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rest in my meal on i besides that we still do. oh, in suggesting that prisons shouldn't report sex crimes against children if they are revealed. during confession gets to the top french and bishop summoned by the interior minister. we speak to a victim of child sexual abuse by the clergy. a little like this childhood trauma is engraved in my memory. very precise details. one can not commit crimes and simply say, why i'm ashamed of the crimes. i have committed domestic terrorists parents in the u. s. are brand of that and face approach. after criticizing critical race theory
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in schools, we hear from one mother about it later in the program. and showing a shakespeare classic to a class at the season american college lecturer bard after students were apparently outraged over the lead actor wearing black face to portray the main character in the 1960 movie. a fellow ah, poor broadcasting lab direct from our studios in moscow. this is art international . i'm john thomas. certainly glad to to have you with us. in france, the country's top bishop is in a hot water after claims that priests should not report sex crimes against miners. if the offense is revealed during confession he is due to me to the countries interior minister who's against the idea of church rules taking precedence over french law. we've spoken to the founder of a victim's association who himself suffered sexual abuse at the hands of clergy.
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danelle hill false. when we came to france, i was 8 or 9 years old. my parents wanted me to join this scouts group. so i spent almost 2 years there until i was sexually assaulted by bernard. pray not found myself alone with him and the door was closed. he hugged me, he lost it around 15 minutes and he was saying something i couldn't understand. i didn't understand what was happening. and i remember having my head completely crushed. i was completely crushed against his belly and i remember seeing the fiber of the fabric and the color of his shirt, his smell, this childhood trauma is engraved in my memory, very precise details. he kiss beyond the mouth of that. so i went home and i told my parents immediately or according to a friendship commissions report on sex abuse by the clergy and the silencing of victims. there have been nearly 3000 perpetrators among church workers since the 1950s. more than 300000 minors were abused by the clergy with boys between the ages of 10 to 13, making up most of the victims. now the overwhelming majority of the crimes
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mentioned in the report have passed the statute of limitation and cannot be prosecuted. francois the vo claims that if the policy of the french catholic church to conceal these atrocities or shortish in wages hoster i told my parents about the incident, they took me out of the scout group, but then they were harassed by the whole local community and on catholic neighborhood her choose my parents of harming the church. they protected me from this. they tried to get the priest to leave and they succeeded after 8 months of fighting. but i had to live with the reality that this had happened. i couldn't hide it from my family. i couldn't wool myself in when i understood the magnitude of it, i told myself that they would come on. i could confront this evil force and kill it, and that i would not miss the opportunity. so i am certain these atrocious crimes, their organization and concealment are evil, and we have in front of us, the vatican with all its power. my strength is that my opponents of understood that nothing will stop me. i have nothing to lose. the investigator commission must fulfill its responsibilities. pope francis expressed his great sorrow and called
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the report, a moment of shame for the whole church and him personally. but francois devote insist the pope should do more for thousands of victims. law wants to see them. bussey's cru, see what is shameful is not apologizing for an atrocity committed in catholic institutions on hundreds of children. the pope has never ever sent a single message. never tried to contact us, but it's his responsibility we're talking about. it's not about his shame. we don't care about his shame on cannot commit crimes and simply say, i am ashamed for the crimes i've committed. it doesn't work like that. the pope received cardinal boring, but he did not receive the victims. he did not receive the victims associations display the media coverage. divine justice is based on the statutes of limitations for sex crimes against minors. is that your religion? is that what you are explaining to us? you are a shipwreck of spirituality and a source of shame for humanity. pope francis, that's what i said to you can. domestic terrorists is how some american parents are
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being branded by the u. s. at school boards association. the organization filed a lawsuit against those who they say asked too many questions about the highly controversial critical race theory course, which says it teaches children about inequality and discrimination. one mother claims that she was bullied by her daughter's school for even requesting information about the program or cheese dmitri pog comments. if you think you should have a say in your child's education, then congratulations. you now might be investigated by the f, b i and labeled the domestic terrorist or just get a lawsuit like this mother from rhode island. i just wanted to enroll, enroll my daughter in kindergarten, and know what she was learning. and i asked the principal whether they were going to learn critical, right, theory, engender theory. and it turns out they would be, they said that they don't call kids boys and girls. they don't use gender terminology. that for the 1st thanksgiving, they asked kids what could have been done differently on thanksgiving. and they teach kids a certain line and thinking about history and every grade. and when i asked my
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questions about, what does this mean, why don't you call his boys and girls? and how exactly are you teaching american history? they told me to submit hobbling records for class. and when i did submit public records request, my school been threatened to sue me because they thought that i submitted too many requests re i had too many were too many question. so my school bullied and harassed me in a public meeting. they treated me like i was having a show trial, but the law sued could soon become the lease of her worries. lobbying group called the national school board association, sent a letter to the biden administration, asking to prosecute dissenting parents, which it says are essentially threatening violence against teachers and education board members. and literally equating these parents to domestic extremists. the classification of these heinous actions could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes. as such, national school boards association requested joint expedited reviewed by the u. s.
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department of justice education and homeland security. additionally, it's asking the u. s. government to use against parents all tools at his disposal, even the patriot act intended to prevent international terrorism by, you know, actual terrorists. now, so my thing that all this is a bit over the top, you know, considering most of the lobby groups, complaints are about parents, quote, threats of harassment. it's in other words, just mothers and fathers disagreeing. however, it seems, the justice department didn't have to think twice in just 5 days after the letter was sent to us attorney general merritt garland ordered the f b i to investigate the parents and seek ways to prosecute them and stop this quote . deserving trend. the department takes these incident seriously and it's committed to using it, so thought it soon resources to discourage these threats, identify them when they occur, and prosecute them when appropriate. i'm direct from the f b. i work with each u. s. attorney to convene meetings with federal, state, local, tribal,
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and territorial leaders in each federal judicial district within 30 days of the issuance of this memorandum. right? because apparently who cares about organized crime, drug trafficking, skyrocketing murder rates, and so on the f b, i needs to focus on the stuff that really poses a threat to society, school board meetings, and complaining parents. needless to say, the parents trying to exercise their right to free speech shows, sorry, the domestic terrorists have been appalled by this move. they now want to intimidate us into silence. by putting out this memo nationally saying that we might be federally investigated. we advocate you hard for our can the attorney general merrick garland, he is a lying propagandist. he should resign. this is in a courageous abuse of power. he is attacking parents where the pillars of society. we are waiving our children to be in the next americans,
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and now the department of justice use us as an enemy. this is part of a larger political purge of ideological county. and the outrage over the attorney general's decision doesn't stop with the parents. many are already seeing this move as basically confirmation that the biden administration is ready to go to extreme lengths to silence descent. even if it means putting people on a black list, i have a feeling and a fear that the left has become more authoritarian than we can really even imagine, be afraid of your government. and that's a sad thing from someone in the government to say, is it domestic extremism for a parent advocate for their child's best interests every day brings new reports about this administration, weaponized the federal bureaucracy to go after political opponents. frankly, i don't think we've ever seen anything like it in american history may for those of us who miss the mccarthy era, i guess this president is intent on bringing it to us, but with new force and new power and new urgency,
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unlike anything we've ever seen debates and protests are supposed to be the cornerstone of american democracy. however, lately, it seems that simply shutting up the other side is becoming the preferred method, especially for those who feel threatened by dissenting opinions. christopher harris of the rights group on the hyphenated america says, teaching has turned into indoctrination. it's almost laughable if it weren't so tragic. this is something that is definitely an overstuffed, massive overstep by the, by the administration to get involved in something that is purely a local school matter. that is not the purview in any way. stretcher form of the federal government. i call it the educational industrial complex. they do not want the keep the parents seeing what they're teaching their kids. that's the problem. and you should be very concerned about school teachers, administrators who don't want you as a parent to know what your team, what,
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what's being taught to your kids. 6 to 8 hours a day for teachers to a day are indoctrinated. they're not educators, i was educated to work, educate me to help draw from with in these are indoctrinated. they're trying to tell kids what to think. instead of trying to help kids learn how to think elsewhere in america, a small plane has crashed to in california and setting at least one home on fire and damaging others to people have been confirmed dead. although it is not known if they were on the plane or in the building, firefighters and investigators are at the scene. a portion of the aircraft confirm crash in the back of one of the homes. we also had multiple vehicles on fire, including of large box truck that is right across the street. as far as any of the cause of aircraft grouchy, we're not still to be determined. we do have multiple confirm fatalities. we do not know exactly how many are the diplomatic spat between algeria and france,
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grows with president t bone demanding total respect from its former colonial master relations between the 2 countries remained strained over comments by the french president and new v. so restrictions we can't act like nothing happened and are impossible, only returned to paris when friends shows total respect for they all. jerry and state outside of recalling its ambassador, algeria has also banned french military plains, from its aerospace, the moves come after french daily, lamond published remarks by president micron in which he claimed the former colony is ruled by a political military system with a history written to a discourse of hatred towards france. a crown even reportedly asked if algeria existed before french colonization. paris has reduced its allocation of visas for algerians. moroccans and tunisians accusing its former colonies of not doing enough
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to allow illegal immigrants to return. earlier i spoke with a historian and author gerald horn, who thinks that the motive behind president microns actions has more to do with local elections than algeria. mr. buchanan is facing a very difficult reelection campaign, a mr. moore, chrome feels that he has to step up the rhetoric against algiers. the french economy is heavily dependent upon exploitation of north africans. so in addition to the full paw with regard to circumventing a bilateral process concerning vsa, allocation of france is also hampering its economy. mister mer crone is engaging in a bit of cynicism when he brings up these spurious claims about how algeria supposedly hates france. and i should also add the dim and the horrors inflicted upon algeria during the decade. so colonial occupation from 1830 to 1962,
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algeria might have good reason to despise paris. a u. s. at music professor has lost his job for showing the 1965 oscar winning film a fellow. it's after some students expressed outrage over the lead actor wearing blackface, to portray the main character in the shakespearian adoption. whoa, culture has gotten so out of control on university campuses that now even professors who themselves are statistically speaking, unlikely to be conservative or being targeted by students for failing to be politically correct enough. right. shane was a professor of composition at the university of michigan school of music theater, and dance. and he had been with the university for over 26 years. that is until he dared to offend the sensibilities of one freshman class, shang show his class in 1965 film, a fellow starring lawrence, olivia as delete. now that film a fellow did receive 8 different oscar nominations at the time that it was released . so i'm sure that most of us wouldn't think twice about seeing included as part of
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a university class. but the problem you see, at least according to some of shanks former students, is that as the morse king lawrence, olivia actually dons black face throughout the entire film. remember, shang was showing this film specifically to focus on the musical aspects. but it wasn't long after the screening ended that some students took it upon themselves to file complaints against shane. i was stunned in a school that purchase diversity that makes sure students understand the history of people of color and america. i was shocked. shang would show something like this in what is supposed to be a safe space. the classical interpretation of university in academia as a whole, used to be a place where you would go to have your ideas challenged and probed and to be introduced to other opinions. some of which, yes, you might even find distasteful. and frankly, it does seem like a sad state of affairs that now students are seemingly so fragile that they can't even watch a film that offends them even without being asked to engage directly with the offensive material in question. without breaking down,
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professor shang did eventually come forth and apologize for showing the film. however, after that, some students still felt that shank had not done enough to make retribution. and so one week later he issued another apology and a classroom. i'm a teacher representing the university and i should have thought of this whole diligently, fundamentally, i apologize of the sanction was offensive and has made you angry. it also has made me lose your trust shang then when, as far to actually mentioned specific times in his career where he had collaborated with people of color despite the fact that he himself is a person of color just to illustrate that he bears no ill will to people of different races, this grovelling was still not enough to appease these social justice activists who had apparently been so hurt by the showing of this film. in fact, 40 different students and staff from the university banded together to write a formal note addressing the department, asking for shank to be removed from his position. and so for the moment, at least she has in fact,
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stepped down from his teaching role. and as frustrating as this story is the sad truth is that this is far from the 1st time that students have been bullying their professors for failing to be woke enough for their standards. for example, recently a u. c, l a professor came under fire for refusing to grade black students more lenient leave than white students in the wake of george floyd staff. and just last month, dr. peter berg, ocean of portland state university publicly resigned, criticizing his former university's failure to accept any ideas that go against social justice. passionate students may be a good thing, but at a certain point, universities are going to need to enforce the fact that students ultimately are there to learn not to teach themselves, and certainly not to bully. shakespeare plays have caused a race related rouse before, including being dropped from the u. s. curriculum on allegations of promoting racism and massaging. meanwhile, london's globe feeder has launched a project to the colonize his work with academics finding
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a midsummer night's dream, problematic for linking whiteness to beauty. the manufacturers of russia's sputnik v, coven vaccine have criticized a report in british tabloid. the sun alleging moscow stole the formula to the astrazeneca jab and used it to create its own. now the gamma layer institute stresses that the story makes absolutely no scientific sense. as sputnik uses, a different, longer lasting platform. we discussed this with british national health service surgeon and consultant rajeet briar, who says that there are a number of reasons why the allegations are baseless. the oxford s astrazeneca vaccine calls itself chad offs. chimpanzee adam, a virus opposite if a chimpanzee vector, in fact, has been lambasted slightly in them in the russian pass on occasion, as being among t vaccine. and where is the camera lay is shoots, elaborates on their former, fully developed well known platform,
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which is 2 separate human told viruses tuesday at no viruses. if you a bang to copy someone's work, i would, you them produces before they had produced the original f itself makes more logical sense. in fact, that that leads to the superior efficacy and safety profile of the camera lay sheets vaccines. and the fact that it eases t different avenue and vaccines and for the prime and boost chat, it means that there isn't cross reactivity. and it's that that leads the, it's almost 9697 percent advocacy. and it doesn't have the same at problems of safety profile with the, from most is a such to lean assigned as for most of the strokes that we've seen with the astrazeneca vaccine. the son claims that, that anonymous intelligence sources that were sure vladimir putin spies had pinched the formula in person from the pharmaceutical giant. but despite the apparent inconsistency with the russians shot using different vectors,
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the british security minister chose to fan the flames while not confirming the story. i'm can't comment won't comment on the specific case, but it would be fair to say correct to say that we face threats of this type that are different than most sophisticated, more extensive than they ever have been before. journalists and broadcaster, neil clark told us that if evidence existed that moscow stole the astrazeneca formula, u. k. authorities would waste no time presenting. what is interesting as to why this is tom out now isn't quite clear. we have no evidence because if they had the next face it, if there was hard evidence that russia had actually stolen or super rush, super russian agent, russian super asian in the lab. it's a taken away photograph document that been evidence of this. then that would have been presented that would certainly be presented in a press conference. if there was a smoking gun, so to speak, there hasn't been to that full. we would conclude that there isn't any evidence to why they do in this for i started to swallow one. i think there was
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a correlation between these anti russian stories coming out. and when public opinion is beginning to turn against the governing authorities of britain, people have had enough all the restrictions. in some parts you can still going on. they don't want to know the look down they. they don't feel as if they're being told all the truth about what's been going on. that could explain why this precise moment when people are getting very, very angry and cross about government. what's been going on that we get this bogeyman, this flushing back bogeyman once again being sort of brought to the, to, to the full and, you know, from anonymous security sources, producers of a new antiviral pill to fight covey dar, facing a backlash with people pointing to its hefty price tag, the pills made by pharma giant merrick and it is called manu pair of ear trials show that it reduces coven hospitalizations and deaths by 50 percent. and unlike most vaccines, it can be stored at room temperature. but in the us,
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the treatment costs about $700.00 for a 5 day course, even though the price of producing that course is just $18.00. now this all comes as the owners of another farm. a giant moderne them have made the forbes list of americas richest people. it is prompting questions about whether global calls for covey to booster shots are financially driven. and why corporations are raking in profits from taxpayer funded research. medical charity doctors without borders thinks that companies are blatantly prioritizing profits over our health. and it has highlighted a number of things that stop it getting out of the band to make it something that pharmaceutical corporations need to refrain from. and you can look at the genetic rice, which is ranges from $15.00 to $20.00 a treatment. the $700.00 price is absolutely outrageous. if you watch what's going on in vaccines 5, i'm or don't, i have made billions of dollars of profit. why depriving the developing countries
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of these vaccines apply? so it's really good that you do something different for try to be than treatment. we don't repeat the api that has happened on vaccines for treatment that the drug is already under genetic production in india. and it will be available once that again, 2 bodies approved by mckinsey use and the price is going to be between $15.00 to $20.00 per treatment. significantly less than the $700.00, right. former russian presidential candidate and current tv starks in subject has found yourself in the media spotlight after she left the scene of a deadly car accident. she was sitting in one of the vehicles involved in the incident in a southern russian city of sochi, but subsequently continued on her way to the airport to catch a flight to moscow talk. he's done quarter talk this through the story. santa sub chalk is a big deal in russia. she's a former presidential candidate, she's
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a big shot, t v star. her father was even the former mayor of st. petersburg and even the personal mentor of the current russian president vladimir putin. back in the 1990. so her decision to just walk away from this head on collision that killed a person and left another to in critical condition in the hospital has both gathered a lot of media attention and a lot of public outcry. and that public outcry began to boil over after the accident report started making its rounds around the internet. it allegedly said that some chalk was not seriously injured in the accident, and that she actually left before the police had arrived. that means that one of the primary witnesses of what's now been determined as a crime scene simply got up and left many or accusing her of being outright cold blooded since just 40 minutes after the crash. she was in the airport boarding the plane. let's take a list of what she said as an alibi. when i came round, i felt very unwell. my team suggested that i go to hospital insult. she but i
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wanted to go home to see my son. that's why flu there have internal injuries in the concussion. i have a check up, we left it another car before that my direct q real cold imagined to services and went to see if we could help people that were already people that taken care of them. now, so chuck was not behind the wheel before this accident took place, but many are suggesting that she told the driver to put the pedal to the metal as she was apparently late for her flight to moscow. this is something she denies and the driver has taken complete responsibility for what happened. he is now facing criminal charges after he said that he passed into the lane of oncoming traffic trying to overtake a bus. now there are other claims against a sub shock that she was looking suspiciously healthy and the c c t. v footage at the airport after she apparently suffered a concussion. but she responded to these accusations, saying in the footage she was holding her head somehow demonstrating a head injuries. no surprise that such a story with such a high profile person involved would gain so much attention from the media than to
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look at your news at this hour. i will be back in about 34 minutes with another look. this is our international glove. i believe us ah ah ah
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the energy crunch continues with oil prices hitting 7 year high. we'll take a look at how long it may last and what it could mean for the ongoing economic recovery. plus, after a week, the backlash over its plans to turn children into a lifelong customer base look now says it is going to do the opposite. promising new content controls for kids. well, it's got o e c, g members have struck a historic deal on a proposed global minimum corporate tax. later on we bring you the details of the landmark agreement and what it means from multinational firm we would a lot to cover, look at to it. and we lead the program with the global energy crunch. it has been a crazy few weeks for energy as much of the world is suffering, a grilling shortage. just take a look at europe, which is currently getting hammered with record high natural gas prices, while china is so energy squeezed that it's experiencing blackouts. meanwhile in the us.


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