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is obscene. these people up nor sold thon thunder, who saw as it shaped the week? we march 20 years since the u. s. and allies invaded afghanistan, toppling the taliban regime. and now in the wake of the pentagon pullout many questions are still being asked with violence. they're continuing to rage rampant gas prices. scale down a bit in europe of to russia. pledges to boost supplies, but the move hasn't stopped us. politicians from blaming moscow for the crisis and her austria is leaders, sebastian kurtz quits hamid's allegations of embezzlement. a bribery
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ah oh i they're gonna have to do life. marty's will use age q is just tune for pm in moscow. you watching the weekly, i'll run to put the top stores employee of the last 7 days. my name's kevin owen. so this week we marked 20 years since the us led invasion of afghanistan, which i was through the taliban. and now in the wake of the western pull out, many issues have not been resolved, not least while the taliban offered to hand over a sum of been. lawton was rejected by the bush administration. 2 decades of war followed with countless lives loss. and at the end of it all, the militants were back in charge again. i'll see the correspondents in kabul and i'll see what's really been achieved. the afghan born and it's just shy of it's it's 20th anniversary, the. the war, a vengeance that was launched by the united states as revenge for 911,
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and quickly morphed into something else. one of the most protracted conflicts in modern history, an exercise in and nation building before losing all lame and tylenol towards the en, neither the united states nor any of its allies still knew what it is that they hoped to achieve. here, the end result is that it was unanimously considered an abject failure. metallic banners is back in control and more absolutely than it was before the united states invaded afghanistan. and the question that we're hearing now in the holds of congress and parliament in europe, in, in the press and in there on television, internationally is, is who de, we blame. we need to consider some uncomfortable truth that we did not fully comprehend the depth of corruption and poor leadership in nursing. arrange that we
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did not grass a damaging effect of frequent and unexplained rotations by president gunny of his commanders and that we fail to fully grasp why there was only so much for which and for home. many of the afghan forces would fight. this has been a 10 year multi administration drawdown. not a 19 month or 19 day neo, these scandal is no n yet over the americans calling it been ghazi on steroids. the republicans, as well as ordinary americans that see the end of the war as humiliating for america. they want some one held responsible, the biden, the miss administration, as was the pentagon, so far they have done their best to absolve themselves of all accountability for what many americans again see as a catastrophe. they argue that the fault is with many american administrations that, that preceded them. and that is ignoring the tremendous financial cost of the war.
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some that could have made the lives of americans and many of their allies at the taxpayers so much better and so much easier. ah ah ah ah ah ah, we are the wealthiest country in the history of the world, and yet we have the highest child poverty rates of almost any country on earth.
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from the perspective of a civilian, there is scott evidence here on the ground in afghanistan of any of that money as making its way here. aside from half finished clinics, him and broken roots, testament to record breaking levels of corruption that, that so brilliant siphoned off into the bank accounts of corrupt officials into the pockets of private contractors. though the evidence of these billions being here is in the hands of the taliban, the guns that they wield, stamped with made in america, the vehicles military vehicles left behind it, industrial quantities. the taliban are of course jubilant. they have dismantled everything that the united states built here, the human rights, the tolerance, the democratic institutions, and the matter of weeks. and they are jubilant. they have after 20 years of,
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and selection and rebellion, believe they won. ah, by virtually any measure. this war was a failure in some respects, it even made things worse. from a humanitarian perspective or a 3rd of afghans near enough are on the verge of starvation. with no hope inside the drugs manufactured and export to that of, of galveston, kill countless youth world wide. from a geopolitical perspective, the taliban considered an international pariah since its inception is now having to be negotiated with it. i counted with even the un bob from
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a security perspective. yes, al qaeda eat of ghana stud may have been degraded but, but something worse has taken its place. and that is isis which has bound to the challenge to afghanistan, dominance by the taliban lossless weak enough canister. and scores of people were killed in an explosion of the sheer mosque in the countries. northern city of condos, the blast happen, jerry friday, prayers more than a 100 people have reported have been injured. and i shall case suicide bomber was behind the attack. kit is the sunny terrorist groups, 2nd assault and a mosque in a matter of days. and they have a long history of targeting shia muslims in afghanistan. local journalists visited the site to the incident and sent despite this report. so the explosion was so powerful, according to some officials, the new taliban government had warned attacks like this one were possible. earlier taliban security personnel visited this place and they gave the opinion that it
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might be a suicide blast. after examining some evidence, we've seen such a blast in the past, hitting mosques and killing worshippers. some faith we're targeting here and there are, there were targeting chia in syria. they were targeting t r everywhere in the middle east. so that i wouldn't be surprised that this, this is the, as i said, you know, this is actually the work of them expired because they're considered shia as their, etc. is there another good believer over slam? so this is, this is the executor. but i mean, the major aim is who these fabulous afghanistan tool actually needs to believe that taliban rule in afghanistan. so this is mrs. the beginning and i wouldn't be surprised actually, more of the bitterly at that slackness will take place and a few weeks and the a month sir. ahead. meantime on the political front, senior representatives from the u. s. and the taliban of met this weekend in
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catalyst capital. toa these are the 1st such talks. then since the u. s. pull out from afghanistan, officials from both sides said the ongoing negotiations a sent it on the evacuation of foreign citizens and afghans from the country. and to counter extremism. but the taliban is already rejected. joint operations with washington to suppress the extremist group, isis k and afghanistan. and well, the white house has made clear the talks don't signal the recognition of the taliban in any way. officially. anti war activist brian beckett told us in his view, they clearly do the afghanistan government is insisting is that the united states not have the right or not to believe that it has the right to continually intervene into the air space or territory of afghanistan talks between the taliban lead government in afghanistan and the united states and other talks with the e u. r, constitutes a kind of defacto recognition that the taliban in fact are the government. the both
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the european countries and the united states have to make a choice. if they refuse to recognize the taliban government officially, if they continue to hold the seized assets of the afghan government, making it impossible for their government to meet basic needs of the people in afghanistan. i think it's very likely that the afghan government will seek to find new partners the united states does not legally have the right to take control of or sees the assets of afghanistan, simply because the u. s. occupied the country for 20 years. a developing story happening today for have been confirmed, killed now, and a massive explosion in the jamini port city of aidan made your report saying a car bomb targeted the local governor under the senior official, both of whom survived. yemen has been in the grip of civil war for 7 years now with his miss rebels fighting for control of the middle east and country. and also news
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that came in from russia today. a plane crash in the center, the country's kill 16, including the pilot and co pilot 6 others survive, but they're in a critical condition. the plane and let l. fulton had 20 members of the local parachute club on board at the time. it's a twin engine aircraft. seems it came down off to takeoff near the town of mens zalinski, which is around a 1000 kilometers east of where am til could you from here moscow authorities believe the instant may been caused by an engine failure. the still examining, getting handle on it plain which belong to the club, had been in service since 1987 hollows boiling gas prices in europe been reduced to a bit more of a simmer. often with him, a potent said russia is ready to stabilize the market. addressing the confidence energy crisis on wednesday, the present added that moscow would continue in its commitment to ukraine in
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regards to gas transit. as she does, she's just prom believes that it would be more profitable for it to pay a fine to ukraine and increase the gas volume pumping through the new systems. but there's no need for that. there's more pressure in the pipe, less c o 2 emissions into the atmosphere. everything turns out cheaper and at $3000000000.00 a year, it is necessary to fully comply with the contractual obligations for the transitive gas through ukraine. although it is more profitable to sell it on the exchange, but there is no need to buy any one in a difficult position, including ukraine, despite the difficulties in relations. second, as no need to undermine gas prompts confidence is an absolute, reliable partner in all respects. of the president potent earlier blamed europe gas crisis on an overly hasty transition to green energy said, coupled with brussels decision to switch from long term gas contracts to volatile spot trading. the gas price has been steadily increasing since spring,
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but shot up in the past. couple of weeks putting a huge financial strain on many european households. ah ah. despite the pledge to help reduce prices in europe, moscow still been accused of manipulating the market. us congressman michael mccullen, calling for sanctions against that brand new nod stream to gas pipeline. we discussed the, the week how politics clash with energy security with an m be paid for the alternative germany party, as was austria's from
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a foreign minister. about 7 years ago. that could have been more supply to do your market wire pipeline. that was never billed them. you saw stream stream was prevented from being constructed in the summer 2014. and so now it seems as if all the ice, all the criticism available is simply directed against the most stream. and it simply doesn't make sense of a real measure taken in terms of making gas as much as well as the contracts allow when we speak of energy weapon, a lot of people, even though those who have been born here, then 73 will always think of all what, for instance, opec era countries tuesday, in the 9th and seventies. we had several instances non supply and non export of
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oil. this what we can cause and seem like an, an, a 2 weapon if you want to use that matter. but in the current context of the many contracts, long term delivery cost 0 contracts that exist between the russian federation and various you countries. and beyond that, it simply doesn't make sense to use it. if you western europe, russia, you come into it, publish it over, economic change over energy supply, then europe gets new, opportunity is ended, you worlds, or europe is not any longer, completely dependent to the united states. so d, america, europe, america, playing dia, politics, to preserve their global leadership rule as the only superpower and they don't care about consumer prices and energy security. in europe, they care on their level palmer. and since the whole of is pro american politicians, fear of
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a whole industry of this is very powerful. so what we have there is no rational reason there is no, there is no rational reason because the russian behavior or because of economic interest. but the reason behind this angie, rushing rave is, gee, and politics made a deep stain on washington dc. it's exactly 60 minutes past the hour without international at the weekend. it's the weekly them. or we recap some of the big stories of the last 7 days. this was one of our big was this billions of facebook uses, unable to use the site for hours with technical problems, blame for the outage. that struck not once but twice. the luck of that and i will tell you what was behind it when we're back. ah ah ah
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ah what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it treat even foundation, let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic or development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk
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o austrian chancellor, sebastian kurtz is resigned that it follows mounting followed. have a corruption allegations made against both the politician and is in a circle. the claims against him include breach of trust, bribery and making full statements to a parliamentary committee. mister kurtz denies any wrong doing, saying that the accusations are in fact, solely based on old text messages published in austria media. recently, his decision to resign came off to raids on his parties, office the chancery, and also the finance ministry. as a part of the probe into the case as head of the conservative block in parliament, he still has immunity from prosecution. he insists his decision to step down is to bring political stability to the country. men landis nuvie sticker. my country is
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more important to me than myself. what is needed now is stable conditions. i would therefore like to make room in order to resolve the stalemate. 52 on facebook in the headlines. big turn this last week, wasn't it? with the tech junk? experiencing serious outage is not once but twice. the 1st blackout happened on monday when uses of the platform along with whatsapp and instagram. we're unable to get access to their pages for 7 hours straight. and then the 2nd disruption, which happened on friday evening, continued for a couple of hours. both the said had been caused by technical errors in official statement. facebook engineers said the problem was because of a connection failure between the tech companies data centers. the outage had a knock on effect on individuals and businesses. of course, over the world. the platform itself was hit hard to financially at last up to $60000000.00 over it. journalist and commentator chadwick more questioning how such a vast company could be so vulnerable to a technical failure like this facebook. oh is
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a one trillion dollar company and i like these outages happen a lot. it happened in april in june of just this year. you don't see google outages or any other big tech companies. apple. busy happening quite so frequently, so it's a bit bizarre that facebook has a problem with this. it seems to be that all of their, these properties oculus, instagram, whatsapp, and facebook all run through some sort of similar server. facebook is now sort of saying they were making upgrades and, and, and program or gotten locked out or something. sounds fishy sounds really strange. the fact that this and facebook always a privacy problems and they always have problems there and they always go offline. it went down to one, so it's, it's very suspicious, and it's also suspicious that facebook seems that they are problems and most tech companies with these issues. and, and i would whistleblowers as well, could be acknowledging back. this has a look at the dangers of these monopolies, if they can blink out of existence so quickly. hundreds of millions of dollars in
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revenue was lost in 6 hours today till these companies have it so much control, so much power. they are monopolies and look at how they can just wipe out revenue, whether the shut that was intentional or it was just the mistake. so for a minute, just a bit of time to take a breather with those outage is paradise or pain for you. when he goes, donald took us through a world without facebook of what's up was quite an experience. and in fact, it was one of the longest outages that facebook has experienced in its history. so yet it was long and there were long, tense hours because nobody seemed to know what caused the outage. how long it will last and well, we'll, what we should all do with it. when facebook service went down, they took along with themselves the so the infrastructure inside the, the, the facebook headquarters or wherever their services are located. so engine is when they tried to get in, they found out that their electronic cards, their passes simply did not work. so they had to literally forced their way into
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the server room to manually reboot them. so, and it took mark zuckerberg also hours to come forward and explain what was going on. facebook, instagram, whatsapp, a messenger coming back online now. sorry for the disruption today. i know how much you rely on our services to stay connected with the people you care about. you might think that it was just facebook, instagram and you know, facebook says to companies essentially, but no, a lot of other companies, a lot of other businesses that do not necessarily rely on facebook as a social platform, but rely rather on their technical physical infrastructure like service, they all went down to from well tendered to netflix, to zoom, to literally websites of airline companies and world bank apps as well. so a lot of a lot of sites, a lot of services that were used to using they, well they went off line. but one app seemed to take advantage of it and mainly to take advantage of what's that not work. and that's the telegram messenger. they
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eserman their social media team even had their fun on twitter before twitter went down as well. and well, they try to attract new users and did well they successfully did. so because it is estimated some 50000000 new users join telegram and it almost went down as well, but not because of the facebook thing, but because you had pro says so many new accounts being registered. so yeah, and there were a few funny reactions on line to this whole mayhem unfolding. have a look. we're working to get things back to normal. telegram you single, come over, the servers are up and my parents aren't home. so yeah, being a little tongue in cheek, the s m m team there, but probably well capitalizing on the whole situation. but in general, this whole thing and underlines, especially the fact that other businesses not not well upon, can linked which didn't appear to billing to facebook. that they experienced troubles, it really points out how much people and in general,
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massive massive companies rely on the infrastructure of one particular tech giant. millions of businesses rely on facebook now and many other many others use facebook in order to, to connect to other apps. it sends a huge warning across the bile because here we have a major social network site. but you know, this shows us the extent to which we rely on digital technology across the board. and cyber attacks of sorts can bring down whole systems. and facebook is just one. it's a social networking platform, but a lot of businesses as we've said, relying on it. but imagine a much more intrinsic infrastructural saw attack. i'm not saying this was a a cyber attack. in fact, i have a theory about what happened. but ah, this shows you the fragility of the entire digital infrastructure that we're relying on. yeah,
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we're facebook insisted the service outage didn't lead to any use a data being compromised, but it's still another big set that weeks after a form of product manager claim. the social network knowingly allows uses to spread hate and misinformation in the week, i guess, gave us their views on where facebook the brand now currently stands off to what happened. but what's interesting about the leak documents of the wall street journal published is that they show quite clearly that facebook is in decline and knows it's in decline. and so you see all these desperate measures of attempting to attract preteens and children. i mean even children. so there is a kind of convergence of several bad instances. i mean, not just to shut down, but to any trust effort to break it up, coupled with now what these lead documents show is and understanding by facebook officials, that crest of the wave is now headed downwards. that facebook is not infallible.
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and what's up is definitely not infallible. what's that also came under scrutiny because there were reports that even though they claim that a user messages were encrypted, that they were actually sending some user data to authorities in order to help with different types of prosecution. so if there's a message to take away from this, i think it is absolutely that we should be very skeptical. the claims that facebook, what's that you're, all the subsidiaries are making about their ability to keep your, your data private. because clearly it seems like they can't, at least for the moment, i keep their sites even online about the way the week shaped up in our headlines as reported by us to you. thanks. have a so much for watching us international this sunday. my name is kevin o, in from the team. we have a great rest of this rash . oh,
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