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ah. 3 to gruel definitely sees poets. his role model was to be like coun, in myers everything about his day. they're fine is really strong differently throughout various i know that will has been through a lot of things in his younger years. i think he probably just said that he went to jail. he did sing years like that was probably just straight for oh yeah, i did, seniors and joe and i several away for murder exam. well, they're needing him now. i was just like, well that was the past but how did you overcome. busy all of day, a good job for him. honestly, he's a strong, mentally, strong to overcome all of day in such as deal with in,
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in come out a good person. when he 1st moved up here. if we had, we were in a town or something really the front door wide open with large. get in and out. we had no fears. pit del change pretty fast. i of devices that help me know what's going on around my place. $24.00 ship recruiting trip waters. i know somebody's been walking the wizard. run by out. i put up motion detector is i'm not gonna tell you where they're at. each one gives up its own,
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saw your own house was wanting it activated. i can tell the sound of every car that the so she was road i know exactly who it is without looking at. so i has how, where i am and things going around me. i put things to where i can get to him. no matter what situation developed really been military or the middle of the night. ah, i'm afraid to go to bed. i actually am at times i think my wife afraid i haven't got a nursery. i wake up screaming. i wake up last night. dreams are horrible. i can hear myself talking. i know i'm in bed, but i can't share lou. i see things
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age that i have to rationalize. is israel. ah, i see images on a wall. i see people standing already. i say i'm looking at those turns journey shape a that occur silly santander. you know my dream and again and i that's a scary part is waking up in reacting to something that isn't real. how i me react to it. i know. yeah, it's every night is a different space. oh, you mean i really live this every day.
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ah. people look at me. i've got some really good frank. it. when everything new people make comments. i day kevin, how are you doing? killing buddy today? he's gone this some time. still a little bit. yeah . pam, please. we been married 25 years. our life is pretty much right around here. it
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love i hardly was i 6 grease old wearing down highway for 10, almost getting it. where you go. i took, when looked at that dog, i fill e mean large parties, 14 almost 15 years old. davila born was an animal. you spend that much time rude. oh, i never had a thing or a were in so you voted to me he would give up his own life for me and i said those were hard. he's going to go right up here. i got cedar tree. yeah. now we're
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here and i'm gonna pull it up. i'm gonna make bench right here. i got this crushed marble. well done, i'm gonna frame and cover it with a white marble rock. this is what i've been working on. now i'm gonna paint all this lettering in, so it looks cool. i'd use my most in depth, soul searching and pondering things cetera, or just like this. there's no phone, there's no tv. my quiet place has been most had time reflecting on harley. my family can of course
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that happened here, but never goes away. with looking through his eyes. when i look into his eyes, i seen his father wasn't there. and when i looked, and it was a thing, his mother didn't care what to look into was as i saw, death and destruction. and when i looked into his eyes, i saw suicidal button. but before looking through was i will send him down in a chair and he's saying the money to get him from here to variable was his mother will be there. was this part really working? there looking to was on the scene is little kid was hurting. so i thought to myself, like, was my position because i want to give him money, but the week when twitching, he was ever kind of funny. so i say is a weed or is
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a crack? he said, no, i need somebody to get me there and back. i listen to was odd to say the truth, you're not sharing it look to move, the smirk like, may i was even karen. i know the story. oh to well, when i was your age i see using myself. see i was a father this child. i was raised by the streets. i may grow cheese sandwiches over care. see he, i was a high school dropout. i experimented with drugs. i did pretty tough, some robins with a neighborhood both the i was a hostile on a block. i'd been dodge from the cups until i got caught, and i just sent me a quote. now i'm back on the street to says in my la, true, i'm here to bri hope. philly's only you, it does good and all the was made you want to help. i. so i look and see i when i look and see i saw image of myself in with me. 2 2 when you come back
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in, so community, regardless if you want to help and not people may not want to embrace you. so forgiveness is a lot to a person to meet with an issue that happened a new they got killed at a brother that was out yesterday and that was slimy. they wanted to shoot me. there's always whispers in getting the shooting and this and that to go to what my pass me. i know he was me card there. we were friends on his screen corner growing up. he definitely wanted to murder with and it scared me to know that
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this guy killed disguised brother. and then it was hard talking to him in talking to him until the talk to one another. when he was in the barber shop, the name is a, you know, i thought if a minute i was like, how give me a 2nd. i was going my stuff, the guy that i'll be with you. i don't want to hear her say now i want to talk to you. when he said that i said okay, i was just about, hey, the se offer give you a basis for gimme worries. i know exactly what, what it was about. i know him, he wanted to kill will, and it scares me even said his day. now, you know, i'm talking to you and i'm telling you from our heart. but these are 2 men that any given time. he could feel some kind of wet in any given time to help people. i had a still agree with this. there are people i hated look to say,
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i don't care about what he said. that was my best friend. i don't care about what he said, that was my nephew with a key on the internet. the allows all the problems and much was to invite everybody's lloyd. that wasn't a glitch. that was the feature that the people who designed the internet does always. that is a feature oh, the way of life of reindeer herders leading a traditionally nomadic lifestyle in the tundra is similar to a parallel reality. i was the main drive. the women carry the weight of the household work on their shoulders. mother, i'm sure that she'd man least we ought to set you close. no,
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it's not. however, in the vast expanse of russia, there is a spot where a housewife could secure a regular employment status. it's in the fall semester with oh, wrong, i just don't know. i mean, you won't have to shave out disdain, because the attitude and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds of horn, we choose to look for common ground
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l look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order is that conflict with the 1st law show your identification . we should be very careful about our personal intelligence. and the point obviously is to create trust rather than fear with various job with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot most protective own existence with when i was around them every day, i would feel different. wow. some days i will feel like i hope, you know, they are today and over days i'm like, wow, he's getting better at it because no matter what his brother go. not, no,
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looking at pictures will i just gotta kill my brother? so that's not easy test. for you here. now, when matthew died, taylor was 8 years old. so trying to figure out his emotional state what he was actually feeling was difficult with what kind of guilt does he caring about? this was always a big concern. and so we spoke of it to him in terms of being an accident with for
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many years we didn't have any type of weapons in our shot guns, hand guns, rifle and everything. got rid of all of that stuff is when he was about 12, he started expressing again an interest in wanting to shoot and it would come up in those moments. how do you, how do you feel? you know how, how do you think are you, do you think you're ready for that? and we've, we've shot a lot sense to then i believe that the mind informs the emotions and this is why i chose to shape things for tailor the way i did. and, and give him the information that i did so that as he came to understand these things, his feelings would follow. and i believe they have to
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me, it was important that he comes through this on the other side. okay. with this pretty much about the anesthesia approach. do you have any questions regarding anesthesia for me now about the surgery? no, no, i had total face and now think you're with a little faith with a
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a with christian beginner is now a 47 year old woman who was suffered, a gunshot wound to the mandible, upper neck and mid face period. she has gone through numerous reconstructive surgery and currently has a mature bone graft in place that is housed by a potassium mesh period. today he requires a placement of 5 os integrated pictures removal of foreign bodies as well as deep adding of her graft we probably see $50.00 to $60.00 gunshot wound can, can, per year of which $1012.00 of them require
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a major reconstruction layer. what we call a boast of gun shy, one able is to displace tissue or to basically remove it, blow it away if you will. a lot of individuals who come to us with gunshot wound, they want to be reconstructed to what they look like 10 years ago. i always told them reconstruction is just that it's reconstructed, it's not normalcy. every reconstructed tissue is never as good as the natural tissue that was lost in 2 a
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cutter fe for taking his brother's life. and i think he did that because of the person to come mentally for gaming by his again 1st and with that it was like really impactful. she knew and i was like wow, i think i can be forgiven blah. so pay attention forgiveness in tce are paid and us desk and we, i mean we mainly try to do is educate our community about that. israel bonus, how you deal with it? with their said forgiveness and peace. i able to heal yourself and still live your life in a harbor so much anger and frustration. and he, we all grew up believe. and aladdin districts told us that we had to behave a certain way that we could back dale from
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a conflict that we could college as to when they were me. all. busy those things were a weakness action towards you don't deserve a reaction. sometimes you just had say, you know what, i'm, which is ignoring and let it go. because you know, any given moment, the situation is been go for the day or the other week. and i'm talking about daily fe, we went out to the luminous, saying like, good, we know that when we grew up with this, the bobby reached up to this, right? cuz stuck always his 1st forgiveness is really for yourself 1st. but after you go around harbor, a lot of emotion is anger, frustration. any heart, if i didn't, they can't live. my son got killed. i feel that when i'm late it'll me, i will not. i held myself accountable. last bill myself count. and i wasn't a good file, but that's still my boy. still early to the day where you are, we are. do i let him know? you must have did it yet to have mailed it in?
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are you going to be, are you still got a not lost? my april and a team rocket with balance it. i know i understand what people say. you never want bradshaw, i guess like one of the most hardest buildings in the world. and then i know that that person life was to and then they had to keep this. i gave myself a long time ago. you know, when i started the transformation, that's the reason why i wanted to change my life. so i could forgive myself. oh we're doing
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i never really comes out of it. i guess the same person i guess all from the like. you can only help and feel alone or something like that happens and like you're the only one out there that's fill in this way. i could field of there's all different types and groups and my class, andrew and j sounds pretty different from other people. that's why didn't they understood me more than the others did. so yeah, that's what i told her. i don't think that was the right decision. but make a bob, mike, a bomb? yeah. me and tiny met in 6th grade. he was about half my height. i just nicknamed him tiny tight. we need someone to shoot a gun, usually tiny, that's kind of his position and our cash, the people with
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with some people would say like, oh goodness, your brother died. so why do you still on guns certain you have gotten rid of those a long time ago. and my answer is no and guns fascinate me by how like the mechanics of on the stuff. that's always why i'm fascinated with stuff like this and like mechanical stuff like that. but my idea of guns has not change in the fact whether i should own them or not, is changing the effect of safety. today, we're going to pull up a banana. that's my nana. because you know why not the idea of taylor being involved nail in things when he wants to go shooting.
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when i know that one of the experiments that they're going to do is going to involve an explosion. one of the things that are rely on is that for years i have poured into him safety and i just stick it in jerk. perfect. i do know that tiny held the gun, not knowing how to blow it in it. he has guns all the time and i trust him to be around me. i'm not like you put that down. you're gonna kill someone because any and he's not a murderer. it was an accident. you can like put in the clip of like him like getting blown up. i think the accident happened because that was god's timing for matthew. and i do believe that's how god intended it to happen. that's what he lo
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down in taylor's, taylor's book a life we don't really know what was going to come out of these explosions, each explosion that we do. we don't know what's gonna happen, but i trust god that whatever happens, it's gonna be his will. and his timing for us everyone . all right. oh oh, oh, great. oh, those that is fine. 2 car garage. walker
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is the 1st dog i've had for 2 years and i've raised from a baby or child. hi is kevin leonard. we have a scheduled today for my dog. i got everything re going. i'd kind of like to get this but behind yours. oh. okay. hey. hey. hey. there know
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what? oh ah, it's a good price. you go. he did who bought? i bought a dial. tomato, a couple of pretty than you quite, but i know from politicians to athletes and movies. does the musicals does it seems every big name in the world has been here? let's see. okay miss, you can check out this could i see below ah, what do i see a button when you get the code, but i need to show you what does let's give me
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a glover you spoke with said basil makes dreams come true that every one who falls in love with people like a is your media, a reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way? or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend
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a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. imagine picking up a future take book on the early years of the 21st century. what are the chapters called gun violence from school shootings? homelessness 1st was my job and then it was my family. didn't was my savings. i have nothing, i have nothing and it's not like i don't trust. i look for resources, i look for jobs, i look for everything i can to make this pass. and i end up doing this and passing the road to the american dream paved with dead refugees. it's this very idealized image of this. older america makes americans look past the deaths that happen every single day. this is a modern history of the usa by america. oh,
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naughty ah a facebook whistleblower who prompted calls in congress for a crack done on the social media giant is now herself under scrutiny. critics say her close ties to the democrats show. she's pushing their agenda for online censorship. paul, to coming up on the program, us politicians call for new sanctions against russia over the nord stream to pipeline accusing moscow of manipulating the natural gas market. just days after vladimir putin pledge to boost supplies to europe and the european parliament passed as a non binding resolution seeking to.


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