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i to may of the national nuclear nash's daughter near the back st. bezels cathedral is always the center of attention. but of course it's seen in a special way by artists. it never looks the same with ever changing lighting and many different angles. so it offers endless creative opportunities, but it's not just the artist to a drawn to the cathedral, a from politicians, to athlete and movie stars, to musicals. does it seems that every big name in the world has been here. i know, say all moscow. what am i as noble in their thoughts without going i see enough on your thumb water. if they are then either. i don't know it's worth they get data for the graduate girl, but being void, i would put a google sub. what? oh, checking of course i miss cillian. there is up on your sneaker, william the to the bill. thought somebody, so she got it out. we were like one in that you're asked,
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the lady was gap. i guess i always thought that you need to hold a pencils cathedral. the russian capitals, most distinctive landmark, and the most famous and recognizable russian architecture in the world. taking a filthy in front of some battles has been a must have been any traveller for quite a while. now with frontier morgan teacher, whittaker, wagner, for 4th grade on the from that and you're going to use the use of border thought, the glad you are years with marie, you jump from your from, from that smile. hm . but i just don't know, but i've been looking at that for it to know that somebody with a button with an fiction. what the last place come
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with? everyone must have seen the cathedral at least once in books, albums or on coins, perhaps on instagram, or in almost any film about russia, but seeing it with your own eyes. that's something else with a deal. i'm not grass, my employee should run by senior blood because everyone recognizes it, even if they don't know it's real name perspective, we do the conversion to perm record with across can sub work with john. we do bridge and do a funny up mostly. but i do took some water, participate in a bind him as well. that happens with a lot of the cathedral has 2 names, the official one bestowed by metropolitan mockery of just after it was built. because the cathedral of the intercession of the most holy theatrical on the moat,
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it other name was coined by the people i know with the going see to it even you work at some point today without the to a guide. many people don't know about the event. the cathedral was built to warner, foreclosed to support a because that's been constant. if introduced, restore a boiler or you could buy big enough compounds. tom, i would do that the biggest view my vehicle. additionally, when you know what's up a vehicle cost, i leave minion yet, i see, but which i have to beat a. providing grossman with when you presume, suggests that both additional revising my unit before that one is got the order. when you nice to meet you think about it. this is just that i'm going to stop by via them created by beard them before them even grows made they. yes. if i did the
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slowest climbing. p buckroe school sub wadell. that's funny. people, you know, will play a for but historical accuracy doesn't stop people speculating about the details to follow the sub water moscow. a couple of things that he's lee is that the use of anger roseman this courtesy ortho political studies. that's certainly not true, but it is an interesting theory. the biggest misconception among tourist going to red square is that some faddle is a single church. in fact it contains 11 churches. so it's a sort of special offer from, it's found a cuba terrible buy one ticket and you get to see much, much more. ah yeah, vienna some water efficient. so tim to settle with only $43.00. i don't know what
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they did for this that i read that if you're not said good, you're plus me and i did for the most when you need to go, we got you on the left, then along with the door, you one of us then no one who's ever visited macowski cathedral could have missed this statue? meaning that the shockey bottom brushing is what joan of arc is to the french. for me, neither me nor through the yellow rob here draw a filter from the will make simpler, classical, if it really annoyed the bolsheviks. the bronze statue was nearly melted down as a piece of historical garbage. and it was joseph stone and himself who saved it. it said it was his decision not to send the sculptor into a furnace, but to move it closer to some battles with sort of thing. yes. if i did,
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if they aetna has anything for you is a b e manual. he baretski as it relates to amy and the musical stranger. yeah. to the because the guy used to be right. so yes, in that he starts or a self in life when you left guys the what, what he's done. i be certainly booked, of course, told me, but i could, i mean, he'll often see tourists hanging around some battles and almost as often, archaeologists to, they're always working on the site. the cultural less frequently reveals historical paradox is one after the other. just at the moment they're studying the buildings, foundations. well enough near believe. all. nope, it's beverly and yeah, thank you. it's not a pull on go to from been with them of them years the price, the media number collection and just the next it some more. i thought it, it's more, more no form or no on law. i didn't theater one that you thought cocker. i didn't hear them on some find me if you can look, i've been real difficult about finding a failure. one, unless the field and vice did $931.00,
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the monument was moved, and all of red square was renovated, even the paving stones were replaced of done the minute them with, by him. not to mention that when you've got an h. j. m. a savoy at the b o. m a stove. i got dora, we really just not graph may blow, she didn't ladies just on our floor and that you saw milk of our gum. yeah. usually for me at the broad now dogs am way the gym. thank you. chill here. well, listen, these boyer group number gum. yeah. or should i? it's a store where most of i am a alicia now grass nipple. she's been here with him. so if you're from god, during moscow's 1st major renovation in the 19th thirty's, it wasn't just the monument that was moved. the paving stones were replaced to the countries main square covers more than 2 heck to as of open space as though the builders or so how much of
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a low the stone would be under originally by steep. yeah. not fully at all when the by can commit to east of garden. if you could give me a call either way by the store. let another garcia talk with you to pick we secaria originally by at the forum own roslyn. it's. that's what i didn't like. we get a picture as miram. yes. it's not the watson amended with the ticket to him because he borrowed the donkey. you move, he's personally the chase on the rock, mr. applying. it basically is garalie many secrets and legends surround red squares. renovation story, one says that we came close to losing some battles altogether. thanks to one particular soviet party official with goggles by the lawn mower grasping voice, should you come on your bill, so bore stolen 0, mike gets a stable. let's go. a lot of neutral variable when you've known for brewer, but in europe not somewhere. we clearly own both with some interest over whether sort of no one or a new or subordinate version of the mass of with traditional rob is to pull out.
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after visiting the cathedral, many dream of going back, after all the legends live on to this day. yep. the slavic support? ideally a gabels line. yeah. it's just the voice line. yes. the voice by phone doing it. so that's of all share. ah, going back when. ringback you go with a gun? yes ma'am. what happens if the, if i do ask is, would you, oh, my gosh, the yes. well, so you can pause. i'm going to go putting that in the back and i've always listening to the flame, you garcia when discouraged them, but that is the way that i work with the water management course. second. yeah, sure. i just got that. i'm not getting a copy of it, which somebody cheerleading actually one more number that you said you stay in there and you look at the family these days that wrote the church lies through the digital space. eagerness to interact with
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visitors online is as high as chatting off life. social media pages are quickly gaining followers from all over the world. a like nothing in them with him. a bully chilly with digitally bria, but as the one year nashika told him, i feel that i feel like killing me under the 3 with a with the concourse, but the show me somewhat away from the blood. ran the work. yeah. but if the avoid negative blocks, your brushes to walk, when you get to them, not for me. i have to prove that i work with near i at the kind of, for the voices. if i feel up here with somebody to the but anyway, i just been the ones that are still using is a browser. the basic i don't with
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the customer. okay. story than with the diagram with the dish does worth one 1st place. now this is the reg will be a great addition to the museums collection. with no proud the growth of my bureau. we're ye, you my explained that they got there a yeah, some wasn't our and yet, adams explain at the new mission. i thought you nice to you whichever store my it. i bought the witness that i bought and you got told him we should have them. do i make another deal? yeah. it's kind of laura. ah oh oh oh
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oh. join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. i'll be speaking to guess with the world politics. small business. i'm sure business. i'll see you then. mm. oh i just don't know. i mean, you know, you have to say proud disdain because of the attitude and engagement equals the
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trail. when so many find themselves, will the pardon we choose to look for common ground. ah ah, this is where an introduction to the cathedral begins the sanctuary of battle. the bless it headed off to the holy fool died. his miracles were legendary and his
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relics are still here. you might say that the battle of bless it is still guarding moscow's most sacred sight. he can't get into the museum without crossing. the church is threshold with the more senior bergman fellow who opened from baldwin, senior blizzard, or for story your order will be stick. not all the joy megs. i should be proud. don't scope the quarter boys. the sessions is always just let him in which local abuse needs are all the key you either way can when you manage nothing negative. but i see the other store one never made enough. dalton, the god, what's them those at gazelle, so that is the a dormer, you don't edit on? yes. as nice to know the status of that awesome. was it, it's just not yet. you shows it nebraska. boy, she's going in. the boy is only broad for guess what was the gradually, what it was, i don't bother to go to, but in here, e, but in a stable, you more was more or less which brought them can be easily to them. they see, she said, she decided by sidney breathless,
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a busy day and sit in your muskgray grass for those are some side, yvonne, grossly papa, by all endless legends of surrounded the cathedral and its main instigator, yvonne, the terrible. some say he killed his own son and sighed to repeat, painting as proof. so the also allegedly blinded the architect who built a judge, so they could never again create anything so beautiful with addition, when you brought it to book, rosco, suburban, lillian, lillian margotto, recalculate pneumonia theme love magic julia. but if you are p at us, monthly people out of the pool, you will pay for asked me at all be see, is that each school year with sit by me for my guy was in them. so when you come dorm, still blurt promotional bullshit. louie was not born in the sand from some people might be blinded by the beauty of some battles. it not enough to actually order that the architect to lose their site. that very popular legend appeared
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thanks. so one particular author mm. yeah, was spoke with were little agenda for school. can we in his name, doesn't door bull mice to them that a door you got to he said just give distortion of cut that over, but please dial it in a while, so i don't restore it to mr. albert, it will be that yes, just what? i will not so, but i see it all here if, if they are the new as of yet is because we didn't the me, the day he ended in a previous archer. but now what's the database you can find it on with your pieces that are going to be a new version of finale here. think of that that they go to the new year, but i see is valley. this is something you get north of austin here, but they had a couple of sub water bisman the misfortune kid. markwood. yep. seagate at armster . vital ski mascara point, sneaky bottom bust, royally see architect or made. sure, the but that the guy, idea indian,
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not food yet. vanelle is what he said of it at the dumpster bar. forget that at which i'm rules. keep pushing the bottom. i was the lipa gorski sub board. and here inside the cathedral lies a true guide. and chronicle. this is basil. the bless. it's icon. it's more than a holding image. it gives a pretty good idea of how red square looked in the 16th century. ah, the fault walls would have offered a very different scene. that could i think more to get what's less could boss me, you're more to just reading. and i just think of all martha as if more did it, you choose who will also post jayden vaughn by the mccrass's voice just goes in yet and blah, blah mccalla, just not the one that challenge is not at this year at the boot or is it for 9
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years of water, some water pick up is that always crystal and not of i don't, i don't know. the complaint is in one, but how do you well school in the family. yeah. mosque like you've been you greenlee east was you. i'm using them. sonya those fuck teacher ski cramps i you were to why she didn't matter. wow. this to go with me. so i mean it should do me a lot of it. i don't, i mean there was some water. yep. okay. that is spelled with that often thought of when you, when you need to follow up with 3 or 4. that was i bought a now with jason. this was a year. that's when they saw it. you can use it on the other from start off. ok. i thought yes, well it's not credential, but that was because i was banging the global up here, which is the other one. ah,
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just a museum and a working trash services a healthier for the main orthodox piece. de smith law. this is a boy covered in a book with us more than the most slimy program. so family is that each is clear forklift but it doesn't name a clip. nothing yet a blue book, a sl jania for her is just not the person with for the dish, but it was a to like i said, just because i sent battles, cathedral is more than 450 years old. and it's quite unique because even after all these years, we still know the exact date on which the 1st services were held in
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the mid 20th century. during another renovation under multiple layers of an oil painting in the central chapel. an inscription was found which had taken years to uncover. this is the precise date of the cathedral consecration. the dates and paddles cathedral was born a boy to come, the lady from school, from one to sean yard. put you down here to avoid that. if you think that i can follow up with you on the if i leave him a guided missile, a lady to run it inside the crafty cathedral is one of a few places where you can hear a wide variety of languages at any one time. and you need a translator exclamations of excitement and amazement, sound the same in any language
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that with, with the kind of an a tower must of people know what this cookie don't temp basin. because the more iconic, clear here, even in the but god, usually they put this cathedral as a simple pressure disappearing around sharp turns and bending under low arches, tourist group stream, back and forth all day long. with bruce enough that almost every i'm a modem, but yet some wish it's late in new does thought that you know, the voice that i knew was up us monthly income. first of the discuss commercial discuss acidic in the shows,
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month at the was the lithia. nobody blitzer discrimination, usually the dish or the again, but the dumber her best edition. normally in 30 and i'm watching that us with catherine said, i'm not quite sure about that. there are those in here. if you just go on the flesh in your mouth from the, from the noodles with your duties, but can you by the word you, jessica, last, i want you to prove it. not only your order, but i do think video me or ask you put a name on the pricing, but then yeah, but i just don't think this model you currently whiskey court or mark in again. you know, got done that before we did the last i bought a day of them. i work. i'm more than you boy. by that that was not the of me yet with me. i used to walner and as you can see for daniel, ah, there's a great view of that bell tower from here. it's the cathedrals 11th don't. but it
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was built a 100 years later than the rest of the church. ah . the church, the church bells is another of the cathedrals, gifts to tourists, the copy heard every day, but it is why men come here. ah lucy, with the court equilibrium is one. this isn't as if we did the court here again. no, she had to 40 book one is one. 02 . 0
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. the cathedral mail. so be a museum, but it still has the obligatory choir. everyone in the world knows about the magic of church acoustics. the old, the building, the more unique the sound, and only a very few moscow's churches are older than some vessels. but awesome with those, then you get are a solution on you through which and what that so applied. you know, it's not me sticky notes in brushwood motion. any user might consider memberships to play with with chickens feels when it comes from a lawyer with ocean to solution was from logan said,
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battles became an official symbol of the fee for 2018 wells up. and in terms of attendance by foreign football fans that even be to lose nicky stadium which held many championship events including the finals ah, with episode of his youth markups could i see the school sales from him as a bush august through my forms to work with a girl with broad st with ship with that is from mortgage there with your phone number. please give mr. i'm. is it, can you go to them? not by the curb is now like
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a corporate see. some of them followed the cathedrals done because every single one is unique and they want copies of each other. tourists often say that has similar to pine cones or pineapples, some even say artichokes. and he has a little tip for you in case you ever get lost. what do you think i could ask the voice you boston was more like, go out and over to them, but i'm more thought i see there was in the, at the campus boys all seem portion of cor, i'm not cedar virginia. that's got a senior group nicely. now you don't get as it is cross mila m m. as a way of getting north or south some vessels, cathedral shows the way. and it makes dreams come true for everyone who falls in love with them was i think that's what i see with
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a what i got for you. what do i see that was in the void a void? is there a phone that the one with
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the cathedral doors are always open to anyone? maybe that's why it attracts so much attention control the need to know introduction and it's one your unlikely to forget. ah, chinese bank, you're not comfortable lending against entrepreneurs necessarily. they only wanna blend against real estate speculation. so this was created the biggest real estate babylon history that's now collapsing
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with these people, learn from their own experience, how vulnerable of business is to the bank. so he pushes my business over, the age, pushes me right to the bankruptcy. now i realize we will group, this isn't just the back that may be involved in this is the concept. see, funds is, is the lawyers. these people have got you want on their stories and it was kind of whistle blower. tell people's marriages have broken up, lost their family homes. it is spectacular. the devastating for people's lives. they have committed suicide, but left behind, nor the explicitly state that it was the constant intimidation and billing by buying coff resource that late them to i talked to spy, it's obscene. these people have no soul
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through in the british tabloids claims that russian spies stole u. k vaccine secrets. it gets rival newspapers digging deeper, calling out the story as inaccurate and opaque. but the son is yet to clarify or apologize. face of double standards to one of germany's most read newspapers build leaps to the defense of a coven discussion panel, whose content was removed by youtube. but it's the same newspaper that mercilessly lashed ortiz, german new service during a similar struggle with the video sharing site. frances.


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