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tv   Cross Talk  RT  October 11, 2021 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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considered, i'm capable of else. again, the nobel peace prize misses the mark the most deserving are again passed over. also the ease war against 2 of its member states hungry in poland. ideological had gemini and demanded descent not allowed. ah. to discuss these issues and more, i'm joined by my guess, jordan, send you elleon, budapest. he's a podcast to read the goggles can be found on youtube and locals. and here in moscow we have to meet with bob, which is a political analyst and editor. it knows me internet media project originally across across the fact that means you can jump in and tell me one, and i was appreciate it. it's got a team of 1st year we had the nobel peace prize awarded. i went to a filipino and russian journalist who is this russian journalist and why give it to a journalist and does he have anything to do with anti war? go ahead team. well, is just amazing what happened because i, you know,
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it was clear that the west wanted to provoke the ground and into been angry. you know, because need you want rather editor in chief or, and use paper which is called nowhere guys, yet that, which is not simply critical or which is paranoid about, you know, ah, in that use paper, they publish stories out, you know, we've had this table is fortunate in 99, when are these women were controlled? been changed, now blew up several apartment building in moscow. so no, it has yet. the claim they did was the russian secret services. who did that? and surprisingly, you know, the gremlins reaction was civilized, because i'm sure to say in russia is a blue realistic country. the brilliant spokesmen, dmitri prescott said, we congratulate me 2 more. he has been consistently walking according to his deals . he is po and he is brave. of course, this is a high appreciate your walk. we congratulate, you know,
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i walked with meeting rather for 3 years and i know that he personally is an honest man. he truly believes in liberal ideas and the use of what can you supported gorbachev, you know amazing that there will be 2 noble prize more as you know way. which is my too much for me. know. tell us what is the readership, is it popular? is it with, with a certain nisha people i'm aware of it. i've known some of the journalists through the years though, we don't really off our circle. go ahead. well, this is a newspaper which is basically for paranoid people, you know, people who are all this at the was there are such people in every country in the united states, you call them conspiracy. theorists in russia would have no lack of them. but what was amazing was the reaction of the so called russian liberals. you know, they were extremely and have the brian didn't go to the volley. actually,
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the griffin was much more positive about the if you read the comments from the liberal opposition, it looks like it was a flip in the face for them and not for which no figure or rules on its reduced form. all of these price is going to be either the face for both. the problem is that these people really need bent. the reality has been some kind of a dictator, greg style on every use it, but the creature sizes to battle has been slept and the base and here wouldn't just turned another cheek of the flap went by. and in this amazing what the, how, who them, how aggressive these are the liberals are there is a certain woodrum on them, a full my tv come and date them by the way. cool. a basically a role in her reaction. well, the nobel peace prize committee or just the soiled expanse and didn't give it to nevada. me, it's good that it went from where it's bad. it didn't go to nevada and then another
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liberal curious rogue of explained why the problem is that no, no own you made some political incorrect statements and the key rogue of rights in the modern west, you can be a nation is just once you can make a mistake once. well, what kind of toner and societies that if people are not allowed to have ne steaks of you, you know, if everything you said 30 years ago can be used against your, this is what silence lasonya union will like and all right. and the, the amazing been, is that basically, ah, the russian so called propagandists actually congratulate that more out of to what him or so your was demonized in the west s hooton's number of on a fight against the liberals. he said, this is good. what? yes, no, only deep make statements. let me cater. he stayed this way. so it's good that this price went to the idealist, liberal murat of doesn't understand the life,
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but he didn't go to a fascist they. oh no, no, i don't have a problem with the you know, who gets said ok, but george biking go to you. but what does this have to do with piece and being against war? i mean i'm, i'm completely mystified. i mean, even for those people, those small number of people to think of only said get it for the peace prize. when does he have to do with peace? go ahead and if they george, this home is obese, prizes just meaningless when it comes to its objective. italy to my can, you know, has, i think, is the, the objective of the peace prize from the beginning had been to a war to this, to people who did something to promote peace, to promote a committee among nations, to promote peace conferences, peace negotiations, the signing of the street is or in the it originally it did go to such people. so, you know, we have teddy roosevelt. he received the nobel peace prize,
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bringing about the peace agreement between russian, japan pal in the war. in 1005. we had their woodrow wilson because of his work, the was the league of nations and we had the architects of the look on a tree which brought about a brief that of time. people who would be a long. busy lasting brief reconciliation between france and germany after world war one. we had our kellog long created the famous calibree on treaty that when nations renounced war as a means of policy. so you know that there were clear examples of getting this award to people who actually working for peace, but it's hard to see whether you know, whether it's not falling in a completely. and so all. busy right, so what they've done to piece because on the contrary, the reason they gave it to morocco was wow, booting wouldn't be happy and we want to stick a some in the i put in,
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and that's why he received it. and that's why the many people in the west sharing this all because a this is bad. 3 for russia, therefore, it must be great. but what does he go to do with piece? i mean what, what is no way that they haven't done for to promote peace of those? it happens and the same thing goes with maria risks are the journalist and in the philippines on a very, i'm popular with the liberal west of opinion. well, again, it's a and the i gave him and she, she receives money from the u. s. government which again, not in the business of promoting peace and they give her money, not because they want her to promote peace. so it's just the, again, this is the number of these places just become this political tool are not doing what it's supposed to be doing. you know, it's emer me. the is the reaction i've seen here. we're both in mosque out here is
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that, well, i mean, in western liberals like russian liberals, that's why they give it to the number gazette. ok. but that just confirms to the population here is that, is that these, these at least a piece price is biased. it's a political cudgel, because the reaction here is, is basically okay. i mean, they choose their winners. ok, but it has nothing to do with. there are so called values. go ahead mean? well, the reaction that allow the population is certainly more negative than the reaction from the credit because we have to use lawrence in russia who are widely known that the 3rd one is an ecologist, but we have, we're much open because we're up gorbachev you the minds of many people is associated with the collapse of the soviet union, which was a terrible misfortune for millions of people. but much of a was blame, simple novice and murat who has warned much of his motto, the shareholders in she's newspaper, of course it, cleats, him. but people remember,
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and people remember that more work as it always supported the islamist rebels in chechnya. not chance, you know, there are many honest, the sliding changes who, who are successful in russia. ah, we're just, you know, we have no problem with them. but we had problem with the people like must have and the western press no way because it kept saying that must hunter was somehow a peacemaker. but it all fits elijah context. i mean, the normal piece price could be to who this is a mixture of subservience and radicalism. who yes, the by just, i'll go for a slide show about global warming obama before he started all of his wars. so this is, you know, they talk about which in spouse it looks like it says, clinton, spouse and obama, spouse could get the door, will be surprised. el war, you know, the brock of now and the, and the on the, on the site who were, are change it is for this year. my good won't travel vocalization if there is an
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international organization with which many people have a problem, you know, in the united states, in europe, in rush, oh the, well, that is the world health organization. but these people that are treated liberals, you know, they don't care about public opinion. they want to award someone who fits their ideology and these, that person happens to be close to powers that be in the united states or in europe . so much the better that's there and if you and people on the stand it not only in rush it, george, it's a, it's a real pity it's gotten down to this. okay. because i can think of a candidate. let me think real hard here. oh julian hassan, i think that would be a person that would be very deserving of this. and it would be the slap in the face would go somewhere else of the country that he's being held in the u. k. and the united states that are seeking in his expedition, you know, that would send a signal that the nobel peace prize has meaning because he expose war crimes. i
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don't think any of these other people that have been, you know, a given the laureate, have done in nearly as much positive of change than chilliness. aren't your thoughts? yes. he expose war crimes as well. he has had an enormous of public impact because people are able to witness to himself these war crimes. ah, therefore he's in the business of doing something to facilitate peace. so even in the no committee had not wanted to provoke the united states in the u. k. by giving it exclusively julian, the son, they have at least shed it out, give it to 3 of them. and including a julian, the son, they didn't even do that. and here is this person who really has sacrificed his life. i mean, he has suffer some more than any of the people that they give these prizes though they didn't, they didn't do so it's an interesting consideration. why didn't they give it
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to holly? i, i think that they probably were feeling that this is going to be an embarrassment, the biggest and we have many people would have had a few date being all sorts of any back embarrassing quotes from him. and indeed them in the nobel committee has had these embarrassing moments in the past where they are all of this price to someone. and then 2 years later, he suddenly the villain of the piece. we remember ethiopian leader now. absolutely hated reviled boston. you know, somebody that samantha power did test and brittany war on ethiopia, very same guy who was received the notebook the spice 2 years ago. and then of course we had the, the leader of beyond mom and now use the genocide and so on. so it, it's, it's a kind of an embarrassment, a voice no more, i think, i think, you know, higher the price. it misses the mark. i gentlemen, we're going to go to a short break. that's about some real. oh
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ah, and i dream shaped bankers and things with ah, who dares thinks we dare to ask with these people learn from their own experience, how vulnerable of business is to the bank. so he pushes my business over, the age,
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pushes me right to the edge, bankruptcy. now i realize we will group, this isn't just the back that may be involved in this is the concept. see, funds is, is the lawyers. these people have got you want other stories at a walk kind of whistle blower. tell people's marriages have broken up, lost their family homes. it is spectacularly devastating for people's lives. we have committed suicide, but left behind north, the explicitly state that it was the constant intimidation and billing by bank officers that led them to i talked to spear obscene these people up, nor saw a
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welcome back to cross up. were all things considered? i'm peter labelle. this is the home edition to remind you were discussing some real news. ah, let's go back to budapest, george. and in the aftermath of briggs it, um, it seems brussel was a brussels to some, some new enemies within the ranks. ok. and those 2 countries are poland and hungary . you're in hungry right now. why he's hungry, being so demonized by the e. u and then i'll ask him of the same for poland. go ahead. well, the hungary and poland o both are explicitly subscribing to values very much at odds with the values of the e. u. leadership. not only the people of the you,
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i mean because people you met, you know french many times why conservative people. but the values that are austin daisha state, promoted by victor or mine and the government in poland are definitely conservative. and also with the kind of about the cultural inclusivity open to transgender gay marriage and so on. values that the, you know, the bus or so on. the lion, a claim to be our values. if somehow, you know, those people, every one. and so they now they target hungry and everything. so you know that on the education system a way you know, you know, later than the, not prov promoting the kind of the gay rights agenda that they, that the hunger school should be promoting. and now you're in poland, they've got the cells at those janica ball and wants to reform the today. sri and
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the you said, are you going to like going against you values again should be within the domestic, both of you. and so now we have the polish a constitutional call that said that the polish constitution trumps you law. and you have absolutely bizarre and anal threatening are obviously threatening to withhold all money to bowen. dollar explicitly threatening to expel colon from the you. interestingly enough, the polish a constitutional court ruling little at different from the german constitutional ruling, which also says that, you know, the german constitution trying to you law, but you don't pick a fight with germany. you do pick a fight with hunger. so a one size fits all. ok. their values from everyone else is values. ok, i guess that's the price, but the take inventory into the, you know, we get it in the b, e u,
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they dangle money and other signing things in front of you and but the price is you have to leave your conservative values behind your history. your culture, your whole ideas about family, all that isn't worth it. go ahead. oh, well, i agree with everything george sands and the european press. i feel so much easier for you because if we believe the new york times see it all the time, and the guardian of george is in the middle of a terrible dictatorship, ruled by a cru see it all by mister burns, i don't know how he's still alive token to us. the same story with bull and no cable. they have the area's free, all l g, b, g i, g o g. well, what a terrible problem. you know, people have been killed by ukrainian government using blaine's and banks, you know, whole region of your grain. it, ukraine does not know any food supplies there for 7 years. they cut off with a cut off the water. they don't allow people to speak russian to a salesman,
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you know, when they come to a shopping gear, which is a rush, you can see there is a what is really terrible. is this l g, b, g i, g o, g. i know you free areas in poland. money should be god for them. you know that that has already been done as far as i know from the press. you know, so i agree with everything you just said here is an important reservation. i mean at gene skag or bon guerria border national. they hate to crush it in the late eighties and early nights and that was fine with the you. you know, they said table earth thinks about it. that was fine. which is, it is very typical situation for all to liberals. you know, they, you are onto the gross all the surface. they are for understanding between peoples of migration, mixed marriages. but well, they fight large caucus, which other alienness such as china and russia. now they look fine or just they
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look for discontent. neighbors, and suddenly these out liberals ally themselves to all been nancy's m, i'll these minority just and these just contain a neighbors. you know, the, and let me just remind you, they used gratian, fascist, again serves in yugoslavia. they used a ukrainian nationalist against a russian speaking population in ukraine. they used now we go muslim fundamentalist against china. so that the problem with her orbit and kuchinski is that they didn't change and the front line moved east, so they're no longer needed. you know, this is now the ukrainian nationalist who can claim all absolute things in the will forgive them. everything bullet is now in that regard. you know, it's far away from the battle. so suddenly they use creaking down on nationalist the been support against russia in the ninety's and the early in the late eighty's
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and, and purchase. he just doesn't understand it or get or been a smart you understood, the bird is, is going to be against you. that chance he pretends to be, you know, innocent. how come your of that they wanted to join is not europe. that way that we have no, we wanted to join a reach, go a community of christian nations. we joined a bunch of crazy alternate. ros. yes. you need. yes. yeah. but we'll just see, this is, this is what terrifies brussels be that there are people within the european union far, far more than brussels is willing to admit that actually can have conservative values and don't have the values of this unelected bureaucracy than rules over the you ok, and what they're terrified of is it, oh my goodness, holden and hungry they might start resembling russia. oh, the horror of it. after all the money and decades of work in it,
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we're not getting what we what we demanded. ok. i mean, they're angry about it that way, you know, because you can only go one way in history. there's only one direction, one arc of history. they think this is what they truly believe. and that's why, for me, it's pathetic. is it going to take the money away from you? yeah, that's what it's all about. that's all your transactional. ok. you're just transactional . you really not. are, you're really not about value at all. go ahead. no, it seems like it's very funny what the just pointed out because we will remember back in the late 19 seventy's and early. busy $1008.00 is when there was a catholic pope. i'm so who visited poland and all spelled out on an east and west. i'm amazed. oh, isn't this wonderful the polls their own catholics and this, you know, they all hail is a great man. like, you know, leading them in the anti communist direction and now so that they find g,
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the bowls a capitalist, you know, what do you know? we don't know that they have strong views about abortion. they have strong use about gay marriage and strong use about family we, we don't like that a, you know, forget all, well, that it was all very useful back then. but now i out of sorts with what, you know, the, the, so the e u leadership believes are european values. but of course, you know, these are the european bet is he's got the self appointed the lead. but because of it, but you're being very, but here you have the problem. the pawn has been to the hungry doesn't have, which is a bond, doesn't have that many options on real as a long time ago that they can't really rely on the way you otherwise they're always going to be bullied and go and have that fun stuff. so i'll read is looking around
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in the world and says, hey, we have a business partner in russia. we can have a natural gas provided to us by russia, where business partner in china. so, you know, the, you can often often threaten us, but they can't do much for us because, you know, there's a wider well that size and where we can get rich. poland hasn't done that and what is cultivated bad relations with russia. so it doesn't quite have the leverage the hungry as it's interesting to, you know, you know, european bound values come from people ok doesn't come from organizations. and it doesn't come from your receipts here and i'm very glad that poland is standing up. but it's fair because these people are merciless. this ideology is merciless in one size fits all, it's our way or the highway. so what's next for poland and probably what's next? what's next is more sanctions. what's next is more pressure that you will be
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supporting the civic platform that your loyal party involvement, which has more similar connections, but the you will be supporting them for the next election. they will try to get the jokes as the president of poland, probably if they try to out do they fail? they will try again. and of course, there will be conspiracy theories about connections, connections between or been and war school. and what is even more able to pin kuchinski was, which is just a man, you know. but, you know, just recently after this, even we had 5 years of brushy gate. i'm ready, i'm ready for us as the freshest and the most absurd conspiracy theory is now that need you more out of what is a normal piece price of you know, now you can read in that one, the liberal science. you're in russia that he's a deeply seated, wouldn't agent. so putting has been in contact with, he'll seen sir the year, 2000, all of which is on to us more of
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a suspect. the process is b o, a boy in our partner books. so they call it which in scanned food, you know, some deeply can or a secret agents. so the say where i want to hear about kuchinski, that the problem is that this very radical extremist, i know, and g requires bad people. and that it's not ashamed of playing on the worst feelings inside humans. you know, a inclination to conspiracy theorists is, is a very, very, you know, it's human, you know, people have that inclination and, and the 3rd day and i just always used it in all way cheaper use that against jews starting used against the reach. now they're using against their political opponents. every thing that can find that is bad in human nature, you know, suspicion of the government. no suspect in every reach person over over been dishonest and been dangerous to society. put in labels, you're a homophobe, you're
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a racist. you know, recording what people said in private and then a broadcast anywhere here, you know, towards last seconds here, all these people have is just labels for people in smears. 15 seconds later labels . but of course they, they said a very bad example for everyone else because suddenly, you know, there's an election coming up in france is electric coming up in italy and they kind of look and hungry. i think this is a really bad we don't want or still a fun belie. i'm telling us what our values are supposed to be. so that's why i want to. there's poles and poland made. and this program i run out of time want to make my guess watching this year on the scene. i remember. oh,
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when i would show the wrong when i'll prove just a sheep out disdain becomes the african and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. oh, is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed? what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way? or are you being led somewhere?
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direct. what is true wharf is great. in the world corrupted. you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, ah, it was the most basic of what i see. you go, he did. who bought? i bought a dial to him. i will come with you, then you will quote, but i know from politicians to athletes and movies. don't musicals, does it seems every big name in the world has been here? let's see. okay, miss, you can work out this goes to school. ah, what do i say? and when you get the go for anything, ashwin luca does not give me a glover you spoke with said basil makes dreams come true that every one who falls
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in love with people like wide mm. use all bad lines for their solid live on our t claims priest shouldn't report sex crimes against children. if they ever reveal during confession that a french bishop summoned up by the interior minister i on the program here. well nazi, we speak to a victim of child sex abuse by the clergy. full with this childhood trauma is engraved in my memory. very precise details. one can not commit crimes and simply say, i am ashamed of the crimes. i have committed to domestic terrorist parents in the united states place a probe off.


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