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tv   News  RT  October 8, 2021 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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past adapts to happen every single day. this is a modern history of the usa by america, so naughty with a facebook whistleblower who prompted colds in congress for a crack dog on the social media giant is now herself under scrutiny. critic say her close ties to a democrat show she's pushing the read gender for online censorship. all to coming up in the program. us politicians call for new sanctions against russia over the nord stream to pipeline accusing moscow of manipulating the natural gas market. just days after vladimir putin pledge to boost supplies to europe and the european parliament palaces
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a non binding resolution seeking to have been police use a facial recognition software in public places with emmy piece, healing it a major victory or a guest that made the issue is it's good news, you're in criminals and saturdays, so it'll be abuse like crazy. there's a great saying and law enforcement that when you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail. ah, live from our international new center in moscow. this is our t pleasure to have your company this our, my name's unit need. we will get to those headline stories in just a moment. begin this. our with breaking news from afghanistan. dozens of people have reportedly been killed in an explosion at a shia mosque in the country's northern city of calendars. you may find the upcoming images of the aftermath, the stress in the blast up and during friday prayers with
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a pack congregation and side. conflicting reports, flamer on 60 people have been killed on up to 100 injured. although the taliban and of course the current government claims the death toll is half that a suicide bomber was said to be behind the attack on the taliban. blame the eyes as k, terror script for that, which was also behind the cab, bul or port bloss back in august. the latest incident falls a deadly explosion which happened last sunday on another mosque in the country's capital this time. and it is just 2 months, of course, since the taliban swept back to power, filling the void, left by the u. s. lead with droll democrats. in the u. s. congress are going all large, with calls for a crock done on facebook, following the claims of a company with laura. although it now turns out that frances hogan house close ties
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to the party, something she feel dimension while demanding action against her. now i former employer. place books, products, harm, children, stoke division and week in our democracy. the companies leadership knows how to make facebook and instagram saver a won't make the necessary changes because they have put their astronomical prophets afore people. congressional action is needed. well, let's try and untangle the web. francis hogan is being represented by a co founder of whistleblower. a john tie, he served in the obama administration, the other co founder of the organization, which helps whistleblowers pay their lawyer fees is mark said he was a legal representative for this month. alexander vin men, a white house stuffer who testified in donald trump's 1st the impeachment trial. max blumenthal editor in chief of the grey zone, highlighted other alleged links, unsafe political affiliation is no surprise in this case. her testimony dovetails
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very closely with the democrat censorship agenda. their plan or their desire to heavily sensor social media. frances, how again was pushing that agenda if it's true that bryson gillette, the strategic communications firm that is reportedly advising francis how going and which was founded by former obama aid bill burton. does it enjoy this relationship with her? then we also have to consider her relationship, a possible relationship with abide and white house, who's press secretary jen. saki, i actually used to be employed as a senior advisor by bryson juliette. what's clear here is that democratic operatives were not, if these reports are true, are providing p r advice and promotion to francis how going
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a previously unknown figure, who was instantly verified by twitter the day of her carefully coordinated and crafted testimony. so she's not as a, an actual whistleblower. she is a political operative advancing a cohesive agenda. lot smaller. it's has a merge that france is. how can is a regular donor to democrat affiliated organizations which help party candidates get elected? now, legal and media analysts, lionel max blue mintel again, the both gave us their take on the facebook allegations and also the dangers of censorship. she just wants more government intervention. so i think the impact we're going to see going forward is more censorship, more intervention from the intelligence services. and the reorientation of these social media sites to target official u. s. enemies per her recommendation. i think her. 2 you know, it could, it can benefit multiple causes,
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you could see it benefiting the religious. right. that doesn't like the kind of semi pornographic content on instagram and the way it degrades women of feminist could get behind it. but behind it all is a much more insidious agenda that how going outlines she has explicitly called for bass, beefing up facebook counter espionage team to take on official enemies. she named me and mar ethiopia, which is a new target of u. s. empire as well as iran and china. she did not refer to facebook working with any u. s. allies to carry out malicious activities. this is an extension of the narrative we've been hearing since the russia gate saga began. the real issue, the gravamen, the, the $64000.00 question is one of our people in coating. a former president of the united states who are excluded. an expert gated bowdlerized from any kind of public conversation. because of who he is. that's the issue. i may ask you some,
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one of you were on your phone on your mo bile and you said something politically piquant and all the sudden your phone went dead because your carrier says car, we don't like that. that's a hate speech. and you say you're the phone company, you don't, you don't monitor what i say. well, that's what we have to look at these companies as utilities, they will shut you down merely because you're oh pining and expressing in a an opinion. that's what they never talked about. that's the reason that's what i wanted to hear. that was never addressed in this big whistle blowing, expose a blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. as gretta would say, kohls are growing in the u. s. to slump and new sanctions on russia over the nord stream to pipeline in light of europe's energy crisis. it comes just days after vladimir putin pledge to ramp up natural gas supplies to europe as prices hit
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record highs. ortiz donal quarter, took me through the details. they're basically being accused of trying to artificially keep the price of natural gas as high as possible. but that actually announcement by the russian president vladimir putin to boost to europe's natural gas supplies, caused a price decrease of 20 percent. right after that, amid this energy crisis, and just 2 days after that, we heard from us congressman michael mccall, who said that the u. s. should resume sanctions against russia in connection to the north stream to pipeline. and why? he says that russia's somehow weapon ising. it president biden and chancellor merkel committed to taking action. should russia attempt to use energy as a weapon? yet both of tend to blind eye to the puts in regimes deliberate efforts to pressure europe into accelerating the russian node stream to pipelines, certification process by manipulating europe's gas markets and leveraging
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a severe energy crisis on the continent. and the call says angle of merkel is turning a blind eye to some apparent malign, influenced by russia, but angle of merkel herself has said that russia fulfills all of its obligations in these contracts that are voluntarily made between russia and the european union. the fog, it is a gift. this, if you ask me whether there have been orders that russia has taken and then fail to fulfill as it stands now, that is not the case. that is, there are no orders that frush has said, no, we will not deliver those to you and we're not pumping gas through the ukrainian pipeline. rather russia can only fulfill orders that have been contract it out. so the question is really, isn't being ordered. the international gas union also praised russia as the power that can bring energy security to europe, and that the north stream to pipeline would actually play a crucial role in that. so it doesn't exactly seem like the reasoning behind mccall statements to resume sanctions against russia has a leg to stand on. and yet the allegations from the u. s. keep coming. how is moscow responded? we heard from russia's foreign minister survey leverage. he said,
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basically the u. s is trying to pit russia's european partner is against moscow. let's take a listen to what he said said your list of 30 pm will go to. the us openly say that cooperation with russia is contrary to europe's energy security interests that want to directly embroil is in this area and reduce our independence. now it's also important to note that russian president vladimir putin even urged to russia state gas company, gas prom, to continue pumping fuel through crane even once north stream 2 is fully operational. and that move would show europe that russia wants to act in good faith that they're ready to fulfill their contractual obligations. even though if they made this move entirely to a pumping gas to the north stream to pipeline, this would save the company billions of dollars. let's get the thought snow, craig, earl m, craigs, the senior market analyst auto under a foreign exchange firm and joins us live from london today. craig, thanks for the time. just perhaps
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a brief general on how real is the danger of europe running out of gas. this winter clothing is quite a significance of the storage levels are much lower than they typically are this time of year and they don't have the capacity to make up last grounds. we know we've obviously had a cold winter last year, which is why these levels are low. we know that if we have another cold winter this year, that these levels are going to be fall lower once more. and we're also at a point when demand is higher because of the reopening that we have seen around the world. and then there's massive demand for supplies that are already out that we've heard from china. for example, in recent weeks, urging their state owned energy firms to top or energy at all costs. so things like allergy from the u. s. for example, if we routed to asia rather than europe because they're going to be the highest bidders. so i think europe has a massive problem and they are in
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a position now where they are heavily reliant on any extra supplies that can come from russia. and should the block there for move closer to or away from russian. it's been for energy security. well i think i think in any industry being overly reliance on one supplier is always dangerous. you. it leaves you vulnerable to anything that can happen, whether that is a breakdown in relations or whether or anything else for that matter. so thing can any business in any industry being overly relying on one suppliers is a dangerous position to, to leave yourselves in and it's, there's no doubt that over the years europe has left itself and pushed itself into opposition and back to self and so corner. so that when we a situation arises like we have now, then all of a sudden life becomes extremely difficult and it's something that the block us to address over the years. whether that is a. 6 move back towards maybe nuclear energy or whether that is really accelerating
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the move towards renewable sources of energy that a reliable that that, that's, that's something that the blogs are going to have to look up because right now, like like i say, it's quite clear that there is an over reliance, yet. there is a differing on the aspect between it seems at the moment you k and europe in terms of sanctions annoyed stream to the gas pipeline. what do you think sanctions would now achieve given the use energy crisis? i think they would probably achieve very little. well, ultimately the pipeline has been completed and it's, it's, the situation now is about approval on the a you is in a difficult situation when the pressure is going to be maybe not immediately, but the pressure is going to be substantially get this over the line. if with 2 months from now and we're in the midst of a cold winter, then pressure is going to ramp up. and i don't think sanctions is going to
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ultimately get in the way that the end of the day. your pin is always going to choose to keep the lights on over. 2 2 over move in search of an ideal, especially an ideal which it's at fault for not living effectively. so i think that the, it ultimately depends on this winter if we have a warm a winter than the pressure may alleviate somewhat, but we can't count on at this point. creek just give us a sense of the root cause that he touched on it earlier. but why are we seeing the current crisis miss was in the current crisis poly likes? i think upon damage play the role profile that we have seen quite a decline in demand. and then a very sudden, very dramatic search to levels that we were maybe able to cope with. we've seen cold winter in all the hemisphere last year. we followed that in many countries with a warmer, and that's led to a search as well,
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in terms of demand. so ultimately we're in this position because we don't have the stocks available in order to deal with a potentially cold winter once more on top of that we have the have been certain outages but we look at norway for example, which is another supplier. there's been outages here which is led to disruption in terms of supplies, but then on the renewable side, and this is somewhere where europe has been moving towards. and we can see, particularly here in the u. k as well. all we've seen the issues with renewable, which is if you have lower wins than you get less, less electricity generated on the back of the turbines and the same applies to solar and other forms as well. so is, is to be a combination of factors. rich is really contributed to the situation that you're gonna find itself within. and it has to fine as well. because as i say, we can begin to point in a couple of months time when we're having to consider shutting key industries and, and choosing maybe outages in the realistic
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scenarios which we're going to be able to make the choice of i imagine the pressure if we do going to call in to reduce the stores for pressure is going to be on a on, on approval of that pipeline. and you think it gives officials, people in general food for thought about the push for greens and renewable energy across the block. that may be right now. it sounds laudable, but in practice it could mean higher prices. and also a lot of issues for people. it does what a i think what, why now clearly shows is that we're not ready for a full transition to renewables, but i don't think we ever thought we were ever, i think this was always a big 1st step. and those may be a bit of a gamble involved and i think it shows as a long way to go in terms of in terms of storage, of energy and, and our reliance and our ability to rely upon it. i think so, i think
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a lot more needs to we don't understand is going to be a lot more money spent. what i could do ultimately, especially given the position that you're gonna find is often is incorrectly accelerate the move towards renewable energy because i don't think you're going back nuclear and of the front is heavily lines on nuclear energy. but a don't think your as a whole is going to move back in that direction. and i think in the near term, it may need to accept this over reliance. but the only way out of that therefore, is going to be increase investments and increase infrastructure around renewable energy and renewable energy that have reliable and have better capability of storage. so that, so we don't find ourselves in efficiency. and that takes many years though. craig, thanks very much for your time and your thoughts today. craig erlon, senior market analyst at the lender corporation life from linda. thank you. european lawmakers are pushing for a bomb and facial recognition systems used by police. the e parliament has passed
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a non binding resolution against biometric surveillance, which summit me piece compare to cold worshipping. that's an important step in fighting against mass surveillance. the central and eastern europeans used to live under the eye of the big brother. and we don't want to come back while the resolution calls for a ban on funding or deploying programs that can result in indiscriminate la surveillance. the document also emphasizes the importance of human supervision in any final decision making and urges authorities to be more transparent by using open source software. late is not the 1st move against excess of surveillance in 2019 san francisco, which came the 1st city in the u. s to enact a complete ban on police, biometric surveillance, as you can see that other american cities at followed suit on our keeping the practice going. we discussed the pros, the cons, all facial recognition with terrorism and security expert david low on 1st. let's hear the thoughts of form a u. s. police officer. dominic is o. there's
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a great saying in law enforcement that when you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail. and all this does, it may have the great grand scheme idea of you're going after some very serious offences like child sex trafficking. i'm missing persons or terrorist activity, but i don't care who says what it will always be used down to your lowest common denominator, which is your citizen, and it will be abused like crazy. you're then actively putting a tool in the police's hands to look for crimes proactively in the wrong way. i think this is just, this is a door that's going to be open for some very abuse of authority. i don't think it's a good idea. and if you can put police in this mindset of that, everybody is a criminal. good news. we are in criminals and terrorists, a terrorist threat both in europe. i know north america since we'll have enough gummy. so if you did look out, i mean i'm talking about dealing with serious organized trauma, trafficking,
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lots of dealing with trafficking, those type of fences and terrorism. and i think the point that was made, but you know, it's only allowing, like counter terrorism agencies, policing agencies in the u. k will be like the national con, one. you know, a, we agency those things you wouldn't giving 70 police force. it was like when we were in the european union, michigan information system, which was a database that wasn't available. so the police force in the u. k. it was only to send an offices and the pounds i just happens and all of them in the united states were, were abuse we just to be with. so if it was, if it was utilized and executed for what it was written up more than a 100 percent, if it oversight was proper on it. and i think it would be a great tool. i think that, but we just, we always take something that's, that's meant to be some way and we just, we water it down and we abuse that it's about giving who has access was a day to store and also destroying data quest read the question,
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collins and making sure those safeguards in place, and that's why i said, you need judicial. scuse what's to make it to say that it doesn't go all the way down to again, the lowest common denominator, which is the citizen and detective, or a st. cops, shriek op as a bad day, and he wants to go through all the backlog of your activity for last 6 months and charge you for a crime that you committed. 34 months ago. the nobel peace prize winners for 2021. have been a nice. i'm the names of surprise many find out why shortly. ah ah
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ah . i'm an embassy on the internet that allows old b problems and much was ok to invite everybody's lloyd. that wasn't a glitch. that was good feature that the people who does owens the internet is only got in as a feature with ah,
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hello again. the nobel committee has announced the winners of this year's peace prize. it's going to 2 journalists, a filipino and a russian for promoting freedom of expression ortiz to me. 3 poke, told me, were either well, in the run up to this kind of for this nomination. everybody was excited and curious to see who would be this, who would win this year's nobel peace prize because in the past, it's always been a controversial matter with a lot of very controversial nominations throughout the years. over this years, decision also turned out to be well quite unexpected than our region. nobel committee decided to split the award among 2 journalists for their contributions to safeguarding freedom of expression. the 1st journalist is maria reza of the philippines. she is the co founder of raptor or digital media company for investigative journalism in the philippines. according to the nobel committee, her work focused critical attention on to charities regime and controversial
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murderers anti drug campaign, among other things. now, the 2nd journalist, to who to win the nobel peace prize as the russian journalists, dmitri murat of, he's actually the 1st russian citizen to ever receive the peace, the peace prize. because before that, only 2 people from the ussr had ever received it. a scientist in human rights advocate on the soccer of and the former president of u. s. sorry, michael gorbachev. now the thing we're out of is one of the founders and the current editor in chief of the independent newspaper. nowhere gazette, literally the new gazette and says that start up in 1993. it has published critical articles on subjects ranging from corruption to police violence to war. and since the newspapers start, 6 of its journalists have actually been killed, including an appellate cosca, who was killed almost 15 years ago to the day who she wrote revealing articles on the war in chechnya. now while 6 men were jailed for her murder, it is still unclear who exactly ordered that killing. however, the decision to give more out of the prize is kinda said to be controversial within
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russian liberal opposition circles, especially because many of them hoped that the jail to look sane of volley would received it. however, the crumbling has congratulated murat of on his achievements and mark that he is a talented man who has held on his ideals for several decades. i'll at this point, our more out of himself has and that he does not see alike. the prize is his accomplishment, he feels that is the accomplishment of his staff and especially the people who lost their lives working for him. he has said that the money that comes with the prize will be given to children's charity foundation. hollins on a collision course with brussels. it's after war sauce, top court rule that some european union laws clash with the countries constitution and the timing is making the issue even were acute as poland currently seeking billions of euro and e, you recovery funds. peter oliver picks up the story. there are shots fired in that confrontation between warsaw and brussels and the constitutional tribunal. poland
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talk court is basically said that the polish constitution has precedence over you law in the country. the primacy of constitutional law over other sources of law, results directly from the constitution of the republic of poland. this has been clearly confirmed by the constitutional tribunal. it's very important to point out the polish prime minister material more of it. he says, this isn't a sign that poland is about to try and leave the european union. in fact, he says his country has no intention of doing just that. but we are hearing again things that sound like breaks at room break that cost to do. it hasn't gone anywhere yet. well, now we're hearing about politics. it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but it is what it is. in fact, here in germany, the press is full. this morning of talk about this being a legal polk said that poland has essentially, by making this ruling the try to pull itself out of the legal frameworks of the european union and france deeply unhappy as well. we've heard our condemnation from
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paris. the european commission has said that they have serious concerns about this ruling from the courts, while other e. u officials are clearly far from happy at this move. the verdict in poland cannot remain without consequences. the primacy of you law must be undisputed violating it means challenging. one of the founding principles of our union ease states must not stand by idly, when the rule of law continues to be dismantled by the polish government. neither can the european commission or money can't finance governments which mock and the gates are jointly agreed rules or this. it could be a go a different way though, cuz this because these rulings from the courts only become law when they're published by the polish government. now, what could happen is the could take this ruling from the constitutional tribunal and go, we'll pop that in a drawer for now, and maybe we'll look at it a little later because what you have at the moment is
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a situation whereby poland isn't getting tens of billions from the european union in covey recovery money, poland can look at other member states. we've already received their cash. you're already spending their cash, and wondering well what, how we going to make sure we get out? so we may well see this ruling from the court used as some type of bargaining chip to try and find a rapprochement between warsaw and brussels. but it certainly doesn't look good at the moment in some of the concern that's been shown from the european side. certainly justified, as poland says, essentially the rules and its country supercede, those of the european union always a lively sit down when writer alan moore is on the program and his chat with so fate after the break is no exception. catch that enrollment. ah, these people learn from their own experience,
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how vulnerable of business is to the bank. so he pushes my business over, the age, pushes me right to the edge, bankruptcy. now i realize we were good. this isn't just the back that it may be involved in. this is the concept. see, firms. it is the lawyers. these people have got you want other stories? ottawa can a whistleblower tell people's marriages have broken up. it lost their family homes . it is spectacularly devastating for people's lives. we have committed suicide, but left behind north, the explicitly state that it was the constant intimidation and billing by bank officers that late them to i talked to spear obscene these people up nor saw the vibe administration's decision to leave. afghanistan was correct and long overdue.
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however, the way americans longest war ended is a different question. it was a botched affair. the generals will most likely never be held to account, but alone marine, we can, a colonel does face court martial. is this justice emergent picking up a future textbook on the early years of the 21st century. what are the chapters called gun violence school shootings? oh my goodness. first it was my job and then it was my family. didn't was my siblings. i have nothing. i have nothing, it is not like i don't, i look for resources, i look for jobs, i look for everything i can to make this pass. and i end up doing is passing time. the road to the american dream paved with dead refugees at this very idealized image of older america, native americans look.


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