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got off to me the same in washington next. and scotty now hughes. i'm calling bray moscow. thanks for watching joey. me for the next. i'll t global updates in half an hour. ah. but the pandemic? no. certainly no board is under slide 2 nationalities. and you face as emerge, we don't have with the we don't have a vaccine. the whole world needs to take action to be ready. not a good people are judgment, common crisis with we can do better, we should be doing better. everyone is contributing each in their own way, but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great. the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel
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very proud that we are in it together with the china as if they didn't wargames in the sky or on her wind. but now they are carrying isle beach drills and the province opposite. the island will bring you the reaction insurance continue to escalate between the 2. this is indian and chinese troops had a minor confrontation last week. but does this mean a future, 2 front war for india with china and pakistan? our expert weighs in the navy engineer and his wife has been accused of selling nuclear submarine secret. we will tell you to who in the very nutty way they were communicating with their buyers. and have you been to your local grocery store lately and seen all of the shrinking numbers of available items on the shelves? this is just the surface of facts regarding the kinks and the supply chain. we will
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dig deeper, as well as ask our panel of experts. if could tar is going to be the savior in the glowing growing global energy crisis and how the growing price of crude will actually affect your household budget. this winter blue is for boys take us for girls, but what color is the gender neutral option that california retailers will be forced to include? we're going to bring you all the details. i've got no use bringing you the 360 view on the top stories of the day and a new views right here on our team. erica, ah, during the camera, start today show off with china and escalation of events involving disputes over land and control. on the border with india, multiple skirmishes arrested last week when a more than 200 members of the people's liberation army crossed over the border to
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the indian side and were detained according to india media. the area in dispute is in the northern region and land of land which china claims to be part of southern tibet. now is it all fall on a 17 month stand off on the border talks which they resumed over the weekend, but did not end with any forward looking proposals according to both parties. now currently, both nations have poured tens of thousands of extra troops into the high altitude region. and this, as the india continues to also have to deal with continuous relations with pakistan . the after suspected rebel shot 5 soldiers dead in kashmir. this was the deadliest incident since february, when the fire was reached between pakistan and india through india, about the face war against china and pakistan, o'brien crispin, and other of feeding the dragon inside the trillion dollar dilemma facing hollywood, the n b a n american business. thank you so much for joining me, chris. yes, thanks for having me. and obviously this is
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a very complicated situation that's ongoing, which i'm going to expect you to explain in about 4 minutes. so let's see what, what, how many, how many of these layers we can pill back. ok, so let's talk about in regards to india. who do you think right now they should be more concerned with china or pakistan? will look, let's just get it as macro as simplified as possible. if you look at the chinese communist party, their number one goal is to keep 1400000000 people just happy enough that they don't revolt. they want. they don't want another june for 1989 episode. how do you do that? resources, energy, food, water. and then obviously some economics which involve trade. there's a lot of reasons that india, pakistan, afghanistan, that whole region, especially access to the bay of bengal, 2 different seas, rivers, et cetera. there is a lot of access to things that they need to keep there. 1.4000000000 people just happy enough that they don't revolt. so i always look at the self interest of the
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party itself, rather than try to peel away all the onions of the nuance and try to figure out exactly who they're aligning with and why. because quite frankly, even if you look at pakistan, pakistan is mostly suny. and if you look at the weaker issue in the changing province, that's mostly sunni. so there doesn't seem to be a lot of cohesion there in regards to pakistan in china, essentially grouping together. but the enemy of an enemy can be a friend, and as we know, that can be a potent combo. and that is exactly what we've seen happen in the past few years. in regards to this region, the enemy of van, we do become, they become allies in this case. but let's just say they do work together. do you feel like indian force they're actually strong enough to handle a war on both fronts? or are they going to look to other countries to help them? and then who's kind of what countries would that be when they'd actually step up to the call? well was again, if you look at the chinese communist party, they study of the art of war really well. they like to divide and conquer and
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essentially keep a unified front from ever happening. the only way they can get things done is to really make different countries or different entities approach things as a, as a, as a solo entity, as a lone wolf, on that ben transpires into a slaughtered lamb scenario. so if you're india, you want to get together with, for instance, the quad, which is australia and japan in the united states, and then try to pile on some more allies in that mix. now keep in mind, india has an interesting problem right now where their resource scarce, when it comes to coal, guess who has a lot of coal, australia, guess who has a very tough relationship right now with china, australia. so right there you have a very strong bond on a trade that's very necessary by india and something that's going to bond to members of the quad closer than ever. well, obviously it always comes down to money or power. unfortunately, when it comes to these sorts of things, and they kind of barter back and forth, you know, some people think that china is purposely trying to keep this disputed border issue
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with china. very hot right now. they don't actually want to see a solution. why is there not been actually confirmed a borderline between these 2 countries? these are not 2 countries that are just risen to power in the past few decades in either centuries of establish people. why have we never seen a border being established? well, the chinese counties party thrives on ambiguity and sort of keeping people feel like they're just about to fall back off of their chair at the bar, but they don't quite so in a way, keeping that ambiguity out there works in their favor, especially as unrest starts to seep through the chinese people because they can always raise that false flag narrative that, that pride and nationalism that really gets people driven to support the government . so any time there's a skirmish against india that we're china and everybody's against us, type of feeling and narrative comes out of the ministry of propaganda and at rallies the people around the government. well, and that's the question is what is actually being told that is truthful and what is
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actually being told that the ad to the outside world about what is going on inside chris, or as a joy, to talk to thank you so much for enlightening us on this conversation a pleasure. now it's not just with india, which china is challenge and control as they have just completed a beach landing drills in the land, which is opposite of taiwan. now this is a president sighing when vows to do the utmost possible to defend her country from chinese claims on the territory. and china and response issued a threat on sunday saying they will have no choice but to take this to the battlefield. to discuss the site is moved by the chinese who bring in a former navy intelligence officer, john jordan. thank you so much for joining us, john. on this, once again, we're having another conversation. taiwan, chinese relations. this time taking the next step of actually boasting about actual having land practices going on. so how concerned do you think are officials in taipei right now? well, this is actually a very significant develop for
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a couple reasons. so let's start with the exercises in the images. first of all, if you look at those images, they are on a calm day, no adverse weather and they had those images had to have been taken a while ago because recent weather in that area's actually been fairly implement. so that's canned footage on the chinese are growing their ability to do a forced entry amphibious assault. they're not there yet. are able to do that across the taiwan strait. bring sufficient troops across to us to do an island of 24000000 people. but they're working hard at it, and they plan to be there by 2024, a, 2025. and what the chinese, right, the chinese communist party seeking to do right now is to convince the taiwanese in the rest of the world that this is a policy aim of beijing. and they're not going to back off of it. but what's really important here is they've kind of put push the timeline out 220242025. and that's important because that's a signal to the rest of the world. that child that the beijing doesn't intend anything imminent or any imminent action in the area so that, so it's
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a backwards way of bringing the temperature down. and that's how it should be looked at in cambra, washington, tokyo and delhi was interested in the point that x, i feel like they're kind of revealing their cards. and a poker game said, hey, some point i want to take your money, but i'm not going to do it for 5 years. you say it's to kind of say that they're not show us that they're not going to attack. but on the other hand, is that also kind of selling the other can step up, do what we want to say, or eventually we will attack if you don't go along what we saying. we've got 4 years to continue stringing this out. yeah, it's exactly what they're trying to do. they're trying to shape perceptions in the west and in taiwan about their military capabilities. the world basically military experts understand that china really doesn't have the ability to invade taiwan right now with a high probability of success. but they're letting it be known that this is something that's a policy option for them down the road. and in the meantime, they're going to continue to make their assertions of sovereignty over taiwan. but
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they're not going to act on it right now. so this is really basically a climb down and in a signal to de escalate in the area. well, but what is it going to take to deescalate? i mean, to say that taiwan just need to take a breather. sigh of relief. i like what you're saying. the fact that looks like peace is at this point, you know, is she in general? we know there bolden, flashy. but do you think this is kind of reckless in their strategy? i mean, they literally just reveal that they got 4 years to work with people. they're not going to do anything. yes, exactly right. they, that a lot of what the name of beijing has been doing with regard to taiwan has to do with domestic politics inside of china. keep in mind that china has some serious economic problems. massive energy problems, 44 percent of the businesses inside of mainland china having intermittent energy right now they've got a demographic problem. so a little bit domestically, they wanted to shift the attention on the taiwan. and also they wanted to touch of secondarily for, they want to assert a greater dominion or greater influence over the resources of the south china sea,
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as us as a potential solution to a lot of china's long term energy problems. so they're doing this right now, but they didn't want to push it too far. they don't want to push so far that japan will continue with its defense buildup, which it's indicating that it wants to do or that australia will accelerate it's naval expansion program or even worse for china that the u. s. will station more troops in taiwan or engage and more freedom of navigation, exercise in the state of taiwan. so this is china saying, hey we, we reserve the right to do this. we will have the ability to do this, but we're not going to do it today. interesting, well i am sure they're not looking at this is i guess this is kind of a victory for taiwan. at this point, at least they get 3 years by looking to sort of like we got 3 years of league living with this dark cloud over the world, saying this could happen a point which could happen anywhere by then. who knows what's going to be going on in 3 years in global politics? we don't even know what's going to be going on by the end of this week at this point. john, thanks so much for joining us. my pleasure,
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scotty. okay, so this was a bombshell investigation that dropped at the start of this week. a navy engineer and his wife charged by federal officials for trying to pass along nuclear submarine secret. but get this, it was all through a peanut butter and jelly sandwich will the, to her now in a jam are different from jack, explains how this went from a smooth move to a very nutty situation. it was addressed to this foreign government that we don't know who that is. yet, for almost a year, 42 year old jonathan toby, aided by his wife 45 year old diana toby of annapolis, maryland sold what's known as restricted data, and the design of nuclear powered warships to what they thought was a foreign power. toby reporting the viewers of putting a little bit of naval information in there, how to get contact him and things like that in actuality,
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that foreign power was an undercover f b i agent stringing the 2 along. now the couple is charged with violations of the atomic energy act. toby's spy game started in april 2020, where he allegedly sent a package containing navy documents about how to contact him. but months later, that same package ended up on an f. b i. agents desk in december, according to court documents, that's when the agent went undercover and responded to toby messaging him on cryptic e mail services and how to get more documents. one of those messages toby sent reads, quote, i apologize for this poor translation into your language. please forward this letter to your military intelligence agency. i believe this information will be of great value to your nation. this is not a hoax. court documents show toby was trying to sell the nucular sub technology for
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a $100000.00 in crypto. this plot involving under cover f. b i. agents posing as foreign agents, also involved secret dead drop sites. data cards hidden and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. bandaid rappers chewing gum packs all which amounted to tens of thousands of pages of top secret technology for the nuclear submarines. now being sold to australia as part of the australia us packed, the arrests also making headlines even at the school of the toby's children. the key school in annapolis writing in the strongest terms possible, we condemn their alleged behavior. it goes against the values we stand for as a school and the example we must set for our students. diana toby has been suspended from key school indefinitely, pending the outcome of the investigation. china is its own, its own based, its own entity, or they have their own espionage abilities and things like that. the cia now
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shifting its focus to china with the new ca, chief bill burns confirming the move and that china was and has always been his top priority. you know, so, i mean, at the end of the day, i mean i, i don't know of the cia is as big as, as bad as it wants to pretend it is been what it actually is. but the question still remains was china the foreign government jonathan toby was trying to give those secrets to that's still has yet to be investigated. and revealed for news use use. i'm fair in france, act. now after the break, a series of bottlenecks is creating a shortage on just thought everything but who was to blame and is the us relying more in for an oil causing the global energy crisis when we return and
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ah, it's so but i think when once they say good price, you go. he did. who bought i bought off the dial below a couple of these on your weight, but i think all additions to athletes and movie still to musical stuff. it seems that every big maybe in the world has been here with school, a national booklet doesn't give me a glove. would you like me to? you? said basil. makes dreams come true. every one who falls in love with people, and luke with
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their shelves are becoming more common in grocery stores across the united states. and the chances of them being felt in the near future are not looking good. but is this disruption of the global supply chain, a predicted, after fact, following a global pandemic? and why was it more being done to help prevent? at the same time, the energy crisis in countries around the world is also growing as already limited . supply becomes even more demand causing high prices and problems for production. and a time when markets are frantic. what, or who could have ease the global pendant, the panic over storing energy costs. let's get a $360.00 view and bring in table. in smith's c o. busy of transformative research and steve gill from our fish on the us trade representative office. 2 of my favorite people who i believe it put together, give us a great 360 view. thanks for joining me gentlemen. thank you. could be here. okay to tow and let's start with you. what is that number one factor? do you see causing this domestic supply shortage of everyday household items?
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i mean, during the virus, people went after toilet paper and paper goods. but this time we're talking things like lunchable and pizza. roles is this about shipping a district, a distribution, orders this low labor participation, right? happening here, both in the united states and around the world have an effect. finally, it's all remember when they called a supply chain. you know, it really is a chain. and when you break pieces of that chain, everything slows down. certainly the lack of labor, as has been an issue. i talked to a plant in indiana yesterday that said they could hire 300 more people. but until they do, they're not gonna be able to process, you know, my favorite new skis, bacon and new skis and all that good stuff. but then, then when you get to the shipping part, you have a trucking companies operating 80 percent level simply because they don't have enough people. so you guys truck it, you gotta built them, the ra supplies in their area. natural gas prices are up significantly, which is what they used to process by the way,
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if you like plastic that's all made out of natural gas. so all those prices have gone up. so it's a feedback loop. unfortunately, a very negative feedback loop, and you don't solve the problem by just solving one of those breakages in the links . you have to have all the links work. you know, we used to call it just in time manufacturing right now, which it's, we have no time. and when you get, you know, what we can put out there and there's no bright hope here. so i have somebody is telling you we're going to solve this in a month. they are smoking some serious bad dope. i said thing tell, but i don't think anybody's saying this is going to be a month. but as you point out, it's not just one area but, but how do you begin and can you tackle everything on the went to more importantly, why do you feel like we haven't done anything to prevent this from happening? it's not like it's nuclear science to know this was going to happen after the last 18 months of watching the economy, steve. but 1st of all, as, as we've pointed out on the show before, we're continuing to pay people to not work. we're continuing to pay, you know,
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to put a roof over their head by their health care, give them food and then send them cache as well. we're paying people more to not work than we are finding ways to get them to work me. wal mart starting to offer $50.00 to $18.00 an hour just to try and get folks into their stores to help serve their customers. so we're not going to see truckers, we're not gonna see people unloading the docs. and right now that the docs are also, they're only operating on some sort of a government time schedule of, you know, we close at 5, we close at 6. you, when you've got ships locked up, trying to get to shore, it might be good to kind of, you know, do one of those 24 hour a day of kind of systems like you have a truck stops to get people moving. and frankly, if we can send the national guard and to start working in hospitals, let's send the national guardian to start unloading ships, trucking stuff across the country. and saw this. but we are going to say a token, hit it right on the money. this is also part of the big oil crisis that the, the 1st 2 segments talked about. chris and john, china is desperate for oil. oil is not just what goes into our cars. it goes into
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what we manufacture, what we made, and we, we shut down pipelines, we shut down the flow of oil products in the us. we shut down our manufacturing, not just the ability to put cheap gas into our cars. well, and i thank you for giving me that, and i great segue into there because when you tell me when i ask you china is actually reversing, it's idea that it's actually on it's oil hoarding. can see is that really having a major impact on it? and why is that different from years past? well, 3 things 1st. so we have had it as a, in the united states because of fracking, the idea that we can, you know, put high pressure water and blow up all the, the rocks down there and turn that into natural gas and oil. but we've had a glut of oil, we've had a glut of natural gas. it gas, natural gas, he tried to say, and the prices came down to such a level that all of a sudden it was not economic to drill for oil or for gas. and so therefore, that we went into this, this pandemic with that situation. china from the other hand, has got a limited cash money to buy liquid look by natural gas and import oil. that the
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largest import they get is from the united states, both in gas and oil. and then the, you know, the 3rd part is, is that i don't know if you heard this, but china has the olympics coming up this year. and they really don't want to have their people freeze. so they have, they have bought all the outward supplies here out 1st, next 3 months. and the other guys are left in the wing. and basically, you know, mr. put in and russia are sitting there with more gas than they know what to do if they're going to use that leverage to get their new pipeline. so it's all coordinated and it's not america's fault. it's not china's fault, it's not russia's fault. there's a little mother nature here in to, you know, we had a very cold winter last year. the idea is you, you put gas into, you know, the big tanks during the summer and use it down. well, we were already down below level. so now that we're not refilling, we're already by about $45.00 days behind the filling at the season. and we're about 10 days in some of the parts of the world,
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either the consumption phase. i'm sorry, there's no way out here for the next 90 to 120 days. well, i like to have a not playing specific fingers and individual countries. i can agree. i think it's everybody's got some sort of issue in it, but we're not refilling. steve. why are we not refilling? i mean, it does have anything to do with united states is now demanding more consumption on the global scale than they have probably in the last 4. busy years and the fact that is the united states using up very valuable resources that the rest of the world was actually needing. when d u. s. could probably just provide it on their own, like they've been doing the last 4 years. well, we have become a net energy export, or i mean, we were exporting oil. we registering call, we were exporting nash s, and then we come off the pipeline. so we've, we've self inflicted wounds. but keep in mind that, you know, we usually do about 19000000 barrels of oil a day in terms of u. s. consumption. and again, that's not all going into our cars. that's manufacturing. that's everything else we did down to about 17000000 barrels a day. the last year or so,
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we're now heading back 219220 1000000 barrels a day. as our economy starts to reopen, as manufacturing starts to come back. so we're heading back to where we were, but we've cut off part of what we've had. so we put ourselves in a hole, and i would just remind everybody that again, back to chris and john and that 1st segment, people forget that world war 2 started in large part because the japanese couldn't get us oil. we've seen worse cause because of the oil, let's be more self dependent. let's energize ourselves and not be as dependent on whether it's the middle east or yeah. to maybe figure and they've got to go else to get the oil. yeah. well, but understand, i mean, we're not china, we're not a top down country that says we're going to do this. these are public companies for the most part that are owned by shareholders, not by the government and for the government and come in and semo say, no, you can't export l n g, even though you're getting 3 times the amount the price in china or in south africa, or other parts of the world, that's not how our economy works. the way our economy used to work is that we
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wouldn't go and attack the energy industry, the fossil fuel industry. we used to make it easier to drill. we used to make it easier to sell, and that's how we became self consuming. well, steam tobin obviously recession. we're going to continue down the line having thanks for joining on the sky to run. now in a parent find out the gender of their baby. they may decorate the nurse a blue if it is a boy or pink inspired cars if it's a girl. now california governor gavin use them just passed. ain't new law making that a limb or difficult or to correspond natasha suite explains so many conservatives argue some one is either born, male or female. some of the left are adamant in supporting the transgender community. they claim, if you're born one way doesn't mean you have to identify with your gender. and the debate continues. california governor given you some survived his recall election. he is doing everything he can to elevate his left a space. most recently,
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newsome passed a law requiring businesses with 500 employees or more to have a gender neutral section. this area would not allow things like pink or bluetooth brushes for kids. while both boy and girl sections of the kids department will still exist, there must be a designated gender neutral section. small businesses are exempt from the new law. those against the idea say, government should not dictate how they shot for their children. l g b t advocates are praising the new law saying traditional marketing. it makes kids feel pressured into conforming to a specific gender, but not all of california and hollywood for that matter agree with the so called woke. nas joan collins and actress and author are currently promoting her new book said in an interview that she barely use the social media because the cancer culture is becoming so extreme. she said, i don't want to engage in any way, shape or form with these morons. this was the states democrats, 3rd attempt and trying to pass this law. other efforts were made in 2019 and in 2020 reporting for news fuse hughes and hush sweets
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r t and as well if however they show a thanks for watching. ah ah ah ah ah ah
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ah beautiful ocean with on what it says i'm here. oh, just also a 1000000000. it's like a noise in the middle from a brush with the lamp. would you the guy that would look as if that's something you would prevent them with a wound got that's an actual percentage of your properties was for what fin the but only the fill. believe what that to the what like you with nice seems some of them when he's got though, why when i called them so will the show. what's the zip keeps them from the, from the muse. ok. what does that still the same? i was giving you this global oh gosh, slippery music senior to one wonderful,
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scared little school to live with john cole, which if it, what are one, why do you think that us them? i mean, on i, besides that we still do . ah, the british tabloids claim the russian spies stole vaccine secrets gets rivals digging deeper, calling out the story is inaccurate and opaque, but the sun is yet to clarify or apologize. the case of double standards rush, one of germany's most read newspapers, build leaps and the defense of a coven discussion panel, whose content was removed by youtube. but it's the same newspaper that mercilessly lashed ortiz, german news service, securing a similar struggle with the video sharing side a british m p. 's inquiry says the government lost its coven pandemic response.


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