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paris to me, it seems like it's the only real character in the book is that you? well, that is possibly true. the birth is certainly the foremost character in the book is created. all of the other characters are created made. it created many of the real characters are in jerusalem and most of them are real or thing other than the obviously fantastic characters or the angels and demons and all the rest of it. um, there are only 2 major characters in the whole book of characters. lo, tommy mangled a cat. he was real. and the, the little ghost girl who's got the feather boa might have dead rabbits where she real, she was real here in your life. i interviewed her as an older lady. she was the
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mother of one of my good friends, and i went round there and she told me all about how they used to collect rabbit skins from the streets in the boroughs and then take them up to a place where they'd get perhaps i hate me for them, and she has got this bower around 2 rabbits that so, so no one could badge a span of all of the stories they were all true and they all grew of that area. so yes, the boroughs was the, the origin of the whole book. this was the place that both industry and free market capitalism, both started the junction of gas straight and thomas rate. oh, which was an extraordinary fact which i hadn't expected but which just to void. the entire total of the book in this was the 1st dark,
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satanic mill of william bly from william jerusalem. so that was lucky though i managed to come across that fact before i would finish the book. otherwise the total wouldn't have had any sense. so this will look at your previous work, it's always been to sort of a deep into non fictional cache of the world through pop. this book to ridgeland. you say yourself is your main legacy. what does this legacy tell us about the world we're living today? well, i hope it tells us the world we live in to die is eternal. and that everything in it matters eternally. our lawyers, martha, the, the, the last, the bus to kyle lloyd or the last don't turn in the go to is important because it is a part of this eternity. we all share that we all have our moment in
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a wanted to remove the fear of death because all i believe that stops us from living. it's funny is think about eternity and you speak about us that we shouldn't have the stare of just because it comes in a way of living a life to it's fullest. because we know we all grew up with a doomsday clock notion that you actually yeah, yeah. and last i checked it closer to midnight that a watch me to back then. it was the nuclear war threat. i don't know. was a closer to midnight. now. i don't know if it's the global warming or artificial intelligence, the humans, especially villages, is really a fact of it because of the political instability of the world. because of the
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environmental crosses. we've become obsessed with a big sky apocalypse is the the mushroom cloud going up, the complete environmental collapse because di, drama, toys, something which is the end of us is the end of the world, at least to us. everything ends or at least that is the way that we are conditioned to perceive los and death. and so big sky apocalypse is that worry us. i think that that is a why of prompt to flight our concerns about our own individual mortality, which i think hangs over all of us. all wanted to do with jerusalem was to give people alternative. there is a persistent illusion of transient, the shows that we used to live on television anymore. you can get those weights. we
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used to enjoy that when we were kids. that lovely building the we will pass every day. i pulled that down. our grandmother's, the people in the past to go, it will never see them again. no, i think that everything is eternal. and so when our consciousness gets to the end of our log span, it has no way to go back to the beginning and all believe that we have our logs over and over and over again. and it always feels what the 1st one was. it was what the 1st moment that we did those things except for those occasional moments with when we think hang on this has happened before. ok. and if we knew that, if we knew that we have an eternity contained within our lot,
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then we would live out both without the fear of death. and we would remember that not to do anything that we can't live with forever. perhaps that would affect our morality. ah, me, it was just an aspiration, but i hope to at least give people an alternative. basically you're saying we should all get over our physical mortality. yes, because i don't think it exists all believe that death is a perspective illusion of the 3rd dimension. and that we shouldn't worry about the 3rd dimension. there is also this prophetic sink to you and to everything you say and right, i mean when i look back at me for i've been dead at the way you described the totally terry and right wing angle and band is right now we're getting
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personification of it. in the proxy party, i mean just kind of feel like and not only that word, a lot of other words do you feel like cassandra? because processes are coming to and you can't really do anything about them low. so many times that can be a little bit worrying, not with all he wrote laughing 1991 and i was thinking right, let's set it in the far future which would be the far distant world of 1997. i thought. all right, so how are we going to might the reader understand? this is a fascist totalitarian to start if you thought, well you could put say cameras on every street corner. that's a pretty fascist touch. so imagine my surprise when the tony blair live a government which was basically a different flavor of conservative government. but when i came into power in 1997
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and immediately rolled out security cameras across the entire country. a wondered whether they are perhaps an enormous belief then that in there you know, this was probably more potent. so mine is i'm fairly intelligent. and i read an awful lot about the trends in the world, whether the political or so on thursday, or any other phone and so oh, so travel. pretty good, tara reading. oh, so i'm probably going to get it wrote pops more than 50 percent on. i mean, certainly do, including the trends as well. i mean the whole mask wearing thing. it's something that you set where your comics, right? i mean we, we see people wearing masks now they want to be anonymous, right?
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because you set the superheroes than doing they don't exist. these are just regular people who put on mask. when people put on masks, it's usually usually correct me if i'm wrong, to hide their psychotic disorders or fears. yes, all the problems, right? i mean, a lot of been quoted when i was in a bad mood about home. it could have been any time during the last 40 years. but i always asked about the origins of types and masks in the superhero genre and always said, oh, you need to know about types and mosques in american superhero. comics can be learned. boy, a close viewing of d. w. griffith, both of the nation. ok because i genuinely believe that that is where it all comes from the all it we don't have math,
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a tradition of mouth heroes. really anywhere else in the world apart from america. i mean going full to the vendor to mosque is based upon that wasn't a mask. that was his vice for robin hood for that was his name. he wasn't wearing a mask, but i think that there is some things that possibly dies back to those. the who cult clown intervention in both of the nation. the idea of dressing up in a mosque so that what you do doesn't get back to you. it's a form of evasion. ok. so, but i can completely understand it in the context of the modern protest movement. but what about the context of the, of the internet right now? i mean, it's like a free, accessible way,
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and it's sort of the replacement of the mask. you get to be the freaks that you want to be when really knowing who you are on the thing or a bad thing about it is a very bad thing. a lot more friend. the also a direct call back. he was pointing out that some yet anonymity on the internet but allows all of these trolls and much worse. so to invite everybody's lloyd's that wasn't a glitch. that was a feature that the people who does owens the internet is owens are in as a feature. it wasn't a mistake and is enabled the very worst elements of society to spread their influence throughout the entire organism. so no, i'm not a huge fan of an embassy. i'm very pleased. the annoying to the all i had on all
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those years ago has been useful to mountain protest movements. and most of them i'm wholeheartedly beyond. however, ok, there was a point where i was showing some footage of children in tennessee in play ground. this would've been a couple weeks before the revolution in tunisia, which sparked off the arab spring, began they showed them we're all wearing boot for the industrial masks and and then yes, i think anonymous dot the tuners in government, i released all of the documents. so this is the people that came off the revolution and then anonymous moved on to egypt, where they did the same thing. and then they moved on to syria. ok, well,
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it didn't really go so well kind of got out of here. and so all would avoid again, intervening us in such a drastic why? in the modern world where you're talking about vol confrontations, where people will be killed, possibly not the people who released all the documents on the internet. but the people on the streets, people are going to be hurt, people are going to be killed. and eventually it might lead to an insoluble blood buffalo area. and this is a chaotic world. is a world where it for the butterfly effect it's, it's working according to the principles of mathematics, where a tony will influence from somewhere in the world compose thought through the
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entire system that have massive repercussions. at this point, we are probably having as many always day is as in the intolerable previous human history, every 2 or 3 months. because that is the price. this is like seller. i think thing . so we've accumulated all of this information and with that information we are the cumulative complexity. and as a species, we are really not good at dealing with complexity. allen will the way back when we're back. we'll continue talking to alan moore. big thinker, graphic novelist, arthur, perform. we're talking about life statement. join
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me every thursday on the alex simon, sure. i'll be speaking to guess of the world politics, sport business. i'm sure business. i'll see you then. these are the 4 people who pull the trigger and survive something on survival. one is the harness, things that i had to face was not having a face at a low expectation or life. i accepted the accept the fact that i made that work. we had no fears. dell change pretty fast for shots. different stories behind the bullets. oh is your media a reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safe?
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isolation for prim unity. are you going the right way? where are you being led to somewhere? which direction? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend so join us in the depths. all remained in the shallows. ah ah. who's
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and we're back with janice allen moore. well up here is a minute, i know your take on super heroes you thing that people cowards make super here is up to car up there on complexes. but what about heroism? without the prefix super? do you think it exists in the world? and if yes, then what is it? i think good. yes, it does exist. but we have to be careful of it. um, whenever you see an extraordinary person who is doing a lot of the work, the rest of the space he should be doing and he's doing a great deal about it. i'm thinking of people at the moment, people with somebody who is taking on an enormous why of responsibility because she feels that she ask, i'm not really talking about cherishing someone as a hero, but at a personal understanding of what a horizon is like for instance,
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a lot of people think like they need to be grad us in order to be heroes. like they feel like you need to save the world in order to be here. when to me it's enough to help an elderly person cross the street. if that's the only thing you can do it, and that's here is i'm to now of course, of course it is, and it is an every die heroism to choose to do the role it thing rather than not to do the right thing. these are moments of heroism. they are basically what hold the culture, the species together without them would be no way. so i was i our vocally important . i'm yes on all for heroes and i have my own heroes. oh boy, always always william black. i don't think that there was probably a better human being in the entire british history. there is a lot of talk about who you might be from your heroes and our to hear us. who do
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you think you are? i mean, the most common answer is kasha, even though you don't wear a mask. what do you think your from your here is to love them? that's what being reuter is. they are all facets of you. because i think the all of us, oh probably got everybody else and saw it somewhere. it's just a matter of searching through the files until you find the wrote one and then some of those things oh bit. so decorating it a little bit, making into a real question, both figure, but they're all me basically i, i believe you, i take a little twist. i know magic is something that is very important to you. it is to me to where does magic come in and all of this everything that we've been talking about, the books, the comics, the life for human race. where does it come in? we are used to having both resides occasionally or sudden,
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vivid memories of something or vivid pictures. because we know what the mind is, or at least we have a decent idea of what the moment is. we understand things a lot of the unconscious. we have a concept of motion, but so our ancestors, they have no such conception. so where could those voices, those visions, those images be coming from except from the gods, from spirits? ah, it was a natural why of perceiving the world. and i believe that the early challenge over in their dancing around the camp fire disguised as animals. oh, perhaps knocking together bones to make a rhythmic sound. i think the in that we have the origins of all modern culture. ha, ha, from possibly sport. oh,
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with more of been like the home to showing off or something, but all the rest of the off. we saw it says, i go back to that figure. what's the common denominator between magic hour is a terry and art because he always said super closely, intertwined. well, i think that they're the same thing. i think that when we did, when we discovered consciousness and the language, then that's a magic. what part of the same equation that off and magic are both concerned with taking something which does not exist and then bringing it into, manifestation. this is not done by i don't, i'm saying a few words, i'm throwing some powders into a brazier and mike and just, you know, it's still only working for a couple of years. something really, really hard. so you've had no idea for a book that doesn't exist anywhere except in your mind
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is a less than 80001000. unless you bring all of your personality, your abilities to bear and are prepared to go through along it types of serious hard work. and then at the end of that you have jerusalem. you were brought something into materials i should look would know of the existence of the voice. okay. so for you, magic is actually creating something from consciousness mind to real life. what not doing rights. and sometimes there'll be roads involved as well. not to, you know, since i was started because i think the only needed the spectacular results to convince me that there was something worth pursuing in all of this back then. yeah, we had some unusual experiences,
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always throwing out all of the things that the magicians are supposed to be able to do. i found myself on one of the things talking to something which i believe it claims to be a demon. one that was 1st mentioned in the book of talbot. in the apocryphal with the same damon turns up in jerusalem. because all of phil, i have a working knowledge of him. but for now, these things might have been loose and i should know this is quite possible, some sort of thought to get the so they were part of my experience. they were things that we believed were real. i've heard a lot of people say, same thing about like trying. i was our l is the and they're saying, you know, it just makes so much more sense the world that will live in after you've taken and
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experience this, you know, other reality or the only real reality. but you just said in 5 d instead of 2 d. so, but i know that you were like saying the conspiracy theories are actually made up by people to make sense of the celtic world that we live in. because if we really were truly faced with the cows in the world, we wouldn't take it. does magic help you deal with that couse? i think it does. and i think the also magic is a smoker. delicate spirit word for the deli williams, soul revealing of which is a clickable to magic, has to a dose of l. s. d o. oscar also solving the you have to talk about drugs, particularly so solid is to actually impair a number of the connections that you have built up during the course of your voice and your engagement with society and with other people. so you build up
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restraints upon your thinking, the doesn't the why that you think the why that we all thing. but these saw kadelli drugs bright down those restraints. so the ass fight of consciousness is actually much more like the start of consciousness that we had when we were pre verbal infants. apparently, i was reading in one of my favorite songs, magazines, new scientist. it was saying that if you want to experience what it's like to be an in and it says, i go to paris a drink, lots of worn. how about i coach with coffee? fall in love. so smoke 3 packs was your tines. um and then yes, you will definitely be why can you put 3 in the morning crying without knowing boy,
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oh, absent, yes, it does. but the people in new scientists besides to which we would only say yes and types of magic mushrooms as well. then you will complete the re create the state of consciousness that we have when we were children. if magic could bring about that point of changing consciousness or off to bring about that point of changing consciousness in the ridges in the audience. then that would surely. it's my purpose, it's mine justification. the main reason for doing it is to try and spread propaganda for a state of mind that useful ideas that people might fall in handy and getting to the lowest. the more it might get a better thought is that surely the only reason for doing any up to troy. and if you think that you have all it is that might be useful to other people. then art is
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a wonderful mystical, esoteric why? of placing your thoughts into somebody else's mind. um and i think that as the basis is what those people dancing around the prehistoric fall as we're doing. and i think it's what any modern artist or roles you're all me musician is doing when they say i thank you so much. i love every minute of our talk later. ah
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it's so but i think the most, i think i see you go he did. who bought? i bought a dial tomorrow. either way, but i know from politicians to athletes and movies, delta musicals does it seems every big name in the world has been here last year. but ms. you can pick up a book. it doesn't give me a glover you sport. but she said basil makes dreams come true that every one who falls in love with people like wide. mm
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hm. the way of life of reindeer herders leading and traditionally nomadic lifestyle in the tundra is similar to a parallel reality. while the main drive, the hood, women carry the weight of the household work on their shoulders. and when it was the last i miss will your city club is nice. however, in the vast expanse of russia, there is a spot where a housewife could secure regular employment status. it's in the fall semester. i'm
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sure i'm not sure what i'm like. and usually with the headlines here, one, are you the national a facebook whistleblower who prompted kohls in congress for a crack down on facebook is now herself under scrutiny. critic say, how close tie for the democrats show. she's pushing their agenda with social media censorship. the european parliament policy is a non binding resolution seeking to ban police use of facial recognition software and public places m e p's hailing it as a major victory on the program august. the issue is good news. you're being criminals and.


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