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i miss kids, i'm what children are going to grow up in the country. look, think says no racism, but they're more likely to end up in the criminal justice system. been there, although killer friends in daycare ah now then one of the reporting for around 4 year old finding a done accidentally shooting and to them a gun violence is a uniquely american prob, gunfire is an uncommon around with the local skate arrange. 19 year old man, shot gun violence takes the life of a young african american man. every 5 hours is driven and because of where he spent the young life taken while handling to load it guys, i'm sure he's rather accidentally shot here. we were playing with a gun with paul with me in his recovering after being shot in there called go, dad ever, shirley. she was virtually on
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a recognizable miraculously survived. but with life changing in your head table like to intruders in his house like project park, intertwined with home, it was devastating before as well through the individual has to live with what they saw and how it all unfold. it. ah i used to be a pretty girl. i was very happy, outgoing, very physically fit successful. her son i had
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a lot of friends. ours were in those fearful that meliss lookout room. thank. well they had the ultimate life. one of the hardest things that i had the face was not having a face and 2 years that i couldn't talk or drink were the most difficult. all i could do was grunt trying to adjust to have him
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one i i get dizzy very easily. i run into things scene at night is difficult. terriers ago my stitches got infected and my face actually exploded. when my 6th job replacement felt that was the low point. i had a son rick to and i would feel myself and sure several times a day with a syringe. i drool incessantly because i couldn't shut my mouth. when i surgical in point is when my
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face is as symmetrical as possible and the scars have been released so that i can move and eat and talk without pain. and basically when the surgeon sailor may, this is as good as it gets then on. now i'm done. oh, when i go to prison, i go to just a
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creative article here in a barber shop because i was a toller. i knew okay, well i can do the things i lisa will be unable to be there barbershop that really started my journey. everybody come to the barber shop, looking for it. i was station tele, problems with therapist for a week and re therapist. and most of us medical stuff she eligible, although they lost their ignore, then these are not being met. so therefore they don't know how to live, so it's easy for them to give up on life. like me, i had a low expectation to life. i accepted. i accept the fact that i made that it's not with the personnel,
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so why they do things and make them feel wider, more most of the resort, the well ah, the board res country board.
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i was in diapers 1st time i got my feet wet. my dad took the night before i can even back arrival, which is why i was like, always i would like to have not working for fission. milken oil, turkey and it was oil alive as cut but as far as taking someone's life, i thought to be a lot worse.
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a for friday morning. and we had a cold that 750 a little there was a shooting linwood road. ah, ah, and 1st officer almost like when i got to the hall,
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i went on in to the bathroom in the hallway in when i go up there also, the mother told her so matthew both of them were covered in blood. she was screaming all my baby. my baby. it's my fault, my fault. a little boy little brother. i believe he was sitting in the hall outside the doorway. hey, was carla and a ball. sit in position. he had his news with his arms around his knees. this is mostly of a shock up
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torn and there was in school lot he was in raleigh calvin, a little guy just from rejection from the boys in and so i had it all in the night and stuff. and i guess just that particular morning i just forgot a ah, panic net comes to rule in the midst of a situation like that is, is unlike anything else and you recognize, even without knowing anything of what has happened, you know, simply from the tone of voice this is not a good phone call. i did not believe that from the injuries that i observed,
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that england should well good people have bad things happen to a man. what tom? and i think that was those curious mom got distracted and didn't secure the weapon . and little boy found that thought it was a toy cold trigger. shortage brother. i've had 45 surgeries to date. i don't remember the 1st 18 because say half and when i was in this, in my coma the
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surgeries i've had have affected every single part of my bye. there was a bond graph from my lower right leg, my head shaved down twice. a bond graph from my upper left thigh, a rib taken part of my scapula. 2 thirds of my right breast was used to rebuild the skin on my face. and a skin graft was taken from my wrist. so every single bit of my husband harvison to fix my face every day is a struggle physically on in chronic pain. but
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i'm tougher than mine. i could take it oh i i survive something on survival. so going through another surgery number 46.
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ah it's what i think the most basic, but i see you back believe go, he did. who bought i bought off the dial tomorrow. a couple of these on your report, but i know from politicians to athletes and movies. does the musicals, does it seems every big name in the world has been here this year hope of mr. mccarthy goes to school. ah, what are wish them budget when you get the call, but i need to the actual booklet does not give me a glowered new sport, but she said basil makes dreams come true, but everyone who falls in love with people. luc with
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these people learn from their own experience, how vulnerable a business is to the bank. so he pushed my business over the age, pushes me right to the edge, bankruptcy. now i realize we will go this isn't just the back that may be involved in this is the concept. see, firms is, is the lawyers. these people have got one of their stories at a walk kind of whistle blower. tell people's marriages have broken up, lost their family homes, it is spectacularly devastating for people's lives. we have committed suicide, but left behind, nor the explicitly state that it was the constant intimidation and billing by buying coff resource that late them to i took the spring is obscene. these people
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up no soul. a me read this. i have a good i. so max, one question, how many you guys want to change your life? okay, so hopefully in this presentation, i will be able to give you some insight on how to do that, how to navigate your way. uh brooke wright, soft alozia ah, growing up in the streets in the eighty's there was ro, dana, those dogs learned that just sticking to the level, right. like a lot of young kids or a single parent. oh, oh no, no, we are. what became what districts you are your drug us this you don't kill us.
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we got to a lot of notifications there. so by a good guys is accessible through us. we had plenty of and you know, in the possession of a gun, it kind of makes you, i'm not afraid anything. any more expectations living was very, very short. because i know i was spiraling around the control and we had no way out. i got into an altercation at the scaling across t rex and i'll kill somebody. know young man, the 18 years old saying is i was and i found the authority murder. and i said to myself, osborne transformed my sub, when changed my mind and not deal with every problem or issue, i get into volley. i had to change my mentality as having my anger or react and
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respond to certain things. let me so you guys all raise your hand so you want to change your life a while. go. gaga. 3 gifts. first give is to give a life. the 2nd gift is to give a reason. and a 3rd one is what you pretty well, exactly freewill and the power choice. we decided to go to the choice 3 in with it was when can you read the over turkey? and just so happened. i had my shot getting a drug we immediately noticed me as you are out for the gate.
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as soon as i went around the corner and i saw that sliding glass door open, i knew it was bad. a king right around here. then you can see with that door open, his current darkened out. now you closed the shades and you're close that door. you can't see, you know, you know what's in there. i saw to figure standing right there, get door and they had a lot of my guys piled up on this table right here that i just came in the door. and i stood right here. and i yield them to stop 3 times. and they were right here, and as soon as they pop that door open and i realized i didn't recognize me. and they were panicking,
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trying to get out and they wouldn't stop at all. no stop 3 times. they wouldn't do it. and so i fired one shot right from there. and he fell right. darren grass. and he would not quit moving and i chased the other guy out there. he jump in the vehicle. he was pull off and i popped round off right about here in the car, sitting right garrett, so darn close it. like i said, the pair i was too close for his good fortune. so he took off in the car and i just stood here scream, this guy allison, i bought it, i went to his neighbor and she stood over him and that's when he was aggressive towards her and she fire a warning shot near course i was up the street but he said he'd shot somebody
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the guy was not dead. he was hurt for certain. he was out of it. he was not using capable of doing a line, but he's pretty much groaning and but he died. everyone extend, fair, tick would take 40 minutes. 30 minutes for the cops got here. pretty brutal watching the guide i i think about what kevin did is pretty brutal is pretty tough to do. pretty tough to live with. you know, as i know, he cried for 2 days, you know, after what happened you know, when, as soon as he started thinking about it, you know, i mean what he done but, but then he would to come to a realization i think that he just knew what he did he had to do, but it was, it was tough on him really was, you know, i mean i, i still don't think that he's really quite come over here fame. no, it's always been a couple years now with
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difficult to process the guilt, the grief and guilt that i have from that day. like what i think of that gone, you know, that sounds like the biggest thing i i how stupid could i have been you know, like what was that, what was i thinking what, you know i was just a constant thing. i just why did this happen? and deal with that. i think it's honestly ever something i've ever deal dealt with
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. dealt with just on has been there. i've come to terms with your family and things. my parents have said why reassuring me. and i remember exact things, but no, as a kid, you just believe what your parents age is, what you do, you know, so, but i don't really know how i've dealt with it. honestly. i'm just forgotten about it. maylen with
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a med welcome into his out was warning in agree the thing is phrased this morning and dedicate ourselves to him. you know, there is us certain times in our lives that we encounter circumstances that we would never have planned about 10 years ago. december was one of those events in our lives for, for, for me and taylor. and that was when my younger son, matthew died. and he was 5 years old at the time. and he was a very surprised when a tragedy like this happens. i think one of the automatic responses is whose fault is it? for me, i did not 1st externalize that i 1st internalized that if i had
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only he died as a result of a gunshot. for taylor, i don't really think of the in the sense of blame for him and i never really have i think it was actually the next slide or 2 family was together and we were just kind of waiting for this conversation. it was initiated by darren and beth, as they were trying to say some things to us. there needs to be a, a statement. people need to express how they feel. there needs to be an unburdening of how you feel. and so in that process of things, and i said, there will be no blame in this house. there would be no fixing a blame. we will all love you and we will all except we're okay it's we are
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together and this is just, you know, the guilt opeth by just what if i would have done things differently may not be at where we are today because of it. but that's why he had that hock. as i was dealing with the guilt really made me the heart better that i realize i like me that i wasn't. i mean, i guess i always drink it is making the happy go like a family then it was going to lose a check out there when the board just wasn't my blatant i think probably the best response that we can have in
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a situation like that is to say it's not a guilt placed, but it's a guilt shared just like it's a grief, shared because of that amount of guilt for being responsible for a life in this setting. it's really it's not only too much for one person to bear. i think it's something that's meant to be borne together. i'm sure you're in here. yeah. i wrote, i think i know where it is. right. one. what a black lab wrong. but he wants to read this. he was writing us. i know in since i was 11 years old, we met in 7th grade and hit it off immediately. he was visiting
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me afterward, my surgeries, and i said, matt, have a really vac favor task. can i stay with you through the rest of my surgeries and afterward while i recover? i he said, i love you. of course he couldn't stay with me. and that's my friendship. i can't. okay. if you want to good. i know. hi. it's good to see you again. me i'm. we're going to get right down to business. yes. so i want to just examine you now and then we'll take a look at the x ray together. and then we'll kind of tell you what we're planning for thursday. now what i'm doing is just feeling how hard the bone is. mm hm. and i'm impressed it. it's very hard dodge. it's like normal bone. hey. ok. now you see how your lip is scarred down a little bit. yeah,
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that's the other thing we're gonna accomplish. gonna release these scars, huh. and create a vestibule in the mouth. okay. which is like this. yeah. base between your cheek and go. yeah, we need to create that. okay. so lack of a better term. this is tooth ready, surgery now in the 21st century, we have a panic buying spree and commodities. commodities have had a new all time high, higher than 20 a lot higher than at any time in history. and yet what's lagging horribly, gold and silver. this commodities boom is being spurred really by oil. oil is to really the new goal is to global goal is to global currencies to petro dollars, whether since 1971, when the u. s. white from gold to oil, to back its currency. and so j go the fear alive today, he would be cornering the oil market to try this for commodities. panic trying to
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get offload is week with in the stores in the week here. now we are 20 years since the u. s. allies invaded afghanistan. top thing in the taliban regime and now in the wake of the american pull out many questions is still being asked with violence. they're still on the rise. also this are around gas prices down in europe after russia pledges to please supplies i. the move hasn't stopped us politicians for blaming moscow for the crisis. and the often john phillip sebastian curse, quick submit allegations of embezzlement and bribery. ah.


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