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tv   News  RT  October 8, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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by america oh no t o in us politicians, cold food use sanctions against russia or the north string to pipeline accusing mosca of manipulating the natural gas. small kit drew his days off to have led him a patient flesh to bruce supplies to europe. dozens of people are reported in the killed and apparently assigned bama tank on a ship mosque in northern afghanistan. it comes just 5 days after another time that also targeted and most with the european parliament pauses and known biting resolution. seeking to bond police. he's a facial recognition software in public places with empathy. haley, it's as a major victory. our gas debate space shoop. this is good news. you're in criminals
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and terrorists. it'll be abused like crazy. there's a great saying and law enforcement good when you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail. ah, oh, this is the news announcing to national my name is yolanda oliver. hello and welcome to the program. cools. are growing in the u. s. to slap new sanctions on russia, i would say north trim to pipeline in light of europe's energy prices. it comes just days of legend. patients pleasure to ramp up natural gas supplies to europe as prices hit record highs. i'll say is donnell, court had took my calling, you know, neil through the details. they're basically being accused of trying to artificially keep the price of natural gas as high as possible. but that actually announcement by the russian president vladimir putin to boost europe's natural gas supplies,
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caused a price decrease of 20 percent right after that, amid this energy crisis. and just 2 days after that, we heard from us congressman michael mccall, who said that the u. s. should resume sanctions against russia in connection to the north stream to pipeline. and why he says that russia's somehow weapon ising, it president biden and chancellor merkel committed to taking action. should russia attempt to use energy as a weapon? yet both of tend to blind eye to the puts in regimes deliberate efforts to pressure europe into accelerating the russian node stream to pipelines, certification process by manipulating europe's gas markets and leveraging a severe energy crisis on the continent. and mccall says anglo merkel is turning a blind eye to some apparent malign, influenced by russia, but angle of merkel herself has said that russia fulfills all of its obligations in these contracts that are voluntarily made between russia and the european union. the fog, it is a gift. this, if you ask me whether there have been orders that russia has taken and then fail to
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fulfill as it stands now, that is not the case. that is, there are no orders that frush has said, no, we will not deliver those to you and we're not pumping gas through the ukrainian pipeline. rather russia can only fulfill orders that have been contract it out. so the question is really, isn't being ordered, the international gas union also crazed russia as the power that can bring energy security to europe. and that the north stream to pipeline would actually play a crucial role in that. so it doesn't exactly seem like the reasoning behind mccall statement to resume sanctions against russia has a leg to stand on. and yet the allegations from the u. s. keep coming. how is moscow responded? we heard from russia's foreign minister survey leverage. he said, basically the u. s is trying to pick rushes european partners against moscow. let's take a listener. what he said. figure lish. dr. abraham will go to school. for us openly, say that cooperation with russia is contrary to europe's energy security interests . they want to directly embroiled in this area,
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reduce our independence. now it's also important to note that russian president vladimir putin even urged to russia state gas company, gas prom to continue pumping fuel through ukraine even once north stream 2 is fully operational. and that move would show europe that russia wants to act in good faith that they're ready to fulfill their contractual obligations. even though if they made this move entirely to a pumping gas to the north stream to pipeline, this would save the company, billions of dollars for my ost trend foreign minister. karen, can i so things that accusations of using natural resources as political tools outdated, given the deep integration of today's global economy, eagles and she wept. a lot of people even so those who have been born here, then 73 will always think of all what, for instance, opechi arab countries used in the 1970s. we had to separate instance a non supply, a non export of oil. this what we can call it in like an, an,
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a cheap weapon if you want to use that matter. but in the current context of the many contracts, long term delivery gas fever, contracts that exist between the russian federation and various you conference. and beyond that, it simply doesn't make sense to use it. on the other hand, if i just may, adds up by using this very dangerous notion of anna to weapon. i'm living in france now. and 2 days ago, for one french minister warned against the british into context of to fishing disputes that france my que electricity supplied to be cut for instance, to the island of jersey in the channel. so that is quite a hot topic because we would then see something like one european country using something like an energy weapon against another european country. but it simply
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doesn't make sense. i would reject the notion of anna to weapon when it comes to lot stream and now to have got his sandwich. dozens of people have reportedly been code an explosion at a shan mosque in the countries northern. say to have conduce a warning, you may find a falling image. disturbing said the blast happened during friday, pres with a pox congregation inside. dozens i reported to have been killed, endangered. i sort of signed boma, was said to be behind that tank. the taliban, blaine. the ice, his k terry's group, which carried out the cobble apple glass in august, which sol, schools, of people killed. this latest incident follows a deadly explosion on sunday, at another mosque and the country's capital. and it all comes just 2 months since they talk about swept back to power, filling the void left by the us led withdrawal. and eliza journalist visited the site live last and sent us this report. today at 1 pm this afternoon during prayers
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here at i. e, she, i mosque and couldn't, does, had bomb exploded and i witness to say at least 100 people were killed. the explosion was so powerful, according to some officials, the new taliban government had warned attacks like this one were possible. earlier taliban security personnel visited this place and they gave the opinion that it might be a suicide blast. after examining some evidence, we've seen such a blast in the past hitting mosques and killing worshippers. some states were targeting here and there are, there were targeting chia in syria. they were targeting chia everywhere in the middle east. so i wouldn't be surprised that this, this is, as i said, you know, this is actually the work, all those them speak because nicholas said that here is there, is there another good believe are over there. so this is, this is the execute. but i mean, the major aim is who these that belies afghanistan to actually these to belies that
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taliban rule in afghanistan. so this isn't the beginning, and i wouldn't be surprised that me more of the big li at that slide. this will take place in their fuel. we sent them a month sir. i had an alliance within an alliance for the 1st time since the very creation of nature, 2 of its members have singles there had signed their own defense packed. the greek parliament yesterday ratified a deal with france. the 1st time in explicit and unequivocal military assistance cause is provided in the case of a 3rd party attack on one of the 2 states. we all know who's threatening whom were the cause for war. in the eastern mediterranean, the existing nay's help negations of greece and france, all right, to make them military allies in the event of an attack originating from outside the block. but with grease and say, kate, currently at loggerheads of the territory in the eastern mediterranean, athens has sought additional support. but speaking earlier this week,
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nate his chief outline his opposition to such deals. what i don't believe in his efforts to try to do something outside the native framework or compete with or duplicating nato because nato remains a cornerstone in the bedrock for european security. and also actually for north american security. while the new park is the 1st between member states, it's not the only defense deal involving nato members signed of late. only a few weeks ago, the u. k. i u. s. hope into bad with australia in a deal that we'll see nuclear power, it's submarines patrolling the into pacific region and less across life, se eurasia sent to vice president al rasmussen and mr. ross instant. thank you very much indeed for, for joining us now on the program. so deals are being strung between needs her members themselves. what messages does this send out about this state of the alliance? i think one, i think we've had several issues that you just cover issues between greece and
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turkey. and we had the most recent i'm i would say misplaced alliance between the u. k. u. s. ross, earlier as the wife and which basically went against a lion. her basically put a put a dagger in the trust there were. so we've got we've got issues within the, a nato ally to say that it's, it's not an important alliance. it it but i think i think europe needs to look out for themselves and they should realize that other allies don't necessarily look out after the interest of european. and so i think her, mr. um, president mccall has been pushing for this for a long time until merkel with support of it as well. and i think this is just a step in that direction. you know, with the orchestra the box, the lin recently probably motivated this movement even though it's been
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a negotiation perhaps for quite a while. but i'm sure it added additional strengthen into solidifying the the grease and the recent french um park or shift here which, which i think it's important. i think your needs to stick up themselves and they need to look internally and how to support and defend themselves. she may not maybe, again, just average stories that are outside the native walk. as we've seen, even within the need of blocks here are conflict of interest and loyalty and trust doesn't necessarily align with right there, you know kind of was gone that's. that's what about ne, say, just clarify a snake to no longer fate for path is to increase and friends don't trust or feel they can rely on that allies. i think this is a, it's the point they're, they're, they're still there. they're. i think it's still going to be around for
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a while. i don't see it disappearing, but i think it could potentially be weakened here. and just from the sack. so i do think there's, there's discussions inside and, and there's the alliance that i think is weakening internally. right. but where does this leave the native chief, he said only and they sweep that he's opposed. 6 to such, i'll try alliance deals as the alliance is the quote, gold standard of defense that but the deal was truck anyway. i think that they're looking for the internal side and i think the language that exists, the major part nato side is, is a key part of that. you know, we see the, the threat of russia, supposedly, at least i just wrote an article post today about the threat of the washington post . but the threat of russia expanding into, into the ball, baltic states, or maybe the poland. that is not going to happen. it is, it's misinformation,
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they're trying to garner support to keep the, it's just going to shows what nato is trying to do in order to keep their position there. i think it's weakening internally among he states agrees. france, germany, i'm surely in spain are questionable in the area as well though in general it will . the alliance continue to some degree. yeah. but, but i think it's weakening as we go forward year by year. so we'll see how those lines hands out with, with brief, it was successful, it could really put a dangerous threat into the, the global nato alliance. right. and so do you think we'll see more defense parks between nature members, then i do, i think, pending how this goes. i do see that we will see additional packs internally within
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the nato alliance that we need for our ok. and how do you think 10 k will react to this deal then? turkey will be quite upset with president. never done the white independent and he's been kind of goes against the wishes of the u. s. a native parker and the major funder of nato. i'm sure oregon good will kind of take a step back on this, but i think it's strength them. greece is kind of, you know, their, their position was weak in a way. and it was the negotiations that they approached nato to stand up to support them. and they did not get any support in that area. so they're looking to strike narrow, deep the building, their position concerns that they have more like you've got the whole gas or oil. reserve energy reserves that are still being, you know, seated in the mediterranean there. and, and this will help strengthen their position where,
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where their mom here were initially negotiating, promote or respected then for all right, a ranger center vice president our rasp sent. mr. rasmussen. thank you very much. indeed for your time. you have been lawmakers at pushing for a barn on facial recognition systems used by police. the u parliament has passed a non binding resolution against biometric surveillance at which some any piece compared to cold war snooping. that's an important step in fighting against my surveillance. the central and eastern europeans used to live under the eye of the big brother. and we don't want to come back said the resolution calls for a bond or not funding or deploying programs that could result in. now, as dishes, it indiscriminate my surveillance, the document also emphasizes the importance of human supervision in any final
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decision making and urges authorities to be more transparent by using open source software. and it's not the 1st move against excessive surveillance in 2019 san francisco became the fast say to in the us to enact a complete ban on police by metro surveillance. other markets. it is then followed that lead. and we discussed the pros and cons of that facial recognition with terrorism and secure to expert david low and former u. s. police officer, dominic isa. there's a great saying in law enforcement that when you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail. and all this does, it may have the great grand scheme idea of you're going after some very serious offences like child sex trafficking. i'm missing persons or terrorist activity, but i don't care who says what it will always be used down your lowest common denominator, which is your citizen and it will be abused like crazy. you're then actively putting a tool in the police's hands to look for crimes proactively. in the wrong way,
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i think this is just, this is a door that's going to be open for some very abuse of authority. i don't think it's a good idea. as you can put police in this mindset of that everybody is a criminal. good news. we are being criminals and terrorists, a terrorist threat both in europe. i know north america since we'll have enough gummy. so if you did look out, i mean i'm talking about dealing with serious organized crime tomorrow, trafficking, i'm not so much of dealing with cs trafficking, those type of fences in terrorism. and i think the point that was made, but you know, it's only allowing like counterterrorism agencies, policing agencies in the u. k will be national con, one. you know, it, agency, those things, you wouldn't give it 70 police force. it was like when we were in the european union, shang and information system, which was a database that wasn't available. so the police force in the u. k. it was only to certain offices and the pounds. i just happened in all of them in the united states
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were, were abuse we just to be with. so if it was, if it was utilized and executed for what it was written up more than a 100 percent, if it oversight was proper on it. and i think would be a great tool, i think that, but we just, we always take something that's, that's meant to be some way. and we just, we water it down and we abuse it. it's about giving who has access to a data store and also destroying data with comments on it's making sure those safeguards in place. and that's why i said, you need judicial scrutiny. what's to make it say that it doesn't go all the way down to again, the lowest common denominator, which is a citizen and a detective, or a street car, shriek up as a bad day and he wants to go through all the backlog of your activity for last 6 months and charge you for a crime that you committed 34 months ago, polonaise and collision course with brussels. s after will says top court ruined
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that some european union louis clash with the countries constitution. and the timing is making the sure even more keyed as poland currently seeking billions of you are in you recovery funds. peter oliver picks up his story. there are shots fired in that confrontation between warsaw and brussels. and the constitutional tribunal. poland talk court is basically said that the polish constitution has precedence over you law in the country. the primacy of constitutional law over other sources of law, results directly from the constitution of the republic of poland. this has been clearly confirmed by the constitutional tribunal. it's very important to point out the polish prime minister material more of it. he says this isn't a sign that poland is about to try and leave the european union. in fact, he says his country has no intention of doing just that, but we are hearing again things that sound like briggs at room briggs at a cost to do. it hasn't gone anywhere yet. well,
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now we're hearing about politics. it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but it is what it is. in fact, here in germany, the press is full. this morning of talk about this being a legal polk said that poland has essentially, by making this ruling tried to pull itself out of the legal frameworks of the european union and france deeply unhappy as well. we've heard our condemnation from paris. the european commission has said that they have serious concerns about this ruling from the courts, while other e. u officials are clearly far from happy at this move. the verdict in poland cannot remain without consequences. the primacy of you law must be undisputed violating it means challenging. one of the founding principles of our union ease states must not stand by idly, when the rule of law continues to be dismantled by the polish government. neither can the european commission or money can't finance governments which mock and the gates are jointly agreed rules or this. it could be a go a different way though,
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could be because these rulings from the courts only become law when they're published by the polish government. now, what could happen is the could take this ruling from the constitutional tribunal and go, we'll put that in a drawer for now, and maybe we'll look at it a little later because what you have at the moment is the situation whereby poland isn't getting tens of billions from the european union in covey recovery money. poland can look at other member states. we've already received their cash. you're already spending their cash, and wondering well what, how we going to make sure we get ours? so we may well see this ruling from the court used as some type of bargaining chip to try and find a rapprochement between warsaw and brussels. but it certainly doesn't look good at the moment. and some of the concern that's been shown from the european side certainly justified, as poland says, essentially the rules and its country supercede. those of the european union. one of the business rosen britain was brought
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a grinding halt yet again to day in the latest brought as by climbing acts of his group in slade prison. it staged a number of similar stance over the past couple of weeks in its bed to force the government to think more green and it's causing many motorists to see red as shut in adverse dashti reports. jackie behind me is in see late britain, as you can see, they are located in the road here in central london that project their aim, their mission is environmental action. they want the government to heed that open message there cause he has much disruption as possible, trying to back up the roads of central london. what they want is the government to pledge to retrofit and insulate all time to properly and to make them more energy efficient by 2030. it's something that they're asking. the government to act on immediately is led to the home to the u. k. is walk along the fruit really to the government. it's one of the 1st and easy things should be doing. so we're in
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a serious, desperate, desperate situation. so the good we need to act and now we got very high fuel prices. so maybe we're going to have more than $2400000.00 households and fewer probably. within a couple of months, i do have more than a and a half 1000 pension is going in our country this winter. i don't know, but i thought you understand people's anger, i can sit by while pension is a dying that i have enough money, stone eating, all the other methods petitions. march is appealing letters to n p. i look to make bill all of these things, nothing. no action and we are given today. nobody wants to picking the road and disrupt good people going on there a way nobody wants to do that with doing it. if you are fit to attempt to actually do something, it's total con it already, and a very just been here for a few minutes. it comes despite the government taking a fresh injunction just last week. burning, insulate members from obstructing the roads, obstructing the traffic,
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particularly on the low to ways and a roads in and around london as well. and people in and around this round about are incredibly angry. you're not letting bosses cause is wanting bus. it city only function with public transport. you call block public crowd. i did with no right to be in. i understand what he's doing. he's going to be late. you know, i was out as a bomb angry. i'm just going to deal with, well, it seems as though insulate personally, don't have the public on slide. they also don't have the politicians on side. i the boris johnson just a few days ago. i labeled these protesters as irresponsible and impossible cross. these are the tensions right here are quite high. and d, there's a huge please your presence. they haven't yet arrested anybody, but that's only
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a matter of time until they change their minds. aah! with what we've been here for around an hour or so. and there's been at least a dozen arrests. they're still around a dozen protests is that have literally glued themselves to the rose. i've spoken to a few people that have now being arrested one woman who was arrested 9 times. so she's prepared to go to prison for this course. and so she's doing this simply for a better world in the future. i've already been arrested for and i'll keep doing it till i that the government start taking notice. insulated houses as it should be very simple. as a start date, just to use the money to go into making houses. walker carrying on with building a company that killing the economy that you currently it's about time they
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started being long. so under these new measures, these protesters could be child up to 6 months and receive hefty fines as well. which campaign, if there's a complete denial of their rights to peacefully protest and as annoying as this group may be, would anybody be talking about them if they want so disruptive? this group at least say it's up to the government and the government to stop this whole in a moment. it, of course, may concede to that demands tack a has joined algeria in lashing out of the french president after emanuel microns suggested there was no algerian nation before french colonial rule. i'm carol branded, mccullin's was a populous move ahead of next year's presidential election and france tacky, and algeria now part of an expanded list of nations currently at loggerheads with paris ash wanted to bounce camp reports. france isn't having the easiest of times.
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it seems to be handling on multiple fronts internationally and was that it's waging offer some foibles take. i'll g re a frances form, a colony it resisting president mack owens attempts to draw the line. and it has an axe to grind. that's didn't codes are well and then to add insult to injury my home blamed hatred towards france. young algerians hold the political military system which should re written history based on lies even questioned. what is algeria was there in algeria nation before french colonization? that's the question. i'll jury a post 900. 62 is built on a memorial rent that declares france is the whole problem, hugh, a re cold ambassador,
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while algeria also plays it as space to see the french military notes. colonial presses all nought to welcome the country. essentially said this in the leisure which pushes process official relations with some of our countries into unfortunate crisis situation should result through on additional mutual respect. that's not the only trouble facing france in africa. marley has a summons. the french ambassador for split nations. it's furious that fraud seeks to withdraw its troops. he can still think that he can hold the fort by sabre rattling but if you will need the left hand to button. the situation arising from the end of operation back on puts molly in a fait accompli and bundling those mid flight to a certain extent. and it forces us to explore alternatives and means to better
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ensure our security ultimately or with other partners. and then there is this whole my t, castro fee. there was no why that we could have taken this decision without it having and causing disappointment and hurt to, to france this, this, there's no way we could have avoided that. it wasn't bad enough that a stranger country which ranks a few more than several runs below france and military strength shocked it off for a rendezvous with the u. s. it also invited them briggs book and he is alone for the jolly. the french was dearest and found themselves crying out, which brings us to the u. k.
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my horn has often been compared to napoleon the will he get caught in the nets of his very own waterloo, francis so incensed over the u. k. 's refusal to let x fishermen troll they catch in british waters. it's even threatening to cut countries, electricity supply. actually it would make more sense to just pass on the increasing costs of energy to the brits, making them pay double. but no mcenroe government is forcing a battle of wills who will go blink. first. all of this comes as a friendship president is set to face his stay 1st competition to date. as the presidential election hurdles, closer. many at suggesting the only person who blew a hole in mac one's hopes as well himself trans has lost his position.


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