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who falls in love with people threatening luc what? mm. the headlines and i see you as politicians called for new sanctions against russia over the north string to pipeline accusing mosca of manipulating the natural gas market. days after leaving the present less to boost supply to europe. thousands of people i reported the code internet apparently assigned for my time on a ship mosque in northern afghanistan. it comes just 5 days after and not that time that also targeted animals and the european parliament unknown binding resolution seeking to bomb police piece of facial recognition south way in public places with m a peace painting it as a major big term. and the headlines for you up next. it's the big picture
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on this week. show space. the final frontier for hollywood and madison avenue, and guess who is the latest space, cowboy, but 1st congressional democrats and republicans have finally found. one thing they can agree on social media is too powerful, but the is the genie out of the bottle. i'm holland cook in washington. this is the big picture on our t america. ah . in congressional hearings this past week, former facebook data scientist turned whistle blower, france those hog and sang like a canary. i'm here today because i believe facebook's products harm children stuff
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division and we can our democracy. the companies leadership knows how to make facebook and instagram saver a won't make the necessary changes because they have put their astronomical prophets afore people. congressional action is needed. they want salt this crisis without your help. internal facebook documents hug and leaked are damning here senator ed markey. according to facebook's own research gene users consistently blame instagram for increases in their anxiety and depression. in fact, 32 percent of teen girls said when they felt bad about their bodies, instagram made them feel worse. and 6 percent of american teen users traced their desire to kill themselves. to instagram. instagram, is that 1st childhood cigarettes meant to get teens hooked early?
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exploiting the peer pressure of popularity and ultimately endangering your health. that 1st childhood cigarette. are these online platforms, media, or monsters? let's ask commentator and tv host lauren chen. she has nearly half a 1000000 youtube subscribers herself. she's a prominent contributor on other social media platforms. and let's bring back r t media and legal analysts, lionel lauren, just how addicted to instagram are these adolescent girls? well as someone who is on instagram nonstop and in their late twenties i, i have to say the amount that younger girls are on instagram makes even me concern . even though i'm a 100, almost 247. and don't get me wrong. i do not think that it is facebook's responsibility necessarily to police who does and who does not use their site. but if they were aware of these problems, they should have absolutely been more up front,
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about sharing these concerns with parents who i think ultimately are in control of what their teams do or do not see on social media. well feel users bother to read the long, small font terms of use. we tend to just check the box when we join something online. lionel does the user doing so shield the provider? what if any legal liability exposure does a platform like facebook or instagram have for the consequences of use? well, 1st of all, section 230 is, is the problem. but it may say something. power. this was the biggest joke this week, this suppose a whistle blower who came out and she read the riot act. this was if anything, a limited area. meaning that what she did was she gave people the impression that this was some big exposing. and you know what's gonna happen because of that? nothing. now, it just so happens also that right before he was going to testify, what happened? ah, there was
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a facebook blackout. and people went crazy because he couldn't take pictures of their sandwich or pose by now stupidity. so when it came back, it already diffuser content. and one more the break and, and lauren and he will get a kick out. well, we'll find is interesting. france hogan. according to her twitter account, she joined october of 2021. that would be this month. she's already blue check and has m year 63000 followers. pretty spiffy. don't. you're very lucky. don't think this was an inside job then i here comes a book deal. lauren, did anything harden said the surprise you? well, what surprised me is legal. anna has pointed out how transparently this woman is actually a democratic operative. there have been numerous whistleblowers that have come forward through project veritas, specifically talking about big tech, wrong doings when it comes to an our bias, censorship and enforcement of their terms of service. none of them as far as i am
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aware, have been on 60 minutes, have been verified by twitter, i within days of coming for it, or have gotten their own senate hearing. so i think it's very, very reasonable for people to be looking at how going and thinking. all right, well this doesn't exactly seem how the establishment usually treats big tech whistleblowers. i think it's very reasonable to think that there's something else going on here. definitely, but in terms of what she was actually saying, i think one of the reasons why there's this difference and approach to hog and compared to other whistleblowers is that while other whistleblowers were actually criticizing big tech for their censorship and they're underhanded. i guess a throttling of use they dislike hoggard is on the opposite end of the spectrum and that she's actually advocating for more government oversight of forms. and that is exactly why she has gotten as much attention as she has well responding to of organs a 60 minute center view. this statement from facebook, once zuckerberg got off a sailboat, we ban hundreds of militarized social movements, took down tens of thousands of q and on pages, groups,
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and accounts from our apps. and we remove the original stop the steel group. this is, in addition to our removal and repeated disruption of various hate groups, including prom boy which we banned and 2010. ultimately, the responsibility resides with those who broke the law and the leaders who am side of them. and facebook has taken extraordinary steps to address harmful content, and we'll continue to do our part lionel. define, hey speech. well 1st of all, before he gets enough, i will tell you that they started off and thank hong and start off by the way, by saying what really motivated her were all of a friend who went on to rabbit hall of conspiracy theories. as you brought up the j 6 trespass. that big insurrection, but she and she never explained though how facebook is broadly me. if i had questions about masks, or i from acton, or i do actually hard with. no, no, that's okay because that's misinformation. this was a time and hey, speed is a crime too, because believe what i'm at. 8 is constitutionally protected. if i heart you,
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if i stab you, if i, if i burn something, if i commit arson on your property, it is irrelevant as to what motivated me to do it. it's the crime, hage beach, misinformation, dis, information, data, information. those are ways are basically throttling your free speech. it's a hot, well, in terms of the plumbing. now let's get under the hood when we request a song from some music apps, they will also offer other songs that other people who liked the song you requested . also like similarly what facebook seems to be doing robotically is simply delivering us more of the sort of content we've already chosen. lauren, is that how these algorithms work? and is it a fair charge or a bum rap to surmise that this process full meant the sort of discord we saw on january sex? well, i see idea that the algorithm simply serves people. what they want is, is
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a notion that is several years old at this point. platforms like facebook, twitter and youtube have already been very proactive in throttling, right wing content like my own actually. so this is something that if, if people are still asserting that facebook or whatever platform leads to right wing radicalization by promoting right when content, i don't know where they've been because this is a problem, a quote problem, that facebook and youtube have. well, since done away with, which is exactly why, you know, activists like hogan are, are so drawn to their organizations. because if you are looking to throttle right wing views and facebook is the perfect place to do, it has been for a long time and, and regarding your question about algorithms fermenting essentially division. i disagree with the premise of the question entirely. honestly, let's look at the mainstream media. black lives matter objectively, objectively has caused way more damaged way more division than anything of the right wing has done. and i'm including things like the proud boys or whatever happened on january 6,
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and guess who has been leading and feeding into these hostile feelings toward the police. it exactly, it's the mainstream media perpetuates, all of these lies that feed into the bill of narrative that black people are being targeted for no other reason than their skin color. and i even go as far as to say that politicians are responsible for this division as well. if you have people like joe biden, who refused to even acknowledge, really the organ, to, at the existence of antique as an organization, which is also causing violence than i mean, i would be much more concerned with those problems than simply what your aunt is posting on facebook, if we really are concerned about division or las poll the panel, lauren, them, lionel, where is all this going? is there gonna be more government regulation of social media, or are we stuck with this amorphous section 230 thing lauren than lionel? i think there's absolutely going to be more regulation already. we saw that divided administration admitted they were letting facebook know what type of misinformation post they wanted to remove. and i think
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a hog in the senate hearing they are simply setting the stage for going in and inflicting, i guess more hate speech laws that they expect facebook to enforce about. lyle, not so much more regulation, but perhaps they're going to threaten to 30, and by the way, i just have a very simple idea here. hashtags. so what if you say something that's stupid? so what, by the way, joe biden doesn't seem to be worried about him, gate towards cinema and other people as well. and maxine waters, the hypocrisy of these people i hope and pray that this will come to an end. let us say what we want. if you don't like it, don't listen to it. kind of like the show. thanks a lot. laura jen, lionel. thank you both for stepping into the big picture coming up space. but final frontier we will update who and what's up there. this is the big picture on our t america. ah
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ah! now in the 21st century we have a panic buying spree and commodities. commodities have had a new all time high, higher than the 2011 higher than at any time in history. and yet, what's lagging horribly, gold and silver. this commodities boom is being spurred really by oil. oil is to really the new gold is the global goal is to global currencies to petro dollars, whether since 1971, when the u. s. white from gold to oil, to back its currency. and so j. gould, a few are alive today. he would be cornering the oil market to try this for a commodities panic. trying to get offload is week.
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these are the 4 people who pulled the trigger and survive something on survival. one harness things that i had to face was not having a face and i had a low expectation to life. i accepted the accept the fact that i made that it's where we had no fears. jell change pretty fast for shots. different stories behind the bullets. ah, it took a long awaited james bond flick. delores covert wary movie goers. back to the theater. how do we top that? here's our t america producer hector re voss. this will come as quite a shock to my crewmates and to nasa the entire world.
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but i am still alive. surprise, they are thrilling, full of adventure and captivate the minds those watch. we're talking here about featured movies of human struggles. he space is the r films at the movie fans on the edge of their seats. and for the 1st time in human history, a feature film about space is currently being filmed by actors in north america. they launch up successfully out of the russian space facility in like, nor causing lift off of shall use them as 19 was an actress and her producer beginning a journey to the international space station this month, around the see the oldest despite all the difficulties during this difficult path, this is very interesting and it is a huge satisfaction even the thought that it could really happen is beautiful. i thought was that the morsel cheese and i was i think the future drama. the challenge is done in collaboration with russian space agency. ross,
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pos most. channel one and leading studio yellow, black and white actress, julia pursued director clint chapin call and veteran cosmo. not anton scuttled off spend months training for the adel undergoing rigorous medical tests training in 0 gravity and preparing for in flight emergency. legal mazili slithered to just the music for the past 3 months. we've plunged into this wonderful world. there was hard work difficult. no time for sleep. there was time for art, but less than when you were preparing for shoot on her will. i hope to make up for it, for the long wife is changed. of course the space change is large or the energies them will you sure. tom cruise has collaboration with bay sex was previously scheduled to be the 1st movie of its kind to be filmed in actual earth orbit. but this crew of 3 just to calm the trophy where remains to be seen is if its mission will go as planned to render. nevertheless, the one and only cause one on on the film crew,
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spoke highly of his colleagues before the launch, underscoring their hard work going into the preparations of the little girl. my college store, a 13 year old for a month and a half. we trained for a great amount of time at the station with the guys cared themselves in the best way numbers, but it is evident that they have a calling and what the space experiment under the name, the challenge to be implemented in the best possible way on an international level, we have a desire to civil to the challenge is a drama about a doctor who has sent a space to perform burden surgery on a cosmonaut whose medical condition prevents him from returning to earth to receive treatment. each crew member of the project will have multiple roles and space cause will knoxville temporarily become actors. the director will act as a cinematographer. and the actress will be a costume designer and makeup artist histories. first movie recording and space will take 12 days to film. if the crew doesn't run into any emergencies of the realm. for the big picture, so use hector crew. antonio b. lulu, paris hilton,
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the red flag shoot. anton scapel are off in the center fronts in front dense center and clim shipping co. and next week life imitates art as one of our very own r t. america host william shatner fondly remembered as captain james t. kirk of the starship enterprise will boldly go where jeff bezos has gone before to the edge of space aboard blue origin. second flight with passengers. he's going to be the oldest ever passenger in the emerging space tourism industry. and ilan mosque who has already launched a tesla roadster and the space is now planning what's called cube sat effectively a heavenly billboard, with a selfie stick to display advertisements and art on its pixilated display screen is space becoming a tourist trap for that filthy rich. a galactic traffic jam. let's ask aaron pay gl adjunct professor at depaul university and himself an actor producer director and
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screenwriter. and welcome back to the co author with jail pickering of a stack of books with stunning photos chronicling the u. s. a space program including picturing the space shuttle the early years on amazon longtime networks based journalist john busy. aaron with your resume, you know, the occupational hazards of acting here on earth, feature film production and space. how safe is that? well, it's as safe as anything in space. i mean space is inherently dangerous, with the transportation to it, living in the international space station, all that is a dangerous thing, but when it comes to is phone production excessively dangerous? in that situation, i mean, not necessarily, you know, there was really nice thing that the director said during that cut scene was that there was time for art, but not as much as i thought. i, i feel making is a really interesting profession where there's a lot of pre production and a lot of logistics and art. and there's just so much planning. and so they probably
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planned out their shots and really the dangerous part is when they get caught up in the moment of being in that scenario with such a different environment and the movement around the initials a station. so dangerous. yeah. but not more than anything else. that we're doing up there. well, the applied line to that russian feature film being shot at the international space station has a surgeon transported there to conduct a hard operation on a sick cosmo not. and we've seen similar stories in real life about urgent rescue missions to and evacuations from antarctica. john, what are the limitations of 1st aid aboard the space station as it is currently equipped and staffed? they're pretty limited. and 1st aid is probably the right word for at holland. all of the u. s. astronauts who are sent up there. get about 40 hours of medical training because there may be an emergency, so they are equipped to do things like they can suture a cut. they can pull
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a tooth. there's the paper later on board. there is a very low level ultrasound device and there's some other instruments. so they're prepared to deal with, you know, emergencies. now, something is more serious than that. the option would be the best option would be to send that sick. astronaut or cosmonaut back on the soil is spacecraft, which is always dr. station. but that takes about 3 and half hours to get down. and then you've got to, you know, get that person out of the capsule into, into medical facilities. and there's also some g forces when you come down. so, you know it's, it's been problematic thing and i'm sure it would be a situation where everyone would decide what is the best course of action in this specific situation. now that's true. well now life imitates art as t these top astronaut suits up for real is william shatner joins the blue origin crew aboard the company's new shepherd, space craft. i'm going to see the,
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the vastness of space and the extraordinary miracle of our earth. and how fragile it is compared to the forces at work and the universe. and that's really what i'm looking for air. and what do you reckon that all this non nasa activity means to the government space program? our private sector characters like bays, those in branson and mosque moving the ball technologically. or is it just getting crowded up there? now they're definitely moving the ball and, but i don't think it's there's some sort of crowd out effect happening here. the government and private industry still partnered pretty heavily on a lot of things. the thing we're seeing now which, you know, technology is like mosques and 9 that can, you know, be reusable blue origin has the same type of plans that are not the same capacity
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limit, yet they don't launch as heavy as many heavy things. that's lowering the bar for people getting, having access to space and a lot of that technology that space infrastructure. this is space infrastructure we're talking about is subsidized to some extent through grants or long term contracts from the government. so. so this is enabling other types of activities that could be cheaper and give us more economic activity and scientific opportunities. well, john, you been there at the cape year after year launch after launch. none of which were inexpensive. and with the washington, the budget brinkman ship, putting every expense under the microscope are these space stunts that engage the public helpful to nasa, getting the dough it needs for the serious stuff. that's a good question. holland, i mean certainly keep space front center in the public's attention in a lot of ways. and as you probably saw, vito's and the others must got
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a lot of pushback on social media. as you know, millionaire play boys who, you know should be spending their money here on earth. so i think it's a double edged sword. that said, there's no doubt that as your other guest mentioned, as these commercial opportunities expand, other players will come into the market place. i've always said it's important to look at what is being done in the space tourism industry. as just a star is a proof of concept. if it works, then there's gonna be more demand and that's what the marketplace does. it meets demand for commercial services. so i think it's more of a positive than a negative. but there can be a downside. i mean, you already see people saying, oh my gosh, we're going to have a billboard in space. well, the reality is, the thing is on a satellite of, so i don't know, it's about a foot by a foot by a foot square. so it's only going to be through the satellites as you, as the euro package mentioned, it's own camera to send that image back down. or if you won't be able to see it
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from the ground. yeah. wow. for decades, the space dividend has been trivialized as giving us velcro and tang, although there's lots of every day life that spun off from the space program. erin, how will innovation currently unfolding up their benefit? us down here to you know, that's a real good question. i and to john's point about the spacing front and center with the stunts. right. the last question you asked, it's a real question and a worthwhile question to ask about. when will we actually see the real value that comes from space? we see a lot of it, but it feels mundane. and that's a hard thing to wrap around from a kind of popular, maybe layman's perspective of what is going on in space. you know, it's a metaphor. i like to use that space is, are for a when k and earth is our home. if our house is on fire and we got to pull money from that for a when k to fix it and that sucks. so we have to be able to just weigh the tray off
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trade off of investing in our future with this 41 k, where we're going to be going, but also making sure we take care of our health. hey, john, us throughout the mars mission, you have been keeping us up to speed. i got about a minute left. what's the latest up there? well here in the past couple of months, maybe 6 weeks of asperity has, has since 3 fairly significant marsh earthquakes as nothing new is sense these before. but these are pretty powerful ones, and it gives scientist a lot of information about what's going on at the core of the planet. they found out that this the cross is a little thinner than they thought. and the core may be a little bit more active. the other thing is pretty fascinating to me is how they fix the problem up there does tend to accumulated on the solar panels, which power the thing. and of course, that happens on every mars mission is
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a dusty plan, which so what break them up with a solution is they use the robot arm on the thing to pick up some, some, some dirt and, and dumped that on the, on the solar panels and then when the martian wind came along, the dust managed to cling to those particles of dirt and, and remove some of it. so they also shut down some of the experiments to save some power because of where mars is with relation to the sun right now, this time of the year. but things are going pretty well, i say. and nasa remains very pleased with this mission. and especially the little helicopter drone doing well. yeah, the stuff you can see and here at nasa dot gov is fascinating. john, business air and pay gall. thank you for stepping in to the big picture. and thank you for watching the big picture. we're going to be back same time next week, and i hope you will join us. we have a very special show. if you've ever felt you're being watched or listened to or followed it is not your imagination. next week,
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we're talking surveillance. if you can't watch us in real time set your director direct tv channel 3 to one on the dish dish, we're to 80. our live stream isn't youtube dot com slash r t. america. all of my shows are in youtube dot com slash the big picture r t, and all of the above and one whole head of a lot more on the portable tv app free and the app store on google play and a portable dot tv. i'm holland cook in washington and at holland cook on twitter. or if you follow me, i'll follow you question more. with the bible ministrations decision to leave afghanistan was correct in long overdue. however, the way america's longest war ended is a different question. it was a botched affair. the generals will most likely never be held to account, put alone marine. we can,
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colonel does face court martial. is this justice these people learn from their own experience. how vulnerable of business is to the bank. so you push my business over the age, pushes me right to the edge, bankruptcy. now i realize we will group, this isn't just the back that it may be involved in this is the concept. see, firms is, is the lawyers, these people have got you want other stories? ottawa kind of whistle blower. tell people's marriages have broken up and lost their family homes. it is spectacularly devastating for people's lives. we have committed suicide, but left behind norwich, the explicitly state that it was the constant intimidation and billing by bank officers that led them to i took the spear it's obscene. these people up nor
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saw the way of life reindeer herders. leading a traditionally nomadic lifestyle in the tundra is similar to a parallel reality. i well, the main drive, the women carry the weight of the household work on the shoulders. some of them when she left, she'd never this will. so to close, nice thinking. however, in the vast expense of russia, there is a spot where a house wife could secure regular employment studies. it's in the fall semester and the children terminal and usually ah
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ah, i am at kaiser this is the kaiser report. oh, you know, those current days that we live in is not particularly unique. we've had previous ages of scull dog re, oligarchy, ari and other tricks. stacey, right, well, you know, people have been pointing out that were in the age of the robber baron. and that really started right around the last global financial crisis. and of course, in the data you can show and you can see that the wealth and income gap has been exploding. and certainly over the past year, year and a half, we've seen, rob barren, sorta fortune's the vanderbilt sort of fortunes and the, you know, the big melon families and stuff like that. well, the most famous robber baron of the me all.


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