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i sent a death accept the fact that i made that we had no fears. del change pretty fast. 4 shots different stories behind the bullets help headlines for the salad live on oxy, a. facebook, a whistleblower who commented colds in congress for a crackdown on facebook is now her self funded scrutiny. critic say, how close tie to the democrats show. she's pushing their agenda for social media censorship. the european parliament passed as a non binding resolution seeking to band police use a facial recognition of software and public places and me piece. hailing it as a major victory on the program august debate. the issue is good news. european criminals owned terrorists and the, i think a terrorist threat will be abused like crazy. there's a great saying and law enforcement that when you're a hammer,
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everything looks like a nail. thought americans pledge to post natural gas applied to europe does come nerves on the energy market after this week's record price surgeon ah, it is a full program for you today here on ocoee international. welcome to the friday morning program. continuing with now with 24 hour years a facebook, a whistleblower whose coals for more regulation on the social media giant facebook was praised by congress, is now seeing her motives questioned. it turns out that france has hogan has close ties to the democrats. it's something she fell to mentioned while urging congress to take action against her former employer. facebook's products harm children, stoke division, and we can our democracy. the company's leadership knows how to make facebook and instagram saver
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a won't make the necessary changes because they have put their astronomical profits for people. congressional action is needed. i do try to bear with me here at all might seem a bit confusing. francis hogan is being represented by a co founder of whistleblower aid, john tie, who served in the obama administration, the other co founder of the organization which helps to will supposed pay the legal fees is marg. desired. he was a legal representative for alexander bindham and a white house staff who testified in trumps 1st impeachment trial. we spoke with max blumenthal editor in chief of the greys own. he points to other alleged links and says, political affiliation is no surprise. in this case. her testimony dove tales very closely with the democrat censorship agenda. their plan or their desire to heavily sensor social media. frances, how again was pushing that agenda if it's true that bryson gillette,
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the strategic communications firm that is reportedly advising francis how again and which was founded by former obama aid bill burton. does it enjoy this relationship with her? then we also have to consider her relationship, a possible relationship with abide and white house who's press secretary, jenn, saki, i actually used to be employed as a senior advisor by bryson juliette. what's clear here is that democratic operatives, we're not, if these reports are true, are providing p r advice and promotion to francis how get a previously unknown figure, who is instantly verified by twitter, the day of her carefully coordinated and crafted testimony. so she's not as a, an actual whistleblower. she is a political operative advancing, a cohesive agenda. what's more, it's emerge that france is how going as
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a regular dona to democratic philly. i did organizations helping party candidates to get elected the max bloom with all again things how going as effectively lobbying for more censorship of social media. she just wants more government intervention. so i think the impact we're going to see going forward is more censorship, more intervention from the intelligence services, and the reorientation of these social media sites to target official u. s. enemies per her recommendation. i think of, you know, it could, it can benefit multiple causes, you could see it benefiting the religious. right. that doesn't like the kind of semi pornographic content on instagram and the way it degrades women and feminist could get behind it. but behind it all as a much more insidious agenda that how going outlines she has explicitly called for bass, beefing up facebook counter espionage team to take on official enemies. she named me and mar ethiopia, which is a new target of
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u. s. empire as well as iran and china. she did not refer to facebook working with any u. s. allies to carry out malicious activities. this is an extension of the narrative we've been hearing since the russia gate saga began. european lawmakers are pushing for a ban on facial recognition software systems used by police. the u parliament has passed a non binding resolution against a bio metric surveillance which some m e p is compared to that of cold war snooping . that's an important step in fighting against my surveillance, the central and eastern europeans used to live under the eye of the big brother. and we don't want to come back the resolution cold for a ban on funding all deploying programs, the could result an indiscriminate mass surveillance. the document also emphasizes the importance of human supervision in any final decision making. i know just
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authorities to be more transparent by using open source software. now is certainly not the 1st time nations are taking a stand against excessive surveillance. in 2019 san francisco became the 1st us city to enact a complete ban on police, biometric surveillance, boston, and minneapolis. then followed that lead. and we discussed the pros and cons of facial recognition with tara and security expert david low and former u. s. police officer dominic issa. there's a great saying in law enforcement that when you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail. and all this does, it may have the great grand scheme idea of you're going after some very serious offences like child sex trafficking. i'm missing persons or terrorist activity, but i don't care who says what it will always be used down to your lowest common denominator, which is your citizen, and it will be abused like crazy. you're then actively putting a tool in the police's hands to look for crimes proactively in the wrong way. i
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think this is just, this is a door that's going to be open for some very abuse of authority. i don't think it's a good idea. and if you could put police in this mindset of that, everybody is a criminal. good news, you are being criminals and terrorists, a terrorist threat both in europe. i know north america since we'll have enough county. so if you did look out, i mean i'm talking about dealing with serious organized trauma trafficking. i'm not so much of dealing with cs trafficking, those type of fences in terrorism. and i think the point that was made, but you know, it's only allowing, like counter terrorism agencies, policing agencies in the u. k will be like the national con, one. you know, it, agency, those things you wouldn't giving 70 police force. it was like when we were in the european union, shang and information system which was a database that wasn't available. so the police force in the u. k. it was only to send an offices and to pounds. i just happens and all of them in the united states
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were we abuse, we just to be with. so if it was, if it was utilized and executed for what it was written up more than a 100 percent, if it oversight was proper on it. and i think would be a great tool, i think that, but we just, we always take something that's, that's meant to be some way. and we just, we water it down and we abuse it. it's about giving who has access was a day to store and also destroying data with the, the installments on it, making sure those safeguards in place. and that's why i said, you need judicial scrutiny. what's to make it say that it doesn't go all the way down to again, the lowest common denominator, which is a citizen and a detective, or a st. cops shriek op as a bad day. and he wants to go through all the backlog of your activity for last 6 months and charge you for a crime that you committed. 34 months ago. turkey has joined algeria in lashing out of the french president, is off to emanuel macaroni suggested there was no algerian nation before french
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colonial rule. well anchor branded microns woods, a populist move ahead of next year's presidential election in france. now turkey and algeria have joined a grubbing list of nations that are now at loggerheads with paris. and sean are too busy now. explains. france isn't having the easiest of times it seems to be handling on multiple fronts internationally. and was that it's waging offer some foibles take. i'll g re a frances form, a colony. it's resisting. president mack one's attempt to draw the line and it has an ax to grind that didn't go down well and then to add insult to injury macklin blamed hatred towards france. young algerians on the political military system,
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which had rewritten, history based on lies even questioned. what is algeria was there in algeria nation before french colonization? that's the question. algeria post $962.00 is built on a memorial rent that declares france is the whole problem. hugh, i recall done baset debt, while algeria also plays it as space, see the french military note. colonial presses are not welcome. the country essentially set this in the leisure which pushes to process official relations with some of our countries into unfortunate crisis situation should result through unconditional mutual respect. that's not the only trouble for a sing france. in africa. marley has a summons. the french ambassador for explanations it's furious that as fraud
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seeks to withdraw its troops. he can still think that he can hold the fort by saber rattling. but if you will need the left hand to button the situation arising from the end of operation back on puts molly in a fait accompli abundance of those mid flight to assist next. and it forces us to explore alternatives and means to better ensure our security on the mostly or with other partners. and then there is this, oh my t catastrophe. there was no way that we could have taken this decision without it having and causing disappointment and hurt to, to france. this, this, there's no way we could have avoided that. it wasn't bad enough that a strange country which ranks a few more than several runs below france and military strength shocked it all for a rendezvous with the u. s. it also invited the briggs it buccaneers long for the
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jolly. the french was dearest and found themselves crying out, which brings us to the u. k. ah, my corn has often been compared to napoleon, but will he get caught in the nets of his very own waterloo fancy so incense over the u. k. 's refusal to lex fishermen troll they catch in british waters. it's even threatening to cut the country's electricity supply. actually, it would make more sense to just pass on the increasing costs of energy to the bricks, making them pay double. but no macintosh government is forcing a battle of wills. who will though blink, 1st, all of this comes as a friendship president, is set to face his stay 1st competition to date. as the presidential election
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hurtles closer, many as suggesting the only person who blow a hole in makins hopes is well himself trans has lost his position for some time already, i would say since the end of her shoulder go as president transit is lost, its position on the global stage of france has decided to follow the steps of the united states and nato, and we see the catastrophe of that in afghanistan and iraq in x. you a sawyer. i was seen that francis totally lost it. my crew is just living on the morals that france just to have and now is just finding out that this power, that france thought it had. he just doesn't have it. he's not the only one. he's just the one which is a, he is the president wishes exposing this to the, to the, to the public. that france is no longer the power. it used to think it was the head of the international energy agency has cited russia, has
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a substantial scope to ease europe's energy crisis of vladimir putin early. a pledge to ramp up russia's gas supplies to europe and announcement that com, the market somewhat after a record price search. although right now the gas price is still $5.00 times higher than it was at the start of the year. the crisis has been stoked by multiple factors including a wind power shortage on depleted gas reserves. and it's going to mean soaring bills from millions of households all across europe. some ag politicians have pointed the finger at russia's gas from accusing it of manipulating the market to push through the approval of the nor stream to gas pipeline. but vladimir putin is pledged to boost gas supplies, appears to have lessened these concerns in the western media. have a listen to this at russia wants it to be approved. but i don't think much is really doing anything wrong here. you know, europe has a supply crunch. russia has the gas to supply it. russia does instantly benefit from care for the market. they want high stable prices and they want to be seen as
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a reliable partner. some words soothing words, i guess which we rarely get from mr. potent actually helped reverse that. 3540 percent jump over night in natural gas over in europe. desson element off of rossa playing politics, but there's also an element of a mom of money having been invested in noise being do not just on the russian side from the european side as well. with outgoing german chancellor, anglo merkel has been vocal and supportive russia as a supply partner. i speaking at an e u. balkan summit in slovenia, as she stretched at moscow was always stuck to its contractual obligations. the fog is a gift. this. if you ask me whether there have been orders that russia has taken and then fail to fulfil as it stands. now, that is not the case. various, there are no orders that russia has said no, we will not deliver those to you, and we are not pumping gas through the ukrainian pipeline. rather, russia can only fulfill orders that have been contract it out. so the question is
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really, isn't being ordered while maintaining trust on energy tre, between russia in europe is of course, a key focus, but that also, that focus now taking place of international gas for him. it's happening right now in st. petersburg. i'll be it, it is the last day of the gathering there in the venice of the north is ortiz alia katrinka and he caught up with a c. e. o of the european businesses association in the end, her pragmatism prevailed. it also showed that the interests of different stakeholders need to be taken into account. there is no sense in insisting on a, on one perspective and denying the to the fact that others view a project differently. you need to sit together. so we'd also showed the need for international cooperation the, the fact that now the stalemate has been overcome and that we have avoided for
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a complete blockage of the project is actually very good news. as europe, as a su association of european businesses, we've also always been very clear that we are against the application of sanctions, especially in an extra territorial perspective that we think this is a purely commercial project. and we also think that the european energy security, something that should be decided in europe natural gas has an actually tremendous role to play as a transition shoe. we are here talking now about the traditional fuel makes that we need to move away from and move to greener energy sources. but there is also a way how we need to bridge this process between a status that is the current status and, and out of future desires status. well here of struggles to keep the gas flowing.
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there's also a supply problem with a shortage of drivers all across the continent who can help us keep everything from petrol stations to the supermarket shelves, totally supplied. and we'll do some analysis on that into the 2nd block of the program. we go well back in one minutes time. ah, i'm a new mckee on allows o b rollins, i'm much was ok to invite everybody's lloyd. that wasn't a glitch. that was that feature, that the people who does owens the internet does always got in as a feature. oh is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safer?
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isolation or community? are you going the right way or are you being led to somewhere? direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. oh, good to have you with us for this friday program now to a rather inspiring story from the middle east. the lives of 3 women have been saved by on historic series of kidney transplants between israel and the united arab emirates. now it's a major boost for medical cooperation between the 2 nations which established ties
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just over a year ago. ah . ah, we say we said no, no. she told me that she wanted to lay to the mother, but that was no match with them. we asked for, they discussed the dna and everything and book them in our pool, their eyes program, and it was great. in one minutes we found a good match with we se well and zoe, alien bologna. i waited in the airport to keep me from the house without great wired without. we'll get to angel a and then a soapy. we took off 2 minutes before i called to say block those in our group that eat and thought he this to stout, this th day was and effect ah,
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we are exchanging i smokes, and then i get big. well, is an ambulance waited for me. example. ah, is a beast can stand we sound there. maybe go see stems as a m a bridge between house i was really special for us to do a search extension for our country. i think it's very yeah, special and maybe they will be there the 1st and then we will continue with the russian foreign ministry has filed a counter request to the global chemical weapons watched hold us after the united
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states and 44 other countries. submitted a list of questions to the o. p. c. w, demanding moscow. give details on last year's alleged poisoning of kremlin critic, alexey nev only. but we spoke with moscow's ambassador to the o. p. c. w. alexander of shogun, who says that russia's viewpoint is just being ignored. ah status, obscene is to there's a feeling that something else other goals are driving them judge for yourself today i was not allowed to speak for more than an hour. the pretext would different. for example, the absence of the bulgarian representative who should have been reading the appeal of 45 countries. i asked the ambassadors of the united states, great britain to britney not want to hear the answer from russia. there was no desire to listen to us. apparently other goals are being pursued. it is possible that this whole story is connected with the escalation of sanctions prussia in a dilemma. ah, we wanted to do a joint investigation and what do you think the technical secretariat began to drag
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out the whole thing? one of the excuses was that there were no similar incidents from the u. k. all the u. s. were putting forward a counter request within the same framework and expect that france sweden and the technical secretariat will never less on the same questions that we asked earlier. we close this subject with a request from 45 countries and sent a counter request. the ball is on their side. it was in august last year, alexis val. he fell sick on a russian domestic flight. after an emergency landing in siberia, he was taken to hospital and put in an induced coma. he was later airlifted to germany at the request of his family. doctor's in berlin, said in a valley, had been exposed to the navic chalk, nerve agent, and ultimately blame the russian government. although russian medic, 2 treated of al the claim that no poisonous substances were detected in his body. while after making a recovery election of alan, he returned to moscow where he was arrested and sentenced to 2 years in jail for
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breaking his parole conditions in a corruption case. while the russian representative to the o. p. c, w alexander, to show again again, it says western countries themselves worked with toxins, including novi, chalk ah, some nato countries of working with substances called navi, chuck. i recall the statements of the check president who said in his country there were la bora trees, where work is carried out with a substance called a tooth rio which can be attributed to navi chuck. the pretty sight admitted that in their porton down laboratory work was carried out with substances from the family of navi choke. the united states is the only country that is not freed itself from chemical weapons. 140 peyton's had been developed there for the use of ammunition that contains chemical warfare agents such as navi, choke. the british government is using the army to keep petrol stations supplied and made a severe lack of truck drivers. it's a problem that's causing havoc throughout the supply chain and isn't just limited
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to the united kingdom. as europe emerges from locked downs at now news and estimated 400000 more heavy goods drivers, a poland has the big a shortfall and it's relying on his neighbors to keep fuel and goods moving. while germany has at least 50000 driver vacancies. we heard from a jan patalouski who had a transport company in berlin. he says, truckers are severely undervalued and a losing any incentive to get behind the wheel feeling, but even the number of drivers from eastern europe is declining. it is already obvious that many transport companies in central and eastern europe, which are very active here in germany, can no longer find drivers in eastern europe because no one wants to do the job. we need to be careful that this file does not continue, but finally stops. society should put more value on truck drivers. we all know how good it feels to sit on your sofa at home and order something online with next day delivery, preferably with free shipping. often you can't have it both ways fallen prestige
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for the job can be felt by the drivers, and many young people are asking why they should go into this profession with such a low social status. we also spoke with a truck driver, jeffrey summers who thinks that wages should be increased to attract more people to the job after $430.00. and the salary is the most important thing if it's not good, the know wants to do the job. why? the other reason is that training costs have risen, and independent drivers have to pay for it by themselves. i have a colleague who's training his cost, him 12000 euros. the military used to train many drivers who could use their skills in a professional life or to that's not the case anymore. as, as well as the training. there are also poll working conditions, especially in long whole transportation. my colleagues don't want to be away from home for weeks. these days you can end up spending 14 days away from home, and many young people don't want to spend that long on the road for lately we've seen a lot of dr. is coming from outside the u, the get paid between 40600 euros and only the daily allowance makes the job
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attractive enough to take it. now to solve this problem, i think this should be more regulation of the industry. for example, the minimum wage should be based on the driver's country of origin. this long while it's been a pleasure having with us for our friday program life from moscow, thank you for joining us. another program is set to lift off in about half an hour's time. perhaps you can join us that divided ministrations, decision to leave afghanistan was correct in long overdue. however, the way america's longest war ended is a different question. it was a botched affair. the generals will most likely never be held to account, put alone marine. we can, colonel does face court martial, is this justice? imagine picking up a future textbook on the early years of the 21st century. what are the chapters
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called gun violence school shootings, homelessness 1st with my job and then it was my family. dealing with my savings. i have nothing, i have nothing and it's not like i don't trust. i look for resources, i look for jobs, i look for everything i can to make this pass. and i end up doing is passing the road to the american dream paved with dead refugees. it's this very idealized image . all this older america makes americans look past the deaths that happen every single day. this is a modern history of the usa by america on our t. hm .
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well come to so think of visionaries, me so feet, share it, not say where our guest today is an extraordinary man in all senses. and i don't know if she recognized him. he is a graphic novelist. he's a wizard of arts. literally. she says on his books, he says, writer and performer, heaven for that me something i do. so somebody who is firmly rooted in the magical city of november to our new medicine, gentlemen, wilma talking about life and it's larger, says all right, so on the start off was jerusalem and i suppose there is no universal way of reading that book, right. so for me, it's like an intelligent stories and characters. and john rosen, i mean history that spread on that sheet of thousands of years. and for me, all of their bow is decorations. and then there is north hampton nurse. to me,
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it seems like it's the only real character in the book is that you well, that is possibly true. the birth is certainly the foremost character in the book is created. all of the, of the characters it created made it created. many of the real characters are in jerusalem and most of them are real. i think other than the obviously fantastical characters or the angels and the humans and all the rest of it. so there are only 2 might of characters in the whole book of characters, lot tommy mangle, the cat, he was real. so the, the little ghost girl who's got the about my.


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