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ah, what do i see? a bladder now look at us, but stay at the quote, cynthia atkinson, you wanted to see what's the with glove? with a grim year for fewer documents, written with her very surcharge in proponents for curriculum identity progressions that i wasn't born tricia, what i should say, but also someone say secret grace, new york. ah, what do i see? a 1000000 typical frank in many of the national and local nash's daughter near the
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back st. bezels cathedral is always the center of attention. but of course it's seen in a special way by artists. it never looks the same with ever changing lighting and many different angles. so it offers endless creative opportunities. but it's not just the artist to a drawn to the cathedral, a from politicians, to athlete and movie stars, to musicals. does. it seems that every big name in the world has been here. i know c o moscow. what on a little bit in their thoughts group, what i think not poignant barbara is the payoff many the part of noise while they get the data for the accuracy. grouping, floyd, i, what i will call sub water chassis is called casa, mira salon. there is up on your sneaker, william, it is built, awesome. we saw what she got there. we were, it's like one in that job. asked the lady so glad i cuz i always loved it you
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ah! with pencils, cathedral, the russian capitals most distinctive landmark, and the most famous and recognizable russian architecture in the world. taking a filthy in front of some battles has been a must have for any traveler for quite a while. now a front idea. morgan vickers wagner for that thought to go on from that and you get you ski. so border thought, the good you are years with marine do jump from your from, that's my house here, but i just want to know, but they can't afford to know that somebody with a union that you're on the left. if they come with you to them,
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which that has led to with everyone must have seen the cathedral at least once in books, albums or on coins, perhaps on instagram or in almost any film about russia, but seeing it with your own eyes. that's something else. this is a, i'm a new plan you spent a bit of i'm dealing with ross, my ploy should run by senior blood because everyone recognizes if, even if they don't know it's real name perspective, we do the conversion to perm record with pressured dip across to sub work with john, we did the bridge doctor with our while not only to bring up mason, but i do took some water push updates in a bind him as well. when that happens, i think a lot of the cathedral has 2 names. the official one started by metropolitan mockery of just after it was built is the cathedral of the intercession of the most holy theatrical on the moat. it out the name was coined by the people. i'm busy
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with going through it. even you work at some point today without the to a guide. many people don't know about the event. the cathedral was built to wanna foreclosed, to support a because i can cancel it introduced restore a boiler, or you could buy big enough cousins compounds to them, or does it acquired by the discipline view? my vivica additionally vanya, what's up a vehicle cost on these minion yeah receive, which i have to be sure with wowza, pre binding grossman with, when you presume it's each aspect will assertion or $3.00 versions. why, you know, before that, why it's got the order really nice to meet. you talk about it. if it's all, it's just that i'm going to stop by be a little bit by bit before them even grows midday your ideas to ship. i did that. that's royce 5 the across the border. that's funny because, you know,
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we'll stay with a for but historical accuracy doesn't stop people speculating about the details. apollo, that was a border mass cocoa problem is that lee is good for 7 grossman, this courtesy orthopedic allies. magickal study that's certainly not true, but it is an interesting theory. the biggest misconception among tourist going to read square is that some faddle is a single church. in fact it contains 11 churches. so it's a sort of special offer from its founder of on the terrible buy one ticket when you get to see much, much more with the sub world, sufficient for tim to settle. we got do you sure. 3. hello. this is so this driver
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are you sure i'm not said could you please me an idea for them when you need to go, we got you on the blood in the law is throwing in my you. if the door you're on the left, then no one who's ever visited macowski cathedral could have missed this statue. meaning that the shockey bottom brushing was what joan of arc is to the french, farmington latham. you brought me the yell robe he had brought to do with me simply classical that it really annoyed the bolsheviks. the bronze statue was nearly melted down as a piece of historical garbage and it was joseph stalin, himself. who saved it. it said it was his decision not to send the sculptor into a furnace, but to move it closer to some battles with the thought of thinking that i did it by aetna, we need them pony it to be a medium. he was arky as it relates to him in the musical stranger. yeah. to the
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cars that you could i used to be right. so yes, in that a starts or a self in life when you left guys the what, what he's done. i be certainly booked quite door to me, but i mean, he'll often see tourists hanging around some battles. and almost as often, archaeologists to, they're always working on the site. the cultural left frequently revealed historical paradoxes, one after the other. just at the moment they're studying the buildings, foundations. well enough. yeah. believe all. nope, it's 70 awesome. thank you. it's not a full on goes to from bang them of them years. the price, the media, limber collection, and just the next it some more. i'm not buying it. got the right in the, at the moment, no form or no on? no, i didn't you to one that you thought i didn't, you know, on some fine, if you can look, i've been really talk about by me pick up friday at one of the field. and by
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in 1931, the monument was moved, and all of red square was renovated. even the paving stones were replaced with, done the minute them with, by you know, solution when you've got an h. i check in with the boy at the p o. m w got dora, we really? yeah. now cross blue shield. yeah. living just on our floor to night. you thought milk of our grandma has recently for me at the barrel and their dogs jam way. be jim becky, choice key, the near. well listen, late, use boyer group number gum. yeah. or should i? it's a store beer must bow via mafia. eulissa now cross and blue. she's been with him. so if you're from god, the jury moscow's 1st major renovation in the 19th thirty's. it wasn't just the monument that was moved, the paving stones were replaced to the countries main square covers more than 2 heck to as of open space. as though the builders for saw how much of unload the stone would be under originally by sea. yeah,
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not only by cam communities of gun becky cooking with a lot of really bunch the store. let us up a quick get a picture of we see carly originally y at the you for ammonia, roslyn. but especially what i didn't like. we get a picture as miram. yes, it's not the watson amended for you to see us though, that he took it to him like he borrowed the donkey. you move, he's currently the chase on the rock. mr. the poignant babies lee is garalie. many secrets and legends surround to red squares. renovation story. one says that we came close to losing some battles altogether. thanks to one particular soviet party official to them. because of course, by the lawn mower, craftsman, bushes you've done, your melissa bore, stolen, joe, mike gets a border, prostate roscoe allows us to agree with you sometime in your future brewer in your world. cleo doesn't from interest over to other sort of no one to her and you are bored with traditional if walk after visiting the cathedral.
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many dream of going back after all the legends live on to this day. yep. the sabbath support dealer dump dealer. yeah. employee, but the other guy bells the line. yeah. it's doug the western media line. yeah. the voice bite on doing it. so that's the whole shipment. ah no, but when you go with a gun yes. then what happens to the by the ask is, would you, oh, my gosh the yes. well, so you can pause, i'm going to go bring that in the back. i think of the flame you garcia when percentage than what it is, how wide it at are, whether with your word amendment for 2nd yet sure. are this got the wrong with it in a couple of words which somebody to you and william actually one more number, but i just produced, a nephew took a 3 a summers these days that wrote to the church lies through the digital space egan as to interact with visitors, online is as high as chatting offline,
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social media pages are quickly gaining followers from all over the world. a human them with him, a bocce lew individually area. but as of one year, marcia allocated to my feelings that i feel like telemundo, lori luna, with a concourse. but we're showing a somewhat away from the blood in the foreground, void, negative bellagio brushes to work with them, not for you or your pause to prove that i'm with the euro yet for the voice. and if i feel i thought here with you had questions about it and somebody said, but anyway, i just been the ones for the back. we're still using is a browser. the basic, i don't with me look one good because you
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need to me. yes. those many come with the customer just i thought it was the dog i'm done with. my dish does worth one 1st place cut. now this easter egg will be a great addition to the museum's collection with no problem. the growth of that was the white bureau machine. you thought my explain not to got that a yes, i wasn't though. and yet, adams explained that the new mission arthur did not agree which i had to store my aid. i bought the wisdom that on yesterday what we got told him, we should have no idea on those ads. jojo, it's kind of laura. ah ah ah,
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ah . again the nobel peace prize misses the mark the most deserving are again passed over. also the use war against cubic member states, hungary and poland. ideological germany is demanded to said, not allow ah, this is where an intro auction to the cathedral against the sanctuary of battle.
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the bless it added after the holy fool died. his miracles were legendary and his relics are still here. you might say that the battle of bless it is still guarding moscow's most sacred sight. we can't get into the museum without crossing the churches. threshold renewed, the subject to the more senior berth. mcfallion who opened from baldwin, senior blizzard, north of you for a story, your order, ballistic. not all the joy, because i shouldn't prob johnston, sculpture corridor, boyce this license is always just let him in which i local business. i thought you'd want to way here my new knowledge, north america. but i see the other store one named me in that style in the got, what's them both at cost are separate. yes. the a dormer at you know air the fun? yes. as nicely now the status of that awesome. was it a stiff just not yet. you shoals eat, nebraska boys are going in, the boy is all withdrawn for guess what was the gradually or it was a good idea for the the gum to bring here. even the stable. the more was moses are
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which are all come come easily to them. there is, it shall say me, she decided by sidney breathless. if this is the g and city in your musk away, but as for those are some side, yvonne grossly papa by orphan. endless legends of surrounded the cathedral and its main instigator, yvonne, the terrible. some say he killed his own son and side to rip ins, painting as proof. he also allegedly blinded the architects who built the judge, so they could never again create anything so beautiful. with a good sun than you blue it gets double booked rosco subliminally. gambling against the bomber guy recalculate pneumonia. him love magic philip, but if you would be it us monthly people out of he could fool you will pay for it asked me at all be see, he said he cheerfully, but here began to sit down yet from a guy who was in them said they wouldn't come dorm still blit huckman not bullshit . louie was not wanting to send him from some people might be blinded by the beauty
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of some battles, but not enough to actually order that the architects lose their site, that very popular legend bad. thank. so one particular author mm just spoke with linda and can we in his name, doesn't door bull mice to them that a door you get if that is just distortion. got cut over, please dial it in a while. so i don't store it out with what i will not so, but i see it all it if, if they are then you with in your chair. but on a new version of finale here, don't go with that. they got a new deal, but he is valued. it is working with a sub warrant bisman, the misfortune kid. now could you see it on the vital sky, mascara point sneaky bottom, but 3 alicio,
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if you could make sure that. but that the guy idea in my food yet, of anomalies 40 said the very at the bar. forget that which on the rules it pushes the bottom of the leap across the sub board. and here inside the cathedral lies a true guide and chronicle. this is basil the bless id icon. it's more than a holy image. it gives a pretty good idea of how red square looked in the 16th century. ah, the fault walls would have offered a very different scene. that could i think was get what's, what's good partially, you're more just reading and i do. it's michael ball. martha did more pity q q will also post kid is one by the across the board if you just goes in the double given blah, blah. well, that's the yes one,
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the challenge is not here this year at the boot or if water line is some water, some water to come up with for story that of all, i don't know the complaint isn't another one, but how do you wanna push needs? can you hear me? yeah. musk. why did you been you? glean lee is, was you albert anderson? i'm sonya those fucked. you just keep cramps. they are not guy. you were she didn't matter. was this to go with me? i mean, the city she did walk me other a lot of it. i mean it was somewhat a yeah. got us is spelled with that often thought of when you when you, when you to follow all day with here 3 or 4. there was a boy now with jason, this was a year that the one so i can use in the movie theater on the other from south africa, but i thought you were more than well, it's not crazy with the musicians bang at the black churches are
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ah, what might be a museum and a working church service is a healthier for the main orthodox piece days. well, i don't cover with the was more district in the most likely program. so those families that each a square walkway, but it's a blue book, a sl jania per head union city is just not the one with the dish, but it was a coach. a battles cathedral is more than 450 years old,
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and it's quite unique because even after all these years, we still know the exact date on which the 1st services were held in the mid 20th century during another renovation under multiple layers of an oil painting in the central chapel, an inscription was found which had taken years to cover. this is the precise date of the cathedral consecration. the dates and vassals cathedral was born with godaddy on school from one to sean luna. so set up a voicemail if you think that i can follow up with you on the if i leave him a guided missile that out, you run across the lot. he wouldn't maybe run it inside macowski cathedral is one of a few places where you can hear a wide variety of languages at any one time. and you will need
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a translator. exclamations of excitement and amazement, sound the same in any language the atmosphere and the places inside the canada as something different than when you with her. most of people know i want this cookie johnston basic because that's the mark iconic place here. even in the book, god, you do any, they put this cathedral as a simple pressure disappearing around sharp turns and bending under low arches, tourist groups stream back and forth all day long with that they had la bruce enough that on with the modem. but yet some wish it's the late in new does thought the horse i knew was up
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a smattering because of such thought that the skull commercial discussed the city in the ship. martha was the lithia and up with your bliss. the disconnection usually the dea shows urgent, but the biggest thumb of her best to have some movie in that, again, i'm wishing that us was not going with a lot with those in here. if you just go on the flood in your mouth from the middle is preferred to here, today's the people i the order. jessica, last some of the that for those right? not the lead you, but i do think you have me ask you be 9 or in the breaking, but tanya, but i just will say this model you currently whiskey court or mark in again, you know, got it done before we did a border with i also my work, i'm more than you know, quite by that. that was not the of me yet with me. i used to walner as you can see for daniel ah, there's
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a great view of the bell towel from here. it's the cathedrals, 11 stone, but it was built a 100 years later than the rest of the church. ah, the child, but the church bells is another of the cathedrals, gifts to tourists. it can't be heard every day, but it is why many come here ah, with the court equaling this one, this isn't as up. we did the court, you know, to go. there was she had to poor people are calling this one. 020
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. or the cathedral mail, so be a museum, but it still has the obligatory choir. everyone in the world knows about the magic of church acoustics. the older, the building, the more unique the sound, and only a very few moscow's churches are older than some vessels. but awesome with those, then you get are a solution on your 3 which in but that so plenty of which not me sticky notes in brushwood, marginal billing you deserve a concert member shows for play to fight with with some a history on the dealer sequence. 3 of
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them, it comes from a lawyer with ocean to some little circles, was from logan said battles became an official symbol of the fee for 2018 world cup. and in terms of attendance by foreign football fans and even beat loose nicky stadium which held many championship events including the finals with atmosphere a thank you of course with the privilege of but out of town. but the community live with france, sugar newton, with his youth knock out. i see there's from him as bush or other steroids. who's mccormick spoke with a group of broad with a separate that is from wars. there's
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a difference. now if i'm going to mr. i'm is, if you got a corporate see some of them follow the cathedrals done because every single one is unique. and they want copies of each other. tourists often say that has similar to pine cones or pineapples, some even say artichokes. and he has a little tip for you in case you ever get lost. would you come across new bush, did you? but austin was more than welcome them over to them. but i'm more thought i see there was in the, at the corpus boys will seem portion. of course, you're still my senior, the virginia, but scott senior group nicely. now you to discuss it no matter where you're going, north or south. some battles. cathedral shows the way and it makes dreams come true for everyone who falls in love with
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the most basic with a, you know, go by those to work with what i go to. so are you, what do i say? it was then the boy did read it. you have a nice boy go was the why wouldn't want this film? yeah, that was holding for both for that. but i spoke with a phone. it won't be a laquata. ah
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. the cathedral doors are always open to anyone. maybe that's why it attracts so much attention. it surely needs no introduction and it's one you're unlikely to forget. ah, nealus mutually touching with on what it is. i mean, i guess we'll start with any new slocum noise to year euro from
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a freshman would teach. don't. don't love. would you think that that would because if that's something you would preview them with the cool. got that's nice for me to send over your properties was for what fin? if i don't with a feel for you, right. what that to the, what like you with, with nice seems to them of them when he's got though west, when, according so we'll do some post them for phillip keeps coming from the, from the news or kind of what the stats that the same ones. let me use this global . oh gosh, slave to 3 years old. continue to one wonderful, scared little squiggly. shampoo chip it, but our one why didn't, but if it,
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us them, i mean, on i besides in that we still live do . ah, suggesting that prisons shouldn't report sex crimes against children if they are revealed. during confession gets to the top french bishop summoned by the interior minister, we speak to a victim of child sexual abuse by the clergy. a little like his childhood trauma is engraved in my memory. very precise details. one can not commit crimes and simply say, i am ashamed of the crimes. i have committed domestic terrorists parents in the u. s. are brandon that in face a probe after criticizing critical race theory in schools,
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we hear from one mother about it later in the program and.


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