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i have nothing, i have nothing, it is not like i don't, i look for resources, i look for jobs, i look for everything i can to make this past. and i end up doing is passing the road to the american dream. paved with did refugees at this very idealized image of this. older america makes americans look past adapt to happen every single day. this is a modem. history of the usa, my america, nazi ah, if you look at this panel, you can see a lot of the old place and screws that were done by your previous surgeons. they did a great job, really, your orbits. naval bones are in the right place. and as just left over titanium plates will put the dental implants in take out the titanium mesh. and then when we uncover the implant will do the last one that will be creating the vestibule. okay
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. come along, why you got a lot of surgery? yeah. there's still another one to go after that just from at least. yeah. yeah. i'll be happy with your smile with teeth back at me to do you take good care of her until then remember not the anything after midnight. right. okay. yeah. get a pizza and beer up to midnight, but night after that a what i got locked up for the time. she was pretty in she had the baby boy a life like me that
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our car, maybe a prison. with that i get a hold of your father a little more that very much. i know like i'm kind of me good. he knew a lot of people, a lot of people knows them to every someone in public. a lot of people shake my head on my desk or stuff with ro definitely sees both his role model last to be like count in myers everything
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about his day. they're fine is very strong. with i know that will has been through a lot of things in his younger years. i think he probably just said that he went to jail. he did sing years like that was probably just straight for oh yeah, i did seniors away for murder exam. well, they're needing him now. i was just like, well that was the past, but how did you overcome all day a. 9 good job for him. honestly. he's a strong mentally, strong to overcome all day in to just deal with in. come out a good person.
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ah, we 1st moved up here. if we had ruined a town for something pretty you the front door wide open with dogs. get in and out . we had no fears. pit del change pretty fast. i of devices that help me know what's going on around my place. 247. the ukraine triple errors. i know somebody's been walking in the woods around my house . i put up motion detector is i'm not gonna tell you whether at each one gives off its own signal. so i know the house was activated. i can tell the sound of every car that the so she was road. i know exactly who it
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is without looking at. so i has how, where i am and things going around me. i put things to where i can get to him. no matter what situation developed really been no a day or the middle of the night. ah, i'm afraid to go to bed. i actually am at time to take my wife free to haven't laying her shirt. i wake up screaming. i wake up last night. dreams are horrible. i can hear myself talking. i know i'm in bed, but i can't share lou. i see things that i have to rationalize is israel.
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ah, i see images on a wall. i see people standing already. i say i'm looking at those current chinese shade. they that occur silly santander, e, you know, i dream and again, and that's the scary part is waking up in reacting to something that is real. how i me react to it. oh yeah, it's every night is a different express. oh, i re live this every day with
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people look at me that i've got some really good frank it. when everything do people make on that day given how you doing good. and they did a he's gone this some time thing a little bit. yeah . pamphlet we been married 25 years. our life is pretty much right around here. it
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love. i hardly was 6 weeks old, wearing down a highway fort at almost getting it where you go. i took one look at that dog. i fill e mean parties . 14 was 15 years old. you thought born was an animal. you spend that much time. oh, i never had a thing or a you were in, so you voted to me he would give up his own life for me and i 2nd those were hard. he's going to go right up here. i got cedar tree. yeah, no, we're here. and i'm gonna pull it up. i'm gonna make bench right here. i got this crushed marble. we're all done. i'm gonna frame and cover it with
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a white marble rock. this is what i've been working on. i'm gonna paint all this lettering in, so it looks cool. i'd use my vote in depth, soul searching and pondering things, said or i or just like if there's no phone, there's no t v is my quiet place. and i spend most had time reflecting on harley my family. and of course that happened here. that never goes away.
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ah ah. looking through his eyes. when i looked into was i seen his father wasn't there. and when i looked, and it was a scene, his mother didn't care. what i'm looking to was as i saw, death and destruction. when i looked into his eyes, i saw suicidal button before looking through was i was sitting down in a chair. and he saying the money to get it from here to variable was his mother. believe there was this part really working there are looking to was on the scene as little care was hurting. so i thought to myself, like, what's my position? because i want to give him money, but the week when twitching, he was at the kind of funny. so i say the weed or the crack. he said no, i need somebody to get me there. and back. i listen to was are the say the true finance sharon. he looked
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a new to smirk like may i was even karen. i know the story. oh to well, when i was your age i see using myself sales the father. this child i was raised by the streets. i may grow cheese sandwiches over care. see he, i was a high school dropout. i spear minimal drugs. i didn't pay them some robins with a neighborhood. so see i was a hostile on a block. i depended from the cuff until i got court, and i just sit as near court. now back on the street, he says, my la true, i'm here to bring hope to philly's only you. he said, that's good to know what made you want to help. so i look and see us when i look and see eyes. i saw an image of myself. mm mm ah. 2 when you come back and show community, regardless if you want to help in for people may not want to embrace you. so
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forgiveness is a lot to a person that needs to be forgiven. a new the got a that was our ministry in there was a one to shoot me over here. whispers getting shooting, isn't it? you go to what my parents me. i know he was me car there. we were friends on the same corner, brought up he definitely wanted to murder where and it scared me to know that this guy killed this guy's brother. and then it was hard talking to him in talking to him until the talk to
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one about when he was in the barber shop. and then he's like, you know, i talked to for a minute. i was like, oh, give me a 2nd. i was gonna mess up the gas and i'll be with you. i don't want to hear. so i want to talk to you. when we say i said, okay, i was just about a, the se offer give you a give me a worries knew exactly what, what it was about. i know him, he wanted to kill will and it scares me even said his day. now, you know, i'm talking to you and i'm telling you from our heart. but these are 2 men that any given time. he could feel some kind of wet in any given time to help people. i had a still agree with this. there are people i hated look to say are okay about what he said. that was my best friend. i don't care about what he said. that was my nephew
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a with the way of life of reindeer herders leading and traditionally nomadic lifestyle in the tundra is similar to a parallel reality. i was the main drive. the hood women carry the weight of the household work on their shoulders. i'm with full step. when it was the last, she'd never really close. nice. nice. however, in the vast expanse of russia,
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there is a spot where a house wife could secure a regular employment standards. it's in the fall, semester chemistry. what? i'm not sure what i'm like and usually it's a when i was around him every day. i would feel different. wow. some days i will feel like i hope, you know, they are today and over days i'm like wow, they get better at it because no matter what his brother go mad. no, he look in a picture bill, i just gotta kill my brother. so that's not easy. test, but you hear me
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when matthew died, taylor was 8 years old. so trying to figure out his emotional state what he would actually feeling was difficult. my of what kind of deal does he caring about? this was always a big concern of mine. and so we spoke of it to him in terms of being an accident with for many years we didn't have any type of weapons in the hall room shot guns, hand guns, rifle, and everything. got rid of all that stuff is when he was about 12, he started expressing again an interest in wanting to shoot and it would come up in those moments. how do you, how do you feel?
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you know how, how do you think are you, do you think you're ready for that? and we've, we've shot a lot since then. i believe that the mind informs the emotions and this is why i chose to shake things for tailor the way i did and to give him the information that i did so that as he came to understand these things, his feelings would follow. and i believe they have just to me it was important that he comes through this on the other side. okay.
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in there, that's pretty much about the anesthesia part. do you have any questions regarding anesthesia for me now about the surgery now? now i had total face, i now think you're a little faith, a with with a thank you with kristin, begin us is now
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a 47 year old woman who has suffered a gunshot wound to the mandible, upper neck and mid face period. she has gone through numerous reconstructive surgery and currently has a mature bone graft in place. that is housed by a pi, tammy, and mesh period. today she requires a placement of 5 asi, integrated pictures, removal of foreign bodies, as well as deep adding. have a great a ah, we probably see $50.00 to $60.00 gunshot wound can per year of which $1012.00 of them require major reconstruction layer. what we call impulsive functional, able to displace tissue, or to basically remove it, blow it away if you will. a lot of individuals who come to us with dice won't,
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they want to be reconstructed to what they look like 10 years ago, i always told them reconstruction is just that it's reconstructed, it's not normalcy. every reconstructed tissue is never as good as the natural tissue that was lost in 2 ah, cutter fe for taken his brother's life. and i think he did that because of the person to come mentally for gaming by his again, 1st and when that was really impactful. because he knew me and i was like, wow,
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i think i can be forgiven blah. so pay attention forgiveness in tce are paid desk and we, i mean we mainly try to do is educate our community about that issue about how you deal with it. with their said forgiveness and peace. i able to heal yourself and still live your life in a harbor so much anger and frustration. and he, we all grew up believe in aladdin districts told us that we had to behave a certain way that we could back dale from a conflict that we could the college as to when they were me. all. busy those things were a weakness action towards you don't deserve a reaction. sometimes you just had say, you know what, i'm, which is ignoring and let it go. because you know, any given moment, these situations can go to the day or the other week. i'm talking about daily fe.
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we went out to the luminous st. good. we know that when we grew up with this, the bobby beats up to this right? because stuck always his 1st forgiveness is really for yourself. first. we'll have to go around harbor a lot of emotion is anger, frustration, any heart and they can't live much longer. i feel that when i'm laid it on me, i will not. i held myself accountable last bill myself count. and i wasn't a good file, but that's still my boy started me to the day where you are. we are. do i let him know you must hell, did it yet to have mailed it in? are you going to be, are you still got a not? there's lost my team rocket was my office, i'm good balance. i know. i understand what people say you never want bear your child. i guess like one of the most part is buildings in the world. and then i know
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that that person life was to and then they have to keep this. i gave myself a long time ago. you know, when i started the transformation, that's the reason why i wanted to change my life. so i could forgive myself. oh we're doing i never really comes out of it. i guess the same person i guess all from the like. you can only help and feel alone or something like that happens and like you're the only one out there that's fill in this way. i could field of there's all different
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types and groups and my class, andrew and j sounds pretty different from other people. if i didn't they understood me more than the others did. so yeah, that's what i told her. yeah, i don't think that was the right decision, but make a bob mike bomb. yeah. me and tiny met in 6th grade. he was about half my height. i just nicknamed him tiny tight. we need someone to shoot a gun. usually tiny, that's kind of his position and our cash, the people with with some people would
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say like, oh goodness, your brother died. so why do you still on guns certain you have gotten rid of those a long time ago and my answer is no. and guns fascinate me by how like the mechanics of on the stuff. that's always why i'm fascinated with stuff like this, like mechanical stuff like that. but my idea of guns has not changed in the fact whether i should own them or not, is changing the effect of safety. today, we're going to pull up a banana. that's my nana. because you know why not the idea of taylor being involved nail in things when he wants to go shooting. when i know that one of the experiments that they're going to do is going to involve an explosion. one of the things that are rely on is that for years i have poured into him safety and i just stick it
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in. perfect. i do know that tiny held the gun not knowing how to blow it in it. he has guns all the time and i trust him to be around me. i'm not like you put that down. you're gonna kill someone cause any and he's not a murderer. it was an accident. you can like put in the clip of like him like getting blown up. i think the accident happened because that was god's timing for matthew. and i do believe that's how god intended it to happen. that's what he wo, down in taylor's taylor's book a life we don't really know what was going to come out of these explosions, each explosion that we do. we don't know what's gonna happen, but i trust god that whatever happens, it's gonna be his will. and his timing for us everyone
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. all right. oh oh, oh, great. oh, those that is fine. 2 car garage. walker is the 1st dog i've had for 2 years and i've read from a baby or a child.
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hi is kevin leonard. we have a scheduled today for my dog. i got everything ready to go and i kind of like to get this, but behind yours. he turned out that that ah,
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join me every thursday on the alex salmon? sure. i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, spoke business. i'm sure business. i'll see you then. ah, it was the most basic or could i still bagley's go? he did. who bought? i bought a toyota from our company for v. then you will quote, but i know from politicians to athletes and movies does to musicals, does it seems every big name in the world has been here this year, copa bazooka corpus kristie school. oh and when you get the go for anything with what does that give me a glover you spoke with?
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said basil makes dreams come true that every one who falls in love with people like wide mm oh pet lives with its ally live on our t, the prime minister. all molly accuses french forces of training terrorist groups in the north of the country with their arms groups trained by french offices. we have evidence of dodge, and this is the situation we are clearly witnessing molly, and we don't understand it. and we can't tolerated westlaw makers demand sanctions on russia, north stream to gas pipeline, blaming moscow for a price surge on europe's gas market. despite the market retreating from an old time record after putin's pledge to boot supplies and the world health organization
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says it's close to approving rushes of sputnik we cope with shaw.


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