the quick sense. they were standing on the rocks around the pool. i, i am always surprised a number of business people immediately tell me about attempted suicide, nervous breakdowns. i'm. it's for scott point where it's just, we kind of expected very common that people's marriages have broken up. they've lost their family home. it is spectacular. the devastating for people's lives. mm. type of fraud in this country, according to bolts with university, is around about $193000000000.00 a year. just staggering. this isn't just the back that have been being involved in this is the concept. see firms, it is the lawyers. and also just the insolvency practitioners and the value of that
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and who quite cared. and it came out from the house of commons, the base of undervalued the assets, accompanied by 50 percent. and very often this becomes very care because when they've been taken over, they themselves, the assets for twice the value demand me my name's jim the go to exit alias from santana's. till black and 1970 twos, and tons. it was a, basically a hi, she has over 10 years or so. i built 15 beds in the town thing and himself eating the boss. how did she think through 120 run up to 2005 to say to those by myself. by date,
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i don't want to those sort of one and a half 1000000 to the money and gave it to the is still blank to invest on when our 1st choice plays deal buying, they were very helpful. i was all for the available. and so i was then sold a t v l, a tailored business on which said it had flexibility and, and we give you any movement you wanted you to change if you wanted there seems to be that that all that the thought it had no contingency and it was what it was, is what you go if you wanted to, to pay the one you had a big cause. if you want to devote more money, you had a break cause there was nothing you could do. it was actually like basically i've talked one, there's a time well known as they call them t v, l's. so it was in some respects, effectually at noon with
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a variable because he had no idea what it was. and the figure would be whatever they produced, there was no way that you would be able to quantify or calculate that figure because you needed a degree in almost astrophysics. debbie, what we do falling comes in trends in a marker. none of us not on tape of us. we wanted to do is run it down. do you think it would be best to have a full scale review but sales process to ensure that actually the many customers who are complaining feel there is a real form of regress. those are unforgivable, very situations. and we have to take the customer testimony and face value back something to the one that has to be fixed and and put right. i'm fascinated with your title, debbie. it looks like something created of the b, b, c, w one, a. the executive director,
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customer trust and competence. yeah. why do you think you or institution decided to create a particular title called executive director, customer trust and confidence? so i think can people who radiate like that there's no, there's things have happened in the past at the bank. i've got a host of a favorable one, terribly hard drive, this old fool of banking emails on in there because who is a g o c? on the claim, the thing to do today . so i have available and we are dealing with
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a off season that people have i think it's one to see 5 laptops, not computer one through the office and one during the road. i know phyllis jump, it becomes cancer. you know, it becomes part of your life, takes away your life and it means that you can doing. you stuck me
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who we have had thousands of businesses coming to the m p. 's trying to deal with the speed on the back of things like r b. s is global restructuring group. and obviously the h p threading fraud is a much more extreme example of, of this kind of misconduct. but still essentially what was identified between all the finance institutions where perhaps they were trying to pull in loans quite quickly in order to recapitalize the banks that conduct fell by the wayside. ah. so you push a small business over the age, pushes me right to the edge,
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bankruptcy and i was picking myself up again. and while i'm at corporate level, they came off to me under my personal guarantee. and they took me right to the edge of a high call action when they knew at the highest level of hbo lloyd's, they knew i was actually the victim of criminal behavior. and then you start to see that when the management, the senior management want to get heavy and get their result, they april in these 30 people. i would like to think the financial conduct or thought is on top of this, but they have known about this for a very long time. not so much seems to be done. and i think that has slipped up
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badly. is the protection of whistleblowers who simply are not protected. we have new system to protect the so bless properly. and the whistleblowers be made rapidly redundant and people are very frightening. they'll verify the losing that pensions if they go on making a fuss. r b s orchestrated to key things one my suspension ah, despite me being the whistleblower and and to they put in place their own nominated effectively shadow directors which in itself is improper and under illegal and in not in that period. ah, not only did the punish me for boring the whistle to them, but, but i also blew the whistle to the london stock exchange. the city of london police, the city's fraud office because there was
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a counting anomalies were no beginning to look as if they were potentially fraudulent and criminal. so so i then became a protected person as a whistleblower, as designated by the director of the c destroy office. and the head to be cannot claim that city of london police are based, ignored those legal protections and kept me on suspension for 4 months during which they effectively to control the business through the shadow directors. they then put in their own advisors, thrown consultants, and within 4 months, ah, the put the company into administration. and then the assets trip that and sold the assets to establish a bunch of fun to are notorious in new york has been the lender of last resort. and the buyer of last resort for, for a total price, including all advisors fees of $204400000.00 pounds,
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4 months earlier i was sitting on eat offers from the, the biggest technology funds in the planet for an excess of 600000000 pounds, so the allegation is, is that between our b s and service, they stole 400000000 in, in making an unjust gain to the loss of my shareholders bond, told us employees and suppliers a beautiful job ocean was time on what it says i'm, you know, we'll just, we'll start with a new slogan, noise in the middle. so with 1st we'll switch to a 6 present and you will preview to what the cool got. that's 90 percent give us
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your properties was for what fin the but on with nice seems some of them went he's got the worst one who went according to what is most of it keeps them from the from the muse or kind of what does that still the same, i mean, this globe logan slowed to bring me as old senior to one wonderful, scared little square lip john cole, which, if it of but are one. why do you think that us them, i mean, on i, besides in that we still live do what happened to the idea of tolerance at our politics. conservative. see their world being up ended . liberals view conservatives with contempt. of course,
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the media only makes things worse. we all lost hope and compromise and peaceful coexistence with a job this wednesday morning, a british parliamentary inquiry finds the government botch the early stages of its covered pandemic response. fueling the outrage of those 2 lost relative. i lost my ground problems with his best friend idea when the next day that my family and i share plans with this. this isn't personal lender, you know, some kind of promotional program. coming out to few new york healthcare workers get more time for void calvin job on religious gra.


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