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he was the would you bought us? not certainly a glove with a green, with fewer documents written with different premier fir kobe's, the talking proponents curriculum by gender progressions that i wasn't born tricia . what i should say it also so much stacy corporation. you ah, i'm one of them by you know, difficult, but i need to know your national nuclear nauseous daughter near that. that isn't puzzles, cathedral is always the center of attention. but of course, it's seen in a special way by artists who never looks the same with ever changing lighting and
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many different angles. so it offers endless creative opportunities. but it's not just the artist to a drawn to the cathedral, a from politicians, to athlete and movie stars, to musicals. does it seems that every big name in the world has been here. i know, say all moscow. what are my is noble in their thoughts without going i see enough on your sub laura. they helped me they. i don't know it's well figure. there's a for the kiddos girl but being void. i would put a google sub. what? oh, checking concourse, or me silly and there is up on your sneaker, william the, to the bill, thought somebody, sushi guy, we were like one elijah, asked the lady was gap. i guess i always thought that you with
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o dazzles cathedral, the russian capitals, most distinctive landmarks, and the most famous and recognizable russian architecture in the world. taking a filthy in front of some battles has been a must have for any traveler for quite a while. now, a morgan teacher of evolve, murtha thought, go on from that and you're going to use the usa border thought to go to you or use with you, jump from your from from, that's my house here, but i just don't know. but i've been looking at the course, i know that somebody with leanne picture on the left. if they come with that, as gladly everyone must have seen the cathedral at least once in books, albums or on coins, perhaps on instagram or in almost any film about russia,
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but seeing it with your own eyes. that something else is layla. fenusse not a bit of i'm dealing with my class, my ploy should run by see more blood because everyone recognizes it. even if they don't know it's real name, they have to redo the progressive which the phone, but for the with pressured dip across can sub work with john we do that is douglas christine visible. carol, i'm not a person to bring up myself, but i do took some water, participate in a binding as well. that happens with avoidable. tell on that all the cathedral has 2 names. the official one bestowed by metropolitan mccarty, us just after it was built, is the cathedral of the intercession of the most holy, theoretical on the moat. it up and i was going by the people down by the word like those close to sub one version politically. see to it, you mean you would subway today without a to a guide?
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many people don't know about the event. the cathedral was built to warner foreclosed to so bored a because i've been constant if introduced, restore a boiler or you could buy big enough compounds. tom, i wasn't acquired by business of vinegar. additionally, vanya, what's up a vehicle outside of these minion, yet i see which i have to work of. so b a, providing grossman with, when you presume, and she just starts to get both session or 3 versions. my unit before that one is got daughter will in your dash them it talk about it, fisher. but so if it is just that i'm going to stop by be a little bit by bit before them even grows midday, your ideas to ship again. royce climbing the across the border. that's funny, people you know, who have played with a for but historical accuracy doesn't stop people speculating
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about the details to follow the sub water moscow. a couple of things that lee is good. yes. one grossman is courtesy ortho political studies. that's certainly not true, but it is an interesting theory. the biggest misconception among tourist going to red square is that some faddle is a single church. in fact it contains 11 churches. so it's a sort of special offer from, it's found a cuba terrible buy one ticket when you get to see much, much more a more efficient. so tim, to settle with jungle of today's friday. if you're not said good, you're close me. and i think for the move soon, you need to go up with you on the lozano is throwing in my you,
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it's the dos you on the blessed hill. no one who's ever visited macowski cathedral could have missed this statue. meaning that the shockey bottom brushing is what joan of arc is to the french coming to me. neither me 14th or yell, rub here, draw. you thought that if you're over the danville from there for doing kill filter for me, simply classical like it really annoyed the bolsheviks. the bronze statue was nearly melted down as a piece of historical garbage. and it was joseph stone and himself who saved it. it said it was his decision not to send the skelter into a furnace, but to move it closer to some battles. both got what you thought of thinking. yes, if i did, if they, if not, we need them pony it to be a medium. he bulky as it relates to put him in the musical stranger. yeah. to the because the equal that needs to be right. so yes, in that he starts it ourselves in life when you left guys the work that he's that i
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be certainly booked of course, told me, but i could, i mean he'll often see tourist hanging around some battles. and almost as often, archaeologists to, they're always working on the site. the cultural laugh frequently reveals historical paradox is one after the other. just at the moment they're studying the buildings, foundations on us near below will never be 70 and yet them thank you. it's not a full on go to from then that them of them years the bright, the media liberation and just the next it some more. i vine, you got to write any of them or when a form or no. i know i didn't theater one that you thought gulker. i didn't get him on some find me. he can look up vila talk about finding cop australia. one of the field devices did $931.00. the monument was moved, and all of red square was renovated, even the paving stones were replaced of done my meal them stadium,
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not to mention that when you've got an h, i chased him with the boy at the b o. m a stove. i got dora. we really love not cross blue shield. yeah. maybe just on our floor tonight. you saw meal cover gum. yeah. usually for me at the barrel with their dogs. im way be jim becky church here . well, listen late. yes. boy. your group number. com. yeah, or should i it's a store beer must bow via a mafia. eulissa. now graph nipple, she's be sure with him thought should your from god, the jury moscow's 1st major renovation in the 19 thirty's. it wasn't just the monument that was moved. the paving stones were replaced to the countries main square covers more than 2 heck to as of open space, as though the builders for saw how much of a low the stone would be under originally by sea. yeah. not fully at all when the by came. commit to east of garden. if you could give me a call either way, much the store and the at nasa guys, they talk with you to be sure we secretly originally buy it for ammonia, rosalyn,
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but he's stuck to what i didn't like. we get a picture as miram. this is not the watson amended off with the ticket to keep our out the donkey. you movies the rustling, the chase on the rock, mr. applying it. it basically is garalie many secrets and legend surround to red square renovation. story. one says that we came close to losing some battles altogether. thanks to one particular soviet party official. from a guy walks by the lawn mower grasping boy, should you come in your bill? so bora stolen 0, mike gets a favor. let's go. a lot of interview. i mean, you've been getting your february for the new york and cleo does have some interest over other sort of no one to her, a new board with traditional others to pull up after visiting the cathedral. many dream of going back after all the legends live on to this day. yep . the slavic, that support. i deal with the law. he had them for you,
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but the other guy bells the line. yeah. am his dad with a gun. yes. no more to be to the got the idea. would you? oh my gosh the yes. well so you can pause. i'm going to go put him on the back. i always threatening with the flame. you're garcia when percentage than what it is. so i did i went to with the water management course. second. yes. sure. i just got that on the didn't a couple of with somebody to you and william actually more than on board. but i chose to do the interview to caterina some ice these days that route to the church relies through the digital space. eagerness to interact with visitors online is as high as chatting off life. social media pages are quickly gaining followers from all over the world. a commercial human them with him, a bully,
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chilly with area, but as of one year, nashika told him, i feel that i feel like killing me until february, with a concourse showing a somewhat away from the blood. ran the work. yeah. but if the avoid negative obamacare brushes to get the zone with them, not for me. i have to prove that i'm with you or i at the for the voices. if i for sure with yet for some schools and some of the way to the button, i feel it's been the ones but the back we're still, your son is a browser. the basic i don't with the customer i story than with our government. done the
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a dish is worth one 1st place, and now this easter egg will be a great addition to the museum's collection. with no problem, the growth of the my bureau will, even though my expand that they got there a year somewhere. so now i need adams explained at the new mission. i thought you nice to you whichever store my at i bought the whitman that i'm yes, i'm what you got out and we set out from the american us at the earlier. it's kind of laura with, with us the point but mostly with a thinly daniels purely with all
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categories. the other mothers, because more used to was assumable. it was a just to say that even than you would you, that is images. it goes up, was good for supposedly got my did some, i would say again to spend your music. his image is filica mom. that's what your hope was out of the to get the vote. if i get all of your don't play dumb way up. all of the bella is ready to leave you to the shelf that will push up with ah, this is where an introduction to the cathedral begins the sanctuary of basil, the bless it and it off to the holy fool die. his miracles were legendary and his
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relics are still here. you might say that the battle of bless it is still guarding moscow's most sacred sight. golf get into the museum without crossing the church is threshold with the more senior bergman fellow who opened from baldwin. senior blizzard, north of you for story, your order breeze, dick, not all the choice because shooting prov, johnston, sculptor corridor boyce the session is always just let him in which local business or, or that he you either way here when you manage north america. but i see the aetna store one named made enough style and the got watson, those at garza, that is the a dormer at you know, air the phone. yes. as nice to know the status of that awesome. was it us you have just not yet you shawls eat nebraska boys are going in there. the boy is always broad for guess. what was me gradually? what it was like, i don't bother to go to bring here. even this table you more was moses, are which but are all can, can be easily see them. there is he shall save each decided by silly breathless ipg
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. yes, dear, i'm sitting in your musk away grass for there are some side yvonne, grossly, you won't buy by orphan. endless legends of surrounded the cathedral and its main instigator if on the terrible. some say he killed his own son and side to rep ian's painting. as proof. he also allegedly blinded the architects who built the judge, so they could never again create anything so beautiful. was it suddenly you blew it? it's double booked rosco subliminally. jumping against the bomber guy, but he can't give you mine yet. him love magic juliet, but if you appear at us monthly people out of he thought you will pay for us may always be sick. he said he cheerfully it, but he is currently the emperor, sit by me for my guy. i was in that the, when you come dorm still, but like most my bullshit louie was, my one is the same from some people might be blinded by the beauty of some battles, but not enough to actually order that the architect lose side,
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that very popular legend up and thanks to one particular author. mm hm. i spoke with an agenda and can we use them? does a door bull mouse to the door? you get it just give distortion. go get that over, but please dial it in quite a while. so i don't restore it to me, sit out with it will be, this is just what i will not so, but i see it all it if, if they are then you with share without a problem with here, think of that. they go to the new deal, but i see it is you need some for you get not a sub or bisman the misfortune kid. now code yet seagate. a viral ski mice, kara post nikki bama bus 3 alicio architect made sure that. but that the guy
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in food yet vanelle is what he said of it at the dumpster bar. that picture models pushing the bottom. i was the leap across the board. and here inside the cathedral lies a true guide and chronicle this serious battle, the bless her die gone. it's more than a holy image. it gives a pretty good idea of how red square looked in the 16th century. a default walls would have offered a very different scene that could happen with botkin parssi. you're more just reading and i do think of all martha as the more did it you choose who also plays kid is born by the voice just goes in yet. no, i don't remember one last mccalla, she's not the one that geology is not at this year at the boot or it is 19. your
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subordinate someone to come up with restore novel. i doubt all, they'll know that the point is in a bush made in the media masquerade. you big greenly is, was you albert engine themselves in those fictitious keith graham style? not car you were she didn't matter what this to go, miss tammy, did she? did you walk me through a chill out before that with some water? yep. okay. it's filled up with that. i think that's sort of where you, where you need to follow up with the, with our water, you know, with me up or down as a year that the one so you can use with on the love with that. yes. well, it's not great. okay. that was because the vision was bang at the global up here to sort of ah,
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she just thought would be a museum and the working service is a healthier for the main orthodox piece. days we saw the some of the don't come up with was more you speaking the most likely program. so with those families that each a square walkway, but it doesn't die. cut nothing yet because virginia city is just not the person with food dish, but it's with casual cent battles. cathedral is more than 450 years old. and it's quite unique because even after all these years, we still know the exec date on which the 1st services were held ah,
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in the mid 20th century, during another renovation under multiple layers of an oil painting in the central chapel, an inscription was found which are taking years to uncover, this is the precise date of the cathedral consecration. the dates and vassals cathedral was born in love with a boy that some glaring homeschool from what i see. sure. yeah. like, you know, so step yet of avoidance. if you think that i can follow official, and if i leave him a guided missile through that out, you'll find the growth of what you would maybe to find that you thought that a inside macowski cathedral is one of a few places where you can hear a wide variety of languages at any one time. and you will need a translator. exclamations of excitement and amazement, sound the same in any language.
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the atmosphere at the places inside the canada essence shane with with the light and kept her must the people know what this cookie john sent basic because that them off iconic plate here even in the bus god, you do any they put this cathedral as a simple russia disappearing around sharp turns and bending under low arches, tourist groups stream back and forth all day long. with a made la bruce enough that on the, on the modem. but yet some wish it's of late in new, thus thought that the voice that i knew was up us monthly income such the what the discussed. marsha scarf didn't this is martha was still itsyana. would you please
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the disconnection? usually the teachers, i didn't put the dumb of her best edition normally in setting it and i'm wishing parish was not going with a lot with those in here. if you just go on the flesh in your mouth from the noodles to from your duties, but to me by the word you, jessica. not some of you to prove it. not only you, but i do think you have me ask you b o in the breaking down. yeah. but i just don't think this model you currently whiskey quote form or can you guys done that before? we need to follow up. i would i would. i also my work, i'm more than you wait for that. let me give me. i just wanna ask you, daniel. ah, there's a great view of the bell towel from here. it's the cathedrals in livingstone,
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but it was built a 100 years later than the rest of the church. ah, the china, the church bells is another of the cathedral gift to tourists. it can't be heard every day, but it is why men come here ah, with the court equal according to the system as up. we did the other girl. no, she had to poor people. work one is one. 02 for oh,
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oh, the cathedral may also be a museum, but it still has the obligatory choir. everyone in the world knows about the magic of church acoustics. the old, the building, the more unique the sound, and only a very few moscow's churches are older than some vessels. but often with those then you get or a solution on you through which in. but that's a plenty of which not me sticky notes in brushwood. morton, lisa, neither concert membership with with sue. she owns dealer in chicago, 3 of them, it comes from
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a lawyer with ocean to some little circles was from liver battles, became an official symbol of the fee for 2018. welcome. and in terms of attendance by foreign football fans did even meet lou nikki stadium which held many championship events, including the finals with atmosphere a thank you. i sent you with the chicken, make them aware of the dilute brazil videos of pollutants from chicken disorder maturity with his youth knockout to scratch people's sales from a nice brochure. others through it is not going to work with a growth broad with ship with that is more does with your friends night. i'm believe mr. i'm, if you can, you can applies a cooperate. see,
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some of them followed the cathedrals done because every single one is unique. they aren't copies of each other. tourists often say that it's similar to pine cones or pineapples, some even say artichokes. and he has a little tip for you in case you ever get lost when you come across new portion to boston, you was more than welcome to over to them, but are more thought i see that was in the, at the campus for the same portion of cor, i'm a senior virginia, but scott senior couple nicely. now you toyota, which is crossing all right. no matter where you're going, north or south, some vessels, cathedral shows the way and it makes dreams come true for everyone who falls in love with both of them was i think with
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all the read, those are both that we can to i you know, go by those to walk us up with what i got. so really what do i see that was there now? can i ask the boys to read it? vakio a void? is there a way that we wouldn't want this to me that told me who i both work with, but i spoke with
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ah, the cathedral doors are always open to anyone. maybe that's why it attracts so much attention to what he needs. no introduction, and it's one your unlikely to forget. ah, [000:00:00;00] a
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proud name because of the attitude and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves will depart. we choose to look for common ground. ah, these people learn from their own experience, how vulnerable of business is to the bank. so he pushes my business over, the age, pushes me right to the edge, bankruptcy. now i realize we will go this isn't just the back that may be involved in this is the concept. see, funds is, is the lawyers. these people have got you want other stories at a walk kind of whistle blower. tell people's marriages have broken up, has lost their family homes. it is spectacularly devastating for people's lives.
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they have committed suicide, but left behind norse, they explicitly state that it was the constant intimidation and grueling by bank officers. that late them to i took the spear is obscene. these people up nor sold. internationals news as 6 pm claims. priests shouldn't report sex crimes against children if they are revealed. during confession of got a top french bishop summoned by the countries interior admitted to now we speak to a victim of child sexual abuse by the clergy fellow full lips, full mouth. and this childhood trauma is engraved in my memory. very precise needs was one cannot commit crimes and simply say, i am ashamed of the crimes having been really helpful. she old boy,


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