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stated peoples lives with, we have committed suicide, but left behind north, the explicitly state that it was the constant intimidation and billing by bank officers. that late them to i took the spear, it's obscene. these people up nor sold you k power plant. one slower it is super green. turns out to be the country's biggest carbon dioxide admits a blistering energy crisis from the country. twitter tests a new feature in a bit. my conversations more healthy, but watering uses things could get in. ted. so he said we put that up for debate. they long ago lost control of their product. this is just another laughable wave of their yelling in the breeze for a horse that has long ago left the bar. they can kick you want to put up signs,
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they can throw pumpkins out. it's their lawn, they own it. they pay for the french government. some of the countries talk catholic bishop over confessional secrets that prevents the admissions of child sex abuse a big with just her mid day. so good day for russia this tuesday, the 12th of october. it's kevin, now in here for the next half hour, the latest from the auto international world news h q. first, the british energy crisis that is deepening with warnings that they could be even more gas price hikes, industries are filling the pension so they could go bust. the question is, are they are ready to suspend their environmental aspirations at least for the time, because it's been revealed that one power plant in the u. k, which was once held. the super great is turned out to be the country's greatest c o
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2 emitter. the scale of wood burning by tracks each year means the power station is one of the top 5 of mrs of particulate matter, air pollution in europe, putting it in the same company as some of europe's worst coal power plants. greener . kina renewable energy is what the well this calling for, but with an energy crisis looming in europe this winter, there's a rush to sub par, fossil fuels, a move that will perish. carbon dioxide emissions are far from where policy makers want it to be. and this power plant and drax, in the north of england, claims to be the onset to the die. lemme by switching to been biomass or words rather than coal. the blind claims of emissions from binding wood and negated by the growth of new trees, soaking up carbon again and replacing those harvested for burning sounds good, right? i don't know how they prove it and establish this carbon neutral. but if it is great, anything will max he out of it clean is going to be very well now. yes. good thing
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. i'd say if you could say job for yourself to completely get a car from your to it it. hello sheila, we're quite a bit away to go. yes, i mean as far as i can see or tell that to haven't beaten it, anything different out to it. but according to a report, the power station is far from green and is actually the country's biggest emitter of carbon pollution. one still is the 3rd dirtiest in europe. in fact, a drive is the only biomass facility to rank in the continents plan of c o, 2 emitted, today you have it while selling itself as carbon neutral learning would actually bounces out more emissions and from burning coal due to its lower energy density than fossil fuels word has to be burned in higher volumes to produce the same amount of energy. brought in no attempt to clear the air. drax responded to the claim, saying the figures of false figures are inaccurate and completely at all. it's with what the world's leading climate scientists at the you and the intergovernmental
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panel on climate change say the both sustainable bio mass been crucial to deliver in global climate targets. despite the figures the site still managed to attract more than 800000000 pounds in u. k. government subsidies. that's a 2000000 pounds every single day in 2020 alone. because of course, briar energy production reflects well on the government's climate record. but all of this is left the locals at boiling point, shocking mailing it to be for cross country 1000000. yeah, that's not very good. if that's true, that is of worry. yeah, that's, that's not good. road, not very good at to lina. robert, go to some to go up by a lie to the community more than anything can live around there to build up a bit better and baffled the children and bring blah more than oh wow. then go to a bigger power station law. so despite the neutral a negative pledges, in this case by our energy seems to be failing to protect the planets. in fact,
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it seems to be making matters worse. the government is trying to reduce carbon diode side subsidizing something that is hugely covering. carbon dioxide seems to be a very strange way of spending government money. it's green when it wants to be positive in the new cycle, but it's not green. when he looks at the need to ensure that we have fuel security . it's because it's an ideology. they've almost got to the stage where it becomes a religion for them, nothing matters more than ensuring that we remove carbon dioxide and move to the green agenda. of course, for many of them, there will be a financial benefit. some of them will sit on boards of directors of the new green companies. others will be part of the non governmental organizations that receive funding from the european union and other countries that also support the green agenda. next to the route of online discussions and twitter thinks it's got an
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answer for when conversations just get a bit to rowdy in its opinion, may be offensive. it's now trying out a new feature than that warn hughes is about to enter an online chat that it could get quite heated. although some of the stuff flagged up in the trial is left uses a bit bemused. oh, what's this about? twitter said look low. they're intense conversation about the weather, bro. seriously, this is the lamest one yet. to return what's intense about this conversation? called believe this is happening earlier in the incense conversations. ah. okay, so how does it work here as well? if twitter spots a chat thread with opposing views being thrashed out and someone wants to join in
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and notice pops up saying heads up. conversations like this could be intense. it's not clear there whether twitters scanning for contentious subject matter or the actual content of a conversation, calling bray disgusted a bit more of a panel of experts. this sound like her a noble idea that is doomed to fail because if it's moderated by humans, it's open to claims of subjectivity. if it's algorithms, what we all know, how they can't really understand the nuances of language and discussion. can it work? no, no. is the very simple answer there and twitter itself has no idea how to moderate it, and winds up getting the vast brunt of some of the most insane arguments that bubble up on that site. so they long ago lost control of their product. this is just another laughable way that they're yelling into the breeze for a horse that has long ago left the bard. this is no goose mistake. twitter is not fumbling the ball. they're not somehow incapable of managing their audience. it is
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going exactly as planned. imagine the idea when you watch television or anywhere the world and you get a disclaimer, the following contains lipstick. children be advised, do you want to watch it? yes, you do. the 2nd, they put up a warning saying whatever you do, don't touch that dial, whatever you do. don't push the red button. i'm going to be the 1st in line along with millions of others to push the red button. this is the perfect brand new bait hook in the cheek off we go. is there a danger that there are certain people, certain company, certain subjects they're going to fulfill be judged before any auto bodies even taking place? absolutely. they miss is already algorithmically put to the top of the queue. it's already algorithmically fed to everybody because there is at the base level, no difference between intense content and profitable content. the content that people want to engage with that stay on the site longer. and therefore give twitter
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more opportunity to serve ads in between everything else. it would be intellectually honest for us to remember that it is a free platform like facebook, a free platform. they make all the money you get to play on their front yard. they on the lawn, they can kick you off, they can put up signs, they can throw pumpkins at you, it's their law, they own it, they pay for it. we just go crazy on it. so pretending like a phone call where you have an implied a privacy inter action is folly. the fact is we're guests there at somebody else's dinner table and they keep throwing hand grenades and the soup a know that the more engage when you get the more rancor and the more engage when you get the more ads. but also you get more of a discourse on why there shouldn't be rancor. so twitter is, is to me the most incompetent of, of the people doing it because they are the most scared of their audience. but then
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again, if i worked at twitter, i'd probably be the most scared of my audience do when the free speech advocates like this. let's face it, they can be the noisy or end of the digital conversation company because no one's getting bad. no one's getting thrown off the conversation is still allowed to happen. that's a good thing, isn't it? well, in my opinion, it is what's offensive to you is not offensive to me. and who's to say what is offensive. so that's why it's again, again, it's private property. so we do have these issues and problems. think of the beauty, though. if you're a politician, you can do horrible things. you can stand up and say, i'm going to defend little to me was not even born yet. for something that may offend it, and i'm squelch conversation to put a warning flags and all the meanwhile, what they physically do, or legislative leave do, or to a policy is truly offensive. and there's no warning for that. it just happens. and then we all get caught elsewhere,
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pressure goes on facebook to so that's how side to off to ideals swirling congress, but holding the platform liable for content posted they will impact that in the future that enjoy freedom of speech on social media. well, it sounds like it's about to change. the facebook was a bla has a plan on how to fix the evil and the harmful system. a plan that may destroy the internet as we know it. and she presented it from the senate. i strongly encourage reforming section 230. what is section $230.00. and why is it so important to provide immunity from liability to website platforms? for instance, it doesn't allow anybody to serve facebook for any content created bytes uses mock zuckerberg himself is far from a moral bacon placement was widely criticized for an antique and safety bias in recent years. facebook had purposely and routinely suppressed conservative stories disadvantaging conservative content century conservative bloggers walking and
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centering religious and conservative political content to the platform was never moderated from the outside. many guys on capitol hill that comp setting. the new a superstar whistleblower has found a perfect solution user generated content is something that companies have less control over their a 100 percent control over their algorithms. algorithms i based mechanisms which determine how your facebook feed looks. what post you see 1st thing in the morning, a picture of your friends, newborn baby, a viral cap video or an offensive political mean. right now the algorithms are controlled by facebook and the operating principles of far from transparent. the company has long drawn criticism for not sharing many details on how the content is prioritized. these technological systems are walled off air, very complicated. they have put their astronomical prophets for people,
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money driven decision making, shaping, you'll fade so one fac, how about politically sense? it algorithm is controlled by the u. s. government much better. what a great way to spread american values, all the majority party to the 1st quarters of the us. people lives in bob way, can't wait to appreciate it. with the proposed governmental body directly in charge of facebook algorithms, there would be no constraints. facebook seems to be eager to cooperate with the authorities. instead of expecting the industry to make societal decisions that belong to legislators, it is time for congress to act. the current algorithms are definitely far from perfect, but i bet will miss them. what's the government guessing charge? imagine what a u. s. sense of the social media would look like. videos of a messy afghanistan withdrawal. definitely not interesting and to graphic. don't show it to anybody. first, the biden the stumbles on the steps. no, no, no. that's just offensive. and digest your friends graduation bridges. ok.
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but as i have a look at the agenda neutral actor, and then you won't cinderella movie. i am your fabulous god mobile. no more inconvenient means and by didn't old man jumps to be content pre approved by the us government. well, if that's what happens, the social media. maybe we'll find he's thought living in the real world. a debate over confessional, secrecy, bowling, and france recovery again for a 2nd day, bringing in more on it. as the country's top bishop says, it prevents the church from disclosing admissions of child sex abuse. it comes off to a report revealed over $300000.00 children, were abused within the french catholic church, over the past 70 years. the bishops, to, to discuss it with the countries interior minister in a couple hours time today. charlotte dimansky in paris were the latest francis top bishop is getting ready for a grilling by the french government after suggesting that priests shouldn't go to
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the police after they've heard a confession where somebody says that they have sexually abused a child, he made these remarks in the aftermath of that explosive report that was released by the solve a commission law suite. that report found that at least $330000.00 children had been abused over a period of 70 years. and that 2 thirds of the victims were those who had been victimized by the priests themselves in the church. that 80 percent of the cases were boys aged between 10 and 13 years old. and that not only did the church do anything to prevent what was happening, but it also failed to report it. that's not only anger the french government, but it angered people here in paris by much collectively, i believe that they should systematically denounce it. they are responsible for their press. yeah. so they must train them. isn't they in contact with
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a public so they have to check that everything is going well. they need to face up to the responsibility m a responsibility is just crazy. may i'd? yeah, i don't. i don't know how it continues to carry out. a resident mazama did on this . we're thinking this a bassetti. it took me away from the faith to dare no longer on turn to church because of that, they lose credibility. they lose their divine message. it's an acceptable today isn't acceptable with all this. we now? no, no, it's impossible. now the things here really documented to act, thou not to continue to hide behind the law of religion. now while senior members of the catholic church in france and the vatican themselves, the pope have expressed shame about the contents that were revealed by the silver commission. many, this is just another one. too many reports showing the abuse it's been taking place
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in the catholic church. for decades potentially even centuries and for one victim here in france, he spoken to us at r t. he says that what eric do not before has said it shows that there is a serious problem within the french catholic church. true bolcko's hillary lead them off. i think that this is the demonstration, once again, the in comprehension and the out of touch, dimension of these men of the church, they have cut themselves off from society in the realities of life. and this has led them to be out of control. when one is capable of committing so many crimes, when one is capable of carrying out such a work of death than its concealment, it does indeed leave an aroma of crime against humanity. which raises questions which raises serious questions. him, what is clear is that the saw of a commission support is exclusive as it was, was perhaps meant to be the road for a reparations for the church to repairing its image after letting people know about
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these crimes. in reality what it seems to be doing is and doing the church completely is shala dimansky with me earlier on. tell me more about that shooter todd voc. toby with our tina were across another sex can love the break. main lines of defense is i have no recollection of information of this lady numbers, which is the equivalent of just putting his hands over his eyes and shouting, la la la la la, la la. with this, widespread consternation off to police abruptly drop an investigation into the alleged abuse of a teenage girl by the case prince andrew. we still got off the hope though, as the pro continues at the u. s. a . join me every thursday on the alex simon,
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sure. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, sport, business, i'm sure business. i'll see you then. hello, driven by dream shaped banks. concur sent those with theirs. sinks. we dare to ask ah, chinese banks in our camp or landing against entrepreneurs necessarily. they only wanna land against real estate speculation. so this was created the biggest real
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estate babylon history. that's now collapsing. oh, again, child sex abuse allegations, a billionaire sex trafficking ring. and of course, that interview britons prince andrew, certainly been through the mill, but there seems very little sympathy for his plight and widespread consternation now at his case being dropped by authorities in the u. k. volleyball cur. explains . hapless prince andrew. the duke of york. the queen's 2nd son on the subject of the biggest car crash interview in living memory. it's almost a mental health issue to some extent for me under maybe about to get away with it in a way that only a royal can. he stands accused of having forced sex with a girl called virginia roberts, now jew frey, who was 17, back in 2001,
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and was traffic by suicide pito. jeffrey epstein, one of andrews main lines of defense, is i have no recollection of it for me. she slid numbers, which is the equivalent. i'm just putting his hands over his eyes and shouting, la la la la la, la la, even. ready this didn't joke his memory, a picture of him with his arm around you fray. he claims it's vague, but then again, he also claims it was almost impossible for me to, to sweat many people with eyes suggest that the evidence against andrew is pretty compelling. but fortunately for him not compelling enough for london's metropolitan police which is dropping its investigation, the metropolitan police taking no further action following a review into sexual abuse allocation surrounding prince andrew and jeffrey epstein . having reviewed the claims made by ju fray in
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a civil law suit in america and having questioned her in australia, the mat says it's going to let this one go. mat police chief crested at dick said this about randy andy, back in august. see about the move. no one is above the law to phrase u. s. lawyers. sigrid mccauley is not happy. she says that the match should reopen its investigation into prince andrew given the clear and compelling evidence against him on standby. it statement that no one is above the law, tellingly though andrews o. hi, emily appeared to be less convinced than the corpse over the weekend. it was reported that prince william, who's a 2nd in line to the throne, has made it clear that his dodgy uncle allegedly should never be allowed to return to public life again. prince andrew is right now, bunkering down at the queen scottish residence. that's right. andrews been hanging out at mummies castle avoiding the legal papers that accused him of abusing g for
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a while at the home of the 3rd person and not now notorious photograph jolaine maxwell. and as well as at properties belonging to jeffrey epstein. as we all know, epstein is conveniently dead. but maxwell, whose epstein ex girlfriend, is set to go on trial in new york next month accused of sex trafficking, epstein just like andrew. she's pleading innocent. and either way, this is going to be a blockbuster, and you better stay in the queen's castle and pull up the drawbridge and may be no more interviews or prince. andrew stepped back from overall jude, who's in 2019 to stop what he called disruption to the royal family. the prince has given an alibi for at least one of the alleged encounters saying he was at a restaurant outside to london about time. former british home office witness to norman baker's dismiss speculation now that the palace could may be of pressure the police to drop the case. i don't believe that they would dismiss the case because
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prince ben's andrew. i think that they're mostly got more than enough, but i think they say the key point is that the metropolitan police police commissioner made made a comment in the, in the release scotland yard. there wasn't prod predominantly much of your addiction because the allegations are like predominant they to what happened on united states soil and the case going to the coach in america. so i think that may have taken a pragmatic view that is best left to the states to take this matter forward. yes, well, i mean, he didn't, isn't until proven guilty. we're going to an american talk case. so we'll see what that was that produces of course, a problem with royal families isn't they are not. stackable. politicians are stackable members at all family. and that's the problem. a diplomatic spot, spring between algeria and france right now with president to bone demanding total
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respect from paris is countries. former colonial master relations between the 2 remain strained over comments by the french president and new visa restrictions. we can't act like nothing happened. and our ambassador will only return to paris when france shows total respect for the all jerry and state. so bit more about the back story here aside for recalling and some pasadena, algeria is also banned french military plains from its air space at the moment. move comes after remarks by president micron in which he claimed the former colonies rule by a political military system, which is full of hatred towards france. he said, micron even reported. he asked if algeria even existed before french colonization. paris has reduced its allocation of visas for algerians. moroccans and ch in indians accusing its former colonies of not doing enough to allow illegal immigrants to return. historian ortho gerald horn tells us he thinks the motive though behind present microns actions. what he's been saying is,
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it's got more to do with french elections than algeria. mister brooklyn is facing a very difficult reelection campaign. mister ma, chrome feels that he has to step up the rhetoric against algiers. the french economy is heavily dependent upon exploitation of north africans, so in addition to the full paw with regard to circumventing a bilateral process concerning vsa, allocation of france is also hampering its economy. mister mcgroon is engaging in a bit of cynicism when he brings up the spurious claims about how algeria supposedly hate france. and i should also add that given the hearts inflicted upon algeria during the decades of colonial occupation from 1830 to 1962, algeria might have good reason to despise paris. bless around it, but we talked about so far. big thanks for checking in have a great tuesday and stand by to hope you stick around. boom,
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bust is on the edge. it's about 90 seconds from that. ah ah ah, is your media a reflection of reality? ah, in the world transformed what will make you feel safer?
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i selection whole community. i you going the right way where i you being that direct? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallow ah
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ah this is boom bus, the one business show you can't afford to miss brenda bore, and i'm rachel london's in washington coming up. the energy price continues with oil prices hitting 7 year high. we'll take a look at how long it may last and what it could mean for the ongoing economic recovery. plus after week the backlash over its plans to turn children into lifelong customers. facebook now says it is going to do the opposite,
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promising new content controls for kids. well, it's got an o e cd members have struck a historic deal and it proposed global minimum corporate tax. later on we bring the detail that the landmark agreement and what it means for multi natural firm. we would a lot to cover, look at to it and we leave the program with the global energy crunch. it has been a crazy few weeks for energy as much of the world is suffering, a grilling shortage. just take a look at europe, which is currently getting hammered with record high natural gas prices, while china is so energy squeezed that it's experiencing blackouts. meanwhile, in the us, consumers are paying the highest price for gas in more than 7 years. as oil prices continue decline. so just how did we get here from that sort of argy, correspondent sites avager. so brand much of the world is dealing with a triple triple ran.


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