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committed suicide, but left behind, nor stay explicitly state that it was the constant intimidation and billing by bank officers that late them to i took to spy. it's obscene. these people up nor sold. a british tabloids claim that russian spies it stole u k. vaccine secrets gets at rival newspapers digging deeper, calling out the story as inaccurate and opaque. but the son is yet to clarify or apologize. for the case of double standards, one of germany is that most read the newspapers build leaps to the defense of a coven discussion. panel whose content was removed by youtube, but it is the same newspaper that mercilessly lashed to ortiz, german, that new service had during a similar struggle with the video sharing site. francis top, a bishop of back down after being summoned to by the government to explain his
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comments. that confessional secrecy prevents priest from reporting child sex abuse . in the wake of a damning report, and a british parliamentary inquiry says the government botched its coven pandemic response leading to thousands of preventable death. but a top cabinet member refuses to apologize. came to stay in a policy that i would have. so, what will know, we followed the scientific advice with colleges. we focus on to the device. we protected dna chess ah . the broadcasting lab, direct, more studios in moscow. this is our to international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. are now britain's popular press is taking aim at a tabloid, which claims russian spies stole the formula for moscow's picnic v vaccine. from the u. k. the suns story was widely picked up by other outlets as well, but now at least one right has retracted its article and apologized. but the sun
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has not. the cremeans spokesperson responded to it all by describing the son as a newspaper, famous for anti scientific publications, but his ears done off as more deed. over the weekend, the son published this report, the branded as their exclusive, and it was based on anonymous sources. that was the main well discrepancy on the floor that others pointed out saying that it was oh, basically sourced. and basically, they claim that somebody, some russian spy in a bond like move, you know, came in probably, snuck into into, into the lab and well, hacked the vaults, the information roles and snatched the vital information on the astrazeneca oxford vaccine. and so, but right now the russians are, they have stepped forward saying that it is completely false. they released a statement so another tabloid of the daily express. they were happy to pick up the story and republish the story based on the sons article. now they have well
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retracted whatever, whatever they had to say and swapped the story. the original story for basically a statement from the russians. his something that they had to republish have a listen. his has come to our attention that this was false as the information about the inventor of the sputnik v. vaccine gambling national research center for epidemiology and microbiology is publicly known. the article also contains false information. as an apology, we are happy to set the record straight and published the following statement from the russian direct investment fund. while the technology behind vaccines, the astrazeneca and sputnik, we are indeed similar. astrazeneca is based on world tissues and will are both something that they got from chimpanzees while sputnik v is based on the human platform. so they are using very different materials from 2 very different biological species to well, to base their vaccine on. also on top of that was put in agree was the 1st that
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thing to be registered in the world and came well before astrazeneca. and its efficacy was proven to be higher than astrazeneca by the lance. at one of the, one of the world leading scientific journals so specifically was actually well in the top 3 only surpassed by the pipe pfizer and the medina champs. so one would assume that while the original, which is as the sun, is claiming at the astrazeneca vaccine, that the original should will be superior to clone and to a rip off. but, well, the facts show that it isn't, it isn't like that. and even on top of that sputnik re, developers are right now elaborating with astrazeneca to make their vaccine more efficient. well, the daily expresses so far, one just one outlet to well or to confront it if i may say. so the son with this information and to will openly step forward and say, well actually that report that we were published was not true. so now the ball is the sun's cord,
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which is the so far sticking to its guns as well. probably you would, if it's your exclusive, probably very, you know, well reaching out to their sources to get some information to back their journalism . but the british or security minister, minister of security when confronted when asked whether or not this report was true, he hesitated to back the sons claims have, listen, i'm can't comment, won't comment on the specific case, but it would be fair to say correct to say that we face threats of this type that are different, they're more sophisticated, they're more extensive than they ever have been before. well, so essentially everything that he has had to say here is, well, in plain human words, not political tool that well, the british government is facing cyber threats. and so that's it and nothing about something being stolen. so we'll see if the sun reacts to the new revelations in any way given that other well other other outlets have already called their reporting opaque leave suicide. so we'll see,
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or if they just decide to let the whole thing slide, the german court has ruled youtube. it was wrong to remove content from a cove, a discussion panel accused of spreading this information. the court decided that the video sharing site had no right to stifle such a public debate about the pandemic and related vaccination issues or gees peter oliver explains more about this case, as well as similar ones. and how much the media, the reaction has varied door revolves around the youtube discussion program. alice often tissue, everything's on the table, all is on the table in english. now, a german court has ruled that videos by this channel should not have been removed from youtube. these were videos in which they challenged at the german government's handling of the cove at 19 pandemic. now, this show takes the form of, of a panel discussion program in which artists and actors as well as academics and
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scientists. ask difficult questions about coven 19 about the government handling of it, and about all of the different scenarios surrounding the pandemic? now what we've had seen is the german tabloid build. well leap to support of alice alpha. then tish, accusing the youtube platform of censorship. will now talk about sensor, so by youtube. yes. within an overly narrow opinion corridor with respect to certain topics during the pandemic were found out that opinions that are not mainstream. the don't echo what the government would like to hear. these opinions were quickly confined to a color branded as extreme with the removal. we now see how something is selectively targeted, dangerous assaults on freedom of discussion took place. and the judge rightly decided against youtube or hadn't the big question is, can you to possess 2 who sit there and says, what is right or wrong from a medical standpoint? well, build presented a very different message. last month, when arte deutsch,
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arte internationals, german language says the channel had its youtube channel, permanently removed for what, what was claimed. it was the, the publishing of covered disinformation. now, artie deutsch at the time said, and they maintain that what they were doing was giving air to different opinions. and asking though, similar difficult questions about the coven 19 pandemic. and about the german woman's handling of it. basically, bugs sets of videos were removed from youtube for the same reason, but archie deutsch, his videos being removed, prompted a very different reaction from germany's most red tabloid newspaper. as a reason for the measure youtube site, severe breaches of the platforms guidelines more precisely, artie deutsch had received a warning from the platform because the broadcaster was purposefully spreading disinformation about the corona virus pandemic. with this removal putin's power
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structure loses a central brick in his disinformation campaign. whatever way you slice it, this is a pretty big hypocrisy from billed. but what's really interesting is what will happen next. since the court has ruled, they alice often tissues videos shouldn't have been removed. will youtube put them back on their platform? and if they do thought, what does that mean for the future of auntie deutsch on youtube? youtube has long list of topics about the pandemic, vetted deemed misinformation and are subjected to removal. the platform argues that spreading such material poses, quote, a serious risk of egregious harm, and runs counter to advice by the world health organization in german professor from the discussion panel. youtube removed told us, it's a matter of freedom of speech. das, edo rome, she'd i'd a, something has been stumps with the word this information. fake news. in other words than youtube has the rights even should remove it. the only question is who makes the decision? what is disinformation than the next question?
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who are they and above all, are they independent? almost always not. these are all very dangerous developments and say that we have freedom of the press and freedom of speech. i'm very sorry, but it's not that simple. you need to understand the freedom of the press, even in our country, is in great danger. because of course, any press depends on whether it can and how it can distribute is publication. through platforms such as youtube and twitter, frances top catholic bishop has been reprimanded by the interior minister for saying that priests can't report child sex abuse if it's revealed during confession . his remarks followed revelations that since the 1950s, more than 300002 children have been sexually abused, excuse me, by the clergy and other individuals associated with the church. the bishop backtracked after being summoned by the government as on his shoulder davinsky reports from paris. well, we know that frances top bishop is now recanting the words that he said earlier
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this week, this is eric dom number 4 who following that controversial exclusive report into sex abuse. that was carried out by those linked to the catholic church here in france continued to state that the idea of the right of confession, this is the idea of going to a priest and saying terrible things that you might have done would remain secret. even if that confession included someone saying that they had abused a child. now, as a result of those comments, the french government was furious and decided summons frank says talk bishop in to at the office is to have a chat to discuss that into basically as stamped down the opinion that frances laws are above that of the church. now eric de milan before has since said his words were clumsy and as a result, the church must now reflect on the future. the extent of violence and sexual
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aggression against minors revealed by the reports obliges the church to reread his practices in the lights of this reality. work is therefore needed to reconcile the nature of confession with the need to protect children. well, the interior minister reminding ohio long before to day that the lose of france are certainly in his opinion, superior to those laws of the church general would as you know, law is superior to law of the republic of it. and the question of the secrecy of confession is amended by the survey report. it is a professional secrecy, and it has exceptions such as crimes against children under 15. so the survey report, which was released last week was an independent investigation into atrocities. abuse is carried out by those are linked to the catholic church. it was an exclusive report finding that at least $330000.00 children over 70 year period had been abused by those linked to the catholic church in france. that 2
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thirds of the predators had been the priests. the clergy themselves, that 80 percent of victims had been boys aged $10.00 to $13.00 and that the church had not only shielded these abuses. it's had failed to report this abuse. this report sent shock waves through france last week, and actually led to cools in the last few days, all bishops in france to resign their posts victim saying that the church in france is simply out of control. rebushka sailor led him off. i think that this is the demonstration, once again, the incomprehension and the out of touch, dimension of these men of the church. they have cut themselves off from society in the realities of life. and this has led them to be out of control. and when one is capable of committing so many crimes, when one is capable of carrying out such a work of death than its concealment,
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it does indeed leave an aroma of crime against humanity. which raises questions which raises serious questions him. victims are now waiting for the church in france to make a decision over how it will compensate them for that abuse that they suffered as children sometimes of ripping their entire lives apart. and of course, particularly is that included the fact that, as we know, know that the church was shielding abuses from the authorities for many, many decades. a leading member of the british government has repeatedly refused to apologize when challenged over a damning parliamentary inquiry that accused the government of gravely mishandling the coven pandemic, to the extent that thousands of deaths could have been prevented. reporting from westminster. his art is sharia. edward's dusty, well as an incredibly traumatic and triggering day for many, for instance, my best friend to lost her mother during the pandemic to covert. and she's
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incredibly furious at the government for its handling of the pandemic. but she certainly are not alone there. thousands of bereaved families up and down the country who are finding this report. a very difficult read indeed. so it's cold corona, virus lessons learned to date and it finds that number 10, delaying the locked down back in march of the 23rd and 2020 was one of the most important public failures in the history of the united kingdom was still the government's handling of the pandemic actually led to 20000 unnecessary deaths, but a cabinet minister unfortunately, was unable to refuse or even try and apologize for those claims. came to stop an apology that i would have thought. what will know we followed the scientific advice? would psychology, we followed the scientific advice, we protected the natures. we took the decisions based on the evidence reformers.
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but of course we've always heard we've something so precedent it as the public there will be lessons to learn. so it's still a very gracious look there from steven barkley, a cabinet office minister, who actually in that very into the refuse to apologize some 11 times. but looking deeper into this reporting question, it's quite hefty. it's a 150 pages long and almost a year ago to date was when it was 1st establish. and when this inquiry really began, now they looked at many key areas, including the preparedness for pandemic, social distancing, social care and the impact on certain communities. plus, of course, the vaccines as well. now a whole barrage of the criticisms really came out in this report, noting very quite big concerns, including access to p e as the government's much help track and tre system, which fundamentally was flawed. also suggesting, at the thought of the pandemic,
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boris johnson says that the care homes would not be affected. now, we know, in hindsight, they were actually the was effected loss. of course, numerous criticisms about the travel concerns. whether or not boris johnson should have shut the board as much sooner than he actually did. but the key finding really dates back to some 20 months ago. that key date of march, the 23rd, when the united kingdom entered its 1st lock down. well, this report says, scientists were talking some 2 months prior to that about how ready at the u. k. was in terms of dealing with a pandemic of this scale and actually argue so the government acted far too slow. it is now clear that this was the wrong policy and that it led to a higher initial death told them would have resulted from a more emphatic early policy in appendix, spreading rapidly and exponentially every week counted well. bars, johnson, the prime minister, and his government have always maintained throughout this pandemic. the policy is
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guided by the data on the science and always maintains that it just simply put policy into place by the evidence that was presented to it. it also says it's sticking by its promise of allowing a public inquiry into the pandemic. i'm the government's handling of it as well, but that won't come until at least and next spring. just to say that this a very report, its aim is not to point the thing, those of blame, that is a quote within this report. but some already say there is only one direction of blame to point that finger and that is squarely at the government. the inquiry conclusions are no surprise to the founder of the coven victims campaign. group names, not numbers who outlined to us why he thinks the fatality level is solely the government's fault. and i've been saying to the last couple of years, my great the city government to send an absolutely terrible job. and this is what happens when you have leaders in charge in unearthed society. don't know what
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they're doing and they didn't follow the science. they didn't listen to the experts and they didn't listen to other countries. that was a disgrace. they didn't listen and also they didn't think about the lights. they full about the money they for about the business contracts, and they didn't close. the board is simply just letting our people die a 150000 people today of don. however, the government want to go around. 3 you know, trade incontinence in the future. i think this is a big society wake up. we've gotta stop lessing, these born to rule astray, a private school, people run things. they don't understand. why is it that we allow prime minister? we've absolutely no common sense to run the serious pandemic. so i lost my grandfather to that and his best friend of it is when the next day. so my family have, i had a fat shaft chunky from it, but this, this isn't
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a personal vendetta. you know, some kind of emotional trauma, i think someone like doris johnson prime example of what is wrong in british politics and has been wrong, a bridge on the 6 the last 200 years. and i just feel it. nobody stands up to point out that this is dennis side. it's just something that someone has to stand up and say, because like i say, and i and i called to so many people will just take it on the chin. not i think that taking on the chin is not something that this, you know, unprecedented situation, deserves phil to come in the program. one of america's biggest airlines grounded at hundreds more flights on monday. but was that down to the weather or a mandatory staff vaccination program? we talk you through the contradictory claims and about 90 seconds. this is our international. glad to have you with us. ah
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ah ah ah, oh, i mean a ah, what happened to the idea of tolerance in our politics? conservative. see their world being up ended. liberals view conservatives with contempt. of course, the media only makes things worse,
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and we all lost hope and compromise in peaceful coexistence. ah, ah, we'll come back, this is our t international. now a top us airline cancelled another $350.00 flights on monday, adding to the thousands. it grounded over the weekend south west airlines largely blamed the weather, but others point to staff, shortages after it implemented vaccine mandates for all 56000 employees. here's our to use killer mopping chaos in airports across the country as flights from a major u. s. airline. southwest airlines have been cancelled. now this comes shortly after a move by the southwest airlines pilot association, the labor union that represents over $10000.00 pilots at southwest airlines filed
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for a temporary block on a move to mandate vaccinations, federally mandated corona virus vaccinations. now they have filed a lawsuit against those mandatory vaccinations and they are asking for a block on the vaccinations until this lawsuit regarding us labor laws and how it applies to these vaccinations can be resolved. now the union was quick to step up and say that they were not responsible for the cancellation of these flights. this was not a strike. this is what they had to say southwest by point to their how they manage the network, how their i t also supports that network. we've been sounding this alarm for about 4 years. southwest airlines came forward and said that it was not a bad decision from the management. as the union alleged, it was rather weather conditions that caused the cancellation of thousands of flights. now, many conservative and republican voices have spoken up and given a pretty strong view of how they see the situation, jo biden's, illegal vaccine,
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mandated work, suddenly was short on pilots and air traffic controllers. i stand with southwest airlines employees who are fighting against these mandates. this isn't about vaccine, this is about freedom. why is the weather only disrupting southwest? now at this point, it seems the issue is close to being resolved, that people are looking at the current flight schedules and expecting that things will return to normal. but questions remain about what caused the panic and cancellation of thousands of flights. if your child is looking to pick out a new barbie doll in a california toy story, you'll probably find it next to a g i. joe action figure. california, is it becoming the 1st your state to force retailers to display toys and other children's products in a gender neutral way? the new law pushed by the democrats doesn't completely forbid stores from having individual sections for boys and girls as long as they provide a gender neutral area as well. it also affects only the state's largest retailers.
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those with more than $500.00 employees, archie contributor lauren chin comments on the law and says, while apparently well intentioned, it is to constraining on businesses. i'm actually pretty open minded in the fact that i think if you're a little girl wants to play with boys toys. or use a bluetooth brush by all means you should let her. and likewise it's not the end of the world if your little boy wants a barbie doll. ok, there are just ways that children express themselves sometimes that don't necessarily mean anything deeper than i want this specific toy. and i think a lot of parents on both sides of the political spectrum can kind of drive themselves crazy. trying to needlessly psycho analyze every little decision their young child makes. oh my little girl, played with a trained is that mean she's trans or a lesbian is like, you know what? it's a toy. let your kid play with whatever they want to play with. and i know isn't popular say nowadays, but by and large gender stereotypes exist for a reason and you know,
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little girls. there is a reason why they are more likely to want to play with make up and dolls is dressed is an easy bake oven stuff than little boys. and all this california law does really is make stories needlessly designate gender neutral sections when it's like a right for 95 percent of their customers. you're going to know what the little girls want to shop. you're going to know what the little boys want to look at. there's nothing a neatly wrong with having a gender neutral toy area if that's really what stores want to do. but like why, why mandate it? why has it gotten to this? if you're in california and you run a business, not only do you have to give an obscene amount of your money away in taxes, but the government is also telling you how to run your business, who you can hire, how much diversity you need to have. what things you can sell, how you can sell them, and what we need to understand here is that control is kind of a spectrum. no, california may not technically own your business if you choose to operate in california, but it is going to be taking large amounts of your revenue of your profit. and it
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is going to be giving you a lot of rules and regulations over how you can operate your business. that does it for me, this are all we'll be back in about 33 minutes with another full and fresh look to news. this is our congressional glove, every with ah, these people learn from their own experience. how vulnerable of business is to the bank. so he pushed my business over the age, pushes me right to the edge, bankruptcy. now i realize we were good. this isn't just the back to says it may be involved in this is the concept. see is, is the lawyers, these people have got one of their stories at a walk? can a whistle blower tell people's marriages have broken up, lost their family homes. it is spectacularly devastating for people's lives. they
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have committed suicide, but left behind, nor the explicitly state that it was the constant intimidation and billing by buying call for sauce that late them to i talked to spy. it's obscene. these people up nor salt. oh is your media reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way or are you being led to somewhere? direct? what is true? walk this way. in the world corrupted,
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you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. i is bank, accountable lending against entrepreneurs necessarily. they only want to lend against real estate speculation. so this was created the biggest real estate babylon history. that's now collapsing with the choice of the place, but also within the daniel st. earlier, the little fish with just needed. yeah, it was a just food say that him and then you would get that is images. but it was a passcode, it's a supposedly good have my did some, i will check with me as it is images,
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but it will become mom. but it's my 1st with your phone was out of the to get the vote for idea for all of your rooms plan a dumb way up with you to the shelf worship with with with hello and welcome to cross talk. we're all things considered. i'm peter lavelle. what happened to the idea.


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